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which brightened if you move out soon from the stupid. stunts on t.v. dot com. oh yeah let's take a look at our main headlines now peeled back a report calls on washington to own up to the vietnam war that sealed the deadly chemical agent orange which it has denied for decades. was silent it was how the maker of the first atomic bomb described its detonation sixty five years ago which kicked off the cold war arms race and changed warfare from. a somber and new bollywood film starring bin ladin
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spitting image takes a humorous look at the post nine eleven world. now we explore the architecture of the metro system in the russian capital mountain entries moscow out he's next. i am. i am i am. glad i did see you get lost and freeze on the streets must go out program
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i'll be speaking to you on a school of an art gallery and i'm museum a log cabin i call it symbolizes it infrastructure it's best shrouded in history amazing facts and figures and also some fascinating legends yes it's the moscow match our. lives on with model there's a and sculptures below are really is a visual treat on size it's not the oldest in the world to most of london the palms were drawn up during the smallest time split just the outbreak of the first world war and the revolution construction of a began. but eventually the bolsheviks time that public transport dream into a reality. mr metro from the airplanes on the fifteenth of may nineteenth and see from march. of last year metro here is one of the busiest in the world without about eight maybe experiences using this underground system everything. is not just another rubber tropical system it's one
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of the most impressive architectural monuments of the soviet era its corral and breath taking out of the spills as a visual proof of the socialist states power. controvert square in the kremlin it's one of the main tourist attractions in the capital a must see for any distance. and the best thing about the moscow metro is you have to wait longer than a couple of minutes for the next train to arrive. to the london underground from commuters running very sprint statues to good luck to fascinating stories behind the peaceful mistakes it's a breathtaking world below full of interesting stories from various legends the stakes here is we have sky looks more like a dog and legend has it that it was given meant to be built in the first place people say bestselling places coffee cups on the engineers plans and they saw as
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a sign so created a construct to be entire live and indeed it's always shown as brown on the metro maps today. before we explore most stations that smita far enough he uses the metro every job. growth or you might you know k. yeah so you get to moscow for two years yeah two years mike came in two thousand made it will be a great city i love it i want to think about the amazing musk about tris. best in the world in terms of traffic it's a great yet is beautiful it's clean efficient plane and the train comes the only time you never have to wait look at this this is so clean and nice in the wintertime it's really nice because it's more when you have to take a cold or it's really nice to get indoors in the from the russian wind and steep as well as birchip because nothing. and also the most important thing is the during the working days we can plan your time for me to go with clients of like.
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if you were going to give some advice to a tourist in the first time what would it be. just go around the circle route. in a dump of them have a look it's beautiful especially in the muslim realize you have this church like who. ornaments that really nice right i mean also one of the best things i think about better is the trains every every minute yeah because if you love that you can see that that you really think like and that is the same as the going out fifteen minutes the traffic in the evening it's terrible because you don't even feel as if you're waiting at. the platform is the. you're all the last of batteries that were absolutely best in the world will affect you five i do a good look here in the rest of the year to thank you. and if you're a true fan of underground transports but you must visit the moscow metro museum
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black and white images of the construction process in the museum also houses hundreds of artifacts including various designs examples of technology and metric themed art cinema whole display sebi and modern day documentaries and you can see everything here from ticket barriers from the one nine hundred sixty s. to models of train carriages regarding the stations one hundred and eighty two in total today there are several that you stand out as little scar on the brown ring line open in january my nine hundred fifty two its missions are covered with thirty two stained glass windows with bells behind them to imitate daylight the windows were made by lot artists who use glass stools enrica cathedral originally intended for church windows can sky is one of the central stations on the red line from the time of its construction in the one nine hundred thirty s. the christ the savior cathedral above was demolished and a huge palace of the soviets was planned to be built on the site the projects never came to fruition the decor of the spacious station might look simple and even
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austere but still it was received several awards and finally got a meeting starring hills is an underground station chemist the longest it's made whole being two hundred seventy meters in length construction was completed. tom at the end of the one nine hundred fifty s. by the mid seventy's it was on the edge of collapse so it was decided to close the station to reopen only in two thousand and two now has a contemporary look with its gloss means providing amazing views of the city. each station is a world of its own its. its pace its. people here you see all of it brings. in what new buildings all. with the added value. of the ground from both of them i think i'm told no one could fail to be amazed that it also means to be free and what the first time tourists think of the metro here. to
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see. that little expense and to that anyone can be tainted with that so that. through violence the celebration and triumph. stands proud as the pulsating veins of the city in the you know after the terrorist attacks in late march to she was a feeling again within a few hours a sign of toughness and spirit and resilience prompts. for the world but his stories about the secrets from the woods has meant that the presence of a key buildings and strategic underground fires exists in the russian capital for five years and various influential people. is always i don't know said with. the system was supposed to be built when he started during the time of sally and was code named d six by the k.g.b.
