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tv   Hallie Jackson Reports  MSNBC  July 8, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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every step you take, i'll be watching you. the internet doesn't have to be duckduckgo is a free all in one privacy app with a built in search engine, web browser, one click data clearing and more stop companies like google from watching you, by downloading the app today. duckduckgo: privacy, simplified. one of the men who were in the room on january 6th giving today what could be critical testimony to the select committee. we are talking about pat cipollone he. the white house counsel for former president trump, he can see him walking in today who reportedly tried to intervene on the push to try to overturn election results.
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he spent hours today with the select committee and the staff. we are following news on a potential witness, lawyers for stewart rhodes telling msnbc he wants to testify but there is a catch. we will tell you what it will take if the committee was the head of the oath keepers to go public. a new ruling between congress and donald trump. the ruling coming in on if the house committee can get their hands on the former president's financial records. plus, president biden at the japanese embassy here in washington, d.c. ameer, signing the condolence book for shinzo abe, who was assassinated on the campaign trail today. we have that coming up. i am hallie jackson minor in washington with a lot to go into this afternoon. with me is our panel. we know a little bit about what has gone down.
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he has been described as cooperative within the parameters of protecting executive privilege for the office of general counsel. take that from source for, you know, corporate >>, if you will, and help us understand it in plain english. >> that's right, hallie, cipollone has been in that room more than six hours. we still believe he is in there testifying, about as much time as jared kushner, the former president senior advisor spent testifying in total. we don't know about the contents of this back-and- forth, it is happening before closed doors. we are told cipollone has been a cooperative witness within his desire to protect executive privilege for the office of the general counsel. that is the big question, hallie, the big question about the application of executive privilege. donald trump himself on social media complaining the last day or so about having candid conversations about white house counsel. the committee has said that
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cipollone is the country's lawyer and the information he has, the value of the information he has outweighs that and there have been multiple breaks that cipollone has taken with his lawyers that does not strike our team as bathroom breaks. he seems to be discussing matters, including whether he should invoke executive privilege. >> put this into perspective for us. out of all the people the committee of spoken with, cipollone stands apart. congressman adam schiff said previously it is hard to imagine someone more at the center things leading up to and on the day of the insurrection, as far as being in the room and part of these conversations as they happened. >> reporter: yeah, also remember cipollone was in the middle , previously, i begin the with january 3rd and the
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attempt to fire the attorney general. he had the whole week, a critical, critical week, cipollone is in the middle of a lot of back-and-forth about what was happening inside the west wing with what trump planned to do. you know, they reviewed remarks he was going to give at the speech at the ellipse on the day of, on january 6th. you know, they were concerned about, according to cassidy hutchinson, saying don't let him go to the capitol, don't let trump go to the capitol. of course, afterwards, he was, you know, he wanted the president, he was advocating for the president to put out a forceful statement during the attack. so, cipollone, was, you know, as you said, an unparalleled witness right there. other than mark meadows, probably cipollone may know as much as anybody in the west wing during that critical several days leading up to
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january 6th, that day and actually the hours. i think a lot, what we will see, also, what we are being told by the committee, of course, we have been asking about tuesday's hearing. do they have a hearing in the committee? they are saying, witnesses that that hearing will be based, in part, on what cipollone tells them today. >> this is, you heard it a little bit in what a source told msnbc as far as the cooperation of cipollone, the idea of executive privilege in trying to protect those conversations. how much of a claim 10 cipollone make? how much does this play into that discussion? >> i think the big picture is he was on team normal. within the confines of what is allowed and what lawyers say is allowed, he is someone who will generally want to get the story out. he will still want to respect his client's privilege, you
