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tv   American Voices With Alicia Menendez  MSNBC  May 21, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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everyone, i'm alicia mendes, yes on h. recall chesa boudin now. this hour, new details about ginni thomas -- this supreme court justice wife took to arizona in hopes of overturning the election. all as the high court her husband sits on seeks to overturn the right to choose. in just a few hours, eric swalwell put lazy in on all of it plus, what is it like on the front lines of the fight for reproductive health care. we meet a woman helping those find care in oklahoma.
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and also this hour, a guest calling out the gop's use of tucker carleson syndrome, saying millions are now vulnerable to it. and a report from the south border, on the wait to seek asylum is now longer, thanks to a judge's ruling on title 42. this is american voices. we begin this hour with the republican party, which in theory, touts that rule of law, life itself. but in practice, prioritizes hoarding power for a select few. we see it again and again from january 6th to overturning roe, even the baby formula crisis. take the conservative power couple justice clarence thomas and his wife ginny new details show that his wife worked to reverse president biden's win in arizona. emails show she pressed arizona lawmakers after the 2020 election to set aside joe biden 's popular vote victory and choose a quote, clean slate of electors.
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emails also argue that quote, legislatures needed to intervene because the vote had been marred by fraud. again, no evidence of widespread voting fraud. but that did not stop conservatives from trying to subvert american democracy. meantime, her husband part of the conservative super majority poised to overturn roe v. wade. that would pave the way for republicans to pass new restrictions on reproduction decisions. the nation's most restrictive abortion ban, now sitting on the desk of the oklahoma governor. as soon as he signs the texas copycat bill, most abortion access will be denied in that state. and while the gop claims to be the party of life, this week, nearly 200 house republicans voted against a bill to address the nation's baby formula crisis. and on a separate bill, a handful of republicans even opposed a move to expand access to formula for low income family. representative marjorie taylor greene claimed the bill would make it difficult for more families to buy more formula.
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as though there is a hierarchy for people who need to feed babies. -- calling out this gop hypocrist, calling out the quote, callous disregard for the lives of babies seems at odds with republican claims to be a party that is particularly and even obsessly focused on the welfare of fetuses. for republicans, fetuses must be protected until they are born. at which point viable in pence should be denied food by the government. joining me now is to discuss is california congressman eric swalwell. congressman, good to see you. congress taking action to solve this shortage. when can families see relief? >> they need it immediately. and we're working to attack this first on, making sure that the most vulnerable people who are on wic, also known as food stamps, have more access to it. also to fund $28 million more in addressing the supply challenges. also to hold hearings to understand why there were
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issues with these companies. we're feeling it in our household, alicia. we've got a six month old who just switched to formula. so i understand what this means to people. it also illustrates that republicans are not interested in solutions. they're interested in theater. they call this joe biden's baby formula crisis, as if he has a baby formula factory outside the white house. you can politicize it that way. but we put forward solutions to try and address it, and most republicans voted against funding those solutions. so again, we're here to get things done, and attack the problems. they're there, it seems, just to own the libs and produce more and more theater. >> congressman, i'm sure you heard me tick through all the stories that i see as interconnected. one of the ones we're watching is the january six committee, nbc news reporting, rudy giuliani set down with a committee for nine hours on friday. what type of information, what
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kind of questions do you hope they posed to him? >> this is the president's lawyer and no one really legally has been closer to the president and the other folks from the land of misfit toys who also advise the president. and so to understand what was donald trump's thinking and intent leading up to the insurrection. and of course, what could donald trump do that he could not do once it was clear there was violence at the capitol. that's clear. nine hours, that's a long time. and you know, rudy giuliani has been a stranger to the truth for many years. so hopefully he provided truthful testimony. not that i don't recall stuff that we hear too often from trump camp. but this just shows this committee, they've talked to nearly everyone around this crime. >> so let me talk tonight about ginni thomas. you have msn legal correspondent joyce vance tweeting quote, either justice thomas recuses in every case that comes to the court where his wife is heavily involved in
