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which is a subsidiary to the river which connects russia and china and right now those barrels are heading to russia very quickly according to the estimations they could reach russian waters by the fourth of august which is less which is in less than a week russian emergency services however a saying that there is no information yet about whether there has been any leakage of chemicals out of those barrels but russian authorities have already do mon did the assessment so potentially environmental consequences of this from the from china china is promising that there will be no natural catastrophe but in the past twenty four hours after the barrels were washed into the water only four hundred of them out of seven thousand were taken out of the water but the chinese are saying that only three thousand over them contains chemicals and the other four thousand were completely harmless however this is not the first time that russia might have to do with the consequences of
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a natural disaster caused by china back in two thousand and five one hundred songs of benzene through from china through the same waters passing by some major russian far east in cities such as how bought us and the come some was going on with the chemicals in the barrels of very toxic if they're not taking out of the water and if they're easy they will be dangerous for both the nature of humans and the wildlife because the area of the region there around there are more river is surrounded by many reservations where a very rare animal such as the so i go for example leaves as for the chemicals themselves there are two kinds of chemicals that we know of that there is there first kind is the liquid substance that is see through that is looks completely pure but has a very toxic smell and boils in very low temperatures and does can cause small if kept in humid conditions and see deer burns for people or animals and this. second
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kind is the substance that is that is used to increase water called and temperature resistance for other substances so they're both quite toxic and if it is indeed the case that the barrels reach russian waters and there is leakage then of course there was going to be a big threat for russia and the nature of the russians and the nature in the region . of our reporting well coming your way is our report on the dangers the heat wave. with the help of rupture fall to get all the tips from the experts on how to deal with the coming but countries horses long. a south korean newspaper is claiming russian investigators have found north korea did not know one of the sounds were ships the report which russia has not confirmed says the vessel hit a mine will be cheering and the sound of the korean peninsula in march with the
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loss of forty six sailors and the earlier u.s. backed international investigation found pyongyang responsible for russia's own team of investigators to the region last month north korea maintains it had nothing to do with the incident investigative journalist wayne madsen that says the whole incident could potentially turn very openly. the international investigators of course came from countries that are very close to the u.s. united nations military presence and in the korean peninsula so as far as it being a non biased investigation the south korean many south koreans aren't buying it north korea of course didn't buy it we've had you know secretary of state hillary clinton over there rattling the sabers against north korea recently the people who have a vested interest or those who would like to increase tensions in asia this is very critical because this if there is a smoking gun that this could have been a set up this was some sort of accident made to look like hostile action or it was
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some sort of false flag attack this could result in war against a nuclear armed country north korea which is much more important than wars that were unfortunately already involved with that was the best gift to us and also contributes to that not so well then from the diplomatic academy foreign ministry please define high tension that's all there's a natural war l.m.'s heads. both north and south korea perspective of a war as mutually assured destruction if a conflict were to run the korean peninsula would be economically devastated besides neighboring china has no interest in a world that's going to design their nuclear not. from the diplomatic account of the russian foreign ministry. to other news now a british antiwar activists are claiming the massive leak of u.s. military documents on afghanistan is an omen marks the beginning of the end of
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international intervention in the water board country the files posted online by wiki leaks suggest the situation on the ground is far from the official picture but i ninety five thousand pages that details civilian deaths of the hands of nato troops as well as concerns pakistani intelligence could be helping the taliban to end the war are now growing louder in many countries including u.k. . soldier whose refusal to fight cost him his freedom. this is the soldier who said no to the to boo speaking out against the conflict while he called it illegal and unjustifiable his advice to the government so i would say listen some people just simply. people want to make the morning with. these conflicts. you know the call of will to fall off the wagon which was the message which has been so confucian the story so it's time to start listening to public clinton joined the army in two thousand and four and fought for seven months
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in afghanistan he says he came home a changed man suffering symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder which he claims he was bullied when he heard he was being said back to afghanistan did from the army and didn't come back for two years initially his military superiors were understanding but when joe spoke at an antiwar rally in london they upped his charges to desertion which carries a ten year prison sentence joe's mother says that exposes the hypocrisy of the conflict bringing democracy we've got freedom of speech we're fighting to introduce you to afghanistan the lock somebody up speaking on. the lenten paid a price for his outspokenness in the notorious military jail the glass house he thinks the reason it wasn't longer was to avoid a public outcry. right which could have brought on an examination of the war he served his time along with other soldiers who he says will with him all the way on the stand he taken holmes who goes around the train was unbelievable i was so much
