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tv   The 11th Hour  MSNBC  January 28, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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we begin tonight with the latest subpoenas from the january 6th committee's shoe just this afternoon. they reveal more details about an apparently well organized effort to try to keep joe biden from entering the white house. panel members confirmed they want documents, on a deposition next month from trump white house deputy secretary judd deer. lawmakers are interested in his potential first hand knowledge of what the president was doing before, and while the capitol was under attack. they also want to talk with him about the january 5th 2021 oval office meeting he attended, in which trump is said to have asked about getting, so-called republicans in name only, to not certify the election. he may have also played a role in how trump responded when the capitol riot was underway. >> we think he had a hand in formulating the strategy and some of the media discussions on the day of january 6th, and the presidents response to that.
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>> the 16 committee also took a mace tour step forward today considering the republicans who signed documents that asserted that they were the rightful electors in their states. subpoenas have been said to 14 people who gathered on december the 14th 2020, the day the electoral college meant to steal biden's victory. on that day, the 14 presented themselves as legitimate electors for donald trump, in seven battleground states, that joe biden actually won. and a statement, the committee says it believed those witnesses, quote, have information about how these so-called alternate electors met, and who was behind that scheme. one time trump advisor stephen miller spoke to fox back on december the 14th, 2020, and explain just how the plan was supposed to work. >> as we speak today, an alternate slate of electors and the contested states are going to vote, and we are going to send those results up to congress. this will ensure that all of our legal remedies remain open. that means that if we win these cases in the
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courts, that we can direct the state of electors to be certified. >> watching stephen miller always gives me the chills. tonight, one of the subpoenaed republican chairman andrew hit. will cooperate with the january six committee. -- >> this was a coordinated effort, a multi state effort. the documents, the fake documents, are similar and we would like to know who coordinated this? who asked them to do this? we want to know who was behind this plot to overturn the election? those didn't just randomly happen, that people in various states decided, well i guess i will just do a bogus certificate. no. this was coordinated and planned. it does look like the entire plan was, thought the loser of the election would retain a power.
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>> just days ago, the justice department confirmed it is also investigating the fake slate of electors. >> in terms of fraudulent electoral certifications, it has been reported, we have received those referrals, our prosecutors are looking at those. i cannot say anything more on ongoing investigations. but more broadly, look, the attorney general has been very, very clear. we will follow the facts and the law wherever they lead. >> then other big story concerns a military buildup along russia's border with ukraine, this afternoon president biden revealed he intends to beef up the u. s. presence in the region. >> have you decided how soon you would be moving u. s. troops to eastern europe? >> i will be moving u. s. troops to eastern europe and the nato countries and the nearest term. >> right now, there are 8500 u. s. troops on standby, for possible deployment, as the world waits to see if russia
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intends to invade ukraine. the pentagon says moscow has deployed an estimated 125,000 troops in the region, and descending and even more weapons and equipment the software noon. the joint chief of staff mark milley offered a frank and at times alarming assessment of the current situation. >> this is larger in scale and scope, and the mass of forces that we have seen in recent memory. i think you would have to go back quite awhile into the cold war days to see something of this magnitude. given the type of forces that -- if that was unleashed on ukraine, it would be significant. very significant. it would result in a significant amount of casualties. it would be horrific, it would be terrible. >> there is still time and space for diplomacy. the united states with our allies and partners have offered russia a path away from crisis, and toward greater security. >> vladimir putin spoke by phone with french president
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macron today and continue to insist that any further expansion in europe by the u. s. and nato would be unacceptable. as for ukraine, it reports its president is not happy with the biden administration after the administrations emits warnings about an attack, saying that such warnings needlessly spread alarm. with that, let's bring in our lead off guests on this friday, night katie bennett, justice department reporter for the new york times, cynthia for the civil rights division of the justice department, on rick for a secretary of state of public despondency in public affairs in the obama administration. and former managing editor of time magazine. thank you for joining me this evening. katie, what more do we know about how this trump electors plan was supposed to work, and who in the former president circle might have been involved in the plan? >> so the committee is already covering quite a bit of information about the plan. much of it is public. it seems as though it began in november,