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know, i think that is something he wants here. history books will go down on this and he wants to be in the good guy column. i think, you know, it seems like within the bounds of what he is allowed to discuss, he is willing to do that. there is a lot he can talk about, there is not a legal decision with your client. i think, just in terms of the atmosphere around january 6th, inferring from cassidy hutchinson's testimony, that will be of immense value to the committee. >> so far as we can surmise, how do you anticipate cipollone's information he is providing to the committee to change the trajectory of the hearings in the days to come? >> i don't necessarily see that happening. they will focus on the extremist groups, the oath keepers and the proud boys. that wl xthearing thtalked about, one of the things she raised was rudy giuliani was in conversation
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with oath keepers and the proud boys. maybe possibly cipollone could provide some context there . they are clearly asking about it. i think ryan brings up a great point. they can ask whatever they want. you can race an executive privilege claim at that point. they can ask. we reported this morning in the am edition, there is no agreement what they can ask, what members attending this deposition can ask. they can ask whatever they want. whether they raise a claim, whether they try to knock it down at that point, or object, the executive privilege claim, you know, this is a very, some of these issues are very, you know, very typical and hyper complex, usually difficult. as you said, the president is a
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client but he is also, you know, he is a public official. he is not representing donald trump the person, he is representing the presidency. that leaves a different shade to this. i am not sure if cipollone will necessarily change the ark. i think they will be able to get a much fuller picture and be able to ask, you know, minute by minute, what is going on inside the west wing on january 6th? who is trump talking to x that is what they are trying to put together and i think cipollone will help put that together. >> you can see this videotape discussion played back at the hearings, the oath keepers, the proud boys, stewart rhodes is waiting for trial in d.c behind bars right now. he is making a jik offer to testify in front of the panel but there is a catch.
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only if it is in a live setting. the committee has already heard from him privately. do you think they will take him up on this offer with strings attached? >> it is quite a tall order, hallie. under the circumstances, i do think it would have to be live with lawyers present, it would have to be done in person, not from jail while he is pending trial. he already spoke to the committee. they are quite familiar with historic. the justice department is so familiar with the story that they thought to charge him with seditious conspiracy, the most serious charge stemming from january 6th. he is currently in jail pending trial. will they really give this man an open mic to testify in the halls of congress while that is happening?
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>> he knows this is the ridiculous request. they believe stewart rhodes is trying to use the money that might result from publicity from all of this. >> it is good to have you all with us. thank you. appreciate it. we just got news in in the last 60 minutes or so. the d.c. court of appeals gave a partial win to both former president donald trump and the house oversight committee. they ruled the committee will get some of mr. trump's financial records, but not all of them. some, but not all. they limited the scope of what they could ultimately receive. i want to bring in pete williams. tell us more about it. >> the latest developments in
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the legal saga that actually began three years ago in the house oversight committee when they asked for documents for mr. trump's accounting firm while he was still at the white house, this after michael cohen, his former lawyer, testified that in some ways, mr. trump would elevate or escalate or inflate the value of the financial holdings to get loans on more favorable terms but then he would deflate them when it came time to pay the taxes. the committee sought a wide swath of documents. today the court of appeals said you have to narrow it down. remember what happened here. mr. trump originally sued over this. it went up to the supreme court. the supreme court said, here's the deal. with a sitting president, there are the factors to be applied so that the committee, the separation of powers are respected and the committee doesn't breach too far.
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they sent it back to the court of appeals and this is the court of appeals' answer to the homework assignment on that. it says the committee can get documents but it narrowed the time frame and also narrowed the scope of the documents only dealing with him directly or his companies that he personally supervised. it rejected mr. trump's claims that the court should not give any respect to a revised explanation from the committee on what the legislative need was for this. of course, yes, we will honor that. it also rejected the claim that since he was no longer the president, none of those concerns from the supreme court still apply. the appeals court said they started this lawsuit when he was president but those factors, the separation of powers factors still apply. trump lawyers will, once again, appeal. coming up, vice president kamala harris is getting a second act. we are checking on a huge
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show, how a rally may help brittney griner. president biden making his way to the japanese embassy in washington after the assassination of prime minister shinzo abe. assassination of prime minister shinzo abe.
