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tv   Politics Nation  MSNBC  July 9, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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i'll be back here too soon for the january 6th hearings begin at 6 am eastern. you can watch the full live hearing at 10 am eastern, but right now it is time for politics nation with reverend al sharpton. it is time for thank you michael, good evening and welcome to politicsnation. tonight's lead to a different set of rules. right now the inequity of american life, and death continues to reveal itself even
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through our tragedies. and while the nation mourns the seven people dead after monday's mass shootings of dozens of parade goers in the highland park illinois, the shooter in that case, though in custody and looking at life in prison, because otherwise unharmed. even after an intense police man hunt following the massacre. two states over, in akron ohio, protesters has stretched into the second week spread by the fatal police shooting of jayland walker last month and driven by the grim body cam footage showing the moment akron police wounded walker. more than 60 times after karen fauci's last month. two tragedies of gun violence. to glaringly different outcomes. and i will talk to akron's congresswoman, in just a
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moment. about what her constituents have to say about that difference. what they want from the states investigations into walker's death. and two weeks after the reversal of roe v. wade, how is the escalating abortion rights battle impacting her district and others like it? yesterday, president biden issued an executive order protecting abortion access as best as he could, conceding that, his reach is limited without congressional action to protect abortion. that he needs voters to keep democrats in the majority. to make that happen, and with now less than four months until major election, that window may be closing. >> meanwhile, the family of britney griner is exhausting every option to try to secure released from russian custody. last night i joined griner's
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wife in chicago as president of national action network, calling on the russian government to free the wnba star as the biden administration faces growing pressure to bring her home. more on that later. but tonight, we start in akron. joining me now, congresswoman chantal brown, democrat of ohio, whose district includes akron. congresswoman, thank you for joining us. after another tough week for your akron district, three days after his shooting death, for acting calm police, you called on the department of justice to monitor the investigation of jalen walker's killing. given how graphic the akron police body camera footage is in its depiction of walker's last moments, and the fact that at least eight officers are currently on administrative leave for the role in the
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shooting, why do you feel the justice department's involvement is necessary here, and what can you tell us about its response thus far. >> well, first of all thank you for having the reverend sharpton. i would say that i joined the family of jalen walker and the african american community in mourning this tragic loss. i wrote a letter to the doj don't see the investigation because the family should be assured that a full and fair investigation will be conducted that accurately portrays the fact that makes the findings consistent with those facts, reverend al, i think you can agree with me that for two weeks for too long, black communities have been punished by investigations that leave us with more unanswered questions of fact. so i was pleased with the u.s. attorney's office stated that they responded to our letter, and advisers that the justice department's civil rights division, and the fbi field office in akron, are closely monitoring interviewing the circumstances around mr. walker's death. it is also important to me that
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our communities can begin to say with some confidence, or complete confidence eventually, that they believe the law enforcement agencies have performed a fair and just investigation in difficult times like this. so that we can start to rebuild the public trust. now, i also acknowledge that this is an ongoing investigation and, i welcome the city's commitment to a transparent investigation and review, and will continue to support the very accurate gathering of all the evidence in this case, reverend al. so, as we let this investigation go forward, i don't walkerville enough king everyone to remain peaceful. >> now, i am sure that the people of akron are sympathetic to the people of highland park illinois, and i'm sure you are, and i certainly am also, very sympathetic to them. but, as they mourn the sudden lives lost in the dozens injured in that city's tragic mass shooting earlier this week, i have to ask as i promised at the top of the show, if you're
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black constituents have criticize the difference in outcomes between the shooter and highland park, who was taken into custody without injury at the manner following his rampage. and then of course there is what happened to jayland walker, she fired on more than 100 times, wounded more than 60 times, while they claimed he was fleeing on foot, unarmed at the time. i mean, do your voters see a difference here congresswoman? >> i think you have to be blind, reverend al, not to see the difference. what happened and highland park was agree just. seven indecent lives were taken away from that community, on a day when americans celebrate the country's independence. so it is beyond heartbreaking, and i don't think the suspects in those cases should be acknowledged. but i understand the concerns. let me say this, mister walker was shot and killed by eight officers for a movie violation. well the highland park shooter,
