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so it will never recognize cause of a separate state after the us court rules. independence does not international law while the binding decision was praised by the u.s. european countries there are fears it said so dangerous precedent for separatist movements around the world. also the popular ukrainian a holiday resort all of it is also a thriving hub for human trafficking with many sex slaves being shipped from its port to other countries. cultural capital. and silvio berlusconi meet in milan for talks on political and economic ties between russia and. the latest edition of moscow out and this time explores the ancient cities and towns just outside the russian capital stay with us .
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hello and good to see you again now about seventy five kilometers north of moscow along the road. is the small town south of the main goal to ring the nations. of the next few weeks we'll be visiting several of these historic wonderful cities and towns day out on a beautiful some of. them out of moscow you can see the journey. to just over the centuries. throughout the journey is a long way from the second full day today it's about a two hour drive where you live you greeted by smooth house is surrounded by police
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forest and this moscow scarse which is boom in the new capital of concrete and steel here it's a time traveling the treat of relaxation history and tradition. and the thirty and forty percent and it's more a straight have been the greatest and largest religious and cultural center in the russian state it's a get away from the hustle and bustle of busy moscow and i think a great example of true russian life if you have time to come here. in the soviet times the time you speak. to commemorate revolutionary. it was returned to its original name in one thousand nine hundred one. which means the main. it's a magnificent century complex. in
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the area surrounding said it sat on the stage and historical museum here this is one of the action of russian everyday life as it was centuries ago unlike historical palaces that focus on the sparkling a lavish lives of famous russian families our royalty here in this reconstructed you can see a true reflection of basic life. and then two buildings many think that all items that are displayed here in the museum belong to the past in fact they were mostly used at the end of the nineteenth and beginning of the twentieth century is that in the north of the country in the congo. there are many homes which look like only museum this people living there still use this things in everyday life. is what often embellished by special architectural features for example rich wooden carvings which decorated the windows and such
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seconds of elements and the use of the russian of it still found in many modern country houses in the middle but nineteenth century b.c. attic windows were extremely popular they reflected the traditional view of russian life the top represented heaven with the birds the middle of present day underneath a very interesting depiction of help take notice of a whole range of weird and wonderful creatures such as this mermaid here. back outside the cell is blazing down on the town and it's picturesque more straight. it's like looking for a picture it's so beautiful there when the tourists visit so you get sad from all over the world it's also packed with history and interesting facts and figures the great took refuge years side these rules is buried here and also the town claims to be the home place of the trust the famous russian nesting dolls in every corner you catch a new dome or impressive tower but it's not just a. styria beauty here inside the various cathedrals it's also
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a wonderful yet calming visual treat. in the splendid surroundings and it ties in her. case the grave of the founder. of. the. treasures. of. public the same. for its unique status here for example you can see a piece of stone supposedly from the tomb of christ the site was so charged with history that even stallin couldn't bring himself to raise it even so the monks were sent to labor camps after the bolshevik revolution. saying cool inside iraq had
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a room full of russian antiquities. secrets from centuries gone by from faded religious clothing to ancient gold ingo blitz it's really worth coming inside here . the most trees museum houses an impressive collection of old paintings jewel encrusted robes gems and i tones from centuries past. several works by. russia's most famous i compare. the rings featured various push icons images books from the fourteenth century on was the thing you have a problem reading more in piece because of its size take a look at this amazing handbook imagine this bedtime reading. on a trip to surrogate percentage there are other places of interest she should get it to. give me a small straight is visited by thousands of pilgrims and. it started with a simple underground cell which is stuck here by a month from. now it's
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a whole underground church. this is believed to have. house which many hoping to have. a museum or. a popular attraction. around the world. to the children of the lost. and the symbol of the town is the this traditional. highlights. particular. paid to face. expressive.
