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tv   MSNBC Prime  MSNBC  May 13, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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what's happening here, particularly as we find russia and we can place. it's a fascinating piece. michael weiss, thanks for your time. >> >> sure, thanks. >> that is all in for this week, msnbc prime starts now with valuable, she good evening ali. >> good evening, have yourself a good weekend. we will see you next week doctor anthony fauci, joining us later on. we'll be asking, him how do we understand this rise in covid cases, across the country? how worried should we be that new funding, to fight covid, is still, bottled up in congress? let me start tonight with the story picked up last week in western michigan. sources tell the nbc affiliate at the town hall, more of the communities they covered, were like raided by law enforcement. if your reporter, and here the town hall is rated, your mind goes to corruption, graft, or some small town embezzlement
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scheme. these things happen, at all levels of government. but, that wasn't what this was. this was something stranger. >> michigan township, part of a statewide investigation. sources tell news a, michigan state police raided irving township home, and berry county, this past friday. >> this, after someone was allegedly given improper access to voting machines. >> the investigation, starting here in roscommon county. michigan state police say, there, a third party, allegedly, was given unauthorized access to voter tabulation machines, and data drives. state police confirmed, the investigation has since spread to several other counties in the state, but would not, explicitly, confirm if irving township was on that list. they say this township in the hall, is part of the investigation. >> state police, rating the town hall, investigating whether someone was given unauthorized access to voting machines. the township supervisor, later
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confirming, a state police seized voting tabulator in the raid, and noticed, the way the alleged crime here was described. not as someone broke in, to get out the voting machines in the data drives, it is that someone unauthorized to have access to that stuff was, allegedly, given access. what takes the story from being just a weird story, of local interests, to folks in western michigan, to being a story of national importance, is the fact that, what i just described to you, is happening all over the country. in surrey county, north carolina, a local republican party leader, allegedly, threatened to get a county elections director fired, unless she helped him gain illegal access to voting equipment. in lake county ohio, the fbi, investigating an attempted breach of the election system, from the office of a local republican commissioner, on primary election, day last year. in colorado, a local republican
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kirk, indicted on charges that she let an unauthorized person mess with election equipment that, she, was supposed to be protecting. elsewhere, in michigan, three men gained access to, and disassembled, a voting machine, after pretending to be from a fictitious government agency. a local republican activists, arrested, in that scheme. as of late last month, reuters counted eight known incidents of unauthorized access, or, attempted unauthorized access, voting systems, in five states, since the 2020 election. reuters reported, quote, all involved, local republican officeholders, who were party activists, who advanced donald trump stolen election falsehoods, or conspiracy theories, about rigged voting machines. today, the washington post reports on yet another alleged breach. the former election supervisor, and rural coffee county georgia, telling the washington post, when she was in that elections
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post in the weeks after donald trump's loss in 2020, she led a bunch of election deniers poke around, inside of the county election equipment, because she, hoped, that they would prove the election was rigged, and joe biden had not won. never mind, donald trump won her counter by 40 points. she told the post she was, quote, unaware of guidance the georgia secretary of state's office said centre county election administrators, saying, voting equipment, and software, must not be released to public, absent a court order. and, she questioned why access should be so restricted. she said, quote, i don't see why anything that is dealing with elections is not open to the public, and quote. it's odd, isn't it? folks who are so concerned that people, supposedly, messed with election equipment to rig the last election now seem totally unfazed by the idea of random people, walking off the street, and messing with election equipment. but, in addition to that cheerful confession from the
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former election supervisor, the post, also, obtained audio of the election denier, that she says, she allowed to access the equipment. he owns a bail bond business, and business must be booming, because in this phone conversation, the post obtained a recording of the bail bond guy, saying, he chartered plane, flying a crack team of election investigators to coffee county georgia. >> on the guy that started the jet to go down to coffee county to have them inspect all of those computers. i have heard zero, okay? i went down there, we scanned every freaking ballot. i set the team down to coffee county georgia, and they scanned all of the equipment, and reached all of the hard drives, scanning every single ballot. absentee in person, in person, and absentee by mail, and have
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gotten no feedback. >> they imaged the harsh drives? >> yes. >> how in the world did you get permission to do that? >> we basically had the entire elections committee there, okay? and they said, we give you permission. go for it. >> now, it is important to know here, the georgia secretary of state office, which is investigating the situation says, so far, they have found no evidence of a security breach. it is possible, the bail bonds guy was exaggerating, with what he, and his ostensible team of investigators, actually, had accomplished. but, the fact remains, the local republican election supervisor was an enthusiastic participant in this plan. she's one of many, many local republican officials, who let pro trump election deniers access sensitive election equipment, which is the behavior we expect from republican election officials, in the current republican party.