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was taken into custody after firing more than 70 bullets into a crowd without incident. >> and i might add, pardon me for interrupting you, 60 bullets and walker. 70 rounds by this mass shooter. there were almost as many bullets fired into walker as the mass shooter shot period at the parade. and i am not trying to minimize either one, but i'm trying to show is how egregious it looks to people like me, that you would shoot somebody that was all like it was a firing squad over a traffic violation. >> that is right, lives were lost in both, right. but the shooters who were white, were peacefully, peacefully taken into custody. in these situations, implicate some kind of bias on the treatment of suspects, reverend al. and this goes back to why i called on the doj to monitor and review this investigation. too many police involved shootings, and especially when
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they are on unarmed black women and men, are left dead and not getting the attention of provoking to change that we need to see to build the trust between black communities. and let me say this, here in ohio i am license to carry. and our license pieces are attached to our license plate of the cars that we drive. because of that, i fear my significant other, my brother, my father, driving their car because i don't want a routine police stop to turn into a death sentence for anyone in my family and that should never be the case. and so yes, there is a lot of work to be done here, reverend al. and the differences are egregious and very apparent. >> congresswoman, i want to get your reaction to president biden's executive order signed yesterday, showing of the federal protections for abortion. he can, from the oval office in his speech at the signing. he related the story of a ten year old rape victim from your state. forced to cross state lines into neighboring indiana to obtain an abortion.
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because of the supreme court decision that had overturned roe, just a few days before. which also triggered your states ban on abortion after six weeks, which this child had only missed by. congresswoman, i wonder if you have heard stories like this from the women and girls in your district. black women, and girls, especially since the reversal pro. >> well, the supreme court's decision to reverse roe was a delivered attack on individual and families fundamental rights to the side about their body and their health care, reverend al. for the first time in our history, girls growing up today will not have the same rights as their mothers or grandmothers. and the courts disgraceful decision has already taken the greatest toll on poor women, women of color, and people who already face systemic barriers to accessing health care. our states not the only one. many other states have triggered laws in place, and some of the highest mortality,
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maternal mortality rates in the country especially a meng black women. in ohio, there was a ten year old rape victim, as you pointed out. a ten year old rape victim who had to leave the state. so that child and her family were forced to cross state lines, because she was six weeks and three days pregnant. a ten-year-old rape victim, that is a child. so i hear this fear of women all around me, and i share their same concerns. this is back in the face of five decades of precedent to the turn back the clock on decades of progress in human rights. but i think it is also important to point this fact out, reverend al. it was 2016 when we talk about elections happen consequences, it was 2016. we had one of the most qualified candidates in our nation's history running against one of the most unqualified candidates. it was democrats who did not fall in line to fully support that candidate, because of that, we lost the opportunity to appoint the supreme court justices that are making these
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decisions that are having applications, not only right now but decades and quite possibly generations to come. so when we talk about showing up in the polls, it is so critical that we fall in line as democrats and recognize how critically important our vote is. people don't try to take things away from those who do the donor value. and when we dismissive, are treated cavalier, and say that you know, oh this person is likely to win so i'm not gonna show up and vote, we are stealing the consequences of 2016 here today because donald trump appointed three far-right radical republicans that are turning back the hands of time. and it is an unprecedented measure that they are something that is going to have long long-lasting implications, riverdale. >> i am out of time, but i must ask you this. you had president biden's rally this weekend in cleveland where he touted his economic policies to union workers two days before the june job report
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showed unemployment building a lesson 4%. about 372,000 jobs added last month. still, record inflation has eaten into the presidents poll numbers. inflation that is disproportion totally hurting black voters. less than four months out of, from the midterm elections. in your state and others. well must democrats do differently to make the case that despite inflation, their policies are working? >> as you mentioned, this has been the fastest and strongest jobs recovery in american history, and would not impossible without the biden administration and my democratic colleagues. we have more americans working in the private sector today than any day during the previous administration. more people working today than any time in our history. so no country is better positioned than america to bring down inflation without giving up all the economic gains we have made over the last 18 months.
