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tv   The Reid Out  MSNBC  January 17, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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chips. >> when are you going to call me? >> this week. >> okay. >> okay. >> you can see it's kind of looser sometimes than what we do on the news with the serious stuff. it's "the beat" after hours. come visit me @arimelbur including on tiktok where we're new. that does it for me. "the reidout" with joy reid starts now. >> how are you doing, ari? is araa -- ari on tiktok are yo doing the dance challenges? >> i'll work on it. >> that's our resolution. happy 2022. good evening, everyone, we begin "the reidout" on perhaps
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the most used day, the civil rights and elimination of poverty and especially voting rights soberly repeat the one partial quote they memorized in high school. >> it was martin luther king that told us and taught us that we should be judged base on the content character and not the color of our skin. >> that we should be judged on the content of our character and not color of our skin. >> in the words of dr. martin luther king that we must judge one another by the constant of our character, not the color of our skin. >> yeah, that one. and of course, if you went on twitter, you'd see the same people applauding dr. king without noticing the irony of their remarks. for instance, you have senator rand paul tweeting that we should commemorate the life of mlk by uniting two americas into
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one that includes justice for one and justice for all. he pretty much tweets that every year. of course, rand paul is the same person that said he would have opposed the civil rights act of 1964 and then there is texas governor greg abbott writing dr. king inspired hope in our nation and that beacon of hope and liberty still burns bright in texas. how nice. except for the fact that he literally signed a bill that eliminated the requirement for schools to teach anything about dr. martin luther king junior. and then there is mr. cellophane himself that sent this uplifting quote at the 1963 march on washington, the i have a dream speech they pull from. quote, when the architects of our republic wrote the magnificent words of the constitution and declaration of independence they signed a promisorry note to which every american was to fall. clever note. you cut that section out of a
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larger quote. here is what dr. king said right after what you tweeted. >> this note was a promise that all men, yes, black men as well as white men would be guaranteed the rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. it is obvious today that america has defaulted on this promisorry note in so far as her citizens of color are concerned. instead of honoring this sacred obligation america has given the negro people a bad check, a check which has come back marked insufficient funds. >> it's funny how they never quote dr. king's 1957 speech give us the ballot. in which he called for black americans to have the full and unimpeded right to vote.
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king declared the legislative halls of the south ring loud with such words at enter position and nullification. the denial is a tragic betrayal of the mandates of our democratic tradition so the most urgent request to the president of the united states and every member of congress is to give us the right to vote. which brings us to the need to confront yet another big lie. republicans who are attacking voting rights like to claim that well nobody is being prevented from voting. >> certainly isn't about voting rights. it is easier than it has ever been in the history of the united states to register to vote and to vote. >> leading democrats said they want to break the senate because of an anti voting plot that is sweeping america. of course, this is totally fake.
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it does not exist. >> you know, funny enough, that is exactly what the old version of the dixie crats said in the 1950s and '60s. nobody is prevented from voting. you just have to tell us how many jelly beans are in this jar and vote. of course, we'll make sure your schools are awful and you'll barely talk to reid let alone this passage. the more nullification change, the more they same the same. joining me is the daughter of reverend martin luther king junior and coretta scott king and dr. bernice king, thank you for being here. always an honor to talk with you. on this day -- >> thank you. >> -- which commemorates your
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dad's 95th birthday, what do you say to the people that are republicans and democrats and using words and quoting them out today but also opposing voting rights, also standing up for the filibuster and not for the right to vote? >> well, i think the first thing that we have to continue to do is educate people about my father. unfortunately, there was a seasonal time in this nation where we amplified my father's i have a dream speech even in the media. it became the predominant teaching of dr. king and so we are responsible for some of that level of ignorance in our society but in the last few years, obviously, since the 50th anniversary of the i have a dream speech and celebrations after, there have been more exposure to my father's words.
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the fact of the matter is the misappropriation and the convenient use of his words is always the case when people are trying to accomplish their own agenda and that's what we see over and over again and this scenario and so many others. take the time to study and understand the hold and comprehensive martin luther king junior. this was a man who literally a long with john lewis, along with amelia and jose williams and others sacrificed their life and bodies to fight, to preserve the right to vote to protect it to advance it so anyone who thinks that dr. king would say let's move on, everything is all right is sadly mistaken because he would not made that sacrifice if he if it was necessary to do so.
