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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  May 9, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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they wanted to do from the very beginning and that's the path that they've started -- that's why i think people like myself, and like ag caller doing everything we can to fight back to protect women in our individual states. >> yeah, i think as attorney general was saying there this is uncharted territory if it doesn't fact go through, thank you both very much for making time for us tonight i greatly appreciate your insights. that is all in on this monday night, the rachel maddow show starts right now, good evening >> good evening, thank you my friend. much rachel. appreciated. thanks for joining us on this hour. happy to have you here. not everybody stevie works the same. but for lots of tvs, probably most tvs, now i should probably more of an expert on this. for most tvs, something like this is what it looks like when you look on the television and you want to cite on something
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to watch. you get the electronic grid on screen, right? that shows you the channels that you have to choose from, and that's on the left side. and then there's the consulates where the various shows and the access that's across the top. you look at the titles for the shows. and this is what it looks like. you click on what you want to report, and what you want to wash, and that's how you get there. in my house, the remote never works, they have to like open up three cabinet doors, and bench press one of the dogs with the left arm, while you aim the remote in your right arm, and a bank shot of a piece of tinfoil, and get that thing to actually notice that you're getting on it while you swear. that's how it works in my house. but, the thing that you are pointing at and swearing at when you're trying to click something on tv, kind of looks like that electronic grid. that's what you also used to now, in terms of watching television. it turns out that is not just an american thing, it's like that in lots of places all over the world, anywhere where there is so cold, smart tvs. but check this out. this was today in russia.
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this happened on at least three different major tv production providers in russia today. the great looks at first like a normal run down of channels and shows, but if you go for example to channel one, if you go to any of the other big state sponsored tv channels, it looks on the grid like every single program has the same name. for all the channels, for all the time slots, all the shows now have the same name! i mean, even if you don't brush them, you can see they're all the same. i don't re-brush in, but we have it translated. it turns out, according to your tv today in, russia every single show, on every single station in timeslot was titled, on your hand is the blood of thousands of ukrainians, and hundreds of their murdered children, tv and authorities are lying, no to war. that was the title of every show on russian television today, as did, according to everybody's iowa tv grid, these are when they turned on two programs i want their tvs. to go somebody had at much deeper in this year's least three of the post season, and biggest cable tv about capable and cause providers in they can score. >> russia today, so that is
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it's hard to defend what it looked like both these all over teams russia, when people went the, balance they have on the to flip on the offensive end. tube, to see what that's why we expect was on, to see a very high scoring game what the options tonight were. , also as a matter of fact today i, fairly why is third in the major nation russian news outlet, one called lead into, this. there is kaitlan, clark number 22, being defended by the is their website. . and today, the same day somebody hacked all the tv's and website, today somebody also we wrote when appear to be dozens of headlines, and dozens of articles on the news website. now, as you know, as we've been reporting here for the last couple of months, no independent media has allowed to operate anymore in russia. putin has made it literally a crime, a quite punishable by 15 years in prison to report on his war in ukraine, or even to call it a war. but look at what the lenta website looked like earlier today in russia. now, this is with english translation, so you could see what these headlines look like.
