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tv   Yasmin Vossoughian Reports  MSNBC  January 16, 2022 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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welcome back. i'm aaron gilchrist. on the eve of martin luther king day we are at the start of a week where voting rights will once again take center stage. on tuesday the senate will move forward on what's expected to be a doomed effort to pass voting rights legislation and then president biden holds a news conference expected to be dominated by questions about how two democratic senators derailed the efforts to get the bills passed. >> we, too, must not be deterred by two senators or the 16 republican senators that voted
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for the reauthorization of the voting rights act in 2006 and now will not vote for it. our democracy is fragile as you have said but it only change in democracy that occurs is when the american people demand it and we must continue to demand it. >> this as a republican party trying to explain why not one of the 50 gop senators appears willing to support the actions necessary to protect this right this time around. >> when the senate reauthorized that law a decade ago it passed 98-0. why don't republicans including yourself support restoring the voting acts now? >> the supreme court decided, the supreme court decided that the conditions in 1965 are different than they are now. imagine that. we have had an african elected
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president out united states and to the vice presidency and elected to the senate in south carolina. now anyone can't see the circumstances have changed they're not believing their lying eyes. >> in a moment i'm talk to congressman and house majority whip jim clyburn about what's next. also this hour donald trump with a rally focused on 2020. including a promise of a very different january 6 investigation if republicans take over the house despite a republican agreeing that the committee is doing just fine. >> no question but that they are finding things we didn't know and that's appropriate. look. there is an attack on the united states capitol. there was an effort to try to prevent the peaceful transfer of power. >> later this hour a look at the trump factor and whether more rallies will help or hurt the
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republican cause. we begin with democrats' critical push for voting rights on capitol hill. chuck schumer beginning to debate tuesday despite support of republicans and similarly for a filibuster carveout. as it stands the pair of voting bills will fail and democrats will have to bypass the filibuster and push the legislation through. democrats are hopeful. take a listen to senator cardin earlier. >> there is a full court press. we are working as you speak. i have been in touch with cleelgs this weekend and in contact with the two senators who have gotten the most attention there's a lot of work being done. we could have a win-win situation.
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>> joining me now democratic congressman jim clyburn of south carolina. congressman, we appreciate you being here today. you heard him saying a full court press is underway. do you have is same optimism as the congressman? what can you tell us about the plan to get something done? >> we are going to be steadfast in this. this is worth doing. not just for african american voting rights but the hispanic american voting rights. if you allow the voting apparatus to be free, to be preventing, let's just say all kinds of issues being used to stop the vote, not to count the
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vote, no intimidate voter standing in line, you criminalize behavior. you're going to say i have a committee in place and if they don't like the outcome of the vote we'll nullify the election. these are third world stuff and i don't understand how any senators can look at what's going on in georgia and florida and texas and 16 other states and not know that this fragile democracy of ours is teetering on collapse if we do not stop this foolishness. >> you were seen talking to senator joe manchin.
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can you tell us anything about what the two of you spoke about? what do you make of his insistence of filibuster reform? >> no. i'm not going to get into the conversation i had with joe manchin. let's just say we have some differences over the filibuster and that's maybe because of our experiences. i say in a memory the experiences are joyful. coming to elections and voting and i don't think senator manchin had those experiences nor sinema. >> how do they explain their
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positions? >> i think they're saying the same thing to me and others that they said looking at the television cameras that they think that the filibuster is something that must be or we'll lose the democracy. we don't lose this democracy with the filibuster not applying to budget tear issues. that's reconciliation and applied to voting than budgetar budgetary matters. why would we lose the filibuster if we find a work around on constitutional issues like voting? this is crazy talk. that you are going to all of a sudden the senate not able to function if you allow a vote to
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take place on whether or not we are going to allow a state to nullify the votes of people going to the polls. that is crazy talk and i don't understand why they said that. i listened this morning when the senator -- one senator said that the voting rights act is still in place and voting rights prevents these things. there's only one parent of the voting rights act that's preventive and the supreme court just got rid of that. the senator said that the supreme court things have changed. yes. things have changed. and we know what caused the change. the moment that person, barack obama, got elected president of the united states, people went to work to change the laws to make sure it doesn't happen again. two senators elected in georgia
