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the international court of justice in the hague rules that possibles declaration of independence from serbia in two thousand and eight did not break international law the judgement is likely to spark concern along with the separatists that a dangerous precedent has been set. offender or a victim of racism an arab israeli man to find himself behind bars consensual sex with a jewish woman she complained to police afterward say he tricked her into believing he was also a jew. and a ruling against an alleged neo nazi gag bosco has been put off while four of the suspects go through psychiatric tests they were accused of racially motivated birders and if found guilty face life behind bars. those are the headlines and it's now back to the all of you on the show from our washington studio stay with us. for
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the. we've got. the biggest issues get a human voice ceased to face with the news make us. think it's fair to respond. i have cowboy. so you should vote for ken buck because he doesn't wear high heels i mean i hope is not an ideal because i'm sure the senate is not really ready for a drag queen but i'll come back to again just a moment i want to know i want to let you know that he was referring to his opponent jane norton and how she actually questioned his manhood here is what i was talking about seeing those two attacking me there paid for by a shady interest group doing the bidding of kim you think going to be man enough to do it himself here's the truth in state government i cut budgets cut programs and
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reduced can luck softens his spending skyrocketed by forty percent we need a senator who's actually cut spending and has the facts stand her ground i'm jane norton i approve this message. you know i think she has a point if he is letting someone else do all of his dirty work then i'm going to go ahead and question his manhood too but that's beside the point i'm more interested in his comments about his boots and how they have b.s. on that really shouldn't you claim those things are for wearing them and of course he takes a slam at d.c. because that's what every political want to be says these days to try and make their way here to d.c. so let me tell you something ken buck wearing high heels is not easy i have to deal with a lot of b.s. here in d.c. in my heels but i'm happy to say that i don't have any company or on the maybe a little slack. i have a starbucks latte as i was rushing to work this morning but no b.s.
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what i find so odd so funny about ken's comments and most other candidates these days is that if you spend your entire campaign ripping on washington then why the hell are you trying to come here just admit it the second you get elected if you get elected you'll be just like the rest of them and i'm pretty sure that you won't be wearing those cowboy boots when you're walking through the halls of capitol and trying to hit on your young staffers so ken buck republican candidate for color first senate in colorado is tonight's tool time winner. now i've got more bad news jobless claims jumped higher than expected last week rising by thirty seven thousand perfect timing as the senate finally voted to extend unemployment benefits last night but while we constantly talk about those that are down announcing that have lost their jobs or lost their homes whose interest industries are disappearing what about the young people in america the ones that are just entering the real
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world the ones that have just graduated are saddled with debt and find a working world the has no room for them or earlier i caught up with natalie clay a recent graduate from syracuse university and i first asked her what it's like right now college grad and looking for a job in this economic climate. it's really hard and it's exactly what they say it's going to be it's a hunt and i feel like i haven't caught anything i apply every day about five jobs a day who everything on the internet you know n.b.c. c.b.s. fox production companies talent agencies and. nobody is hiring and it's frustrating because i have bills to pay and they're trialing up and no one you know tells you when you're growing your capital mid air how to survive so i'm i'm kind of i'm i'm applying i'm crying and i know i'm qualified. i don't
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know what to do and i'm kind of stuck in this problem it's not fun i'm going to do it well you know it's interesting that you bring up that no one ever really prepares you despite the fact that you usually just went to school for four years they don't really prepare you for real life so sometimes you ever feel a little gypped by the education system here in the u.s. like what did you just spend four years of your life studying for if they didn't really tell you how to deal with the real world. that's that's funny that you say that because at the state of the union address i think in january president barack obama said you know we shouldn't punish kids who want to go to college you know well newsflash i'm broken i'm tired of eating ramen noodles you know i i did what i was supposed to do you know i believe the people who told me that i could do whatever i wanted to do i could be whatever i wanted to be and i believed them and i wanted to be college educated and now i traded my debt for a degree so i don't they're setting me up the system setting me up for failure
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because i put a lot of hard work into my four year degree i'm i speak multiple languages and what i get i got debt you know i majored in debt and that's not fair because i could have easily worked at the local dairy queen and handed out ice cream cones for the rest of my life but i decided i wanted to pursue a higher education which is what i did and now i'm over seventy thousand dollars in debt. thank you for telling us i know it's a little bit of a personal question but i was going to ask you just how much debt you incurred seventy thousand dollars that's not you know that's not chump change there so what are you feeling right now are you scared that you're saddled with this debt and you can't find a job or what are alternatives. you know it's a lot of anxiety and it's a lot of stress and i can't sleep at night that's that my biggest problem is i wake up and i'm like i can't i have so much trouble sleeping because this is all i think
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about and as the debt piles on and piles on my only alternative before i get hired is try to find immediate work i started googling twenty five ways to make quick cash you know i can i signed up to donate my plasma. and my body i decided to become a substitute teacher because that's an easy way to make about one hundred dollars a day. i have applied to temp agencies and living dollar to dollar and i'm being punished for getting an education you know and it's i i have so much stress i have so much anxiety it's it's really hard it's definitely very hard i know the awful thing about of natalie is you're not the only one in this situation the recession is hurting everyone across the country right now and especially college grads these people that are just entering the workforce that have no experience what about your classmates the people who graduated with you do they have jobs no no one has jobs
