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tv   Jose Diaz- Balart Reports  MSNBC  January 28, 2022 7:00am-8:00am PST

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that's the planning effect from fidelity good morning at 10:00 a.m. eastern. i am jose diaz-balart. we'll talk with congressional
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progressive chair congresswoman jayapal. in pittsburgh, several people were hurt when a bridge collapsed hours before president biden visits the city to talk about infrastructure and the economy. we'll talk with pennsylvania's governor john fetterman who was at the scene. and andy slavitt talk about what the biden administration can do. and chair raul ruiz how the biden administration should deal with the surge of migrant from central america. all of this as we keep our eyes on a major winter storm expected to dump two feet of snow in some parts of the east coast. we begin with our breaking news, a major bridge collapse in pittsburgh. hours before president biden is set to visit the city to tout
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his infrastructure bill. take a look at this picture. three people and seven first responders were also hurt. there are no fatalities reported. joining me now is pennsylvania's governor john fetterman who's on the scene. what are you seeing right now? >> it is surreal. the bridge collapsed -- excuse me. the bridge collapsed about 15 feet behind me. the bridge disengaged from both ends and the entire span collapsed and thankfully no one is on the trail below it. at least as far that's what we know no one is below it. i drove on this bridge last night to pick up my son's best
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friend. thousands of pittsburgh here used it daily. thankfully no one was killed. >> i know this really just happened just recently but any thoughts or ideas how this happened? >> i don't. as you mentioned earlier the president is coming to discuss infrastructure and there is no more jarring example and certainly in western pennsylvania that can illustrate that a bridge that thousands of people use everyday collapsed into a park and it drives home this very urgent idea that we have been talking about how critical these investments are and not just in pittsburgh in western pennsylvania and all across the country. it is jarring and again to see a bridge, and a bridge laying in ruins in one of our parks to say the least. >> it really is.
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the last time it was inspected was last september. there is reports of a gas leak? >> there was. there was a collapse that severed the gas line. first responders have been magnificent. they sent out a drone to make sure if something was missing. again, they have been superb and things are setting into a reality that will we are missing a major bridge and what that's going to mean for the residents that live around here and the daily transportation needs of all the residents depend on it to get from region square and all the way in towards pittsburgh. >> now governor john fetterman, i can't thank enough for taking the time to be with us this morning. i appreciate it. >> thank you. to the latest developments on the escalating between russia
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and ukraine. president zelensky is holding a meeting in chief. -- kyiv. the white house says the president told the ukrainian leader there is apossibility that the russians could invade next month. and at this hour, a roundtable will be hold in kyiv. all of this comes after sergei lavrov says his country does not want war. the defense minister says the 130,000 troops are stationed along the border of ukraine.
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final preparations for an attack is underway. with me now to talk about all of this is nbc news chief correspondent is richard engel and phillip rucker for the washington post and ambassador michael mcfaul. analysts, thank you for being with me. richard, you spent the last couple of days on the front lines, talking to people and soldiers, what are they telling you? >> reporter: so when we speak to soldiers and citizens here in the east, they are saying they are calm that they are trying to go about their daily lives as if this crisis were not happening but then when you spend more time talking to them and they get beyond that initial reaction, they'll tell you that they do have lingering concerns
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that they are worried. there are certainly no panic. there was no panic on the front lines, we didn't see any increase activities or increase militarization. it was pretty much business as usual and here in this village was not far from the front and other villages we are not seeing panic buying or people coming off the streets, just this growing concern that this time may be different. so they have been in a low level conflict with russia and russia russia-back separatists for the past eight years. they feel like they have been in a crisis mode for a long time and they get exhausted. perhaps their own government needs to talk about it more and taking more obvious preparations and giving people more information. we are still waiting for that press conference from the ukrainian president which is due to begin at any minute now.