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because, the big lie about the 2020 election, now, is a foundational principle for republican candidates, up, and down, the ballot. take, for example, kathy barnett. who, suddenly, is surging in the polls in the republican u.s. senate primary, and pennsylvania. if you have recently become aware of kathy, it may be because of this campaign video she released, earlier this month. and, it she explains, she wants to make abortion illegal, with no exceptions for rape, or incest, because she, herself, is the product of rape. her mother, ray today 11, and kathy barnett says, she's glad abortion was not an option for her mother. therefore, her position appears to be, all 11-year-old girls who are raped in the united states should be forced to carry their rapist babies to term. which, apparently, struck a chord with many republican primary voters in pennsylvania. but, although that is how kathy barnett made a national name for herself most recently, for the last year and a half, she
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has been a stop the steal advocate. ever since she, very expectedly, lost a congressional race to a democrat, in a blue pennsylvania district in 2020, kathy barnett has been crisscrossing the state, hunting for phantom voter fraud that, supposedly, cost her the race. this made her a darling of the stop the steal movement, up to, and including, donald trump. that is where kathy burnett comes from. so, it shouldn't be surprising that someone, like her, an election denier, with hard right views on abortion, and a number of other issues, is surging in the polls in the republican primary for senate in pennsylvania. but, republican leaders are freaking out about the possibility that she may win, because, they seem to recognize this undiluted manifestation of the republican in could be a very, very, bad election candidate. this is how weird it is getting. fox news hosts, spending this week, going after kathy barnett for being too anti muslim. for calling barack obama a
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muslim. so, get this, republican primary voters, if you love donald complete and total shutdown on muslims entering the united states, and whereas obama's birth certificate, trump, and you want to help his party, do not vote for kathy burnett, because she is to anti-muslim. by the way, they're having a similar freak out about the front runner for the republican nomination for governor in pennsylvania. a republican state senator named doug mastriano. just today, one of mastriano's rivals for the republican nomination dropped out of the race, in an effort to consolidate support behind a more mainstream candidate, which is part of a scramble by republicans to block mastriano's path to victory. honestly, what did the republicans expect? of course mastriano is the front runner. he built his entire identity around the stolen 2020 election. you know with those breaches we were talking about? they were facilitated by local republican officials.
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doug mastriano, personally, was behind one of those. pennsylvania had to decertify all of the voting machines, in one county, because they have been compromised by a team of crock-pot investigators, requested by doug ministry auto. but, again, doug mastriano, and kathy barnett, may offer the most extreme version of this denialism, but is not like they're supposedly more mainstream rivals are not singing from the same hymn book. today, the philadelphia inquirer publishing the editorial called, we wanted to endorse in republican primaries this year, we can't. quote, when we sent a survey to republican candidates in their view, among the most problematic queries that we asked was, who won the 2020 presidential election? the only two options in the multiple choice format where joe biden, or donald trump. only one candidate agreed to acknowledge reality, unquote. by the way, the one candidate was not one of the leading
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candidates. same thing happened, with republican candidates for governor. three candidates acknowledge, joe biden is president. no one else did. the editorial board writes, quote, the 2020 election is over, a candidate won. they live in pennsylvania avenue, and his name is joe biden. how do you find points of agreement when you cannot reach common ground on facts so basic, that they could be used in a field sobriety test? and quote. the pennsylvania primary is on tuesday. buckle up. the philadelphia citizen, and expert of all things related to pennsylvania politics, larry. in the interest of full disclosure, i should mention, i served on the board of the philadelphia citizen, which is a nonprofit, nonpartisan news organization. larry, good to see you, thank you for being with us. things are getting weird and pennsylvania right now. you have leading candidates who are far from the mainstream, shall we say.