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if you. want to become popular with. its provincial sean. people having a different. a traditional style of life. with. prices for. one thousand five hundred rubles around fifty dollars. back to the grounds of the trinity it's created this location is special and spectacular in every way the. streets reopened after. a spirit. center of the muscular good state monitors orthodox church during the soviet era
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and now we enter the first factory building with intricate and brightly colored decoration. at some three hundred feet long it's an immense structure and at the time of its construction the largest school in russia. a church and banquet hall in one trap as nice as the russians call it it was where important religious figures held their face and receptions and this beautiful colorful rock style building was built in the sixteen eighties and you can see it goes all the way through to this spectacular golden altar which is only used and open today and special occasions one of the best things about visiting the various gardening destinations is that spineless appeal and striking history some scenes and images alike that we much be lifted out of a book. even if you're not a fictional of russian church architecture or a medieval history but it's worth a visit the rest of the city's typical for a russian town i'm
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a shrewd grand architecture and sadly crumbling buildings but it gives you an idea of what will life was like and still is for millions around the country. finally we've the scent of a percent of it's blue during the summer she could be dropped and head to the nearby countryside. here it's a peaceful picture perfect world of blue skies green fields bush forests and yes millions of mosquitoes. and just because we're outside the center that doesn't mean the legends stop their . nation says that since they came here during the battle against the top tossed into his staff into the ground as he prayed for god for support it was at that moment beautiful middle school was created. so surrogate was south of first in many locations we visit over the. coming weeks the complete control to the
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bowling brush cities of moscow wilson petersburg popular with everyone over the centuries from songs to old the bush is if you have a chance to make only one day trip out of the capital and this is certainly where you should go. on fortunately that's all the time we have for this week's program on the beautiful area of so i get sad i'll see you again at the same time next week well we'll be exploring another fascinating golden ring destination until then for me and the rest of the team. for now. culture is the same i understand my only answer is no you mustn't let me be looked but it isn't the mark bannerman discussions continue whether muslim women should be
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barred from appearing in public with their faces veil is this. it's high pitched. this. city trying to say. every month we give you the future we help you understand how we'll get there and want to bring the best in science and technology from across russia and around the world. join us for technology update on r g.
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in indonesia available in the growing. shirts and media the ritz carlton hotel
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hotel the millennium hotel in china you can see. the grand hotel macau the initial marco resort hotel resort at the so. when resort beverly plaza hotel macau really. cintra hotel. in the city. friday. ministry says three hundred people. mostly just trying to cool off.
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decision was used by the u.s. and some european countries. dangerous. movements around the world. and also. the holiday resort. is also a thriving with human trafficking with many sex slaves being shipped from four. countries. to. silvio berlusconi. political and economic times between both countries. explore. just outside the russian capital that will be coming up for us in a short while for the meantime though we turn to sports. you. have your company this is sports thing i mean these are some of the stories
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we're covering this hour skating around the issue. becomes embroiled in a historical contract dispute in the n.h.l. . cancelation alexander prevent dream heavyweight boxing by two it. is called off after the russian allegedly feels to return a signed contract in time. tentacles pole the most famous octopus in the world box in his retirement after being made an honorary friend of a spanish time. it could have ramifications for years. is stuck right in the middle of it the russian ice hockey star soft annealed on a seventeen year contract with the new jersey devils this week but the one hundred two million dollars deal has been rejected by the n.h.l. the reason being because it gets around the league salary cap essentially he could earn as much as he wants and then retire before his contract expired. deal would
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have seen culture thing as a winner until it was fourteen or something the n.h.l. deems realistic it's the first time the league have rejected such a contract covina has five days in which to decide if you feel the decision if the twice world champion the claims to do that will become a free agent once. brings us all to football where a whole host of english premier league teams are currently striving to boost their profile stateside top. city among the squads getting in some pre-season games new signings the topic of the day in new jersey or in spurs case the one that got away joe cole. i didn't enjoy it maybe it was good but it got the job there was no doubt about it for anyone to come jumping over that joining. up with bobby through. it but if you did it might be. jumped
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the queue a bit down on. the market. and . could be could be because donal is a good player now the most high profile signing of the summer to death though was taking on one of those squads on thursday terry already scoring on his debut for the new york red bulls against tottenham he's expected to be the biggest draw in the m.l.s. since david beckon signed terms with the l.a. galaxy three years ago the former barcelona and arsenal monk didn't have a run for impresses me so i feel dog showing he hasn't lost any of his awareness or tricks twenty five minutes but that was to be the highlights of red bull's eye after spurs drawing level robbie keane right after the hour mark forty five this was it skewed finish from the other winning garth bale then got just reward for another tiredness play eighteen minutes from time defender jeremy hall clearly not
