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tv   The Beat With Ari Melber  MSNBC  December 27, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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thing to have the face of the nfl playing these kind of games with vaccinations, you know, saying -- what was his word -- he was pretending -- >> immunized or something. >> yeah, immunized. i hate to keep say it, it's just a nutty thing. there's no answer, and, you know, like you're in the studio, we're calling it the captain of the ship, you kind of go down with the ship. >> no end in sight, and there's no end in sight for calling you on your thoughts. thank you for commiserating with us, bill rhoden. we're so grateful. hey, ari, i owe you 30 seconds. >> i'm going to owe you more.
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i want to ask a question. i haven't seen you in a minute. my question for you is, just how were your holidays, nicolle? >> i'll tell you honestly, they were harrowing. i left northern as this omicron thing that seems to be smothering our city. i was scared that i was going to bring omicron out to where my folks live, out west. we tested. my son sneezed for the first time in 20 months, i had a hard attack, we all tested, everybody was negative, but it was worth it. i think the tricky thing is to take all these smart great scientists and doctors, and all of them said if you're vaccinated, you test before you go, your family is vaccinated, it's safe to gather, but it's still a harrowing moment. even if you shut off your phone, you're aware of this omicron thing. it was great. i'm glad i listened to all the
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smart people, by i have to say it wasn't without worry. how about you? thanks for asking. that makes total sense, and i think that's what we're living with. thank you for asking. mine was good. i got to see family. i tested, traveled safely, but we're all divided by things here, this is something that's tough, but in a way we're all going through it, trying to do it together. for me, five, six, seven days, without my nicolle hand-off, it's too much. >> see you. stay safe. good seeing all of you. i have been out, but i am back. we have a lot to go through tonight. we begin with what i was
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discussing with nicolle. you're watching this somewhere in america or in the world, you i bet you know what we're talking about the omicron is swamping america and many other countries as we go through on you holidays. brand-new guidance late in the day. i'm going to bring that to you in a moment. we also have an expert standing by. the daily case count is exploding. peaks have been hit, records are being set in multiple state, surpassing many peaks already. it feels like it's worse than ever. in some measurable ways, it is. the united states could hit a million daily cases. over 1,000 u.s. flights canceled because of staffing shortages that relate to surge in covid. then that meant the news i just mentioned, the countered is
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shortening. isolation per cdc only recommends mask wearing for ten days and removing the quarantine guidance all together. those are signs from the experts, the best way forward is to be vaccinated and boosted. dr. fauci also suggesting the possibility of new travel requirements. when you make vaccination a -- if you want to do that with domestic flights, i think it should seriously be considered. >> dr. fauci is not just freelancing when he goes on television and says something is being considered. meanwhile, a hospital in israel administration a fourth vaccine
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dose as a part of booster testing. the study will continue despite some warnings that too many shots could actually fatigue your immune system. tests in the u.s. are not in short supply. long lines for waiting to get tested. the more this spreads, the longer lines we'll see. the president said there's 500 million more atmom tests en route. >> it's not enough. clearly not enough. if i had known we would have gone harder, quicker, but we have to do more. we have to be better. >> when it comes to doing it more and better, at least scientifically, we have a one on one exclusive with dr. zeke emanuel, a former obama white
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house policy adviser, an expert including the ethics of rationing. you know a lot of these areas very well. first, let me say happy holidays and happy new year to you. >> happy holidays to you. thank you very much. take it away. what could we understand about how bad it is right now and what should be done? >> well, we're really getting the second peak, you know, thanksgiving got us one peak. now we're getting the second, and that would take us into january. unfortunate hospitalizations lag a little, deaths will lag even more. i think thought will likely increase toward the end of january. this was quite predictable. many of us in the summer were
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warning about this, worrying about it, suggesting in august we needed domestic traveled mandate, so that if you get on a plane or an interstate train or bus, you have -- you're vaccinated, now boosted. that would have helped a little bit. i think people have to recognize there's still 40% of americans don't have any vaccination. that is a problem. >> you mentioned the flight guidance that could potentially be a rule. for the reasons i mentioned regular i he's not doing that casually. i want to put that back up new. people who tested positive for covid have no symptoms, isolate for five days, down from the previous recommendations of ten. >> that's on the presumption that the omicron variant, which is now the dominant variant in the country, goes up, the
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incubation period is short, much more intense, then comes down. i don't know that we have tremendous evidence of that at the moment. it's also matched with the guidance about wearing masks for the remaining five days, which i think is very important. i think this is another thing that we need to emphasize much more clearly than we have. the importance of good masking. like you, i've been out and about. you still see lots of cotton masks, lodge of surgical masks. you need an n-95 or kn-95, you need it because the flexible band over the nose and very, very tight cupping around the face, that is definitely the best. you need to make sure you don't get a fraudulent version. you can do that by making sure thighs niash-approved. probably has the best thing you
