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tv   The 11th Hour With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  August 15, 2022 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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fear or favor. under my watch, that is precisely what the justice department is doing. >> the 86th attorney general of the united states, merrick garland gets tonight's last word. the 11th hour with stephanie ruhle starts now. tonight, federal law enforcement under a warning like never before. the fbi warns of violence from political supporters from the former president. incidents are already under investigation after the search of mar-a-lago. and we are learning more about what the doj was looking for, what they found in the and the ever-changing story of why the former president had those documents. then, rudy giuliani now the target of a criminal investigation into the big lie in georgia. how much trouble is he in and what could it mean for the
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former president? plus, the texas governor it's political ploy to try to punish blue states over immigration policies. the problem is, this isn't politics for the thousands of desperate migrants. the human cost of political gains. as the 11th hour gets underway on this monday night. >> good evening once again, i'm stephanie ruhle. we begin tonight with the dramatic spike in violent threats against fbi agents. threats so concerning that president biden is now being briefed on the danger. the bureau has been under attack from former president trump himself and his allies ever since that search on his home in mar-a-lago just one week ago. the fbi and the department of homeland security had issued a joint intelligence bulletin rising of threats to for -- presumably carried out by supporters of the former
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president. and just today, a pennsylvania man was arrested for threatening to kill fbi agents, threats he posted on media website. you'll recall, it was just four days ago, and armed man fired a nail gun into a cincinnati fbi office. he was later killed during a standoff with police. at the same time, attorney merrick garland may soon have to decide whether or not to pursue charges against donald trump's allies over the handling of those classified records that were seized down a mar-a-lago. and tonight, the wall street journal is reporting that it took garland weeks to decide to approve that application for the search warrant. one of the reporters described what happened during that. time >> he met with justice officials and other fbi officials for weeks, in private meetings weighing the ins and outs of such a high profile move. he does not want to make any sort of misstep that is going
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to allow the case to be questioned in court. >> on friday, the doj released a warrant and some of the documents from that search. now the department is under pressure to reveal the actual affidavit for the investigation. prosecutors are trying to prevent that from happening. today in a court filing they cited the possible risk to quote and ongoing law enforcement investigation that implicates national security. the court filing also warns of quote significant and irreparable damage to this ongoing criminal investigation should the details be made public. prosecutors also noted releasing the affidavit could chill future cooperation with future when mrs.. former trump national security adviser john bolton has been speaking out about the recovery of classified documents from trump's home. bolton said he and his white house colleagues said quote he had deep concerns about trump's handling of documents.
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>> the president had a habit of re-asking to retain sensitive documents and from time to time he did that and we didn't know what happened to them. it was always a concern because he didn't really fully understand the risks to sources and methods and other dangers of revealing classified information that it might get out to the wrong people. >> of course it wasn't so much of a concern that john bolton and others spoke out at the time. he waited months and months and months. there's also news tonight about the justice department's january six investigation. political reporting a federal grand jury has now subpoenaed trump white house lawyer eric herschmann for testimony. you remember him? the witness with a notable artwork behind him at all those videos we've watched for weeks. he's the guy who told january 6th committee that he suggested to john eastman quote getting
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great effing criminal defence lawyer. the vice chair on that committee is a candidate in one of tomorrow's crucial primary elections, one that could mark the end of the political dynasty of sorts. you know who i'm talking about? republican congresswoman liz cheney. she's facing trump backed challenger harry airman. it is her father was a fixture in republican washington for decades. she is elder icy for six years. the polls are now showing hageman well ahead of cheney. last gop senator lisa murkowski is also facing a canada who has trump support. but murkowski is expected to win her primary. with that, let's get smarter tonight. with beginning our national security expert frank food lucy. frank, we've got a lot to get to. i want to start with this joint bulletin from the fbi and homeland security. how serious is it that they are
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putting out a statement talking about the threats to the agency? >> it is so serious that i can't recall in my 25 years of service at the fbi anything like this level of threat across federal law enforcement and particularly aimed at the fbi. this is unprecedented, security has been enhanced it every one of the 56 fbi field offices. look, it's all coming entirely from online activity that's being monitored. people seemingly unafraid to say they want to kill, injure federal agents. stephanie, at the heart of this is disinformation and lies. this is devoid of facts. if you are actually to sit down with some of these people and say, have you heard that they tried talking to trump? have you heard that a subpoena was issued and ignore? have you heard that his lawyers submitted a document that was wrong say did turn over all the documents? did you see the return on the search warrant saying they
