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tv   The 11th Hour  MSNBC  January 12, 2022 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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attack on congress by mob rioters. >> there's no question, none, that president trump is practically and morally responsible for provoking the events of the day. republican leaders of the house and senate get tonight's last words. "11th hour" starts now. good evening, i'm stephanie ruhle. day 358 of the biden administration, the day the lawmakers investigating the capitol riot set their sights on what may their most significant target yet. late today the january 6th committee asked the top house republican and close trump ally, kevin mccarthy, for a voluntary interview. the house committee's six-page letter to mccarthy asks for details about his communications with trump during and after the
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riot. the lawmakers also want to know about mccarthy's contact with white house chief of staff mark meadows in the days that led up to january 6th. he's made significant public statements about what occurred on january 6th and we'd to hear from him. >> he gave a statement on the floor about president trump bearing some responsibility for what occurred. >> if he doesn't cooperate with the voluntary request, would you subpoena him? >> well, let me say we'll consider it. well, tonight mccarthy issued his own statement saying he will not comply with the committee. quote, i have concluded not to participate with the select committee's abuse of power that stains this institution today and will harm it going forward." but here's the thing, this past may mccarthy was singing a very different tune. >> would you be willing to
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testify about your conversation with donald trump on january 6th if you were asked by an outside commission? >> sure. >> next question. >> you didn't hear that? he said "sure." and here's some of that floor speech chairman thompson referred to that was made one week after the insurrection. >> the president bears responsibility for wednesday's attack on congress by mob rioters. he should have immediately denounced the mob when he saw what was unfolding. these facts require immediate action by president trump. accept his share of responsibility. quell the brewing unrest and ensure president-elect biden is able to successfully begin his term. what we saw last week was not the american way. neither is the continued rhetoric that joe biden is not that legitimate president. let's be clear. joe biden will be sworn in as president of the united states
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in one week because he won the election. >> yes, that was clear, but then things changed for kevin mccarthy. just weeks after the attack, weeks after that floor speech, he headed down to mar-a-lago for what sure looked like a friendly, cozy meeting with trump. here's what one january 6th committee member said tonight about mccarthy's refusal to cooperate. >> he's hiding from the trump base. he also may be trying to hide the fact that he was implicated in the political coup dimension of the day's activities. that is, he may have been totally with the program in terms of trying to get vice president mike pence to unilaterally reject electoral college votes. >> mccarthy now the third republican congressman to be asked and to refuse to cooperate with the committee, along with ohio's jim jordan and scott perry of pennsylvania. today the committee did meet virtually with former trump
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white house official kaley mack nany. she was originally scheduled to give her deposition back on december 3rd. while she did participate, there is no word on what she actually said. meanwhile, the current president is continuing his fight for right to vote. tomorrow president biden heading to capitol hill to meet with senate democrats. they made it clear all of them need to back the white house when it comes to voting rights legislation. >> i will not absolve the 50 republicans from the responsibility from the tenets of free and fair elections and access to the ballot for all eligible voters. >> what about senator manchin? >> i don't think anybody should be absolved from the responsibility of preserving and protecting our democracy, especially when they took an oath to protect and defend our
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constitution. but this afternoon the senate's gop leader escalated the battle over voting rights in his own scorching floor speech which attacked joe biden and the possibility of any filibuster reform. >> 12 months ago this president said disagreement must not lead to disunion. ah, but yesterday he invoked the bloody disunion of the civil war -- the civil war, to demonize americans who disagree with him. he compared, listen to this, a bipartisan majority of senators to literal traitors. how profoundly, profoundly unpresidential. the president's rant, rant yesterday was incoherent, incorrect and beneath his office.