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but oh boy, wow! vladimir putin lied about russia's plans in ukraine. putin unleashed one of the bloodiest wars in the 21st century. these are all the headlines on the news website today. record spending on the army did not help russia defeat ukraine. the ministry of defence allied to the relatives of those killed on the cruiser, moskva, that big russian naval ship that was sunk by ukrainian missile. also this one, russia completely destroyed the city of mariupol. russia leaves the corpses of its soldiers in ukraine. vladimir putin is afraid to reveal the truth about his family. putin turned to the state into the main robber, meaning like the main thief, of russians. vladimir putin has turned into a pathetic dictator and paranoid. russia threatens to destroy the whole world. zelenskyy turned out to be cooler than putin. but what makes it easier to cover up failures and the economy. putin must go. he unleashed a senseless war, and is leading russia into the abyss. again, this was all today, all
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separate headlines today. one of the biggest pro kremlin state controlled new sites in russia. and it wasn't just the headlines that they've changed. each one of those that i just described to you, each one of those headlines goes to a full article, that has also been written. i mean, in a country where they do not allow journalism anymore, they do not allow criticism of the government, and especially of the war, these sentences, posted today on a russian new site, these were like a defcon one level threat to the state. look at this. quote, russian president vladimir putin bears full responsibility for the senseless and bloody war against ukraine. guided by farfetched protects about threats to russia, the head of state plunged to neighboring peoples into a war in which there will be no winners, only losers. the president's decision will cost the country isolation, poverty and it roll back to the very 90s that putin loves to scare russians with. and more than 20 years of his
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reign, he has turned into a dictator, who began to believe in conspiracy theories and who lost touch with reality. right now, putin is depriving millions of russians of their future, and taking the lives of innocent ukrainians. vladimir putin must immediately stop the war and resign. it is one thing to read that, you know western news source. or to read that in any news source in the world, anywhere other than in russia. but to read that in russia? again, today, that was a russian major new site today, altered to include that article and dozens of others like it. and if you start going through them, you notice that there were a few things that were inconsistent in each of the new articles that were posted. for example, near the top of each are of the articles, it was supposed to the russian news site, today there was disclaimer that this has been posted without the permission of the news organization, saying that it was definitely gonna be taken down. so if you want to read this, take a screenshot of it immediately, because this won't
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last. then indeed, that disclaimer was true, all those articles and headlines were almost immediately taken down off that russia new site to day. but they were up there for long enough that the great and good people at the internet archive, the way back machine, they captured and saved all of it. they've got screenshots. they've got the historical record of what those new sites looked like, when the truthful anti-putin stuff was supposed to just for moments. they've got the archive of it, so there can be erased now. even though the russian government took it down. and in this case, what's fascinating is that we know who did it. to journalists, two young journalists who used to work for lenta, this news organization, they say that they did it. they have reportedly fled russia. their outside russia, personally. they apparently still have logins, to access the news sites, so that is how they did it. now, they obviously prepared all of this material, locked in, uploaded everything, locked out,
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and got out. but they posted today, identifying themselves by name. as the people who did, it was igor and alexandra. they gave their names. they stood up and said were the ones who did this, and they said, quote, we are looking for work and lawyers and probably political asylum. and then, they signed up with this, do not be afraid! do not be silent! resist! you are not alone. we are many! the future is ours! f war, peace to ukraine! and we do not know where those two brave russian journalists are tonight, the ones who did that. but again, it has been reported there outside russia, but we do not know where they are. we also don't know who hacked all the tvs in russia today either. but man, this is a living manifest hope that bravery is contagious.
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that dictatorships are brutal, and that they have to criminalize journalism and criticism of all kinds, because they know it's powerful, because they know they can survive the truth. the reason this all happened today, of all days, is because today is the biggest non religious holiday in russia. it's the anniversary of the surrender of nazi germany in world war ii, what we call the idai, victory in europe day, we celebrated on may 8th. they call it a victory day, the celebrated on may 9th and we make a very good deal out of it and they do. on the occasion of victory day today they held a big, big military parade in moscow. a north korea style military parade. putin gave a speech. which is usually something that went outside of russia much cares about, but in this case, there was rampant speculation that putin would use victory day today, that he would use his speech on this huge day, this huge occasion with the military parade in all the rest of it. there was widespread expectation that he would use
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the speech to declare something about the war that he has started in ukraine. speculation that he might declare victory himself, in this war. and an ounce tauranga ended to leave in ukraine, or maybe do the opposite. maybe formally declare war, no longer call this a special military operation, maybe he would call it a war, declare war, and announced that russia have not yet begun the fight. he was gonna call of the mass mobilization of even more russian troops to go into ukraine, and to permanently occupy it. widespread international, and well informed speculation, that putin was gonna announce something today about this insane war that he has stuck in. some way to get out or to get way further and. that is with everybody thought he was gonna do today, and then he did not do it. what he just gave us standard putin talking points speech, including all the weird stuff about how ukraine was going to attack russia, really?