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>> first of all, good to see you, as always. yes, it was hunter as thompson who said, when the going gets we, are the we are to get going. we have a lot of weird and pennsylvania right now. look, odds, and mccormack, les disappeared for themselves. if you live in pennsylvania, over the last few months, every time you turn on the tv, you could not escape these horrible, negative ads, against one another. we knew, and we wrote, it was no alternative. we thought that it would be the reasonable republican. it's becoming an oxymoron. a reason a republican in the state race, jeff bartosz, who you mentioned, the only candidate willing to concede that joe biden won, in 2020. but, it's kathy burnett. so, now you have three wackos,
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atop the field. none of whom, actually, from pennsylvania. the other irony here is that this is an away game for candidates who are going to be representing the keystone state. >> what is the situation with doctor oz? he was not the front running candidate, he came in, he got plenty of money to spend on the campaign. he was then endorsed by donald trump, and still, it is a tight race. it is a three-way race with kathy burnett. it was at the moment that office was in the league, and they take a lot of that because of the trump endorsement. >> by the way, i just heard, tonight, on my way over, that a non aggression pact has been formed between oz, and mccormack. they will spend the rest of the campaign doing positive ads about themselves, and going after kathy barnett. so, yes, you are right.
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you have to hand it to trump. he understands the power of celebrity. that is what caused brings. they said to me, just yesterday, that democrats ought to start paying attention to the power of celebrity. they nominate tom hanks to run for president in 2020. >> let's talk about dog ministry no. a lot of viewers of the show, know his name, because we have been following the antics for them with it. they now move into the top position, as the republican for governor. it sounds like donald trump might be interested in throwing some support as well. what does the spell for you? >> first of all, it bodes well for the democratic nominee, and
6:15 pm
with the attorney general. in no way unrelated that shapiro broke from protocol, and released an ad in the republican primary in favor of mastriano. he is trying to pick his candidate. he feels he can best run against the far-right mastery anna who, by the way, went to the insurrection, but claims he left before the violence broke out. but, he also put together a busload of people to attend. >> he led a delegation of state republicans, to arizona, when that fraud was going on. group of the republican party, in pennsylvania, is very big in the mail-in ballots and in voter fraud being rapid. i think we have lost contact
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with larry platt, but we will try to reestablish contact with him. if not, we are just going to move on. if we can get larry, we will. larry is the cofounder of the citizen, and he's who i turn to to handle this understanding in the keystone state. we have a lot to get to on this busy friday night. doctor anthony fauci, joining us live in a moment, stay with us. anthony fauci, joinin anthony fauci, joinin us live in so you only pay for what you need. us (emu squawks) if anyone objects to this marriage, speak now or forever hold your peace. (emu squawks) no, kevin, no! not today. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ bipolar depression. it made me feel trapped in a fog. this is art inspired by real stories of bipolar depression. i just couldn't find my way out of it. the lows of bipolar depression can take you to a dark place. latuda could make a real difference in your symptoms. latuda was proven to significantly reduce
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coronavirus, cases in the united states about the rise. this, week the delia cases are climbing a little more steeply, as our hospitalizations. which is a key metric to tell how well our health care system will keep us afloat as cases do rise. we're now averaging 20,000 covid hospitalizations a day. that's much lower than the peak that we had during the omicron spike lost winter. just about not just when we were last summer, as delta began to search. and sunday just to the hospital. covid else are still trending slightly downward at the moment, a bit of a relief as we mark a total of 1 million dead from covid this week in the united states. we've done a lot to defying this virus, this is not spring of 2020. we've got the tools we need to test, to treat, and to prevent the virus from overwhelming us. so this upward trend of cases and hospitalizations may not be all that alarming. at least not in the united states who are testing hadn't tapered off. or were social protections haven't dropped.