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the action, or the public's confidence in the court will be damaged beyond repair. your thoughts? >> i have to recuse on this question, because i have a lawsuit against donald trump, which just won in the district court. there is a 93-page opinion that is now being considered by the circuit court. we expect it may it very likely may be in front of the supreme court. so i think others need to do in other cases is just not comment on something that affects me or i have an interest in. i'll just point out that the judiciary committee where i sit, they've taken up legislation having to do with more transparency with the courts. i also recused myself on voting on any of that, just so there wasn't any perceived conflict of interest. -- is this full frontal attack on reproductive rights across this
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country, and the hypocrisy of saying that you care about life, the hypocrisy of saying this is your top priority, not being willing to feed all babies formula. when you step back and look at it, i don't know how they make this argument with a straight face. and i wonder if, in november, you believe they are going to face repercussions from voters? >> they're already facing those repercussions. there is an npr-merris poll that showed democrats are up 47-42 in the congressional midterm poll. we've been down almost a year in that poll. and primarily, that's because people want the freedom to make their own health care decisions. and i have to say, this case is really about who gets to sit at the kitchen table. when you're making the big decision about whether you want to be a parent or not, do you consult your partner, your friends, your parents, or is donald trump at the table, is jim jordan at the table, is kevin mccarthy at the table saying, you have to be a parent. and by the way, they've shown that once you're forced to have a government-mandated pregnancy,
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they won't be able to help feed the baby if there's a formula shortage. they won't be able protect the kid from a mass shooting at school. they won't help you finance college for that kid. they just want to force you to have the pregnancy, and criminalize it if you don't. >> congressman eric swalwell, as always, thank you for being with us. i want to bring in michelle goodwin she's a chancellor professor of law the university of california irvine and the author of policing the womb, invisible women and the criminalization of motherhood. and we maria --, the founder of futuro media. michelle, we talked about this new anti-abortion bill in oklahoma. bans nearly all abortions, starting at fertilization. talk to me about the significance of that language. how does that even work? >> wel, whatl this is all about is power and control. and it's about chilling any possibility that one would want to seek an abortion, go out of state for an abortion.
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what this basically says it's either don't have sex at all. or, once you've had sex, you've committed to any results involving sex. that includes whether you wanted sex or you did not want sex. whether you are raped or you are not, you are forced. one of the things that is important for us to understand, is that lawmakers here have decided that the lives of people with the potential to become pregnant, mean very little in relation to an embryo or a fetus. and that's very clear when we look at the high rates of maternal mortality that make it very clear being pregnant in the united states is dangerous. so, here there is just a priority of fetus and embryo over women, girls, and people with the capacity to become pregnant. >> maria, you've been reporting on stories like this for years. you watched the story come in and out of focus. what goes through your mind as you watch this current sweep of laws throughout the country? >> you know, alicia, thank you for asking me that. because i have been covering
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this story since the 1990s. and i was covering the story when they were murdering doctors who were performing a medical procedure. i've been covering this story as the hatred of people toward women, towards people who go get an abortion, people like myself, who had two, is just increasing an increasing. and it's almost as if -- i understood what was on the line, but it's almost as if people were like uh. and i think about this, i think the right-wing was on this low-grade attack that was just relentless. and liberal america was like we'll never lose this, right we'll never lose this, right. i feel like they're not getting the message. liberal america is not reading the room to the kind of low grade assault that is coming towards women at every level. >> right, and to that point
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about every level, michelle, i want you to take a listen to former attorney general eric holder speaking to the erosion of reproductive rights speaking this week on msnbc. >> if you think about all the furor we've seen, legitimate concern about how roe v. wade might be overturned, and think about the fact that that come from cases being considered from the supreme court that came from gerrymandered supreme court legislators. or even the most conservative states, people do not want to see roe v. wade overturned. and yet, becase you've got these partisan and racial gerrymandered legislatures there, they can pass bills, these anti-choice bills, inconsistent with the desires of the people. and yet, the people who passed these bills, the legislators that pass these bills faced no political consequences. >> it's easy to talk about any of these things in silos. it's easy to talk about abortion over here and voting rights over here, but it's all entangled. >> these are all interconnected. this is the same supreme court that dismantled key provisions
