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ffs. hello again we're walking to a spot live on r.t. i'm al going off and today my guest is. how to check. the scientists from the core chart of institute in moscow claimed that they have decoded the genome of russian what secrets is this genetic code hiding i hope we've all learned from dr to perhaps joke who is the senior research fellow at the coach at the institute. you could pick out your business senior scientific fellow at the genetics analysis laboratory of the russian scientific sense of the institut here in moscow having received his ph d. from the institute of gene biology at the russian cademy of sciences he moved to
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the following the example of many russian scientists who move abroad looking for high income later you were returned to moscow personally shoes and began working at the institute of gene biology of the russian academy of sciences you would prefer to quiz the guest in our studio today to discuss the recent achievements of the russian scientific center could have been to cheat in the field of genetics the institute has recently decoded the russian genetic code. hello welcome to the show thank you thank you very much to come full time into our studio world first of all this is this is association when i read this in the papers was a while ago and now we have the genetic code of a russian we know we know what we are all our buildout so first of all is it a genetic code that you have like came up with like a mathematical model like this is how it should look like for a russian or is it
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a specific russian person and you just have the code of a concrete. the living hell of a man well first of all i would just remind you that we didn't decode genetic code for russians there is no specific genetic code for russians there is just maybe a specific alteration in the genome sequence but there is no specific one hundred doesn't mean that russian have possess specific russian codes so nationalities don't possess just about the abbreviation that's not for scientists when you say about specific genetic code it means a lot for them so i would say the russians have a particular genome structural it say but not specific genetic code. in your question i want to say that the. couple of expeditions to small villages collecting samples from different ethnic populations of the country from you could from russians ukrainians and then the maker analysis of this samples made
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a wall picture when we didn't see cause the wall genome but took some particular peculiarities i would say of the particular genomes of different ethnic groups and then we made the picture of let's say around four hundred russians one hundred to one hundred belorussians and so on so on and then from this we pick up we picked up a particular individual that we thought is a typical russian and then we took some blood samples from him to d.n.a. and sequence it so so the picture you have now of the very code that we're talking about is the genetic code of a living man that really exists somewhere in russia is a man or a woman it's male. it's a male russian now so you say that this is the courage of a typical russian that did this is what it should look like because you think that
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this living men is really the typical rushed. it is that right so i like to know where he lives what does he look like this is a local anything like you and me well he does actually because he is a male here so. i mean i can't. tell you about particular specific personal information. but he's a patient of. cancer center cancer center he's suffering from kidney cancer. and that's also was one of the reason why we have picked up him particular him. we sequenced his let's say normal cells the d.n.a. from normal cells not from tumor samples not from his kidney cancer but from normal cells and we believe that these cells are not cancerous or they are normal and they
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represents the sort of a normal gene or. he is around sixty years old and i think that's all i can tell you about him it would be from what part of russia. even me i don't know about this is you know this is sort of confidential information so you know disclose you so you don't know if he's blond with blue eyes or you have never met or. have known many ok. well what was the particular purpose of this research you really wanted to know if the genetic code of the majority of russians is somehow different from from other nationally from from other people or what. actually we have a sort of a dual the first one is technological aim just to show that we can move with these directions because great nations all the big countries developed countries technological leaders they are doing genomic research by let's say decoding the
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genome or the sequencing of the genome and for russia it was important to have the split from him. not the first in the world but just to follow the leading countries this is a technology that was one of the very important aims the second one was to make the first step in establishing the infrastructure of. this let's say biological and chemical analysis i.t. infrastructure and also having only one genome is nothing actually it's the first step but now we can do large scale large scale sequencing we have we can have more persons we have we can have more genome sequencing not only of humans but maybe of some even of any moves that are specific for russia or for other countries . so this is. in answering your question about practical significance of this in future when you will have genomes of maybe
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a. dozen or hundred individuals you can make a sort of prediction of the probability of what's a predisposition of this person to particular diseases like cancer or cardiovascular or disease and so on today you can see anything about it that's certainly true in the beginning of this way but this is important and sufficient for what i want to do the first thing i wanted to ask you when i when i just read a headline in there in the newspaper is there you you should of course know that in the thirty's the germans tried to find the specific specific. typical german the and the skulls they studied blood so so they thought that the germans are different from other nations and so on and this research should look tori's lead it was abused by nazis aren't you and everybody knows that aren't you afraid that you may be accused of the same thing. being biased.