6:22 pm
or congress had actually pass the funding needed for more vaccines, treatments, contests. and where we weren't all expecting an even bigger covid wave in the fall. but unfortunately, we don't live in the united states, live in this one where the white house is recent multiple pleas for congress to please pass covid funding have gone unheeded. why? because of a lot of republican senators who insist on retaining a public health measure that will continue to keep immigrants south of our border for no particular reason. they've hitch that public health measure that the covid funding bill, and they're not letting up. but there are severe consequences for not finding more covid relief. according to political, the white house is not preparing to ration vaccines. because this 50/50 senate can do his job and pass the funding for pandemic relief. as current funds run dry, and additional money is stalled in the senate, we have to limit access to our next generation of potentially variant specific vaccines. in other words, providing the
6:23 pm
only, providing those vaccines only those of the highest risk of severe and most enough. the reality is that ten billion dollars in the senate is stuck, it's as just a starting point. there's only enough to pay our debt to pfizer for its antiviral covid treatment pills, and to maintain our current levels of supplies of vaccines. and dusts through the end of the year. we will need more money on the current funding in question. how do we get the past these lockdowns? and what happens if we don't? joining us now is doctor anthony fund chi, the nation's top infectious disease expert. president biden's chief medical adviser. the director of the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases. doctor fauci, thanks for making time to speak with you. >> thank you, ali, good to be with you. >> let's understand this business a lot of what happened as congress continues to sit on this quarterly funding that this white house has asked for. what's, in your opinion, is at stake? and how soon do we need to be worried about it?
6:24 pm
>> well, it's gonna be a real problem if you don't get the funding we ask for. as you mentioned correctly, ali, that's the minimal we're talking about. we need even more than that, and what's gonna happen is that the vaccine, particularly the boosters, against the variants that we're gonna need, we're not gonna have enough. the drugs that we need, the new, we're not gonna have enough. the tests, we're not gonna have enough. these things are gonna run out pretty quickly, and this is, first of all, and inopportune time to run out of funding, no matter where you are. but particularly now, as we're starting to see, as you mentioned just a moment ago, on the introduction, we're seeing increase in cases. we're seeing increase in hospitalizations. this is not the time to pull back, or not allow us to get the resources that we need. this is gonna be a serious issue very soon, if we don't get those resources. >> when you see these increases
6:25 pm
in hospitalizations, despite the fact that we've got antibiotic treatments, we have vaccines out there, what does it tell you? because on one hand, we're dealing with then in ten you waited virus where the effects on many people are not that severe. on the other hand, we're still dealing with the numbers of tens of thousands, it's remarkable. >> ali, true, there is a significant amount of background immunity in the general community. something either for bayern faction and recovery, and also from the number of people. not as many as you want, but a specific number of people, 67% of the population is fully vaccinated. but because we don't have a substantial proportion of those people boosted, even the good, hearty, will bust immunity that we had, tends to wane overtime. so we're seeing a conflation of issues. we're seeing a variant and
6:26 pm
lineage of omicron that has a transmission advantage. it transmits more readily. with waning immunity, we're seeing a situation where we don't have as many people vaccinated as we'd like. and the hospitalizations, and the dust that we are seeing, predominately are among the vulnerable. the elderly, and those with underlying conditions. sadly, even those who had been vaccinated, so there are a lot of things that we can do, and we need to do, that unfortunately, in this country, compared to other countries that are developed and rich countries, the total proportion of people that have been vaccinated and boosted is below where we would like to see it. but all those things together, and that's the reason why we're seeing the surging of cases. >> how does this play out for you? because what tends to happen here is, right about that moment where everybody thinks you out of this thing, we then
6:27 pm