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basically simultaneously with the election, almost. where there was a suggestion that if the results were not going the way that trump wanted, an alternative slate of electors could be brought in. you see this being discussed, you see it kind of break into the open between january 6th and the election. people are mocking it, what is interesting is that he actually does have this. you see these letters with a big slate of electors being sent to the national archives on december 14th saying these states have certified for donald trump. so with the committee wants to know is, what was the motivation? whatever the conversations happening behind these letters? what was happening that is not in public view? and as any about something that should be a cause for alarm, or something that they can again used to tie back to this idea that the full story of january 6th is not simply the attack on the capitol that day, but a series of actions that took place from the date of the election to january 6th. it was a continuum, where the attack was simply part of a larger series of efforts to keep joe biden from
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taking -- from walking into the white house. >> katie, some of these witnesses form the backbone of state level republican party power across america. what kind of pressure does that put the justice department on as it investigates? >> i think the justice department would say that it is not under pressure to investigate per se. they follow the facts and the law. but because this is something that was so open, it was not a surprise when it was said that they were at least reviewing a referral and taking it seriously. what is interesting is, i am sure this is something cynthia can speak to as, well as the idea of cooperation. we already have one person who assigned one of those letter saying that he would cooperate with the january six committee, and then you also have this idea of judge deere being subpoenaed, and the committee saying that we want you to come in essentially because we already know a lot. we are getting to a point in the investigation where hundreds of witnesses, scores and scores, if not hundreds of pages of documents, have already painted a pretty full picture. so if you are being asked to come into speak to the committee now, it could be because they want
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more information, or it could be because they are giving you a chance to tell your side, and you might want to take it. >> cynthia, reportedly as katie mentioned, one of the trump electors who was subpoenaed today intends to cooperate with the committee. what might be motivating that? how much legal trouble could these, quote unquote, fake electors been? >> they are in a lot of trouble. especially the ones where there was no caveat that they were only going to be the electors if trump won the lawsuits, which by the way, by the time this came in, he lost all the lawsuits. anyway, two of these days they were caveats, in five of the states there were no caveats. these electors signed sworn statements that they were duly elected, and they sent out to the national archives. that is a false statement to the federal government. it is -- they are part of a 371 conspiracy to defraud the united states. they are in a lot of trouble. the trump campaign has put them in this trouble. when they need to do is coming very quickly and say everything they, no and
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cooperate. they need to get lawyers, and they need to be very careful about what they say, and that they are completely and totally honest. i think katie has really hit the nail on the head for the stage of the investigation that is important for the viewers to realize. that is that january six committee is asking questions they know the answers to. they know what happened. they know because they have the text records. they have the emails. they have the documents. the documents from the supreme court, they have the testimony, and a list, and they know the answer of what happened. so, the train is leaving the station kind of period type in this investigation. -- people are going to come in and tell the truth, or they are going to end up indicted. >> so you mentioned the text record. let's bring you in, rick. the 16 committee report that asked congress to hold mark meadows in criminal contempt includes this quote.
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mr. meadows received text messages and emails regarding apparent effort to encourage republican legislators and certain states to send alternate electors to congress. a plan which. -- upon which one member of congress and knowledge was highly controversial, and to which mr. meadows responded, i love it. mr. meadows responded to a similar message by saying, we are, and another such message by saying, yes have a team on. it, break earlier this afternoon my colleague nicole had this reaction. have a listen. >> i have worked in the white house, and they worked on, campaigning with the chief of staff says that i love it, we are and have a team on it, it means that we are running from the top. >> rick, you are someone who has worked at the high-level of administration representing the u. s. abroad, what's strikes to about these latest revelations about fake electors and mark meadows's roll. >> it is just appalling. we have been focused on the violence of january 6th. democracies do not die from violence, they die from within.