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full tier but welshman failed. to on the final. bill now when you think of what i'll gonzales real madrid immediately springs to mind the club's leaving goalscorer house spent sixteen years at the bernabeu oh but it looks like he might make seventeen the legendary striker is close to completing a move to shelton in the industry get thirty three hours being linked with the size top munches to have been but shell to look to be at the head of the queue with coach looks like said to be confident of securing the predators services last season spain's all time leading scorer only much seven goals in thirty nine appearances for real. brings us all into. lenox who are some of the sport's biggest stars have been working up quite a sweat at the latest diamond league meet in monaco tyson gay he was one of them the american setting a new event record as he took gold in the men's two hundred meters the twenty seven year old getting off to a great start out of the blocks well enough to make. a setting in that market
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nineteen point seven two seconds. for american dominance on the day david all over taking the men's one hundred ten meter hurdles the twenty eight year old missing out on a world record though after coming in with ten point two seconds of the last week thirteen point zero one seconds enough for gold this time around robles twelve eighty seven the mark to beat still. jamaican veronica campbell brown in the women's one hundred meters the american winning in ten point eight two seconds. this summer's offense the world record holder taking a break i told twenty eleven. brazil sending a strong message with a win on the day the russians. coming in second with american johnson. the biggest fight of alexander perfect career is off once again the new great hope
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of russian heavyweight boxing seeing his world title clash with go up in smoke following an alleged contract dispute now after failing to turn up for a press conference to promote this september eleventh the name was taken off the card earlier according to the i.d.f. he had field to return a signed contract in the federation quickly moved to the school by thirteen year old who is comp sci been struggling with a sinus infection to propose fights between the person had previously been counseled within the past eighteen months ukrainian klitschko will now take on former w.b.c. felt older son will peter and find fruit on the same day. some of the world's best up and coming mixed martial arts fighters descended on moscow this week the m one eastern and western europe selection finals given the sluggers the chance to impress in front of the greatest of them all as richard on port explains. i think i think the point is competing moscow provided been the perfect chance to try
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and target them mixed martial arts careers featuring him would be enough to build them a place in medieval grand final and a chance to have one day emulate this man killed a million encounter one of the greatest mixed martial arts fighters of all time a man who's already earned his place in the finals as more big time so move the twenty year old who's born in change and great so austria and now competes for the czech republic for the post but this competition is great as it brings together the talented front is from around the globe this is especially a good chance for the russians as this tournament gives them the opportunity to show off their skills to a wider audience than they were ten places up for grabs in the championship at this event michael mason europe and five from western european group remaining ten spawns will be filled following the american asian finals and the likes of spain of not loving us scolding money tied to gz and wrestling his victory here could be his
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ticket to a professional career. part. because i've played it and probably never done that and i want no money for my fight. what do you want your job. to tune in. sunday night for the. display. to find different way categories ranging from middle to heavy weights of a sport which combines a number of different martial arts disciplines ranging from judah to karate has grown in the phenomenal pace over the last few years and now is a rival the likes of boxing and professional wrestling in terms of popularity i think. the market. like. everybody loves.
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russia has some of the strongest mixed. in with the country taking fine points to the grand final it's a distinct also been achieved one of them. going to run with the substantial loss to. complete we don't see. ok that brings us all into the greens where there's not a likely name at the top of the canadian open leaderboard brand dela setting a course record eight under sixty two and grabbing a two shot lead in the process after the opening round the p.g.a. tour a rookie though still with plenty to do and george's club brock mckenzie unfound v.z. his biggest challenge is followed by a large chasing pack led by daniel chopra this week finishing the opening day starting five under sixty five with spencer eleventh it will too much effort the american we have shown here in the final hole to become one of nine players on five
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songs or stores. finally spain may be the world cup champions for the first time but octopus paul knew that all along the marine wonder now declared an honorary friend of the spanish talent box in the glory of his spot on world cup predictions plenty of visitors and even more memorabilia for the famed posts including a bronze likeness of himself german resident paul making waves after correctly predicting the winner of all six of germany's games while also picking spain to win the title against the netherlands you know becomes the only octopus in the world to have his own jersey to become an official on the reef friends of the twelve and a half thousand people living in the tone of your call. to him and i was always. hungry for the full story we've got. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers.
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in indonesia g.'s available in the ground sure it's a media hotel the ritz carlton hotel a little hotel motel movie millennium hotel in china you can see censored.
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rocks hotel macaron. hotel macau the venetian marco resort hotel we saw to some. when results might come closer to home account riviera hotel would come cintra hotel mccaughan. by is on trial tossed week russia ruffled reiki goes on. also a last resort ukraine's popular some of destination odessa is revealed as a center for the illegal sex trade. health all boys aid workers bring medical care to the public stricken in remote parts of india.


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