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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  May 2, 2022 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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at 4 months, after just 2 doses. skyrizi may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. before treatment, your doctor should check you for infections and tuberculosis. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms such as fevers, sweats, chills, muscleches or coughs, or if you plan to or recently received a vaccine. ♪ nothing is everything ♪ talk to your dermatologist about skyrizi. learn how abbvie could help you save. emergency evacuations are underway in mariupol as more than 100 women and children are freed from a bombed out steel plant in ukraine. and top u.s. lawmakers arrive in poland after a highly secretive trip to meet with president zelenskyy in kyiv. plus the january 6th committee wants answers from a trio of republican members of congress as the committee investigates whether former trump's allies inside the
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capitolere connected to the insurrection. and we're on the ground in ohio where voters are about to head to the polls tomorrow in the first senate primary of the 2020 midterms. and a major test of mr. trump's clout at the ballot box. welcome to "meet the press daily" 237 i'm kristen welker in for chuck todd. we're talking about the 2022 midterms. right now in ukraine, civilians have been evacuated from mariupol after weeks of failed attempts to do so. this is video from the ukrainian national guard of civilians fleeing the steel plant where they have been holed up for weeks. those civilians are set to arrive i the city about 140 miles northwest of riupol th is video from reute of the bs headed there where nbc's matt bradley has been all day. >> reporter: we have been
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waiting all hereday here. we have not seen much anticipated arrivals from the steel works in mariupol. this is what we have been waiting for. but ill, there's been quite a few people, civilians who have been coming in from elsewhere from outside mariupol, from very close to mariupol. and here within the region, you can see right here, this is a typical car that arrives. we have seen this all day long. this is a car coming from we don't know where wp they just pulled up. there's a handwritten sign. it says children. we see this time and time again. cars that are marked children or elderly people or just civilians often they will have little white flags danglin on their mirrors or antenna to signal don't shoot. now this is the first step that this family is going through right here. police officers taking their information, making sure they
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are who they say they are, that they are not enemy combatants that they are civilians and helping them to get registered and to move through this process here. behind our camerahere, we have international aid agencies like unicef, doctors without borders, these are people that coordinate ed this effort to get people out of the south and bring them t here. i have to tell you, once they reach here, they are out of danger. but their journey, the uncertainty is just beginning. their lives will never be the same for many of them, their homes are completely destroyed. there's no going back to the lives they have known for their whole life. >> must be absolutely terrifying. matt bradley, thank you for that report. all of this comes a day after nancy pelosi met with president zelenskyy during an aannounced trip to kyiv with a small group of democrats. pelosi, the highest ranking official to visit kyiv since the
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war began, reaffirmed american support for ukraine. but that pledge comes as the senate is sit seth to begin considering president biden's request for $33 billion in additional aid for ukraine. and at the same time, officials say they hope diplomats will return to the embassy in kyiv by the end of the month. one top official from the embassy had this to say to moscow. >> i would say the message to russia is you failed. ukraine is still standing. the government is still functioning. and we're going back to lviv first and then kyiv to help the government. >> joining me now from ukraine is kelly cobiella. thank you for being here on this monday. kelly, i want to start with you. one of the main focal points for refugees, so bring us up to speed. what are you seeing here today?
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>>. >> this has been the focal point for people escaping kharkiv in the north. the donbas directly to the east and the places like matt was in south. and they are taking care of thousands of people, hundreds of thousands of people in this city. people who have left their homes and have nothing. you see people leaving towns that have been completely raised to the ground by shelling and fighting. and they end up in places like this in need of food, shelter, many of them looking for work. they want to contribute. they want to help in the war effort, but they are really leaving these towns that have been absolutely destroyed. just in mariupol alone, we focused a lot on that steel plant. there are according to several reports hundreds of people underneath that plant waiting for rescue. but in the city of mariupol, we have been talking to the mayor over the past couple days.
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and he says there are 100,000 people there. he's been saying this, shouting from the rooftops for days now. no food, no water, no sewage facilities, the weather is warming up. the health concerns are rising. disease could be spreading there. it is a dire situation in that city. and that kind of scenario is being repeated in other places like small villages that we really don't hear much about. places that have been shelled and, as i said, where infrastructure has been completely destroyed. millions of people displaced in this country since the war started pack in february. one last thing. we have been talking to people who have escaped mariupol and matt talked a little bit about that as well. it's an incredibly perilous journey, even once the shelling starts, they have to get through several russian check points each time fearing they are going to be told no.
