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tv   Hallie Jackson Reports  MSNBC  May 10, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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as we come on the air an all-out push by russian as the troops pound ukrainian held positions in the east of that country and launch a bunch of missiles at the key port city of odesa. we'll take you there live. we expect speaker pelosi to leave to update president biden on their recent trip to ukraine as also on the hill the top spy describing a do or die scenario. pentagon spokesperson john kirby joining us this how. also this hour, last little bit of voting. testing the power of donald trump and the big lie. the team's here with what you need to watch for when the results start coming. what elon musk said about
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twitter and the most infamous former member. we got a lot to get to this hour. i'm hallie jackson in washington. joining me is matt bradley there in ukraine. colonel mark is with us, too. matt, you are at a location that's a target for the offensive by russia in the east. what's happening in odesa, too? hit by a number of russian missiles, apparently. >> reporter: we are in kharkiv from indoors complied with the blackout and curfew. kharkiv is still very much a target but the ukraine forces despite the fact the russians said they'll focus on the east of the country where i am now the ukrainians pushed back the russian lines. but going to odesa we heard that
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there were seven i believe cruise missile strikes. denied some really advanced weapon that the united states is worried that the russians would be using. it looks like normal kind of cruise missiles. we did see at least one death. it is curious that the russians are still targeting a western city. we heard from a general, a russian general describing a more clear picture of what vladimir putin's agenda is here in ukraine and said it looked as though russia would want to extend along the southern part of the country at the black seacoast creating a land barrier of the donbas in the east and not far from where i am as far west as moldova and the russian separatist area.
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that would make ukraine a landlocked area. that's a reason for the missile strikes in odesa and maybe because the russians want to pin down troops in odesa and be a target to keep ukrainian forces in odesa so far from the front line in the eastern part of the country where i am now. it is hard to tell exactly what's going on but you are also mentioning a city 75 miles from where i am. just recently a place i was talking to just taken back by the ukrainians. there are grisly discoveries. a five-story building with at least 44 bodies in the basement. that number could rise as they find more. they pulled them from the rubble. they were probably buried beneath that building for six
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weeks. russian took control in april and took weeks for the ukrainians to take it back and that's when they made that grisly discovery. again it just goes to show how contested the territory is and the progress the ukrainians made around the northeastern city that used to be the second largest city in ukraine and now almost completely devastated. i'll end really quick talking about mariupol. a city that's seen more death than now in kharkiv. we had heard just over the weekend as though from the ukrainian officials that the civilians underneath that steel plant for weeks and weeks that they were gone but there could be 100 civilians there with hundreds of troops fighting for the right-wing fighting group seeking to defend the steel
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works now and heard for them over the weekend saying that the russian penetrated underneath that steel works. even as there's attempts to get civilians out and sounds like the men under there still fighting have said that they're prepared to die to defend mariupol. hallie? >> thank you very much. we have our nbc news congressional correspondent from capitol hill and house speaker nancy pelosi and other members of congress with her in ukraine are set to head to the situation room at the white house in the next hours and the president according to the white house press secretary wants to hear directly from them about the trip. right? >> reporter: that's right. sounds like president biden wants to hear the first hand perspective from speaker pelosi what she saw on the trip to kyiv
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in ukraine leading a congressional delegation. they met with officials including ukraine's president's volodymyr zelensky. president biden is trying to shepherd an aid package through the congress. he wants to hear and i think the white house wants to hear from lawmakers about the case for why this is important and necessary to help ukrainians win the war and the money is important for congress to appropriate. pelosi taken multiple trips to europe and talked as the president has about how this is tied into the existential global fight. let's have a listen to what white house jen psaki had to say about this. >> wanted to hear a thorough account of their time in ukraine in person after returning to the
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united states. this is an opportunity to do that. the president's eager to continue working together to provide ukraine with additional security and economic assistance as soon as possible and heard good news about that hopefully moving forward soon. >> reporter: now that aid bill dropped moments ago. $40 billion in total. expected to get a full vote tonight. after that it goes to the senate where a path has been cleared after a stalemate about moving forward after separated from the $10 billion covid relief bill and senate republicans have been filibustering. this is likely to pass the senate sometime between now and next week. senator mitch mcconnell saying he called president biden and encouraged him to separate this.
