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tv   Deadline White House  MSNBC  December 31, 2021 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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roseanne boylan was 34 when she died at the capitol on january 6th. this is american radical, the story of how one woman became a foot soldier in one of the most
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dangerous movements in america. >> it happened so quickly, being a totally apolitical person to a person dying for donald trump. a person dying for donald trump. i hate to have to do this, but we have sad breaking news from hollywood. the "associated press" is reporting that legendary actress betty white has died at the age of 99. she was the longest running woman on television. but there was so much more than television. she began her career on the radio in the 1940s, then tv in the 1950s, starring in more shows than i have fingers on high hands. her most famous, rows nylund on "the golden girls," which ran on nbsz from 1982 to 1992. then there were the move east. so many. just the other day, her proposal co-star ryan reynolds joked that he was still holding out for her, ready for betty white to give upmer crush on robert
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redford, for him. she was beloved, and only weeks away from her 100th birthday, which was on january 17th. so let us take a moment to celebrate the remarkable life and career of betty white. here's nbc's miguel almaguer. >> ladies and gentlemen, betty white! >> may 8th, 2010, betty white making history at the age of 88, becoming the oldest person to host "saturday night live," this after half a million people on facebook petitioned the show to give her a shot at hosting. >> i heard about the campaign to get me to host "saturday night live." i didn't know what facebook was. and now that i do know what it is, i have to say, it sounds like a huge waste of time. [ laughter ] >> betty white, born in the chicago suburb of oak park,
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illinois, certainly never wasted her time. in the 1940s, fresh out of high school, she began working in radio appearing on such shows as nbc's "the great gildersleeve." >> merry christmas. >> i didn't go to college. i just went into show business. i just enjoyed it. >> she was on television from the very beginnings of trve. n 1952, coproducing her own comedy show, "live with elizabeth." >> what's so tear about spieders. >> tell him, honey. >> they go doing. >> on the bet audio white show in 1958, she revealed another talent, singing. ♪ to one who' watch over me ♪♪ >> but she is best known for two signature tv roles, sue ann nevins, the happy homemaker on "the mary tyler moore show." >> sheerly, that is not what it is supposed to look like.
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♪ thank you for being a friend ♪♪ >> and rose nylund on the golds gold. >> when i was growing up in minnesota, the doctor made house calls all the time, for us and the livestock. >> you and the animals had the same doctor? >> sure. worked out fine. until the doctor started drinking hog listenment and tried to newter the svenson brothers. >> there is an awful lot of betty in rose. it scares me to death. >> twice divorced she found the love of her life in game show host allen ludden. >> the pass word tonight is -- >> home. will you take me home tonight. >> i certainly will. >> they were husband and wife until his death from cancer in 1981. she in every remarried. >> as far as a serious relationship, i just couldn't imagine it, you know, at this point in my life. there you go. there you go, sweetheart. >> during her spare time, betty white was a tireless advocate
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for the humane treatment of animals, serving with animal-related charities and on the board of the los angeles zoo. >> we are such a throwaway society. we treat even our animals like paper towels. take one, if it doesn't work out, you throat it away. >> white's career had remarkable staying power as a new generation of fans loved her in films like ""the proposal"". >> let's see if we can find your boobs. they are in there somewhere. >> yes, they are. >> like an easter egg hunt. >> reporter: well into her 80s, white showed no sign of slowing down with appearances on late-night comedy shows and commercial work. >> you are playing like betty white out there. >> that's not what your girlfriend says. >> reporter: for all of her accomplishments, the screen actors' guild presented her with the lifetime achievement award in 2010. >> this is the highest point of my entire professional life.
