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tv   Hallie Jackson Reports  MSNBC  July 11, 2022 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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start stopping with nicorette your shipping manager left to “find themself.” leaving you lost. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit it's too little and to pray late for steve bannon, a judge ruling that his willingness to testify won't play any role in his looming trial for criminal contempt of congress. that offer gave some shakeups.
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the panel considers the new testimony and new evidence from trump world insiders and tuesday's hearing is all set to go ahead and we are waiting for news on a new list of witnesses that will take the mic tomorrow morning in addition to one we already know, the spokesperson for the far right militia group , the oath keepers with some new exclusive reporting on that group coming to you as well. we are learning about just who founder stewart rhodes was trying to get in touch with just before the insurrection and what the house committee wants to know. plus, what the white house is now telling our team about whether president biden will declare a public health emergency. that report just coming in as well. we have a lot going on this hour. welcome, good to see you. 3:00 p.m. here on the east coast. joining me now is scott wong. justice reporter is ryan riley.
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also anna palmer as well. ryan, let me start with you as we are getting this news in, 2 1/2 hours it seems of evidence presented in front of a judge when it comes to that the judge essentially denied his request. talk her through it >> i just got back from court and frankly the guy that a lot of people in trump world referred to as a honey badger might feel like burrowing back into his hole after that because basically every defense that he tried to lay out that his lawyers tried to layout was eliminated from the trial so when this gets underway next week you will have a pretty tough road ahead for his legal team and actually his lawyer at the end of the meeting said they will have to take time to consider whether since there aren't any defenses available whether it even make sense to go to trial and the judge agreed with that notion and
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said that would be a good thing for them to review. it is a pretty -- i think basically the facts are pretty lined up against steve bannon here given the elimination of the defenses that are available to him you are really going to wonder whether he is going to enter into some sort of plea deal over the next seven days. >> your reaction? >> steve bannon finds himself right now within a rock and a hard place. he does not have based off the subject's previous ruling the number of different defenses available to him and so he has a very hard road to go ahead of him which does not likely that he is going to be able to give a viable defense to the allegations and i know that part of what he was looking to do from a legal strategy standpoint was use his newfound willingness to cooperate with the january 6th committee as a need to try to offer or offset the allegations that he is dealing with now but that's not how this works and if so he will not be able to do that. all of the other defenses that
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he has alleged have basically kept him -- by the judge and so he is not having a good day and he will have to take some sort of plea but he will still have to do jail time as it is mandatory for a conviction. >> scott, take me inside the decision to move this hearing that never was come thursday. we have so many new developments when it comes to january 6th in the not last couple of hours especially this new development that we are now seeing a shift in this hearing that was supposed to happen thursday to a date to be announced. talk us through the decision there. >> the official line is that the hearing was never officially scheduled and so therefore there is no real postponement. as you mentioned, there are a number of developments that have happened since friday. stuart rose and steve bannon have offered to sit down with the committee and testify. and so this committee wants to
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make the strongest case possible in its -- but essentially will be its closing arguments, it's last and final hearing and while this is not a formal trial, this is not an impeachment trial it has been pretty clear that the committee members want to convict former president trump in this court of public opinion and so they are taking their time and they are making sure they have all of their ducks in order. they wanted to make the strongest case possible in the closing hearing and of course jazmin, they have also said that nothing precludes this committee from holding future hearings later this summer into the fall. we probably could expect to see more hearings in the future as this committee gathers more and more evidence and more people come forward to testify. >> and a pick up on were scott has left off. ring is inside some of your reporting. as you mentioned, the pat cipollone of the world , we had
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seen this committee on kind of drawing out these testimonies as a we are binge watching a netflix series and they all tried together all culminating in what will be the last series of testimony some of which have now been delayed. how much do possibly the testimony of pat cipollone play into the trajectory of these testimonies? >> i think it plays into it a lot. this committee has been very masterful in terms of storytelling in terms of making it must see television and republicans of course don't have anyone to rebut what the democrats what to put out there as the message. certainly, as more people come forward it's not surprising that all of a sudden the city is rethinking its strategy because they are thinking maybe it's other things that have came forward and if tomorrow's hearing will be this conversation around extremism
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-- not just the proud voice and oath keepers but really, what did donald trump know and how close did they get to his inner circle or even the former president himself? that is -- this chapter of the series of hearings is now but i wouldn't be surprised if this goes into the summer or even into fall. >> you think there is a potential for even more hearings beyond the two that were slated lexi >> yes, absolutely. we have seen the committee say that as we get information we will decide where we want to have committees and how we want to do hearings. the cassidy hutchinson hearing for example, these pop up. they want to have the reports before the election and so we still have several weeks, i think 190 days until the election so that's a lot of time for this committee to do this. >> hey ryan, take me inside
