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tv   MSNBC Reports  MSNBC  August 16, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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dozen people stopped, together they were able to flip the car over and they did what they could. look at that. first responders came and were able to get the driver out of the car. what an amazing story. i took solidarity and help of all kinds of people that saw what happened, stopped and came to help. that wraps up the hour for me. i'm "jose diaz-balart reports." you can reach me on twitter and instagram @jdbalart. follow the show online. alex witt picks up with more news right now. a very good morning to all of you. i'm alex witt at msnbc world headquarters in new york. a very busy tuesday with critical primary races and a big win for democrats about to be signed into law, but the headline in this morning's punchbowl newsletter says it all "we're back to the trump show."
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the fbi search at trump's mar-a-lago home still the biggest story in the country. a big development over an hour ago regarding the search al mar-a-lago. the judge who approved the search warrant will hear argument as 1:00 p.m. thursday about whether to unseal the search warrant affidavit. the doj has asked a judge to keep it sealed while the former president wants it released. while we're focused on the former president's legal troubles, he's not the only one in the trump orbit facing legal entanglements. rudy giuliani is now a target in georgia's 2020 election probe and is scheduled to go before a special grand jury tomorrow. another longtime trump ally, allan weisselberg is expected to plead guilty to criminal charges in a tax case tied to the manhattan das office. we just learned former white house lawyer eric hirsh man who testified before the house
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january 6th committee has been subpoenaed in the doj's insurrection probe. trump acknowledged the temperature needs to be toned down in the wake of the fbi search. at the same time he's still criticizing the doj on his social media platform. we're learning of an arrest tied to threats of violence against the fbi. this time a pennsylvania man arrested friday. an fbi affidavit says one social media post days after the mar-a-lago search the man wrote, hey feds, we the people cannot wait to water the trees of liberty with your blood. that was a chilling thing from which to bounce into this conversation as we've assembled a great team to dig into it. ken dilanian, mark caputo, nbc news digital reporter, glenn kirschner, former federal prosecutor and msnbc legal analyst and lisa rubin, also a legal analyst and former litigator.
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welcome an. ken, we'll start with you relative to the latest in this mar-a-lago search. the doj wants to keep the search warrant affidavit sealed, citing a need to protect witnesses, also an ongoing investigation. a hearing is set for thursday at 1:00 p.m. what happens then? >> the judge will decide whether to unseal that affidavit and the justice department, if he does grant that request by news organizations, the justice department would ask for redactions of sensitive information, and they say there will be a lot. we actually learned a good deal from this justice department filing yesterday, alex, about the scope of this investigation, the fact that there is an ongoing grand jury investigation involving multiple witnesses and sensitive information they still want to protect. the idea that this is just the action to recover classified documents seems dispelled by this affidavit. we're turning to reporting on how these top secret sci documents ended up in the
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president's home. questions are being asked about who helped donald trump pack these documents. he couldn't have packed them all by himself. take a listen to what former national security advisor john bolton had to say about this in an interview i did with him yesterday. >> i think it would be interesting to ask white house counsel's office if they were present to review documents or if the records management people and the national security counsel staff were present. my guess would be no. >> somebody was present, alex. somebody packed those boxes. probably not donald trump. the doj is going to have to get to the bottom of who did that, what procedures were followed and why. >> that is absolutely fascinating. glenn, what do you think the doj's movement signals about the direction of this investigation and how realistic is it that we will see the affidavit at some point? >> i agree with ken. if we see the affidavit, it will be so heavily redacted, alex,
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that i don't think it will provide us much information. frankly, i hope that's the outcome. what we're dealing with is some documents that were classified at the highest level of security, ts, sci classification. i know what that involves. i had one when i was an army jag prosecutor handling an espionage case. this is as deadly serious as it gets. these documents were unlawfully -- call it what it was -- unlawfully taken from the white house and whizzinged away to mar-a-lago. there would be significant, irreparable damage to on going investigations if the affidavit was unsealed. i think there's a chance the judge just denies the unsealing outright. if not, we'll see lots of redactions. >> donald trump said on his social media platform that fbi
