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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  January 12, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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large businesses that employees need to be vaccinated or tested regularly. the court's decision on that, whenever it happens, of course, could have its effect on millions of americans. that decision could come as soon as tomorrow. we don't know. but we will be watching closely. that does it for us for now. we'll see you again tomorrow night. now it's time for the last word with lawrence o'donnell. >> good evening rachel. tonight breaking news is not exactly shocking news. and that is of course the breaking news that kevin mccarthy is now refusing to cooperate with the house select committee investigating the attack on the capital. after just months ago saying, sure, all cooperate. >> he literally, in may, said sure. and just a couple of weeks ago in mid december, he told california news outlet that he had nothing to hide and that there was nothing he could hide from the committee and he's been very public. but now of course, he is not.
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the committee is going to have to decide if they're going to start stepping members of congress. >> yes, and that is the toughest decision of all. because there are precedents there that are difficult for them to have to consider. you know, in the past, the house ethics committee would handle investigations of members of congress. but the house ethics committee has recently become an ineffectual vehicle for any of this. and so they are really in the jam on how to handle this. >> yeah, and meanwhile sort of looming all over, this is to the extent that the committee has used the compulsory process. it has resulted in federal -- for defying them. and the justice department is still sitting on the reaction of whether or not they're going to bring in federal criminal prosecution against a former member of congress, mark meadows, for also defying their
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compulsory process. so they have to decide whether to use compulsory means against sitting members. but they are also still waiting to see whether compulsory can even be inactive, can even be effectuated against people like bannon and meadows we don't have that same special category of being serving members. >> rachel, can we rewind the tape, just to the spot where you were recording kevin mccarthy. using those famous words, i have nothing to hide. >> yeah. >> and what i wonder about is the choice of that sentence. i have nothing to hide. i have been trying to think of who is the last person, if ever, who used the sentence, i have nothing to hide. who actually had nothing to hide. i can't think of any. >> literally, unless you are a notice and the issue at hand is something about frisking, it's
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never a good idea. if you can't speak categorically on the matter then, you know. >> it has just become the guilty is sounding sentence that you can say. >> it's true. it's like proclaiming, i am modest by virtue of the fact that you said it, no. thank you lawrence. >> thank you rachel. k you well our first guest tonis jamie raskin, whose book is titled, unthinkable. it used to be an think-able. in the house of representatives, any member of the house, certainly any leader of the house of the minority party would say, shirt, sure, i would absolutely do x. and then, a few months later say, no i'm never going to do that. not going to do. it absolutely never. that is the kind of thing that actually used to be unthinkable. but is now, a minor development
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with no surprise value at all. and things have changed in ways that we lose track of because they've changed in so many ways. val demings, it's going to be joining us later in this hour. as is with his remarkable new piece, and this is an important to think shun. an important distinction with engaging in politics and engaging with political hobby-ism. you are going to want to hear what's he has to say about that. and our last guest tonight is steve schmidt, he will be given an open microphone to react to what's the news of the day is that we are getting here tonight. but also this drop, this measurable drop in support with donald trump among republican voters. all of those, coming up at the breaking news of the night. is that kevin mccarthy has proved himself a liar once
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again. after last year saying, he would testify to a committee investigating the attack on the capitol. tonight, house republican leader kevin mccarthy is refusing to testify to the committee. in a written statement tonight, kevin mccarthy said he is refusing to cooperate with the committee because the committee, quote, wants to interview me about public statements that have been shared with the world and private conversations not remotely relate-able to the violence that unfolded at the capitol. i have nothing else to add. politicians really give one word answers. because giving a simple yes or no answer to a question makes it much more difficult to change your answer to that question in the future. and so, it was surprising. on may 20th, when kevin mccarthy gave this one word answer. >> would you be willing to testify about your conversation