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it is running a little bit behind schedule. we'll see what he says because there is this apparent gap between warnings coming from nato and warnings coming from president biden that russia has certainly the forces it needs to carry out an invasion at any time and the messaging coming from zelensky to the public that they should behave as normal and not act differently as they have in the past. >> 130,000 soldiers sent to an area, a border area with ukraine? now, wall street journal reporting medical units are being sent there. i want to get your thoughts. if this is a pr move, this is an expensive pr move for russia. >> reporter: so i can confirm that medical units and other
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logistics support units have been moved as well. these are units lacking in the past that gives nato officials or u.s. officials some pause. if nato were serious, they have to bring in more equipment. they anticipate more troops and military hardware including fighter jets and missile defense system will be brought into belarus starting on february 1st. there are about 130,000 troops there now, there is a discrepancy in the number because the ukrainians count them one way and the u.s. and nato count them in another way. the ukrainians count troops in separatist areas. we are talking about roughly 130,000 troops on the border with more coming. it would be an expensive
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endeavor if russia is bluffing. russia does have large capitol reserves and oil prices are fairly high. russia does seem to be getting something for its bluff but it is also losing something. what it is getting is a lot of attention and putting the nato issue front and center and making russia's security concerns front and center. what it is losing is it is drawing nato closer to its borders and it is consolidating nato, the general says cyber attack could trigger article 5 which is the self-defense -- article 5 could kick in and allies could response with their own nato attack. while nato never forces any
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country to join that if sweden and finland both are not far from russia, finland in particular wanted to join nato, it would be a quick process. >> ambassador mcfaul, tell us what sense you have where things stand right now? >> i think we are in a wait and see mode. the russians are studying the proposals that the biden administration sent and nato sent, and a phone call president biden had with president macron, studying, that's the word they used. that's the first inclining of words from vladimir putin that was a read out of the call was impersonally, he has not spoken about this crisis or ukraine for about a month and everything depends on him. like wise, foreign minister lavrov says if i am paraphrasing
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it right is there is a grain in the proposal. both in the read-out of the putin's call and lavrov today says there is no movement on the american or nato side and there will never be. does putin want to have a big negotiation about european security. it is clear to me that the biden administration offered to do that. that was not easy by the way and some criticized them as giving a major concession to do that. it was the right decision or does he want to go to war? we don't know. >> what did your gut tells you about what he chooses to do and what are some of the things he takes into consideration? it seems as though they are not necessarily thinking the same
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way others think. >> putin does not think in the same cost-benefit and analysis as we all do. a couple of things of his negotiation styles having negotiated with him before. he's fine with uncertainty, right? we are all nervous with uncertainty, we are meeting everyday and talking about what's going to happen. he's just fine because as he says and builds up what goes on, there is negotiations among us, right? that's when the croatian president says well we are not going to send our forces. and the hungary people saying we don't want to be apart of this. we just by the way sent our proposals so right now without doing anything, he's already accomplishing i think quite a bit. >> so interesting. >> phil, nbc news reported
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earlier this week that president biden is considering giving a speech or interview to explain his strategy towards ukraine and particularly how the u.s. response will affect americans and the economy here. is it clear that the president needs to be proactive and clear in explaining what's going on. >> there is concerns that the american people don't have an appetite for a war here in ukraine. there is going to be a lot of eyes how biden handles this moment. he was elected that he has foreign policy experience that he knew what he was doing around the world and he was going to prepare alliances and he would have the strength and fortitude to stand out to vladimir putin in a way that president trump did not. biden is going to be held to that account for that task in the coming weeks and i was fully expect that he'll find a way to communicate to the american people in the next days or week.
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what exactly his strategy is. a lot of people are tuning in and watching this crisis unfold in ukraine and are a little bit confused of what's going on there and why we are talking about ukraine, what the u.s. interests and it is a moment, an opportunity for biden to step forward to explain all of that to the public. >> phillip rucker, thank you very much. congratulations by the way, we'll see you in a moment. richard engel and ambassador for being with us. i want to turn to the supreme court. mitch mcconnell say he'll look at the picks. here with me to discuss is joyce vance, she's also an msnbc legal analyst and rucker is still with me. joyce, it is great to see you.
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you describe the president's decision nominating a black woman is writing a wrong, what do you mean by that? >> well, black women have beenover looked for these positions for far too long and we know from the names, there is a deep bench of black women and women of color who are well-qualiied for this job. and so further diversifying it and making the court looks like the america it serves is one of the steps to restore confidence in the court as we move forward through this difficult time with a lot of difficult issues being resolved by the court that'll impact all of our lives. >> it seems like it takes so long and so much effort to get an african-american woman on the court.