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collected and retrieved multiple top secret and secure documents? did you know any of this is going on? the ads will be likely, no i didn't hear that from mine services or i don't believe any of it and that's where we stand. >> frank it's more than just the absence of truth though. there's not avoid, that space is being filled with poisonous lies. so when you talk to people who are currently at the fbi. i know you talk to former colleagues every day. what are they telling? it because traditionally the gop republicans, donald trump himself have gotten a ton of support from law enforcement? >> yeah look, if you had asked me this question a couple of years ago about what would going through, i give you the stat airline, the agents put their head down and do their work and try to stay a political. but i would be lying if i said that this wasn't getting their attention. think of the employees, the
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professional specialists, those analysts, the secretaries, the evidence team people coming into work, work their shift every day. they've gotta stop that security booth and they're thinking, what's going on here? why am i risking my life because the fbi is doing its job? no fbi agent raises his hand and joins a popularity contest. they raise their hand and take an oath to protect, please defend preserve the constitution of the united states, against all enemies. but nobody tells you that if those some of those enemies or domestic, you can really upset a percentage of the population so be careful. so here we are. you're either for law and order for everybody, or somebody who thinks that law and order is only a good thing when the other folks, the folks you don't align with his being are being investigated. we are being in a very dangerous place, and i have to tell you, there's no sign of it letting up, and this maybe just
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a glimpse of what might happen if the former president is actually indicted on something. this is just a search warrant generating this dialogue. imagine if he is ultimately held accountable and arrested? >> that's why frank, it is our duty to be telling the truth every day, every night as loud as we can. the former guy went to social media today complaining that the fbi had taken three passports from mar-a-lago. can you explain standard operating procedure and what goes on during one of the searches? >> well, salt standard operating procedure particularly when you know somebody is represented by counsel and even might be looking investigatively as to whether his or her attorney supplied false information to you, you establish what is called a filter team. those agents will look at everything first so they don't get dirtied up by saying seeing
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attorney client information, and they make a decision. this is relevant to our case, say this is not, and this looks like it might be attorney-client privilege. in this case what we're hearing in one nbc's reporting. yes the passports were scooped up, whether they were stuck to something else or where there was part of their investigation we don't know, but we're hearing the filter team say, hey you can have these back. we don't need these anymore. apparently they have already been returned. i think that's how the process worked. a lot of social media questions about hate, why would someone have three passports? i in my career i had three passports, a maroon, official government, and the blue terrorist passport, but here's my question. they gave back legit allegedly diplomatic active passport to the president? why? my research tells me is that we do allow former presidents to carry diplomatic passport.
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that's gotta stop. diplomatic passports are for people representing the united states government. interest on the part of the government, that's why i carry them. it's a very limited carry. you have it for the purpose you need it for and then you give it back. this practice of allowing someone like trump who is certainly not representing the united states interests have to stop. biden stopped trump from about a year and a half ago from getting classified documents as the former president. he needs to stop having diplomatic passport. >> frank don't go anywhere. i want to bring in the last of our lead off panel. phil rucker, pulitzer prize deputy national editor of the washington post. he's written to bestselling books about the inner workings of the trump white house and department of justice, veteran neal katyal, who's the acting solicitor general during the obama administration. he has already dozens of cases before the united states supreme court, which means we are putting him to work for us. neil, there's so many headlines tonight, but i want to start
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with the wall street journal reporting that merrick garland's deliberations over the mar-a-lago search. they said he was deliberating for weeks and weeks. would a critic say, if these documents were so important, or so sensitive, why would it take weeks to decide whether or not to issue a search warrants? >> i think that's garland's trade to be incredibly cautious, view everything from every angle before taking action. he's not a kind of bloodthirsty prosecutor or something like that. i suspect that we haven't heard the full story. that is not just that he was deliberating. but we already know for example they wanted to have access to their surveillance cameras to see who's going in and out. we also don't know when they found some of the most serious information was still retain their. remember, we know the trump's lawyers saying -- signed occupancy in was no classified documents there. after all that, you can
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understand why garland would take some time. to me the kind of key thing that we are still waiting on is any explanation whatsoever by donald trump for why he held these documents. what in the world was he doing with top secret electronic intercepts and information about the french president and stuff like that? i handled these documents before i was in the solicitor general's office, was national security adviser the justice department, and i can tell you when you have this kind of information, you have the strongest responsibility, kind of a moral oath to safeguard it really carefully. frankly i'd say for people like me who never najma generated that intelligence, you feel it even more strongly, because you know lives were put on the line to get that information and you have to take care of it in the most pure way possible. you guard them with your life. what did donald trump do? he put the matter golf club? give me a break.