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and so, this was a defensive invasion. and the wars going great, everybody else is a nazi. it's just a standard, weird conspiratorial blah they're. it means nothing at all, that even you weird insane justifications for what he's done. why? why did the dog bark today? i mean, hackers who hit the tv stations in russia, and brave dissident journalist, regular russian people, they know that this would have been the day for putin. this day is all the symbolism he wants for this war. i mean, he spent so much time trying to make this war seem like some variation on world war ii. when he finally gets to the day that commemorates russia in world war ii, he whistles out. he decides not to say anything at all. he's like 75 days into what he thought would be a weeklong war, and he's not winning. and he's not gonna change anything. we today, the pulitzer prize
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board gave a special citation to the quote, journalists of ukraine for their courage endurance and commitment to truthful reporting during vladimir putin's ruthless invasion of the country and this propaganda war in russia, despite bombardment, abductions, occupation and even deaths in the ranks, they have persisted in their effort to provide an accurate picture of artillery, doing honor to ukraine, and journalists around the world. again, it was the pulitzer special citation today for the courage of ukrainian journalists. also today, the u.s. government announced another round of sanctions against russia, including sanctions today specifically against channel one of the bombastic kremlin propaganda tv channel, that had the name of every one of its programs, today changed by hackers into statements against the war. today, the president of the united states once again pressed congress to quickly approve billions more dollars in aid and weapons to ukraine,
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to help the ukrainians fight russia off. this weekend, as i'm sure you saw, first lady jill biden went to ukraine, a surprise stripped. she brought flowers and a hug to the first lady of ukraine, who has been in hiding since the start of the war, since the ukrainian government announced at the start of the war that they believed part of the russia, russian invasion plan was not only to immediately seize ukraine's capital, but to kill president zelenskyy, and his wife, and their kids as well. mrs. zelenskyy has not been seen in public since that announcement, since the very start of the war, not until this weekend, not until this moment you're seeing here. and she walked out to joe biden, and they embraced. recent reporting from nbc news, and from the new york times, revealed that the united states has provided intelligence to the ukrainians, that they have used to target and kill an astonishingly large number of russian generals on the front lines of the war. and also, to target and sink
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the flagship navy cruiser of russia's fleet in the black sea which was sunk in the black sea by ukrainian missiles. today, further news from washington, but president biden, president biden once no further leaks about matters like those. reporting today that he has some and both cia director and the director of national intelligence to make sure that sensitive information like that doesn't see the light of day again. but how sensitive is it. i mean, sensitive in terms of sources, and nothing is how we know where the generals are, and how we know where their ships are? sure, but sensitive in terms of what it might mean for russia, to know that we get that information to ukraine, give them what ukraine has done, but that information was they've got it. >> sensitive in terms of worrying about what that would provoke from russia? how sensitive is that? do we need to recalibrate that, our sense of that? and today president biden signed a new lend lease act for
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ukraine. is that ringing a distant bell for you remember that phrase to lend at least. once they called in 1941 when i came up with a way for the u.s. to go whole hog an army in the british and arming our allies to fight against nazis. fdr went to the white house, correspondents didn't in march 1994. he said these plain people, civilians as well as soldiers and airmen, women and girls as well as men and boys are fighting in the front line of civilization at this moment. they're holding that line fortitude. the british people need ships, they need planes from america. many tanks, guns, ammunition and supplies of all times. america, they will get tanks, guns, ammunition supplies of all-time. you said in the spring of 1941.
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that was fdr fighting against the nazis. explain to the press what it would mean. it's fighting with everything that we have to push germany back. that was land lease. the only thing in leases ever been. this year, they've literally just updated the language from 1941. so, now instead of being for the british people it is for the ukrainian people. president biden signed it today and with everything that is dissimilar and wrong between the two parties it passed the united states senate passed almost unanimously with the trump republican saying no. i mean, if it is a sensitive
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thing for the united states to be helping ukraine against russia too much of a worry about what putin might do if we help ukraine too much, i honestly we are helping ukraine a lot and more and more all the time. more and more in putin's face all the time. we are using the language in historical allegory that putin wants for himself. it isn't working for him. and today, given the chance. the best chance that he will ever have to triple down today and say all bets are off. there is a real war, russia's all. in today, he did nothing of the sort he did nothing. why is that? what does that tell us about how risky our own behavior is right now? what does that tell us about a reasonable expectation and how russia will respond to our actions in ukraine.