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last year. the georgians in the legislature went to work to make sure that doesn't happen again. we are now talking about laws in place since the election. jim crow did not come baucht reconstruction. crow came after reconstruction to make sure that it would not work effectively. i wish people would look at the history and react to that and not make up all of this stuff that they seem not to know much about. >> i want to ask your reaction to something. mitt romney talked about voting rights legislation. i want to play a little bit of what he had to say. >> the election reform bill that the president is pushing i never
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got a call on that. sure. we can work together on almost every issue where there's common ground. i would note on this that on the bill they put together that they want a real dramatic change and feel instead of elections run at the state level they should be managed and run at the federal level and recognize the founders didn't have that vision in mind. >> what is your response? >> you know, i never -- let's just say i beg to differ. look. read federalist papers 59. read what hamilton had to say about this. he didn't say federal elections up to every state and specifically said that they cannot be left up to every state and why states weren't allowed
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to have term limits. i watched him over the years and been disturbed. i snow his father. george romney had a much more compassionate view. >> if democrats are not able to pass voting rights by the mid ternls are you confident that the party mass enough to run on to stay in control or hinge on voting rights regardless of other successes out the republicans are changing things to alter how americans are able to vote? >> i used to teach history. i would say anything that happened before can happen
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again. i'm the ninth black to serve in the united states congress. 95 years before number eight and yours truly. why? the laws changed. constitution changed. the supreme court started making adverse decisions like this supreme court is beginning to do. so i would say that this is not just a problem from african americans. this is a problem for democracy in america. i would think that everybody needs to get on board with this. martin luther king jr. would have been 93 yesterday. we are pausing this weekend to celebrate the contributions and i would say to everybody reread his letter from the jail talking about this whole notion of people of ill will in our society making a better use of time than the people of goodwill and told us in his letter that
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we will be made to repent for the silence of good people. as we celebrate the birthday and day tomorrow, let's break our silence and stop sitting on the side waiting on the democrats to do it or president to do it. this is all of our jobs. preserving this democracy is worth everybody's effort. >> congressman clyburn of south carolina, thank you. >> thank you very much for having me. we are tracking that severe storm in the southeast it's making the way to the northeast. florida also feeling the big impacts of the warm side. multiple tornadoes there destroying at least 20 homes and buildings in the ft. myers area.
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i want to turn to michelle grossmann. what can we expect? >> we can expect more of the same minus the severe weather part. we could see strong storms across the carolinas. this is what we're looking at right now on radar. it is a big, powerful storm. blue is snow. pinks and purples is sleet and freezing rain and also some rain is falling. heavy at times in north carolina, eastern north carolina seeing that yellow and the red wo,ing in and where we could see the stronger storms in the coast with the warm, moist air. 82 million people impacted. from new england to the southeast where you see the pink. that's the winter storm warning and an advisory.
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we'll continue to be a big concern of ice in the next 12 hour just greenwood, union, south carolina where the bull's eye of the thickest ice will fall. we see the numbers ticking up and that threat tomorrow morning. you could see it's expansive. anywhere from a tenth of an inch to a quarter of an inch to bring down trees and power out and just a story to follow. snowfall forecast looking at up to 10 inches in the appalachians. boon down to asheville and then north into west virginia. new york, new england, up to 18 inches of snow along the great lakes but even pittsburgh six inches to a foot of snow.
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wind alerts too in the at least overnight. especially in new england along long island and the shores of connecticut. back to you. >> busy time for you in the meteorology office. we appreciate it. an update from texas after a standoff ended with the hostage take every's death. trump's return. his plans for 2024. s plans for 4 with rybelsus®. the majority of people taking rybelsus® lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than 7. rybelsus® isn't for people with type 1 diabetes. don't take rybelsus® if you or your family ever had medullary thyroid cancer or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2, or if allergic to it. stop rybelsus® and get medical help right away
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welcome back. want do get right to a breaking new development out of texas. the fbi identified the deceased suspect who held four people including a rabbi hostage in a synagogue happening yesterday in the day. president biden today calling that incident an act of terror after officials confirmed the man demanding the prison release of a woman convicted in 2010 of attempted murder of u.s. soldier just sam brock is on the ground for us in collierville, texas. tell us what else we know about the suspect here and who he might be associated with. >> reporter: good afternoon. any time a house of worship is attacked there's a sense of protection punctured and talking to people living here that's how
1:21 pm
they feel. you are absolutely correct. in the last couple of hours there's breaking news details. he is malik faisal akram. 44. he is from england and belonged to a local mosque there and communicating right now with federal officials the probe whether terror were motivations behind this and looking for more clarify on what drove the suspect and the fbi said he was focused on the release of the woman as mentioned, convicted in 2010 of trying to kill u.s. security personnel. she denied that. was that driving this individual. why when d he end up at a synagogue? what's the connective tissue.