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agents who searched his home took three passports including one he said was expired. the fbi tells nbc news in executing search warrants the fbi follows search and seizure procedures ordered by courts and then returns items that do not need to be retained for law enforcement purposes. what can you tell us about this passportish yoo u? >> it sound like they were taken. donald trump said, hey, these things were taken from me. then there were some folks on twitter who reached out to the fbi, their sources, reporters, gotten word back that the fbi didn't have these things and thought donald trump was lying. it turns out in this case he was apparently telling the truth. those documents are being returned. outside of the cautionary tale for the news media to be careful in dealing with anonymous sources and information we don't see directly, what we can assume here is in the course of searching the premises and taking these 33 separate items,
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these might have been in a box or in some sort of container that the fbi had hauled along. they're now going through it, processing all the information, processing the evidence and the stuff that they don't need they're returning, and apparently these passports are among them. >> so digging into this and the passports, at this juncture in such a public high-stakes investigation, is there something we're missing about these passports? it's not like donald trump can just try to get out of the country. that's what you use a passport for most of the time. is this just being overblown by him? >> i think there is. i'll tell you why. if you look at attachment b to the search warrant, the property to be seized, the fbi was clear with the judge in the warrant that the trump counsel saw, that they intended to take not only physical documents and classification markings, but any containers or boxes collectively stored or found together with the aforementioned documents and
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containers or boxes. if they found classified documents, they would take the entire box in which it was found, have their filter teams look at it and return documents that were presidential records, government records, classified documents to the president. so i believe there was no nefarious intent here. there was not an intent to get his passports in particular. they got swept up with other materials. they were likely found in a place where other evidence that the fbi was looking for was found and then, as we saw yesterday tr taylor bud vich who aired the email on twitter, then jay bratt from the department of justice said, hey, here are the passports, two are expired, one is expired. we'll leave them at the washington field office for you to collect. >> you have to wonder as well the organization of the documents taken. we don't know the condition in which they were stored. so you can maybe have something of import put among other papers.
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we don't know that. anyway, let's move on to something else. we do know, glenn, the "wall street journal" reports that attorney general garland has deliberated for weeks according to people familiar with this matter. aside from his cautious approach, the decision had been the subject of weeks of meetings between senior justice department and fbi officials. again, this is according to the folks there. what does this level of cautious deliberation indicate in this investigation? >> alex, how could the attorney general not be as cautious as an attorney general or law enforcement official has ever been when we're talking about in this case searching the home of a former president, the de facto home at mar-a-lago. two sayings come to mind, he who hesitates is lost, but look before you leap. now merrick garland is clearly a
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look-before-you-leap type of guy. by his position, he was a judge for 24 years and was a prosecutor before that. so he is deliberate. he's thoughtful. he's circumspect. he probably has his teams analyzing every possibility for this to go wrong or for a successful court challenge to be launched once these search warrants are executed. i think the nation is well served by this level of caution and cirque couple specs. realizing our democrats is hanging in the balance and we need to move forward. >> lisa, we've gotten an update about former trump cfo allan weisselberg. people familiar with the matter say he's expected to be sentenced to five months in jail, obviously after pleading guilty to these criminal charges tied to his indictment by the manhattan d.a. on tax evasion. we know this is going to happen
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on thursday. he is not expected to cooperate with the broader investigation into donald trump. so does this tell you five months plea deal agreed to, that this is an investigative dead-end, or could he be tapped into more information for a plea deal or has it been wrapped up already. >> first of all, the criminal case against the trump organization is going forward. the trump organization was indicted alongside allan weisselberg, a trial date set for october. we don't have news that the trump organization absolved its own criminal liability. you asked about weisselberg having a plea deal that includes no cooperation. glenn can say this as well, but i think that's overblown and here is why. with respect to anything which allan weisselberg pleads guilty, he will no longer have a fifth amendment right against self indiscrimination. new york prosecutors could put him in a grand jury and he would