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what else can be done by us and everyone else nerlens to help them? to help ukraine win this and and this. he's editor of the new yorker and moscow correspondent he got a pulitzer prize for his time there, based on lands to him. the last days of the soviet empire. it's a real pleasure to have you here. i'm asking those questions are submissions or getting while, their expectations about putin's behavior. not just towards ukraine but toward us. do you think that's fair? >> i think it's very fair, let's put it this way i woke up deliberately not 4:30 in the morning. something to read in realtime or watch putin speech may 9th
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is always a big deal it's a national unifying narrative. it's much more important soviet history even in the post soviet space. he said, nothing you have it exactly right. i read and mediately thanking my russian is lacking, i read it on the kremlin website i kept waiting for the payoff pitch and it never came. and what you found there was a resuscitation and repetition of what i would call a salvation narrative. you can't possibly say in real terms why invaded in ukraine. he's a invaded ukraine because he wanted a battle with the west after long years of
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resentment. he invaded ukraine because it was growing fitfully, more and more democratic, more morrow a from russia. it was more away from his conception of some form of modern imperial russia he's trying to relate to the russian, people it's not. there that's where the invention of nazis comes from's. yes, there are people that are on the far-right with the nationalists in ukraine. the call is a national trend or to not -- to fail to see the nationalism comes from somewhere, it is to know nothing about ukrainian history. >> the idea that putin has a problem with far-right nationalism. >> their nationalist all over the place in russia, including in the zone house. he is losing, it he is losing it. that was full of news here.
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i'd read a russian, outside looking at all the different route. all the amazing things that went out. it's a terrific thing. and maybe think of a different time. in 1960, eight the stove it unionville czechoslovakia. what happened? nothing happened. seven or eight very brave people including the person pushing a baby carriage came to red square. they take out banners and said -- it's an invasion that was in a minute, predictably kgb officers guarded the kremlin and were on the people. everything was arrested in most people went off to prison. that was a one minute long
6:22 pm
almost invisible protest. i had immense replication. i was inspired -- and became more more overtly of a distant movement. and for some weeks ago it ran behind the tv presenter. >> during the nightly news, yes. >> yes, incredible. and i think i think it's everyone's for this war, because everyone listens to propaganda television. that is that. i think for mothers receiving phone calls from their sons at the front the ability to keep
6:23 pm
all of this information out of the public consciousness will recede and it is just confrontations with the west. it is entirely possible as the fury grows so tua has problems. >> it changes expectations it's a big mobilization, kids from all over the country -- first of, all that would have no economic repercussions. it would heighten the general public nation that was at stake with ukraine. why is this taking so long with
6:24 pm
a special military operation. the nonsense begins to corrode and it's an awful gap russian television called vladimir soviet. he runs some spectacular propaganda, it's a television show he was sent to mariupol. he is leading the propaganda being sent to charlottesville to whip up fervor in a kind of civil war. that is the move doesn't really work. doesn't really work. >> i'm supposed to inspire people about russia invading them? >> in the show to the folks back home. >> they were liberators. >> just understanding about the roman witch putin feels you can
6:25 pm
maneuver, even if you say he is losing it. i think it is going to change that american collaboration in terms of how much we can win over and how he may respond. i think we are only starting to figure it out. david is the editor of the new yorker, which is the best magazine in the english language. he is also the author of poll surprising book. the last days of the soviet empire. thank you for getting up for the morning, reading the speech in russian fact-check us. it's weird to see. we will be right back, stay with us. with us. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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here said that here hi i'm out for a drive in my 1960 -- this is my wife celeste and we do this every now and then. i wanted to send a video because we do have something hard to tell you. >> u.s. every now and then, whenever i have to report that i have been indicted. that is nebraska publican last october the thing he had to tell us as a pilot his wife and his dog near the nice pickup truck was in fact that he had been indicted on felony charges and federal court he was charged with lying to the fbi because of illegal foreign contributions to his campaign. despite those charges, jeff foreign barry vowed to press on, stay in office. it would not surprise you to learn that donald trump immediately issued a statement of support as he does for
6:31 pm