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some of your reporting reporting period we are learning that rose tried to get in contact with the white house, possibly the president in the lead up to january 6. when, why, what do we know about this? >> yes, this was in december 2020 and the reason it focused on kelly's a rally in this story is the general counsel for the oath keepers was the one who straddled the both worlds that the january 6th committee is trying to connect. there is the trump administration and the people who stormed the capitol. she is someone who is in both camps. when it came to actually storming the capitol she was at that meeting before january 6th on january 5th. it was the proud voice and the oath keepers, the head of them
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met in an underground garage and that is really going to be a focus for prosecutors and for the committee going forward. that is sort of the crux of that . they are looking at who is involved in this and who will --. >> how close do you think from your reporting that you are hearing do we think guys from the oath keepers got to the president? did they have direct conversations with the president in a lead up to january 6th? >> well, what we know so far, first of all we know that there are wacky figures in the white house and if you just look at the slew of characters who are walking through the doors in the lead up and sort the guardrails were gone and a lot of the more team normal was gone from the white house in those weeks so there wasn't a lot of restrictions on who was able to enter the building. what we know so far is that
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stuart rose on the evening of january 6th according to sworn testimony under oath by another oath keeper was trying to get in touch with donald trump and wanted to connect with him that evening. it doesn't seem like he had that contact and we haven't seen any evidence of that. that is certainly something we will hear more from tomorrow. >> charles, one last question to you. stuart rose is awaiting trial on suspicion of conspiracy and how to these officers offers answer the call with this mission critical gear that he put? how does that help the dlg prove these charges ? >> it absolutely does work in the day of jesus doj's favor. the question becomes what and around what and what was going to happen. i think everything that we learned through the hearing in terms of the weather connection that we have seen and a lot of
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what's going to come out this weekend in terms of the additional information as they gather is really going to give the doj a lot more to go on with their convictions and prosecutions. >> scott wong, ryan riley, charles coleman, thank you all. we appreciated. still ahead, new reporting on how the biden administration is consciously approaching the anniversary of its highly criticized exit from x status and and we also have reporting coming in from the white house on abortion rights. what one official there is telling us about whether a public health emergency to protect access to the procedure is really on the table. and 50 million people under dangerous heat advisory today. we are live where heat records are being made. we will be right back. we will be right back.
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first reactions out of the white house since the president floated the idea of declaring a public health emergency to protect abortion access. there is a lot of back and forth over the issue. they aren't even sure it is a workable option. the president said his administration will look into it and meantime on the hill, democrats putting some gas on the pedal to protect abortion rights making sure they pass the women's health protection act and is looking to clear another real to protect americans rights to travel across state lines to get access to abortion care. they are looking to make one birth control pill over the counter as soon as next year. joining us is mike memoli. good to talk to you. the president was on a bike ride yesterday and was asked
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about what he will do to protect abortion access. he essentially said he wants protesters to continue fighting . he also said he wants to codify roe. he wants to codify abortion access. how? >> yes yasmin, when you saw supreme court overturning roe v wade you have activists and women frankly feeling that there was a severe blow dealt to them. a constitutional right being rescinded for the first time in this country's history and since then we have seen republican governors and local officials really racing to implement new restrictions on that practice area and they are wondering where is the urgent the on the part of the biden administration? they want to see that same kind of action. the white house has made clear that the only thing that really can address this now is legislation. we will see the house of representatives vote again and
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everyone knows that even if they abolish the filibuster, they still wouldn't have the votes on the democratic side to get this done. that's why the president used his comments over the weekend to really put this on the heart of the activists and make it a voting issue. let's hear the president. >> keep protesting. keep making your point. it is critically important. the ultimate goal is to reinstate roe v wade as a national law by passing it through the united states congress and i will sign it the moment that happens. >> what is so interesting is that it was almost the same answer on a different issue that he gave me about a month ago when i asked him about the gun safety march that was happening in washington that day. i asked him if he had a message that day and he said keep marching, keep protesting. he wasn't wearing a helmet at the time, he was about to get on air force one and that release eggs to the way the
12:19 pm
white house views this. they want to make this a voting issue. if you are frustrated with the lack of action, we need more votes in the sense senate. we need a pro-choice majority in the house and senate to protect this and more meaningful action going forward . there has been frustration about putting it on the boat is when there are many who still thinks the president has a way to help that he is not yet. >> closer toward the midterm elections. take me inside the process, mike , before i asked dr. hilton, about the authorization for this birth-control pill to become over-the-counter ? >> i think in the covert era we have all become very familiar with the process for fda approval for anything. this is a long process that can take as long as 10 months but a course you have this request from a european company to seek the first of its kind an approval for an over-the- counter and measure. this is
12:20 pm
something that they had planned to do long before the supreme court ultimately made this issue of reproductive health a much more prevalent subject. there have been calls in the white house to expedite this but at this point neither the fda nor the white house was commenting on whether that is something that they are taking into account. >> i will let you go now. thank you mike. we appreciated. dr. hilton, let's talk through some of this. let's take a look at the possibility of this pill becoming over-the-counter. 14% of american women, a pretty low percentage point, age 15 to 49 who are using this pill. do you think the fda authorization to expand this access will get it to more women?