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to the screen actors' guild, to each and every one of you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. >> thank you for being a friend. travel down the road and back again. >> reporter: a life in which betty white garnered countless honors, fans, and friends. ♪ thank you for being a friend ♪♪ >> miguel almaguer, nbc news, los angeles. >> 2021 keeps getting worse. listen to this. her longtime friend and agent said even though betty white what is about to be 100, i thought she would live forever. he told this to people magazine. he said this on friday in a statement about her death. he says i will miss her terribly. so will the animal world that she loved so much. i don't think betty ever feared passing because she always wanted to be had with her most blofd husband. she believed she would be with him again. let us hope they are reunited today. with me eric of npr.
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what can you say about betty white? she was amazing? >> yeah. what was amazing about her is that she was a star in so many eras of television, from its earliest beginnings all the way through the game show era. she was known as the first lady of game shows and of course married one of the mess known game show hosts in allen ludden. and then became the queen of the sitcoms, co-starring on "the mary tyler moore show," and eventually having one of her biggest roles on "the golden girls." and then, finally, in her later years, becoming an elder statesman of television, or elder stateswoman of television, becoming the oldest person to host "saturday night live" after there was a petition to push the show into bringing her on. and always being a symbol of sort of grace and good nature, and someone who always seemed to be on the right side of issues.
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she was an animal rights activist. when she was pressured to drop a black performer from one of her early shows, she refused, even though it angered some tv stations in the south. so, you know, this is someone who always seemed to stand for -- on the right side of history, and as someone who was just a really talented and long-lasting tv performer. >> how did she do it? i mean, to have the career that she did in the entertainment industry, which is pretty fickle and super tough. and certainly for women, wasn't easy for so many decades. i mean, how do you not only survive but thrive in it for as long as she did. not only that, but for everybody that came into contact with you to love you. >> well, i mean, it seemed to me she had this way of making what she did look effortless. and she did so many things. as you -- as you all pointed out
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in your obituary for her, she could sing, she was very funny, she could be a game show guest, a great game show guest or a great cast member in a sitcom. she had a wide range of talents. but she seems to do it all sort of effortlessly. so you never felt intimidated by her. you just felt endeared and entertained by her. i think that was sort of her secret appeal was that she was so good at everything she did. but she did it in such an effortless and such an open-hearted way that you enjoyed it and you weren't intimidated by it or overshadowed by it. >> there was a recent hidden camera practical joke show called betty white's off their rockers which featured senior citizens pranking people young enough to be their grandkids which i think is a hilarious premise. what is going to happen to the big special that was planned for her 100th birthday?
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>> we don't know what's going to happen. there was a documentary-style film that was planned to be shown in theaters across the country on january 17th, which would have been her 100th birthday. i hope they go through with it and just sort of convert it into a tribute to her. i wouldn't be spiesed if that's what they did. but this news is so fresh it is hard to know what's going to happen with that project. >> it is hard to know. my question is, she's on the cover of people magazine right now. people -- there were interviews being done, what is her secret to long life? her answer was, i have never eaten anything green. this was all just within the past few days. there was also this special. i wonder -- she was 99, obviously quite old, but it does seem like this came out of nowhere. >> yeah. you know, one thing that was interesting to me about betty white is that as open hearted as