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sonja sotomayor is the first on the court. it seems like these wheels just turn so slowly. >> look, we can have a larger conversation how the voices of black women and other women of color have not been listened to and also about the progress that we make when we listen to these voices. i think this is a great step that president biden is taking, politically we know it is very savvy, he turns the corner in the primary after promising to deliver a black woman to a the supreme court and now by making good on that promise, he may be galvanizing his base heading into the midterms. it is more about politics. it is about doing what's right and creating a supreme court that could deliver justice in the long run. >> phillip, what kind of
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obstacles do you think the president is facing? >> the senate is divided 50/50 with vice president harris passing the tie breaking vote. so if you were to assume that all republicans are going to vote against biden's nominee he's going to need all 50 democratic senator to vote for his nominee. that including manchin in virginia and manchin have been with biden on his traditional nominees. there is an opportunity that a number of republican senators may end up supporting a biden nominee. we have to see who biden puts forward. people like susan collins and murcowski have certainly open. the white house certainly trying to make efforts to win them over with their supreme court court pick. we have to see who it is that
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biden will nominate. >> thank you for being with me this morning. we continue to follow breaking news in pittsburgh of the bridge collapse. the first congresswoman jayapal is joining us. congresswoman, it is always a pleasure to see you. we'll chat in just a minute. >> great, jose. a minute. a minute. >> great, jose i think they look good, man. mm, smooth. uh, they are a little tight. like, too tight? might just need to break 'em in a little bit. you don't want 'em too loose. for those who were born to ride there's progressive. with 24/7 roadside assistance. -okay. think i'm gonna wear these home. -excellent choice.
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22 minutes past the hour. democrats are calling for a greater focus on diplomatic efforts. congresswoman jayapal and barbara lee issued a statement this week saying "we have significant concerns that new troop deployments sweeping and indices criminating sanctions and a flood of hundreds of millions of dollars in lethal weapons will only raise tensions and increase the chance of miscalculation." with me now is congresswoman jayapal. someone i am so grateful for her time. why do you believe the strategy is playing into putin's hands? >> it is always great to see you and be with you, thanks for having me on.
7:24 am
i don't think it is directed a t the biden administration. it was more directed at our fellow members of congress to make sure that we do not play into escalating tensions. the most important focus is the engagement that the biden administration is doing with our nato allies. i understand there may be a meeting of the u.n. security council coming up. i think these negotiations and discussions are the most important thing that the united states can do. if congress then goes ahead and approves troop deployments and huge arm sales and other such things, i think we stand to risk escalating the crisis. we also stand to risk putting those negotiations in a worse place because we are playing into the escalation that russia wants. that's why we are calling for
7:25 am
let the diplomacy do its work and the biden administration do its work and focus on a diplomatic strategy and not immediately rush to another war which as your reporters were saying there is not a lot of tolerance for that in the united states because we have seen how over and over again that has not worked. similarly with economic sanctions, we see economic sanctions hurting the people of the country, not the autocrats, we should learn from that and not rush into those kinds of efforts as well. >> so if biden administration believes that there is a good probability that russia will invade ukraine, maybe as early as next month and we are already on last days of january, if that happens, what diplomatically should or could they be doing if they're not already doing and do you not prepare for the worse hoping for the best? >> well, i don't think you can
7:26 am
prepare for sending troops into a region without really knowing it is necessary or what the situation there is or without building a diplomatic agreement around whether or not we should all escalate in that way. congress can act quickly in the case of actual necessity if we need to. how do we make that decision right now when diplomatic negotiations are still ongoing? we don't want to get into the way of that, jose, that's what we are saying. we can act quickly if we need to. now is the time for diplomacy to play its role and for nato and for us to work with our nato allies and show leadership in negotiations and not in war. military solution as we saw with the war in afghanistan and so many other wars, that's not the solution out of this conflict, i think we need to let the process play out for much longer and see what is happening. your reporters were talking
7:27 am