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this is as bad as it gets. it was the search was justified and obviously produced fruits, exactly what garland thought would be filed, they found. >> okay, you set it right there neil, the search was justified. for days and days we have been hearing from right-wing media, it was a bad surge, it was unlawful, it should've happened. if that were the case, if there was any funny business about the search, when we see trump in court today or least his lawyers fighting the department of justice? but we haven't. >> 100%. these are the same kind of jokers, there are bad law enforcement pieces and fourth amendment violations, but these are the same people who say, it's only a violation when it happens to them. the fact is here they are claimed he got to see the war. you see the warrant and then you see the contents of what the fbi found at mar-a-lago. highly classified top secret
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compartmented dot information. they can't say the search wasn't justified. they can try but the proof is in the pudding stephanie. they can walk into court right now and challenge it. they haven't done. why? because every day of every week they are gonna lose that challenge. >> and what does it tell you about prosecutors fighting to keep the affidavit sealed? the fact that they are concerned that it could chill future witnesses. that sounds like a mob trial? >> this by the justice department was absolutely expected. we used to resist anything like that in an active investigation. we have the media, other folks who want access to the underlying affidavits. you never give it to them if if if it's an ongoing investigation. so that wasn't surprising to me. what was surprising to me stephanie is page eight of the justice department's byline which i put up on my twitter for anybody wants to read it. basically what the justice department says is we can't
8:16 pm
give you this affidavit because witnesses would be compromised and novel investigative techniques could also be revealed. what does that suggests to me is that they have a person or persons on the inside at mar-a-lago who were giving the justice department, giving merrick garland information and they even have some technical monitoring capabilities which might go to what we were talking about earlier and why garland took some time. all of that means that you've got to worry if you are donald trump. donald trump's pathologically worried like a mob boss of people flipping on him, with deflection, but even more so, for someone like him who has a tortured relationship to the truth and honesty, now he's gotta worry about everything he is ever said to anyone about any of this because any of these people could be the witness that the justice department is referring to page eight of their filing tonight. >> but of course if you didn't do anything illegal, there's
8:17 pm
nothing they can flip and accuse you of doing. all right phil, it's your turn. back in 2016, former president trump was all about the law, all about law and order, all about the boys in blue or so he said. watch this. >> when political corruption, we are going to restore honor to our government. in my administration i'm going to enforce a laws concerning the protection of classified information. [applause] no one will be above the law. >> now here we are phil, the party of law and order. there are a whole lot of republicans right now attacking the fbi or at the very least being silent while others are attacking the fbi while they field threats against them. could this cause gop the support they've enjoyed for so long from law enforcement?