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you could not invent a better advertisement for the legislative filibuster than a president abandoning rational persuasion for pure demagoguery. 52 senators and millions of americans are racist unless he gets whatever he wants is proving exactly why the framers built the senate to check his power. >> well, chuck schumer, the democratic leader, he's not listening to that and hopes to jump start the process by bringing the stalled voting bills to the floor and force a confrontation over the senate's rules by this monday. this bitter deer bait over voting rights reform is just one of the many challenges facing this white house. the administration trying to help schools stay open during the omicron surge by now promising 10 million free covid tests every month. officials are looking at a new
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program to offer high-quality masks to everyone in the united states. then there's the country's still soaring inflation problem. prices rose at the fastest pace in four decades, up 7% from the same period a year ago. >> i think we've seen a number of unanticipated outcomes, but when it comes to prices, what we have said consistently and focused consistently is that this is a global phenomenon, it is connected to the pandemic and the issues that that has raised. certainly the supply chain challenges that have evolved over the course of time through the delta variant and over the course of the fall have been issues that we've had to go and tackle head on. but i think that the nomenclature aside, we find ourselves in the position now where we are looking forward and most forecasters are projecting that the price increases will
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moderate. >> as the white house juggles all of these issues, there were some more troubling numbers out. the latest quinnipiac poll today puts joe biden's approval at just 33%. that is a new low for his presidency. with that let's bring in our leadoff guess on this wednesday night, jackie almany, and peter bake are joins us, chief correspondent from "the new york times." i want to share what kevin mccarthy told fox news on january 6th, as the riot was happening on capitol hill. >> this is so unamerican. i condemn any of this violence happening at the capitol right now. i already talked to the president. i called him. i think we need to make a statement, make sure that we can
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calm individuals down. >> so what's the goal? make him testify, play that tape, show the audience what he said at that time and compare that to his absolute silence now? >> yes, stephanie, kevin mccarthy has certainly had an evolution since january 6th and it's happened to be a very public one that's played out before the cameras, but i think lawmakers on the committee investigating the january 6th insurrection are currently and still debating how they're going to proceed in getting some potentially keep people to testify before they pivot to the public phase. it's not just kevin mccarthy they need to get to compel, to comply with the investigation in some way. it's also congressman jordan and scott perry as well. these three lawmakers are currently again under discussion with the committee and how if
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they do ultimately subpoenaing them, how they will ultimately actually enforce that subpoena, which is unchartered territory and lawmakers are being cautious and careful so as not to unnecessarily start a fight in order to get this information that they do really need and that's what they'll say privately if they do want to get a full comprehensive picture of the former president's mindset in the days leading up to on january 6th and after january 6th. these are three guys who were in close touch with the white house, conduits, back and forth down pennsylvania avenue as lawmakers as jamie raskin referred to it as trying to come up with ways to overturn the results of the 2020 election. >> joyce, hillary clinton testified about benghazi for 11 hours voluntarily and all these
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big tough guys are hiding under their desk. we don't know what they're hiding but what can the committee do to pull these guys out from under their desks and get some answers? >> it's uncharted territory. they options. they could take the path they took with bannon and mark meadows, but it's possible that d.o.j. could decline to get involved in a dispute between members of congress. so ultimately the committee may have to consider whether their internal mechanism, their ethics mechanism for dealing with members of congress is something that could be used in this sort of a setting. that's i think why we heard bennie thompson, who has been very firm in talking about enforcement of subpoenas in other areas really step back from saying he would obtain a subpoena here. there's an additional criminal question lurking here,
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stephanie, maybe more than one. we see this evolution that mccarthy undergoes and it's clear he says one thing before he meets with trump and another thing after he meets with trump at mar-a-lago. i want to lock into whether mccarthy is a co-conspirator or whether he wants to position himself as a victim and a witness. i think there's a lot more to come here. >> peter, this white house is trying to help democrats hold on to the majority in the house. this committee is largely democrats with a couple of pretty unpopular republicans. if democrats lose the house, what's it going to be like for the biden administration to work with congress? >> well, that will be the end of his legislative agenda for this