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support from from my fellow prisoners it was fantastic so much mildness one point when it was going to want to die she was fantastic so you know the only time i think a fellow long for the first night when the show to get off so that i was correct he was so much more on the ground trying to do is become the poster boy for the stop the war coalition. with a hero's welcome following his release from prison someone they considered brave and principled well i mean should have been punished at all he's saying what everyone believes and everyone knows the war is not just on winnable it's immoral it's a disaster it's causing defeat for the people of afghanistan a more and more young british men and women are being sent out to risk their lives for a war that only the politicians support and even in private they know it's a disaster joe blanton story is ok because it comes straight from the front line as
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do the ninety thousand documents released this week showing the armed bandits truths of a bloody conflicts and going by clinton's account of the support he received from other soldiers during his time in prison there is dissent inside the armed forces something the government could have a hard time ignoring nor emmett's r.t. london so it's come in the program the latest russian plane something we'll take you to the city of. find out what drives some eggs to lift that. now the president is he waves sweeping a russia continues unabated with july already the hottest month. as a result of the heat five choking infix small. reports from the heart of the problem. fires have spread well across moscow region and scores of firefighters are being sent to fight these blazes every day but their efforts are being hampered by the sixteen the hot and dry weather and we've been told that the
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amount of fires this year has already exceed last year's fires by two times and the total area of these fires is twelve times bigger than in two thousand and nine and this includes both forest fires n.p. fires especially which are really tricky because they can go on for months deep underground in temperatures reaching eight hundred degrees celsius and then when it's hot and dry enough on the surface they can emerge and firefighters see that the consul even see new sources of fire new sources of smoke as they are fighting their current ways or their efforts are also being hampered by the water shortages which is limited which have been also caused by this heat and did the dry weather many lakes and many springs have to treat evaporated in forty six told us that they often have to build special pipe systems to do it with water from as far as nine
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kilometers away to the fire and i can tell you that it's highly unlikely that they're going to be able to extinguish all of these fires so long as this extremely hot and dry weather continues and forecast to do see that the temperatures make cool down a little bit during the weekend we me even see a little bit of rain but they say also that dry weather is going to return next week of course with this the heat meaning the small and especially the fumes in big cities create really difficult and dangerous living conditions which were worth the open sun because this sun is also the interest for the homes for the skin and it increases the body temperature and smoke of course itself is also dangerous but these are also for the products. fire onboard will come out of one of the side and other types of products so sure there were open spaces people living in the areas affected by the small hand the huge trying to do anything to to cope with these
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conditions drinking a lot of water there are actually month long queues for air conditioning only in moscow meaning people are trying to leave the city thinking that the conditions in the outdoors may be a little bit better but as you can see around me and i'm now around ninety kilometers away from moscow the conditions here in the situation here is not that much better. artie's you go to skin off reporting from the moscow region there now pakistan declared a day of national mourning which the victims of the conferees worst ever play. blue passenger jet smashed into hills outside the capital islamabad on wednesday killing one hundred fifty to board the cause of the disaster is not yet known but it occurred during bad weather in the monsoon season. greek police have used tear gas to break up protesting fuel truck drivers after the government issued an emergency order forcing them to work
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a crippling three day strike has left most petrol stations drive the demonstrators oppose plans to liberalize their industry part of major reforms requires to kill vital bailout loans for the country the drivers have until the end of thursday to return to work in the face and asked. a french mother has been charged with murder after police found the bodies of eight newborn babies on her property initial report said dominick husband how was also charged with concealing the remains but he has now been freed without charges with police were alerted and the new owners of a house the couple had lived in found bones buried in the garden the bodies of infants wrapped in plastic revenge we discovered there and at the couple's current time. david cameron has arrived in new delhi on the final day of his visit to india to strengthen relations the british prime minister will hold talks with his
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counterpart mammone saying to discuss india's role in afghanistan and reducing trade barriers mr singh's also expected to voice concerns about the u.k.'s efforts to limit indian immigration mr cameron has already met local business leaders in an attempt to court new projects to aid britain's economic recovery. ok time now to explore some of the many treasures of russia as we take a tour around the country bringing us of its most interesting places. this time we travel to the kaluga region founded in the mid fourteenth century it's just two hundred kilometers away from moscow famous for its space exploration and scientific research it's responsible for the bumper of high tech advances in engineering and electronics in recent years kaluga has also become one of the