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with donald trump on january six if you are asked by an outside commission? >> sure, next question. >> sure, -- and today the january six committee investigating the january six, completely contradicted his one word answer and refused to testify to the committee in a written statement that is several dozen words and is filled with lies about the committee. the committee says they want to ask kevin mccarthy about his conversation with donald trump before during and after the attack on the capitol. you have acknowledged speaking directly with the former president while the violence was underway on january six. and you summarize your conclusions regarding president trump's conduct on january six in a speech. you made, january 13th on the house floor. >> the president bears
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responsibility for wednesday's attack on congress by mob. he should have immediately denounced the mob when he saw what was unfolding these facts require immediate action by president trump. except his share of responsibility and quell the brewing unrest and ensure president elect biden is able to successfully begin his term. >> the committee says they want to question his communications with donald trump, congressman jim jordan, and others about challenging electoral votes in the house of representatives. the committee's letter says that after the attack on the capitol, they have evidence indicating that kevin mccarthy discussed with president trump the potential that he would face a censure resolution, impeachment or removal under the 25th amendment. the committee noted that two weeks after kevin mccarthy said
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donald trump bears responsibility for the attack on the capitol, kevin mccarthy went to florida. he went to meet with donald trump. quote, the select committee does wish to discuss any communications you had with president trump at that time regarding your account of what actually happened on january six. your public statements regarding january six have changed markedly since you met with trump. at that meeting or at any other time, did president trump or his representatives discuss or suggest what you should say publicly during the impeachment trial, if called as a witness, or in any later investigation, about your conversation about him or on january six? here's what kevin mccarthy said on january six, in an interview with norah o'donnell, cbs news, while the capital was still being attacked. >> you said you spoke with the president, what did the president say he would do?
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>> i don't know. he had put a tweet out of. there i told him to talk to the nation. i told him what was happening right. then i was very clear with the president when i called him. i said to stop. and he said go to the american public and tell them to stop. this >> leader mccarthy, the president of the united states has a briefing room steps from the oval office. it is -- the cameras are hot 24/7, as you know. why hasn't he walked out and said that now? >> i conveyed to the president when i think is best to do. and i'm hopeful the president will do it. >> and have you spoken with his chief of staff? >> i've spoken to the president, i've spoken to other people in there and to the white house. that's all. >> leading off our discuss shen tonight's representative jamie raskin, he is a member of the house select committee investigating the january 6th attack on the capitol and served as the lead impeachment manager in the second impeachment trial of donald trump. he is the author of the new book, unthinkable trauma, truth,
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and the trials of american democracy. congressman jamie raskin, let me get your reaction to leader mccarthy refusing to submit to an interview with the committee. >> well good evening lawrence. you know, what comes to mind is that i am guessing, only, that he's hiding two things. one, he's hiding from the trump base which he has now tried to dive into. the fact that he did express outrage and some measure of independent critical thinking at that point. so he's trying to conceal the fact that he considered at least the violent insurrection part of the day's activity a major threat to human life and limb. and to our democracy. but he also maybe trying to hide the fact that he was implicated in the political coup in the mention of the day 's activity. he may have been totally with
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the program in terms of trying to get vice president, mike pence, to unilaterally reject electoral college votes invoking essentially lawless powers to do that. so we don't know, this is why we needed to come in. we have to give him complete accounting to the american people about what took place. >> by my count, in your letter, there is more than one suggestion of possible criminal behavior by kevin mccarthy. including, voluntarily in effect engaging in witness tampering. allowing donald trump to possibly tell him how he wanted kevin mccarthy to talk about the attack on the capitol before the impeachment trial that he conducted in the senate. in addition to that, what you were just suggesting, is that kevin mccarthy's participation
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in what could be a criminal conspiracy to violate election laws by blocking the electoral votes in the house representatives in legally and criminally conspiring to block that vote. and there seems to be other suggestions that the parts in there, the letter is talking about all the minor things that seem to lead up to these possible conspiratorial moments. >> yeah, i mean what's interesting to me, is that there were clearly people who were in on the john eastman memo, the green bay sweep, all of that stuff. the ones that thought that they could simply pull the rug out from beneath joe biden's majority in the electoral college by getting mike pence to assert these new powers. and then kicking the whole context into the house of