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term of his presidency. if he runs for another term and they can take back the house, that will be one thing. there won't be any major legislation if president biden loses the house in the fall. nothing that -- unless there's some sort of unforeseen emergency that brings the parties together as covid did for a short time. it hard to see any agenda going through. everything is on the line here. that's why this mid term is so important. here we are in the beginning of this election year with the president and, as you pointed out with that poll, it may be an outlier, but it's a pretty big red flag for this white house. you've got a weak president who is not helping his party a the a time when they need his help desperately. they only have a 50/50 split in the senate, one seat they lose in the fall, they're done, mitch mcconnell is majority leader again, they lose the house and they're in the minority around the mccarthy has already made
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clear he'll take retribution if he becomes speaker. he said he's got to kick off democratic congressmen like adam schiff and others who inc.erred him off of key committees. this is a really toxic moment on the hill where members are going after each other, the parties are in full-throated combat with each other and where we head will be determined by the election in the fall. >> okay, then but peter, shouldn't the president's message be to democratic members of congress in help me help you. they need his help in holding on to power and he needs their help in getting any more of their legislative agenda done. >> you can argue they haven't helped him by blocking his build back better social program. that has been the singular failure of this administration -- >> and voting rights. >> the thing he counted on the most, had everything packed into one program, a whole new deal, a whole great society in one piece of legislation. and the fact that it seems to be stuck, if not completely dead is
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a major failure on the parts of the democrats to deliver what they promised to do last year. if they don't figure out a way out of that the next few weeks or months, they're not going to have a chance. later in the year we get, the harder that becomes. >> i want to share what schiff said tonight. mccarthy is a very weak leader. he really is dependent on the qanon conference or base within his conference. and he, you know, as he demonstrated with that capitulation to trump after the insurrection, will do whatever he thinks will advance his ambition. that's what we're delling with and i think we recognize it and we're we're just going to have to figure out the best way of securing his cooperation and
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barring that whether there's an adequate plan b. >> what is mccarthy's standing among republicans, with trump when he's going through the political calculations for himself. how does that all add up? >> i think from a reporting perspective, if we take a step back here, it's hard not to look at his trajectory over last year and the sort of, you know, shifting and changing public statements that he's made and look at some of his actions and feel like he's done what's most politically expeditious for him to stay in power and manage what has become, quite frankly, an unruly house conference for him. he has called it, deemed it and labeled it as he just has a big tent party and he's trying to keep all of his members happy. and i think to some extent, you know, he is getting some praise from people within his party. but people who are a little bit
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more moderate and people who are all the way on the right, the more extremist maga, neither of those camps are particularly thrilled with him. i think that's why we've seen him, again, act in certain ways that have been sort of mushy when it comes to actually, you know, calling things like they are. but i do think that he is looking towards november mid terms, that all signs are pointing towards republicans in the house taking back the majority and he's doing everything he can to protect a future speakership and maintain that power. >> despite what mccarthy said months ago, it really no surprise he's not playing along now the committee's request is
8:18 pm
really detailed, stephanie and it provide a lot 6 background a to why he needs to listen. one of the most interesting pieces in the letter that they sent m is this request to talk with him about his conversation chief of staff mark med they're trying to understand what the former president was doing in the run-up and what the plan was nor january 6th. it's fair plan now and legitimate now that we're seeing in at least 11 plates db it would be legitimate for the committee to talk to mccarthy about that, whether he was aware of that and whether there was a white house at the and whether
8:19 pm
that would cause a conspiracy. it vofls at a minimum selecting these false statements to the government. there could be a lot of implil cases of they've got some areas that are wins. we have a winning economy. we are clearly in recovery. unemployment is low. all of these people quitting jobs mean they can go out and get better ones, but then we got inflation numbers today. price are if they don't feel good about money despite a good economy, how does boley the markets set more records in biden's first year than it did in trump's first year.
8:20 pm
growth is booming here come paurt. hits a lot of people right in the pocketbook. they're going to the store and they're seeing supply chain issues. the president of the united states, whether it's his fault or not, he's going to be held responsible for if and when the omz win begins to test and succeed. you can see the scenario where things get better by string and looking up for democrats. right now the public is feeling quite down about things. they're very frustrated and
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taking it outin the prm the top senate republican is not budging, no surprise. so can democrats. >> "the 11 hours" is just getting under way on this wednesday night. just getting under way on this wednesday night.