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centers of the russian federation of industry attracting a number of major foreign companies companies that could actually went to meet some experts to find out just why the region's thoughts are a good place for business. for a long time called logar has been primarily as so stated comes back to the maverick scientists will finally have to work on rockets the region was dumped big crater as for naught but what is good transportation leads to the capital that with a population of just over a million people the region has definitely room to grow to do probably is one of russia's hot spots for foreign investment we met some of the exports managers working here to find out holiday do that business and cope with that every day lives here. were not to me be afraid of horses but she's not afraid of horse power every day she handles one hundred forty and her husband harold drives just as many the to work of the full tree and were among the first
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expanse to settle down in color. the only brazilian in co will go everywhere i go and i say i'm from brazil you. of course i get this cheery and people talk about football and bailey so it's always positive maybe in such a big city like most call you are just one more in a crowd and here you stand out especially as a foreigner we are talking as a foreigner in the here move or not and harold certainly turned hats locally when they drove the german car john's first russian made vehicle the production line russians. or russian being russian at the same time we see these reserve asian towards products made in russia so we were on that income leads and everybody. has the same quality.
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we use to form germany from czechia the company was an early bird to place its bets on the region bats worth one billion dollars on seven hundred ten as it built a whole industrial park something which would be unlikely closer to most due to higher costs are to come a cause will halt on their tail lights today it is home to bobo peugeot citroen and rene just recently is still stamping factory was open and now it caters for all full car parts this is not just the biggest german investment in russia but also an example of local life ation it is no longer traffic car assembly as it was twenty years ago these call parts are built with russian hands and ultimately will be built what the russians do you. unlike we're not and harold. was born in congress but in a way he also stands out from his we thousand chorley he was recruited from
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a local orphanage frequently out of work sylvia says he's now driven to succeed but i want to stay and work here if they give me a chance to grow i would like to become a foreman and ultimate. manager i see perspectives from reference to more and more companies are opening up in the region which. remark he was behind the idea to improve she set up a women's club in carluke which among other projects to patronage of local. government does a lot and also private. but after eighteen years old they are on the streets and what can we do so if we give clothes one day it's worn out so we thought that. beginning a project there it's not about giving money or giving things but giving an opportunity for them to grow so does learning german in the hope that one day he will land his dream job eager to work and give something back to those that gave him
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a hand when he most needed it to do a virtue of r r t colleague of. course we're online twenty four hours a day for you at home where we have plenty of all the stories into the scupper whenever you like here's a selection of what's on our website right now the ban on islamic veils in france hasn't on all natives by extremist groups including al qaida that's called the move al attack on islam. and it's been the subject of films and books but will new clues finally solve a hundred year old mystery just what happens to a doom drops an expedition to the arctic in one thousand nine hundred twelve. r.t. dot com to check it out if you haven't done so already all the places this is on
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the way after a very short break with the way. hello welcome to the business bulletin here on r.t.e. the government will go ahead with its plan to socialize in key state companies even if the budget doesn't need the money it's also cut the number of candidates in what is set to be the biggest privatization in the country in fifteen years in a moment i'll be talking to let give ogier on of i.h.s. global insight but first we have this report from the federal. if you want some of the russia's blue chips well general snifter say the largest banks bear bank now is the time the government is considering selling minority to stakes in eleven of russia's leading companies some call it the biggest privatization since the ninety's but it's not yet clear which buyers to government will target definitely we're talking about really the zation of minorities and this is much different from
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what we have seen in russia taking place in the ninety's or prove it is asian in. general usual when we're talking about truth zation with some salesperson for strategic investors so i think that in russia's case now we're really talking about government convention to increase fleet pre-flood of the state around companies only months ago some said russia no longer deserved its position as a leading emerging market and you inflow of foreign investment could change that perception but the government has work to do before it can sell some of those companies some state monopoly is known to be unfriendly to individual investors others are simply too big to be easily sold you could talk about the large states like cross nafta. probably of course going to be a more. realistic so it's. some effort from the government