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now, i will address that we hear your concerns in congress, and we are working to pass legislation the lowest cost for families, through prescription drug prices, utilities, while reducing the federal budget deficit and passing the bipartisan infrastructure and innovation act. last month, that house passed the lower food and fuel cost act, a packed bill aimed it lowering food and gas prices. this act reduces our dependency on foreign and fertilizers, driving up the cost for farmers, that strengthens competition meat and poultry, and expand access to cheaper cleaner, unleaded ethanol blends it will reduce gas by 40 cents per gallon, reverend al. so we are doing a lot. what we are waiting for, is the senate to act. we are waiting for the senate to act, so please know, the house of representatives is taking care of business. it is up to our republican colleagues in the senate, to help us finish the work that we have already started. so, we know inflation is on the minds of americans, but we are
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doing everything we can to help money back in the pockets. >> and it is up to voters to deal with those that are doing the right thing, and those that are not. thank you congresswoman chantal brown for being with us again. now let's go to get an update on the war in ukraine. joining me from kyiv is nbc's all the arouzi. ali, what is the latest there? >> good evening, reverent. it continues to be a slow but steady ride for the russians in the dumbest area. their stated aim was to take the whole down bass. they took the luhansk region recently, that brought them step a step closer to taking the entire region, and now they are focusing on three main cities in donna asked. slope in the, buck mead, and -- and the shelling there has been intense. as they try to hit civilian posts, which is a russian
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military doctrine, you know of annihilating this a billion infrastructure to gain battlefield momentum. but, the ukrainians have also been hitting back. over the last week, they have launched about 19 artillery and missile strikes on russian weapons, depots, and russian barracks. the ukrainians say that they have killed dozens of russian troops over this last period. but it is very tough for the ukrainian soldiers as well, reverend. i had the opportunity to speak to one soldier who was fighting in the loop hands. now he is fighting in the don't ask, and he paid the typical picture of what is going on the ground there. let's take a listen to what he had to say. >> the situation was very complicated. we were forced to withdraw from the location because of a much worse perspective.
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we pulled all of our forces, as much as it was even possible. >> and reverence, you know he was really the personification of the ukrainian fighting spirit. he got to fight for every inch of ukrainian land, even if it cost him his life. but he reiterated what we have been hearing from zelenskyy, all way down to the commanders on the ground. that they need more, and more western weapons. and without these weapons, they will be fighting a losing battle. reverend. >> alia russi, thank you for your reporting from ukraine. just ahead, in this week's gotcha, the gop's democracy when it comes to law and order, and another form of trump white house insider. testifies in front of the january six committee, but wouldn't actually here you have?
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that is still ahead. the first my colleague richard louis with today's top news stories. >> we have a very good saturday to. years of the stories we're watching a support body of former japanese prime minister shinzo abe arriving in his family home in tokyo today after he was assassinated while delivering a campaign speech near osaka on friday. the suspected gunman was quickly apprehended. authorities say he used a homemade gun in that killing. japanese voters are set to go to the polls sunday, despite that assassination. twitter's board says it will pursue legal action to fight billionaire elon musk's attempt to back it up a deal to buy the social network. musk says, he is killing a deal because twitter has not provided him with data about spam and bank account on the platform. and, roughly 500 people have been forced to evacuate a community nearby yosemite national park mariposa row, that is in california, after wildfire led to a closure there. the place a blaze had grown from roughly 46 acres to 466
2:18 pm
acres in one day. yosemite fire in aviation saying, none of the growth massive sequoias, one of which is estimated to be 2700 years old, none of them have been burned and no injuries or deaths have been reported as of yet. according to yosemite spokesperson. we've got more politics nation, with reverend ile sharpton, right after this break. re politics nation re politics nation withay. ♪ ♪ i want to rock and roll all night ♪ applebee's late night. because half off is just more fun. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. try saying hello gumwash with parodontax active gum health. it kills 99% of plaque bacteria and forms an antibacterial shield. try parodontax active gum health mouthwash. right after this break
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to talk about the persistent problem of america's two systems of justice. it has been a year and a half now since a mob of angry trump supporters tried to overturn a free and fair election on january 6th, 2021. this week we learned that if the roughly 2000 people who stormed the capitol, only about half have been arrested. just negative people.