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>> kelly cobiella, you have been bringing us the stories of so ma refugees. we appreciate your work and your joining us. ambassador, i want turno you now. what do you make of the evacuations so far? >> this is a good news story and a very bleak situation. but it's still a relatively small story. there were reports, there were a thousand civilians, maybe a hundred are out. that's od. there are hundred thousand civilians in mariupol still subject to russian bombardments and the deprivation of food and water. this is a very, very sad story. >> to that point, how do you see these evacuations in the broader context? are you concerned that they could be a precursor to an even more intense bombard the by the russians? >> so far, it continues.
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but i'm very glad to see these people get out. maybe this is the sign of some opening, which will be better than the 100 or so we see. but maybe not. certainly, the russian record has been abysmal. we have to be foolish to expect something better, but we certainly should hope for something better and hope for the best to get more civilians out. >> absolutely. we have seen the ukrainians strength throughout this entire conflict. so far, we know the russians are now focused on the east and the south and ukrainians have been very strong in those regions as well. do you think ukraine can still win this war? >> i expect ukraine will win this war. the question is how many ukrainians will die before that ppens. american sport has gotten stronger. that's a good thing. it's still not strong enough, but we have had a good couple weeks. the administration is beginning to step up in a serious way. we need to make sure not only
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that we decide to send supplies, but they get to the front and also be considering how to make that happen better and faster. >> let me follow up. what more should western nations be doing. you say the support has been good, but it's not strong enough yet. as you note, the president ruled out things like a no-fly zone. so what do you want to see? >> in fact, they need to change their minds about the polish migs. they need to stop the russian offensive. you need to send more high altitude antiaircraft systems and more tanks. and more personnel carriers. but when we're moving things we weren't moving before and that's good. but we need to get those things to the front. that's also very important. >> do you think the military equipment is getting there fast enough. that's the other piece of this. >> it's not getting there fast
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enough because they did it too long making decisions. now we're getting to poland and that's good. that's very good. and ukraines are getting to the front, but they probably could use more help getting to the front. and we have the means to do that. even without putting in american soldiersn ukraine. >> president zelskyy has been clear he does not intend to seed any territory to russia. what do you think victory then looks like in ukraine? do you think ultimately ukraine will need to cede some territory in the east to russia? >> that will be zelenskyy's decision. what, if anything, he cedes. but i can understand why he doesn't want to because the kremlin has made clear the policyis the de-ukrainianization of ukraine. they want to remove their identity as a nation. that's completely unacceptable. we see multiple war crimes and scholars are talking about russian genocide. i can understand his
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unwillingness to do it. but i don't have any doubt their civians are able to at a minimum limitussian games and perhaps reclaim some of the territory that moscow has taken since february 24. >> jill biden is set to visit the region latern this week. should president biden visit kyiv himself? the white house has said there's no plans for that. >> i think that would be a good thing, but that's not the most important thing. the most important thing is to provide all the support we have now decided and promised. and to up our support as described. make sure ukraine has the means to stop kremlin aggression and to pul back some of the territory moscow has stolen over the past nine weeks. >> ambassador, thank you so much for joining usnd for your perspective on this monday. really appreciate it. coming up, progrsive democrats at a cross roads as
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eir agenda stalled amid gridlock in washington and disagreements within thearty. we'll speak with a top grat on the progressive caucus as the part braces for a battle over imgratio stude ans, covid relief and ukrai aid. and later voters head to th polls tomorrow in the first primary in a race that puts the power of the endorsement to the test. more on the ground in ohio coming up. you're watching "meet the press daily." daily. bonnie boon i'm calling you out. everybody be cool, alright? with ringcentral we can pull bonnie up on phone, message, or video, all in the same app. oh... hey bonnie, i didn't see you there. ♪ ringcentral ♪ it'sime to get tdoors
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welcome back. the chairman announced this morning the committee sent letters to three republican lawmakers asking for their cooperation with the committee's investigation. the select committee is asking representatives andy bigs, mo brooks and jackson to come before the committee by may 9th. for more i'm joined by allie