basically all republican politicians indicted for corruption. but unfortunately for congressman 14, barry trump was no longer president by the time he issued a statement of support, he couldn't pardon him like he did all the other and that republicans of the trump era. three months after the initial administer foreign barry powell's wife and his dogs to pick up again and announced that never mind the federal charges against, him he would be running for reelection. , he said he'd be running for reelection in that his trial got underway in march. and when his trial got underway, he became the first sitting member of congress to stand ahead of trial on over two decades. the jury convicted him on three felony accounts. the only deliberated for two hours. then and only then did republican leadership finally give him a shove out the door. you can't be in prison and in
6:32 pm
congress. it's a david line in the final, and that's the line. because of jeff 14 various recent return, voters in nebraska's first congressional district are going to the polls tomorrow. it's a primary election to nominate the new republican to run for the seat vacated by the recently convicted congressman. that is just not good for the republican party. it's never good for a party to fight to retain a seat in congress. they have lost it under those circumstances. when your party's previous guy can't run because he has to go to the pro-barr hotel. that is not good, on the same ballot, in the same state on the same election tomorrow the trump endorsed republican candidate is a guy that has been accused of groping a different moment including republican state senator. trump nevertheless felt so strongly about supporting the sky that he held a rally for
6:33 pm
him last weekend and nebraska. so the guys totally innocent, said the groping like a shuns from a tim women were despicable. it's called the allegations -- so, tomorrow is not a good day for the republican party in nebraska. no matter how they do in the polls, there's more, there is much more to the point that it is getting weird. stay with us. stay with us ( ♪♪ )
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when you need help it's great to be in sync with customer service. a team of reps who can anticipate the next step genesys technology is changing the way customer service teams anticipate what customers need. because happy customers are music to our ears. genesys, we're behind every customer smile. >> if you can spot the same
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here and we are going to start it includes the states disgraced former governor, we are forced to resign a dozen are consensual sexual encounter and then black melter about it with the photos. slaves force are the governorship of missouri. he seems decided that the people of missouri should be too, he has jumped into the u.s. senate race the internal
6:39 pm
poll that he shared with reporters today reportedly shows him leading the republican field for the senate. back our that record is the leading candidate to be a republican nominee for the united states of missouri. that is missouri. out in georgia, the leading republican candidate for the u.s. senate and georgia is this guy. his name is herschel walker. mr. walker's ex-wife accused him of physically abusive and extremely threatening behavior during their marriage. including holding a pistol to her head and threatening to, quote blow her brains out. according to documents obtained by the ap, several years after their divorce herschel walker's access to credit protective order against. tim that's after he repeatedly called her sister and her father threatening again that he was going to kill her. so, that is the republican parties leading candidate for senate and the grace of georgia. how about in the great state of pennsylvania? not only is their leading
6:40 pm
republican candidate for governor guy who is literally part of the mob that attacked the u.s. capitol and january 6th. the guy he endorsed lieutenant governors in order by judge to stay away from his own home after his wife obtained a protective order over claims a physical and mental abuse. he accuses him of stalking artwork, screaming at, her grabbing hurt the shirt. threatening to kill the family dock. >> okay, pennsylvania republicans. how about ohio? republican voters in ohio's 19 greszler tax than getting a lot of attention over the last few days. they just handed the republican nomination for one congressional seat at the january 6th riot. and the seventh congressional district, a former donald trump staffer won that republican primary. it is publicly accused of assault by his ex girlfriend. and in his case, those making allegations of the trump white house secretary.
6:41 pm
a senior member of the trump white house says that he physically abused her. it does not seem to matter. trump endorsed him, he wants primary with 70% of the vote. and i know that this almost sounds like i am being hyperbolic or rounding up to the next worst thing. and when he lionel these guys up, honestly, that is just all the facts. we haven't even got this headline out of indiana this weekend. i'm not exaggerating, this is a real headline. man accused of killing his wife winds republican primary from jail. dude is in jail on charges of murdering his wife, he won his republican primary. that's for a municipal board in indiana. he will be on the ballot in november unless he is convicted by then of murdering his wife. being on jail in those charges is not a problem. if the republican party was a private company, their hr
6:42 pm
department will be blowing through all of their overtime just this week. things like this happen from time to time. you definitely get people accused of doing horrible things, who nevertheless end up rising in politics, right? but this is an unusually dense concentration of them for the cycle, for the republican party. like how many of these do we need before we start calling it this year's pattern? it is absolutely stunning that the republican party is fielding all of these, man accused of all of these horrible things involving women. it is happening in such an incredible concentration, while the republican party this year is set to be running in the context of banning abortion. right, in the wake of the lead draft supreme court -- overturning roe v. wade. the senate republican leader, mitch mcconnell, said that this weekend they could pursue a federal nationwide abortion ban. if the republicans are lucky enough to take over congress. in louisiana, republicans have advanced a bill that would not only ban abortion but it would declare anybody who has an