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in the last hour we saw president biden stopping at the japanese embassy in washington to sign the condolence book and paper specks just hours after the assassination of former prime minister shinzo abe. the president writing in his book, he was a man of peace and judgment and he will be missed . shinzo abe was giving a campaign speech when he was shot. the former leader was pronounced dead a few hours later. police say the suspect, who has
12:18 pm
now been detained, used a home a gun and had a grudge that shinzo abe had a connection to. the news has shocked the world and stunned japan. it is a country where gun violence is virtually nonexistent. only one person died from a gun in all of 2021. that figure does not include deaths by suicide or by accident, we should note. we want to bring in a local journalist in tokyo. thank you so much for being with us today. you know, we just saw, as the sun is coming up where you are in japan, we just saw president biden signed the condolence book to pay his respects at the japanese embassy. what does that mean to people in japan and people here? >> reporter: hallie, i think the u.s.-japan alliances the bedrock of policy. that is the meaning behind president biden's visit to sign the book of condolence. beyond that, i think it symbolizes the amount of grief
12:19 pm
and shock and awe at this brazen attack in broad daylight in japan on friday midday, where former prime minister, japan's longest prime minister, shinzo abe, was shot twice and pronounced dead some six hours later. as you pointed out, violence here of any kind, violent crime, is very, very rare. gun violence is practically unheard of. i think, as dawn is breaking around me here in japan, i think this kind of incident will forever be remembered in japan and perhaps this country will never be the same again. >> we are seeing so much support for world leaders. shinzo abe was prime minister for nine years there. arguably, among the most recognized today of japanese leaders across the world. talk about the reactions we are
12:20 pm
seeing. former president trump was particularly close with shinzo abe. abe made a point to befriend him. >> reporter: that is true. i think pictures of the two gulping together are etched in everyone's memories. it shows, in a way, his diplomatic document when there could have been a lot of trade friction between the u.s. in japan. i think shinzo abe went out of his way to make sure that did not happen. beyond the trump years, because he was in office for close to eight years. to for a long time expressed emotions running through japan
12:21 pm
explicitly and poignantly. he said this was a brazen attack. unforgivable and our barrick attack and i think that sums up the sentiment on the ground in japan today. >> thank you for being with us live from tokyo. thank you . next. a huge show of solidarity for brittney griner. how her closest advocates say this messaging could help bring her home. but first a suspect for democrats in wisconsin who wanted to keep these ballot boxes available to movoters com in the midterm. the limits on where these voters can turn in absentee ballots and what that mimeans f the midterms and beyond. midtermd check. rapid symptom relief. lasting, steroid-free remission. and a chance to visibly repair the colon lining. check. check. and check. rinvoq can lower your ability to fight infections,
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infections that can cause shingles have occurred. don't stop steroids unless told by your doctor. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection. may cause headache, injection site reactions, back pain, and fatigue. ask your asthma specialist about a nunormal with nucala. president biden assigning an executive order to protest access to abortion for those unable to get it in the red states and he was fired up talking about the rolling to overturn roe versus wade. >> practice of medicine should not be frozen in the 19th century so what we are witnessing wasn't a constitutional judgment of. it was an exercise in raw political power. >> nbc news has reported on how the woman behind him come up
12:26 pm
vice president kamala harris is stepping into the spotlight more and more. harris has an opportunity for something of a second act. next hour the bp is meeting with state lawmakers from red states were trying to fight abortion restrictions. i went to bring in our correspondence. i found it interesting pick one of the ways you sought to frameless was looking at this second act by way of the fight for abortion rights access and this is an opportunity for vice president harris to take a more forceful role inside the west wing. >> that's right. one of the things that was taken away was the white house and harris is having this moment where the president is under a lot of criticism from democrats that he's not rising to the occasion and not being forceful enough policy wise and not out there channeling anger that democrats have when it comes to abortion and gun violence and harris has
12:27 pm