8:18 pm
>> it's an important question stephanie and let's keep in mind it's not just donald trump who is done a complete one 80 when it comes to handling classified information. back in 2016 when it was hillary clinton's emails under review, trump and so many other republican leaders were assailing her for her mishandling of classified information and vowing to use the law to hold her accountable. now, they are making excuses for trump's mishandling of classified information and saying this is a politically motivated and really unjustified search at mar-a-lago and frankly investigation overall over his handling of documents. so it's a one 80 there. and whether there is a political price to pay, i think there's a little bit early to tell but i think you see within the republican leadership here in washington a divide on how strongly some leaders,
8:19 pm
especially those in the house of representatives have come to trump's defense this past week. yeah we've heard so little from senate leader mitch mcconnell as some of the other leading republicans in the senate which i think is an indication that it's unclear how the politics are gonna play. you've got some of these long term strategic thinkers like mcconnell gaining this out and wondered if it might be politically risky for them to defend trump fully in this moment because we don't know it's what more is to be learned about these documents where this probe can end. >> phil, we have two big primaries tomorrow in alaska and wyoming. lisa murkowski and liz cheney. both being primaried by trump backed candidates. is a good chance murkowski will survive alaska which is an open primary state, but liz cheney? a bigger chance she doesn't. what will liz cheney's political future look like? could she have an even bigger platform if she loses? >> oh certainly.
8:20 pm
it's been interesting to watch her campaign the last few weeks. the advertisement that she put on the air just in the last couple of days, but also that ad from her father, the former vice president dick cheney and her messages overall. she's been speaking to a national audience. she's been talking about defending the republic, defending our democracy. she's been appealing to all americans who want to join her in that fight. she's using this campaign but really the january 6th investigation as a springboard to build a national movement of republicans willing to stand up to trump. i think she knows that she may well lose tomorrow night in wyoming and that could still be the rebirth for her for potential presidential run in 2024. it seems very clear just watching her publicly but also when you look at the reporting on what's happening behind the scenes, by colleague paul kane is a great piece on this at the washington post tonight, it's clear that she is moving and
8:21 pm
positioning herself for a national political future even if she loses this house seat. >> we will be watching tomorrow and of course since it is an election night, movie night. no catch alpha rocker and facts lucy thank. you we have a lot to cover, but for now, we are going to leave it there, and a reminder, you better stick around to mourn a. we'll be breaking down all those primaries right here beginning at 9 pm eastern. coming up in this hour. rudy giuliani officially under criminal investigation in the state of georgia for the election interference case is getting serious. we've got a reporter from atlanta standing by and later, thousands of asylum seekers are suddenly political pawns in a blue state versus red state battle united states immigration policies. night is the 11th hour just getting underway on a busy monday night.
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grand jury has found evidence that you are probably or possibly committed a crime. that's different from a subject that we are concerned about you at the lowest level would be a witness. >> georgia prosecutors confirmed today that rudy giuliani, former mayor of new york city is officially a target of their criminal investigation into the 2020
8:27 pm
election. but he is still saying his statements are protected by attorney client privilege and giuliani's the not the only member of the inner circle compelled to testify. >> a judge today denied lindsey graham's attempt to get away with it. >> he thought because he was a federal lawmaker is some sort of legislative privilege was thrown out the window. >> to help break it all down, neal katyal to break it all down still with us and let's bring in patricia murphy and co-host of the politically georgia podcast. patricia, you have been all over this story. rudy giuliani now a target. what does that mean for the former mayor and why see? >> well, that means a great deal all those witnesses who've been coming back and forth in front of the special grand jury, many of those are for just
8:28 pm
information gathering purposes, many of those witnesses are coming forward for the grand jury to get a idea of the lay of the land. other people now including rudy giuliani have found out that they are in fact targets, they could come up against criminal prosecution. he could be indicted for any number of crimes that the gi da fani willis, election inference, conspiracy to commit election fraud, or are a number of things that she is looking at. none of these have been specify, but now he's not just coming in to give information, he's coming in because he is a target of this investigation. >> well, can we get a little specific meal? do we know what creams crimes the deandre thinking it committed? >> i don't think we do know what he that is what he did. rudy rudy giuliani's counsel has asked the special gradually six or seven times, and is he a target? and they didn't get an answer until today when they did. rudy giuliani is now a target,
8:29 pm
that is a specialized term that prosecutors used to say basically you are likely to be indicted. as that specialize meaning. and prosecutors tell someone they are a target because basically number one, they want to get that person the opportunity to cooperate or flip, and to, because they want to give that person an opportunity to find out why they want to where they might be charged. we know that the grand jury is looking into allegations, have been 11,780 votes, we know they're looking into allegations that rudy and others were trying to tell a story about election fraud which had no basis in fact, and has been repudiated. we also know that there have been allegations that the voting machines may been seized, tampered with, some of the software, all of those things are swirling around. we don't know exactly what the grand jury is looking at but we do know at this point that rudy
8:30 pm
giuliani is facing a criminal, a criminal investigation. for someone who prides himself on being tough on crime, rudy giuliani certainly manages to end up on the wrong side of a lot of criminal investigations. >> finding out this kind of news would make me sick to my stomach but not so sick that i could get out of my day in court, and that's exactly what giuliani is trying to do. he doesn't want to testify on wednesday saying he is in poor health. any call in sick two days before? >> the judge in this case said if he's gonna try and call in sick again, he let giuliani's lawyers know that he has to do that sooner than the day before which is what happened next week. giuliani had a procedure and his heart in july. his lawyer say this is a 78-year-old man with health conditions. he is not able to fly, he cannot come to georgia.