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have to testify to those facts without the protection of invoking the fifth. in new york, there's something called transactional immunity. that means if you put a witness in the grand jury, they're immune from prosecution for anything about which they testify except to the extent that they lie. so new york prosecutors have a lot of room irrespective of whether weisselberg agrees or doesn't agree to cooperate, to put him back before a grand jury. now, we also know that the new york das investigation of trump criminally is expected to be dormant. we saw two very high-profile prosecutors resign from that investigation months ago. but letitia james is still pursuing a civil investigation that could have dramatic consequences for the trump organization as a business. we know allan weisselberg testified already in that investigation. one of the things he told letitia james and her team is
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trump's apartment was overvalued by give or take $200 million. weisselberg could be an important witness if james brings a lawsuit against the trump organization with respect to misrepresentations and omissions in the financial statement through which they obtained bank loans, insurance policies, several tax benefits up to $5 million for the former president personally. >> wow, lots of info there. glenn, last word here. quickly, do you concur with all that lisa has said? is there any incentive for allan wise wiesel burg to work with the manhattan d.a. on anything she may bring forward? >> i absolutely agree with lisa in theory. once someone pleads guilty, they can be compelled to testify. what they can't be compelled to do is tell the truth. allan weisselberg took what i call a soldier's plea. i've tried to flip co-conspirators against a bigger
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fish and they said no, i'm pleading guilty and not cooperating. i don't think that bodes well for future cooperation from weisselberg. >> quickly, he would per jury himself and go down on other charges. >> if he's prepared to 15-year scheme to fraud in the first degree, does he care about a petty charge on top of it? not that perjury is petty. but it seems like allan weisselberg has staked out his position and his position similar' not flipping on trump. >> glad for the conversation with all of you. coming up, much more on the legal issues ensnaring some of former president trump's associates. what we know about the georgia election probe where rudy giuliani is now considered a target. decision day for congresswoman liz cheney's political future. the impact she could have even if she loses her primary. they were some of the coolest voting sites of the 2020
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with xfinity mobile. or add a line to your plan today at expected to testify in person in the investigation surrounding possible 2020 election interference in georgia by donald trump and his allies. it comes as new developments emerge in the probe. his attorneys tells nbc news that they were informed monday
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that giuliani is a, quote, target of the investigation. let's go to blayne alexander joining me from atlanta with more on this. blayne, welcome. what more do we know about this investigation and what can we expect to see tomorrow? >> reporter: alex, we do know this has been a busy 24 hours for this investigation. not only did we learn that rudy giuliani has moved from witness to target in the das investigation, but we also learned in the same 24-hour period that senator lindsey graham, his motion to quash the subpoena was denied by a federal judge. he's now been ordered to appear next week. let's focus on giuliani. what we're expecting to see tomorrow is he is going to be testifying before the special grand jury in a downtown atlanta courthouse. aside from that, we're not going to see too much or hear too much. we do know a lot of this is centering around his statements to georgia lawmakers in december of 2020. it's important to remind us why the d.a. wants to hear from us in the first place. all this centers around statements he made around
8:20 am
legislative panels essentially which he came forward and peddled a number of conspiracy theories and lies about georgia's election including targeting two election workers saying they were responsible for, in his words, throwing the election in biden's favor. of course, that's not the case. they received death threats because of it. we expect he'll be questioned on that. in terms of his relationship with the former president, his attorney, giuliani's attorney, tells nbc news that because giuliani is trump's former personal attorney that giuliani plans to invoke attorney-client privilege if he's questioned about any such conversations between the two. >> not unexpected. blayne alexander, thank you for that. let's bring back our legal analyst glenn kirschner. what do you make of the use of the word target in this context? first of all, what's changed and what does that mean for giuliani legally speaking? >> it's hard to predict what's changed in d.a. willis' grand jury investigation that caused
8:21 am