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representatives for contingent elections where we would vote by state rather than by member. but those people were shocked that perhaps other elements of the trump operation, which was always huge and sprawling and franchised out to different elements. some more violent, some less violent. but there may have been other people who were intent on simply stopping the vote count, shutting down the congress, stopping the steal by overthrowing the election. and so, i don't know exactly where kevin mccarthy was with respect to that. i mean, i have my suspicions that he was with the program when it came to trying to do an and run around joe biden's electoral college majority. and to snatch the election that way, pulling a rabbit out of the hut. but he was shocked when people
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were getting injured, killed, police officers getting speared by american flags, beat over the head with steel pipes and baseball bats and all that stuff. so you heard him in that little segment. you played a lot of republicans were outraged on that day. in other words, they reacted like human beings and not like the sick fence that they have become or how turn to be in the wake of january six. >> well, kevin mccarthy kept saying in the speech that he was not in favor of impeachment because of this, but he was in favor of censure. he was ready to censure the president of the united states, donald trump, which is something he wants all of his trump supporters to forget. your letter says that you wanted to talk to kevin mccarthy about discussions he had with donald trump about the potential, that donald trump
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would face a censure resolution impeachment or removal under the 25th amendment. kevin mccarthy discussed with donald trump the possibility of him being not just censured by the house, but removed under the 25th amendment? there were multiple indications that there were a lot of administration officials, and even cabinet officials, who were broaching the subject within the administration. remember, there was a pervasive sense around january 6th that this was the straw that broke the camel's back, something needed to be done. we were facing a clear and present danger, just by the continuation of trump for his final two weeks in office. so, everybody across the political spectrum was talking about these different possibilities of censure, impeachment, 24 of the men myth, something to try and harness the ferocity of donald trump's
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temper and outrage of being ousted by the american people. >> congressman, you're now bestselling book is untitled, think-able, it is a moving and beautiful account of personal -- in your life. the strain of your day to day job, but as i look at it tonight, i think of it as unthinkable, volume one. because, you every day, in this committee are discovering the new, previously unthinkable,'s of political conduct in washington. >> i think that's right. what we had was a coterie of officials who were enabling donald trump. that top echelon of the trump administration was in league with extreme right wing elements, -- the proud boys in the oath
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keepers, a three percenters, the area nations, the first amendment pretoria, the various militia groups, the qanon networks, the unification church. there were authoritarian, political and religious cults that assembled there, with the idea of smashing our windows, attacking the capitol, laying siege to the congress of the united states. leading this crowd that donald trump assembled and turning it into a mob, unleashing violence on our police officers, leaving them with traumatic brain injuries, post-traumatic stress this syndrome, broken legs arms ribs,. i still have constituents who are still in therapy and psychological therapy, because of what they did on that day, so this is an untenable situation that there would be this attack on american democracy, like this, an entire political party with the honorable exception of liz cheney and adam kinzinger, and a handful of others --
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would wrap itself around lies. they would continue to slavish lee bow down to a man who continues to tell lies, including on the anniversary of the attack. they're operating not like a modern political party, in a democratic constitutional order, they're positioned outside of the constitutional order. they're operating like a religious, political cult of personality. >> congressman jamie raskin, now bestselling author jamie raskin, whose new book is titled unthinkable. thank you very much for joining us. it's always an honor to have. you >> thank you so much for having me, lawrence. >> coming up, here's a live look at the house floor where lawmakers are preparing to vote to send the freedom to vote act to the senate. more on that coming up. next, ezra klein has written the new must read peace for anybody who is worried about the midterms, voting access and state of democracy, the
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messages stop worrying, and start working. mesereau klein will join us next.