see a new iteration, in this, case a sub iteration of omicron. how does this play out for you? are you worried? do you think this peters offered the system, or you where we see a spike again in the fall? >> well, we certainly have the possibility of a surge in the fall. and, again, ali, that's gonna be related to a couple of conflating factors because the fall is several months away. if we don't get people who have been boosted, we've been vaccinated to be boosted, and getting the people have not been vaccinated, we're gonna have a degree of immunity those below the level of what you want for the community protection across the country. then you get a situation besides the waning of immunity, whereas the weather gets cooler, people tend to congregate indoors, and we've seen, very clearly, a relaxation of some of the mitigation. but people are going to indoor
6:28 pm
congregate settings without masks. masks are not required and so many places, but people are not wearing masks. particularly when yovanovitch people, you can get infected in yourself, get into serious trouble, or you can inadvertently bring it back promise to a household in which you have a vulnerable person. either an elderly person, or someone who has an underlying condition that makes it more likely when they do get infected that they have a serious outcome. so we're concerned about all of those things. we're concerned about the surge we're seeing right now, as you mention. and the fact that as we approach the fall, the late fall and early winter, we're gonna have a waning of immunity, and circumstances, namely, a lot of indoor activities, which make it very conducive to a another surge. >> so is everybody who is qualified for a second booster, should everybody who is qualified for booster to be getting one, now or do you hold off and wait until fall or can become more serious?
6:29 pm
or do you think there will be a discussion of yet another booster? how does that play out? >> well, ali, getting a booster now if you are qualified and eligible, as a, were to get a booster, is not gonna impede or get in the way of a good response, if all of a sudden, as we get into the fall, there is the recommendation that everybody gets an extra shot. so right now, a few weeks ago, the fda and the cdc made it very clear that people older than 50 years old are eligible for a boost with a particular emphasis on those who are quite old, in their 70s and older, then those who have underlying conditions. if those people get a boost now, and then as we get into the fall, namely the end of september, beginning of october, and we need an extra boost, there's no contra indication for those people to also get another boost then. >> let's talk about availability of supply, whether
6:30 pm
it's ppe, or anti viral pills. backs, vaccines, are you satisfied that our supply chain and our plans for how much of this we are going to need in case we do see what you are saying, do we have everything we need in the united states? >> ppe, yes. i think you start talking about viral, antiviral drugs, that's one of the things you mention that we are going to need for the resources to be able to have enough antiviral to get to those people who need them. and we've got to use them in a more liberal way than we are using them. we have to get people who are vulnerable to make sure that they have the capability and accessibility of getting antivirals. it all goes down to what you said just a little bit ago. if we don't get those resources from the congress, we're gonna fall short of that. >> so, in fact, some of the reporting we've seen this at the white house, some of the money that the white house is asking for, will go toward
6:31 pm
paying that still visor for the 20 million doses of its anti robo. that supply is expected to last through the fall. and i don't know what projections that based on. current projections, or a spike. what happens then, or in that instance? >> well, again, if you run out of money we're not gonna be able to do it. and then we're gonna have to do is not make the booster shots as widely available, and restricted, perhaps, to those who are the most vulnerable. and the fact is, obviously, those of the people you want to prioritize, but i've always been in favor of being very liberal in the distribution of booster shots. because they clearly work. if you look at the data, comparing unvaccinated with vaccinated, with people who have been vaccinated and boosted, those are the most protected, clearly. the data is very firm on that, ali. >> doctor fauci, good to see you, thanks again for your work,
6:32 pm
thanks for making the time to be with us. >> thank you for having me. >> all right, so let, had some much needed good news for ukraine, as its troops dealer major blow to russian forces. we're trying to cross a here river, will have details ahead. a here a here river, priceline. every trip is a big deal. time. it's life's most precious commodity, especially when you have metastatic breast cancer. when your time is threatened, until now. kisqali is helping women live longer than ever before when taken with an aromatase inhibitor or fulvestrant... in hr+, her2- metastatic breast cancer. kisqali is a pill that's proven to delay disease progression. kisqali can cause lung problems, or an abnormal heartbeat, which can lead to death. it can cause serious skin reactions, liver problems, and low white blood cell counts that may result in severe infections. tell your doctor right away if you have new or worsening symptoms, including breathing problems, cough, chest pain...