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batali on capitol hill. why is the committee asking these members to come forward? >> reporter: they are detailed in their requests in their letters about why they are looking for these specific republican lawmakers to come before and testify. i think it's really important to point out at the start these are asks, they are not subpoenas. we have seen the committee before ask for are you law makers to cooperate. in the past, they said no. it leaves the committee in the position to figure out if they are willing to subpoena for them to k5079, but these are the first set of letters being sent out to three republican lawmakers. we're hearing specific details about these members may have done on and around january 6th, specifically in the case of ronnie jackson. they want to talk to him about why members of the oath keepers and proud boys would have been looking to provide himith skurlt security detail on the day of the insurrection in text messages from members of the right wing groups. the committee cites jackson had
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critical data to protect and that's why they needed to make sure hwas safe on that day. in the instance of congressman bigs, the letter to him says that he may haveeen part of a group of lawmakers who were seeking presidential pardons for the actities that they were undernak taking in connection with trying to overturn the election results of whether or not these lawmakers knew they were doing something illegal on the part of the then president and also trying to inoculate themselves legally in realtime from that wrong doing. all of this comes against the larger backdrop of a conversation i had with chairman thompson at the end of last week. he told me these letters were coming. he also reiterated they want to ask kevin mccarthy to come before the committee again, especially in light of the new audio recordings we have heard in the last few weeks. that letter was not included today. we also expect letters to come for sitting republican senators.
10:18 am
that's something i asked the chairman if it would be house members or include senators. he wouldn't go into specifically which senators they were looking at, but we know from reporting that's happened over the course of the last year there were several lawmakers working in tandem with the white house to try to overturn the election results. so certainly more to stay tuned for even as we get all of these new details today. >> just quickly before i let you go. you make an important point at the stop, which is these are asks. we don't have answers yet. what do you think the likelihood is those republicans talk to the committee? >> reporter: i think it's going to be really interesting. in the case of ronnie jackson, it's the physician at the white house. he remains a top ally. when it comes to brooks, trump unendorsed him in that race in alabama. the question is he upset enough to talk to the committee. he seemed to leave the door open
10:19 am
a little bit when i asked him about this. but now that the committee is asking him, we'll see what he has to say. >> great reporting as always. thank you. coming up next, prosecutors in georgia convene a special grand jury to investigate former president trump's attempts to mettle with the presidential election results. we'll have what it means legally for the former president. that's next. you're watching "meet the press daily." watching "meet the pres daily.
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welcome become. turning to other developments on capitol hill. as we mentioned the senate is busy working on that $33 billion aid package for ukraine and it's unclear how quickly an agreement can be reached. it's one of many issues being held up right now. it comes as some of the president's own party including progressives pushed the administration to do more on a number of democratic priorities without congress's help. joining me to discuss this is a top democrat, kmank thanks for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> it's good to see you. as we have been reporting on house speaker nancy pelosi's trip to ukraine, before she left, she indicated that there's still no decision on whether the ukraine aid package would be linked to covid funding. let me put the question to you. do you think the two measures should be linked? >> i think we're going to see what the senate sends us. they are both national security issues. what's going on in ukraine,
10:24 am
having additional variants come out of covid if we're not able to help other countries and help here in the united states. so they should be linked. unfortunately, the republicans said no more funding for covid. no new funding for covid. you'd have to finds unused dollars to learn a lot of those. we have been postponed on really getting a covid bill passed. ukrainian aid has to happen. and get both done, let's not. we have to get both done. that's ultimately our responsibility no matter what rhetoric we have heard from some of the republicans. >> i think you just hit the key point there. the quickest way to get this done. given the urgent needs in ukrainegiven that you know there's already bipartisan support for that ukraine aid, why not g behind a push to fund the ukraine aid first and deal with covid funding immediately after. is that the smarter strategy?
10:25 am
>> it's going to be up to the senate. they are sending it to the house. we thought the covid funding was a slam dunk until the republicans put an artificial line in the sand about covid funding. as you look at south africa with some additional omicron variants starting to cause a surge again, we don't tell covid when it's done. covid will let us know. so we have to keep funding that as an urgency as well. we can't be held hostage by a few people trying to appeal to some partisan rhetoric. >> let's talk about the other big priority for democrats which is getting elements of build back better passed. joe manchin indicated he's willing to work on three key areas. lowering the price of prescription drugs, climate reform and lering the deficit.