held meetings in a run-up to the roe v. wade decision. meetings with abortion activists and other stakeholders at the white house and on the date the decision came down she spoke to this publicly. after president biden's initial response to the highland park shooting earlier this week, harris delivered a more fiery speech in chicago on gun violence. allies of the president say he is meeting the moment and that's not the case and they point to today's events where he signed an executive order and she is having this meeting with red state lawmakers to talk about abortion. but this does come after a lot of turnover among her staff. the biden administration has taken office and we have learned there is more coordination between the west wing and harris asked her new chief of staff be included in the regular meeting with bidens seniormost advisers. there is a change here and
12:28 pm
we've seen this before. we've seen her step into the spotlight and retreat the question is is this a test. would this be a sustainable. is is a role she will continue? there are democrats who think that on some occasions she is a better messenger than the president. >> how made this help with abortion access for women in states that are curbing it? >> the hopes from the white house is it will expand access to things like the abortion pill, contraception and address some privacy concerns and concerns about data collection. but it direct the health and human services secretary to report back to the resident in 30 days with ways to accomplish those things and directs other agencies to consider taking steps the president hopes would lead to some of those protections. but you heard it from the president today. the main message is there's not
12:29 pm
much he can do and he's limited in his executive power went up to him to support more abortion rights in the fall. >> thank you. a step back for democrats were the state supreme court in wisconsin has ruled absentee ballot drop boxes can only be put in the offices of election clerk's. why does that matter? wise that a big deal? look at these numbers. during the pandemic meal in voting exploded and got huge. 40% of people in wisconsin voted with absentee ballots and many used 500 top boxes set up in hundreds of communities for the election. people support using these. the high court said only the state legislature which is controlled by republicans can put in place laws are policy about these ballot boxes for
12:30 pm
absentee ballots. it's a decision being slammed by democrats. the governor saying it's another in a long line of wisconsin republican success is to make it harder for wisconsinites to exercise the right to vote the democratic party chair calls a slap in the face of democracy. but the republican senator ron johnson calls it a step in the right direction. i want to bring in the editorial director. good to have you back on the show. you know this issue understand why it matters. explain the reaction to the supreme court ruling. >> after so many months of this i can't say that i'm shocked but this will be a radical departure from how elections have operated in the past. oper. do to prepare voters. one of the more common ways to drop off their ballot is no longer available to them.
12:31 pm
>> republicans are pointing out you can still put drop boxes in clerk's offices and use the post office or send an absentee ballot through the mail. are there any suggestions as to how, the midterms, let's say, to the presidential? >> it is hard to say. the last year we had for this data we were in the middle of a pandemic. people are going to be using drop-offs more regularly just by virtue of that. given that most people are no longer in a pandemic mindset and people have been vaccinated, it seems to reason that the drop boxes probably would not have been used at that high of a rate this year anyhow. the structure the court has set up looks similar to for example, texas', where i live, where drop boxes have to be in person and monitored within an officer is and the person dropping off the ballot has to be the person handing the ballot in. you know, you used to be able
12:32 pm
to drop other peoples ballots off. you know, sending your ballot to a drop box and through the mail is a distinction without ai difference, right? it sort of defies reason that the judges are very concerned about potentially physically disabled voters have someone walk their ballot up for them but not necessarily help them put it in the mail. >> you talk about a level of concern here. we get excited with thwhat ron johnson had to say about this. we know what senator johnson said in the aypast, echoing the lies pushed by donald trump and his allies that somehow drop off ballot boxes facilitate cheating and some respect, despite no evidence bearing that out. talk about the research you have done in fyour long time o reporting in this issue. >> i inthink it is just entirel false. i have been trying to push back
12:33 pm
these false claims about drop boxes, as well, before the 2020 election. you know, i think that ron johnson is just repeating the republican lie on drop boxes, none of which is true. there is no evidence that drop boxes lead to higher level of fraud than any other ballot casting device. there is also no ghspecific partisan advantage one way or another on drop boxes. to assert that democrats get an of an inch by using them is also false. lots of the claims they are making about drop boxes and every claim ron johnson has made about drop boxes are essentially false. >> it is good to have you on. thank you for the breakdown. appreciate it. just about 90 minutes from see a big show of support for brittney griner, of course, the wnba superstar detained in russia. ahead of this all-star game in chicago, reverend al sharpton will hear from his wife and other players. brittney griner pleaded guilty to carrying cannabis vape