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>> they told me voting rights is a cost for mcconnell, that they cannot cross that line. >> eugene robinson, pulitzer prize winner for "the washington post." and of course the co-host of the "hacks on tap" pod thereto cast. joe biden i don't know delivered two they powerful speeches in the last what do you think about this? >> oh, i liked it. and i talk about this all the time, biden needed offense. the narrative of last year was the left ring of the democratic party, you know, slapping the president around, log jam, internal fighting. he's finally framed it up for the election year and he's gone after the orange menace in the
8:26 pm
room, so to speak, by going after the president. it's not the only thing he can do but in an election year you shift that you think will have a good outcome on election day. i'd rathering feisty joe. >> chuck humor wants to bring this to a vote. is he blufing? it 2 to me fair is fair. what am i missing? >> fair is fair but we're talking about the senate. >> ah, yes. >> i mean, you heard mitch mcconnell going on and on today about how democrats were smashing the senate and i -- i
8:27 pm
laughed. he should be a standup comic. this is the die who and then rushing through the barrett not nak. but leaving that aside for a second, i haven't particularly it makes me think they've changed their minds. however, there is this new idea that democrats have. they have a way of getting the bills debated in the senate and it evolves a short of switch back, pass around through the house again and then it comes in and then they have to debate it. it still faces a filibuster at the end of that redale. and and, again, maybe at that
8:28 pm
point there will be a change of heart but there's no reason to -- particular reason to think there will be at this point. michael, does biden's vocal support for changes in the phil buster mean anything? o'bam a now saying he supports it. >> you know, i think it means something again in the rhetorical fight of the election year, but the democrats keep making, in my view, two mistakes strategically. one, they pick big votes they don't have the majority to win. they have a partisan party. when they do go to something, they go too big, which pushes their conservative. >> you know, i thought manchin was on a good track with his compromise on voting rights. this one is really large. i think there's some plays in
8:29 pm
because there is new so we got to federalize some things to guarantee elections. we also have to pastor the college in, they be can exploited by add actors. so they go too big on having theish ou to take to people to issue to take to people. >> mike murphy said get it done. when we come back, making his
8:30 pm
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ci had no idea how muchw i wamy case was worth. c call the barnes firm to find out what your case could be worth. we will help get you the best result possible. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ this election was a rigged election. >> why is it that you think that the vast majority of your allies in the united states senate are not standing behind you? we did have that statement by mike rounds. >> because mitch mcconnell is a
8:34 pm
loser. if he were on the other side and if schumer were in his position, he would have been fighting this like you've never seen before. when you look at it and this is a long way from over. >> that was donald trump. 300 days until the mid-term election and the defacto leader of the republican party picking public fights with its elected members. trump calling mcconnell a loser. shortly after that exchange, trump abruptly ended the call, hung up nine minutes into the interview that had been scheduled for 15. still with us to discuss, eugene robinson and mike murphy. before trump dumped the call, he was again relitigating the 2020 election. listen. >> how come biden couldn't direct 20 people for a -- how come when he went to speak in different locations nobody came to watch but all of a sudden he got 80 million votes. nobody believes that.
8:35 pm
>> if you forgive me, maybe ball game the election was about you. >> ooh. to steve's point at the end, 2020 was absolutely a referendum on trump and voters rejected him. if he insists on making 2022 about him and his grievances, won't that hurt republicans? the big winning moment for republicans was glen youngkin in virginia and he didn't go anywhere near trump. >> yeah, donald trump makes 2022 about him, that is a net positive for democrats. democrats won their majority in the senate because donald trump gave them two senate seats in georgia that they frankly were not anticipating winning they certainly weren't in the bag, but donald trump gave it to them. he's already said that democrat stacey abrams would be a better governor of georgia than the
8:36 pm
incumbent republican brian kemp. so if that's the way he's going to intervene in these elections, then i think all bets are off. and all these predictions about how democrats are going to get crushed because it always happens, yeah, but that was pretrump. let's -- all bets are off. all bets are off. >> michael, earlier today i spoke with a republican that trump hates even more than he dislikes mcconnell. congressman adam kinzinger, who is on the january 6th committee. i asked him about his own place within the party. watch this. >> i'm going to maintain my republican identity. i'm a republican. i've been one since i was 6 and i'm going to fight for the soul of the party burr i'm not going to sit here and pretend like it certainly feels like a member of a republican family. there's a lot of people that are silent that i think agree with me. we just need people to speak out. silence is complicit and will allow the conspiracy to infect
8:37 pm