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. so you can see the several secret lines connecting the kremlin with the s.s.p. headquarters and other locations of national importance we find out if it ever exists only time will tell. if you want to become a metra train driver or you should come to this next training academy it takes about a year to qualify for the prizes it looks really complicated. the mechanics behind it was mostly students have to know much more the city driving a metro train situation outside the capital and one of the main trains the training academy has everything at its fingertips expert shooters repair senses simulator and working trains. in this classroom here the students are the most scary metro
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traffic light system it's not about ready to stop and green for go it's much more complicated they have to know for example the whole works of the electric car the traffic lights are. created and more importantly when they potentially break down. p.t.c. a future map of the underground system with a large and a number of new lines added and further extensions next century may seem a long way off the plans are already in place. i feel so excited standing inside it really does release the child from its sides you will start cycling it's just. the trains and so it's all the maintenance every evening. so is it difficult to become an underground train driver. the junior schools are the most difficult technical preparations they complete their studies at the metro training. practical lessons they have to pass the test drive is also an emergency
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exercise as a theory perforations itself there are no bad drivers like you. can fit fencing for cranes and. they stay in lots of his mates. that these guys never break down it's crucial one hundred percent that they hold in working order and a group of four hundred local mechanics working on the consummate sold this is a reality. and from the devil it's time to jump in next we drive out onto a train itself to look. for coming up to a platform now and this is the last time i'd be in the floods about metro train or like the last. to moscow metro just like the rest of the capital this monstrous piece of architecture will conceits not you develop and grow from the old bush is from left to young couples the people are as diverse as the stations themselves the ones in the metro was nicknamed the people's palace and was
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a magnificent underground palace it is but unfortunately that's all that's how we have on this week's program on the amazing mentor of muster i'll see you go the same time next week more adventures from the bus and capital until then for me and the rest of the team he has deep underground but i doubt. that i kill innocent kids allies are the cause. of course and that's never a. song
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from the skull still with me i think of it every day. before i was fired from the memories of. us. tom. i'm just here trying to help. i was ashamed. i was ashamed that i didn't. i was ashamed that i hadn't been a hero why i got my arm i got my legs. in the mine. where i wanted to be out of or to. get out believe what i was doing i was oh i think. that i was a good soldier. but not most soldier on the other side and i think i'm just as good .
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as she was the same i understand my family and it's always real my son let me look my years in the market well he's back to health castro's appearance on cuban television for years again puts into focus of on his. wealthy british style. market. can. find out what's really happening to the global economy. for a no holds barred the global financial headlines tune into kaiser report. every
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month we give you the future we help you understand how to get there and what to bring the best in science and technology from across russia and around the world join knology update on our. field report calls on washington to own up to the vietnam war legacy of the deadly chemical agent orange which it has denied for decades. some was silent that was how the maker of the first atomic bomb described its detonation sixty years ago which kicked off the cold war arms race changed for ever. a solid new bollywood film starring in the modern spitting image takes a humorous look at the post nine eleven world. and the target is here with all the sports news.
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hello and welcome thanks for joining our sports round up on a tough subject and here is what's coming up in the program diego maradona and i could stay in charge of the argentine national team for the next four years. because bollock rejoins the club he played for early on in his career byron liver accuser. and open day rory mcilroy leads at gold's oldest major after shooting the bast first round scoring the championships one hundred and thirty nine year history. our kick off with football news diego maradona may not be done with argentina's national squad just yet the legend will be offered a new deal that would keep him in charge through to the summer of twenty fourteen when brazil stages the next world cup the qualification process for this last one
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was shaky and the quarter final exit was largely viewed as underachievement bob the origin time football association apparently still believes india got armando the association of president julia granddaughter will meet the forty nine year old next week even though mara daughter had hinted he would quit after the four male defeat to germany. meanwhile david back home has already made it clear he is not interested in coaching england even if. became available backs also talked about living in l.a. during a global web chat if you were wearing the managerial suit well i felt you know you look the part where you look like you could have been leading the team and i thought this is a rehearsal for four years time. i could see it you know of. interest in being a manager. you know it's something i've never been interested in this nor passion of mine to be a. manager for. so many things to enjoy about living in l.a. you know obviously the lakers you know like i said i'm
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a big possible for them to be able to go to the lakers. you know. more news now may have bollixed chelsea days are over the thirty three year old germany captain has signed a two year contract with a buyer leverkusen leverkusen finished fourth in the bundesliga last season on the coach poncas. hopes he can contribute positively to a school with a bright future but he'll have to recover his fitness and full fest not easy for a thirty three year old age at his ankle in may and missed the world cup but hopes to be back for the start of the new season. if. i am still doing build up the training strength training in the next few days i will try to do a bit of running for the first time if everything goes smoothly. and jump into team training in the next two or three weeks this is my in order to be ready for the first day of the new season to boxing now i will defend his w b o and