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a lot of people are deciding to in turn but those internships aren't paid. you know everyone's in the same boat i am and we're all sinking together as a class the class of two thousand and ten we're on the same boat and we're sinking and i'm drowning in debt here and i don't know why and you know you kind of want to lean on your friends for support and help but they're just as low and down as you are you know i mean and it's it's it's just really hard aggravating because i need to call on networking skills and alumni for help and they can only go so far you know you can only do so much. and i can't i can't sit here and blame it on the economy i could sit here and twiddle my thumbs and just blame it on the economy but i mean i could just keep pushing myself and say positive but who else would you blame if it's not the economy are going to blame perhaps these businesses in the private sector right now that don't want to hire and feel like they can just get people to work as in turns instead of still still do
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a job. you know what i don't understand is an internship should always be to hire like attempt to hire an internship you should hire you spend months learning the ins and outs of that particular business they should give you the option of hiring you if they like your work if you show a promise in that within their company and you know i don't think that's right i think we need to set up a program to set up a system in the united states that allows college grads to enter and learn the ins and outs of the business and then be selected to get a salary to get a paycheck because all internships should be paid this is not there that we're here we're feeling your coffee cup walking your dog filing paperwork you know data entry and work for free you know it i understand that internships are unpaid but they should all majority be paid because it's work nonetheless at the end of the day we're both tired i am very tired i what would you say to those people i mean you
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know college grads are are one sector of the people that are entering the workforce but there's a lot of people out there that the do have experience and maybe worked for twenty years and got laid off to have families to feed the have a mortgage to pay are they more important. i wouldn't say they're more important because like i said we're all in the same boat you may have a family that was your decision you know you got laid off you know i'm sorry but you have to get over it you have to stay positive and that's my thing you know if you're going to if you think you're more qualified for a job where i'm going to show you that i'm hungrier and that i want it more you know it's a hunt out there and that's something i'm getting used to and i'm adjusting to as a recent college grad that it's and i don't think they're necessarily more important to me or they deserve a job more than me but i guarantee you i'm going to be quicker faster and hungrier well sounds like you are going to provide some stiff competition to other people out there in the workforce not only thanks so much for giving us your perspective
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on this good luck in the job hunt even though you say you're sinking you've got a good smile on your face came about way thanks for having me. so to come on tonight's show a make up campaign my mac is coming under some fire for his death and despair to sell their product with you the details when we come back and will the u.s. ever break gives a tendency on oil probably not after report of the washington post points out that nearly every oil and gas lobbyist in d.c. was at one point a federal worker so we'll discuss the surprising findings in just a moment. for the truth to find it at youtube dot com slash r t america c. c. c. c c c.
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c. tories which are made to police children. on their health. should create illness is the other way around for some them. to secure their self against some. wealthy british style. sometimes. market why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's cancer for
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a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds a report on our. warres mexico it's a city that's plagued with crime which is becoming a tory is the number of women who have been murdered and raped where drug cartels rule the city taking advantage of the poor female factory workers who work long hours just to barely scrape by but apparently one company has been really inspired by this violence and they're actually marketing the concept mac cosmetics is teaming up with ro dart to create a new line of makeup inspired by the corrupt mexican town according to the designers who created the make up they were just driving through texas down into mexico and they felt really inspired by what they saw there and i'm guessing since the area is incredibly depressing but it makes sense for them to come up with a dark and morbid make up line but with names like factory ghost town and
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seems like those artists got more of a negative influence than anything else and here's another strange point about this the make up is designed with pale colors very very pale colors even white for the most part and the pictures they have representing the line well i wouldn't really say they're all that appealing either so i'm not going to waste time on the fact that this makeup was inspired by mexican influences create color palettes that obviously would look good on lead to the skin hopefully mack and learn their lesson after this catastrophe of a collection but narco violence is not hip nor is it trendy and creating make up that mimics death is certainly not a winner at the crowds so i think it's time for mack to drop oh darn hopefully gain some self-awareness in that process. now yesterday we discussed how far behind america is when it comes to investing in alternative sources of energy as energy secretary steven chu hosted an inaugural energy ministerial we wondered if it was a bit odd for the country that is so far behind to be preaching to twenty others