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they die from lawyers memos. they die from the rule of law being overturned. that is what we saw. that is the story of these fake electors. your guests have explained it far better than i can. i actually went and printed out the form that the electors signed. think about, if you are if you are, the certificate of the votes of the 220 electors from wisconsin, we the undersigned being the duly elected unqualified electors for president and vice president of the united states. you signed that document. that goes to the national archivist in washington. that goes to the president of the senate. as cynthia said, this is defrauding the american people. this is defrauding 330 million people. this is how democracies get undermined. the fact that the former chief of staff said i love it about something that is a treasonous conspiracy it's mind-boggling.
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>> yes, mind-boggling indeed. katie, let's talk about judge deere who you mentioned a moment ago. former press secretary. are you worried about what testimony judge deer offers if you are donald trump, or no? >> i really can never say what donald trump would or not be worried about anyway. but i do think that if we were talking about possibly any generic person who is a close adviser with sitting in a room with them, you know, trying to figure out whether or not there is a way to pressure republicans to overturn the election, i think that it was a reasonable to wonder whether or not deer is going to say something that would implicate his boss, or whether he is going to explain away his own actions, maybe he has a reason, explanations, whatever it, is the only risk for donald trump is that, it would do two things, they would explicitly say i did something wrong, i feel that it is, wrong and donald trump told me to, or even worse, they could back it up with some sort of documentation. but again, we
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have not seen a lot of instances of people close to donald trump turning on him and doing something like that. when that did happen, when michael cohen, didn't it didn't have any consequences for donald trump. i'm not sure how worried donald trump would, be but i am sure that would be the reasonable risk. >> that is a very good reminder of michael cohen, he said it publicly, and yet donald trump is a free man. let me ask you, that's the 16 committee is a political committee. it is a committee of lawmakers, politicians, what do they need to get? what do they need to have? what do they need to say to show to the world and maybe to the justice department that this was a definite coup attempt? >> well, i think we need to have open hearings, i'm really looking forward to the hearings. they are perfectly capable of doing that. not only are the congress people who are in charge of this quite excellent, they also have a chief of staff who is a former prosecutor. you can tell by the manner in which this case is being prosecuted by them. so i
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feel comfortable, and proud about what they are doing. also, since the department of justice is now reviewing the electors, the elector scam, that is like the beginning of unraveling a sweater. you cannot find out about the electors scam in georgia, and then you start pulling and telling on that sweater, and pretty soon you have the whole georgia -- the whole georgia conspiracy about trump calling, and lindsey graham calling, and there is no way that this will ever stop. once they open, it and they know it, once they open it it is unraveling the sweater. and that has begun. and that makes me very happy. hallelujah! hallelujah! finally that is what is going on. but recognize also, with judge deere who is testifying, they also know the answer. they basically tell him in the letter that says, we know you were at that meeting. they know what happened at that meeting. >> let's see what he does, and
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what we are able to hear what he says. just before we run out of time, we need to turn to rake and bring in ukraine. the white house is making a major effort, rick, to get european allies on board, keep them on board in this latest standoff with russia over ukraine. you worked in the state department in 2014 when the original invasion up, and the crimea annexation, barack obama's approach. how different is the situation now in terms of how european and nato allies are responding? are they showing more unity today than they showed in 2014? >> i think the biden administration has done an excellent job of hurting the cats of nato and our european allies. the difficulty is that it -- france feels a little different than england does, but what's the biden administration has done in general, anthony blinken has done in particular, it's just a untouched with european allies. so not tried to leave too much room between the u. s. and nato. and because one of
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putin's goals is to bring nato apart. that is what he is trying to do. that is why he is testing article five of nato. that is why he has all these troops there. so i think that the west has to stay united. even if, you know, we are not united on every aspect of what president biden would like us to do, by the way you heard president zelensky of ukraine today say look, i do not think that it is as eminent as the americans say. i do not want to scare you cranium people, because this may not happen. in general, the administration is doing a good job keeping it all together. >> let's see what happens next. we will have to leave it there. katie, cynthia, rick, thank you for your time. i appreciate it. coming up, the president tries moving his agenda forward, and one of our next guest says he is blown away from the republican parties shamelessness and response. our
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next guest used to be a republican himself. later, new worries about a new covid variant, and the blizzard warnings along the east coast tonight. 11th hour, just getting underway on a friday night. on a friday night.