12:34 pm
cartridges in her carry-on luggage for perhaps lee lindsey or pastor talks for a prisoner swap down the road. i am joined by elizabeth williams, secretary for the wnba players union. thank you for being with us. how important is the show of support later today? >> it is huge. we have seen the support, first from the black woman correlation, influential women and leaders across the u.s., players and fans and americans all over. we are just grateful for the support and the continued commitment from president biden and vice president harris in bringing her home. >> you mentioned president biden and the vice president. do you think president biden is doing enough to try to get her out of russia? >> yeah, honestly, i think our
12:35 pm
government is doing what they can from all of what we have learned about in hearing from the white house, hearing and working closely in the government to get this done. we are doing all we can, you know? we want brittney to feel as safe as possible. of course, one her home. i feel like, especially with this recent call with the president and vice president are cherelle that they doing that. >> you ptalked about reverend sharpton who will be at this rally. he wants to try to visit with other faith leaders and brittney to try to see her at some point this fall to see how she is doing and let her know that the u.s. and the president have not forgotten about her. do you think that will happen? what is your level of confidence and why would that be important who recently wrote
12:36 pm
in her letter she is terrified she may never come home? >> yeah. i think the continued support is really important, you know, whether it is from faith leaders, fans, whether it is from, you know, everyday american citizens, we still are in the stage where it is not necessarily safe for people to head to russia right now. i think support might look a little different. it might look like supporting a petition, continuing to use the #and continuing to put pressure on the government and the white house to get her home safely. >> you talk about visibility, i think about meghan repeater live yesterday on the show, wearing the pin on her lapel at the white house, putting on instagram, et cetera. one thing that was said that lot of iking two a folks, this had happened to lebron james, right? he would be home by now. she talks about how the fact that brittney as a gay black woman has made e it harder to gain awareness and traction. do you wothink they are right about that? >> i think the bigger issue is the pay equity issue. i don't think those players you mentioned would be playing overseas to supplement their it comes in the first place. i think that is where the bigger issue lies. we know that the president has put in executive orders and has talked reabout that a lot.
12:37 pm
hopefully in the future, players are not even in this position where they feel like they need to engo overseas to supplement their income. we can come and be recognized as athletes in the u.s. >> ahead of the wnba all star game mag this weekend, what do you want people to think about and want people to know? >> just to continue to put the pressure on. you know, the government is working hard. we are supporting brittney in every and anyway we can. i am wearing her pen right now. she is not forgotten. i want people to remember that. >> thank you so much for your time and for being with us this afternoon. we really appreciate it.
12:38 pm
>> thank you. president biden's executive order to protect women seeking abortion, and amount of the state they live in. for some, it doesn't go far enough. what needs to happen at the federal level o to offset vers way being overturned. a new set of optimism on the jobs report. is it enough to fend off concerns about a recession? we will break that down next. we will break that down next.
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a turning point for the job market with today's job market report, jobs that are not in the government are back to where they were pre-pandemic at those levels. this morning the labor department said 372,000 offer at the last month. that is higher than a quarter million jobs projected but better than expected. unemployment held at 3.6%. if you are curious about the gender and racial breakdowns, men and women are at 3.3% but still higher for black and hispanic workers. president biden earlier, you heard him, taking credit for the job gains and acknowledging several
12:43 pm
elephants in the room, including inflation. >> look, i know times are tough, prices are too high. families are facing a cost-of- living crunch. today's economic news confirms the fact that my economic plan is moving this country in a better direction. >> let's bring in stephanie ruhle, nbc news analyst. gut check. surely be feeling better about the possibility of a recession after seeing these numbers? >> the possibility for a recession is still there. however, the idea that it is all doom and gloom and we are headed for terrible place isn't necessarily true. the fact that we are now back at pre-pandemic unemployment levels is a huge, huge positive. here is the tricky thing. because we are at such strong jobs numbers, this is why we will likely see the feds raise rates again.