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he is taking credit for this to move forward in the senate and expected to pass with broad bipartisan support. >> thank you. considering the next pick to be the ambassador to ukraine. how important is it for somebody to be confirmed to that post? >> it is very helpful. a confirmed ambassador has more authority and legitimacy than an acting ambassador regardless of individual abilities and this ambassador seems to have a deep expertise and a symbolic element that the united states cares enough about ukraine and the situation there, the diplomacy to send a confirmed ambassador and erases some experience from the trump years with a lot of acting and questions about the role of the u.s. ambassador in
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ukraine. >> we also heard speaking of things on the hill today. i want to play for you her warning, prediction what's to come in the next few months of this war. >> the next month or two of fighting will be significant as the russians try to reinvigorate the efforts but not confident the fight in the donbas will end the war. we assess president putin is preparing for prolonged conflict in ukraine and intends to achieve goals i don't know the donbas. >> in other words the russians trying to pull themselves together to meet this goal. if they meet the fight that matt bradley laid out so well from kharkiv what happens to the russian war push? >> the ukrainians are launching
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local counter attacks. taking on the semblance of a whole counter offensive. the russians attack but not making progress. it was a lot of expectation that putin would announce maybe a declaration of war. looks like he is digging in for a long fight. and then in the south you see some mopping up around mariupol but they haven't been able to make much progress. ukrainians nibbling away in the west. so i think the russians are going to continue to struggle along but i think they're pretty close to the culmination and not able to go forward much more. >> colonel, thank you so much. great to see you as always. we have more coming up on this hour one on one with the pentagon press secretary later on in the show. the west virginia primary
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a little bit of developing news from the tech world. elon musk who's telling the "financial times" taking over twitter to take away the permanent ban on former president trump saying it was not correct in his view to ban him. a mistake because in his view it alienated the country and did not result in donald trump not having a voice. nbc news technology correspondent jake ward is us now. it is worth noting that former president trump himself said if the ban were to be lifted on
12:16 pm
twitter he wouldn't come back on truth social to some of its issues in the past, too. but still, this announcement from musk is a question people had when it was announced he would buy twitter. we now have an answer. >> that's absolutely right. we know that the intention is to bring donald trump back on. as you know of course, he was -- donald trump was top user of twitter and musk ran in second place and weird to have the two top users enabling each other. this is the thing that was donald trump's public voice. it was the thing that so many research ores pointed out made the political influence possible. what is strange here, of course, the idea that the lessons that twitter and so many social media
12:17 pm
outlets seemed to learn you cannot let everyone say what they want all the time is very much lost on the man who is the presumptive new owner of twitter. >> thank you. another big test of the poir of endorse mts because it's primary day in west virginia and nebraska. it is a close race there. despite him facing multiple allegations of groping women and denied. support of omaha's mayor. look at west virginia. first election where trump is trying to boot a sitting congressman. this is post-redistricting and two lumpbed into why and congressman versus congressman.
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nbc's vaughn hillyard on the road for us in west virginia and joined by ben camasor. vaughn, let's start with what you see on the ground. >> reporter: yeah. let's look at this here. this is donald trump eyeing a 2024 presidential run trying to shape the republican party more into his image. not only trying to promote oz and vance. new potential members of congress. trying to expunge certain members in there. one is david mckinley voting to certify the 2020 election and voted for bipartisan fk package passing through congress. trying to oust him. and then alex mooney that did the opposite on the particular votes. head to head you see that it is david mckinley voted with president trump 92% of the time
12:19 pm
but really it's apparent that for the former president coming to the election votes there those are most crucial in his eyes. haefr from a couple vote everies because here in wheeling this is a place in 1980 mckinley first elected and representing folks for four decades. mckinley is from the area. you are going with mooney? >> because we like trump and trump endorsed him. >> sticking with mckinley. >> donald trump endorsed mooney. >> i know. mckinley did a lot for the state of west virginia. >> questionable. didn't know which way to go being a trump man and then mckinley being around so long.