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bridges in poor condition. it is unacceptable. that is why people in congress, mayors have been seeing things for years. we have to do something about
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this. we have to move. we don't want somebody to say that somebody was killed when the next bridge collapse. >> the bridge collapsed just hours before is planned -- to pittsburgh. that is part of the -- fixing the party's crumbling roads and bridges. and bipartisan infrastructure law. with us tonight, donald -- and stewart stevens.
11:23 pm
>> a lot of people are frustrated that they didn't see this in the infrastructure package and build back better. they have to get themselves in agenda they tried to sell obamacare. a thing that has been in a stallworth part of the modern presidency since 1998. we've seen the 24 hour media cycle. a president has to get out and sell their agenda. i think that the president has been remarkably cautious because he's been -- covid is still a thing, wherever the president goes he attracts a crowd. and proud of this is still not fundamentally safe. even with distancing in place. so i hope the president is able to go out and sell his agenda.
11:24 pm
and we'll see how he is. >> stuart you have a lot of democrats who are focused on the supreme court nominee between now and midterms. it may be a lifeline for their party and you have jen as well, they are hoping to get republican votes for their nominee. do you think they would be able to? >> i would never speak for someone or romney but it wasn't too long ago it was retained that these mom nations would pass overwhelmingly with support. i think it would be terrible if there was not bipartisan support for the next nominee. i think what mitch mcconnell is saying now, waving his shirt about a radical, it would be bad for the country. i think it is absolutely the wrong direction to go in. >> yes it is. and we have already got these attacks in general for a black woman being nominated. i want to play this from ben
11:25 pm
carson. have a listen with ben carson has to say. >> we need a supreme court where we have the best candidates who understand the constitution and are not trying to legislate from the bench. this is america. many people fought and gave their lives to bring equality. and now we're reverting back to identity politics. >> as we continue to do that, we are bringing more division into our country. >> don, ben carson was often pointed out by conservatives. donald trump is not a racist, he has black women in his cabinet! and now they're going backwards. >> i'm embarrassed for myself, i members for my communities. at one time we held ben carson's photo of next to jackie rock been sin and barack obama. i just remember the ben carson of gifted hands who came from
11:26 pm
-- is because the policies who allow for representative communities to have a chance. unfortunately it is being used as an avatar by black people who choose to have us speak from, and continue to exist and retrograde is spaces. i think if you talk about qualifications, to concern himself. why is the world premiere newer surgeons on a housing policy? perhaps he wasn't qualified. but what we're talking about, republican, shall we say, opposition to a black women supreme court justice. what's there ought not really saying out loud is that a black woman is somehow lesser. that is not the case. all of the six, perhaps even eight, women who were thrown out by the media and the president is seriously considering right now, have supreme qualifications. both on the presidents side, and the -- what we have never challenge,
11:27 pm
the qualifications of the 108 out of 115 white males who are serving in these spots. and we don't question there is qualifications. we should. we should question the idea of whether we have the most qualified, the most inherently qualified, the most diversity of thought from a universe of one perspective. >> before we run out of time. let me get stewards answer here. what is your response to ben carson and other people making an issue out of giving the seat to a black woman? >> well now we have more people from george brown prep than we do have any people of color. i think it is absurd. and i really do not believe that he actually believes this. i think that has just become this thing that you just have to say this kind of thing, to be a member of good standing in the trump republican party. of course representation
11:28 pm
matters. of course we should have an african american on the court. of course we should have more women on the courts. as a society, i really think we have moved beyond these types of questions for the most part. i think it is just an increasing minority of white voters for the most part, trump people, who even raises questions. >> very good point. very depressing point, but a very good point. well i guess they're staying with us. coming up. we're gonna discuss attacks on democracy that are more serious than others. we'll discuss that coming back. right away. l discuss that coming back right away
