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tv   The Reid Out  MSNBC  January 21, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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beat." the supreme court dealing a big loss to donald trump that released new information about what the white house was doing to overturn the race and new subpoenas that coming from the january 6th committee. we heard from two of the witnesses that committee is interested in and next week, we'll stay on the news for you. i wish you a great weekend and hand it off to "the reidout" with joy reid. hi, joy. >> how are you doing, ari? fascinating interviews. interesting seeing boris epstein back on the air. he used to be on a lot on the day side as a guest. good interviews well done. have a good weekend. >> you, too. >> cheers. more scenes of the apparent conspiracy planted in the weeks before january 6th. the select committee is actively investigating several illegitimate republican electors who in december of 2020 submitted forged documents that falsely declared donald trump to be the victor. this happened in seven different
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states across the country with no legal authority. protrump electors including many local party officials tried to ward their states electoral votes to trump instead of biden and in arizona, nevada, wisconsin, michigan and georgia g, they even vouched with their signature they were duly elected and qualified electors, which they were not. now, these fake trump electors are under renewed scrutiny after the attorney's general of michigan and new mexico called for federal investigations into their conduct this week. more importantly, we're learning these weren't isolated incidents that just happened to coincident unfold in seven different states. "the washington post" and cnn yesterday confirmed suspicions this attempt to falsify election results was part of an organized top down scheme as cnn reports, trump campaign officials led by rudy giuliani over saw the efforts to put forward the
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illegitimate electors with giuliani's team coordinating the nuts and bolts of the process on a state by state level. according to the washington post, the trump campaign scrambled to distribute draft language for the certificates that would later be submited to congress. that would seem to explain why most of the forged documents seem the same front size. cnn obtained audio from one of the page electors in michigan admitting that the trump campaign directed them. this is the co-chair of michigan's republican party. >> we fought to see the electors. the trump campaign asked us to do that under a lot of scrutiny today. >> while the attorney general is awaiting a federal investigation, she didn't hesitate to say she has ample evidence to press state charges. >> at this point, do you think that there is enough evidence if
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you wanted to to bring charges against these electors under state law? >> absolutely. >> so here is the thing. these people could eventually face state or federal charges of forgery or fraud for submitting false election documents. but in doing so reportedly at the direction of the trump campaign, they were also laying the groundwork for an attempted end runaround the constitution. that's because those seven forged certificates were the pretense that the trump campaign thought it needed to throw out biden's legitimate electoral votes on january 6th. it's outlined plain as day in the infamous memos by trump lawyers john eastman and jenna ellis. both cite the falsified alternate slates as the basis for why vice president mike pence should question the results. asking the justice department to
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act. he said today i urge attorney general garland to investigate these individuals in wisconsin and any of the individuals in six other states who tried to coonive their way in. maya wiley and msnbc legal analyst. congressman, i want to start with you. you'd like to see these allegations that we've seen, they are a fact, actually, the submission of the false electoral documents charged as a crime by the doj. please explain, or at least investigate it. >> yeah, thanks for having me, joy. exactly. you know, we went through a violent insurrection on january 6th of 2021, but this in many ways is an insurrection done with the computer and some shady legal work. right? people were trying to pretend they were someone they weren't. they were trying to circumvent the process and set it up so
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mike pence can't say he can count the states therefore donald trump is president and now we're clearly seeing the pieces of the puzzle this was orchestrated by the trump campaign and people knew what they were doing. in fact, of the seven states two of the states were smart enough to say wink, wink, in the language that they knew they weren't really doing this but the other five states including wisconsin out right lied so a forgery, lie as a public official and we need the department of justice to take action. >> it does seem plain as day, maya. here is another element. there are public documents that say names of the actual people submitting themselves as electors, not real electors, the same names appear as plaintiffs in the same lawsuits. a guy in michigan matched those listed as plaintiffs in one of the powell suits in wisconsin the name of one fake elector