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so we have to find a way in this nation to secure the proposal we never again have to keep coming back to this place. i want to challenge us, even pass passing these federal legislations, you know, what is the strategic work we have to do as the people of this nation to enshrine voting rights in our constitution so that we cannot have these kind of manipulations going on over and over again. >> you even have some of these same legislators using your -- just that one snippet. they love the '63 march on washington speech and they only know a marco rubio tried to throw people off. what do you make of the people like the glenn youngkins and others using that as a ration nal to ban the teaching of what
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they call critical race theory but the teaching of history, they're literally banning books by black authors and in texas where the governor tried to use your father's words, they're literally banning books about your father. you may not read this book about dr. king but i'll use dr. king's words to justify it. >> again, that is the short sidedness of it because dr. king was trying to eradicate racism so when he spoke in the context of the i have a dream speech, they missed the fact that he had these triple evils of poverty, racism and military and racism was very much part and embedded in our systems and structures of society and that we have to remove those systemic issues. it very short sided and the beauty of it is, though, that
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there is always other ways to make sure that people learn about dr. king and i thank god for the power of technology and i thank god for those who have the courage because we have to have the courage in the season. you know, i think it's time for there to be a massive civil disobedience and massive mind cooperation with evil. it's going to take courage and it's going to take a strategy and a plan just like it did in birmingham and there is going to be sacrifice but people are going to have to find a way in spite of all of that to teach it. >> yeah, i love having a historian around. always good to have a friend that's a historian and we have jelani cobb. it feels like the misaproep misappropriation of dr. king, if you transported them back to that time would be against everything he stood for because as dr. bernice king he said he was for eradicating poverty and
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allowing people to vote and things they are opposed to. talk a little bit about when he is turned into a greeting card rather than a human being? >> well, fundamentally, dr. bernice king made that point about the triple evils that dr. martin luther king indicted the united states for. we lose track of the fundamental point he was a disdent. he was critiquing the prevailing order of things, which is exactly why they were leading people on these massive marchs, which is why they marched 54 miles from selma to montgomery before he gave that speech indicting the economic order of the south and, you know, reverend barber is great on this how the disenfranchisement of black voters at the end of the
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19th century was a prerequisite for creating an economic system that would disadvantage all poor people across lines of color and dr. king talked about that. they don't want to grapple with the dr. king that said we needed to look into basic income, we needed a fairer redistribution of all those kinds of things, those demands he issued that were indictments of the prevailing order that none of that is heard. what we've heard is the simple version of this imaginary character they are calling dr. king. >> yeah, indeed. and his stand against the war. sorry to interrupt you the stand against the vietnam war. we have two states in this country, mississippi and alabama use the day to celebrate robert e. lee, the confederacy because they didn't want this day. that's the only way to do it.
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let me play ronald reagan who didn't want a holiday for dr. king. this is the way he grudgingly spoke about this holiday and he actually signed into law back during that time. >> i would have preferred a day similar to say lincoln's birthday, which is not technically a national holiday but it is certainly a day by a great many people in our country and has been. i would have preferred that but since they seem bent on making ate national holiday, i believe the symbolism of that day is important than i would sign that legislation when it reaches my desk. >> do you have any idea who they are in this concept, jelani, who he is talking about there? >> i have no idea. perhaps the people who look like the three of us on this screen right now but you know, when we look at this thing, regan was the most obvious example of this. you know, we all know about the resistance in arizona to there being a national holiday and
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being an uphill fight. one of the things that we've overlooked about coretta scott king is the campaign for the national holiday began immediately after dr. king was killed, that she picked up the mantle and began pushing for the cause and john conyers introduced the bill to make his birthday a national holiday the week he was assassinated so this was an ongoing protracted struggle that they had to engage in to achieve this grudgingly and over the objections of many people on the right who them or their descendants are embracing this version of dr. king with both hands. >> yeah, and one of the last word on this dr. king, please. >> i want to add something to that. you know, that 15-year time was a time she used that opportunity to educate the grass roots so