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can do, get a high quality mask and wear it. >> you're doing something that i think people appreciate about you. you're using your platform, on national tv, hitting the specifics of what people need to do. a lot of people were criticizing, urging donald trump to do that on the vaccine. i just want to show people the facts so they can make up their own minds, but in recent app appearances. he says the way to stay safe is get the vaccine and get boosted. he says the people who are dying -- fact check, true -- are the ones who didn't get vaccinated. we're going to show some of what he said and briefly her pushback. take a look. >> both the president and i are vaxed. did you get the booster? >> yes. >> i got it, too. >> more people have died under
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covid this year, under joe biden, and so people are questioning how -- >> well, the vaccine worked, but some people aren't taking it. the ones who get very sick and go to the hospital are the ones who don't take their vaccine. >> you oftentimes forget how old he is. they came before tv, before internet, before conducting their independent research. >> what do you see there in that pushback by some of the figures that the president consorts with, over simply saying what you and doctors have been saying -- get vaccinated. >> let's be clear. 2020, we had about 9 1/2 months of this virus. in 2021, we had 12 months. more people have died in 2021, that's partially a numbers game of how many months you're counting. the second thing i would say is, we began slowly. now it looks -- in 2020, it
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looked like it was just pummeling the country, but slow compared to what we've had. we've also had much more severe variants, like the delta variant and omicron variant spreading. the final thing i would say is we still do have 40% of the country unvaccinated. we know they're at 20 times the risk of hospitalization, icu treatment and death, compared to people who are -- who are vaccinated. so it's the unvaccinated who are bearing a very big brunt of the deaths now. it is true, some people get breakthrough infections, who have been vaccinated, and god forbid, some of them die. but that's a rare events, certainly rare compared to the unvaccinated. we've had as many people, like yourself have reported, lots of deathbed conversions of people who denied the virus's potential
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to kill them, made fun of the vaccine, and when they're on their deathbed urging people to get the vaccine. why wait for the deadly moment when you can't reverse it? just take the vaccine. it's safe. literally billions of people have taken it around the world with very few side effects. i hope people are listening. today is a new days, tomorrow is a new day. if someone was holding back, wishful thinking is a term you used, just not sure, or whatever. but here today, get informed, make up europe mind based on the facts, as you just mentioned. i'm going to say this, doctor. i don't like to bring your family into it. that's not something i would normally doing, but when you see the emanuels and the trumps agrees on something, well, you know, maybe that spectrum -- not
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a ven diagram we often see -- maybe donald trump did listen to some of the doctors. pick your poison. there's a lot of reason to get informed and make if the decisions. i have neal katyal standing by, so i've got to move. >> say hello to neal. doctor fauci will be here tonight on "the reid report." a check on one of the most destructive voices of the year. we're talking about tucker. that's coming up. by the end of the hour, we're going to get more personal, as irshare something about the era we are living in. >> was 2020 a hard year for you? >> hardest year in news for me, for sure. very sad. >> hard times, we're going to
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we're back with neal katyal
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and katty kay. >> i would point to two things that they have pointed to in the last few hours. one is that donald trump called the willard hotel, which is kind of coup central. trump called right before the attack on january 6th, also the night of january 5th. we know there's several calls. the people on the other end of those call, the coup plotters, are claiming privilege. we don't know the substance, but it ties trump potentially directly to the plotting that was going on at the willard hotel. the second thing we learned, donald trump took 187 minutes on january 6th to condemn the violence -- not even condemn it, because he said we love you, things like that, but he issued some statement. we know chairman thompson has
3:19 pm
said he's learned there have been prior videotapes of what donald trump tried to say, that they had to be re-recorded and the like. that was reported in jonathan karl's book, but the head of the commission is saying, yes, he understood that that evidence exists. those two events tie trump more to the january 6th events order than the record had established thus far. >> katty? >> clearly the commission is zeroing in on the 1987 minutes. anything we can learn about what was in trump's mind, what his intention was, what he would have wanted to say to the people who were attacking the capitol at the moment, that's important. it's unclear whether the select committee will ever get access to either the records out of the national archives -- it depends
3:20 pm
perhaps on where that phone call was made from. was it made from the residence? in which case there may not be records. if it was made in the west wing, then maybe. if they do, the select committee manages to get the record, it may be all we get is the time. getting the content will be very difficult. there are still keel parts of information missing that would prove an intend -- intent to get people to attack the capitol. that's why having this phone call record, and the content ideally would be so important. what was donald trump thinking, plotting, planning at that particular moment when he made that call? >> neal? >> yes, i agree with a lot of what was just said.