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of the voting rights act of 1965. something that republicans had long supported. we're talking about roe v. wade and the dismantling of it as a 7 to 2 opinion, where five of those seven justices were republican-appointed. and justice blackman, who authored that opinion, was put on that court by richard nixon. we're talking about a republican party that is so distanced from its pass that prescott bush, the father of george h.w. bush, was the treasurer of planned parenthood. we talk about something that's deeply off the rails, has become deeply partisan, and it really is a forerunner to seeing more voter suppression and the dismantlement of other privacy rights. and that's already being suggested in the various states that are dismantling access to abortion. >> maria, i want to make sure to get you on the baby formula crisis -- washington post columnist writing republicans and their media sources have been
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unrestrained in attacking president biden for the formula shortage. they blamed everything from biden's alleged radical agenda to the fact that the administration feeds detained migrant babies. that last piece, maria, as i was reading that story, as i was seeing those ridiculous attacks, i needed to know what you were thinking. >>, look alicia, i thought you know might be a little -- meaning it's going to backfire on them. that women, people who give birth, there's one thing which is just like you're going to starve somebody else's baby. i just think we get to a point where there's something really disgusting and horrible here. at the same time, i think the democratic party writ large should really -- were expecting them to fight back. like where their massive communications rollout that is just making it clear what's under attack? [speaking spanish] what we're talking about is privacy. what does the government have
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to do with a person making a decision about their body. and i've kinda wish they'd been talk about how would men feel if the government was going to get involved in their most intimate -- and i was like what is the most intimate bodily decision that a man can make. okay, i'm gonna be really gross about it. but a penile implant, okay? it's gross, because that's the most private thing. and yet, the government is going to be involved in that. that's what it is for people who can get pregnant like me, for the government to be saying, and we're going to be right up in there. so we're waiting for the response, which needs to be in a big massive communication. >> michelle, as always thank you. maria, you're sticking around. oklahoma passes the most restrictive abortion law in the country. we're going to hear about how losing roe will affect people from someone on the ground hoping to get them care. plus, fox anchors are now
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defending the racist replacement theory that drove the buffalo shooter. we're going to dig into quote, tucker carlson's syndrome and how to stop it, next. but first to cori coffin who is standing by with other big stories that we're watching this hour at msnbc. cory? >> thanks alicia. the youngest victim the tragic buffalo new york shooting was laid to rest today. roberta drury was 32 years old, she was one of the ten black deals who were targeted and killed at the buffalo supermarket. the first shipments of baby formula bound for the u.s. from europe have arrived in an airbase in germany. the white house says 132 pallets of formula will arrive in indiana tomorrow. president biden launched the operation to ease a nationwide shortage of formula. and michigan, authorities confirm a second death after tornado ripped through the northern part of the state. more than 40 people were hurt. one is still unaccounted for. more american voices after the break.
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whoa, that is big. ok. coffee time. double shot. deal with a potential breach. deal with your calendar. deal with your fantasy lineup. and then... that's it? we feeling good? looks like we're feeling good. bring on today with comcast business. powering possibilities™. you've heard a lot about the great replacement theory recently. it's everywhere in the last few days. we're still not sure exactly what it is. >> that is fox news's truck or carlson trying to gaslight all of us, pretending he doesn't know a lot about the replacement theory, the replacement racist theory -- buffalo shooting where black shoppers were killed. but carlson can't brush this under the rug. new york times reports carlson amplify the conspiracy in more than 400 episodes of his show. carlson has claimed over and over again that democrats want
7:20 pm