12:44 pm
the fed will raise rates to try to slow down the economy, meaning things cost too much money, inflation is too high. when you see the jobs market still so strong, that means there is still a huge demand and we will likely get another rate hike from the fed because they are trying to do what they can to lower prices. >> that is the next piece of it and how it plays into their decision-making. >> okay. when things are really difficult, when the economy is struggling, when businesses can't grow, that is when they lower rates, right. they dropped rates to 0 at the worst part of the pandemic because, remember, we were in terrible shape. then they dumped all this money into the economy and the economy started moving too fast and demand got hotter and hotter. that is when prices went up and up. now they are trying to figure out how to cool prices a little bit. what they do is raise interest rates. that is tricky because everything costs more at the store. when you raise interest rates,
12:45 pm
that means it will cost more to buy a house and cost more to borrow. unfortunately, that is how the mechanics of this works. the real positive to take away is, when you start to raise rates, the fear is businesses will lay people off and can't grow. that is not the case. businesses are hiring, hiring and hiring. >> what is the piece of this, the story covered day to day you think is missing from the broader conversation? what is the angle we are not talking about but should be? >> the fact this is good news. it is easy to say, look at gas prices, they are so high. guess what? look closer at gas prices, they're going down every day. >> that's right. >> gas prices are actually going down. to simply say, what is the administration doing, why is this a huge problem, when you look at the economy, all of this was caused by covid. yes, we are getting through covid but you still have supply- chain issues because of china. nobody predicted the war. that caused food prices to blowup, lumber prices to go up
12:46 pm
and fuel prices to go up. yes, this is a complicated time and things are expensive. all of this is part of a broader theme, which is economic recovery. i want to remind people of where we were two years ago, potentially facing economic disaster. >> stephanie ruhle, thank you. i am sure we will see more later tonight in prime time on msnbc. appreciate it. today president biden making some of the strongest and forceful remarks against the supreme court decision on abortion rights. is it enough for abortion access? our conversation with one woman on the front lines live when we come back. lines live when we lines live when we comeand innovation. an answer that leads to even more answers. mayo clinic. you know where to go. and manage all your sales from one place. because if you've got it, we've got you.
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if your teen is missing meningitis b vaccination. you can see it on the map here showing places where abortion ie now banned and other four states heavilynn restricted after the overturning of roe versus wade by the supreme court meaning that trigger laws have now gone into effect in those cases and the president g signing an executive order to expand access to abortion. protecting some aspects of abortion care in the country, like making it available to women who now have to travel out of state to get that. in a speech he said our country is at a crossroads. >> the choice we face as a nation between the mainstream and the extreme, between moving forward and moving backward, between allowing politicians to enter the most personal parts of our lives and protecting the
12:51 pm
right to privacy pf. >> iec want to bring in amy haghedstrom miller the founder of women's health closing its doors in texas and moving to new mexico. thank yous for being with us. >> of course. i don't know if you've had a chance to listen to president biden's remarks and i'm curious about what you have to say and the executive order. >> i'm happy to see the administration take some steps, bute honestly, it's not enough. we are facing a healthcare emergency at this point and we need the federal government to step in and protect the people who need abortion care services in the states where access has been denied and protect us providers who are trying our best to serve those people in the states where abortion is protected. we need the administration to help it be easier for us to license our physicians in the states that are safe haven states so that we can have the workforce that's nowes been displaced in places like texas, mississippi and louisiana,
12:52 pm