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she seemed, she also seemed to be very careful about her personal life. so, you know, doe don't have a -- we don't have a lot of information on what her health status was or what she died from. at least i don't. and my sense was that she was aging. there wasn't a lot of information out there about how she was doing or, you know, what sort of health challenges she might have been facing. that's also something i think we will find out more about as the days and weeks progress and we find out more about what her situation was toward the end of her life. >> i want to bring in liz winsted, cocreator of the daily show. liz, her comedic timing was remarkable. tlfz an interview she did with david letterman for late night. she was asked what she did in
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her spare time. she rambled on about her work with animals. and then at the end of it she says, vodka is also fun. the timing was just perfect. >> people forget, sue ann nivens, that character on mary tyler moore was this incredible sex positive single woman who was out doing what she needed to do. and i think betty white rolled with hilariously stereotypes around women and shattering that. she was somebody who was funny. she never said no. she was the most relevant human maybe ever. and that is just such an accomplishment, to be 99 years old. and when you look at twitter right now -- i apologize in advance, my phone has been blowing up since the news came, every female comedienne asking,
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what are we going to do? carry on her legacy. eric's point is great. the most beloved people are the people who are so confident in their talent. and she had nothing to prove. she was full of joy. and she excelled at everything. and so she was -- she just was hilarious -- whether it was a comedy central roast where she were filthy, whether she was on "the mary tyler moore show," to "the golden girls," the ensemble portrayal of awful those women was incredible. it doesn't matter who you are, if you work in hollywood you point at beattie white and say that's the career i want. you strive for that. >> the rest of us aren't as
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charmy. she was nice without being saccharin. i have never heard a person infer my life, young, old, no matter who they are, say a they gotive thing about betty white. i mean, the news of her passing, it is blowing up yourin phone, my phone, i have no business for this to blow up my phone. >> right. >> twitter is going nuts. people were screaming at me for not reporting it as quickly as other networks. we were trying to get it confirmed. the passing of betty whiles just feels like, liz, just the most horrible fitting ending to a horrible year. >> it is. and i have to tell you, i am doing -- every year, i do a year and review stand-up show that i am doing tonight. and i was like, mother of god, are you kidding me? i have to hit the stage tonight and open with, your beloved grandmother is dead. like, it is -- i don't -- in fact, if you didn't like betty white, i think that is the
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barometer for somebody you should run far, far away from. betty white? i don't think so. okay, bye-bye, block, delete, cancel, see you. >> it is also a great excusing to back and start watching old "the golden girls." a friends showed me a clip the other day that still has me laughing. thank goodness you said mother of god, i thought you were going to say something else. >> girl, i got you. >> it is live tchb. we are going the talk about this at length. please don't go anywhere. we are going to sneak in a quick break. but stay with us. we are going to celebrate her life, betty white, dead at the age of 99. e, dead at the age of 99. what does the future of strength look like? ♪ ♪ it's a personal trainer that assesses your strength and adds weight as you progress. it's dynamic weight that adjusts for you in real time for a more efficient workout. c'mom and it's a roster of coaches that motivate you to get stronger, faster.
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again. still talking about the depressing news that betty whites that died at the age of 99. still, let us celebrate her life because she gave us so much. so much. the president, in fact s speaking about the passing of betty white. that is what a big deal she is. nbc's mike memoli joins me now. what did president biden have to
1:20 pm
say, mike? >> katie, i think the death of betty white is the last thing that i thought i as a white house correspondent would get called to the camera for the president of the united states and the first lady were having lunch across the street from here in wilmington. on the way out he was asked if he had a reaction. he said it was a shame. she was a classy lady. and then he of course quoted his mother, 99 years old, god love her. and then the first lady chimed in to say who doesn't love betty white. the impact of her passing felt here as well. the press also talked about ukraine and his call with president putin. he said he made it clear if putin were to invade he would says severe economic sanctions.