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>> reporter: i was talking to a long time republican who said on paper this should be mckinley's race and mooney currently has an information from the office of congressional ethics. yet donald trump's influence is still large. is it large enough to putt mooney as the republican nominee? >> vaughn hillyard live in wheeling, thank you. ben, you are looking at three things from the key races as vaughn laid out. what can donald trump do to get the folks over the finish line? looking at the endorsements and trump's revenge. >> that's right. i think you all kind of brought a lot of things i look for from the ground in vaughn's approach and talking from the beginning
12:21 pm
these are really interesting races with similar through lines. this nebraska governor's race. herpster is an ally of there were who trump would love to get on the line and as you said earlier facing multiple credible allegations of sexual misconduct. he denied the allegations and these would normally be allegations to roil a race but is donald trump's blessing enough for republicans to forget that? also in west virginia and nebraska against sitting republican governors that chose other candidates. is the will going to bring the candidates over the finish line or do voters listen to the
12:22 pm
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there's no going back. a lot going on on the january 6 front. one rioter being sentenced today behind bars for a week total. a yvette got home detention for a month and savannah mcdonald getting a sentence of three weeks in jail. joining us is justice reporter ryan riley. a range of punishments. why? >> savannah mcdonald sentenced to 21 months entered the capitol with nolan kidd. mcdonald was a starbucks assistant manager and the father testified today he needed the help at home. she said that she quote got caught up with the crowd and didn't know about the
12:27 pm
certification process and called being interviewed by the cia. she was more of a follower than leader. also sentenced today is steven baker serving the sentence over three weekends and a yvette ran and former cop sentenced to probation and a month of home confinement and community service. not accused of violence on january 6 and the judge said he showed contrition and the lenient sentence in this case. >> what are you looking for next relating to the january 6th justice department front? >> yeah. so tomorrow there's a significant plea deal for the media personality going by baked alaska. there's also a plea hearing scheduled for tomorrow for robert fairchild accused of pushing a barricade into police and then the sentence of hunter,
12:28 pm
a young man from california detained by police after smashing out a window of the capitol. police so overwhelmed that they had to release him and soon picked up by the fbi. >> is there a reason we see action this week in particular? why so much attention on baked alaska? >> he got some best footage that day and his footage is used in a bunch of cases and amajor component and got a lot of attention on social media. the cooperation component could be the big question and the cases are grinding out every week and continue on in the realm of 800 cases at this moment but the total number of people entering the capitol or assaulting law enforcement officers outside is nearing
12:29 pm
3,000. >> ryan, thank you very much. appreciate you staying on top of this for us. watching the white house. nancy pelosi and lawmakers on a recent trip to ukraine will meet with president biden some point this afternoon. they're going to be talking about the president's requested aid package for ukraine. i want to bring in pentagon spokesman john kirby. thank you for being back on the show. >> you bet. thank you for having me. >> you are in the briefing room. can you bring us up to speed on where russia is focusing the push in the east? we have been talking on this show and a colleague live in ukraine about the missile strikes against odesa. >> the biggest push by the russians in the north donbas area. they're trying to push on the line of access to a town that's historical and cultural
12:30 pm
significance in that part of ukraine. they tried to move south of the town but they seem to focus now on towards sloviansk. it is back and forth. the russians have not made appreciable progress there. they're incremental at best. smault distances and the ukrainians continue to fight back. some towns and villages have swapped hands a number of times. >> there was some concern that russia might try to use hyper sonic missiles. >> we don't know. they may have fired hyper sonics in odesa. we have seen additional standoff strikes into odesa and not clear what they think they're hitting but we're not able to confirm hyper sonics. >> i have a couple questions
12:31 pm
based on what you said but a piece we laid out in the introduction which is the aid package to ukraine. it's introduced on the house floor and we can show you what's happening at the pentagon and the capitol. how urgent is it that this gets done? could it pause or slow the flow of weapons from the u.s.? it could. we love to see it move quickly. speaker pelosi is nothing but encouraging about the urgency and you can see that there's bipartisan support for continuing to help ukraine. we are grateful for it to move along. we have about $100 million for draw down and give them to ukraine and withey by the third week of may we'll run out of the money left.