about how it is that clear what putin's goal is. let's these negotiations play out and let's be prepared in thinking about our next strategy but not necessarily escalating by passing laws, legislations that clearly escalates in the crisis before we know what the situation is. >> in addition to the ukraine issue, you also called on the senate to pass the build back better act by march 1st, today president biden will give a state of the union address, he can tout it during the speech. how do you see the senate is accomplishing this in the next 32 days? >> senator manchin has been clear of the things he does support. as you remember jose, he agreed to a framework on october 28th with the president that included a number of key pieces and included child care, pre-k and housing and elder care, it included a big investment in
7:28 am
climate and he has said to me on a topic that you and i talk about a lot that he's okay with immigration provisions that is the parliament would support. >> congresswoman jayapal, i am always so grateful that you take the time to speak with us. thanks so much. still ahead, former white house covid adviser andy slavitt joins us, why he says we could need a recess. you are watching "jose
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32 past hour, an update on the breaking news we are following out of pittsburgh, a bridge collapsing hours before president biden is scheduled to visit the city to talk infrastructure. joining me now is mike, what
7:33 am
have we heard from the white house? >> reporter: the white house feels like it has been crisis after crisis talking about the message they want to deliver. despite the morning scene of the bridge collapse, thankfully no fatalities. how president biden's infrastructure law will help deal with the situation like the bridge collapse we saw. jen psaki tweeting that the white house have been in touch with local officials, we don't know if he'll visit the site yet. you can imagine the conversations the white house is having right now is making sure should the president want to visit the scene that would not be a distraction. let's hear from the mayor this morning talking about the timing of the president's visit with this incident. >> i have said it before.
7:34 am
this infrastructure law is critical in pittsburgh, we know we have bridges we need to take care. we are finding out now when the last inspection was but with him coming today to talk about this infrastructure bill is so important. today is the significance of that. >> reporter: when you think of pittsburgh, you think of some of the beautiful bridges that cross the rivers connecting parts of pittsburgh to alleghany county. you can see it is snowing and schools is delayed. officials say this could have been much, much worse. >> mike memolli, thank you so much for being with me. pharmacies across the country beginning to receive n-95 masks to distribute as covid cases continue to drop. joining me now is our andy slavitt, the white house's
7:35 am
senior adviser of president biden. andy, there are covid cases peaking. is there something the government should be doing now to get ready for what may come for the future any different? >> it is a great question and it is indeed the cases are peaking. i think it may be some time before hospitals ease up on the crisis. we still have a little bit of time to go there, we should all be conscious of workers there and i think it will come time in february when things are settled back down for the president to start talking about the plan ahead how to make sure that we do everything we can to help people live with whatever comes next, utilize the tools and sending out tests or anti-virals. we have a great armor now and should be prepared for what is
7:36 am
ahead. >> i use it as a gauge when i drive to work this morning, near our office this morning there is a bus central station that's converted into free testing site and so i don't know about 7:00 in the morning when you drive by in the last two or three week, i would see 80 cars waiting for that thing to open. and this morning i saw maybe six or seven cars. so antidoantidotally, maybe thi have been tapering down. what do we do with these for tests that we get? what do we do, andy, with these free masks that we'll be able to get at the pharmacy? >> well, look, i think we get a little too pessimistic when cases rise and optimistic when cases drop. this does not mean the pandemic is not over. it depends where you are locally
7:37 am
to wear a mask. and tests are things that allow you to live your life with less risk that you are going to be infecting somebody or getting infected. these are great tools that apart of the next step of the journey. i don't think it is time by any means to say let's put it all away and say this thing is done. we are not at that point. >> yeah, it is so easy because this is been going on for so long. do people see the fact that maybe the peak is down saying i just need to get over this n-95 masks everywhere and i need to meet with people and yet this thing is not over. >> andy had it right on this. what i like what andy said and online and other places is two
7:38 am