this party in a way way worse than we've seen seen now, which is frightening. >> to me the news is he was a member of the republicans party at age 6. i really wish here knew more about baseball as a child. but he's retiring after this term. can you believe that, 6 years old, a republican. he's retiring after this term. do you think there are going to be political repercussions for the complicity he's talking about? all those people just going along with trump's big lie? >> first of all, i waited until i was 10. i wanted to get behind nixon. look, he's a hero. he's a friend of mine. but he and liz cheney are heros for the courage they have. it's not like we're asking these guys to land on enzio beach. we're asking them to look at the oath they took and defend the constitution. apparently the bet they're making being cynical and afraid is that in the short term in their primaries, if they're not with trump, they're going to
8:38 pm
lose and there's plenty of evidence that's true. so they'd rather look the other way, at least half of them, and keep getting the cheap haircuts from the house barber shop. it's really grim. in the long term i think and hope, because i'm in the small war boat with him, that adam kinzinger and others in the party are right. he is right because i hear it all the time from people i've worked for as a political consultant over the years tell me, god, you're right, i wish i could speak like you but i get murdered at home in my primaries. we'll see. in the short term it's rough on those folks. trump does have a grip on about 60, 65% depending where you are on the primary vote. so he's got that kind of leverage and that will lead people to do either cowardly or politically stupid things and that's what we're seeing right now with the bigger problem being they forget their duty to
8:39 pm
uphold the rule of law, which you'd think would be the first thing members of congress think about every day. >> you'd think. eugene, do you think all this infighting in the party will impact the mid terms and beyond? >> i do think it's going to impact the mid terms. i don't know what's going to happen to the republican party to tell you the truth. i really don't. i once knew what the republican party was, what it stood for. in fact, it fought was last 2020 election without a platform, without a statement of what it believes and what it wants to do, except, gee, we follow trump. that's what the party is about right now. and good luck with that. i mean, good luck with that because what direction is donald trump going to take you in? i don't think it's a good one. >> we'll soon find out. eugene robinson, mike murphy, 10 years old joining the republican party. again, learn about baseball, kid. coming up, after days of
8:40 pm
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9% of hospital icu beds are available in illinois right now. and that's an icu bed for anything, covid or non-covid. every hospital bed occupied by someone with covid who was no vaccinated potentially could have averted that hospitalization. more than 7,100 people are in the hospitals across illinois with covid-19. and the vast, vast majority, 80%, are unvaccinated. >> unvaccinated. what the illinois public health director describes is happening around the country while a new study finds omicron causes fewer
8:44 pm
hospitalizations, the u.s. health care infrastructure is struggling. in california, asymptomatic covid medical workers are being told to return to work immediately and some health workers, including our next guest, are dealing with the emotional toll of the virus hitting their own homes. dr. bob wakter, one of the bay area's leading experts on covid-19. bob, your fully vaccinated son contracted covid. walk us through what that experience was for you and the lessons you learned. you're the expert yet it was a crisis. >> yeah. thanks, stephanie. it was -- it was ordinary in that the experience he has had is the experience that tens of millions of people are having, but i've been studying and tweeting about this for now two years and having it hit a family member as it's his so many was
8:45 pm
very different. first of all, i got to experience the uncertainty of decision making. you do a test the first day, it's negative. does he have it, does he not have it? trying to find a test. i went to three, four different pharmacies to find a test, couldn't find one. should he take medications? i studied this. well, i'm not sure. and then the emotion kicks in and come peelts against the data so one morning the day after he got sick, i called him up, didn't answer. called him again, he didn't answer. i went to his apartment to make sure he was breathing. when it your family, it's emotional and the uncertainty is really staggering. >> overwhelming by uncertainty and emotion. amazing, you study this. think about what it like for the rest of us. i want to share a tweet you posted that raises a really important point about the virus, "a, everybody will be exposed to
8:46 pm
omicron. b, everyone will get omicron. they are different. a promotes appropriate caution till the surge ends, boost, n59, outdoor more than indoor, b promotes counter productive behavior as hospitals are overwhelmed. biggest difference? a is true. b is not. do the american people get that difference? >> i'm not sure in some of the messages that have been coming out of the federal government the last few days are think are muddying it a little bit. it is raining omicron. this virus is so incredibly transmissible that it is literally everywhere and unless you are hiding under your kitchen table, you will be exposed to it. in san francisco, our estimate is one in ten have it. i've had my three shots. i'm going to do my darnedest not
8:47 pm