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comcast business. powering possibilities. political scientists, eaton hirsch, calls political obvious? here is professor hirsch's description of political hobbyist. i refreshment her feet to keep up on the little political crisis, then toggle over facebook to re-clickbait you stories, then over to you to see a montage of jessica's from the latest congressional hearing. i then complained my family
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about all the things i don't like that i've seen. that is quoted in our next guests, ezra klein's article, about what real political engagement requires. it requires direct support of candidates through contributions or, knocking on doors. it requires voting and helping others vote. it requires running for office, understanding that no elected office is an important. ezra klein reports on ben wedeman or the chair of the wisconsin democratic party who, quote, spends his days obsessing over my role races in 20,000 person towns, because those mayors appoint the city clerk to decide whether to pull the drop boxes for mail-in ballots and small changes to electoral administrations could be the difference between winning senator ron johnson seat in 2022. and losing the race and the senate. wicker says, if you want to
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fight for the future of american democracy you shouldn't spend all day talking about the future of amar in democracy. these local races that determine the mechanics of american democracy. these races get zero national attention. they hardly get local attention. turnout is often lower than 20%. that means people who actually engage have a superpower. you, as a single dedicated volunteer, might be able to call a knock on the doors of enough voters to win a local election. amanda lippman the cofounder of run for something told is recline, democratic major donors like to fund the flashy things. presidential races, senate races, super pacs and tv ads. amy mcgrath can raise $90 million to run against mitch mcconnell in a doomed race, but the number of city council and school board candidates in kentucky who can raise what they need is. she trailed often frustration. gabriela kelly discovered that
10:25 pm
the county recorders office in arizona maintains, among other records, voter registration records. she eventually decided to run for that office herself. and she won. ezra klein reports, now she's the county recorder for a jurisdiction with nearly 1 million people, and more than 600,000 registered voters, in a swing state. she told ezra klein, one thing i was really struck by when i first started getting involved in politics is how much power there is in just showing up to things. if you want to get involved, there is always a way. joining us now, as recline. -- where he hosts the podcasts, as recline show. thank you very much for joining us, tonight. your article carries the provocative title, steve bannon is on to something. it was actually a friend of mine who's not a regular reader
10:26 pm
of yours, or regular reader of political material who said, i just read this thing about steve bannon, and i think it's right. i said, why? who wrote it? he said ezra klein, oh it's right, -- what is steve bannon right about? >> so, one of the things they use in their -- truthfully, because he's really doing, it but also as rhetorical advice, steve bannon on his podcast has been pushing trumpists to volunteer as local polling volunteers to run for local office, become precinct volunteers. one thing he understands, and has been arguing, because it's literally true, it's not a theory, elections are fundamentally -- i have a mandolin who you quoted so beautifully there, we don't have a national election 50 set elections, and other territories. in those places --
10:27 pm
county elections. that means that there are all these different counties, where different people are making different rules about how the election is actually run. so, one thing that i'm trying to push liberals towards -- i should say anybody who cares about democracy, i want to see the john doe's voting rights act passed, but i think the liberals are provinces into the idea that this is simply a national battle, and you either win or lose it, nationally. something biden is doing, because they lost power in 2020, -- they have to organize at a local state level, they don't have a choice. so they are. if they are doing that alone, then you have a lot of people in a position to mallet minister elections. so, liberals and people who care about democracy, who want to get, involved need to contest that local level, just as -- and even more vigorously.
10:28 pm
>> the national legislative body, the house of representatives, is shaped not, so much by national politics, or national political, trends as it is by the local drawing of the borders of congressional districts. >> yes, it's infuriating. as you say, it's completely true. one of the things that i am trying to get out in this piece -- you read this quote, it's sort of about this. the fight for democracy is not entirely going to be or feel like a fight for democracy. it is going to be winning a lot of elections that do not take place on the ground, of what you think of democracy, or where trump's big lies, it will be winning elections that are about flooding. i talk about lina hidalgo, the counting judge in texas, in harris county, texas. county judges there. you should understand that his
10:29 pm
county executives. after 2016, she got involved because she was appalled by trump, and wanted to make a difference somehow. she found his position that people don't pay much attention to. but that group of county judges there, they have a five billion dollar budget in texas, that includes election administration. when it came down to, it. and let people vote, from whatever polling place was convenient for them not just when they were assigned to at the -- end of day because of their job, or anything else. she ran on flooding. she ran on the point that harris kept getting flooded because of these huge climate change accelerated storms. so, to win these races from ron johnson in wisconsin, all the way down to these mayorships in county court rattles. you are often writing about roads, bridges, local administration, the budget. it's not always about being engaged in a fight for democracy, it's being engaged in the small work, the small
10:30 pm
work of democracy now, ezra,. we learn something about you in the confessional section of this article. you present, as the dispassionate social scientists, always calmly and analyzing these things, but i discover in here that you are capable of fury. and you talk about how you, in fact, get as angry as everyone else about the latest range of the day. you make the point that, fury is useful only as fuel. what did you mean? >> the quote, the secrets is i'm always angry. but in this case, the one i'm making, which relates to javier's mom. is that it's really easy to sit around. it's really easy and i have to decide, i'm not telling people to sit around and be. angry but you have to decide between whether or not you engage in politics in the strategic actions for power.