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matches a name that's listed as a plaintiff in one of her suits in georgia the names of five seem to match. one of those individuals we were reached by our show pointed us to a statement from the republican chair of wisconsin who called the complaint frivolous and said the trump electors were advised by legal counsel to keep their legal options open as the congressman just said. as you view this state of facts, does this feel to you like a coordinated conspiracy? can all of this be coincidental? >> this feels very coordinated and feels very coordinated because there is actual evidence that we can see and hear. we are ready to play some of it, joy, which is to have a ranking member of the republican party in michigan saying that it was the campaign that asked them to do this is pretty clearly
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evidenced but, you know, the other thing is remember who sydney powell in particular is and in addition to being the person in a meeting with donald trump on december 18th around this executive order where he's asking the president essentially to make her a special counsel to seize these voting machines to find this myth fraud, she's also the lawyer who a michigan federal judge sanctioned and forced to pay off $175,000 for the governor's legal fees, for other legal fees because she called their lawsuit in michigan on election fraud fantastical and she said in that opinion
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their intent is decept. donald trump is asking to find 11,000 votes in january after this happened. there is a lot of evidence there we know of and more evidence that we don't. >> we also not forget lindsey graham, senator from a totally different state in south carolina was also calling into georgia and saying hey, can you help us out on this election? congressman, speaking of that executive order, this is a copy, my printout. this is bananas. i don't know another word for it. it alleges an elaborate conspiracy. this is a draft executive order which takes this right into the white house or at least those who do the planning around the president is getting real close to the president here and executive order that would
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indeed as maya just stated call for the seizure of voting equipment. alleging a vast international conspiracy to steal the election from donald trump and you take that and it's hard to imagine this is not a conspiracy that emerged from the white house. what do we do about that? if he had been able to do this, if this had been implemented, we're talking about the federal government maybe arresting people, you know, charging people with crimes they didn't commit. seizing voting machines. this is dangerous stuff. >> yeah, it's kind of like some kind of a maga pyramid scheme when you start showing the inner connections of the same people doing this. clearly, this was to set up what happened on january 6th. i mean, the president had invited tens of thousands of people to come to the white house that day in the meantime they were setting this other case up to again put out how
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fraudulent the election was and more people would have came. this is clearly rudy giuliani and my pillow guy and that i mean whatever crack pot with the trump campaign coming up with crazy ideas to keep donald trump in office no matter what which ultimately resulted in january 6th. we have to get to the bottom of this and again, it may be one thing for people to be part of a violent insurrection on january 6th but it's another thing when people in seven states falsely stated they were electors as part of the same scheme, we have to have full accountability across all levels. >> you had merrick garland say they would pursue at all levels, anyone involved in the scheme. let's read a little bit of the executive order. it says i here by order, this was drafted. i order effective immediately must seize, collect and analyze all machines, equipment electronically stored information and material records
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required for retention and special counsel to oversee civil proceedings as appropriate. sydney powell had herself in mind for that idea. you also have the guardian reporting, this is the guardians reporting, not nbc's reporting allies of michael flynn were looking to find intel to gather intelligence on members of congress in order to move them, move them to back election audits in the key states. that sounds like extortion to me to bully at minimum members of congress to go along with this. >> you know, the republican party is not a political party anymore. it's a cult of an individual, donald trump and donald trump acts like a mafia would blush how he operates. if you challenge him and don't do everything he says, he'll challenge you in republican primaries. look how many people that challenged him on impeachment not running for reelection
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because he acts in such a thug like way. so clearly, you know, this is what we've seen out of the trump campaign and the trump administration that clearly had a scheme to try to steal the election. they didn't succeed and that's a good thing but now we have to get to the bottom line to figure the electors and part of 1/6 and who is involved with this? it's important for our democracy to make sure we have this down. we have to give people full confidence in their vote. you know, the one thing you and i and rudy giuliani have in common is we have one vote and have to make sure everyone knows they have an equal ability to have a voice in this republic and if they don't, we'll be at risk. >> maya, donald trump is a mafia don. is he going to wind up going down like mafias do, taxes. despite this, it seems like taxes are what is going to get