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she built a movement from the ground up for those 15 years to ensure that people understood the importance of dr. king, his teachings and why we needed a national holiday and so we're going to have to have a massive education campaign now because there is a disconnect between a great percentage of americans and those maybe on the front line of activism and have to bridge that gap so that the pressure can be greater on the senate. >> indeed. indeed. amen to that. thank you so much dr. bernice a. king, always an honor. thank you and jelani cobb, one of the mvps appreciate you on this show. thank you both. up next on "the reidout" tomorrow, tomorrow is the day senators will reveal who they really are. will they stand with dr. king and john lewis and the millions of other americans who have been fighting for voting rights or are they okay with watching
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democracy crash and burn? bishop william barber joins me next and how hard did the january 6th select committee go after their house colleagues who refuse to cooperate? tonight's absolute worst interviews well and now that he's got the job, you're like i immediately regret this decision. "the reidout" continues after this. ely regret this decision "the reidout" continues after "the reidout" continues after thisom all your worries ♪ ♪sure would help a lot ♪ ♪wouldn't you like to get away? ♪ ♪ ♪ sometimes you want to go ♪ ♪where everybody knows your name ♪ ♪ ♪and they're always glad you came ♪ looking to get back in your type 2 diabetes zone? once-weekly ozempic® can help. ♪ oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! ♪
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if you can deliver an infrastructure bill for bridges, you can deliver voting rights for americans. >> our daughter yolanda is the only granddaughter of martin luther king junior, she and her peers are sitting with less voting rights than the day they were born. >> the senate must do the right thing when this legislation comes to a vote tomorrow.
4:21 pm
senator sinema, senator manchin, our future hinges on your decision and history will remember what choice you make. >> tomorrow is the day we'll find out which side of history those senators that dr. king's family called out to act on his legacy are really on. our democracy our protecting the filibuster as the senate takes up voting rights legislation. members of king's family and fellow activists have kept up the pressure all weekend with a march in arizona on saturday on dr. king's actual birthday and a voting rights march in the nation's capitol today. joining me is bishop william barber, co-chairman of the poor people's campaign. bishop barber, my main question to you is at this point is the moral persuasion of the king family in your view, you've talked to these people, you've dealt with the administration and the senators, is that going to be enough to sway them do you
4:22 pm
think? >> well, i certainly thank god for all that the king family is doing and i'll be honest with you, too many people sat back all year long and should have never waited this long, many organizations that are screaming now didn't go to west virginia, didn't go to arizona were in the back room with the president, president didn't meet with moral leaders, his handlers blocked and impacted people and we allowed this thing to be separated on economics and voting. dr. king said we must realize that the problems of racial injustice and economic injustice cannot be solved without a radical redistribution of political and economic power and that's what this is take early framing it as a special interest for black people. if these bills don't pass, 55 million americans that use processes in 2020 will lose that access. if you don't do it, you'll hurt 45% of poor people represent 45% of electret in battle ground state and 30% across the country.
4:23 pm
this is about who is going to correct the policies with the $21 trillion gross domestic product in this country. if we lose this, this is the u.s. chamber of commerce who is both against raising the minimum wage to 15 and against voting rights. this is giving in to the koch brothers and americans for prosperity. this is manchin and sinema acting like james calhoun of the 1850s a supporter of minority rule as opposed to acting like senators in the 21st century who should be helping us move the country forward rather than back. >> you know, and it's interesting that you talk about the not separating it. so dr. king was very explicit in criticizing the filibuster and talking about the fact that they won't let the majority of senators vote and don't want the majority of people to vote because they know they don't represent the majority of the american people. they represent in their states a
4:24 pm