10:31 pm
and that is on some level, a mentioned to politics. you have to decide whether the emotional work you're putting into politics is simply because you enjoy following it, or you like to be informed. it's a fine thing to. do i appreciate you listening to my podcast. but, if you actually want to save democracy, if that is what you feel like you are doing, then simply reading twitter or reading meat or watching you, it has to get somewhere. right? it has to motivate you to take some action. and when i'm trying to say in this piece is that there are a lot of actions at the local level that will really underestimate me. just a huge mismatch between the amount of people that have effect. and in local politics. and by the way, not just in the fact that there is a local election administration. the process of all kind of things on the local level. it's important, you can make your life better. you can make the lives of your neighbor better. it's in much more informing way to be in politics. i always try to tell people, if their political diet and action should be taken by donations
10:32 pm
are 100, zero, or 90 to 10. they really need to be balanced. that you really want to be engaging in the local level where you can have influence. not only the level where you can have outrage and frustration. >> and as ever before, we now see republicans leveraging, of all, things local school board meetings into national political attention. it is a very, very important political level that we ignore so often. ezra klein, i should say the always angry, then reclined. thank you very much for joining us tonight and performing the non angry version so well. >> thank you, it's anesthetic. >> thank you ezra. and coming up, it's not just republican editors coming up. a new poll shows that a significant number of republican voters have decided in the last few months to, break up. breakup with their board donald trump. steve schmidt will join us.
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republican party said this about america's highest ranking republican elected official, senate minority leader, mitch mcconnell. >> mitch mcconnell is a loser. >> that was donald trump in a radio interview with stephen ski on npr this morning. it was as incoherent rambling and untrue as every trump interview. but it had the welcomed feature of dubinskiy repeatedly telling donald trump that his answer was not true. a new poll shows that only 33% of voters would like to see donald trump run for president again. support for donald trump again has dropped ten points among republican voters. donald trump called mitch mcconnell a loser in response to the whole question about why some senate republicans like ke rounds, do not support
10:38 pm
donald trump's lies about the 2020 presidential election. then, the host asked this question. >> is it a disadvantage for republicans to keep talking about the 2020 election in 2022? >> no i think it's an advantage. >> and with donald trump as the republican party strategist, they have lost control, of in this order, the house of representatives, the presidency and the united states senate. joining us now is steve schmidt, a former republican strategist and cofounder of the lincoln project. steve, thank you very much for joining us tonight. there is a movement that is becoming slightly more vocal, just at the edge in the united states senate. senators from the dakota, mitch mcconnell in this week are willing to say publicly, donald trump is wrong. they don't say is wrong. they just say, the election was fair. we try not to pin this on the
10:39 pm
president. but they say that the election was fair and joe biden actually really did win. it's almost as if they want to, by saying, that they want to keep donald trump talking about 2020. >> well, donald trump is an exhausting figure. and i think you see that playing out with some of the united states senators. number one, in some of the polls. but it doesn't change the fact that donald trump controls the republican party at a mechanical level. lock, stock and barrel. he controls the state party, he controls the national party. and if there was a nominating contests that started tomorrow, donald trump would be the front runner within that context. and he is the likely republican nominee. but everything that is happening in america is no longer about this past election. it is about the moment that the