10:26 am
do you think realistically speaking that there's common ground to be found between progressives like yourself and senator manchin on climate reform? >> we already found ways to get giant bills through congress. the american rescue plan that got money in people's pockets and shots in people's arms. >> but climate is very tricky, as yo know. >> i think we're going to keep doing a legislative strategy, but the progressive caucus encouraged the president to take executive actions. they can be changed. they are not as easy to do in some areas as actual legislative change. but i would say it's all and above category. let's get everything possible done in any way possible. democrats have already done really big things. like i mentioned that, the infrastructure bill, the postal reform act, the competes act about getting the cost of computer chips down to really
10:27 am
get at inflation. we have a lot of things to juggle. and i think that if we can do it legislatively, let's move those legislatively. if the president can do executive action, let's do that. if we can do both, let's go both. action is the word that we all have to toll. >> i want to ask about executive action in a moment. but if at the end of the day there's only agreement on lowering the cost of prescription drugs, is that something that you would support? a stand alone measure on prescription drugs only? >> again, i have seen nothing in writing through all these talks. as you know, some of us have lived through this for about six months. i'll believe it when i see it. but in the meantime, i'm going to keep pushing to get things done. one of the best ways is to have the president move forward with executive action. >> and quickly about the deadline. is the democrats have to get a deal by memorial day. do you perceive that to be the deadline?
10:28 am
aryou eyeing memorial day to get something done? >> i was told originally it was by the state of the union. i was told by the end of the year. i have heard a lot of deadlines. what i will tell you is what i told the president and others. let's do whatever we can now. if it's executive action that can happen quicker, let's do that. if it's legislation, we'll do that. democrats are going to continue to deliver for people. but let's not worry about what one person says or whatever. let's get things done and then if we get multiple things done, all the better for the american people. >> let me ask you about executive actions. the likeliest possibility is the president is considering taking action on student loan debt. according to recent reporting, he's eyeing forgiving about $10,000 per borrower. is that enough for you? $10,000? >> we have been encouraging higher, but doing an executive action on $10,000 is huge for the average person. we're also encouraging things
10:29 am
around climate change, health care, workers rights and protections. there's a lot that the president can do. i think will do because the republicans aren't moving anything forward in congress. so we have no partners in a 50/50 senate. it's hard to get anything done. but we have gotten a lot done. the president can move ideas forward and but there's a big list. you're going to see more action from this white house. >>. >> i have to ask about the midterms. there's big disagreement now in your caucus. bernie sanders is standing by his endorsement of turner despite the cpc's endorsement of brown. if you think about it, one of the strengths of your caucus is
10:30 am
the ability to stay unified. what do you make of this divide? does it spell trouble in the future for your caucus? >> we have 100 members. when we took the vote, no one voted not endorse shon tell. i don't know if the divide some of the journalists in washington, d.c. like to say, but we didn't have it when we endorsed someone. we don't want people who are not going to be supporting things like medicare for all and other prioriies. here you have people who are. that's good for the people of ohio and good for the american people. but people in that distrt will make the decision. >> congressman, thank you so much. really appreciateit. good to see u. >> absolutely. good to see you. thank you. we want to turn to georgia. prosecutors have selected members for a specialrand jury to investigate whether or not the former president sought to interfere in the 2020 election in georgia.