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him. >> well, as you know, that's commonly the case. i think the thing here that is so striking to me about what we're seeing not just in the executive order but in that draft speech that also accompanied it, he did not give that speech. that speech was the speech that said we have to move on now. he was to concede and denounce violence and what we know from the public record is not only did he not give that speech, he went on to claim with no evidence whatsoever that the election was stolen from him and remember, this call to the georgia attorney general happens after, after there is a full hand count of those votes in georgia. not based on the machines that are referenced in that executive order. so it does seem to me that while we don't know what will happen,
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there should be no question that there has to be a very serious investigation of crimes at least the crime of conspiracy to interfere with the work of congress if not sedition. >> for the audience, this is what the january 6th committee is in receipt of talking points on fraud and election irregulariies and scheduled briefings. they got a text for the january 6th speech a memo on a potential lawsuit against states that biden won, a document containing presidential findings concerning election security and honoring capitol police never happened. it is vast and leads to the white house. thank you both very much. have a great weekend. the republicans alt reality speaking of what we're talking about pushing the propaganda that is democrats. it's democrats who cannot accept electoral defeat as they create their owner election police to
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intimidate voters. can't make this stuff up. the unique role that ginni thomas plays in american politics advocating for maga causes. the supreme court justice has no obligation to recuse himself and protecting women's reproductive rights as we mark the 49th and final anniversary of roe v wade. "the reidout" continues after this. of roe v wade. "the reidout" continues after "the reidout" continues after this (burke) well, you'd get a discount for insuring your jet skis... and ...home and more. you could save up to forty-five percent. (man) that's ole lot of discounts. (burke) well, we offer coverage for a whole lot of things, and you could save a whole lot of something with farmers policy perks. (kid) sup, dad! (burke) seventeen-car garage you got there? ♪we are farmers♪ ♪bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum♪ i lost 26 pounds and i feel incredible. with the new personalpoints program,
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remember when distaupe things like "the hunger games," the hand maids tale" where books are banned and citizens are
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manipulated. wait a minute. are we still talking about literature or is this our actual political reality? that's hard to say because republicans are hell bent on gaslighting america and having citizens question reality. which is why senator fist in the air proinsurrectionists josh hawley is saying without a hint of irony democrats don't accept elections they don't win and brad raffensperger who pressured to find him enough votes to flip the election is now saying the quote democrat party is the party of stolen election claims. by the way, secretary, it's democratic party, we see what you did there. the dear leader himself is saying that his taped georgia collision called with the ukraine president got you impeached the first time. as my dear colleague rachel maddow says watch what they do, not just what they say. because the new thing involves
4:21 pm
governors pitching special election police officers. election cops. joining me david corn washington burro chief for mother jones and author of the news letter this land and republican strategists and co-founder of the lincoln project and as a former republican strategists, you have to go first wilson. i heard about election cops in florida because everything seems to start there or texas naturally he wants a $5.7 million basically personal police force of a 52 election people that can investigate crimes and security. this is spreading to arizona where a vocal trump supporter's lies about a stolen election wendy rogers has now filed legislation to establish a $5 million burro of elections in the governor's office with the power to subpoena witnesses and impound election equipment. georgia, david purdue running for governor former senator, he wants to create his owner election police force. what the actual hell is going on? >> well, joy, look, if ron
4:22 pm
desantis forms his police force, he needs to start in the villages where the only cases of voter fraud in the end of the 2020 election in florida came from and they were all republicans. they were all trump supporters. but i'm going to promise you if he does get his way with the legislature and they probably will, what will happen is they won't be in the villages or anywhere there say republican question, they will be in communities of color. they will be in miami-dade county. they will be in palm beach. they will be in hillsborough. they will not be out there looking for actual election fraud. they will be looking for ways to justify giving the dear leader whether it's dear leader ron or don the boost they need and using this as a method to intimidate primarily voters of color and this is exactly and explicitly what it is for and i think it's a sign that the
4:23 pm