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finding waste. saving money. because... yiu is for you. yiu is for you. exactly. yvonne yiu. democrat for controller. if you've been following the our students, they're our top priority. and students are job one for our superintendent of public instruction, tony thurmond. recruiting 15,000 new teachers, helping ensure all students can read by third grade. the same tony thurmond committed to hiring 10,000 new mental health counselors. as a respected former social worker, thurmond knows how important those mental health counselors are for our students today. vote for democrat tony thurmond. he's making our public schools work for all of us. war in ukraine this past few months, you probably seeing a lot of these munitions. ukrainian villages blown up by
6:37 pm
ukrainian forces themselves to haul russia's advance. ukraine's decision to block bridges across the country was a key defending off russia in the early part of this war. now, 79 days after the invasion, the battle for ukraine is still being fought along the river's edge. a few days, ago someone images picked up what appears to be temporary bridges built by russian forces along a river in northeast ukraine. the russians are believed to be trying to cross the river in order to try to surround tens of thousands of ukrainian forces. the area you see on the map is the approximate location of where they were trying to cross. today, british intelligence was able to confirm these aerial photos, first released by the ukrainian mount airy, showing the remains of a decimated russian with aileen along or remains of those bridges. ukraine claims that as many as 1000 russian troops were killed in that attack, and while we cannot confirm those numbers, the new york times reports that russian troops have been
6:38 pm
repeatedly thwarted trying to cross the donetsk, leading to heavy losses and slowing their already plotting advance. the loss of this russian battalion is just the latest in the long series of blunders from russia since the start of the work. today, a former commander from russian separatists forces in eastern ukraine accuse the russian defense minister of criminal negligence over moscow's military wonders. this comes as ukraine kicks off its first war crimes trial of a counter russian soldier. the 20 year old tank commander stands accused of shooting a 62 year old civilian. ukrainian civilian. in the. had thrown open garland oh during the first week of the war. as russia's war on the ground continues to plug along, that around putin's larger political ambitions appeared to have completely fallen apart. putin's cause a spelling of this were. his justification for starting this nightmare in the first place was at least partly about
6:39 pm
keeping nato weapons off of russia's border. but since the beginning of this, we're nato member countries have board troops and weapons into the region to defend against potential russian aggression. and now, as a direct result of putin's invasion, russia's border with nato is voiced to expand dramatically. yesterday, the nation of finland officially announced its plan to apply for nato membership. and just today, sweden's run into released a report indicating it, to, may soon apply for nato membership. for context here, this is what the current nato map looks like. in fact, you can see the top of it with the top of russia's. but russia goes even to the top of that. then your countries are the countries in bright green. you can see finland and sweden on the top of your mouth there are not in dark green. russia is sharing nearly 1300 miles of border with nato across estonia, latvia, and lithuania. if finland and sweden were to
6:40 pm
join nato, the russian nato border would more than double. now, the push to join nato by those two countries as far from a done deal. joining nato is a complicated matter. and today the turkish prime minister said he might oppose letting filaments we've been into the military alliance. but the fact remains, nearly three months into this work, putin plans to overtake ukraine how stalled. and responds to all nato expansion is back right. joining us now is a former u.s. ambassador to russia, michael mcfaul. ambassador, good to see you. i think, back i guess almost 79, 80, 81 days ago in the beginning of the war when we are talking. and other sign, he doesn't talk about it as much a girl, that, time putin planted a flag on this idea of you, newest, the first lesson to this by continuing to push toward us with nato expansion. i want no more nato on my borders.