1:21 pm
and he also spoke about the wildfires in colorado, said he spoke with this governor there, too. a quick bit from the president on an otherwise quiet week. >> we have liz with us, and eric still here. let's bring in dean observe dahlia. host of his own show and also a comedian. we were talking about betty white's comedic timing. i am curious -- i know there are so many female comediennes out there who say she was -- she was their north star, she was the person that they were trying to be, she inspired so many. >> she did. and having liz on to talk about that was great. i worked at "snl." not when betty white hosted but i worked with tina fey and amy poehler and other great performers. you could see the love by them
1:22 pm
when betty white skpam hosted in 2010. comedy keeps you young, young in spirit. when i was a full-time comedian i was so much younger. now that i talk about political news it is ageing the heck out of me. betty white made it to 99. watch her clips from when she hosted "snl," 88 years old. there is a sketch are her and tina fey and it is hilarious. she was 88. i challenge anyone to stay up until 1:00 in the morning. hosting from 11 p.m. to 1:00 in the morning when you are 50, let alone when you are 8. she had the energy to carry a show. tina and amy poehler were part of her 90th celebration for her birthday. and they commented how she inspired them. from "the golden girls" to "the
1:23 pm
mary tyler moore show" and on. i love when you look back at her life, she was game for anything. like liz was saying. you have seen her on game shows, late night talk shows, having things thrown at her. she didn't care, she was there to make people laugh and bring joy to americans. i hope that's what people take away. 99, god bless you, she lived that long, and entertained generations of people. >> i am 38 and i cannot stay up until 1:00 on any given night, it might be because i have screaming children. but we are talking about all that she gave us. and she gave us so men comedies, so many shows and radio shows and movies and one liners and interviews. i mean, it's just so hard to point to one thing when you are talking about betty white, just one of her most memory lines because there are so many out there. but, dean, the fact that she gave us or helped give us tina
1:24 pm
fey and amy poehler -- i mean, forever in her debt. >> i think "the golden girls" had a big influence on people in comedy a whole generation of people in comedy. not just women but a lot of women were inspired to get into comedy. i heard that firsthand. it was breaking boundaries having women as the stars destroying utterly this ridiculous trope that women aren't funny, which is ridiculous, as liz would tell new a second. i think for others -- tina and amy celebrating her 90th birthday, i was watching those clips on line before we came on. the insearity, what she did, touching them, telling them you can do this, you can achieve this, don't give up on your dreams. there is a funny thing where tina is celebrating her birthday. it was funny and also a little racy. that's what betty white would do in her comedy.
1:25 pm
that's what made it perfect when tina fey wishes happy 90th birthday to betty white. it is going to be sad in a couple of weeks. but celebrate this remarkable woman who gave us so much and that we had the privilege of seeing through generation after generation the laughs and the joy that she brought us and the good will left behind. >> i have people out there saying what about "hot in cleveland" mention it. she was so good in "hot in cleveland". >> absolutely. and her costars, valerie bert nellie were part of the 90th celebration as well. betty white has been on tv from the beginning of tv. literally from the beginnings, the origins of the medium we are on right now she was there making people laugh right through the 100th anniversary special of her life. >> this was in the "washington
1:26 pm
post" article, she was approached by nbc in the early 1960s to be the quote new girl on a little program called" today" that was just getting started. she declined because she didn't want to live in new york city and she said they had to make do with barbara walters. that's what she told npr. make due with barbara walters. we are going to take another little break. but everyone is staying with us. again, betty white dead at the age of 99. again, betty white dead at the age of 99. great divorce guys. yeah... search 100s of travel sites at once. kayak. search one and done. it's your home. search and there's no sites place like wayfair to make your reach-in closet, feel like a walk-in closet now that's more your style. make the morning chaos, organized chaos. and make sure everything's in it's place.
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for those of you who are just joining us, we have the sad duty to report to you that legendary actress betty white has died at the age of 99. her death comes just a few weeks before what would have been her 100th birthday. she began her career on radioin the 1940s before becoming a pioneer and trail blazing television star starting in the 1950s. betty white became known as the first lady of television, starring in dozens of shows as well as being a frequent panelist on game shows. her most famous role being that of rose nylund on "the golden girls," which aired on nbc from 1985 to 1992. in 2010, she became the oldest person to host "snl" at the age of 88. she went on to win eight emmy