1:22 pm
people have been coming out in solidarity including this mother. >> these people went to the synagogue just like we did. they want to pray in freedom, to worship freely as we're promised in this country and the wonderful country of america and to be -- have the lives threatened because they're jewish is infuriating to me. and especially with martin luther king day tomorrow it shows us little progress we have made. >> reporter: the president today denouncing anti-semitism in any form as federal officials say they're looking into what was behind this behavior and the anti-defamation league said last year 2,100 that they knew about
1:23 pm
the highest mark since 1979. back to you. >> sam brock for us today in texas, thank you. the trump effect. back on the road with a rally in arizona. how the former president factors into the mid toerms and beyond. the real reason we can't get americans to isolate to stop the spread of omicron. spread of omicron.gas, or abdominal discomfort? taking align can help. align contains a quality probiotic to naturally help soothe digestive upsets 24/7. try align, the pros in digestive health.
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1:28 pm
house. nbc's vaughn hillyard is in phoenix with more on the day. what more can you tell us ant the former president's comments yesterday? >> reporter: i think it is telling it's more than president trump's comments to talk about. this is a rally that extended orr five hours. it speaks to the cast members around him including 2022 candidates. the leading candidate for governor who he endorsed. the candidate for secretary of state who he endorsed on stage and would not have certified the 2020 election in arizona and the major senate candidates looking to run against mark kelly there. this is the donald trump political party. the focus of it on those
1:29 pm
falsehoods why the claims that he makes that he won the 2020 election which has been repeatedly rejected and basically not true but thousands were there and let you hear a conversation with an individual, a true believer. >> yeah. still a -- >> reporter: he won the 2020 election? >> yes. >> the fake news refused. they refused. they refused to talk about it. they continue to refuse to talk about it. >> reporter: are we a democracy? >> no. never been. >> reporter: what are we? do you think donald trump should be in office right now? >> absolutely. >> reporter: i think you heard part of the conversation there with that gentleman here and heard a little bit of the president there. this is a situation in which the president may be out of power himself but looking at a
1:30 pm
potential 2022 cast system and when you talk about voting rights, this particular weekend here and democrats it appears can't pass the federal protections in washington, d.c. i think the word of the president were telling urging republican state legislators to ban ballot drop boxes. he wants to return to a day of only paper, in-person ballot voting here and is antithesis of everything that democrats have been pushing for. >> thank you. let's dig deeper. want to bring in alina beverley of outreach for president obama's 2008 come pain. former white house aide and host
1:31 pm
of "our mayors" podcast. i want to speak about the choice of location to emphasize on looking back. the destination of the first rally in arizona isn't accidental. it is home to ground zero in the stop the steal movement's push to find evidence that the 2020 election was stolen. the crowd cheered as a republican state senator called for the results to be desert if ied. why is making arizona arizona ag point so significant do you think? >> arizona is significant for a must be of reasons. we know that biden narrowly won arizona. it has a growing majority minority population and to the extent that the republicans, the state led republican legislature can pass bills to suppress voting rights they will actually
1:32 pm
dampen voter turnout and so that arizona will be red. for donald trump in stop the steal he is trying to emphasize that he was the legitimate victor in our last election and trying to go state by state. arizona is the first by won't be the last why in some ways benefits the democrats because donald trump is endorsing rnl candidates for the midterm that supported his big lie and the idea that the election is stolen so in some ways trump being out there is very good for the democratic party going forward but as a democrat myself i have issues with how we work right now and we have a very -- going forward.