things. i echo these two things, one, we need to accept there is a certain amount of uncertainty of the future that things are looking good. nobody can predict what the future will be. we can hope for the best that we have to prepare for the worse. as you said that we have been in this for a while, surges in the north and south and the potential for new variants to increase. we may see a cyclical nature of this moving forward. our goal is to make it less disruptive. one of the ways we do that is adapting and potentially change our behavior and use all the tools and we need to continue to invest in an invasion of better vaccines that is variant-proof and in the peacetime i think it makes time to roll back some of these conditions, public health measures while continuing to depend on things like tests, it is not just four tests you are
7:39 am
getting. i want to remind somebody that you can get up to eight tests a month from your health insurance. you have to be vigilant of navigating to get that. we should continue to use those, too. >> doctor, according to the university of oxford's data project, today the world surpassed 10 billion vaccine doses administered nearly 61% of the global population has been able to receive one dose. what more should we be doing to enhance the global vaccination efforts? >> we have to recognize that manufactures of the vaccines is going up. we need to realize the importance of a booster and strengthen the protection. there is some vaccines that the world have been vaccinated. so you may see this new break for infections which they are the most commonly used vaccine globally, we want to make sure
7:40 am
more effective vaccines are available for the rest of the world. we need to work for production. and the last is the world's health organization and executives board meets this week. delivering this vaccine at the last mile, $15 billion gap still trying to get these vaccines where they need to be and help working on the same problem abroad which we see here is vaccine hesitancy. >> andy, do you think the government should be focused on the regulations of, for example, sending those four tests to our house frequently or monthly? i have a family, we are four so that's one test per person and that's it? it is still tough to find tests everywhere else. andy, the needs may make things like this more regular?
7:41 am
. >> this four you are getting sent is just the beginning. there are tens of thousands of free testing sites, there are free testings that you should be able to get from your insurance and pharmacy that is sent directly. it will be way more tests approved and out there. i think when we get past the spike, everything eases. the testing crisis eases and we can ease, we can all take a little bit of a breather as well. again, we have to keep watch on what comes next and the next place to look at is florida and see what happens there in the summer. >> slavitt and doctor, it is a pleasure to see you. thank you for your time. programming note for you today that i want to share, dr. fauci will join my colleague with chuck todd on "meet the press daily," that's at
7:42 am
1:00 p.m. eastern and 10:00 p.m. pacific. >> we'll talk about that and a whole lot more, coming up with congressman ruiz visiting with the vice president on that trip yesterday. he joins us next. congressman, it is a pleasure to see you. we'll chat in a minute. leasure o see you. we'll chat in a minute
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7:47 am
the root causes of migration of the countries of honduras and guatemala and el salvador. the first vice president, president castro said her first focus is to fight immigration. the vice president harris during the national talk that i was at the table was incredibly graceful and direct and it was the art of diplomacy like i have never seen and diplomacy as art. she did an incredible job of being bold and direct and kind in terms of understanding, making sure they understand that the $1.2 billion that vice
7:48 am
president has already leveraged with, private industries to help booster economics will need to be met with transparency and anticorruption pressure to build in the area. our interests are aligned and we need a partner, we can't do this alone. those countries can't do it alone. we live in the same neighborhood, therefore, we need to collaborate to address the root causes of migration. >> the vice president went early in the administration to central america, she skipped el salvador. the vast majority of people that come from that area towards the united states do come from honduras. the situation of migrants approaching u.s. border continues to grow more dire. according to unicef, 2021 recorded of the highest number of migrant children crossing the
7:49 am
darien jungle on the way to tust. this is so troubling. there is so much pain and difficulty. are we doing enough to deal with this? >> jose, we need to do more. as the chair of the congressional caucus, i was invited at these talks, we are going to need to provide oversights and want to see results in the fight against corruptions and adding into the transparency for economic development and in addition to the issues of the northern triangle with the migrants, the office of the vice president is also working on creating a partnership in collaboration throughout america to come to some cords on the humane
7:50 am