12:21 pm
>> i think it shows the urgency in this matter. health should not be political, but it is and what we do know is that in the united states we compare ourselves to other developed nations. we have the worst maternal outcome. we lose mothers and that disturbs the community so we are seeing where we have to think of if roe versus wade is overturned and more and more women are subjected to going through pregnancies that can complicate and cost them their lives and we have to start thinking on a preventative and more often and how do we get that medication and how we get access to women who cannot afford to get access. that is one thing we have to talk about but literally 10 million women do not have insurance. how do we make that access more readily available to those women who would eat at the most? this decision will come down from the fda. >> you bring up a good point because so many women that i
12:22 pm
have interviewed especially outside of some of these clinics in conservative states, they bring up this idea that they cannot afford birth control. they literally cannot afford it and we know that you can go to a planned parenthood clinic, they do at times give birth- control out for free to some women that are in need, but nonetheless, they aren't even armed with that type of knowledge. i wonder why is it birth- control is not necessarily already over-the-counter ? and what can be done to make sure these women have the knowledge to understand they can gain access to it? >> we can talk about this for several issues that impact medicine and the health of women in particular and the policymakers that would need that birth-control pill are not in a position of power in meeting that demographic. when we look at the supreme court justice they are male, they are older and they are not going to be -- directly by
12:23 pm
overturning roe versus wade. they won't be impacted directly over whether or not there is a birth-control pill readily available for you at the pharmacy. and so they make high-level, cerebral calls on what should be held to the people that is directly impact by that decision. we will see, unfortunately, again, the united states of america compared to other developed nations, we are the only nations that has been worsening every year, more and more women dying to pregnancy complications and with this pandemic more women having pre- existing conditions and going into pregnancy with that condition, we can only assume that that number is going to increase. we are the only developed nation that is not doing the due diligence of saying how do we get access to these women? how do we get protective measures to the women taxi without women we literally burst the nation. without us we run into trouble. >> you said it. and at a rate two 2-1, black women are dying from birth. from giving birth.
12:24 pm
dr. ebony holsten, thank you so much. still ahead, brutal numbers for the present. steve kornacki joins us with that but first we are live at yosemite national park where an out of control while wire is threatening homes and thousand- year-old sequoias. what is being done to protect them? we will be right back. them? them? we will be right ♪♪ is this where your grandparents cut a rug, with a jitterbug? or returned from war, dreaming of the possibilities ahead. ♪♪ where your dad waited for his dad to come home from the factory. ancestry can guide you to family discoveries in the 1950 census. see what you can uncover at ancestry. when moderate to severe ulcerative colitis persists... put it in check with rinvoq, a once-daily pill.