republicans are going to build this system no matter what we say or do about it in these states where they have control and it will be the thing -- they say how dare you say we're building a bizarre authoritarian police state while their busy building that. >> yeah, i mean, the thing is, look, and just to show you that rick wilson is not bing hyperbolic, there is the klan. they made voters feel like they were under arrest if they tried to vote. we had this before, david. we're just going to have another version of it. >> the klan needs to be tied into a lot of white racist governments down there. it wasn't like they were off on their own. they sometimes had coups and took over state capitals and state governments so they were an arm of the government. now, i'm tempted to say that this is like setting up a ghost
4:24 pm
busters unit. searching for things that don't exist or big foot patrol but rick said as you pointed out, it's to intimidate not investigate because they have investigative units and arrested those people and the point to tie this back into your earlier segment tonight is that we saw december and january of last year and we're learning at it now, there were fake electors. they try to put out. there were fake draft orders, national security draft executive orders. all that is fake. it didn't hold water or work. now they figured out we have to change the system. we don't need to have fake electors anymore. we can have our own police force. they are changing the law on how to handle elections in these same states, as well and other states, as well. so they are going -- we're not going to have to come up with crazy ideas, we'll have to have our own procedures that are past
4:25 pm
-- passed and certified as laws and put into place as governors. so we're going from the fake donald trumpish reality tv way of running a coup to really doing it smart from their perspective. it's scary. >> i mean, they're learning, rick, from the old southern democrats. i think what people forget is you don't have to say you can't vote. they never did. they always said you can vote. you have to tell me how many jelly beans are in the jar. you can vote. i'm saying you have to jump through these impossible hoops. they're recreating the same system saying sure, you can vote but you have to have this i.d. but only this one that's 50 miles away is the on place you can get it and sorry, it closes at 5:00 p.m. sorry you can't pick that up. you can vote but you can't obtain the i.d. they're pulling the same old trick. >> it won't be as crude and as obvious but they're trying to
4:26 pm
throw so much friction into voting and all the sand into the machine especially in communities they don't feel will be reliable voters for them. so they. -- won't complain about early voting. they won't say in southwest florida we better really crack down and make sure early voting are ballot harvest or things they love to throw out these days but this is exactly the kind of mechanism that authoritarian states set up. they want to say who can vote, when, how they can vote when the votes are counted they want to have a veto of the vote count at the end and also say they can bring criminal sanctions and try to intimidate people who are trying to go out and register voters. they want to bring criminal sanctions with these organizations. you know who enforces the law? state attorneys enforce the law. they don't need an election police force. this is a tool of intimidation and frankly a sign again, they
4:27 pm
don't want elections. they would like 2024 to be the last election. they want to be the bath party in iraq and the dear leader gets 117% of the vote. >> right, david, the thing is they're very good at messaging the opposite of that. simply saying we are for more voting. it's easier to vote. they're much -- i mean, rick wilson is a great admin. they're much better at saying in a simple term the opposite but making it sound true to their base. the messaging is part of the plan and they're good at it. >> what is wrong with identification? you have to use identification to get a bottle of beer. they're good at coming up with points. in someways, we complain and we get worried about this as we stood. sometimes it might sound like will they come in and start locking up people and coming out with guns drawn? that's not the point. the point is if you're thinking about having a registration drive and there are people out there patrolling, you say maybe
4:28 pm
i shouldn't. if there is some confusion and they say we'll lock up people who show up with the wrong identification or you try to vote and you are a felon, even though we now say you can in this county but not that county, people will say i don't know. they got that person upstate. so it's all creating disincentive and scaring people and raising the bar and this is where the parties break down. republicans said time and time again it's better when they have a smaller electret. usually they want to stick with something small but it's not about saying how can we make sure that more people vote than not? they want to disincentive people and steer people away from voting. >> and it's been done before. the billboards that say hey, you might get arrested if you coal down where this vote is happening. come down but you might get arrested. no new tricks. thank you both. still ahead, the u.s. supreme court is supposed to be politically neutral but two
4:29 pm
recent descents by justice clearance thomas are raising questions about his maga wife's influence and we'll discuss that when we come back. wife's influence and we'll discuss that influence and we'll discuss that when we come back. ♪taking a break from all your worries ♪ ♪sure would help a lot ♪ ♪wouldn't you like to get away? ♪ ♪ ♪ sometimes you want to go ♪ ♪where everybody knows your name ♪ ♪ ♪and they're always glad you came ♪ fries or salad? ♪ salad! good choice! it is. so is screening for colon cancer. when caught in early stages, it's more treatable. hey, cologuard! hi, i'm noninvasive and i detect altered dna in your stool to find 92% of colon cancers even in early stages. early stages. it's for people 45 plus at average risk for colon cancer, not high risk.