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probably a serious effort for. from the companies making for investors you know to sell them at. a fair price the pricing of the assets and the timetable are unclear the government initially suggested thirty billion dollars over three years and really see the government has a choice it can sell quick and cheap but to get the best pricing cover the budget deficit the privatization could stretch over several years they may be a business archie. for more on that i'm now joined live from london by lilith vagana russian c.i.s. analyst at global insight philip thanks very much for joining us now if these companies are going to remain state controlled and that could mean they'll be political influence over such things as staffing levels and pricing then i'll be really talking about privatization. well it's better to differentiate between the companies and i believe when you're asking about where they really privatizing
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this probably of most of the blue chip companies would a government has already indicated that they will maintain their majority controlling stakes so that means that the company is foreign investors who are buying smaller shares of this if they will not have much control and in some says it doesn't come across as a true privatization it's only partial however don't government has indicated that there are over five thousand companies that they are willing to sell now most of these companies own much smaller and they are not of strategic importance or limited strategic importance and i believe in most of these cases they will be full privatizing. now you just touched on these companies that are in sectors that the government deems to important will investors worry that the government might renationalise their stakes in the future. renationalisation fear is probably one of the big east obstacles for foreign investors into venturing russia there is the
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fear that wells the government feels more confident they might but they really resort to so-called crippling nationalization when they used regularly to reveal a serious too for steve for investors out and indeed there is these danger and the government needs to provide better investment protections miccolis deforming best there's a bit wary that if they've invested and if they have a conflict with the state and they decide to take the case to court the court the judicial system which are largely roomies politically dependent or will probably side with the state so the fear of nationalization is there and the state has to take some steps. provide guarantees that it will not happen now a few months back the government the russian government announced that actually
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that day their foreign investors who are acquiring licenses for untapped gas reserves even if they discovered dead the reserves are quite large then they will be nationalized but they were very open and frank about these and they said that of course ones once these fields are labeled a strategically important foreign investor will be compensated now steps like these are useful because then the foreign investor knows what will he or she is stepping into. now overall how will the selling of stakes in these companies contribute to the modernization of russia's economy. well i believe again going back and differentiating between the companies if these are smaller companies and needs to foreign investors have larger control over the company did be interested in transferring not only cash but also new technologies and this will gradually
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over his knee have opposed to a spillover effect on the larger russian economy and contribute to modernization because it will introduce better management doesn't bend to technology and you take knowledge ease. and they will ultimately modernize the russian economy something that president video is so keen to see and finally let it do we have a clearer picture of when the companies will be sold and at what price. deputy prime minister hugo chavez has indicated a few months back that a government will start sales last it's only when the world markets are more stable or when they're sure that they can get high price for the assets on sale so the timing is most likely to be linked to the
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to do so favorable conditions and world markets secondly there are other issues to resolve for example russian rail. company management has indicated that they're not really interested in privatization right now because they'd like to see an overhaul of the. of the secretary of economy. and what assets we're talking about it's quite blurry did date and also deprive but i suppose it's all or will be a result of the negotiation. minute thank you very much for sharing your insight with us that was the russian a c.i.s. analyst are you a chess global insight joining us live from london. i'm not so from the business scene for now but of course i'll be back with more updates for you next hour and in the meantime you can always find more stories on our web site that's dot com slash it.
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would be so much brighter if you knew about songs from funds to freshen some.
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stunts on t.v. don't come. cheap. it's all falls down here in my state this is russia's own toxic on the top of the chinese fault forced thousands of barrels of highly explosive chemicals into a major river officials say they could be forced the russian border within a week. reports from south korea claim a russian investigation has exonerated the north from over the sinking of a solvent bullshit this colton's findings by u.s.
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france inquiry which concluded that a little korean torpedo some ship. fictitious to embarrass saying british peace activist the afghan war strategy following the massive leak of u.s. military secrets they claim the revelation of the mistakes and coverups will seal and. they sell the loving in moscow was record breaking temperatures himself the capital's fall is covering the city in a shrill little small july has become the horses and records. now a former agent of mossad israeli intelligence is spoken to r.t. about his days hunting known as the war criminals he also shared with. his opinion on what president obama needs to do about around and how israel can settle its differences with palestinians.


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