10:40 pm
republican candidate, and it will be a republican candidate, regardless of the outcome, this person is likely to be trump or more likely to be trump than any other person is going to say, i have won the election that i just lost. and what would be different, next time than it was from last time that was described from congressman raskin is that with these years of preparation at the local level. and spreading the task. it's an autocratic conspiracy. those levers will be thrown next time by people who don't defend democracy. and we can have a real crisis. then when we look at the extremist groups and the intonations, the violence that are now a regular part of the american political discourse coming from the trump extremists right. we are in very dangerous territory. the next election, will not be
10:41 pm
like the last election. it will not be about donald trump. even if he is on the ballot. it is going to be about something much bigger. it is going to be about democracy. and everything that the congress has said. and everything that ezra klein said are things that everybody with the sound in their voice here's tonight that people will take heed of. because they couldn't be more correct. >> what is your reaction to donald trump as a political strategist from his republican party saying, he thinks it's an advantage for the candidates this year to be talking about the presidential election in 2020? >> well, i think when you look at the election this year, a couple of things. there is been three locations in the last hundred and 20 years with their incumbent president of the party has picked up seats in that first midterm. democrats have the added burden of being in a position where they will lose seats in
10:42 pm
totality from redistricting. so when you look at everything that's happened, the pro democracy side has not had a very good year. what trump is saying, has nothing to do with strategy. it's nihilistic. it's about hispanic tea, it's about his ego, it's about obedience. i think what trump in tuned is that he can force a context, a clash where he can scare enough people potentially. biden won by 44,000 votes across three states. you have this middle small swinging electorate that's looking at the democratic side. it's looking at the republican side. and on an election by election basis it is determining, well, i'm more freed of that group than i am of this group. and they're moving back and forth. and in the issue is that that
10:43 pm
small slice is going to determine whether we get to continue to live in a democracy. and what trump is saying is, look, people don't have to like me. in fact, they can think i'm a paid. what they have to believe is that i'm the only thing that protects them from this group of people over here who hate those people and look to me for protection. he is in the racquets business. and in election where you have an evenly divided country where the last two elections have been decided across a handful of states and attentive thousands of total votes, we are in a very, very precarious situation. and that is where we are with all of this tonight. so yeah, donald trump's tiresome. he's load some, he's boring. but in the end whether people want him to run has nothing to do with whether he will run. and if he does run, who is going to stop him in the nominating context?
10:44 pm
a, and then when you look into a general election, does donald trump have a path to win? and he sure does. against an incumbent president. and heading into his fourth year he'll be 82 years old. and we should be realistic about that. >> is it meaningful that donald trump's support for learning again has dropped ten points among republican voters? >> i think it shows fatigue. i think it's a wish. it's a hoax. but i think if he runs that hope doesn't necessarily translate to a diminishment of support or chances of him winning a nomination. who is the person in five years time, in the whole constellation of people who will run for president that will stand up and confront donald trump. who's gonna be? will it be greg abbott, will it be ron desantis, marco rubio, ted cruz.