6:41 pm
this was a big excuse for going into ukraine. this feels like about you off around. >> i think it is about trade-off. in fact, i think he's lost the war in ukraine, already. he may win some battles, we don't know what's gonna happen in donbas. but if you go back to those original conversations we had, it feels like years ago, but i know was just a few months ago. he's failed on all of his major military objectives. remember, he was going to bring ukraine and as part of russia, because they're not separatist people. that failed. the not suffocation, that's failed. the militarization, that's failed. taking the major cities including key, if that's failed. and you are absolutely right. he said he was fighting nato, and yet, he has expanded nato. any of strengthening nato as a result of this war in ukraine. so on all of this major objectives that he himself defined, not me, he himself, you can read through a speech, he has failed to achieve. >> yes, and that's the part i
6:42 pm
remember talking about. quoting from speeches in which she outlined all of these things. but clearly, there's somebody like you, or with your depth of understanding, who is close to ten and then you are. was telling him all of these things. does vladimir putin see all or any of these things as a failure? and with this you do as a result of it? >> i'm not so sure somebody like me telling these things. and that's part of the problem. putin's been in power for 22 years. what happens when our leader has been in power for two decades? they don't listen to their foreign policy advisers. i know all of those people. we used to work with them. their influence on putin has faded. i think he has a lot of u.s. men around him who said this was going to be a cakewalk, we're gonna be in kyiv within for five days, zelenskyy is gonna flee to fall and. russians are gonna flip and support us. those are the things he's being told, and they're wrong. and the problem in russia society today is that it's a
6:43 pm
dictatorship, and so there's not a public debate about these things. imagine that list that i just kicked off, and joe biden, president biden, done something like that, which is so disastrous for american foreign policy objectives. we'd be having a giant debates in this country about whether that was right or wrong, and then we would resolve them in elections. you don't have that feedback loop in putin's russia today. >> on asking with a potential matrix mansion. obviously something you've thought about in your years of work in russia and the region. turkey says it's going to object. turkey's and nato lumber, his gun object to sway sweden because those countries have allowed kurdish groups, hala nests another groups that turkey considers terrorists. and again, that's in turkey, that's a broad characterization. the u.s. is a member of nato. how seriously should u.s. take turkey's objectives? and what should be going on and
6:44 pm
response to turkey saying they don't want finland and sweden to join nato because of these domestic incidents? >> well, i was disappointed to read those remarks today. i think it's in turkey's security interest to strengthen nato. i think it's in every countries and just. the alliance works by consensus in terms of new membership, and so i hope that this is a bargaining chip on a negotiation that will eventually lead to an outcome. it will be good for finland, and will be a good decision they'll be good for them. it will be good for the lands as a whole. >> ambassador, good to talk to you again, thank you very much for shining a light on all of the stuff that none of us know as well as you do. former ambassador to russia michael mcfaul, thanks for your time. coming up next, words matter, especially in a political tinderbox. that is on the verge of catching fire. we'll have more of that, right had. catching fire. catching fire. we'las well as our gum issues.