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welcome back. let's take a look at some of the other top stories that we are following right now. we will start with the war in ukraine. officials say 19 people were killed and dozens trapped after a russian missile hit an apartment building. eight survivors have been rescued so far according to ukrainian emergency services. the russian ministry of defense has not responded nbc news. the latest on coronavirus. a some bearing of omicron making up half of the kobe cases here in the united states and is now the dominant strain. research from duke medical center showing the recent variants are more resistant to vaccines and antibodies than previous versions. the fda expects boosters that target omicron variance likely to be available in early to mid
12:29 pm
fall. and then to california. take a look at these yosemite national park pictures. a wildfire threatening more than 500 historic sequoia trees. firefighters using sprinkler systems and removing things like dread trees and vegetation that can only add fuel to the fire. the yosemite wire fire is at this moment 0% contained. i will bring an nbc correspondent --. kal, talk to us. >> i want to show you very quickly before he sneaks behind a tree, this is one of the firefighters who is trying to lay down what is called a back lace. they have let this entire area on fire and he is basically putting out hotspots with just hoses. they are not a group of firefighters because again they are intentionally burning this entire area as a way of playing defense around these sequoia trees that you mentioned. 5 to 600 of them normal nearby. you can see there are still fires in hotspots popping up
12:30 pm
but again it's to try to clear the brush. to try to clear these trees to protect those sequoias. they are sacrificing some of this area to protect these groves. we are talking about 535 firefighters and 2000 acres have already burned and one of the conversations will be about the climate. it is hotter and these fires burn for longer. staffing it and resources on a federal and state level to protected these national treasures is going to become vitally important in the coming years. >> if we are at 0% containment, how long do they expect to go on before they can actually contain it? >> look, i think they will try to contain it in the coming days. they are trying to direct the fire away from the sequoias and that is --. >> thank you my friend. i want to get some nbc
12:31 pm
reporting out today as well. the president already talking about he and his administration will handle the first and eventually of the u.s. military's chaotic exit from afghanistan and the review that the white house promised release about the withdrawal is still not done with much of it expected to be classified. right now, the u.n. refugee agency said 24 million afghans are in need of immediate humanitarian assistance. that is more than the entire population of the city of new york. what you are seeing now is afghan in august of last year when u.s. began its final military pullout trying to see their company packed into a plane to escape caliban control. we have a correspondent joining us now. courtney, take us inside -- what are insiders telling you about just how the ministration is planning to handle this anniversary? >> reporter: there is a recognition by the national security council that says this
12:32 pm
anniversary is coming up and this was a tough time for the biden administration having to answer to how this was withdrawn and how it was carried out and they realize that reporters like us are going to be asking them questions surrounding the one year anniversary and doing stories about it and how things have changed. for both afghans in afghanistan and for the many tens of thousands of afghans who fled the country during their withdrawal. because of that recognition that this will be a story the national security council has started planning for how they will address this. there seems to be so far -- they have not come up with how they are going to handle this anniversary. according to 60 minutes ration officials who are calling carol lee and i, decided to talk about things like putting out statements by people like secretary of defense floyd austin. the other question that they are grappling with is will they recognize any one day? as you recall, there were a number of very significant milestones and the u.s. already passed one. that was the closing of barbara airfield. that passed without any real
12:33 pm
recognition but when we get into august, there is the middle of the month when kabul fell. it was the beginning of the end of the u.s. presence there. then there was the horrific attack on navigate on august 26th and of course there was a last american troops who left there on august 30th. the question the administration is now grappling with is how will they speak to reporters and the american people on these anniversaries? >> a couple of things i want to ask about as we look ahead to this review that is not yet done. are we expecting the attacks to be inside this report and what new rings can we learn? >> there are several different reports or reviews and as they said last year, the u.s. military is actually already
12:34 pm
doing an investigation into the attack on navigate. many people are submitting information to these and some of them will be classified or at least components of them will be. they are supposed to to the administration officials are not just supposed to look at the actual with draw but they have to look at the events leading up to it. everything earlier in 2021 when the first conversation was beginning about all u.s. troops leading. was there enough planning done about things like f i.d.s, the special immigrant visas? was there enough planning done in when the u.s. was laying out the timeline for how u.s. troops and potentially u.s. diplomat would be leaving the country and then the attack on abby gates that killed 13 servicemembers and north of 100 afghan civilians and then even the airstrike on august 29th
12:35 pm
that killed the u.s. airstrike that killed a number of innocent afghan civilians until ultimately the u.s. final was drawn. all of that is supposed to be encompassed but the question is when will any review be released and what new will be in it for the american people to learn? >> what you will be in it for the american people. courtney, thank you as always. still ahead we have twitter share is down today with elon musk saying he wants to pull out of the takeover deal. the court battle that is coming up. first, steve kornacki joins us with some new numbers including which person about two thirds of democrats don't want to see as their nominee in 2024. we will be right back. . . we will be right the rise of. i gotta say moving in together has been awesome. . we will be no regrets.e rise of.