6:43 pm
abortion to have committed murder. if you had an abortion in louisiana, you have committed murder. the louisiana as a state where murder is punishable by the death penalty. so, they are rushing right to the end of the story with that on, the louisiana republicans. mississippi republican governor, questioned by jake tapper this weekend. he would not rule out that mississippi republicans after they get abortion bans might move on to banning contraception. it might, happen they don't talk about it. in arizona, a republican senate backed up by billionaire trump peter teal says that if he is elected senator he will only vote to confirm judges. they will not just vote to overturn, roamed the supreme court willing that it guarantees the right to an abortion, he will only vote for judicial nominees who pledged to overturn the ruling that guarantees access to contraception. that is a litmus test for him. marshall blackburn, city in
6:44 pm
tennessee also denounced that ruling protecting access to contraception. as did all of the republican candidates for attorney general in a michigan this year. they all think that the government should be able to ban contraception. that we need to get rid of the supreme court precedent that prevents the government from being able to do that. it is not like there has been a weird little outbreak of radicalism and one court of the country here, right? i mean, this is a very stark thing. it is happening in the republican primaries and every state in the country. and with the context in the back dropping so stark and so radical, he is very practical, very pragmatic question. so that you are kind of a moderate democrat running in a moderate purple state. that is the kind of radicalism that you are running against on the right. you would expect, just in terms of political science math, that you have an advantage over that kind of extremism in radicalism coming from the republican
6:45 pm
party. it is always in the details, right? it seems like this should hurt. them if it is going to hurt, them it is going to be the democrats are going to have to use it against the republicans and their campaigns. it is a practical question on how the democrats do that. campaign ads don't write themselves, you don't run themselves. there are choices that need to be made about how, where and when to do this. one very moderate, very bipartisan minded democratic senator in a very tough reelection fight has just fired the first shot of this new battle. and we can see how she is approaching it. she joins us live here, next. stay with us. stay with us seen it. trust me, after 15 walks it gets a little old. [golf ball bounces off rover] [ding] ugh. - [narrator] it's a mixed up world. and the way we work looks a little different. but whether you embrace the new normal or just want to get back to the routines that feel right,
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allergies don't have to be scary. spraying flonase daily stops your body from overreacting to allergens all season long. >> three men, one agenda. psst! psst! flonase all good. mitch mcconnell's decade-long was safe to criminalize abortion. >> it was me to identify chuck norris as quote, a key architect of new hampshire's abortion ban, who says he will bring new hampshire's abortion ban to washington. don bulldogs at new hampshire's abortion ban is quote, better than nothing, but complains doesn't go far enough. and kevin smith, he says, quote, we are so close to ending abortion once and for all. >> that is their agenda. it they all supported new hampshire's abortion ban, and now, with roe v. wade on the verge of being overturned, these three men and their one
6:51 pm
agenda. a woman's fundamental rights our freedoms hang in the balance. >> it's a brand-new political ad, targeting the three republican men who are competing to be the republican party's nominee for the united states senate in new hampshire this year. all three are competing to run against the senator whose campaign just started running that at. she is senator maggie hassan. the fight over abortion will be nationwide, this year, given where the supreme court is about to do on roe v. wade. but that fight will not just be a fight between conservatives and on the one side, and fire breathing progress is on the other. senator maggie hassan is a moderate. she is a workhorse senator, who is known for being fiercely bipartisan. she's a legitimate centrist in a world where that is not supposed to be possible anymore. last week, georgetown university school of public policy literally ranked her the most bipartisan senator in the united states senate. fight is joined, including by senators like maggie hassan. senator hassan joins us now
6:52 pm
live. senator, we pleasure to have you with us this night. thank you for making time. >> thanks for having me on, rachel. >> i think for a long time we have imagined the fight over a post-roe america, being one that would be fought between the left and the right, clearly defied. and that this would be something where it would be sort of predictable to find the combatants here. it goes like that it's upon us, those assumptions have been proven wrong. and this is a fight that will be in every state in the country, in every race. and it seems largely just to be between the two parties. that's how i see it. but i want to ask, if you see that same way? >> well you know, in new hampshire, we have a strong bipartisan tradition of supporting women's right to make our own fundamental health care decisions, her right, essentially to freedom. and so, it is very, very concerning that extremists in our state capital have inserted an abortion ban into our state budget last year. and now, one of them is one of