small minority and to your point, you know, he called it misguided those who want to use the filibuster to keep people from voting. the separation of that from build back better, it is interesting that the two things that are being left by the side of the road are the two parts of king's 1963 call to action. the build back better piece which is about reversing and ending poverty and the access to the vote. you link those two things. >> dr. king did. it's wrong on a king day to only talk about voting rights and not talk about poverty and economic issue. it was wrong to separate those two to choose infrastructure first and say what comes to be will be and come to voting rights. the chamber of commerce doesn't bifercate its money. poor and low wealth people are building from the ground up as sister bernice are talking about will have poor people's low wage
4:25 pm
people as assembly in washington and to the poles june 18th regardless of what happens because if you win the bills, it's not over. the bills cover federal elections not state election. they don't grandfather and go back and undo what was done particularly with redistricting. if you don't win, we should have a lot of work to do in which we have to save this democracy. our deadline is victory. our deadline is not one particular date set by constitution but we must stop this business of having one issue rally and one -- and submerging to suggest one thing. we're talking about 140 million poor and low wealth people in this country. 4 3% of adults, 52% of children and joy, all of the programs we use to uplift poverty poor people in covid are gone now. if they haven't been in place, we would have went to 150 poor
4:26 pm
and low wealth people in the country. we need a major moral narrative reset. we need a major moral non-violent activism. the poor people's campaign and national call for moral revival 2500 clergies connecting with us and 200 organization and 43 state coordinating are committed to that. if you want to join in, come on in because we have a lot of work to do to save the heart and soul of this democracy. >> so what you're essentially saying is that because in 1957 didn't give us the ballot with dr. king, just give us the ballot. we'll take care of getting rid of rotten shares and creating an anti lynching law. we'll give what this country promised to us. what you're essentially saying is the opposition to the voting bill is because if people can vote, not just black folks but poor white folks, poor latinos, they would vote for people who would give them build back better. they would vote for people who would restore those economic
4:27 pm
benefits that ended manchin and cinema hold the filibuster, right? >> not just black people. with dr. king i said would you please read something other than just one speech? at the end of the some of the montgomery, look at the pictures. it diverse. the black march. listen to him at the end. he says voter suppression and segregating society was created because of the fear of a negro and white masses, voting together in a way to shift the political structure that would then change the economic structures architecture of the nation. that's king and we can't separate, we should not separate the two that go together. poor low wealth people at 55% of poor and low wealth people voted for biden and harris because they believe they want to get $15 living wage. they believe they want to get health care. so you can't fail on your policy
4:28 pm
deliverance and think people will vote, something else happened. poor and low wealth people say wait a minute, you know what has to happen in this country. we'll start utilizing our power shifting the narrative and building power and changes because poor and low wealth people vote at a higher percentage, they can mess up all the political pundits across this country and come together in a massive way and i'm glad to be in the mmidst of them. >> y'all listen to that. that's important. listen to that. think about it. why would they be so determined to not have open and easy access to voting? not just black folks they don't want to vote. they don't want anybody to vote that will shift wealth away from the super rich which fund these anti voting campaigns and give y'all a little something, something. not just black people. y'all need to think bigger than that.
4:29 pm
thank you, my friend. thank you. think big. this isn't just about black people. they don't want any of y'all to vote for benefits than any other than the rich. look what they're doing and follow the money. a disagreement among members of the january 6th select committee what to do about three republican members of congress refusing to cooperate with their investigation. more details next. stay with us. investigation. more details next. more details next. stay with us that was quick. and rewarding. i earn 3% cash back at drugstores with chase freedom unlimited. that means i earn on my bug spray and my sunscreen. you ready to go fishing? i got the bait. i also earn 5% on travel purchased through chase on this rental car. that lake is calling my name! don't you get seasick? we'll find out! come on. and i earn 3% on dining including takeout. so much for catching our dinner. some people are hunters. some are gatherers.
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three republicans in the house are denying requests to cooperate with the january 6th investigation, material witnesses that refuse to speak with investigators. common sense would be to subpoena them, try to secure their testimony, right? that's reportedly a subject of debate among members of the committee.