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given up his dog whistle in favor of a bull horn. so if you're wondering where the right-wing soft spot for -- authoritarian's like vladimir putin and -- is coming from, it's stuff like this blurted out by the top racist host on fox again, and again, and again. >> more than 2 million foreign nationals swept against the mexican border unimpeded into this country and now live here. that is a lot of people. many times, the population of boston, denver, pick a city. in one year. but you know it's more than that? it's much more than the russian army has massed on the ukrainian border. the cartels are killing far more americans than vladimir putin could. >> i think the president is
11:33 pm
very comp trevor shull there, he's thought of as authoritarian. also on the battle is the fact that they want to teach lgbtq facts of life until a kid is 18 or over. do you want america to be more like hungry? >> i wouldn't say that it's authoritarian. >> still with us, don calloway and stewart stevens. don, dozens of states are working on ways to ban lessons on -- race and -- sexuality. like hungary. are these guys talking about cancellations and free speech? >> yes, that's the same -- same question similar answer. those are the same people. contradictions. they are hoping that the people they are talking to are not making a deep connection, or talking about the american connection. there is something the printer happening. i hope that we --
11:34 pm
pick up the book on tyranny end in it he talks about how the holocaust came to be. it started with people not shutting down these exclusive, it's natal's, ideas. of course i'm not saying that tucker carlson is a purveyor of the modern-day holocaust, or anything like that. but what we have seen and who story is that the worst ideas or events happen with people. it starts with people holding up ideas that are abhorrent or malicious. and allowing them to germinate, allowing them to fester. that is exactly what tucker's doing here. there is no -- equivalency between immigrants. i'm sure that tucker's great parents or grandparents are immigrants. these people who are seeking asylum, seeking opportunity, and in this violent machine and how the danger that they pose to americans. tucker carlson and --
11:35 pm
knows that. i wish that people think about that more. >> the political action that comes from cpac, is set to have its next event in hungary. with its keynote speaker. have the american conservative movement come authoritarian? can it be salvaged? >> there is no american conservative movement. there is an american authoritarian movement. they used to call themselves conservatives, but -- i wonder if they ever were conservative there is nothing more anti-conservative than authoritarianism. i think we should keep weight being surprised by this and accept it for what it is. there is an authoritarian movement in america right now. and it's all -- has all the elements in place. there is a major party that represents it, there is a major -- propaganda channel we saw it, there's financiers, there is legal experts. this is happening right now. the best chance that we have
11:36 pm
right now is to defeat it. >> i agree with you. local authorities have been trying to -- sound the alarm for months with the banning of books and education. is this just a coincidence that the books keep being black and are about the black people, or the holocaust, or the lgbtq community? >> no there is no coincidence. the books that are not being banned, we can talk about violence, we can talk about television shows and wet is not being banned. you do not see the works of white male heterosexual authors being banned because they are not controversial. you do see books that promote diversity, like diversity of thought, that promote power meant of lesser groups. those are the books that these people are attacking. when i will say is this is the opportunity for parents to stand up and expose themselves to the tony morrison's of the world, and all of the dividers and thinkers of this world better potentially thinking and
11:37 pm
being withdrawn from the schools and these deeper and oceans. but we still have our own rights, and our own opportunities to expose ourselves, and expand ourselves by exposing ourselves to the thought out there. despite with these authoritarian regimes suggest. >> a quick last question to you stewart, do you think democrats are doing enough to call out this authoritarian movement or policy? anytime biden gives a speech saying they are authoritarian, he is called saying that he is going too far. >> no i do not think that the democratic party is doing enough. the thing is, in this sort of day, the democratic party is still -- a governing party in america. that's a very different position from the -- . they have different responsibilities. they are trying to make the country better place to live. but no, i think it's very difficult for us as a society to realize what is happening in
11:38 pm
america now. and that is the way that these authoritarian's end up winning. because those who are in opposition think that they cannot lose. >> yes, it's the denialism. it is very worrying. especially sense of how little time we have. our time is up with both of you, thank you for your analysis, we appreciate it. coming up, what doctors are learning about the newest covid variant. the newest one showing up nearly half of the country. when 11th hour continues, stay with us. that can help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up refreshed. the brand i trust is qunol. new vicks convenience pack. dayquil severe for you... and daily vicks super c for me. vicks super c is a daily supplement with vitamin c and b vitamins to help energize and replenish.