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i think the media makes it sound as though you are just always going right to your personal preference, so if they think you're anti abortion or something personally, they think that that's the way you always will come out. they think you're for this or that and they think you become like a politician. i think that's a problem. i think you're going to jeopardize any faith in the legal institutions. >> we think that because it's true. supreme court's approval rating at a low justice clearance defended the court against the criticism that's too politicized and that's pretty rich from thomas that is married to
4:34 pm
someone so politically active on the far right she might as well a tea party hat or become a qtuber. most people didn't hear of ginni thomas until she left a bizarre hostile message for anita hill the woman that testified during thomas clearance's hearings saying he sexually harassed her. since then ginni thomas is a vocal right wing activist with the right wing tea party movement that famously came before the supreme court. today she's with several groups and as pointed out in an epic article, the court is likely to secure victories for allies in a highly polarizing cases on affirmative action and gun rights. justice thomas remained on the bench involved in opinions in each of these cases. joining me is justice correspondent for "the nation."
4:35 pm
you know it but i'll read for the audience. this is the judge's -- the u.s. judge's code of conduct. a judge will disqualify himself or herself when the impartiality may be questioned including to but not limited to the judge or judge's spouse is known to have an interest that can be substantially affected by the outcome of the proceeding. why are supreme court justices unlike every other federal judge not subject to that code of conduct? >> yeah, that piece of legislation that you read does not apply to the united states supreme court. the supreme court is the only court in the country that operates under no ethics rules because according to the supreme court, only it is punish itself. it is a bizarre loophole you can argue in our constitution. the only way to discipline a supreme court justice if not self-disciplined by, you know, their buddies on the court is
4:36 pm
through the process of impeachment which for reasons passing my understanding we have not used against the supreme court justice since 1804, i believe. so like that is the baseline here. right? the supreme court is not subjct to any ethics rules. the highly inappropriate behavior that the mayor honestly if you haven't read the article, the mayor talks like she's been following this couple for 30 years. it's an amazing article. >> it is. >> ginni thomas is a problem for 30 years and the problem is not -- this is important to say because i don't want people to get it twisted. i would never come on your show and criticize a spouse of an important person for continuing to have a job. that -- the spouses should still have a job no matter how important their spouse is. the problem is not ginni thomas has a job. the problem is that ginni thomas
4:37 pm
is a crazy right wing reaction who pins literal medals on people before they show up in clearance thomas' courtroom. the moral thing is lacking the moral character to recuse himself from situations where his wife has not only already taken a position but already literally put her respectability on litigants in his courtroom. clearance thomas is letting the entire country down more so than his wife's desire to be a right wing crazy person. >> you know, the thing is if you haven't read the article, we're talking about she does these -- her organizations have ceremonies they honor people defending liberty and the people she's associated with through the various organizations include one of the guys that bragged he was behind the so-called stop the steal movement along with three congressman he named.
4:38 pm
people who have come before her on radical ideas like the muslim ban is her person. next thing you know that's in front of the supreme court. she's involved and signed a letter. this is one of the things she did. she signed a letter to kevin mccarthy saying liz cheney and kinzinger should be kicked off the house gop conference, that decision to not block the release of trump's documents, her husband is the one guy who votes no. everyone else votes yes and release the documents. she's involved with the january 6th people. i don't know how this is legal. >> like, that's like you can't make this make sense. way back on wednesday, way back on wednesday of this week, the supreme court ordered the trump administration to release the documents requested by the january 6th committee. the only justice the second was clearance thomas. maybe he said it because clearance thomas' brand is to be wrong all the time. there is that possibility. the appearance here is the reason why he descented is
4:39 pm
because his wife jenny thomas is all up in january 6th. she posted on facebook encouraging those people on january 6th on the special clearance thomas serve they have, she's been in the lip serve pushing the conspiracies. she and john eastman under investigation are on the same side on that list serve against like other normal thomas clerks who are like whoa, the whole insurrection thing, i don't know man. that is what she's doing. what thomas is the on these issues where his wife literally may be implicated in a plot to over throw the government and the man doesn't recuse like make that make sense. you can't make that make sense and so the other person that really deserves some blame here and i know a lot of democrats don't like me to say this but the other person who deserves blame here is john roberts. the chief justice of the united states supreme court. he could also be in the position
4:40 pm
to censure or punish clearance thomas for his refusal again to do the baseline moral character thing and recuse himself from situations where his wife in this case might be literally implicated. >> but he's not going to do that, elie, because remember, he was an anti voting regan admini. he didn't recuse himself since he was oppoing as a young lawyer. one other piece of note in this article, even donald trump called ginni thomas a whack-o. if you want more elie, come back on the camera for me. "allow me to retort." if you can't get enough elie, get this here before someone tries to ban it in florida. they going to try to ban this in