4:34 pm
according to the washington post, the panel is divided whether to pursue subpoenas that on the goal of issuing a report ahead of the november midterms. some members including liz cheney signalled an aggressive posture and bennie thompson had skepticism. at the same time the committee is deliberating over how aggressively they should have an interview with mike pence who doesn't want to appear in front of the committee according to people close to him. joining me is congressman swalwell. i have a lot of questions here. first of all, it is sort of emblematic. the democrats are like let's be nice. that's part of it, i think. i am old enough to remember that charlie wrangle and they talked about this "the washington post", charlie wrangle was subpoenaed being investigated on
4:35 pm
ethics charges. he didn't have a problem to do that. why is it a problem to subpoena them in an insurrection investigation? >> it shouldn't be, joy. let me say what an honor to appear on your show on dr. king's birthday celebration with bernice king and others. this is the greatest crime ever in america where members of congress were witnesses. we also now formally know it was an act of sedition charged against at least ten co-defendants. the republicans would absolutely do this to us so we shouldn't have any sort of notion of virtue that we're better than them and most importantly, this is it. we get one shot at this before the midterms where they're trying to put every barrier in place to keep people from voting and they will never, i promise, if they win the midterms, they will never peacefully concede power again. so this is our only shot. we don't know how this story
4:36 pm
end. we have the benefit of looking at the civil rights movement and know how it ended there and looking back at world war ii and the civil war and how it ended there. we don't know how this story ends. if you're an author we hope you would want to do everything you can to make sure you learn from everyone involved on the greatest crime in america where members of congress were involved. >> and i mean, agreed. this is as you said the greatest crime ever committed in our capitol on the congress itself and any reluctance to me strikes me as bizarre. i mean, let's talk about the former vice president for a moment. mike pence is not in power in any way. he's an average citizen now. i see no reason why he couldn't be subpoenaed and made to retell the story that is retold and he went to dan quail the former vice president and asked him and was told no. put your prosecutor hat on.
4:37 pm
just a regular guy with no power, you have to commit. >> joy, there are a number of places around the former vice president that if you fight in the courts and never get him to come in before the midterm elections, i don't concede we'll lose but if you assume they will put barriers in place with the investigation and the vice president has no legal protections and that should be shut down quickly if they refuse to come in. the goal has to be learn as much information as possible and also make the appeal to mike pence. do you want to be on the side of the seditionests or helping your country understand what happened at this greatest domestic crime that occurred at our capitol? >> let me read a little bit of this washington post article. it says the justice department alleged january 6th was a conspiracy by its own telling because of the charges they just
4:38 pm
issued. it says but so far the department doesn't appear toly trump and the trump campaign has not received requests for documents or interviews from the fbi or justice department of january 6th. is it in any way logical to charge seditious conspiracy to those who busted into the capitol and say we'll charge you with the seditious conspiracy and stop and say we won't charge or talk to. does it make sense to you that the justice department hasn't even spoken to trump or the people around him? >> it doesn't and i had a meeting on friday with a lawyer who we sat down before i could get comfortable. he had printed out the elements of the crime for seditious conspiracy that includes inciting. donald trump didn't go into the capitol but certainly incited the mob and aimed the mob and told them to go to the capitol. i have fear we're over thinking a crime committed in plain
4:39 pm
sight. i don't really think you need to run much of an investigation around what donald trump was doing because he put it on his twitter he financed it with the facebook ads he paid for and said it in plain sight for millions of people to hear and the thousands on january 6th at the ellipse to take as their instructions and afterward, you saw multiple people tell the fbi or reporters they were sent there by donald trump and left there only once donald trump told them it was time to leave. >> one more question, this is on the health issue because this is also the on going drama in health terror for a lot of us of covid isn't ending. d.c. has done a good thing as someone doing my show under the d.c. area and said you have to show a vaccine card like you have to do in new york city to eat in restaurants. one of your colleagues thomas massy says he has a problem with that. he said he'll never order from these restaurants again. i'm sure they're weeping about that. >> vaccinated people want to be around vaccinated people and
4:40 pm
massy says in his sign of civil disobedience he'll cross the river into virginia. serving with john lewis was the bravest person i ever met but no, it's thomas massy. he'll get his takeout in virginia. let's get a statute of him in the rrotunda. >> the governor is trying to make it a covid pea tree dish. it will be his ideal place to eat. up next, haveiies straight? if so you're one step ahead. strt if so you're one step ahead. paih you could spend half an hour preparing for the half hour status meeting.