10:31 am
the investigation which began last year is looking into attempts to influence election officials, including former president trump's call with south carolina zx n which the former president asked him to, quote, find the votes needed win the state. the group will be able to issue subpoenas to individuals who have so far refused to cooperate with the investigation. joining me now to break this down is blayne alexander in georgia. and legal analyst joyce vance. thanks to both of you fobeing here. that special grand jury is seated w. what are you watching for? what can we expect the next sts to be? >> reporter: 23 jurors, 3 alternates. it took less than two hours to seat that group. that was a very quick process. what we can expect to see over possibly the next year or so is really going to be a lot of use of their subpoena power. they are not allowed to prove indictments, but they do have subpoena por. that's notable because it means
10:32 am
they canompel some of these elected officials to come forward and to speak. the top of the list will be secretary of state. he was on the receiving end of that phone call from former president trump. so we know they are going to use that power over the next year or so. this is t first day of early voting. heen as voting is underway for 2022, the other thing is the district attorney has said she doesn't plan to call any tnesses until after the primary. that's notable and shows how intertwined this whole thing is. some othe witnesses they will call is runni the election. and thers are on the ballot. >> so important you tk about the badrop of the midterms. joyce, i want to turn to you now. we have seen a number of
10:33 am
investigations into former president trump. very little comes out of them. how significant is this step? sgl this investigation different for a couple reasons. first the former president is actually captured on tape. essence, violating a georgia law that prohibited soliciting election fraud. so we have him askg for one vote more than joe biden won the state by. he asks the current secretary of state to find him 11,780 votes. and that conduct is matched up very cleanly by the statute that prohibits election interference. the district attorney has already taken on difficult political cases. she went after powerful georgia teachers in a cheating scandal. it's worth watching this investigation where she's promised she will investigate
10:34 am
anyone, no matter who they are, if she develops sufficient evidence to go after them. >> and that, i guess, takes me my next question. in addition to brad, who else do you expect this grand jury will want to hear from? >> there's a dividing line between witnesses a targeted defendants. we don't know where she's drawn that line. we can put the former president carefully on the side of potential targetings. it's unlikely she's going to call him. it's difficult to peg. south carolina senator lindsey graham had phone calls leading up to trump's call. alsohief of staff at the white house mark meadows had calls with some of these georgia officials. not clear yet whether they will be called and it seems very clear she intends to call as witnesses the secreta of state, but also georgia's governor brian kemp, who is in a contested primary, which may make that a little different. one last note o that. i wouldn't be concerned about
10:35 am
this delay that they won't hear from witnesses until after the primary is over. this grand jury just convened will have to take time to decide who to issue subpoenas to. that's up to the investigative brand jury. and then they will have to be served and dates will have to be worked out. whether there was going to be a primary or not it would be at least a few weeks before witness testimony could get underway. >> important part about the timeline the. really appreciate it. thank you both. before we go to break a ickote. georgis voti starttoday. resints wi be ae to cast early ballots rough may 20th ahd of the proi marry onay 24th. next, if it's tuesday, the power of president trump gets put to test tomorrow. we'll pretty view this crucial contest. you're watching "meet the press daily kbts. e press daily kbts who said only this is good? and this is bad?
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tmp was humiliated. that's what they are waiting. we have endorsed dr. oz. we have endorsed jp. jd mandel, he's doing gret. they are all doing good. >> jd mandel, welcome back. that was former president trump last night in nebraska stumbling over his endorsement in the ohio primary. his pick in ohio is jd vance, josh mandel. he addressed the flood dismissing it saying the president is very much on board with his campaign. the slip up couldn't have come at a more crucial moment thoi because this is a wide open senate primary contest. a fox news poll last month had four candidates in double digits and a whopping 25% saying they don't know who they are dwoing to vote for. it wouldn't be a stretch to see vance, mandel, dolan or gibbons come out on top and it's unlikely the winner will take the majority of the ballots.