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i.b.o. heavyweight corrals against alexander by that can all september eleventh the bout will take place said the combat it's bob kerrey in frankfurt klitschko who has a record of fifty four wins and three losses with forty eight knockouts last fault on march twentieth notching a knock out of eighty chambres he's won twelve straight fights since a loss to lehmann brewster in two thousand and four but it can meanwhile as old russian native nineteen ballasts with fourteen knockouts he also lost fulton launch and scored a fifth round technical knock out more cameras was also one of his victims in a unanimous decision in january two thousand and eight. golf now and rory mcilroy is off to the best of starts at the british open the northern irishman posting the lowest opening round score of sixty three on thursday to take a three shot early lead but taking advantage of mixed weather conditions at santander is that it's wise you want your old collected a bridge and an
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a go on the front nine before picking up six birdies in a devastating back nine for the amazing nine on the poor six. three and that's the best record in a hundred and seventy nine years now three time champion tiger woods started slowly but then stormed back late the well retains good chances of regaining the title in scotland and american veteran john daly is also there the nine hundred ninety five open champion turned back the clock as he hit an impressive seven bradys in a round of six under sixty six daily though as wild thing saying he is more focused on the game than ever you guys perceive me as well you know i've come out as wild as some people i've seen you know in my time but it's kind of a cool name i don't mind it but now i think it's going to concentrate more on the golf. you know dedicated to trying to trying to come back and there are certain things that i just don't want to do anymore you know order for me to get there
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there's certain things i can do there's certain foods i don't eat there's certain things i've given up an awful lot on. and i get up to smoking and i get up to diet cokes but other than that i'm doing pretty good. sports now and italian volunteer all say has been cleared to return to racing as soon as this week and the doctor is going to compete at the jama grand prix just six weeks after breaking his leg in practice the seven time world champion already received approval from the zog ziering circuits chief medical officer who also has completed two private tasks in the last week at the bern north to sassy's level of fitness and conference. rider currently say its seventh trailing championship leader jorge lorenzo by over a hundred points. now young moscow getting involved in a popular movement and scold gatto workout and allows you to get physical training almost anywhere in the city as well it's now.
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the wizards the music and these guys up on in iran is a must but it's like i've been doing different sports for a while but then i saw a short movie about people working out in the streets and i realized was the thing i really wanted to do it's called get a workout and start it in america young guys from the suburbs use every spare minute to build their bodies many cannot afford to g.m. . will do for them and it's got one big attraction for young muscovites one of the main idea is that you don't have to pay money it's totally free you can go anywhere you can go to the parks to the schools can find the place to train everywhere in the world and you can't transit of people who also want to train a few. of the fitness tradition was strong in the old soviet union but as moscow
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has grown places to exercise have become fewer and fewer so these guys have come up with the sure we get all the training be neat because they can work out pretty much anywhere. but you just about r t. and finally of the lacrosse world championships that kicked off financial stay in the u.k. the place that invented the sport as early as a thousand years ago looks set to miss the tournament due to paperwork the american iraq watch t.v. refused to accept u.s. prosperous bots were allowed to travel to england by the u.s.
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government on the iroquois confederacy documents however most players still lack the probably just phases while others need clearance from canada and i'll stop. new york after missing their flights to manchester but are still hopeful of making the trip the players however saying that accepting american passports would be to their identity. this is our nationally. i think once or put it in that way people start feeling that they can make the connection to why we're standing so strongly on this this represents our national putting surely and this is what we're standing for the team when we go over to england and we present our korean szell's at the players table and we wait on our our passports this is what it's all about we're not leaving the u.s. passports we're not laying down canadian passports we're laying down surely passports which are the passports of the whole in assuring the europe or the six nations confederacy that said for now about for more news you can always log on to
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our website which is r t dot com and i'll stay with us for the world weather update coming up right after this. a was a call of course and that's never a. song from those cars filled with me i think of it every day. from memory. so much so long time i'm just here trying to tell him. i was. i was ashamed that i had been. i was ashamed that i hadn't been a hero why. i got.
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what i wanted to be. what i was going on once or i think. that i was a good soldier. but now most older on the other side and i think i'm just it's good . for the full story. for. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the. ninety nine t. . in the russian empire. to save it from the soviets. five hundred tons of gold. dozens of counted. six hundred fifty. rubles. the
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train. station. a century long the way. the ministry of the golden train.
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