to replace quote, american voters with immigrants. that might also explain why so many americans buy into this web of disinformation. an associated press poll finds about one in three americans, one in three, think an effort is underway to replace native born americans with immigrants to change election outcomes. joining me now to discuss the quote the, tucker carlson syndrome infecting american l.a. times opinion call miss, jim guerrero and frederick finklestein who is professor the new school for research. and his new book fascist mythologies comes out in july. it's good to see both of you. jeanne rode out the buffalo gunman, writing quote, the foundation of his thinking lies in the belief that democratic change means death. diversity is white genocide, he wrote. this fallacy, increasingly common among conservatives, confuses population growth and change with population erasure and cultural decay. jeanne, talk me through this. how so many americans come
7:21 pm
vulnerable to things to lies like the great real placement theory. >> when you have the most popular cable tv show host in the country spewing this vigil over the place, it's of course going to trickle down into the sewers of 4chan and reddit where people like the buffalo shooter were radicalized. you know, reading through his hundreds of pages of discord messages, the shooter himself said he didn't want to kill anyone repeatedly. he felt he had to, because he had been radicalized in this belief that white people survival depended on him essentially eliminating people of color. and this is incredibly dangerous and just nonsensical idea with very deep roots, a long history in the united states, going back to the 16 hundreds with bans on interracial marriage. because of the idea that if you have racial mixing it will lead to the elimination of whites. but all boils down to this logical fallacy that demographic change, or demographic growth, is
7:22 pm
demographic erasure are subtraction. this incomplete ability to do math, these people are just incredibly confused. and tucker carlson is making it happen. >> federica, you say replacement theory is the new name for old fascist racism. tell me more. >> there is no difference between what's this terrorist is saying and basically what hitler said. i went back to check these, and hitler himself would talk about replacement. then the same basic lie a, fascist lie. the idea that they, the antisemitic idea that somehow that there is a jewish conspiracy to replace a, quote unquote, areas that are white with people of color. this is insane. this is fascist. and basically a new branding of all fascism. so, this is extremely
7:23 pm
dangerous. so jeanne, part of the reason i want to talk to you beyond what you wrote about in the l. a. times is you thought a lot about this, right. during the trump years you and i spoke a lot about this during the trump years. i am wondering the ways in which you see those four years, and the fact there are prominent figures inside the white house that were shaping theories, shaping policies, that were shaped by these ideologies has mainstream these ideologies even after those four years are over. >> 100%, i mean a lot of this has to do with trump senior advisor stephen miller making immigration dehumanization a number i one priority in this administration. popularizing the idea, as trump did, that any kind of immigration whether it's legal or not is, quote unquote, invasion, violent invasion in
7:24 pm
their eyes. so the logical response to that, if you believe this insanity, is violence. and that's where the great replacement theory is intended to do. you know, stephen miller helped popularize this white supremacist book the camp of the saints, which is about the destruction of white people by brown refugees, who are described in animalistic terms. and the message of that book is violence. the only way to survive is to commit violence. so they see any kind of democratic change as a declaration of war. and these incredibly dangerous ideas just got mainstreamed during the trump administration. now, tucker carlson has become their number one proponent. and it's just -- i can't emphasize a need of how dangerous this is. we've had the largest massacre against latinos in history, in 2019. our failure to respond adequately led to our failure and led to what we've seen in buffalo. and will continue to lead to these kinds of inhumane, horrific nightmares, until we
7:25 pm
address those sources of radicalization. >> federico, last week, and the wake of the horrific shooting we watched in buffalo, i spoke with a contributor on this network, and she made the argument to me that racism is systems. there is no sort of easy way to say how do we eradicate this, how do we deal with this, so understand the question i'm asking has no elegant or simple answer. but as a student of history, where have you seen when these theories take hold of a population, what does the process of undoing that entail? >> i mean that is an excellent question, and i cannot abysses more wet gene was emphasizing, it's extremely dangerous. and when it happened, a lot of people died. and violence is at the center of fascism. there is no fascism without violence, and without terror. so basically, the key to it here is how these ideas, not how they became toxic in 1945
7:26 pm
are being normalized again. so the first moment is -- institutions that this is not acceptable. these ideas cannot be exam did, in community forces are -- and of course as, as a journalist and a citizen, we we beat need to be not accepting the normalization. perhaps the audience saw this beautiful response by a uber driver. it was on twitter where this person said this is not acceptable. harris's purse is one of the joint a car right. and then the writer said this is not acceptable in my car. you cannot be racist and accept. but the way it works is the more we accept this as a society, the more these kind of i would say, extremists and terrorists have a place. because what happens is basically what you have is fascist ideas being broadcast by people like tucker carlsen.