10:40 am
election day is tomorrow, which means we'll see how former president trump's first endorsement in a 2022 senate republican primary will hold up. msnbc is on the ground there following this race. jesse, great to see you. you have talked to both jd vance and josh mandel recently. what are they telling you how they are approaching this home stretch of the campaign? >> reporter: we have also talked to more voters than i can keep track of at this point. as you said, it appears to be yone's race. those two are on top within the margin of error. both of them leaning into america first licy. very much in the blueprint of donald trump, even though one has the former president's endorsement. that thumbs up from donald trump may not even matter. we have talked to several voters who tell us that endorsements do not matter to them compared to policy positions. and by the way, if if you try to read the tea leaves, forget about it. i talked to two women who looked at dolan as a progressive, as
10:41 am
someone on the left. then i talked to a man who was deciding between dolan and vance, and he says he's going to support vance probably at let in part in spite of donald trump. and again, vance is talking about topics like immigration, the border, issues that are very much in the trump playbook. so is mandel even without the former presidential's endorsement. here's what he told us last week. >> we just came from dayton. i spoke at a podium. on the front of the podium it said mandel for u.s. senate. the reason it said that is i believe so strongly in the america first agenda that president trump delivered for my people here in the state of ohio. i know a lot of folks think america first is a slogan, but it's a governing philosophy. >> the name trump is much more than an endorsement. >> it's a governing philosophy. when it comes to the economy, when it comes to jobs in our
10:42 am
state. >> reporter: so literally on his advertisement we have seen pro trump across the screen. he does not have the former president's endorsement even suggesting the candidate of trump's choice dint win, his policies might. we talked about lan. we did hear a subtle swipe taken by vance here. it appears that is catching the attention of the front runner here in ohio. >> those closing hours, it makes sense as things tighten up. in addition to talking to the voters and the candidates, you have also been tracking the air waves. people who live there have just been flooded with ads. have any of them reached voters and resinated? >> one of the advertisements that has been all over the place has been an advertisement referring to past comments by vance. taking swipes all the trump voters referring to part of them
10:43 am
as racist. and a woman here in the crowd an event at which vance was not taking questions and he actually tried to move away from her continuing to talk and get senator hawley out there, he did hear her out on her question asking about the past comments. she was very passionate about someone who sees herself as a republican voter and that group identified as racist. he explained it was a chopped up comment. >> really fascinating stuff. he has had to explain a lot of those past comments about former president trump and trump voters. great reporting. thank you so much. we're going to dig into mo into what decision day in ohio means for the 2022 and 2024 elections. the panel joins me next. you're watching "meet the press daily." you're watch ing "meet t
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(all): all hail, caesar! pssst julius! you should really check in with your team on ringcentral. oh hi caesar. we were just talking about you. yeah, you should probably get out of here. ♪ ringcentral ♪ this is the table setter though. we don't want a circumstance where the establishment could claim they defeated trump. so if president trump's brand is on the line, we couldn't be prouder that jd vance is a standard barer for our movement. >> welcome back. that was congressman matt gaetz setting the stage for tomorrow's republican senate primary in ohio. it's the first senate primary of the year and the first test of
10:48 am
the form president's endorsement power. republicans around the country will be wahing. joining me now onset is the national correspondent for politico and an msnbc contributor. marie kumar, an msnbc contributor. and matthewcontinet tirks. welcome all. thank you for being here on this monday. let me just start with you. kick it off a. you heard matt gaetz. you summed it up very well. this is a key test not of only president trump, but of trumpism. >> the question of who gets to be the standard barer. josh mandel is claiming even though trump doesn't support him, he's the real trump guy. there's no serious candidate who is distancing him or herself from the former president. the big question is can trump actually engage in puppet mastering of some of these primarie that's been the perception and
10:49 am
the expectation for the course of this midterm cycle. we're about to figure out if it's true. it might not be true. even thus far, whave seen som republican officials in surprising ways buck t president. the tennessee republican party bent over backwards to keep a candidate endorsed by trump from being on the ballot. that wasn't something about principles or democracy, but it was an example of an institution saying we know trump wants this, but we're not going to do it and we're not worried about the korns kwenss. >> bsy raises an important point. what do you makef that? the fact if you look at ohio, jd vance had a surge in the polls. he's looking strong heading into tomorrow. no guarantees. very different story in pennsylvania and some of these other races. pz. >> trump leaned heavily into the endorsement strategy into the republican party. if you look at past preside presidents, endorsements once they leave office don't really matter all that much.
10:50 am
they try to be a party leader instead of a factual one. the tests are still out. we haven't graded them yet. and this starttomorrow. when i look at these polls, i'm most fascinated by undecided continues to lead. undecided continues to lead. so any of these top three candidates, including dolan, i think, could emerge victorious. >> what are you watching for in the conte of november and how democrats are going to need to run against some of these trump-back candidates? >> i think what's interesting is that the only person this is most important to is trump himself and the fact tha there are contested places such in pennsylvania, you can also say ohio, he's not astrong as he thinks he is, and that is why you heard matt goetz talk about it the trump brand more than anything else. there was a rally with trump and he basically fumbled the name.