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glenn youngkin is officially the governor of virginia when he ran the conventional wisdom media he was running as a non-trump republican but we
4:45 pm
tried to tell you on the show, he was anything but. he was trump with a slightly pailer shade of orange but once you open it up, it's the same stuff, anti truth, anti education and 100% procovid. now that youngkin is officially in the governor's mansion, virginia is really in trouble, girl. not only because his inaugural solution has taken place in a western saloon, he signed 11 executive actions in the first day in office banning the made up boogie man and banning literature as toni morrison. well, here he is doing trump's bidding erasing history with the stroke of a pen, a stance so ridiculous he wasn't challenged on it by a guy from the home team on fox news. >> critics of your position including former president obama say look, critical race theory
4:46 pm
is not being taught in schools and that this was merely a trumped up phony culture war. is it your contention that critical race theory is being taught in virginia public schools? >> there is not a course called critical race theory all of the principles and building blocks of accusing one group of being oppressors and burdening children today for sins of the past for teaching children to judge one another based on the color of their skin, yes, that does exist in virginia zirg -- schools today. >> why do they have a blank look on their face. the entire parole board got the sack and his attorney general fired 17 state attorneys doing important work in wrongful convictions, civil rights and elections but youngkin's biggest and most lethal project is turning virginia into a covid
4:47 pm
ses pool like florida as omicron is smashing records in his state, youngkin is ending the statewide school mask machine date and resending the mandate for state workers and the rich man with no political experience, sound familiar? is working to reverse the progress that turned virginia into one of the highest vaccinated states in the country. some school systems are fighting the order with several counties announcing their mask policies will not be changing. the fight continues with kids yet again caught in the middle. so for living down to our worst fears about electing a maga in sheep's clothing for reciing an mlk quote you don't understand and for your toni morrison bashing and stirring culture wars for political gain and putting health care workers, educators at risk and voting charlotte people like you out, for all these reasons you're the absolute worst.
4:48 pm
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it's been nearly two years since the pandemic started. our students and teachers tried their best, but as a parent, i can tell you that nearly 18 months of remote learning was really hard. i'm so angry that instead of helping our kids get back in the classroom, the school board focused on renaming schools schools that weren't even open . please recall all three school board members now. for the sake of our kids, we can't wait one more day, never mind a whole year for a fresh start.
4:52 pm
yes, we will teach all history, the good and the bad, because we can't know where we're going unless we've known where we have come from. but to actually teach our children that one group is advantaged and another is disadvantaged simply because of the color of their skin cuts across everything we know to be true. in the immortal words of dr. martin luther king ring in our ears that we must judge one another by the content of our character, not the color of our skin. >> yeah, yeah, the same ole line, same ole line. that was very's new governor having the gall to not only put dr. martin luther king jr.'s words in his mouth but to use them to defend banning the teaching of history that made dr. king's work necessary. and then mislabeling that as critical race theory. that was one of 11 executive
4:53 pm
orders signs by youngkin on day one of his administration as he declared virginia is now open for business. a big campaign promise of his. here he is right before we won the election in november. >> on day one, on day one we're going to declare virginia open for business. no lockdowns, no shutdowns, we're open for business. >> youngkin's win and the damage it will do is not just limited to the virginia. republicans will declare their priority open for business for covid. i'm joined by michael dyson, author of "entertaining race, performing blackness in america" and tim wise, author of "dispatches from the race war." thank you both for being here. i am interested and i'll start with you on this, tim. is this descent of the american right into essentially the death cult world. you know, if you put up the list of the states with the highest and lowest death rates per 100,000 people, it's all blue
4:54 pm
states that have got the lowest and a lot of the south that are the worst. and so virginia was in the states with high vax rates and low death rates. that's about to change. >> yeah. >> why is that an attractive model of governing, to essentially say you can die here? >> well, i think that these are people whose entire politic is just owning the libs at all cost. so if the liberals or the democrats are perceived as the party of public health, then we need to stand against public health, by god, because things have gotten out of control. it's essentially whatever the other guy does, do the opposite of that. it's like what 7-year-olds would do in a playground. it's that kind of politics. and the irony of it, of course, is that when covid started in early 2020, the disproportionate deaths were happening in black and brown communities. they are still disproportionate. but interestingly in march or april of 2020, only 28% of the