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but now we have an even better understanding of why exactly we are that far behind it. you always hear the big oil companies have washington in their pockets but that's just a figure of speech right well not exactly according to a new analysis by the washington post it turns out that three out of every four lobbyist who represent oil and gas companies previously worked in the federal government that's a revolving door that far exceeds any other industry on capitol hill so if it's so entrenched is the hope of decreasing our rely on oil completely gone or joining me here is dave levinthal communications director at the center for responsive politics dave thanks for being here good to be with you what do you make of this three out of every four oil and gas lobbyists also having to be federal workers at one point it's an astounding figure to a lot of people who simply don't realize that these lobbyist so we talk about all the time or actually in many cases former federal employees and they're not just
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former federal employees who are tucked away in some a small agency somewhere but in some cases we're talking about former top ranking officials former members of congress and these are people who can really really bring just an incredible amount of influence to bear on behalf of the private interests an oil company or anyone else to go back and lobby the very people with whom they used to work so are some shin is obviously that oil and gas companies will always win because if they have the money to then hire these former federal officials who were not working for you know weren't getting perhaps the best salaries out there but now they have power now they have a name now they have connections now they get the big bucks and they just force it on to everyone else that they encounter up on capitol hill where you may love or hate oil companies you may love or hate the environmental lobby it really doesn't matter what we want to convey is that there's an incredible imbalance a huge imbalance between the oil and gas industry and environmentalist lobbyists
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we're talking about tens of millions even hundreds of millions of dollars every year in a gap so just like a sports team you want to get the best players you want to hire the best people to perform for. you so that you can ultimately win a championship same principle applies when it comes to government if you are a lobbying firm you want to hire the best lobbyists who can do the best bidding for your clients so that when you go to capitol hill you can get a result that you want and former members of congress former government officials that's a pretty good way to do it they have to know capitol hill and now but why oil why is the oil the biggest because according to this report too that this far exceeds the revolving door of any other industry out there why are they the winners are you if you look at the end there were reports that some of these companies you will easily see that they are some of the richest companies on earth and you know what do environmentalist sell well they so ideas they don't sell products oil and gas companies sell oil and gas and they make an increase just an insane amount of money
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and sometimes actually doing that so they have the ability they have the requisite dollars and cents to go forth to hire the best people to pay top dollars for the best lobbyist so that they can marshal this veritable army of lobbyists send them back to capitol hill from whence they came and go in to lobby the people who are now serving in public office today but are they just selling oil and gas i mean if you're selling oil are you also selling the wars that we're that we have and rob the two wars that we're fighting are they also selling for example there's a new report also that said the exxon chevron how burton all lobbied for the new sanctions on iran to be weakened drastically so i mean how far does this extend their reach well certainly when you look at the issues that the oil companies the gas companies lobby their lobbying on issues that are not only just part and parcel about oil and gas but also a variety of other things so you get into some serious geo political issues when you talk about the oil and gas industry or you know are you saying like defense
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appropriations absolutely and this happens not just here and there but it happens with some regularity so these companies are just don't have a. very small portfolio of issues that they lobby on in fact they have a very wide one ok so then what does that mean if these companies are so all powerful if obviously oil is their first interest are we never going to start investing in alternative sources of energy are we always going to be far behind from from china from the other asian countries that are really jumping on this things to change if you look ten years ago to when the energy solar energy their lobbying was just so infinitesimal that it almost didn't even register that his change markedly over the past ten years we're not talking about the same numbers as the oil and gas industry but solar alternative energies wind be it what it may they have definitely ramped up their lobbying to be ramping it up fast enough that we don't have all the time the world here is certainly a lot of people would argue that but they are definitely a bigger player than they used to be in washington d.c.
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and we're just talking about lobbying here there are so many other elements of political influence that you could talk about be an advertisement be a just general political pressure from the electorate on the members of congress so people just like oil companies have the right to lobby their members of congress as well certainly that they can't bring millions of dollars to the table but they can go to town hall meeting they can write letters they can send e-mails and they have the biggest power of all which is to vote which oftentimes not a whole lot of people do so that's a motivating factor i guess so when you look at these numbers to go out and go to the ballot booth and actually cast your voice cast your vote and make your voice heard that doesn't mean that they're necessary to represent your interests because you know if these people are constantly working with a certain industry that perhaps you're not getting all the information out there and learning that you can still make a living. source of energy thanks so much for being here thank you we've got one more segment ahead on tonight's show how you're not a fan of captain america. well apparently producers of a new film are planning to tell him down his american roots so i have some fun with
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his hollywood story in just a moment. the truman started off the world not under lost it for almost a floozy is the jewel of two super powers and tonight brains. of loaded onto two lives to live the spoons congress on t.v. . every month we give you the future we help you understand how it will get there and what to bring the best in science and technology from across russia and around the world to join us for a technology update on our g.