10:45 pm
donald trump's the boss until he is not. there is a competitive court below him that hates each other, that is constantly scheming, that has one eye on trump's help, on his fitness. wondering what he is going to do. so there will be a lot of people quickly out of the gates. but nothing will happen until trump makes his decision. he's got the party as a hostage. their willful, in the sense that most of them are hostages anymore, they're accomplices. but in totality, it's would hold the whole country hostage as we wait to see what donald trump does heading into 2024. but as you look right now, democrat have a lot of work to do and have to change the terrain of fighting on immediately to be in a position to prevail in these 2022 midterms, excuse me, trajectory that they are on the lane that they are in, is headed towards defeat. and to see a republican speaker
10:46 pm
in the constitutional line of succession which will set off two years of chaos, nihilism and sabotage of the public interest in the biden steve presidency. schmidt, thank you very much for joining us. always appreciate it. >> good to be with you. >> coming up, the showdown on voting rights could come, probably will come, in the senate tomorrow, and joe manchin, now, sounds like he is undecided. that's next. it yeah
10:47 pm
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10:51 pm
use this new legislative vehicle from the house, in a special way, that will allow the senate to begin the debate on voting rights, without having to reach a 60 vote threshold, just to begin that debate. earlier today, chuck schumer said this, >> we're having a lot of serious, long, and intense meetings with senators manchin and sinema. we are trying to come to -- want to dilute anybody intodn thinking this is easy. but, we are trying to come to a place where 50 senators can support the two bills, the freedom to vote act and the john lewis act. and, with a change in the rules -- >> senate majority leader, chuck schumer, could begin the voting rights debate on the senate floor, as early as tomorrow. looks like that will happen, because he will take up the message that the house will
10:52 pm
send to the senate, tomorrow. it's called a message, in this situation. senator schumer plans to employ a rarely used senate maneuver, that will allow debate to begin on that message from the house, without having to clear a 60 vote threshold, just a permit the debate. it is the same procedure that senator schumer used to speed a debt ceiling increase through the senate, in december. now that, senator schumer has publicly named the problem that the democrats are facing in the senate, when he has repeatedly named senators manchin and sinema, as the two who must be convinced to change the senate rule. senator manchin and sinema do seem to be responding to that public pressure. last night senator sinema met for two and a half hours with a group of democratic senators, who urged her to support a change in senate rules that will allow the voting rights legislation to be passed, with a simple majority vote of the
10:53 pm
senate, instead of having to clear a 60 vote procedural threshold. this morning, senator schumer, and nine democratic senators, met with senator joe manchin for an hour. urging him to support that rules change. after that meeting, joe manchin appeared to be undecided about supporting a rules change. >> what did you make of the president's speech last night? >> was a good speech. he had a good speech. >> does it change your opinion at all on the senate rules changes? >> everyone's talking. >> he said when it comes to majority rule in a country, the majority should rule in the senate, do you believe? that >> thank you. >> he understands the senate works. >> i know we are thinking, but that is not the same old, same old from joe manchin. joe manchin knows that the president of the united states, and chuck schumer, and everyone in the senate, are now hanging on every single word he says,
10:54 pm
and every word that he does not say. and, the most important were that joe manchin did not say is, no. when garrett hank asked him if joe biden speech change his opinion on the senate rules change, joe manchin could've easily said, no. it didn't change my mind. that would have been very bad news for the president and the democrats, but joe manchin also could've used it, change my opinion and announce supported rules change, and that would've been great news for the democrats. but, when you're watching senators in these situations, you watch will words they choose to say. and what joe manchin chose to say was, nothing. nothing. the way he said it, was to simply say, we're still talking. everyone is talking. the way everyone in the senate reads that kind of response means that it is still possible, just possible, to get joe
10:55 pm
manchin's vote. nbc news is reporting, and president biden will do something that most presidents don't do, he will attend tomorrow senate democratic caucus lunch, to press the case in person, with all of the democratic senators for changing the senate rules, to pass voting rights. joe biden has attended literally thousands of those senate luncheons as a senator, no one knows how to work that room better than joe biden. tomorrow senate lunch meeting is the most important one of joe biden's 45 year career in washington. tonight's last word is next.
10:56 pm
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how not to be a hero: because that's the last thing they need you to be. you don't have to save the day. you just have to navigate the world so that a foster child isn't doing it solo. you just have to stand up for a kid who isn't fluent in bureaucracy, or maybe not in their own emotions.
10:59 pm
so show up, however you can, time for tonight's last word. for the foster kids who need it most— at >> the president bears responsibility for wednesday's attack on congress by mob rioters. >> there is no question, your
11:00 pm
honor, that president trump is practically and morally responsible for provoking the events of that day. >> republican leaders of the house and senate get tonight's last words. the 11th hour starts right now. do good evening, i am stephanie ruhle, day 358 of the biden administration. the day the lawmakers investigating the capitol riots set their sights on what may be their most significant target yet. late today, the january six committee at the top house republican and close trump ally, kevin mccarthy, for a voluntary interview. the house committee six-page letter to mccarthy asked for details about his communications with trump during and after the right. the lawmakers also want to know about mccarthy's contact with white ho


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