12:32 pm
there's a couple weeks before we need more urgent help. >> whether you look at the help ukraine is getting from the u.s., you have a distinction between what ukraine wants. president zelenskyy said he is asking for multiple rocket launch systems and advanced drones. is the pentagon ready to full that request? >> secretary austin talked to the minister and conversation with them about the capabilities and what they need and trying to fill the needs as quickly as possible. almost all, all but one of the 90 howitzers are inside ukraine. they have additional requests to make and taking the requests very seriously. yomtd to get ahead of decisions made yet but we're working on the requirements. if it's something that we don't have or we can't provide them
12:33 pm
ourselves we work with allies with the systems to try to get them in there. >> are you optimistic that president zelenskyy with get what he wants from this country? >> we're going to work closely with ukraine on the commitments every day and get them as much as we can as fast as we can. >> you used the word it is kinetic. russians are making advancements but only increments. can they push back to the border? is that unlikely? >> i don't think we can say anything is out of the roll m of possibility with the ukrainians and how bravely they fight. it is possible. we want them to have the tools to be able to defend themselves and maintain the territorial integrity. it is a dynamic fight there in the donbas.
12:34 pm
the ukrainians push the russians away. at kharkiv they kept possession and actually pushing the russians to the east from the city. they have that capability. i think it's important to remember that the russians have a superiority. they have a lots of combat pour availability to them and concentrating that power in a much smaller area of ukraine and that the russians are familiar with fighting there for eight years. >> can i take a point of personal privilege aenlg ask you about something? i think last week or the week before you got choked up. viewers have seen you. as the pentagon press secretary with the briefings you were emotional talking about the depravity of vladimir putin. >> yeah. >> can you tell us why that struck you so much at that moment and if you had time to reflect on the moment and why
12:35 pm
that gutted you like it did? >> yeah. i didn't think i would be asked about that again. when i was asked the question about mr. putin's psychology, all of a sudden in my mind oirmed images in the last couple of days, particularly an image of a young girl and i couldn't get that image out of my mind and that's what prompted me to kind of lose a little bit of composure and a press secretary should never do that and didn't want to make this about me or my emotions but it was a little overcoming. i have a 5-year-old granddaughter and as i was answering the question and thinking of the image and my granddaughter and it got to me. it made it a lot more human than i think sometimes we let ourselves -- let it get to us
12:36 pm
like that. >> a press secretary but also a human being. happy birthday to your granddaughter. >> thank you. >> thank you. next up, two republican senate hopefuls with new ads in pennsylvania. do you think you can tell what their in common? a fight overseas with u.s. diplomats demanding more from the biden administration. we'll explain after the break. k healthier looks like? cvs can help you support your nutrition, sleep, immune system, energy ...even skin. so healthier can look a lot cvs. healthier happens together. ♪♪ three times the electorlytes and half the sugar. ♪♪ pedialyte powder packs. feel better fast.