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33%. one white house adviser did tell us today that this poll was actually good for the president because it showed that in a hypothetical head-to- head matchup the president was beat former president trump in 2024. the chiefs of staff agreed with this logic. msnbc national political correspondent, steve kornacki, take us through it steve. >> we have this number from the new york times as you say 33%, a very low number for biden, the only recent poll that has shown low approval rating for joe biden. biden's approval rating under 40%.
12:41 pm
one thing we can do is we can put this perspective we are talking polling averages this is --. we can look at where biden's immediate predecessors were in their average at this exact same point, second week of july. these were the polling averages and the approval averages of the four most recent presidents. also remember that at this point this would be a year after 9/11 and it's extremely popular and an outlier in bush's case but obama's numbers had felt the. trump, his number had fallen well under -- and was getting closer to 40% in the 2018 midterm year and that was the 43 democratic blue wave and now you can see by comparison biden's number, six points lower than trumps was at this point
12:42 pm
so, again, that's not just a new york times number that is the average of every hole that out there. also concerning the white house would be this number, before we can even talk about a general election matchup drink biden in 2024 there is a question of will joe biden be the democratic nominee and went they asked if they think the party should nominate biden or someone else, someone else by almost 40 point margin beating biden and now of course, key to mention, someone else could be anyone else. they are not matching biden up against a particular name here of course it will be a different story if you start matching up specific names. there is no consensus alternative but this does i think speak to a broad appetite that exists to maybe look for another option at least potentially in 2024. and then you mentioned it though when you do match biden with trump in this poll, for
12:43 pm
all that baggage biden is carrying around, it's 44-41 and frankly it doesn't -- it makes neither one of them look good. they are both so far under fifth 2% and when you look at a matchup like this, you look at the numbers you almost look at it and safe maybe biden is the one guy trump could and trump is the one guy biden can be if he came to a matchup at least based on these kinds of numbers. it is the middle of the midterm year and the midterm year is typically bad for a president. there is still a opportunity for joe biden in the two years between now and 2024 to make up ground politically we have seen past presidents do that but yeah, overall, despite this lead over trump in the head-to- head, that's about the only positive in the white house can pull out of this poll. >> two questions i have. was there any kind of age breakout when it came to that 26% that we saw at her asking if joe biden should be the nominee? and secondly, when the whiteout habit for 2010 in for obama form
12:44 pm
>> the midterm republicans actually gained a couple of house seats and there's been two kinds since the great depression in the white house party gained anything in the mist of collections. it's not a question of whether the white house party it's a question of how many and again you just see that and biden's numbers are so low compared to a president who did terribly on election day so that is obviously a bad sign historically for biden in terms of the age thing. it is interesting under democrats, biden is more popular with older democrat voters than he is with younger democrat voters.
12:45 pm
thank you. >> right now texas is electricity asking people to limit their energy loose as -- february of last year millions of texans lost power after a severe winter storm and now with texas facing dangerous summer whether there is growing concern that heat would drain the grid to the max. joining me now from houston is our correspondent. what is the plan here ? can you give us a breakdown of what took place? >> reporter: jazmin, they say they have it under control but what we know is that demand on
12:46 pm
the texas power grid today is projected to hit an all-time high already the demand has surpassed what caught originally thought was going to be the peak of the season and they didn't think that that was going to happen until august but over the past several days houston in large parts of texas had to mewling with triple digits and we are seeing heat advisories in most parts of the state and excessive heat warnings here in houston with the heat index expected to get up to 113 degrees and so people are being advised to stay indoors but there is this concern about power with ercott telling folks they need to conserve power from this hour until 8:00 p.m. tonight and that means turning that is that up a degree or two and it means not running any of those major appliances during the time and that because they say that there may not be enough power in the reserves to meet this increased demand as folks are dealing with this incredible heat and now they say that they are not going to
12:47 pm
have any systemwide outages but that is not something that they feel will happen but the city of houston, the mayor has already had emergency was wondrous to make sure that they have fuel and that they have generators ready to go in case some of those blackouts do occur. >> how hot is it right there, right now? >> that is a great question. i have not checked my thermostat in a second but i will tell you, still lots of folks out. see the kids behind them playing in the water and a lot of people saying that this is texas and they are used to it but they will not be staying outside for too long. >> thank you. up next everybody, twitters threat to elon musk if he backs out of the takeover deal. plus, reaction coming up next. covid-19. some people get it, and some people can get it bad. and for those who do get it bad, it may be because they have a high-risk factor -