her to include rudy giuliani as a target. i think it's worth, alex, precisely defining what a target is, what it means to be a target. i want to read it. a target is a person as to whom the prosecutor or the grand jury has substantial evidence linking him to the commission of a crime and who, in the judgment of the prosecutor is a punitive defendant. in other words, we only label someone a target as prosecutors if we intend to indict that person and we have substantial evidence linking that person to a crime. i think it's cute that rudy giuliani is trying to hide behind attorney-client privilege because what's going to happen is he's going to appear before the georgia grand jury and he's going to be asked questions about conversations with all sorts of people like lindsey graham and mark meadows and others, and to those questions i predict he will plead the fifth. he'll invoke his fifth amendment right against self
8:22 am
indiscrimination. those questions have nothing to do with his attorney-client relationship with donald trump. but once you're a target, boy, ten times out of ten, your lawyer is going to advise you that you have to plead the fifth before the grand jury. >> lindsey graham may have a vested interest in his doing that. as you know, the federal judge yesterday denied his request to quash the subpoena. his lawyers tried to argue a phone call he made to georgia secretary of state brad raffensperger after the election was covered by the constitution's speech and debate clause. how significant is it to compel a sitting senator to testify, and what do you think comes from that? >> it really is an incredible ruling by judge lee martin may. i've got it here. it's a 22-page order that she handed down. she didn't just reject all of lindsey graham's legal arguments. she just sort of destroyed them. he tried to claim that when he
8:23 am
called brad raffensperger, the georgia secretary of state, and urged him -- this is what raffensperger said -- urged him to toss out lawfully passed ballots, that he was involved in protected speech and debate, he was on a legislative fact-finding mission. the judge disbatched that argument in pretty short order. now lindsey graham will have a decision to make, one we know he'll appeal and fight it tooth and nail. he will land before the georgia grand jury and he'll have to decide whether to plead the fifth or testify. >> any prediction on that one? >> his lawyer will advise him to plead the fifth. alex, if a sitting senator pleads the fifth amendment before the grand jury, that's not a good look. >> fallout for sure politically. glenn, thank you for that. coming up for all of you, wyoming voters decide today whether congresswoman liz cheney
8:24 am
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in wyoming polls suggest strongly that congressman liz cheney is heading for defeat and the potential end of her political career as it stands now. then in alaska, former governor sarah palin is trying to return to the political limelight, this as a member of congress. joining me nbc news correspondent vaughn hillyard in jackson, wyoming, ali vitali from anchorage, alaska and david jolly joins us as well. vaughn, i think you have the backdrop of the day. ali looks a little shady there, might be raining, and david is from home. let's talk about congressman cheney and how she sees her chances today. what are you hearing on that?
8:29 am
>> reporter: within political parties there are ebbs and flows. i think david would be a testament to that. could speak quite well to it. where ali and i stand right now are ideal in terms of examples of it in itself. if we're talking about the cheney family, where they were within the republican party 20 years ago. and you take sarah palin 12 years ago, these are two fascinating characters these election outcomes will say a lot about where the future of the republican party heads from here. liz cheney's hopes are quite low against hageman. republican voters in the state of wyoming don't want liz cheney to represent them in congress here. she has made the january 6th
8:30 am
select committee and her efforts on capitol hill after the january 6th attack the focus of her tenure over the last two years on capitol hill. she has made the case to voters, not only directly here in wyoming and through television airways but through the hearings that she's upholding the constitution, the principles she campaigned on back when she first ran for congress in 2016, in 2018 and won re-election here in 2020. ultimately we're looking at what could be a significant defeat here for liz cheney when polls close later this evening. >> thank you for being a gentleman and not correcting me ability wilson because i didn't get the memo she moved from jackson. ali, the voters in alaska are deciding if they want to send sarah palin to washington. what are you hearing from folks there about that? >> reporter: alex, vaughn makes such a fascinating point about the crosswinds of the republican party we're seeing on display. think about the last time sarah
8:31 am
palin was on the national scene, 2008. at that point, the fire brand that she was espousing that even her running made was trying to tamp down on. in 2016 she endorses then candidate donald trump. i was on the campaign trail. i watched it happen. her lending her con congressional bone fides to donald trump. the republican party as a whole has moved toward sarah palin's brand of conservatism. is trump going to help her or hurt her in a state that is fiercely independent in the way it views its politics. it's a question i put to both of palin's opponents in this race. this is how they view it. listen. >> she also has the endorsement of former president trump. how important is that? >> up here what people care most about is what alaskans think.