6:53 pm
my opponents in the senate race. the republicans are eager to come to washington, and help mitch mcconnell fulfill what his clearly been his goal for decades, which is to not only overturn roe v. wade, but now it seems, passed an abortion ban, a national abortion ban. this is an issue where the vast majority of americans for a cross party lines support roe v. wade, and support codifying it. so this is really about which party will listen to voters and uphold their values, and protect fundamental freedoms for every american, regardless of political party. >> we look at some of the polling today in new hampshire on this issue, and in new hampshire, just as in the country, that public opinion does line up the way that you just described. there are strong majorities in new hampshire, just this there are nationwide, for leaving in
6:54 pm
place that protections of roe. it really doesn't map on to our national, political party divisions. there aren't pro-life republicans anymore. there aren't republicans who are arguing for moderation or for even slowing down, in terms of what the supreme court is about to do. should we take it from this new ad, just released by your campaign, that you think will this be a central issue near election effort this fall? >> you know, the right of people to make their own personal decisions, their right to bodily autonomy is foundational to everything else. and as we talk about the ways we come together to address the challenges we need to address, including peoples prices, helping people afford things like prescription drugs, or child care, they need to know that they have representation in washington, that is actually listening to them. and what we see in my state, and i think we're seeing around the country on this issue, is candidates for senate who are
6:55 pm
wildly out of step with where their constituents are, that is certainly the case of the opponents that i have on the republican side, when it comes to this issue of a woman's fundamental right to make her own choices, to chart her own path, including her own economic path. so, i think what you are going to see is all around the country. there is real concern about how out of touch the republicans are on this fundamental and key issue, which raises the issues for voters, if they won't listen to you on this, are they gonna listen to on anything? on the need to lower the cost of prescription drugs and stand up to big pharma? or lower the price of gas by standing up to big oil? this is about a fundamental right of protecting our freedom and recognizing that if the republican party is willing to go after a woman's fundamental freedom, if they are willing to rollback the rights of half of the population, will they be
6:56 pm
willing to stand up for anyone's freedom? and what that does to our democracy is of critical concern to my constituents, and i think americans everywhere. >> new hampshire democratic u.s. senator maggie hassan, who has a difficult reelection fight ahead of her this year. senator hassan, it's always better to have a little bit of time with you. thanks for joining us tonight. >> thank you so much for having me. be safe. >> i should mention that i misspoke there when i was trying to make the case that there aren't any pro-choice republicans in this fight right now. i said there aren't any pro life republicans, which is exactly backwards, which i shouldn't do, because i'm still so pro. but i fail all the time. sorry, we will be right back. y,e wwill be right back r car insurance, so you only pay for what you need? like how i customized this scarf? check out this backpack i made for marco. only pay for what you need. ♪liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty.♪ time. it's life's most precious commodity, especially when you have metastatic breast cancer.
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couldn't said it better myself. you just did. unbeatable internet from xfinity. made to do anything so you can do anything. >> if you records this show on under district attorney gascón, i prosecuted car break-ins. all repeat offenders, often in organized crime rings. but when chesa boudin took office, he dissolved the unit and stopped me from collaborating with the police on my cases. now home and car break-ins are on the rise because repeat offenders know they can get away with it. chesa boudin is failing to do his job. there's a better way to keep san francisco safe. recall chesa boudin now. your dvr. if you have your tv or your dvr to set up to record the rachel maddow show, every night at 9 pm eastern, first of all, thank you. you've got me all these years,
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thank you. but also i meant to do one other thing. keep the dvr setting what you've got, now where your colder mitchell maddow. so you listen only to at the show, msnbc prime to your dvr recordings. and the reason you need both of those is that i'm mostly gonna be here on mondays, even though our whole team is working to produce the show every night at 9 pm eastern. but in addition to every monday that i'm here, i will also be here for big news events, including some that might arise on short notice. so we need to set your dvr to recorded every night at 9 pm eastern. which means setting it to record the rachel maddow show and also msnbc prime. please. thank you. that's gonna do it for me for tonight. ali velshi will be here tomorrow with msnbc prime. now, time for the last word with lawrence o'donnell. good evening, lawrence. >> good evening, rachel. let me see, rachel maddow and msnbc prime, by the way, no one has told me -- am i supposed to ask the viewers to dvr the last word


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