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6:50 pm
her killing came amid weeks -- yesterday we brought you the story of how after her killing, her al jazeera colleagues as well as other journalist said she had been shot by israeli forces a claim they denied, and cemented the denial by circulating this video claiming that it was likely the panelist union gunman who israel believed was responsible. that narrative was quickly debunked. today, the israeli army released findings of his preliminary investigation in which is that it was possible that she was hit by a soldier nearby. just tonight, the channel 12 news report that the military chief attended a closed-door meeting yesterday in which the possibilitydoor meeting yesterday that alone, an act that the
6:51 pm
forces may have committed in their own conflict zone to their enemy in a situation that is already a powder keg, that was already aggressively irresponsible for the nation-state to have responded to this incident. but we talk about that last night. so why am i bringing it up again today? because of this. video after video of israeli police in jerusalem charging at and beating the mourners carrying shireen abu akleh's casket. they can be seen from multiple angles striking pull bears with batons. at one point, police beat the pull barriers so badly that the casket nearly tops over. in response to this incident, the israeli police claim that the palestinians were the aggressors. they claim that the mourners near the coffin had thrown rocks and objects at police during the violent riots. it's really police released videos which showed what appears to be a plastic bottle being thrown at them. they also claim stones were thrown, but where they were, it is hard to see from the video
6:52 pm
they released. but again, this funeral had 10,000 people at it. a palestinian american journalist have been killed covering a conflict. it was an international news event. there were cameras everywhere. watching this from all angles. and in the words of the times of israel today, in footage from the scene, no such stone throwing a seven in before police rushed the crowd, although some palestinians were later filmed throwing objects during the clashes, and quote. as of tonight, the israeli police have once again changed their story, saying that they rushed to the mourners because the mourners had seized the casket against the families wishes. a very different story than earlier in the day. perhaps tomorrow we will find out. if not clean is true. the conflict between israel and the palestinians has been a powder keg for 73 years. in the past few weeks, we have seen an uptick in the violence, these past few days alone have been incredibly tense. so, in this instance, with the whole world watching as it should be for the israeli government to be reckless and
6:53 pm
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probably using headlines like this. after the stock market today closed out a six straight week of losses, quote, they suffer their largest losing streak since 2001. the stock market after soaring four years returns to earth. the same can be said of the
6:58 pm
cryptocurrency market which has been on a month long losing streak and as what is analysts are calling a death spiral after the collapse of what of its chief digital currencies. this, week at a massive salad that wiped out 200 billion dollars for anyone with the 401k, or not hiding their money in their mattress, the constant daily headlines have been stomach churning. day trader army loses all the money it made in mean stock era. quote, amateur investors who jumped in when the lockdown began have now been given back all of their once products games. some of these amateur investors are now the subject of a new documentary from msnbc films. it tells a story of how they joined forces online, in an effort to take down wall street by sending shares of gamestop soaring. it is called diamond hands. the legend of wall street bet. here is a clip. >> my mother was a tax accountant. so my whole life it was like, you have to save money, you have to save money, you have to
6:59 pm
save money, which means i didn't. i don't have a savings account. i have a little bit, but for all of the years i have been alive, it should be more. so to make enough money to pay my rent, when everything went away, it is kind of like my rent is still do, but i am on unemployment, and the numbers just didn't add up. reality hit a little bit, and i was like okay, we need to figure out a way to save some money, make some money, and that is when i got into investing because i was just trying to figure out how to make some money back. >> in case you don't, know the term diamond hans was coined on reddit. it refers to a high risk tolerance for highly volatile stocks. diamond hands airs this sunday at 10 pm eastern right here on msnbc. it will also be streaming starting monday on peacock. that does it for us tonight, rachel is going to be back on monday with the rachel maddow
7:00 pm
show. i hope you will join me this weekend for my show, velshi from eight to 10 am eastern, tomorrow, the velshi banned book club will convene with rj palacios who is graphic novel white bird as a award winning story of kindness and bravery and nazi occupied france. and yet, is the target of book banners. and if you have not got enough with my conversation with margaret atwood and her disturbing but the handmaids tail, you can now watch our full extended interview streaming exclusively on peacock. time now for the last word with jonathan capehart sitting in for lawrence. good evening, i already know that you are a member of the velshi banned book club, so i know you will be there. a member of>> absolutely i wil. thank you very much. in the years since donald trump came down the escalator and took over the republican party it is becoming clear that trump is a symptom of the anti democratic cancer that is infecting conservatism. not the disease. it did not recede after trum


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