8:32 am
sarah palin has none of that. >> alaskans focus on alaska issues. we're not consumed by the direction people in the lower 48 tell us to go who don't know anything about alaskan issues. >> reporter: there you see it. her republican opponent, nick begich and democratic opponent mayor bartola don't think trump will play a role. this is a state he won by ten points in 2020. you see him exercising his influence by making endorsements not just in the house race, but also in the republican senate primary. senator lisa murkowski is someone trump called the worst, one of his top targets here. he's campaigned on the ground here and endorsed one of the dozen-plus candidates running against her in her primary. at the end of the day for murkowski is a decision day but not the decision say. we expect her in this pick one primary to make it to the top four. that's all she needs to do today to clear the path to november
8:33 am
where we'll then see the ranked choice voting. for today she's expected to make the top four as we continue to see her run in her own race. >> david to you now, with cheney, you have someone who was once a very powerful party leader, voted along with trump's agenda over 90% of the time, we should remind viewers, particularly wyoming residents and voters, and likely going to lose her seat today because she dared criticize the former president. what's the takeaway? >> that wyoming voters have a different opinion than liz cheney. i love conversations about house races. this is a day where we have to remember that to be elevated to the house, you have to be elected by your constituency. there are no appointments. you can be a senator, a cabinet member, a judge, a justice,
8:34 am
president, vice president, by appointment or at least be elevated to those roles. to be in the people's house, your community, your state has to say your politics and your values reflect where we are. i think we're seeing that in wyoming, we're seeing a political judgment, and we'll see one in alaska as well. unfortunately liz cheney finds herself out of step with where wyoming voters are. the only panelist as an incumbent who lost a race in 2016 when i broke from trump and ultimately was redistricted. i'll tell you what liz cheney is facing right now, she's left it all on the field. this is where she can be proud and i think the nation recognizes her leadership. she's left everything in the field to say i'm going to do what i think is right cardless of my home state politics. personally, that's hard. she right now is feeling this disconnect with her home state politics that she can't really understand.
8:35 am
her future in republican elected politics, certainly there is not opportunity for her in the short run. she'll have to make a decision. does she remain a republican and stay in the party for the long run or make a move to do something differently. >> what you said about congress people, are re-elected because of constituents there. the fact she voted with donald trump 90% of the time during her tenure, there is a disconnect there because that doesn't add up. what is it that wyoming republicans are seeing in her that doesn't sync up? >> i think the dispositive question is do you support donald trump and his leadership of the party and do you support the direction, frankly, that other republican leaders have chosen which is to support donald trump? alex, in congress or any other elected office, you face an inflection point, a very personal one. are you going to use the public
8:36 am
trust to try to lead public opinion or are you going to follow it? in why opening, public opinion has suggested support donald trump, be a good republican soldier. liz cheney has tried to lead public opinion in a different direction. it's not always rewarded. that's what she's going to realize unfortunately for liz cheney. >> for what it's worth david jolly, we welcome you here and love having you hear with open arms. same for vaughn hillyard and ali vitali. chris jansing will be anchoring from cheyenne, why opening today. an exclusive involving the nba. the league tells nbc news it will not schedule any games on election day, not a single one. instead the league will host a civic engagement night with all 30 teams playing the monday night before those midterm tuesday elections.