2:23 pm
about 200 of those defendants have pleaded guilty to misdemeanor crimes, carrying penalty such as probation and home confinement. many alleged participants in january 6th were returned there retain their right to vote, and one is even running for governor of michigan yes, ryan kelley appeared at a debate on wednesday, then showed up via zoom for his arraignment on thursday. when asked of the debate about january 6th, he said it was good times, because gas was $2 a gallon there has been no such leniency or levity for the 1025 people who have been shot and killed by police in the past year, according to the washington post. in those cases, long for spent officers, we pay to protect and serve, instead acted as judge,
2:24 pm
jury, and executioner, with no opportunity for an appeal of the more than 1000 dead. a disproportionate amount were black. killed by police at double the rate of white americans. some of the killings might be justified for self-defense or public safety, but we know all too well that others were not. and the death of innocent americans is something none of us should tolerate. republicans have shown an enormous capacity to forgive and forget, when it comes to january 6th. a poll found that a number of republicans warning the call would happen, an insurrection has fallen to just 13% in the past year. while the number who say that it was a legitimate protest, has ballooned to 61%. however, there has been no such softening of attitudes towards
2:25 pm
victims of police violence. in fact, as crime rates have tipped slightly, republicans call for even harsher law enforcement tactics. this calling has been deafening. we have heard a lot from a publicans recently about life, and liberty. but it all sounds hollow and hypocritical, if we cannot also have, justice for all. i got you. i got you. you. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. ♪ life can be a lot to handle. ♪ this magic moment ♪ but heinz knows there's plenty of magic in all that chaos.
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joining me now to provide insights into today's biggest topics is my political panel, sarah longwell director for republicans for the rule of law, and publisher of opinion website that bowl rock, and danielle moodie, host of woke a f podcast and co-host of
2:30 pm
democracy-ish. sarah, the next january six committee hearing is set for this tuesday. the committee with zero -- on the participation of white nationalist groups, that comprised the january 6th mob, and their connection to the trump white house last. this follows key witness testimony from trump's former white house counsel who sat down for a whopping seven and a half hour interview friday. what impact do you think these proceedings are having going into the midterms? >> well, these hearings are completely exceeded expectations in terms of, we supper two impeachment hearings that really went nowhere, but we are getting a lot of information about what trump did. in terms of the impact going into the midterms, that i'm not sure, but i do think that they are having a big impact on this learning the truth the pack back that pat cipollone, we are
2:31 pm
gonna learn when he talked about two. and he can confirm, cassidy hutchinson's explosive testimony that we heard now going back to weeks. we are going to learn things which i was discussing, maybe got recommendations from cipollone that he then went against and actually broke the law. we heard so many from cassidy hutchinson that was just mind-blowing and if he is there to confirm that, that is gonna be really meaningful. and i don't make one last point and cipollone, he is not trump's lawyer. he is our lawyer. he is the government lawyer. and there should be a lot more of these officials coming to the general six hearings and testifying so that we and we learn the truth about what happened that day. >> and that is an important distinction. there was some speculation before his testimony that he may try to say, lawyer client privilege, or certain executive privilege because he is the white house counsel. but after seven and half hours, i don't think that he dubbed a
2:32 pm
lot, but we will see. >> danielle, today's protesters marched to the white house, demanding the present biden take additional federal action to protect reproductive rights. this comes after biden signed an executive order friday in an attempt to safeguard access to abortion medication and emergency contraception. during a speech biden he offered his latest rebuke of the supreme court for what he calls a quote, terrible extreme, and totally wrong had a decision, unquote to overturn roe v. wade. and he encouraged people to vote this november. now, just yesterday the pennsylvania senate and house passed a bill that would ask voters to amend the state constitution, to declare there is no right to abortion pennsylvania. what could be, what more could
2:33 pm
the president do on this issue of abortion access? >> i mean, many abortion rights activists said that he can open up federal lands and put abortion clinics on federal land in states where abortion is now outlawed, right. they have also said that they want more action from this president. that they want him to stand up for women. not just said we need to vote, because we do, right. but we need also more action that is going to protect women who have to travel. so are there gonna be travel doctors that can go to women like the poor tenured girl that had to cross state lines because she was six weeks and three days pregnant from me. and now, who has those funds? we need to help women because every single day, every single hour counts. >> sarah, the new york times reported this week that former