7:27 pm
and people are listening to these. and it only takes one extremely kind of terrorists to translate this idea from theory to practice. and that is dangerous enough. but is tasked with a responsibility, both media responsibility, but institutional responsibility. >> institutional responsibility, jean, federico, 90 so much. up ahead, by pandemic era immigration policy staying in place, leaving thousands of migrants seeking refuge still waiting. but first, the real world impact of the supreme court decision. we're going to talk to a woman helping patients find abortion care in oklahoma. care in oklahoma
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7:32 pm
anti-abortion law, allowing private citizens to file civil suits against any person who conducts or aids an abortion. if the supreme court overturns roe versus wade, as suspected, laws like these will likely be allowed to stand. and more laws like them are expected to pop up across the country. joining me now, co-executive director of trust women, rebecca tong. rebecca, explain to me in practice, what this law means for people in oklahoma. >> it means that they will be forced to carry pregnancies against their will. it means the people with means will be able to get out of state, and travel, in order to access abortion care. but people who are undocumented, where english is not their first language, or who are under-resourced, will not be able to access the necessary health care that they need. prior to our opening, oklahoma city was the largest city in the u.s. without an abortion
7:33 pm
provider. what we will also begin to see is really poor health care outcomes. oklahoma already has some of the worst health care outcomes in the country, for infant mortality, for maternal mortality. and i expect those will get worse. >> under this new law, women in oklahoma who are seeking an abortion as a result of rape or incest, with the little caveats there, must prove they have filed a report with law enforcement. i think that anyone who understands this issue understands why this is deeply problematic. talk us through this. >> it is cruel to scrutinize every single pregnancy. we know that the people who will get criminalized for self -managed abortions will not be wealthy, white women. it will be trans people. it will be all lgbtqia people of all colors. and this is who our country decides to criminalize for pregnancies.
7:34 pm
already, oklahoma has one of the highest incarceration rates for women in general. to have to justify the need for an abortion, to have to prove that you've been raped, is cruel. it's torture. >> rebecca, i wanna make sure i'm getting this right, because i know we have highlighted the most restrictive of oklahoma's new abortion laws. but there as i understand it three new laws going on the books, sometimes these laws are contradictory and it seems confusion is the goal here, right? >> confusion and fear, especially with the civilian enforcement bounty-style laws. their hope is to make our staff, our physicians, our vendors, so fearful that they will not work with us anymore. that has been the tactic for
7:35 pm
decades, to make this work so difficult, so expensive, and so dangerous that no one would want to do it. and that is why oklahoma city was the largest city in the u. s. without an abortion provider. that is why there are growing abortion deserts across our country. and as you showed in that map, it will only get worse. >> can we keep that map up? because i think to your point, that if you are in oklahoma, and you cannot access an abortion in oklahoma, where are you going? >> many people are trying to go to kansas. there are several clinics in new mexico and colorado. many of them are on the farther side of the state. so, again, it is the people with means to travel, they'll be able to travel. and the people who can only get to a clinic in driving distance,
7:36 pm
they will work incredibly hard in order to access abortion. they will do without, they will drive hours, through the night, without any rest, in order to get care. so we've already seen the flood of people coming from texas to our kansas clinic, just two and a half hours to the north. and we've already been serving oklahoma patients who have been pushed out of their state because of the flood of texas patients. >> rebecca tong, co-executive director of trust women, rebecca, thank you so much for joining us. next, refugees at the southern border will have to wait longer to seek asylum in this country. we'll hear from some of them risking their lives. plus, a new wave of primaries coming up on tuesday. how the politics of abortion, the baby formula shortage, could all shape voters ahead of the midterms. (driver) conventional thinking would say verizon has the largest and fastest 5g network. but, they don't. they only cover select cities with 5g.