8:31 pm
and a judge just really rejected that. giuliani has been quite active, he's been hosting his radio show every, day he's been out and about new york, he went to a baseball game. so the judge said you can take a, bossy can take a car, you can visit a friend in d.c.. it doesn't have to be a one day trip, but we expect to see you in court on wednesday in georgia. >> and we will be watching. i have to ask, one of the people in georgia think about all this. obviously this is massive on a big stage. but the midterms around the corner. is this case a kitchen table issues with the people down there? this is a state that herschel walker could win this upcoming election? >> the 2020 election in so many ways has never ended in georgia. there have been contests and rejections to that election and rudy giuliani was a huge part of that in december, 2020 came down for this massive senate hearing where he had conspiracy
8:32 pm
theory one after another after another. many of the nominees in the primaries where people have been handpicked by donald trump because they were pushing those conspiracy theories as well. this is just a constant theme in this election. herschel walker is one of the very high-profile trump and dorsey's left. many of them were defeated in the primary but herschel walker is still on that ballot. we also have rick jones who was a target of this investigation running for lieutenant governor. there are multiple candidates still pushing these conspiracies or least not rejecting them full on, and so it is absolutely going to be apart at least 2022, and certainly in 2024. >> a reminder that this upcoming election is about one thing. democracy. patricia murphy, neal katyal, thank you for joining us tonight. when we come back, the mayor of new york city calls it a humanitarian crisis, while the governor of texas says he has no choice. the political battle over
8:33 pm
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8:37 pm
vote yes on 27. still unfolding tonight. a drama that has red states battling blue states, with thousands of lives caught in between. it began with republican governors of texas and arizona started putting migrants on buses, sending them to more, liberal areas, like washington, d.c.. >> this has been the scene near
8:38 pm
union station for months now, busloads of people being dropped off on the streets of d.c., most coming from texas and arizona. in letters to the secretary of defense and the white house, mayor browser is requesting the d.c. national guard be deployed indefinitely. >> i'll have asked for the deployment of the guard, as long as we need the guard to deal with a humanitarian crisis. that we expect to escalate. >> thank you to nbc affiliate, wrc, for that reporting. and as we hear from w. nbc in new york, once these migrants began arriving, local nonprofits and city agencies began doing what they could to welcome them to our city. >> [noise] >> new yorkers, welcoming a newly-arrived migrants, coming into the port authority bus terminal in midtown, straight from the texas mexico border. >> we expect to have three buses, with a few, perhaps,
8:39 pm
over 100 people. >> it was an emotional moment for many. commissioner manuel castro with the new york city office of immigration affairs was there to greet people early morning. castro pointing out that after surviving a dangerous journey from central and south america, these families are now caught in the middle of a political battle over immigration policy in the u.s.. >> this is a political stunt by governor abbott, who is unfortunately using human beings as political bonds. >> with us tonight to discuss, a.b. stoddard, veteran washington journalist and associate editor and columnist for real clear politics. and the president and ceo of voto latino, maria teresa kumar, and msnbc contributor. a.b., governor abbott of texas says this is a red state versus blue state political battle. but how? how is this a winning issue for him? spending state resources to put these people on a bus, are they
8:40 pm