1:31 pm
awards for her work on television. but she was also a star on the big screen as well. with roles in a number of movies including 2009's" "the proposal"". bethy white was also beloved for her work with animals spending decades with the morris animal foundation and with the los angeles zoo. when president biden learned of her death today he called her a of loly lady, an incredible person. back with us, liz winsted, cocreator of the daily show. going through her biography, it is lard to overstate all she has accomplished. as we said before she went to commercial break, she was approached to be one of the first hosts of the "today" show back in the '60s. barbara walters got that job instead. she was one of the first women to produce a television show. it was called "live with elizabeth." and it stars herself. that was 1954. so a long time ago. she wanted to initially be a
1:32 pm
forest ranger, but women weren't allowed to be a forest ranger back then. they were allowed to be actors. but in 2010, she was given the honorary designation of forest ranger by the u.s. forest service. she had an emotional speech and said of her parents, they would be more proud of this than of any other award i have won. almost a "today" show anchor, a producer of one of the first female producers of a tv show, a comedienne, an actress, a host, and now an honorary forest ranger. i mean that's just -- that's incredible. >> it's the story of so many women who started their careers early, right? pioneers, wanted to do something that they were prevented from doing, and then honored later. you know, i really want to just talk a little bit about -- some friends of mine were texting me when they heard me on. and they were like, tell the
1:33 pm
story of pass word. and i was like, that is a great story. so my group of friends have a great password game, home password game going. and we had a massive feud about a clue on pass word, whether or not you could use a proper noun. the clue that i gave was farrah. and the answer i wanted someone to get was faucet. there was a massive feud. when i was booking the daily show, betty white was the guest. i said, betty, i need to win. can you need to clear this up. can i use a proper noun in pass word? she was like, liz, you are the winner. i was like, yes. it was so great. it was the best. but i have to say like as we are talking about all the inspirations for things betty has done, let us not forget that betty white, and "the golden girls" had to be an inspiration for sex in the city. i don't think we could have had sex in the city if we hadn't had
1:34 pm
"the golden girls" first. it was almost like it was done in the reverse. if we were going to do the reboot of the reboot, would they all be living in florida together. when i think of everything she has done and the evolution of her work and who she is, let it also be a reminder that we shouldn't be ageist when we are talking about humor, comedy, what we are celebrating because we want to have a lot of betty whites that we are celebrating when they are 99. we don't want to cast people aside. when i think about betty white being the oldest person to host "snl." why aren't more older persons hosting "snl." er older, they are funny. there are a lot of older people to sat irize. i'm thinking, lets use betty white's life and legacy as an example of how we want to celebrate people who paved the way and who have remained relevant and interesting.
1:35 pm
>> this is a gold gold moment my friend showed me for the first time yesterday just a couple of days ago that had me and my husband laughing. dorothy says so you are five years older, so do, i so does blanch. you have more wrinkles, so am i, so is blanch. you are thicker around the middle. so is blanch. the timing in that show. amazing. it is 2021, and it holds up. it is so hard to have something still be funny this many years later. >> katie, that is what is so wild. you go back also to everything she's done. you go back to "the mary tyler moore show," and you go back to the first thing i did when i heard the news was, there was a great episode of at that marry marry when chuckles the clown dies and they are all hug asking they are walking across the set in a hug saying i think we all
1:36 pm
need a kleenex. it is the first clip i grand when i heard. it is the relevance of how you can make humor. it speaks to when humor is good, and when humor is good, it holds up. that's my rescue dog, as tribute to betty white barking in the background. >> my stage manager, joe, was nodding his head in agreement for that story. i am just so thankful. i was talking a little bit about this with dean, for the women she inspired, you being one of them, cocreating one of the greatest shows that's been on television, the daily show. tina fey, and amy poehler. you put them on anything. this is cliche, they could be reading the phone book and i would watch it. thank god she was there to be a role model, to inspire, to lead the way for so many of these women that i count as absolutely
1:37 pm