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7:40 pm
biden administration's move to lift the trump era border policy known as title 42, in a major blow for asylum seekers trying to enter the u.s.. nbc's sam brock is at the border in del rio, texas with more. >> alicia, good evening, and good to be with you. the title 42 policy, which we implemented in march of 2020, nearly 2 million migrants were expelled. and yet, right now we are still reaching a crisis point when it comes the immigration issue at the borders. this title 42 still in effect. they estimate the 704 --
7:41 pm
7400 crossings every single day, that is an all-time record. over my shoulder here in del rio, obviously this is the border fence. we're not seeing a lot of activity here. but an hour here in rio pass, where the rio grande runs right through, you will see every single hour, every day, families trying to cross that river. see this video here, of two families from ecuador trying to do just that. earlier, cbp tried to warn them to go back as they could drown. they're 25 drownings just last month. we spoke to them and they did get on to the u.s. side. one man in his 17-year-old daughter and his wife, they just start crying in each other 's arms. he said to me he could not believe he'd have to risk his family's life and put them in that kind of danger. and they also joined up with another young mother, her daughter, who just turned three today. so much emotion, gratitude, and confusion about what comes next. that's just one anecdote, one story. there's another woman from columbia, she came as a group of 200 people. she left her kids behind south america. here's an example of what they told us. >> [speaking spanish]
7:42 pm
>> and alicia, the judge's ruling he did cite some of the reasons why this induction should be in play. one of them is just simply the projections that 18,000 crossing that day. that's according to dhs figures. 7000 right now, we're already at record levels. he also discuss safety valves which are disgusting title 42. which is to say there is exemptions for unaccompanied minors, family members, and people increasingly coming from countries like, cuba, venezuela, haiti, countries that will not accept them back. so what you're seeing, for the first time since april, more
7:43 pm
people who came to the border state in the united states that were expelled. and that's far the judges point as well. he also said maybe states, not just on the border, but regionally, are the resources, whether it's educational, law enforcement, social services, they were not planning for. on that basis alone, the amount of financial investment required states that these states have a point. 24 states, republican -controlled states are suing over this issue. they've refused to accept mask mandates, they refused except vaccine mandates, and now we're discussing how policy that will stay in for the foreseeable future. that's the reporting in del rio. >> nbc's sand rock. next, nearly 200 republicans voted against funding to ease the baby a formula shortage. how democrats can turn that into a winning and motivating issue at the polls.
7:44 pm
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7:48 pm
abortion, even birth control in some states, they are also making life harder for some moms. all but a dozen house republicans opposing bill to address the baby formula shortage. as vice news put it, republicans just voted against feeding the baby there forcing you to have. here on abortion care, democratic representative, cori bush, calling out the hypocrisy of the allegedly pro-life policies. >> here is my message for anyone trying to take away a person's bodily autonomy, if you are for life, you will support universal pay leave. if you are for life, you will support livable wages. if you are for a life, you would support affordable childcare, affordable housing and the expansion of wake and ten of the snap programs. if you are for life, you would support policies to help children and families meet their material needs. >> joining me now, former republican congressman, david jolly of florida, a msnbc
7:49 pm
analyst and maria hinojosa, futuro media wander. we're -- now you have speaker pelosi being denied catholic union over her defense of reproductive rights. i wonder where you think this conversation goes from here and how democrats, in particular, begin to craft a message around this that resonates as they go into november? >> alicia, elections are ultimately about a contrast. democrats have a lot of runway to work on the contrast between where they stand and not just protecting life but protecting life from cradle to grave, representing the value of all lives compared to republicans who vote after vote, continue to paint themselves in the corner. this week's vote on the formula bill being a good example. i think what i am fascinated to see about this though is that the democrats have a once in a generation opportunity to grab
7:50 pm
tens of millions of persuadable voters on the issue of roe. what i mean by that is that both sides will turn on their base. the pace will turn out, there is no question. but on this decision on row, there are tens of millions of americans who may not identify as pro choice. they may issue that label. but they really do support the framework of roe and casey, recognizing a woman's fundamental right to health care and bodily autonomy and church, but also the balance of roe and casey. at the rugrats figure out how to communicate, it's where tens of million americans are, even if they don't self identify as pro choice or have not in the past decade, this could be the issue that brings democrats back in november. >> maria, i wonder i will point this idea of republicans demonizing immigrants, of republicans trying to make abortion there motivating issue, which they clearly think resonates with their base, but