missouri, et cetera, be available to help the people who are traveling from those places into communities in minnesota and illinois and new mexico, et cetera, right? we need some help with cross-state travel protections so that our patients won't be criminalized and those of us working to serve those patients as nurses, doctors and workers won't be criminalized for providing that care in the safe haven states. you've heard many clinics worried about seeing patients who are coming from the states that are banned, where abortion is banned coming into the safe haven states and think, those providers are scared. they're supposed to be scared and that's the intention of laws liked this. we can't vilify the providers. we need to stand up for those providers and assure us that we won't bes criminalized for providing the essential medical care that is abortion care services in the safe haven states where we're allowed to provide that care. >> soes given everything that you've just laid out, amy, do you believe that this
12:53 pm
administration is moving too slowly to get you the help that you need. >> yes. i think that we need to protect abortion care services and roe has already been overturned. we have thousands of people who are going to be denied safe abortion care in the states whereed abortion has been banne. we know that abortion is essential to family health, to community's health and we have tons of data that shows access to safe abortion, increases maternal mortality outcomes and helps families to be safer and help ourd communities thrive. we have this data and we need to act on it so the people denied access to safe abortion can receive the abortion care in the haven states and the states whereha abortion is protected a those of us who have the expertise at providing this care, the t workforce in the soh that is now blocked from doing the work that we love and the work that we are trained to provide. we need the administration to help us relocate our clinics to
12:54 pm
haven states. pick up and move them and bring our expertise to help the people who are being displaced. i don't know which kind of provisions in the federal government could help us. it's not my area of expertise, but i do know there are more people more expert in providing abortion care than those of us in the south who have kept our clinics open for all these years amids multiple regulations and barriers use us now. let us uses our expertise to hp people provide the care in the havenlp states and partner with the providers that are already there to build as robust an infrastructure as we're able to right now to mitigate some of the harm that lies ahead. >> have you had a chance to deliver that message personally to members of the biden administration at a high level? >> so i was invited to the white house last fall to meet with vice president harris along with some other providers from these affected communities in mississippi and in texas and elsewhere. i didis make some of these suggestions at that time, and i
12:55 pm
have shared them repeatedly with reporters such as yourself to call on the government to step in with ppp loans or fema support or some kind of way to help us relocate the assets, relocate the equipment and the expertise so that we can be of service in some of the places where abortion is protected. >> we talked about the status of your clinics when we brought you in, amy. some of the clinics in texas are open and in the process of relocating to new mexico. can you help us understand what is the status of the clinics and the status of the move? >> sure. we have four clinics in the state of texas and our clinics have been forced to cease abortion provision. we can no longer provide abortion anywhere in the state of texas. in fact, nobody can. abortion has been completely stopped in the state of texas. our clinics are open because we are providing follow-up care for the people we helped with
12:56 pm
abortions earlier this month and we're packing up our equipment and we are securing the patient records, et cetera and wrapping up operations in texas and we are moving to new mexico and we are also focused on our clinics that we already have established in virginia and maryland and minnesota and doing the best that we can to welcome people who are traveling from the states where abortion is now banned into those communities to get the health care that they deserve. >> you're seeing people traveling into the safe haven states? >> absolutely. even before roe fell, 30% of the people that we're helping in minnesota were coming from texas because of the six-week abortion ban in texas. so we are seeing heem coming from ohio, from tennessee, from virginia -- i mean, west virginia and louisiana, mississippi, texas into our clinics in minnesota and maryland and virginia and also utilizing our medication abortion by mail telemedicine
12:57 pm
program that we operate in new mexico andic illinois, as well. so many providers in this country are doing all that we can toco continue to provide sa abortion care c and we need our allies and our partners in this administration to do what they can to clear that path for us so that we can remain safe and protected from these frivolous lawsuits and threats so that we can do the work that we are trained and committed to do. >> amy haggstrom-miller. thank you for watching msnbc. for now "deadline: white house" starts after the break. thank you for watching msnbc for now "deadline: white house" starts after the break
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