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all right. let's talk twitter, everybody. we are just a couple of minutes away from the closing bell on wall street. nine minutes, to be exact. twitter shares are way down, actually, after elon musk called off his $44 billion bid to buy the social media giant falling 10%, losing 2 million in market value. the world's richest man versus twitter. the company already announcing plans to take musk to court to
12:52 pm
force him, to force him to follow through on the deal. joining me now is kurt wagner. before we get into the conversation as to what this means for twitter, what would this courtroom battle even look like? >> well both sides are going to be arguing -- in twitter's case they'll say we couple to the deal and we signed the paperwork and elon musk agreed to pay this price for the company and therefore they need them to enforce that deal. elon will come out what he has been arguing all along that twitter has been misleading specifically how many bots are on the surface. i've been asking them for information along the way and i've been trying to do some due diligence and they're not cooperating and they're breaking part of this agreement, right? and so both sides will make that argument, those respective arguments in front of a judge and it will be up to that person to determine who is in the right here. >> it's fascinating because when this offer first came out, when there were inklings and murmurs
12:53 pm
that he was going to buy it they did not want it. now they want to forces, lon musk to buy twitter. either way, however this ends up, it can't be good for twitter. >> no, not at all, and i wrote this over the weekend. i said this is a nightmare scenario for twitter and this could be the worst thing, because on the one thing, let's pretend the judge says hey, twitter, you're right. you have to pay $44 billion for the company and now twitter is owned by someone who doesn't really want the company, right? and employees, think of the impact that twitter has on politics, on culture and all of a sudden that's run by someone who doesn't want to run the company. elon walks away and he pays a small fee and suddenly the stock is tanking and employee morale is down and you're left with nothing. in both cases twitter loses here unless they come to some type of
12:54 pm
agreement and those two extremes are bad for twitter. >> do you think musk was bluffing from the jump, i.e. even wanting to bluff, and is he bluffing now using this as a negotiating tool to bring the price down? >> tough as we've learned to predict what's going on in elon musk's head and on the one hand, certainly this could be a way to renegotiate the price. i don't believe that someone would go through all of this for a bluff or a joke, right? why would you go out and secure all of this debt financing that you got and a partner would get money like this if you didn't at one point think it was a good idea and i don't think this was the plan all along, but clearly, he's had a change of heart midway through and i think what he's doing now to me feels very much as a negotiating tactic. >> you do. what is the timeline here for a court battle and when could it
12:55 pm
be settled? >> so we were told over the weekend that lawsuit could be filed by twitter as early as the first half of this week. as early as today. we haven't seen one yet, but this is something that twitter plans to move very quickly. i don't know what the timeline will be once that lawsuit has been delivered to the court, but as you can imagine, there's, you know, a lot of motivation on both sides to figure out what is going on here and get out of this now. originally there might be a shareholder vote on this as the end of july and early august and that's not going to happen anymore and this the time it went on. >> kurt wagner, thank you. appreciate it. >> before we go, we have a great little video. a friendly warning, everybody. don't mess with sea lions. we've been talking about how hot it is. the sea lions out and about there. take a look at this video. two sea lions chasing away beach
12:56 pm
goers in san diego's la jolla cove on friday. the woman who shot the video said the sea lions were sleeping while someone got too close to take a picture and woke one of them up. apparently, pretty angry. the sea lions, they charged sending the people scrambling. seaworld saying it's important that people give the sea lions their space. and mating season is under way. >> thanks for watching at this hour. i'm yasmin vossoughian in for hallie jackson. you can catch me at 3:00 p.m. saturdays and sundays. "deadline: white house" is up after the break. saturdays and sundays. and ca: the rise of gru. i grew up an athlete, i rode horses... i really do take care of myself. i try to stay in shape. that's really important, "deadline: i started noticing a little pudge.
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♪♪ ♪♪ hi there, everyone. it's 4:00 in the east. it's the start of what is likely to be a momentous week for the congressional panel tasked with investigating the deadly capitol insurrection. the select committee's next hearing is slated for tomorrow afternoon. it's set to tell another important chapter in the story of the insurrection and the trump coup plot. the, quote, marshalling of the mob as members of the panel have put it and according to january 6th committee member jamie raskin the coup is a bigger part of the bigger story which adds up to this, quote, the bigger political offense against the union by a president of the united states in our history. a source tells nbc news that one of the witnesses is jason van


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