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dayquil severe is a max strength daytime, coughing, power through your day, medicine. new from vicks. the south and the western
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states, either have not yet peaked. maybe still surging and leveling off. it's going to be a little bit more painful for them because those are the -- regions of the country, which for the most part are
11:42 pm
unvaccinated or less vaccinated. i'm going to be cautiously optimistic about this, that the trend is starting to come down and will alternately, as i'm net effect, come down for the whole country. >> just as the nation's top infectious disease of spurt delivers optimism. a new version of the omicron variant emerges. this is variant is blamed for the latest outbreaks in south are in europe and asia. some experts are urging americans not to panic yet. >> it does appear to be more contagious. it is spreading in places that the old omicron version has become friendly. or prevalence. is it more dangerous of a strain? it does not appear to be a case. as sweden suggested, it is not causing more severe illness than we've seen previously. >> back with us tonight, dr.
11:43 pm
nahid but delia. in the center for emergency infectious students these -- do we know yet if the current vaccines are effective yet against this stealth or macron? which has been surging in places like denmark, and in the u.s. now, how scared should we be? >> let me start with that first question that we can report. as we've seen with the data, it's pretty promising to show that it does not process this any differently than its brother does. the solutions are still all the same. the other things that would be the best, is is that it's more transmissible. it's a secondary attack rate of about 13, in opposition to the 10% with the original. what does that mean? it means that if you are in the room with someone who has b. a. one or b. a. to, you are more likely to be affected with the person who has ba. 2. this is why we might see the
11:44 pm
opportunity of an infection to our selective advantage, hence you see these placing the omicron original, if you will, that we have seen in parts of this country. the other thing that people ask about, that i want to make sure that they know, is that the tests and the home tests and the lab test that currently work against the original omicron work against this. you can still use all the same tests. and as doctor -- said, we don't think that it's a higher severity of the cases. but again, it is early. >> the first of the omicron variant was only protected in a few states. then the reason it sped, it became the dominant covid variant here. everyone's lives are disrupted. people died in huge numbers. one of the chances that we will have to complete another cycle like that? >> it's not more immune evasive, which means that people who have just gotten the boosters,
11:45 pm
and we know the effectiveness now of the boosters versus the people who have not gotten vaccinated for example, but for people who just got omicron this month, the concern isn't that people who are gonna get infected again, the concern is that the people who have not been infected will be a more trans miscible variant and more infections. when we're talking about how we're coming off at the peak of the surge, we're all just reminding people that to change their behavior. the thought is that this long tale of the current omicron surge will be extended, if you have a more transmissible variant. that would be my one concerned, and others have mentioned that as well, a more transmission bull variant means that people will be changing their behavior again. but in this surge, good quality masks, using that testing, getting boosted, and the
11:46 pm
numbers from the cdc study, are remarkable in how effective those vaccines are. to over 65 years old who are boosted and vaccinated, they are 52 times less likely to be hospitalized compared to someone who is unvaccinated >> and yet you still have people saying what's the point of the vaccines? the big solution, surely, is to get the world vaccinated. because a lot of these variants are emerging because people are unvaccinated across the world. the world health organization says there are vaccines being provided worldwide, but not equitably. 77% of people have received one dose. more than one third of the world's people, many of them in africa and poor populations are still waiting for their shots. do people get that they can't vaccinate just ourselves, we have to vaccinate the world?