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back now to politics and the final stretch in what's shaping up to be the first really big test, this one is a headliner. the hold of donald trump in that senate primary in pennsylvania. a week from today. might have seen chuck todd out there in the field earlier today. a fight for the republican nomination and on the air with a familiar theme. mehmet oz and david mccormick
12:41 pm
with ads out and highlighting the relationship with former president trump. oz has the endorsement. oz plays a clip. mccormick hits on the traditional republican themes calling himself an america first conservative. i want to bring in nbc news reporter dasha burns county to county across pennsylvania on the ground there. looking at the polling. when i talk to folks that know pennsylvania well. a folk was telling us it wasn't clear if the oz endorsement had an impact on people. what are you haefring? >> reporter: pennsylvania is not ohio. of course in ohio we see vance soar after that trump support. here though the polling after trump endorsed oz shows a little
12:42 pm
bump and still neck and neck. cathy barnett at 12% and almost 40% of voters are still undecided a week away. we saw this play out. we went with a couple women on the western side of the state. they themselves are die hard trump fans as the mon valley trump gals supporting carla sands who's an underdog in the race saying they feel like oz is too woke and that they have been knocking on doors for three weeks and not found a single oz supporter. we knocked on doors and found no voters that supported oz but still undecided so the question is ultimately is that trump
12:43 pm
endorsement going to push them over the edge? i want you to hear from melanie and celeste knocking on doors. what about you? >> yeah, yeah. >> you admire. trump did endorse oz. >> i thought he made a mistake. >> 100%. >> he is getting the wrong advice. that's what everyone's saying. >> reporter: here's what i'll say. we also spoke with a gentleman named david mcgill who owns an irish pub in western pennsylvania switching parties to vote for trump and said the support still matters. he is undecided but trump picks winners. there is a lot of resistance to oz that we're hearing on the ground here so if trump can overcome with voters and people
12:44 pm
say, listen, i'm going to go with trump picks that will say a lot. >> dasha burns live from pennsylvania, thank you. appreciate it. some news from democrat bob casey saying he will vote for a bill to protect the right for an abortion. so to this point one of two democrats undecided publicly about the bill and still waiting to hear from senator joe manchin and won't get the senate to 60 votes. it's happening as nbc news learning of difficult stories for uts women overseas. more than 200 female foreign service agents are writing the state department and calling out the administration about what they say is a lack of reproductive and women's health care on the job around the world. one woman saying she wasn't able
12:45 pm
to seek an early stage abortion and in the hospital with hemorrhaging. joining us now is investigations unit reporter dan deluse. the allegations are from december. >> i think the short answer is that they every not getting the answers that they want and they need and chosen to go public which is a really big decision for any civil servant. they are very much trained not to go public to serve the u.s. government and not go to the press but i think they feel they weren't getting a response and published the commentary in the journal seeing what kind of a response they can get now. >> so when you say they want
12:46 pm
answers, more from the administration, get specific. >> their view is that this is kind of a systematic problem that's gone on for years across administrations and doesn't really involve a political party or another saying they want equal access to the kind of reproductive health services they would be getting here in the u.s. some women couldn't get a pap smear or medical evacuation saying we need access to medical evacuations if we can't get the care we need at the postings we have overseas and needs to be in writing some kind of a guarantee for access to health services in the foreign affairs manual for the diplomatic corp. >> any response from the administration on this? >> i think they're aware of this. i think that people who signed
12:47 pm
this want a constructive dialogue. this is not about scoring points. >> thank you very much. sticking on this subject, a stark new warning of what overturning roe could mean for the economy. a roller coaster day on wall street. we'll check in right before the closing bell. upport underserved communities... ...helping us all move forward financially. pnc bank: see how we can make a difference for you. what's on the horizon? the answers lie beyond the roads we know. we recognize that energy demand is growing,
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powerful, long-lasting pain relief. aleve it, and see what's possible. a very stark warning today from the treasury secretary suggesting it would have a devastating effect on the economy if roe versus wade were to be overturned by the supreme court over the next few weeks, as that leaked draft opinion suggests the majority of justices are ready to do. >> i believe that eliminating the right of women to make decisions about when and whether to have children would have very damaging effects on the economy and would set women back decades. roe v. wade and access to reproductive health care including abortion helped lead to increased labor force participation. it enabled many women to finish