8:37 am
nbc's shaquille brewster joining us from brooklyn. shaq, tell us more about that. it's pretty bold. what do we know about what sparked the league to make these moves. >> reporter: officials tell me this is about building on what they did in 2020. you'll remember the last presidential election, you had nba teams and cities turning empty facilities, empty arenas and practice facilities into voting elections, both on election day and for early voting. in some places even turning them into absentee ballot processing centers. this is a league trying to take advantage of the momentum as they're controlling the schedule by blocking all nba games on election day and having all teams play on a themed night the day before the election. i want you to listen to my conversation with an nba executive about this. for them it's a statement about values. >> how unusual is that? >> it's unusual. we don't usually change the
8:38 am
schedule for an external event. but voting and election day are unique and incredibly important to our democracy. that's part of the value proposition that we want to make sure people understand, that voting is unlike anything else. >> reporter: analysts say this is an extension of what we've seen from this league in the past. this is a league and its players and fans that lean into issues, sometimes on policy proposal like the george floyd justice in policing act. in this sense they're trying to get fans and players to go out and vote in this midterm election and participate as much as they did two years ago. >> very important story, shaq. thank you for bringing it to us. in a few hours president biden will sign the massive health care, climate and tax bill. how soon could people feel the law's impact. as if we haven't had enough health scares over the last few
8:39 am
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breaking news to share from the first family's vacation. first lady dr. jill biden is isolating after testing positive for covid-19. she was scheduled to leave with president biden from charleston, south carolina, and head back to washington about 20 minutes from now, in fact. the president, though, is scheduled to sign the inflation reduction act this afternoon at the white house. that, of course, the democrats' $430 billion bill aimed at fighting climate change, expanding health care coverage and raising taxes on large corporations. nbc's maura barrett is on the ground in south carolina. we're also joined by lynette lopez, a columnist for "insider." let me ask you what you're hearing about the first lady and how she feels and whether this could impact the white house signing today.
8:44 am
>> reporter: alex, according to the first lady's press secretary, the first lady started feeling cold-like symptoms monday evening. even though she tested negative on an antigen test that morning, they had her test again via antigen rapid test. that one was negative. her test came back positive via a pcr test. she will continue to isolate at a private residence in south carolina for five days. she's been prescribed a round of paxlovid. as you remember, the president when he tested positive had taken paxlovid as well, the anti-viral treatment. the first lady's office said her close contacts had been notified. the president said hunter biden and his wife and their child beau have been here vacationing. at least one of their grandchildren had been here visiting as well. the president himself was notified as a close contact having recently recovered from covid.
8:45 am
you'll remember the time the president tested positive, the cdc guidance has changed. with that updated guidance, they say anyone that has exposure to a positive test doesn't need it to quarantine unless they test positive or are experiencing symptoms. the white house advised the president will wear a mask in close proximity to other people or indoors. they will follow that cdc guidance. as a matter of fact the president is on route in his motorcade to head back to the white house to sign the inflation reduction act this afternoon. >> which brings me to this question. we're learning new details about the immediate impact of the bill. what are you learning? >> i'll read from some notes that the white house sent along in terms of some immediate impacts, but also longer-term impacts we're going to see with this inflation reduction act. this is something the biden administration and biden himself has been talking about since long before the 2020 campaign trail. so the immediate one also be in
8:46 am
the climate area. the mix of tax credits and rebates on purchases like electric vehicles will be something we'll see in the near future as well as being able to access new funding to ramp up funding. the other elements around the inflation reduction act in terms of prescription drug negotiated prices won't take effect for a couple years. so there is a balance here that the president is going to be able to celebrate in terms of those immediate impacts. but big picture overall, this is a big win for democrats, especially now that we're almost two months out from the midterms, alex. >> lynette, to you, big word there being inflation. a lot of people want to know how long until they feel the intended effects of this bill. what do you expect? >> well, this bill actually takes on inflation in a longer-term sense i think than we even think about it now at
8:47 am
this moment. over the last ten, 20 years in america, the most inflationary force in our economy has been prescription drugs. so this isn't just biden talking about inflation we're having at this moment due to weirdness in the supply chain. this is also about the long-term trajectory of americans' wallets. the highest cost is health care. obviously we'll start seeing perhaps an impact on energy prices if enough people go out and buy those electric cars. we need as much kmadities, natural gas and oil heading to europe as possible -- overall i think this is something that addresses medium, short-term and long-term inflationary issues
8:48 am
for the united states of america. cannot stress enough negotiating with medicare. that's a huge, huge win. >> lynette, unfortunately, we had a little bit of a spotty connection. we'll wrap this up despite having a few questions to ask you. thank you both. coming up, it is the last thing parents need to be worried about as kids head back to school. reports that polio has been detected in new york city's wastewater. what do doctors say about the risks for kids? we'll break it all down for you next. your background noise. bring that sense of calm, really... so you come through, loud and clear. meta portal. the smart video calling device that makes work from home work for you.