to get it, in part because it's highly likely that the surge will last a month or so and then come back down. it happened in south africa, it happened in london, it's beginning to peak in new york, washington and boston. so it's not a matter of being careful forever. i think we're going to find ourselves in a very good place in february but for the next few weeks, yes, there's a ton of virus around, you'll be exposed to it. but if you're wearing an n95 and being careful, i don't think it's inevitable you'll get it and i think some of the messages that have come out are causing people to say why even try to prevent it anymore. i think that's the wrong message. it is not inevitable that you will get it. >> when you say you think we'll be in a very good place in february, will that be february and going forward or february until the next variant hits? >> either a or b on that one. i think, you know, i'm quite confident that february, march,
8:48 pm
april will be good, that this peak -- we'll hit a peak in the next week or two and we'll come back down and probably by mid february the number of cases around in cities and other areas in the united states will be quite low. and we'll be left in a good place. almost everyone will have some level of immunity for those of us who have gotten our shots. some will breakthrough infections on top of that and the unvaccinated will get their immunity the hard way. almost certain they will get omicron if they're not being super careful. i think we'll find ourselves with a milder virus, and in pretty good shape. how long that lasts is partly around will there be a new variant better at its job that omicron? i doubt it but i doubted omicron would happen. we have to wait and see. the other question is for the unvaccinated people who got
8:49 pm
immunity from an infection and how robust is it? i'm guessing it will last foreseveral months but won't last for several years. it's possibly we'll be in good shape but vulnerable again next fall or next winter. >> how is your son? >> thank you for asking. he's fine. he still has a little sore throw and cough and is still testing positive on day seven. the cdc said on day five it was okay for him to go out and back to work. today is day five and so he's still waiting in isolation until that test turns negative. >> all right. dr. bob, thank you for joining us. you definitely made us smarter and safer tonight. dr. robert wakter, i appreciate it. >> coming up, saying sorry might not be enough for the british
8:50 pm
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i know that millions of people across this country have made extraordinary sacrifices over the last 18 months. i know the rage they feel with me and with the government i lead when they think that in downing street itself the rules are not being properly followed. to them and to this house i offer my heartfelt apologies. prime minister boris johnson today apologizing for attending a byob garden party while the u.k. was under a pandemic lockdown. members of his own party now want him out over it. the event is one of several government gatherings now under internal investigation. nbc news correspondent matt bradley with what's next for the prime minister. >> reporter: stephanie, we got
8:54 pm
to hear from a somewhat shaken, somewhat humbled looking boris johnson today in front of the parent, that building behind me. the prime minister was probably a bit confused as to why this particular incident has attracted so much outrage, not just from the opposition labor party but also from his own tory party. this isn't just the first scandal that boris johnson has been through. this is like the third or the fourth party that boris johnson has been accused of attending or organizing as the rest of the country was locked down. and the media and even members of parliament were talking all day about those who lost loved ones, who died alone, who weren't able to attend their funerals, weren't able to attend holidays and births while those at number 10 downing street partied away. this has caused quite a bit of outrage. i asked a political analyst here why this moment is so critical,
8:55 pm
so make or break for boris johnson. here's what he had to say. >> is the prime minister now in the greatest political jeopardy since he became prime minister? >> i think so, yes, quite clear. i said a couple of moments ago, he has enemies, that is for sure. he's lost close personal advisers. >> reporter: and those enemies that professor mccabe is talking about, they're not just the opposition labor party. they're from within boris johnson's own tory or conservative party, rumblings of a mute any. he doesn't neat to, impeached, doesn't need to be a trial. they can simply withdraw their sport rye now from within his own party, a certain number, more than 50 of them would need to send a letter requesting this so put it on the table and after that they would have a new prime
8:56 pm
minister. so the british prime minister needs to constantly watch his flank and that's why boris johnson is in such a critical position right now. members of his own party want to see him go and they're going to be joined by many, many members of the british public. about two thirds, about 66% of britons want to see prime minister boris johnson's back. stephanie? >> wow. what i would like to be investigated, who decided to have a byob garden party? you're in luck. "11th hour" is not over. we've got more. h hour" is not o. we've got more
8:57 pm
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♪ ♪ that's our broadcast for this wednesday night with our thanks for being with you know, it is not the kind of problem that should come up all that often in politics. i mean, it happens from time to time but, really, it seems like the kind of thing that could maybe arise if you had a long career. it might arise once during your career. maybe, if you had a really long career it might arise twice if you were particularly star crossed.


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