essential for my sanity nowadays. >> for sure. you know, i think of sarah silverman, and i think of issa ray, and i think. >> oh, yeah. >> all the folks who are -- who persevered and were -- kathy griffin. she has a great thread on twitter right now about her experiences with betty white that i encourage everyone to read. and i think that, you know, look at the women who are in come kyi -- comedy now, and i would say look at betty's work and look at some of the older comics who are are ut out there now, people in their 40s and in their 50s who have had the experience of knowing betty, and the career, and just reading their thoughts and their recollections of having betty white as their inspiration. it's -- it's really heart felt. and katie, it is so wild to look at how many people are -- it's not just sad. people are overwhelmed with
1:38 pm
grief. like, in a way that is like if there was going to be a state funeral, which there should be. i feel like we should just do what they did, you know, with james brown, and tour betty white around every wonderful place so people could pay homage to her. have her lie -- can we have her lie in state? i don't know the rules of washington but i feel like she should be lying in state so we could say good-bye to her. >> she's too good for that. don't drag her into politics. >> he is too good for that you are right. >> let's have her lying somewhere more appropriate for her amazingness than in state. i am kidding. >> i can't imagine a place that deserves her. >> the walk of fame doesn't really fit. i am trying to think. i think we are going to have to build our own spectacular monument where she can exist in
1:39 pm
her exceptionalism that's beyond what we can -- >> that's correct. >> -- beyond what we currently have. we need to sneak in another break. stick with us, we are celebrating the life of betty white, dead today, at the age of 99. t the age of 99 ♪ limu emu... & doug ♪ ♪ superpowers from a spider bite? i could use some help showing the world how liberty mutual customizes their car insurance so they only pay for what they need. (gasps)
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here. so let's bring in people's east coast news editor liz mcneil who just wrote this cover story on betty whyte ahead of her 100th birthday. cover story. the timing. talk to me about what she told you. >> hi. you know, it was just so wonderful that she participated. i think her sense of humor really came through. and one thing i noticed is that, you know, the funnier questions were really the things that she responded to about -- i asked her, would you ever -- did you ever drink green juice or something like that, that's when she said, i don't touch anything green. it was just wonderful to celebrated her. >> her secret to longevity is not touching anything green. that and her hobby being vodka, which she told david letterman a few years ago. she was very, very funny. you were celebrating her 100th
1:44 pm
birthday. she didn't quite make to it her 100th birthday. what are your expectations for that big special that was planned? >> when you say special, what do you mean? >> the movie celebrating betty white turns 100. >> i think that that movie is still going to play on her birthday as far as i know. and i think it's just -- you just want to celebrate her even more. of course i am sad she didn't make it. you know, she was so close. and i guess i just love knowing that her sense of humor, sparkling sense of humor was completely intact. >> people mag dean having her on your cover goes to show you what a draw she still was at the age of 99. i mean, this is a woman who captivated the country and the world for almost the entirety of her life. and multiple generations. >> absolutely. and one thing that's so great
1:45 pm
about writing about her. you hear -- i used to watch "the golden girls" with my grandmother. i would hear that from my younger colleagues. her appeal gave her longevity and her longevity gave her more and more appeal. it was this amazing phenomenon that she was, you loved her more and more as she got older because of her incredible appeal and her longevity. >> liz, thank you so much for joining us. what timing for a cover. i know now that's going to be used to celebrate her life, not just her 100th birthday but for the entirety of her life. let's bring in dean again. here's to -- i am petitioning -- i have no sway here but i am going to petition lorne michaels at "snl" to replay the betty white episode this saturday. it would be good timing. i am also going to petition everybody there who might be in
1:46 pm
charge of a television network who has the ability to retear a betty white marathon, maybe a "the golden girls" marathon. all those those are probably available every day. looking back, what is the show, what is the clip that you are going to turn to first after you get finished talking to me? do we have dean? hello? see, if i was betty white, i would have something funny to say to that. i don't think we have dean. do we have -- do we have liz? liz, you are hear with me. >> yes, liz is on -- >> liz, you would never leave me. okay. so when you get finished talking to me, when i finish holding you captive here, what are you going to turn to? >> i am going to turn to "the mary tyler moore show." because it was just so formative for me growing up in minneapolis and having that show happen here, and something sue ann
1:47 pm