2:34 pm
fbi director james comey, and his deputy andrew mccabe, where the subjects of an intensive in extremely rare tax audit during the trump administration. the probability of both of these high-profile figures being selected randomly is roughly one out of 30, 000, according to the times. of course we know both comey and mccabe were frequently targeted by president trump. the mueller investigation, and the commission of the irs at the time was appointed by trump. and remains in that position to this day. what do you make of the story? >> well, this would be the kind of thing that causes people to lose faith in our institutions. it is very very fishy. we cannot say for sure that they were being targeted, but look, what do we know that donald trump? we know that he was absolutely
2:35 pm
not above using the federal government to target his political enemies. and when the institutions of government are targeting individuals who are critical of the president, that is the kind of affront to the rule of law that we saw throughout the trump administration. and so while this story came out, it is not very clear whether anybody is willing to say this is a definite case of them being targeted. but it is very unlikely that to people who get audited in the same way, that's something that happens very seldom, who both were very high-profile critics of trump and his administration. >> danielle, wnba star brittney griner this week pleaded guilty to drug smuggling charges in russia. she now faces up to ten years in a russian prison. her supporters including some
2:36 pm
me a set of action action network, say the charges in the trial were politically motivated. and yesterday, in my capacity of president of action action network, along with brittani's wife, held a news conference demanding for her release. we also are pushing for the white house to have a visit for me to visit brittani. hoping that won't be necessary, but if she is not immediately released, i'm still pushing that. meanwhile, the wnba named griner as an all honorary all-star. the all-star game will tip off tomorrow afternoon, and include a tribute to her. it marks the eighth all star selection for the 31-year-old. now, we can hope that after brittani's plea this week, the russian court will handle her case more lenient louis. but, do you think that there is more the u.s. government should be doing to bring her home? >> i mean, i think that we are
2:37 pm
in precarious times. we are at war, right. the world is at war and putin is using everything that he can as a political tool. and so, we have no idea, to be honest, what lengths the white house and the biden administration is going to, but we know that they are working on this. but we also know that, what leniency will russians do? they are a country that lives, they are a country that disappears people, they are a country that targets americans and uses them as political bunts. and so, i hope that there are negotiations that are happening because i think that the way that she was picked up, i think that all that is happening is politically motivated. because of what america has done to push back against putin being in ukraine. >> sarah, arizona's republican government there doug doocy signed a bill into law on wednesday which criminalizes anyone who records police activity at close range after officers have issued a verbal
2:38 pm
warning. this as an incident first caught on camera lead to conviction of former minneapolis it police officer derek chauvin who was sentenced this week in federal court to northern 20 years in prison for violating george floyd's civil rights. do you see this type of legislation being adopted in other states, and what could be the impact? >> i don't know if other states are gonna pick this up. but it is, it would be a terrible precedent if they did. it has become one of the main mechanisms for accountability, when police officers are behaving in ways that they shouldn't be. and, you know, i think that, if that young woman hadn't been standing there when the knee went down on george floyd's neck, we would've done what happened. and so it is extremely
2:39 pm
disheartening that doug doocy would put forward legislation like this. because, look, this isn't about defunding the police. this isn't about being critical of the police, this is about, just about being able to have all the information for things to be transparent over there to be accountability. >> yeah, and one more thing to ask, what is the motive of even having this kind of legislation? sarah, longwell and danielle moodie, thank you both for being with us tonight. coming up, the rising rate of hate crimes in america. what is behind the increase, and how to stop the violence. and how to stop the violence. behind the for muscle health. versus 16 grams in ensure high protein. boost® high protein also has key nutrients for immune support. boost® high protein. an go for 10 runs!