1:33 pm
>> i want to bring in sir my chael singleton. is trump's focus on 2020 a potential problem for republicans? >> plimpbs recognize that they have a unique opportunity to regain control of the house because history is on their side. it's typical for the party in the minority when the opposite party is in the majority in the white house that is to regain power in the house. the senate is another conversation. but i think from the perspective of the rnc they look at an opportunity to engage with many inspected voters but looking at president biden's polling numbers we know that he and democrats writ large have an issue and republicans looking at trying to see if they can regain and win over again some of those suburbanite voters they lost in 2020 with the distaste and dislike of president trump. i think president trump's strategy to endorse candidates
1:34 pm
that support his position with the 2020 election results does potentially cause harm for republicans. say there's a candidate in a tight district and president trump endorses a candidate more of his liking, likeness if you will versus a mainstream republican who may do well in a diverse area or an area where you need to have a larger percent of different types of voters to win. president trump more than likely to cause that individual to lose. looking at those close matches this could be problematic and i think overall republicans still have an advantage going into november. >> looking at the democratic side for the midterm elections and seems to be a perfect storm brewing for democrats. how does the party combat the issue with biden's stalled agenda, the poor poll nuks,
1:35 pm
widening concern of the economy at this point? what's the game plan that democrats can use to maintain some control? >> let's take the wide lebs in response to what dems can do. what dems needed to do is pass the voting rights reform and legislation to ensure the ways that voter suppression is enacted at the state level to roll that back and voters have access, that there's absentee balloting. that's the strategy. organizers on the ground had to do the work but democrats including the administration have to do better to shape the narrative and explaining the ways that biden made victories in the real world with the american rescue plan and ensuring that the $1.2 trillion
1:36 pm
infrastructure plan, to ensure that those victories are spoken to the people and people are understanding how it's going to affect or has affected their lives already. think about the stimulus check that is we got in -- after the passage of the american rescue plan and the extense of unemployment. there are stories that are democrats need to be clear about telling and while we are still shaping that narrative every day the organizers need to be on the ground ensuring the voters know how to access the ballot. >> is that the strategy, the reality that is going to be -- lead to success for democrats? >> aaron, if i'm honest, i understand what she is saying and somewhat agree but the problem for the administration and the president is that i don't really see one or two things that they can point to that are tangible, that people
1:37 pm
can say i feel this or easily understand how this changes my life for the better. it is difficult to do looking at inflation and everything is higher at the store and gas prices are constantly going up and down, up and down. it is difficult to do as a recent college graduate or been graduated for a couple years and democrats promised to do something to address student loans. as an african-american you haven't seen movement on the issue of voting rights. i don't see those tangible things to point to for the most significant constituents to say, look at what we have accomplished to make your lives better and need you to turn out in higher numbers in november and young voters will say i'll
1:38 pm
stay out of this. doesn't mean they will vote if the republican. you are going to have black voters saying we get the promises from democrats and they don't deliver. some point whether do we learn and say it is not that easy to expect the vote without bringing something tangible to the table? unless democrats and the biden administration can do that i don't think the things that they have been able to accomplish mean much because people looking at the significant things that make a difference in their lives they were promise ds and it's not delivered. >> to be continued. we appreciate you both. thank you. coming up, empty store shelves.
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try boost glucose control®. it's clinically shown to help manage blood sugar levels and contains high quality protein to help manage hunger and support muscle health. try boost® today. stores are feeling the supply chain woes. running low or missing every day items from meat to produce. the consumer brands association says about 15% of food items are out of stock. nbc's scott cohn joins us from california where he is tracking this story. bring us up to speed. >> reporter: aaron, it is a situation that's very spotty across the country. this store seems well stocked but that's not the case elsewhere. and really it's meaning in places that trip to the grocery store is a lot more complicated.
1:43 pm
>> it's ump. there's little food. the shelves are pretty bare. >> first time coming in here and not finding some things that i'm looking for. >> reporter: the immediate concern is of course the omicron surge which depleted the workforce why that's a big deal. also some severe weather but experts say there are longer term issues like worker shortages, shortage of truckers and many ways this could change the way we shop. >> the best advice is don't panic or hoard. that just exacerbates the problem. number two is this is going to be a reality for us. do we really need ten varieties
1:44 pm
of ketchup on the shelves? >> reporter: he also says get used to this because we could be dealing with short ands like these for potentially another year. aaron? >> all right. ave been warned. scott, thank you. turning now to this week's supreme court decision blocking president biden's vaccine or testing mandate for large employers and dealing a large blow to the administration's efforts to combat the omicron variant. some company owners saying the man dates worsen the shortage and others claiming the surge makes protecting workers a bigger prior to. american workers contracting covid and not able to isolate not because they don't want to but because they can't afford to. joining me is staff writer at