10:51 am
mane supported, j.p. mandel he called him. we joke but it's also significant he's not in it. he wants to make sure his name is out, he's talking to the people and people can be talking about whether or not he's going to have the juice he needs for 2024. it's very much about him. shocng. >> it took mandel a while to endorse. does the flub kind of speak to a broader issue here as it relates to these trump endorsements writ large? >> trump wants to endorse oners winners. he has a lot of buyer remorse,
10:52 am
that embarrassing loss that stuck with the president. the reason he unendorsed brooks in the alabama senate primary because he said brooks went to woke. theeality is tha brooks was losing. his poll numbers had cratered. trump didn't want to hitch his wagon to a guy who was about to bomb. it's really important to him that these people win. not only is trump trying to createhem as winners but they're burnishing his petition. >> just lookingo 2024, we keep saying this is a key test for trump and his staying power. even if he doesn't do well in some of these primaries, does it really have that much impact over whether he decides to run in the end? >> i don't know about his own calculus but i do know if trump's endorsements don't play out as he would like them to, it might attract republicans wavering about entering the field because it may paint him
10:53 am
as more of a paper tiger of the gop. >> and who they'll pay most attention to is >> senator manchin endorsed -- >> for his out of state supporters to suggest mckinley supported build back better is an outright lie. alex mooney has proven he's alwa about alex proved he's all about us. >> whatoou think aut him crossing the aisle about david mckinley. one of the first words out of his mouth is build back better. >> the amount of revenue that would go back to his constituents, we can unpack that
10:54 am
later. he's basically trying to say i might switch to the republican party if you don't give me a little bit more. that is what i think a lot of people in the white house are super scared of as a result. >> betsy, we have beeneporti on whether senat manchin is thinking about switching parties for qui some time now. this ad certainly doesn't help that discussion within the democratic party but more broadly they're trying to g something done, a reconciliatio bill passed to get build back better done. when you see an ad likehat it's skeptical. >> west virginia for all practical purposes has become an entirely red state. a democrat was not goi to win this house race. ifanchin wants to be meaningful in west virginia, he has to try to play within the confines of the gop. connecting himself to democrats
10:55 am
is something that's going to show his lack of clout in that state. working on build back better but not very much, obviously, this ad. >> how are republicans seeing that ad? >> i think they lovehe's now in politics in the state as well. not so good for the biden administration and the democrats. if he's going to itch,e better dot soon you'd rather be the person who gis control of the senate to the republicans than just one of 52 or 54 republican senators next year. >> maggie hassan is outf time si won't play it. shessentilyushes f gas taxholiy, which is something the biden administration has been bating. she's also been critical of their handling of title 42. she says they don't have enough of a plan if it were to be
10:56 am
lifted at the end of may. betsy, what do you make of where these vulnerable democrats are right now like mage hassan and the strategy they're taking and the line they're trying to walk? >> it just highlights the extent to which president biden's poll numbers a rliabili for the democrats in tough races. hassan is not the most vulnerable democrat running this cycle. i haven't seen anything super credible arguing she's really on thin ice. but the fact that show is distancing herself from the biden administration, trying to needle them a little bit, it kind of tells you what you need to know about the president's political clout. >> do they have to get something done in order not to have a complete washout? >> one of the things he's trying to signal is his warmth around the student debt issue. "the washington post" just came out with a poll and found that young people, independent voters, are very interested in voting for him howeve his favorabilities are under 40%. we mht have a surprise the.
10:57 am
>> very good. thank you. great pel. thank you so much. and thank you for bei with us this hour. we'll be back tomorrow with more "meet the press daily." our coverage continuesith ky tur right after the eak. with ty tur right after the break. plus, superior nutrition. which is now more important than ever. ♪♪ i know there's conflicting information which is now more important than ever. about dupuytren's contracture. i thought i couldn't get treatment yet? well, people may think that their contracture has to be severe to be treated, but it doesn't. if you can't lay your hand flat on the table, talk to a hand specialist. but what if i don't want surgery? well, then you should find a hand specialist certified to offer nonsurgical treatments. what's the next step? visit today to get started.
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we must not stand by as t people of ukraine paris. of ukr. good to be with you. i'm katy tur. it is day 68 of russia's


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