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hate crimes are on the rise. that is the finding of a new study set to be released this upcoming tuesday. researchers at california university found hate crimes a major american cities jumped over 30% in 2021. and increased over 20% in one dozen states overall. the research found that he crime cases have gone up every year since 2019. joining me now is brian 11, director of california cedar city center for the study of hate and extremism. mr. 11, talk to me more about
2:44 pm
the rise of hate crimes. and what has been driving it, and anything else you can share about this coming report. >> sure, and thank you so much for having us to discuss this very important data. to my friends around the world, of the muslim faith, eat mubarak dear friends. one of the things that i think that is so interesting, we saw this real curve up a little bit in 2019, and then 13% according to fbi figures for 2020. then, when we took, as you said sort ticket li two data sets. one relating to american cities, and won related states. they include california, texas, new york, indiana, et cetera. and it was so interesting, at this 12, nearly all of them were up and many of them were hitting records. texas had a record, for instance. indiana, nevada. et cetera, and here's what
2:45 pm
happened. in 2020, what we had was the worst month in june 2024 anti black hate crime since records began in 1991, nationally. and we saw this, bear with me, this corresponding, correlation between the social justice protests, even on a day-by-day tech, and anti black hate crimes. and yes, and i white hate crimes went up, but what i thought was so interesting about 2020, we was the photo ground that started first with anti asian if we discuss a little bit, but then with the social justice protests, we saw the n-word take off online for instance. we also saw an increase in hate crimes, correlated to social justice protests. and arrived in the militia type organizing during the same >> all of this time. rising at the same time of 2020, george floyd and many of the race related cases we saw, some of which -- most of which i was involved
2:46 pm
in. let me ask you something, this tuesday in portland, oregon, police charged and man with two counts of bias crime after they said he assaulted a five year old girl and a father of japanese descent. after making comments about the race. research conducted by your institution showed that hate crimes against the asian american community has reached alarming levels, increasing by 339% in the last year, compared to the year before. as you analyze these findings, can you tell us why there has been such a dramatic spike in hate crimes targeting asian american communities? i've gotten into some rallies here in new york, and other places, there was a big national march last week, what is going on with this a anti asian hate that is really spiking? >> thank you so much. and it started earlier in 2020, for instance, when we saw that
2:47 pm
point the worst months for anti asian hate crime, march and april. increase in covid hospitalizations. but we also invective, much of which was transmitted by high folks, president trump on march 16th, a week before by secretary of state, pompeo, and congress person goes are. there was stigmatizing language about asians. and it got into her wound in this swamp, this tributary, that -- >> he called the chinese flu -- >> absolutely. and we saw this becoming part of discourse in everything from gaming to various encrypted social media proud platforms, so this stereotyping of conspiracy, people were living in fear, and online -- they have this generalized -- it was directed and package towards asians. later on, it was african
2:48 pm
americans. in 2020. a 45% increase. and then we saw, in 2021 in the cities we looked at, a 16% increase, one lasting, interesting. because this is important. the political polarization and the broadcast media of some other channels along with social media has this cascaded strata of where the stereotype conspiracy theory is repeating, starting with asians and it was -- what we saw, and this is really scary, and i asian hate, our final result was 224% increase across 21 cities. but in those 21 cities, there are more hate crimes reported just there than by the fbi for any years since they were doing it. we have a record year coming up, 2021 for anti asian. but here's the thing, the escalation of both anti black hate crime was at incredible
2:49 pm
proportions, and anti asian hate crimes was more sticky. the hate online stuck around longer. we did not come down right away. but we are up for months, and months, and months. one last quick point. here's how long it was, after 9/11, hate crime started climbing up after one month, generally. we saw a multi month progression where each month was worse than any of the months in the prior decade. we it was sticky, more elongated and more directed. >> one of the things that caught my attention about this report is we are talking about crimes, we're not just talking about attitude, we are talking about actual crimes affecting people that are the victims of it. briefly talk to us about the connection between hate crimes and terror groups far -- foreign and domestic. fbi and british intelligence agencies are wanting -- would be killers with racist and neo-nazi motivations are egging each other on online.