1:45 pm
"the atlantic:" coming to the supreme court rulings, how important were these vaccine mandates in protecting those folks? >> yeah. it's hugely important. there's so much data that shows that vaccinated people less likely to contract coronavirus, less likely to spread it and be hospitalized and the more you have a wompbs that's covered the share that workplace will be. >> i want to read from the piece about a fifth of all u.s. workers don't get paid sick leave and the lowest paid are least likely to have it. there's no pamtds for people in isolation and no one checking in with the sick. most governments don't do
1:46 pm
anything for people in isolation. there's no recourse available if they are forced to come to work when they're safe? >> one way to kind of -- one recourse they have is to file a complaint with osha and so there have been dozens of complaints saying my manager called a worker back in to the workplace before the isolation is completed. as we saw with this supreme court case, osha is -- its enforcement powers are weak. it is underfunded. during republican administrations like for 2020 enforcement shutts down and some plantds don't lead to anything and changes. so unfortunately that don't have
1:47 pm
a sick day and being called back into work or feel like they have to go back to work because they can't afford to stay home don't have a ton of options. >> congresswoman ocasio-cortez just recovered from covid. the idea of forcing people to work just five days after symptoms start is sociopathic. most workers don't have these five day that is aoc is referencing. they work sick or don't get paid. what needs to be dub done here? >> in 2020 congress did come out and pass emergency paid sick leave for people with covid and prevented 400 cases per state
1:48 pm
per day and since expired and so has another provision that gave tax credits to employers who provided sick leave so the sick leave expired and there was something in the build back better plan but basically what activists is calling for is a paid sick leave provision. so many people are just going into work when they have covid. >> all right. we appreciate your time today. thank you. >> thank you for having me. last night "saturday night live" the show's version of president biden had a simple explanation and solution on covid. >> america, there's a simple
1:49 pm
thing you can do to make this whole virus go away. stop seeing "spiderman." >> do you think that elsewhere in the multiverse there's a version of you that wants penal to see "spiderman"? >> finally, a good question. i've actually thought about this a lot. i consulted with dr. fauci and dr. strange. as far as i can tell there is at least three joe bidens. one is me, a joe biden that lost to trump and hosts a show. and there's a third joe biden who's the greatest president in history. i'm actually supported by my own party and understand "euphoria." >> you are saying that we have
1:50 pm
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unleash the freshness... ♪♪ still fresh compare hundreds of travel sites at once. ♪♪ fressshhhhhh in wash-scent booster ♪♪ downy unstopables so before we wrap our show today, we want to leave you with a pretty incredibly story of survival, sounds like something from a movie, featuring none other than man's best friend. >> reporter: if it happens in a
1:54 pm
movie, you wouldn't believe it. the story of russ a pitbull mix lost in california for months. >> it's a true story of "homeward bound". >> reporter: all began last summer near lake tahoe, somehow russ got spooked and took off. soon after, the ferocious fire swept through the region only to be followed by a snow storm months later. ricardo thought he would never see his beloved dog again. >> i was lurtded by people who called me who saw on facebook a backcountry skier had seen a dog curled up next to a tree. >> reporter: she sent two volunteers on snow shoes to brave freezing temperatures all to find russ. >> so even on snow shoes, you know, leona and i were in up to
1:55 pm
our thighs. >> reporter:? in the distance, spotted a black dot, and then muflt. >> the moment you saw russ lift his head, what goes through your mind? >> joy, absolute joy, i think most of us thought this would be a recovery not a rescue. >> reporter: with careful coaxing, the pair got russ into their arms and sled him to safety. >> we were going to get him no matter what. >> reporter: but who did he belong to? thanks to a micro chip, officers connected russ to ricardo several hundred miles away. >> i thought it was a work call, i answered it all intense, how can i help you, they're like we found your dog, in the middle of the snow. >> reporter: in utter disbelief until he saw himself, his dog miraculously survived. >> this guy's something else here, he's been through it all.
1:56 pm
>> reporter: enough to keep this group of volunteers going for a life time. >> to know russ is back with his owner, what does that mean to you? >> everything, absolutely everything. >> reporter: nbc news. >> and that wraps it up for us this hour, i'll see you tomorrow, 11:00 p.m. eastern on nbc news now. million dollars to charity. you can get a car from any company, but none will make a difference like subaru. (jeff) thank you. (bonnie) thank you. (robert) thank you. subaru. more than a car company. with voltaren arthritis pain gel. my husband's got his moves back. an alternative to pills, voltaren is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory gel for powerful arthritis pain relief.
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good evening, and welcome to "politics nation," tonight's lead, a struggle continues. and therein lies the point, because right now, as i have for the last few years, i struggle with dislocation and even i admit, disbelief, that our nation, that as the nation prepares to honor, possibly, its most transformative leader tomorrow, so many of the defining and uniquely american battles that marked and marred the life of reverend dr. luther king, either remain or have evolved into even greater social institutional and, now, national security threats. it also appears too many american


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