really people in texas saying, right on, governor, you've got my vote. >> yes, stephanie. this is not only a winner for republicans with their base, but they are bargaining governors that it's a winner with swing voters as well. president biden's approval on immigration has been terrible throughout his presidency and in politics right now, the average of all the polls, 34.8% approval on this issue. his own pollsters, the new york times reported in may, tell him that this was a huge own ability for him, that voters were beginning to think there was no plan for chaos at the border. he has changed policies, obviously, since president trump, more permissive policies, that have allowed for more crossings. and these governors are saying, let the blue states and blue cities, like new york and washington, d.c., handle these people. let them deal, find the
8:41 pm
resources, and find the volunteers, and find the cohesion to take care of it. and they are reveling in the fact that both mayors are saying this is a humanitarian crisis, and are pressuring the federal government for, with the help, the red state governors say they didn't get. so, the fact that they posted the problem of the democrats, and make it a source of tension between them and the administration is the goal that they've succeeded at. >> well, political ploy or political battle, the people who are losing this battle are those migrants who are on the buses. maria, tell us what it is like for them? >> well, it's incredibly challenging, because oftentimes, they're coming from central america, after making an incredible track. they are processed at the border, and then, what governor abbott is doing, putting them on a bus for 44 hours to new york city, or to washington, d.c. where this system is not
8:42 pm
set up to accept and process them fast enough. unlike washington, d.c., and unlike new york city, texas and arizona have we had individuals, and institutions, and shelters, and professionals who know how to process these individuals. and i was in washington, d.c. at union station just a couple of weeks ago, and it was heartbreaking, stephanie, because i witnessed moms taken care of their babies in their laps, in the middle of rush hour, with people trying to figure out, well, you know, i just landed, i don't have any access to anything. and these are real humanitarian stories. oftentimes, those people are seeking asylum, legally. so, the fact that they are trying to harm them, really makes you think what our priorities are as americans. look at these images in stark contrast to the refugees that we've processed to, mainly, that were ukrainian. and it tells you all we need to know about immigration policy
8:43 pm
in this country, that it is seen through a lens of colorism, and it's not equal. and i can tell you that, for a mother to go on and make the journey from central america, and try to give their kid a shot says that they're trying to survive. and that we have to rethink our immigration policy, our asylum policy. you know, i don't think there is an american in and around that would say that our system is working as it should. it's absolutely broken. and it's going to have to be, the administration doing something about it, but it's also gonna have to be governor abbott. governor abbott right now, you know, he is leading in the polls against beto o'rourke. but this is a complete political ploy, because he also has less than 52% approval rating. and so, he is struggling at the polls, because people don't like him. and so, he is recognizing that hasn't been able to fix the texas great. he signed legislation against abortion. he doesn't believe in gun reform. issues that are hot but issues
8:44 pm
in texas right now, and instead he's decided that his political ploy is going to blame it on migrants, who are simply seeking a decent life and a second shot. >> and now, he is trying to fund-raise off of it. a.b., is that gonna work? >> well, he is doing two things. i mean, one, he does think these potential candidate for the presidency in 2024. so, unlike governor doocy of arizona, he is seeking more attention, trying to sort of out to governor ron desantis in florida who is the party's savior right now, to succeed donald trump, if he doesn't, you know, when the nomination. he is -- he has raised some money so far, but again, i don't think that this -- we are not talking about -- when we are looking at this in a political success, we can question what are the priorities of the american people.