7:51 pm
to david's point, it means that there is this persuadable middle that they could lose, did you get to hear the audio and that last package of the mob at the border saying, i left my kids in columbia, i will fight for my kids? when you talk about the humanity that is actually at the forefront of this the bait, you can have a judge give a mouth interpretation of title 42 and what it means for states, this and that, at the end of the day, democrats have an opportunity to say, we know how to do this, we know how to do it right and we know how to live up to two fundamental visit this country. >> i think everybody is waiting for the democrats to take the gloves off, basically. it's like we can see that everybody falls into line in terms of the republican party. all you have to do is look at the trump republican party and make the connection. former president trump started off would hate against
7:52 pm
mexicans. hayes whole rhetoric of white supremacy enables the horror of what happened in buffalo, which is led also and connected to politicians saying, take away baby formula from these babies, and also you will be forced to have a baby that you do not want. i wrote this word down, i'm sorry i'm using somewhat spanish -- i was like, the republicans [speaking spanish] that means, without a face, it's what they're doing. they're her boxy is so clear, that is why it backfired. you are right, the colombian woman, if you have a heart, you are identifying with the fact that she is worried for her kids. she is the one who chose to have those babies. she wants to do everything to feed them. if you have a heart, you will connect with the. i agree with congressman jolly, this is the democrats to lose, essentially. >> david, here is to echo
7:53 pm
something that maria said about the transparency of republicans. earlier this week, you had minority leader, mitch mcconnell, dodging questions about the great replacement theory, then pivoting to antiabortion talking points. here that is. >> biden said in buffalo that the u.s. must reject ally of the great replacement theory. does the republican party need to reject it? >> racism of any sort is abhorrent in america. it ought to be stood up to buy everybody, both republicans, democrats, all americans. well i am concerned about with regard to the southern border is the relative openness of it. this administration has taken a number of steps in the direction of just throwing our border wide open once again. that ought to be addressed. >> david jolly, i have about 30 seconds left, but your take on what we just heard. >> i think democrats need to go
7:54 pm
right at the hypocritical profession of evangelical faith other republican party today. so many tenets of today's gop are and that question. frankly, the fundamental value of any religion, christiane 80, judaism, is love. what we are not seeing from today's republican party's love for their fellow man, white, brown, black, regardless where they come from, regardless of their socioeconomic status. democrats have the opportunity to show the world republican hypocrisy when it comes to their claims of fate. that is a powerful narrative going into the bitter. >> david, maria, they give about. more american voices next. here is a look at what else is coming up on msnbc. hey there, i am ayman. tonight, eight eastern, i will be joined by mit international secretary general agnes callamard, we will talk about what losing abortion rights could mean for the future of democracy and more.
7:55 pm
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7:59 pm
this deal would not of happened without u.s. soccer present city karlyn cohn. she's the first woman to hold that job. and the first woman to -- >> we want to lead on. this and hopefully this will lead to meaningful change in progress, not only here in the u.s. and in soccer, but around the world and in other sports, as well as in society. for most american soccer's fans, the success of the women's national soccer team. for meg filipino, speaking her mind off the field, backing it up on the world's biggest stage, to brandi chastain and the iconic 1999 world cup champions, we know these players. they have been a part of our lives for decades. the significance of this we've not lost on them. but >> this is not about one team in one country. this is about us as a collective. about what can happen in every single corner of the world.
8:00 pm
a great first step. still more work to do. that is it for this saturday i'm going to see you back here against 6 pm. more american voices. but gonna handed over to a man. now heineman. >> haley sia, listen. i'm so glad you brought up the subject of equal pay for u.s. soccer. i'm a huge fan, i've been following the story closely. actually follow women's soccer overseas. some of the biggest clubs in the world how some of the biggest american players playing for them, so it's great to see u.s. soccer break barriers and lead the way for the rest the world. so, hopefully it will create more of a ripple effect all across this country and in the sport. so good on you for bringing him up. thank you very much alicia. >> good evening to you, and welcome to ayman tonight. thank you very much and good evening to you, and good evening to a man tonight. the gop has a violent extremist problem when it's refusing to acknowledge. the gop rising star who took on the republican party and one.


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