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the tenth pick is in the new all-american club. that's a “club” i want to join! let's hear from simone. chuck, that's a club i want to join! i literally just said that. i like her better than you the new subway series. what's your pick? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ it's no small step, but nasa's massive moon rocket will roll out to the launch pad later this afternoon. it will begin its slow trek around 3:00 p.m. eastern, traveling four miles. it's a journey that could take up to 12 hours. it's scheduled to rocket off later this month and make a
8:52 am
swing by the moon. nasa hopes this unmanned mission will pave the way for the return of astronauts to the moon for the first time since 1972. in 1952, the united states found itself in the midst of a crippling epidemic of polio. that year alone, the virus saw 58,000 new cases and more than 3,000 died. but thanks to the research and development, we saw polio vaccines become available to the american public. campaigns were established to vaccinate young children. it became a requirement for children entering public schools. by 1979, it was believed eradicated here in the united states. fast forward to 2022, new york state now has seen its first case in nearly a decade. the polio virus circulating in new york city waste water, which is a sign of undetected transmission. joining me is dr. gupta.
8:53 am
important conversation, dr. gupta. how frustrated is it that a disease like polio, once eradicated for all intents and purposes in the united states, now has new cases showing up? >> alex, good morning. it's an avoidable crisis and something that hopefully doesn't turn into a full-blown crisis given everything else we are dealing with. what is polio virus? there are three strains of it. it can cause typical gastrointestinalsymptoms. it's poor hand hygiene, causing symptoms. i worry in particular because it can do something worse than that and cause paralysis of the breathing muscle, the diagram, leaving some -- some will be on a ventilator.
8:54 am
the question i get more than anything is, if you are an adult, do you need to get a booster shot or how -- let's say you don't know what your vaccine status was, your parents have passed away, you don't have records, you grew up in -- overseas, what do you do? the cdc recommends that you can get a one-time lifetime booster shot. especially for folks in the new york region, but in any place where they are depicting polio, go and have that conversation right now with your clinical provider. often, it's about supply. will they have polio vaccines on site in an adult primary care clinic? not a common thing. have that conversation. get that booster. it's recommended by the cdc as something you can do. >> that's very good advice. people have a chat with their doctor. dr. jill biden, has been tested positive for covid. what is her likely course of
8:55 am
treatment? will she get paxlovid? given the new cdc guidelines, what protocols does the white house need to take? >> alex, it's reassuring to hear she's experiencing mild symptoms. it sounds like she's prescribed paxlovid, the five-day course. it's the right move to minimize any chance of progression of symptoms. she's in the high risk category based on age. that's the right move here. i'm sure they will monitor her oxygen, for example, how she's doing, how she's feeling clinically. in terms of protocols at white house, they should be no different than what the cdc has put out. lead by example, which i know they are. it makes sense if you have been exposed but are fully vaccinated, to mask up but go on with your life. that's the norm throughout most of society at this point. that should be the protocol in place at the white house. i did want to say, alex,
8:56 am
because -- to follow up on the polio discussion here, some folks have reached out saying, do you get tested to see if you are protected? the answer is no. what's available in most commercial labs only test for two of the three strains of polio. it's not recommended to test yourself. if you are an adult, worried, at high risk of exposure, there's reports in your community, get the booster shot. it's an easy way to move forward. >> thank you for all that advice. valuable. dr. gupta. you can catch me weekends. "andrea mitchell reports" starts next. tch me weekends. "andrea mitchell reports" starts next e acres. when we started, we grew a quarter of an acre. now i'm taking on new projects on the regular. there are millions of ways to make the most of your land. learn more at (driver) conventional thinking would say verizon has the largest and fastest 5g network. but, they don't.e the most of your land.
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continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities.
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♪♪ good day, everyone. this is "andrea mitchell reports" in washington. a justice department court filing opposing the release of the affidavit underpinning the mar-a-lago search reveals for the first time the full extent of the government's investigation. not the details but that it's a real criminal investigation. the judge who signed off will hear arguments whether to unseal the affidavit this thursday. prosecutors argue the affidavit must remain sealed to protect witnesses and avoid compromising what they call a, quote, ongoing criminal investigate


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