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tomorrow marks 49 years since the supreme court affirmed a woman has the right to decide what she does with her body but re versus wade might not see the 50th anniversary because the supreme wing of the court undermines a common's right to life and liberty. today anti chose militants took to the mall to champion the demise of the rights. they have reason to be optimistic not only does it look like the court will undo roe in
4:46 pm
a few months but texas abando abortion. a law was passed that bans abortion after six weeks. yesterday the supreme court rejected a request to force lower courts to expedite the review of the challenge of the law. the conservative majority's rejection of the request was a coward way to endorse the ban that means texas women are still unable to exercise their legal right to choose. justice sonia soto minor wrote this case is a disaster for the rule of law and grave disservice to women in texas that have a right to control their bodies. i'll not stand by as the state continues to nullify this constitutional guarantee. i descent. joining me now joan walsh, national affairs correspondent for the nation and democratic
4:47 pm
candidate for senate for louisiana. talk about this for a moment because we are looking probably at the end of row versus wade and one step closer to gilead. what will that mean for this country? >> women of means, wealthy women, some women in blue states will be okay and women in red states and especially poor women who can't travel are going to be out of luck. there will always be abortion. the question is whether it will be safe and legal. and so i think this is really this burden will fall the hardest on women who don't have the means to fight and what the court did was incredibly cowardly but this is what, you know, legislators and judges across the country have been doing. they've been chipping away little by little and letting things stand and letting delays be fine while women suffer and that looked like a big party today on the mall because they know they have at least five justices who i think would strike down roe.
4:48 pm
i don't think they have six. i don't think roberts would go for it. but he -- i think he'll go for the mississippi law, which bans it after 15 weeks which is a huge assault on roe. not a good day. >> it's not. in states like yours and welcome to the show gary chambers junior. in states like yours, this is probably going to be one of the big incentives for republicans to not vote for you if they like you in other ways. their only issue is abortion. that's all they vote on. they don't care about anything else. how do you run for statewide office against kennedy, the road scholar and used to be a democrat, how do you run in a state where all, a lot of voters care about is abortion? >> the reality is we've allowed a narrative. there are a lot of people that want the right to choose. it's our job to ignite the base
4:49 pm
and those people are heard. there is a 70% increase in florida people coming from texas to seek abortion because texas women don't have their rights protected any longer so this is impacting the care of women in this state as well as in texas and we're going to see this. one of the major issues here is men should not have any say in what happens in a woman's body. there are no laws that prevent a man from doing anything what he wants to do with his body but a group of mostly men decide what a woman can do with her body and the same thing with the men, they be doing what we saw on january 6th at the capitol on january 2021. we need people to mobilize and agree in the state of louisiana so that abortions of women can be protected and heard. >> i'm going to -- you know, disagree with you on one thing. there is one way people are prevented from doing what they want with their bodies. people not familiar with you, let me show your opening ad why
4:50 pm
you're running for united states senate. >> since 2010, state and local police have arrested an estimated 7.3 million americans for violating marijuana laws, over half of all drug arrests. black people are four times more likely to be people are 4 times likely to be arrested for marijuana laws than white people. >> and mr. chambers, that ad is 37 seconds long because as you said, since 2010, state and local police arrested an estimated 7.3 million americans for marijuana laws, as you said, black people four times more likely to be arrested and notes every 37 seconds an american is arrested for marijuana possession, that is telling men and women what they can do with their bodies. talk about the importance of that issue in your campaign. >> to me it's a justice issue, an equity issue, you look at where we are as a country, 18 to 19 states where recreational use
4:51 pm
of cannabis is legal and mostly in the southern states of america is still prohibition and there are people sitting for life sentences, 40, 50 men sentences for what men in colorado, virginia, are making millions of dollars for now in other states today. so when you look at this country, we have to have honest conversation about equity and justice and when we talk about this, this shouldn't be controversial, right, there are many people in professional world that smoke cannabis and one of the reasons we chose to do this was because we wanted to say you know what, you cannot pretend that you know there aren't people you know in all spaces that do this. >> absolutely. and you know, joan, there is this question of control, who gets control and who doesn't. i feel like whether it's talking about the abortion issue or the cannabis issue, it's the same thing, where you have a certain
4:52 pm
republican who says they should not be under control, always be elected, always win, and it's white christian men in control always and that seems to be the theme in the republican party you wrote a book, what matter to see white people which i think everyone should read and you talk about this emergence of this culture. >> we also know what hypocrites they are joy, we know while they say no abortion, no drugs, whatever, no sex before marriage, we see the hypocrisy of they pay for abortions of their mistresses, they have mistresses, do drugs, they get caught, if they don't get caught, have a slap on the wrist, walk away, so it's just a horrible situation. and it's only getting worse, you know, i think donald trump has liberated people to kind of live their worst lives and try to tell the rest of us what to do and i think that's why he's so popular with white men in particular.