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fifth blind. if you want sound from phones to its. knees for instance on t.v. . captain america he may not be everyone's favorite comic book character but he's a classic dating all the way back to the one nine hundred forty s. so next summer just in time for the character's seventieth anniversary a new hollywood film is going to be coming out but it might be a little different than you'd expect at comic-con the film's director joe johnston said the following on his version of the superhero he said quote he wants to serve his country but he's not this sort of gene do is dig american flag waver he's just a good person ok but isn't his name captain america isn't he supposed to be a flag waver so what does this non jingoistic hero tell us about where the sense of
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american pride has really gone producer lucy confident joins me in the studio losing a can captain america like i said not be a flag waver and we could they have picked a worse character to an american eyes it raises a great question i mean has the american brand sunk so low that we have to downplay the american angle in a movie about a character who's named captain america who is fighting the nazis in world war two fighting the enemies of america mind you while he's wearing you know pretty much a american flag leotard while he's doing it i mean it's really rather bizarre but you do have to remember the background with this character i mean this was a character it was established in the one nine hundred forty s. as a way to rally the american troops in the fight of world war two to get people to be more supportive of america and to you know get people's patriotism up and so yeah it is kind of absurd that the director would pick this film of all films to
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downplay the american angle but i understand it may be i don't know he was reinterpreting it for afghanistan for example or the conflict is a lot less clear you know the lines between good and bad are a lot more ambiguous and so you know the downplaying of the american angle would make more sense but in world war two where things were a lot more cut and dry kind of beyond me but was he trying to get a rise out of people i don't know i mean you have. question this because often conservatives will jump all over hollywood as this leftist liberal elite that are constantly in their films trying to. turn american mindset is he asking for drug suppose a left wing propaganda machine that's trying to destroy all of america i mean it's not a smart move in the sense that the right wing blogosphere is up in arms about this you know they really do feel that this is a perfect example of hollywood elites trying to destroy america and downplay everything that's good about this country but at the same time it's just to stupid to assume the part of some sort of vast left wing conspiracy as it is to make
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a movie about an american character and not be robber american about it i mean. no publicity is bad publicity so if this gives is really a publisher to you if this gives the right wing bloggers something to talk about. really is a far less ideological i think that mercenary in today's day and age if you want to make a movie that sells you have to market it to an international audience the way a lot of these big studios get money as they have to do presale tickets abroad and frankly you know while there might be a lot of demand for hollywood's high production values there's not necessarily that kind of demand for patriotic flags and other american jingles at a time where we're criticized for or i don't think and how do you think i have because in the past i mean i always think of independence day for example that's a movie that is just playing all day long on t.v. to win all of these movies used to be about american exceptionalism americans save the day save the entire world and all of a sudden we don't do that anymore i think the bigger question here is whether this whole concept of american exception exceptionalism still applies and still exists i
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mean the world today in two thousand and ten is not the same world that we used to be in one nine hundred forty s. and it's a lot more difficult to sell this idea of an america as a uniquely special country that ranks in the international hierarchy somehow as above the rest based on the fact that it's america all alone there are other democracies there are foreign policy to. issues that america makes that you know isn't well accepted by everyone around the world and so perhaps the bigger question to be asking here is whether we should still hold on to this notion of american exceptionalism in today's day and age well it looks like hollywood has let it go and who knows you know captain america is the first victim who knows what a great american comic book hero is going to be ok i'm just i am excited at the outfit though. and the actors kind of hot too so i'm looking for work that are before we go tonight our tweet of the day earlier in the show we told you about the media's coverage of the shirley sherrod department worker who was forced to resign
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after being accused of music making racist comments now the media jumped on the story and last night a commentator on c.n.n. compared her story to that of nelson mandela as thinking what would mandela tweet if he heard about this we think he'd say something like this really c.n.n. twenty seven years in prison compares to being out of a job that's like you claiming your ratings are as equal to fox news i will have another today for you tomorrow but that's it for tonight's show thanks for tuning in and come back tomorrow night why have comedian stephen smith on the show to give us his take on all of the most ridiculous and most infuriating stories of this week now in the meantime don't forget to become a family lunch on facebook and follow us on twitter and if you missed any tonight show or any other nights you can always count on you tube dot com slash the loner show where we post not only the interviews but the show in its entirety coming up next is the news with the latest headlines from the u.s. and around the world.
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if. serbia says it will never recognize possible as you know that declaration of independence from the un's top court rules it was legal. every day ships and bring thousands of tourists in and out of a death row for.


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