4:55 pm
deaths, 30% of the deaths were white folks. now it's over 60%. so the irony is when you act like it isn't your problem, which is what we did for the first sixo nine months, people on the right were saying this isn't our problem, it's big city folk. wait around and by the end of 2020 and all through 2021 what happened? we saw the numbers change and white folks are dying in droves. one of the interesting points crist cal race theory is this notion of interest convergence. the things that hurt black people end up hurting the larger society. if we could get our head around that, maybe we could do something about it but they're too interested in opening the libs so they'll have none of it. >> you brought up critical race theory. michael, this is going to be the way that they run. a lot of the media world and political world has said, ah, glenn youngkin has figured it out so we're all going to run just like him and try in a more muted way quote dr. king a lot. we are seeing a red wave of
4:56 pm
targeting critical race theory around the country. desantis is doing it. they're doing it in texas. in texas they banned 800 books. missouri is trying it. they're all doing it. and let us let you listen to the way that glenn youngkin did it by essentially trying to abuse and misuse dr. king's words. take a listen. >> we're going to work hard to live up to dr. martin luther king jr. dr. martin luther king jr. implored us, he implored us to be bigger and better than we are. dr. martin luther king, dr. martin luther king, dr. martin luther king jr., dr. martin luther king jr. what an honor it is to celebrate the life and legacy of dr. martin luther king jr. >> you've written a lot about the real dr. martin luther king jr. what do you make of this abuse and recruitment of him to try to use him to enact racist policy? >> well, you know, joy, in the church they say satan knows more scripture than anybody else. i'm not suggesting a parallel
4:57 pm
there, but take it to where you want. the reality is that dr. king has always been a kind of fascination for the far right wing. they couldn't beat him so they want to join him. but join him by absorbing his language, rearticulating color blindness, reverse racism, suggesting that black people were the real threats. black people are the real racist. black people are the real victimizers and white people are the real victims. this takes a kind of notion that dr. king is the hero of those conservatives who absurd levels and then disses the very people for whom dr. king died. we know that martin luther king jr. spent 365 days of his life every year fighting against white supremacy, social injustice, economic inequality, militarism and the like. everything the right stands for. and to ban martin luther king jr.'s ideas, to ban tony
4:58 pm
morrison, what they're trying to ban is blackness. they want to use dr. king as the kind of symbol of their attack on blackness. the blackest man in the land to this day. so i think that what will happen, however, it will be effective because the anti-blackness is so deeply entrenched. the ability to use black people as the whipping boys and girls of the collective unconscious and to see us as antithetical to democracy when we know the folk on january 6 who stood in that capitol and used that american flag and dragged it on the floor and used the confederate flag to drag it through are the very embodiment of what tim wise has brilliantly talked about as the very bearers of white supremacist ideology in this country. >> tim, you know, their real leader did it literally in arizona this weekend. he said the white people are at the back of the line for covid. openly stoking grievance and
4:59 pm
saying they're trying to kill you with covid. it is open now but so offensive and disgusting and disgraceful the way they try to recruit, literally recruit one line from dr. king to make him the bearer, sort of the label that they put on this. go ahead. i'll let you talk. >> and let's use a different line, how about that. let's use a line from dr. king's last essay. he wrote it before he was killed and then it was published several months after. in that essay he said the largest part of white america is poisoned by racism and here's the key, which is as native to our soil as pine trees, sage brush and buffalo grass. in other words, dr. king was say racism is not a deviation from the norm, it is the norm. it is not an aberration, it is the systemic reality of america and has been from the start, meaning that glenn youngkin and others when they ban what they call critical race theory or any claim of racism as systemic, they would ban the real dr. king. i just wish they would be brave
5:00 pm
enough to stand up and admit it rather than to pretend that they are foot soldiers in his legacy. >> indeed. and in some states they are. literally they banned books, children's books about dr. king and then turn around and quote dr. king and justify that. dr. michael eric dyson and the reverend doctor tim wise, thank you very much. appreciate you both. blessed mlk day. "all in with chris hayes" starts now. tonight on "all in" -- >> if you can deliver an infrastructure bill for bridges, you can deliver voting rights for americans. >> on this mlk day, the ongoing fight for american democracy. >> if you do not, there's no bridge in this nation that can hold the weight of that failure. >> tonight, new pressure on manchin and sinema and the republican lawmakers who have been actively undermining our multi-racial democracy for decades. then four days after the leader of the


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