4:53 pm
>> indeed, absolutely. and, you know, gary chambers jr., you're running against a guy who has gone from being a sort of liberalish democrat to being this sort of weird caricature of a southern republican, what's your strategy against him? >> well number one, we're going to talk to the nation and bring help to louisiana, democrats of these states say we can do exactly what georgia has done, state is 35 to 40% black and brown. we have a democrat as governor right now, which is something that's often lost, the only democratic governor in the deep south and this is a winnable state. what it is is we need the country to 0 take our city serious, need the democratic party to take us serious, donors from every corner of the country to take us serious. as said earlier, used to talk one way, now he talks another way, used to be for raising the minimum wage, now he's not, used to be for more progressive
4:54 pm
things and he's just an actor at the end of the day. but i don't believe that he has the majority of louisiana. >> i'm with you, the south is winnable, y'all. gary and joan are with us, we'll have them play our favorite game after the break. don't go anywhere. favorite game after the break. after the break. don't go anywhere. depend. the only thing stronger than us, is you.™
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the pandemic made teaching and learning really hard. but instead of working to help students safely return to the classroom, the san francisco school board focused on renaming schools and playing politics. and they've even saddled our district with a $125 million deficit. our children can't wait for new leadership. here's our chance for a fresh start. on february 15th, please recall school board members collins, lópez and moliga before our kids fall even further behind.
4:58 pm
all right, folks, let's wrap this week up with some goodness, time to play our favorite game, "who won the week?" back with me joan walsh and gary chambers, who won the week? >> i think senator rafael won the week because he got to have that impressive fight on the floor for voting rights and we learned the nation has a new political leader, spiritual leader and i think even though that fight was lost in the end thanks to senator sinema and manchin, i think that fight will
4:59 pm
energize people nationally and in georgia who have, as you know, been a little ticked off that they haven't, the issue hasn't gotten the attention it needs but i think the people will be reassured and energized and he is someone to say mr. chambers, we want to see, pull him up there but somebody who has to absolutely be saved this jeer and that's reverend warnock. >> here's one right here you guys can add if you're voting louisiana, who won the week, gary chambers? >> i would say reverend steven green, latasha brown and tamika mallo are, y, advocates who led the charge on voting rights on the street in this country, those resting outside, latasha brown all the way to senator's neighborhood in arizona, what they're showing is you can be on the outside with enough force to move the inside. >> amen, i think both of you
5:00 pm
guys are absolutely right. both of you are absolutely right, mine is a fun one, i'm mad at the nfl, i don't like what they did with collin kapernick, but the half time show, one that's coming up, maria, dr. dre, snoop dogg, eminem, you may be mad at game but i'm still excited for the halftime show. chris hayes starts now. tonight on "all in". >> every voting machine in the country should be impounded right now, more than enough probable cause to justify that. >> jaw dropping documents released to january 6 committee, including the executive recorder donald trump was considering that could have ended democracy as we know it. >> yes i was part of the process to make sure


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