8:45 pm
but what governor abbott is doing, he sees an end to political means, to embarrass the administration, put it on the defense, but americans -- sorry, democrats in blue states and blue cities on the defense. scrambling to try to take care of busloads of people. and saying, this is what we are dealing with in our border all the time. it's time you get your act together. so, just look at this issue, it hasn't been a lot of blow back. so even if he doesn't raise a lot of funds from concerned texans, who think what he's doing is great, he is not being punished for this at all. >> the question is, we're not getting immigration policy anytime soon, irrelevant of who is in power, so, what are we going to do about all of those people on the buses, to make sure they are safe and secure wherever they go? a.b. stoddard and maria teresa kumar, thank you for joining us
8:46 pm
tonight. when we come back, from an attempted alaskan combat to another big biden win. some of the topics trending on social media this monday night, when the 11th hour continues. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i am robert strickler. i've been involved in communications in the media for 45 years. i've been taking prevagen on a regular basis for at least eight years. for me, the greatest benefit over the years has been that prevagen seems to help me recall things and also think more clearly. and i enthusiastically recommend prevagen. it has helped me an awful lot. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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8:51 pm
definitely worth mentioning. so, here are a couple of items trending tonight. first, look who might be turning on trump. fox news pundits spent most of last week clutching their polls and spreading lies about the fbi search of mar-a-lago. but not everyone at the network seems convinced trump it's worth defending these days. laura ingraham, one of the former guys closest and most vocal allies, as long as the cameras are rolling, of course. but today, she took the unusual step of questioning whether it is time for trump to hang up the maga hat, once and for all. >> donald trump's been a friend of mine for 25 years, and i'm always very open about this on my show. but, you know, we'll see whether that's what the country wants. maybe, it is time to turn the page, if we can get someone who has all trump's policies, who was not trump, right? >> maybe it's time to turn the
8:52 pm
page. well, we know at least one person who disagrees with laura ingraham, and that is sarah palin. palin has a run hard-core maga campaign for the lone u.s. house seats in her home state of alaska, earning the former guys all-important enforcement, and even campaigning with him in anchorage last month. voters will now decide tomorrow whether that is enough to send her to washington. but no matter what sarah palin does from here, and no matter what she says tomorrow, let us all agree, she may never top this one. >> i don't think it has changed me at all, having to see values, convictions, physicians and policy. just a greater appreciation, i think, for what other candidates go through. you know, it's pretty brutal. >> brutal indeed. finally, we also want to make a mention of something you could say is a b f d tomorrow. president biden expected to sign inflation reduction act into law. the landmark bill will cut the
8:53 pm
cost of prescription drugs, make historic investments in clean energy, and finally, make our tax code more fair. the legislation has been a long time coming, and fulfills some of the promises joe biden made, when he was running for president. and as democrats, with the midterm upon us, over these next few weeks, not one single republican voted in favor of this bill. >> the gays are 200 -- ♪ ♪ ♪ >> coming up, >>
8:54 pm
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tonight. a crime against crudités. the grocery shopping habits of pennsylvania senate candidates, doctor mehmet oz, are being criticized again today. now that a video he posted back in april has resurfaced. back in the spring, of course, inflation and the rising cost of goods or at the top of everyone's minds, so the odds campaign created this video. watch. >> i'm just grocery shopping. i met wagner's. and my wife once some vegetables for the crudités. so, here's some broccoli. that's two bucks. there's some asparagus. that is $4.
8:59 pm
some carrots, that is four more dollars. that's $10 a vegetables there. and then, you need some guacamole, that's for dollars more. and she loves salsa, we have salsa out there, $6. there must be a shortage of salsa. guys, it's $20 for crudités. and this doesn't include the tequila. i mean, that's outrageous. we've got joe biden to thank for this. >> for fact sake, where or where do we begin? first he says he is shopping at webinars, that does not exist. in pennsylvania, there is red nurse, and then there is the weichman's. but there is no such thing as wagner's. i believe the story was shopping and was a red nurse. his opponent, be a lieutenant governor john fetterman, who happens to be celebrating his birthday today, delighted in on crudités video, tweeting this. in pa, we call this a veggie tray. he didn't tweet it. i never dreamt doctor oz and
9:00 pm
crudités, would trend nationally on twitter, on my birthday, but here we are. but perhaps the best response came from our good friend, chef jose andrés. the world central kitchen founder definitely knows his way around the grocery store, and here's what he had to say. quote, doctor oz, i am inviting you to come with me and shop together, by the avocado and tomatoes, and you can make the guacamole salsa for $2. and you can make a great vegetable fried rice for 12 people. less than $1 per person. kiss emoji, hashtag, learn to shop bipartisan. now, that sounds like a party i would like to attend. and i hope the doctor takes him off on that offer, because whomever is serving on cooked asparagus on their veggie tray, or crudités, whatever you want to call it. it's not gonna have a very popular party. stick to the baby carrots and bell peppers. uncooked asparagus, it's a hard pass. and on that note, i wish you


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