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racism because of trying to prove that the russians are genetically different than other nationalities while i would say we are not the first and the stroll first of all should be abused americans and chinese who walk because they decoded the first genome of european male then. the genome of african american idea in general was decoded then it was chinese genome korean genome so we are not the first in the straw and if somebody is going to have to throw stones to us yes we are just following and we don't want to lose the time and if something important will happen in this field we want to be it where people from africa. or the asians like the chinese they are different from coke asians of course a chinese general or or
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a black african gene or work occasion you know may be different but russians are not a race and the are one of the most mixed nations every to remember the polian said that if you if you scratch russian you will see a tyrant in the so so so could there be some something genetically specific in then in a nation as mixed as the russians well first of all that russians are definitely a nation yes and race no no not race definitely i am not pretending saying this but definitely russians are nation. there are some genetic science for this because we can definitely distinguish. let's say even the part of russia which the person might come from would say russians living on the north in our congress cretins we can distinguish genetically them from those russians who are living words on and on the south in dawn region. because they mixed differently is now
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through or because the living conditions. may be both a more thorough. conditions are important living conditions a mixture but let's say that's not the only research that's not the only example of such differences in europe when you take samples from across the europe the research published recently you can you can tell with a curacy of one hundred eighty kilometers within europe which is actually a sporting. boiling it has a boiling ports of all nations mixed into but you can say with the security of one hundred eighty kilometers from which part of your of this person is if you was born there or if you moved a little not moved but. let's say in an ideal ideal conditions were you you forget about the mixture then you would tale about this difference and this is because of how the people moved across europe how they settled in particular places it's all
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about migration let's say it's all by migration one of the great spirit tribes about rushing to bear their genetic qualities is the russians high tolerance to alcohol can you see it in the genome can you explain it from the point of view i would say we didn't find any specific tolerance of russians to alcohol so it's just practice i think it's a lot of conditions but habit i would say no genetic science for this but what are the genetic qualities of the russian that you can talk about seriously today well they're pretty much similar to those that we observe in europeans say. it's too early to say what diseases russians are more predisposed to all this predisposed as an example i can tell you about the. aids predispositions of particular russians living in the white sea so they're quite tolerant to aids hiv infection.
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hiv infection and this tolan's is almost the. equal to what we observed in iceland or in norway says geneticist you got perhaps shock spotlight will be back shortly right after a break we'll continue so stay with. closures that so much of the mayors and i mean it is interesting if my people are hearing it squeak is a good part of the world is experiencing it quickly. is this a trend or simply freaking weather one. every month we give you the future we help you understand how we'll get there and what tomorrow brings the best in science and technology from across russia and around
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the world to join us our technology update on our g. walk about the spotlight i'm. just a reminder that my guest in the studio today is you got to put a heart of chalk geneticist and senior scientific fellow at the moscow based color chapter of institute research center this group of scientists has just found the genetic code of a typical russian well according to the genetic code what you said was very interesting that you didn't find anything about alcohol resistance in this you know because this is a stereotype about russian but you just mentioned that that there is a resistance to the h i the virus especially among russians living in
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further north. is that true this is very interesting actually it's not the result of our research this was known or it's just enjoying examples of how particular population or ethnic stuff can be susceptible to particular diseases so it's solution turn that in a power and if amos poem by one of the russian poets who said that that russian frost is deadly both for napoleon bonaparte and for a charity you. see in this regard russians are not much different from the regions or from iceland this part of europe this population are quite resistant to hiv so this population very specific operational north of russia russians living on the white sea. they definitely resistant and that's interesting and actually this caused maybe this caused the decrease in speed of propagation of the hiv in this
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country ok now we mention talk terrorists who who are known to be one of the one of the nations that influenced the formation of the russian nation what are the haitians did influence the russians as a nation would you say was very difficult to meet to discuss this from genetic point of view was it because we don't know the tire engine or was in full sequence and maybe qatar's but by the way are the seconds nation. not nation would say. in an amount of people living in the country. so maybe then we will think about. other nations but well from genetic point of view russians are definitely occupying specific sport on genetic map. that is in between let's say poles that ours and bush gears on the north you're you have career goals and on the on the south
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georgians and swans are so different. we are as russians or particular genetic space like an issue like needs. those people that we have tested from these expeditions as a pure russians let's say at least as they say that they are pure russians they are all to point the sport if you takes your ukrainian this ukrainian will never get in this nice his genetic let's say sequence the genome sequence will differ him from the russians this is a true thing which you're saying because russia started in a key which is now the capital of ukraine so so so i always thought that russians the ukrainian and the russians are our same nation same listeners they're very close i would say they're very close let's see brother who had brotherhood nations
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but still you can distinguish if you take let's as i told you. you will distinguish him from. ukrainian that's actually no harm because then you can decide which balls you can french you can distinguish friends from from germans you can distinguish brits from french and so on so on so in general genetic map of europe including russia almost coinciding with geographic geography would say that that's a point that two years ago was published and top journals which was discussed highly in. best journals european jordon american journals and this was confirmed in this in our country which is which has a feature of very long distances so we took samples from far east from siberia and also fall in the same category that genetic distance is dependent on geography how far the farther person live from from another person the big distance between them