3:21 pm
mens rea, in order to prosecutor someone to january 6th, you have to show some intentionality on his part. that's what i think congress is trying to get at now through all of this. all we may know is a call took place and nothing more. we don't suspect donald trump will ever tell the truth to the investigators, but the keep point here is there are people on the other end of those calls. right now they have exerted executive privilege and all sorts of bogus stuff, but that won't fly in the courts. the power to put someone in jail unless they tell the truth under oath, will go front and center for these individuals. do they want to tell the truth or be behind bars? >> great points from both of you. it speaks to so much hiding. why highed call? why go to the supreme court to
3:22 pm
hide the records? what else is it that they know about the fateful days that they don't want to get out there? neal and katty, happy hoidays to both of you. we have a short break, but tucker carlson, i have accountability check and facts for him in 60 seconds. and facts for him in 60 seconds. ingredients, and fermentation. fermentation? yes. formulated to help you body really truly absorb the natural goodness. new chapter. wellness, well done. ♪ limu emu... & doug ♪ ♪ superpowers from a spider bite? i could use some help showing the world how liberty mutual customizes their car insurance so they only pay for what they need. (gasps) ♪ did it work? only pay for what you need
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3:24 pm
it's a white supremacist claim that non-white immigrants will replace the electorate that presumably more white electorate, presumably, they're dressing up a hateful dogma, peddling warnings of replacement about white people as a policy -- this replacement theory fix yates specifically on immigration. it starts with a claim to an allegedly neutral position. the claim that, well, most countries set limits on immigration, and that can include some types of standards for who is admitted to the country. okay. true enough. then it pivots into white supremacist racism, arguing that countries like france or the u.s. are inherently white, so immigration limits must patrol
3:25 pm
against any racial minorities or foreigners, to stop them from, quote, rereplacing the allegedly current white residents. >> replace the current lacked, putting more obedient voters from the third world. [ chanting ] >> this is a purposeful resettlement. >> no, no, no, this is a voting rights question. it's going to be millions of illegal immigrants into the united states. >> they're coming to a neighborhood near you. coming to our backyard. >> it's your country, you own it, you pay for it, you were born here. it belongs to you. >> the people trying to stop these so-called invasions from abroad might be surprised to learn this replacement theory itself is from abroad. it's an immigrant, a non-american concept from
3:26 pm
abroad. that is not by all means one of the biggest problems, but conservative writer and right-wing politics, he lives in a 14th century castle with a ten-story tower. you can see his lifestyle right there. he drew on much of the ugly history i just explored to you, in his view, to warn white people in france or other white majority countries of what he sees as a, quote, great replacement of the original population, with newer arrivals, mostly from africa, those immigrants he is afraid of. this is once face of modern white supremacy pseudoscience, claiming to rely a books and back into a supposed attack onto a white ruling class, who he
3:27 pm
alleges, who he argues, alleges, warns are about to become the victims. >> the change of people, and civilization took place, and it's a thing that can lap i think is a crime against humanity in the 21st century is the great replacement. >> you think its the crime against humanity of our times? >> yes, yes, yes. >> under the first amendment he has the right to share his words across the united states, issue is not censorship, but many are drawing on his words to do crime, hate crimes, violence, murder. now, we're deep into this special report with all the history. we have not spent much time on the history of the nazis, and very few are clarified with --
3:28 pm
but neo-nazis compare themselves. they are the modern nazi. they quote kamu in their marches that charlottesville was the moment people first heard a direct reference [ chanting jews will not replace us ] >> they takes this literally as so some mass murderers, clown a gunman who kim over 50 pied in new s.e.a.l.ened -- new zealand. today some of this can be tracked even more precisely in real time. google has a mountain of data on what people search.