11:47 pm
or this just keeps going? >> yes, and that it keeps breathing new variants that affect all of us. i think you and i have talked about that. just think about what we have just said, the cdc efforts again. 16 times the difference. anyone over the age of 18 who is not gotten vaccinated, the chance of you getting in are 16 times higher than those who did get vaccinated. and in the times of the world where -- they don't have vaccinations. imagine how much hospitalization that means, particularly with areas who are not as resilient in their health care system. some places don't have beds. so we're basically confining the rest of the world to that. as the current challenges are, we have discovered that everyone needs a third dose. which means the demand for vaccines, in general, have gone up. people who have received the first dose in these poor countries -- we now know that their
11:48 pm
vaccination may not be complete, they need two more doses. >> we are so behind. we are behind in america. and we are behind globally. it's deeply depressing. thank you bhadelia, thank you for coming on the show we appreciate it. >> an update on the huge rather system that keeps the plows busy's tonight. that's when the 11th hour continues.
11:49 pm
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11:52 pm
under blizzard warnings tonight. some may see feet of slow. we have this report. >> tonight more than 16 million people are racing towards a dangerous winter storm. barreling up the east coast from south carolina to maine. >> this has the, to be a historic storm. a huge one. >> it is looking to be a catastrophic event. >> grocery stores are completely empty, nothing left. i'm not planning to go out. >> this stretches under blizzard warning, for the first time in years. governors are pleading with residents to stay inside. >> be prepared to hunker down when you get home. and stay home. >> some of them declaring a emergency, before worse winds and bad -- flooding in coastal towns. a community that could get slammed with two meters of snow.
11:53 pm
the ocean surge is expected to reach up to three feet. flooding is a big concern. this will look likely be underwater. residents should consider leaving tonight, before the storm hits. already there has been many cancellations of trains between d. c. and boston. and thousands of flights have been grounded. until today, the forecast model said anything from dusting to a snowstorm dumping double digits. this has fueled trash frustration for many in those norms path. >> two inches? ten inches? tomorrow we are going to find out i guess. >> officials on the northeast assure that they are prepared for the worst. just here, in new york city, pulling from salt burns from like this one overnight. we'll see snow plows. nearly 2000, again just here in manhattan. back to you. >> thank you to emily for that report. coming up, the first family's
11:54 pm
new canine finally gets a new feline competition. when the 11th hour continues.
11:55 pm
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11:57 pm
presidents elect joe biden and
11:58 pm
jill won't just be bringing their german shepherds to the white house. they tell us specifically that they will be joined by a cat. >> we were promised a white house cat where is that? >> where is the cat? i do not have an update. >> she is waiting in the wings. >> was this idea your idea as president? >> no. >> the white house cat, is it still happening here? >> i don't have an update. i know there's a lot of -- interest. we can expect to meet the cat, as she, in january. >> the last thing before we go tonight, forget scotus, the hashtag cotus-- has been trending today after the first cat made its white house debut. willow is a two-year-old gray and white's tabby. this tabby, from the first lady's hometown, is from pennsylvania. but when they went to -- when the kitten interrupted the speech he was giving on a farm. they saw the immediate bond. the owner of the farm knew that willow belong to dr. biden.
11:59 pm
this is the first cat in over a decade. before, there was india -- celebrating halloween with george is two dogs. with beasley and barney. before that, the clinton family cat socks was posed here at the desk, attending two important oval office business. -- welcomes from willow are pouring in from across the globe. larry, the famed chief loud sir said welcome to the political felines team willow! and the -- white house categorize and the old and by the schedule -- she replied, she had a standing invitation. it would be perfect. something interesting from the press secretary. but i don't remember the biden puppy getting as much of an invite. , perhaps they should as jen for equal time. that is our broadcast for this friday night, with our thanks for being with us.
12:00 am
be sure to catch me with the mehdi hasan show ending sundays, on msnbc and at 7 pm eastern on the choice for msnbc screaming exclusively on peacock. now for all of my colleagues on the network at nbc news, goodnight. her name was sarah, a sweet single mom, the baby in a big-hearted family. >> tried to protect her any way that we could. a family turned army when she vanished. >> this is how many people we have right now. >> we just started searching. >> they just wanted to find her. >> that kind of emotion really drives you. >> where was she? >> was someone following her? did someone attack her? >> under scrutiny, the ex-boyfriend. >> people are pointing fingers at him. >> and three others she encountered that night. >> scared. >> how many times did they come talk to you? >> 30 plus. >> two tantalizing clues, a


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