treatments of migraine as they are moving and protection so they don't face those. we need to be humanitarians, we need to look first at the humanity of this. it is heartbreaking to know that the conditions and laced with violence and lack of opportunity that people are willing to risk their lives, get infected with covid through these mascara vans and take that dangerous trek north, oftentimes facing violence against women. we need to help them stay in their home country with economic opportunity, with home, protection against violence. >> i'm wondering about
7:51 am
guatemala, el salvador. let talk about el salvador. is enough being done to coordinate with these countries? >> the vice president has been in constant communication with many stakes holders throughout the region, whether it's with the president themselves or human rights organizations, the u.n. and our own agencies with u.s. aid and others have been working the ground and also throughout their diplomatic channels to ensure that we have some communications and that we're moving forward with the pillars of the root causes of migration to protect against violence against women and other vulnerable communities and promoting human rights and economic opportunity, for transparency for fighting
7:52 am
corruption in those governments to build the context in which we can work on. and those are ongoing and i've seen it firsthand during this trip and spoke with the relevant heads of different agencies to ensure that it continues. >> congressman, it's always a pleasure to see you. thank you for your time. >> thank you. happening right now in new york city and we're going to take you there, the funeral for fallen officer jason rivera. this is her widow. >> later that day i received a call that i wish none of you who are sitting here with me will ever receive. i had got a notification from the citizen app, which was my central, and i saw that two police officers were shot in
7:53 am
harlem. my heart dropped. i immediately texted you and asked you are you okay? please tell me you're okay. i know that you're mad right now but just text me you're okay. at least tell me you're busy. i get no response. we used to share locations by my iphone and when i check yours, i see you're at harlem hospital. i thought maybe you were sitting on a perp, but still nothing. i called and then called again and then called one more time and this time i felt something wasn't right. i messaged p.o. kacaved and joe
7:54 am
because i know they were your friends from the 32 and i got no response. then i got a call asking if i'm jason's wife and that i had to rush to the hospital. walking up those steps seeing everybody staring at me was the scariest moment i've experienced. nobody was telling me anything. dozens of people were surrounding me and yet i felt alone. i couldn't believe you left me. seeing you in a hospital bed wrapped up in sheets, not hearing you when i was talking to you broke me.
7:55 am
i asked why. i said to you wake up, baby, i'm here. the little bit of hope i had that you would come back to live just to say good-bye or say i love you one more time had left. i was lost. i'm still lost. today i'm still in this nightmare that i wish i never had, full of rage and anger, hurt and sad, torn. although i gained thousands of blue brothers and sisters, i'm the loneliest without you. i know you're looking at me and beside me telling me i could do this and i'm trying, trust me i am, but i didn't prepare for this, none of us did.
7:56 am
jason and i met in elementary school, all the way up to eighth grade. we had the time of our lives. he was part of the cool kids crew. there was never a dull moment with him around. he was the class clown, got me in trouble a couple of times, had our teachers sit us away from each other because we couldn't focus. and we never thought that our innocent childhood love would lead us to marriage. even when we said "i do," we couldn't believe we said it. october 9th was the happiest day of our lives. i know i drove you crazy saying i love you so many times that you would stop replying "i love you more" but you made me feel
7:57 am
alive. you make me feel alive. jason is so happy right now that all of you are here through pain and sorrow. this is exactly how he would have wanted to be remembered, like a true hero. or like i of used to call him, big p.o. rivera. you have the whole nation on gridlock, and although you won't be here anymore, i want you to live through me. the system continues to fail us. we are not safe anymore. not even the members of the service.
7:58 am
i know you were tired of these laws, especially the ones from the new d.a. i hope he's watching you speak through me right now. [ applause ] i'm sure all of our blue family is tired, too, but i promise, we promise, that your death won't be in vain.
7:59 am
i love you till the end of time. we'll take the watch from >> i'd invite all members of the service to fall out and form up outside.
8:00 am
powerful words by dominique luzuriaga. that wraps up the hour for me. i'm jose diaz-balart. thank you for the privilege of your time. congressman jim clyburn joins craig melvin next. and a good friday morning to you. craig melvin here. there's a lot we're keeping an eye on this hour. president biden expected to leave the white house for pennsylvania in the next 30 minutes. that preplanned appropriate to pittsburgh to promote his bipartisan infrastructure plan coming literally hours after a bridge collapsed this morning in pittsburgh. we're going to see if he stops to make any comments on some big stories that we're following. first of


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