3:29 pm
the largest spike in google trends this year after trump leaving office, it's 2021. the term pushed on fox news. if some people have not thought about it yet, fox anchor ares changing it, putting it into the bloodstream, and then even though i just showed you most people aren't aware of it, the same anchors set people were already preemptively upset about the term's use. on the left and gatekeeper on twitter become literally hysterical if you use the word replacement, this is a purposeful resettlement. >> so the claim goes from the fringe to the hate groups to what passes for mainstream conservative opinion, then moves into the has of power, where ted
3:30 pm
crew, and other members of congress, now some republican officials are nodding along, or linking this. >> the revolution has begun. >> we're replacing national-born americansh native born americans put to permanently transform the political landscape of this very nation. >> the challenge are not new. america and many societies have beating these ideologies before. there are evil, irredeemable people in this world as in past generations, as may be in future generations. if you look at history, as we have here, alternates bit tonight, massive movements that change companies and start wars do not need a majority to act only on racism and evil. they tend to do something different. they tend to build on that core, perhaps, but offer junk science,
3:31 pm
other theories, other claims to say that groups are inferior, to scapegoat, to use an old term, to protect, improve society. they do that so other people, who come along and think maybe this is all okay. that's how you really get more people on board. the ideas and premises matter. if they didn't, they even the neonazis would not bother quoting these authors in far-off castles. for those of us who believe in civilization and equality, and there are many of us, many of us, it's always better to pay attention, to think, to face it down and wage and wage this war
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turning to the criminal probe that remains open and involves maga congressman matt gaetz, there's been an investigation of possibly sex crimes along with other allegations of misconduct. it was triggered by his link to joel greenberg.
3:36 pm
here's the latest news tonight. greenberg must pay almost $2 million for his wrongdoing. he had pled guilty. this was last spring, to several crimes, which include identity theft, stalking, wire fraud, and a very serious felony of sex trafficking a minor. he now awaits sentencing. his plea agreement requires cooperation with these prosecutors. as the year draws to a close, some of his allies say the length of this propose suggests that maybe the feds do not have any solid evidence on gates. for his part, he's tried to distance himself from his former ally, greenberg. >> i believe there may have been a time he swung by the office, but certainly didn't have anything to do with bad acts on my part. when i became aware of some of his misdeeds, i deeply regretted
3:37 pm
my associate with joel greenberg, politically, socially and ice. >> after much delay, that was his attempt to put it past him. whether there will be a more dramatic conclusion to remain an open federal probe, le will update you. meanwhile, we are living through strange times. we can all be sure of that. david sedaris is here, next. sed. into your multivitamin? at new chapter, its' innovation, organic ingredients, and fermentation. fermentation? yes. formulated to help you body really truly absorb the natural goodness. new chapter. wellness, well done.
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name. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> i've read you for a long time. i want to start with powell tickets, and then to the culture. you were writings about undecide voters, in our business, we talk a lot about how sheer going to do. you had a different take. you said the flight attendants comes down the aisle with her, and can i interest you in the chicken? or would you prefer the platter of, bleep, with bits of broken glass. to be undecided, it's to pause for a moment and then ask, how does the chicken cook? what do you mean, and as we -- >> i never never understood undecided voters get so much attention, and i just want to think, you just want attention.
3:43 pm
how could you not have chosen between these two candidates? everyone caters to them, right? what do you need to say? what do you need to say? who are these people? i just don't really believe them. you keep it real. that i think is part of what people like about the wit you have. we have lived through a big something here with this pandemic. you eschew not only social media, but even zoom. why? >> well, something told me if i got zoom -- if i didn't get zoom, it would get me out of a load of fund-raisers, and it really did. but there were a lot of things, can you put together a video and send out a message of hope to people? i thought, you know, there's still netflix, hbo, stuff to watch. i don't know that anybody needs
3:44 pm
a chin-up message from me shot in my bedroom. >> you also do late night. we have some of you reading your humor, explaining easter in a french class during one of your readings on letterman. >> it is said, one, a party for the little boy of god who call himself jesus and chief -- and her fellow countryman -- he calls himself jesus, and then he die one day on two morsels of lumber. the rest of the class jumped in, offering bits of information that would have given the pope an aneurysm. >> i never -- you know, i had this thing in my ear. i never listen to do myself. i met a teacher a while ago.