12:52 pm
school that increased their earning potential. >> she also the secretary talked about the ability for women to be able to plan and balance families and careers saying this of course in a congressional hearing. republican senator tim scott taking some exception to her framing saying to him it felt callous to talk about abortion rights in the context of the labor force. let me bring in now nbc news digital senior white house correspondent shannon pettypiece. tell us more about this. it was i think a window into the treasury secretary's view on something that is not typically an economist's purview. >> right, and i should note this wasn't a hearing on abortion or the effects of abortion on the economy. this was a hearing on a financial report about the u.s. economy. she was specifically asked about this, and yeah, you could hear those remarks, her giving this economic rundown of the different effects throughout the economy that this could have, primarily on women's work force
12:53 pm
participation, making the case that if women aren't able to sort of choose the time and the situation of their pregnancy, it could lead them to drop out of school early. it could increase the likelihood of them falling into poverty or prevent them from being able to continue to pursue their careers, and of course, you know, this comes at a time when women's work force participation has really sort of been in the focus because there has been this dropoff of women in the work force as there have been increased child care strains and demands placed on women because of the pandemic, and we have started to see some of the effects of those on the economy when it comes to companies that are trying to hire workers and fill jobs. you mentioned that her comments drew a bit of republican response from senator tim scott, republican from south carolina. he said it was harsh to be talking about this in an economic framework. you know, yellen i would note pushed back on this. she said this isn't harsh, this is the truth.
12:54 pm
and of course in her comments she had some data and some actual studies to back up the results and the impact we have seen over the years as women have had the legal right to abortion. >> shannon pettypiece live outside the white house. thank you. let's stick with the economy and get a final check of the markets ahead of the closing bell. another mixed day for stocks after another massive meltdown on wall street. the dow down a little bit, the s&p and nasdaq up a little bit. a lot of this has to do with fears of the impacts of inflation, and president biden talked about that again today. watch. >> i want every american to know that i'm taking inflation very seriously and it's my top domestic priority. >> msnbc's frank holland is here. the markets started off the day looked like stronger, kind of fizzled what happened here? >> honestly a bit of a roller coaster. the markets opened up higher maybe trading based on algorithms or computer programs buying the dip. big tech really brought the markets back today, at least somewhat. apple, microsoft, and netflix up
12:55 pm
2% at one point today. that led the nasdaq and s&p to break their three-day losing streaks. the blue chip down about a half a percent. a really good day for the markets that have been way down by falling tech names. the yield on the ten-year note uses a proxy for investor sentiment. that ticked below 3%. the yield on the ten-year, that generally helps give a boost to big tech. that lowered the potential value of future revenues. inflation another factor that's led to this three-day slide for the markets. it's really weighed on the markets. tomorrow we get a fresh read. the consumer price index, last month showed inflation at 8.5% higher over the last year. a lot of thoughts it will be slightly lower. what that means for the market remains to be unseen. >> i'm sure we'll be talking again, thank you for being with us and thanks to all of you for watching this hour of "msnbc reports." we're on twitter at hallie on
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1:00 pm
underscore how our income is now in uncharted territory as it grapples with the anti-democratic impulses unleashed by donald trump and everything he ushered in under the umbrella of trumpism. donald trump's former defense secretary mark esper whose new book contains a litany of newly public examples of the ex-president taking a wrecking ball to our institutions and norms appeared on fox news and when asked if his former boss was a threat to democracy, this was his response. >> i think that given the events of january 6th, given how he has undermined the election results, he increted people to come to d.c., stirred them up that morning and failed to call them off, to me that threatens our democracy. >> and in an appearance on "morning joe" this morning former secretary esper said that donald trump lacked the very basic qualities needed to be the president of the united states. >> any elected official


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