2:50 pm
what has online radicalization -- what role is it playing in the recent rise and mass shootings? we >> what has happened is we placed -- whites are being replaced, it's been used trans nationally with different groups. muslims in europe, african americans here in the united states, and others. latinos. and what has happened is, this elastic pool are many sharks are swimming. this lets generalized and directed anger, and others construct an idiosyncratic -- what's happening is it's access to weaponry many are now online started 30 years ago now was made possible by these transnational groups. >> brian leaven, we will be looking for the full report to
2:51 pm
drop tuesday. thank you. coming up, the wnba's tribute to britney griner in my conversation with the wife as all-star weekend gets underway. a a all-star high cholesterol. heart disease. 17 fad diets... 5 kids... 3 grandkids... 1 heart attack. and 18 passwords that seem to change daily. with leqvio, john can lower his cholesterol— and so can you. when taken with a statin, leqvio is proven to lower bas cholesterol by over 50% and keep it low with two doses a year. common side effects of leqvio were injection site reaction, joint pain, urinary tract infection, diarrhea, chest cold, pain in legs or arms,
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♪ life can be a lot to handle. ♪ this magic moment ♪ but heinz knows there's plenty of magic in all that chaos. ♪ so different and so new ♪ ♪ was like any other... ♪ when brittani was arrested and held in russia, several months ago, nearly five months ago, i
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spoke about it on the show, i called the state department in, and was very concerned. but then there was a lot of silence and many of us were hoping that silence said that there were some negotiations going on. but then when cherelle griner, the wife of britney griner came on my radio show and talked about hearing nothing, she couldn't even get the phone call she was promised with brittani, and they were concerned, that is why i went in, raising wet we could in our voice asking to be able to go to russia. and seeing all the -- ought to be dealt with. i'm glad to see president biden and vice president harris call cherelle. i'm glad they are saying that they can do all they can. i am in conversations with the white house and the state department and reaching out and
2:56 pm
having several conversations with the russian orthodox church here. there ought to be a place in this world that goes above our conflicts and adversity. sports is one of them. for many years, britney griner went to play sports, played basketball, in russia, for russia, largely because woodman basketball players don't get paid the same as men, and that's an issue we also have to deal with. sports rises above the borders and boundaries of our disputes and even our wars. we want that is -- hearing the appeal of this president has now cherelle and all of us stand saying, bring brittany home, bring her home. let's have some areas that we do not mingle without international and political disputes. we will be right back and politica
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watching i will see you back here tomorrow at 5 pm eastern. for another live hour of politicsnation. american voices with my friend and colleague alicia menendez starts right now on msnbc. >> thank you so much reverend sharpton, hello everyone, i'm alicia menendez we begin saturday with what could be critical testimony with the january six investigation.
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