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genetic distance well scientists predict that in a few decades. human genetic will play a key role in medicine spotlights the media has more in that. human genome is all of the d.n.a. a person possesses scientists around and now taking the first steps in the interpretation of genome data the practical results are already there genetic tests can sure persons predisposition to certain illnesses for example and once people realize their interest they have a chance to take preventive measures against the disease while with now looks more like science fiction researchers are sure in the future doctors will be able to establish levy's genetic code right after birth the mother will get it david deal with the information human genome data is gone through she nice the treatment of bonuses but it has already given rise to disputes concerning the ethical side of its use it's quite clear from the start that only the richest nations can afford
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genome research so chances are that advanced genome based medical treatment on the be available in the limited number of countries and that the problem is that no when once individual genome may venture to discrimination if your potential employer gets the data you know onus if you have a predisposition to and that might turn out to be a reason we're not getting. well as we're watching this way as we're watching this. video you mentioned something something about insurance . can you elaborate existing moratorium for using genetic data for let's say discrimination inside the instance i'll show you the company as an ampere so they can't ask you to pass genetic tests to increase the premium how decrease the premium but that's what that will happen in the future i think clothes washing
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literal problems unscientific let's say well actually no. people say that in the near future. the citizens will get passports that will be mentioning their genetic code well it's also humanitarian question but do you think that this may be used to discriminate people who are most used as images could be used in the for evil and the wall could be used for good serious nuclear bomb for nuclear energy could be used for the creation of. weapons of mass destruction could be used for nuclear plant station energy stations so the same as for genetics you can use it either for destruction or for creation let's say and it depends on the society in which what part of society will take all the good parts or bad parts or size inventing and then the society decides how to use it well you mentioned do you mentioned americans to one of one of the first scientists to who found out that the
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genetic code of asian male and of black a lot different well as far as i know they were very much afraid of that because of the political correctness because we have because actually actually well there they were afraid of being accused of be being racist do you think that that this further further exploration of. the genetic codes can really be pretty political politically incorrect. like like you for a country know a different kind of putting our country bit because as far as i understand there there are specific medicine that's good for occasions and may be harmful for blacks and maybe maybe good for asians but harmful for arabs and so on and so forth this does sound very politically incorrect but but but this is a fact is it. or. c one of the
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purpose of creation this award three which are working in is that to be aware of what is going on the world and if there is any harm to our population to the society all russian people are ready to sort of get an answer to what to do in your spotlight you mention about all that only the richest nations will be sort of a leading and b genomics research will be available only for richest nations so i think that we are not the richest yes but we should know what is happening here and if let's say leading from a suitable companies are making sort of a high tech medical so which will be which will have ethnic specificity so definitely they will try them on europeans first of all in our country you can see that not only of european so we have to be sort of aware of how
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to adopt this medical into a new genetic let's say surrounding. will we do our own genetic or our own medicine basing on what population it will be devoted that it's a question of but at least we have to know what was going on we have to be ready to make a proper answer to new what's a new challenges but can you for example today say that according to your research you would be able to name typical diseases for example that any russian should be should be aware of more than others. raising on genetically the russians now it's i can name them but there are some nations to which you have particular sort of the disposition to diseases. i'm not ready to name them. does the genetic code have anything to do with the so-called national character.
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that's quite interesting question but scientists believe that it's less genetics but more at that sokol epigenetics that the surrounding influencing our genome structure. adding some chemical modifications to the genome. this is more sort of epigenetic all changes the whole information than genetical changes of information and that's what we're also starting to institute a sort of a convergence of different science of cognition of. different day it's all about informational technologies so that's very interesting but i think the nearest future let's say well thank you thank you very much sugar for being with us and just a reminder that my guest today was you brought a heart of chilkoot geneticist and senior scientific fellow at the moscow based science and center called because of chatter and c.g.i. and that's it for now from all of us here if you want to have your say on spotlight
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just drop me a lie let's keep the show interactive movie up tomorrow with more first hand comments on what's going on in and outside russia until then stay on r.t. and take care. that's about a few. in
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a golden streets and nearly her child then the princess in bangkok radisson hotel something called dream which will burn coal so if it's all some time or a ground of going cold i'm specifically told one cold grim brown who told one cold closer than the phone calls a role in the radio. rodgers probe into this thinking about south korean warship and launch counters and a u.s. led investigation that blames the communist north. president that signs up fifty nine billion dollars more for the latest troop surge in afghanistan while campaign is in the u.k. predicts the beginning of the end for the. thousands of barrels of dangerous chemicals could reach the russian border within days after being washed into a lot of the northeastern china. i don't think small that in scorching
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temperatures. as the mercury reaches a second record high you know. international news live from moscow this is all see with me thanks for joining us a russian investigation into the sinking of a south korean warship in march has revealed it wasn't carried out by north korea as previously believed according to a south korean newspaper moscow's probe contradicts one carried out by the u.s. and south korea which plays the blame on people. the new report which russia has not confirmed as the vessel he to mine north korea maintains it had nothing to do with the student foreign policy analyst stephen go and so is the results of the international report more doubtful. there is a large opposite.


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