nivens be one of the most profoundly seminal characters in forming who i was as a comedienne, showing that things are possible. also let's just talk about these shows where -- "the golden girls" and "the mary tyler moore show" were shows about women who didn't rely on men. like they passed the bechtel test, right? they were shows that centered around their power and who they were and their comedic timing and their lives and their lives didn't surround themselves with anything else other than -- sure, sue austin nevins was a hilarious character who was always looking for some action, it was always on her terms. i was trying to think of things that wouldn't get be censored. action works out there. always centering herself, and her needs. "the golden girls," same thing, it was about friendships with
1:48 pm
women, about that bond that women have. you know? and i love that so much of her career, when you look at it, is centered around giving women these massive platforms and really showcasing our lives and who we were. and that's just amazing. so going back and watching "the mary tyler moore show" and having that newsroom -- katie, i encourage you to do that, too, as somebody who works in news, go back and take in that local news flavor, and watching all that happened in sue ann's role in that. i think -- i can't wait to do night there are almost no television shows that have been able to capture what it's like to work this the news business. that is one of the rare ones. it was that, maybe sports night. there were just a couple of movies that have gotten it. everything else is wildly off base. but that one, that show, "the mary tyler moore show" was great, and her character was
1:49 pm
hilarious. okay, we want to take one more very quick break. on the other end, we are going to have our final thoughts on this. so don't go anywhere. this so don't go anywhere - [female narrator] they line up by the thousands. each one with a story that breaks your heart. like ravette... every step, brought her pain. their only hope: mercy ships. the largest floating civilian hospital in the world. bringing free surgeries to people who have no other hope. $19 a month will help provide urgently needed surgery for so many still suffering. so don't wait, call the number on your screen. or donate at
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my go to toothpaste is going to be pronamel repair. back on the sad news that betty white is dead at the age of 99, but again, we are celebrating her life, and back with me is liz winstead. i got a few quotes from betty white that i think are great and i would love to read to you.
1:53 pm
if one has no sense of humor, one is in trouble. that's true. get at least eight hours of beauty sleep, nine if you're ugly. i've no regrets at all, none. i consider myself to be the luckiest old broad on two feet. and my answer to anything under the sun, like, what have you not done in the business that you have always wanted to do is, robert redford and on that i agree. i totally agree, especially robert redford in "all the president's men," which i guess is showing how much of a news geek i am. it is so hard to sum her up. it's so hard to encapsulate this incredible life, to celebrate it in such a small medium that we have right now, this cable news show. >> i know. but i think the one thing is, i think everybody can go back, embrace her work, embrace the work of the women that inspired her, because there's so many great ones.
1:54 pm
i have my rescue dog is now in my shop, but you can't see him. in honor of betty, he decided to make an appearance, and i think that we just really need to remember that betty white is somebody who is -- we should take life lessons from, because her confidence, her talent, and her genuine humility is what made her longevity, because she was incredibly talented, but she was also incredibly kind and understood, in every project she worked on, everyone's role in it, and you will not talk to a single person, no matter who they were on the set of what she did, that didn't appreciate -- feel appreciated because she was in the room. she set the example for a lot of people on how to be in situations, and so, like, embrace her, embrace her comedy, be like betty is what i'm trying
1:55 pm
to say, #belikebetty. >> when her husband died, she said she was not going to remarry again. she had already found the best. and in talking about her passing, her agent told "people" that i don't think betty ever feared passing because she always wanted to be with her most beloved husband, alan luden. she believed she would be with him again. here's hoping for that. >> you know, watch -- find old password episodes, something that probably people won't say a lot, but he was the host of "password" and their chemistry on that show, there was a lot of double entendre and fun. >> we saw a short clip of that in the obituary we aired where she asked him to take her home. it was very charming, very charming. >> yep. >> liz, thank you. betty white, dead at the age of 99. okay everyone, our mission is to provide complete balanced nutrition for strength and energy. woo hoo!
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it's 11th annual revvie awards. from rockefeller center, here's your host, al sharpton. >> good evening, and welcome to "politics nation's" 11th revvie awards. it's where we celebrate the best and worst in 2021 and give awards to those who deserve it. i'm honored to have in bringing you some of the most significant and memorable moments this past year. and what a year it's been. with that, let's bring in our esteemed


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