3:45 pm
he had his students listen one of my eisais on audiobook. one kid said, it's an old lady, and the teacher said, one old lady, and he said the one they forced to read it outloud. when you started playing it, i thought who is she? it was me. >> how important do you have the crowd reaction? you're doing these tours, we saw you there. do you need to know whether people think it's funny -- >> no, i desperately need that. you know, the past year and a half there were a number of things i had published, but never had a chance to read them outloud to see if they work or not. when i do get back on my stage, my fear is i'm going to read them out loud and realize i was completely wrong about this,
3:46 pm
this and this. so, no, i don't feel comfortable putting things out there when i haven't had chance to run them by the audience. the audience will tell you everything. >> we sometimes do a lightning round -- reading or writing? >> writing. >> writer's block is -- >> something that journalists ask about, but something that writers never discussing among one another, because it's really not an issue for them. >> the best compliment of your work that you've received? >> we read it to my mother when she was dying, and she laughed. >> your best advice for a young writer who might hope to be like you today. >> write, stack up the pages, learn from your mistakes. keep at it. don't expect anything for a good long time. i had been writing for like
3:47 pm
every day for 18 years before my book came out. >> 18 years before a book was published. finally, the best thing about covid? >> there were no tourists in new york. [ laughter ] >> just today walking here, it was like -- that's why i've been so happy for the past year and a half. >> you came up with something. so great to have you on "the beat." >> thank you so much for having me. again, the book is the carnival of snackery. coming up, we want to share something really important with you, as we take in the holidays, the tree, the end of this long year. this is about facts in an era of lives. i'm going to share it with you, next. lives. i'm going to share it with you, next
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continues for facts and science, it's as important as ever. dr. fauci reiterating knowing the latest facts can save your life, something i just discussed in a radio interview with big boy that talked about so many things across the board and discussed how it's vital to know the facts but keep in mind what you don't know. >> it seems ari, like you got to know everything. >> yeah, man. across the board. >> that's kind of you to say you want big facts? >> yes. >> we'll put this on the internet. >> yes. >> all right. this is for anyone listening to the sound of my voice. this is true in any field. there is only two things you really need to know. you need to know what you know for real deeply, fact check and you need to know what you don't know. >> man, that even sounds confusing. >> yeah, man. >> not confusing -- that just sounds like hard work, too. >> it is mental work but if you
3:53 pm
keep that in mind, it's not about ego or pretending you know what you don't know. you know what you know and make sure you know it. if somebody is listening now and if they're 18 -- know what you really know. >> yes. >> your field, your expertise, double check it, do your homework. don't post before you know. >> yes. >> know before you post and everything else, know what you don't know. >> if you know about hip-hop but you don't know about opera. >> right. >> it's okay to say i'm a big music person but i don't know about opera. >> right. >> know what you don't know because there are people out there. we have more access to experts and fans today than ever before. >> yeah, man. >> you can go right now on the internet on the grammar, tiktok and find the oprah people. i don't know anything about cars. i don't even own a car. if i have a car problem i won't be like i got it. i know what i don't know. i don't know about that. there might be someone else with
3:54 pm
a different life experience that knows so much about cars in a minute they -- before even googling they could tell me something. >> when we look at what this device is we have, phones and now social media, everyone is a critic. everyone talks about something that i feel like they don't know. when we look at, you know, even when you look at the vaccine and anti maskers, whatever it is, it's crazy how so many people say i don't trust that. i don't trust that. i don't trust it, and they can be listening to someone that doesn't know a damn thing. they won't listen to science but they'll listen to somebody that had a chance to set up something in their mother's basement. >> i go back to surgery. you got people going well, you know, my friend roger told me they rushed the vaccine. okay. shoutout to roger. what's up. >> what up, roger. >> would you let roger do open
3:55 pm
heart surgery on you or your child? >> exactly. >> that's the level of analysis and expertise required. would you let roger cut open your child? and if you would, we have bigger things to talk about. do you get my point. >> yeah. >> shoutout to roger. that's some of the conversation, we talk news, covid, law, big boy's neighborhood. he's a radio and rap icon. big boy has been holding court with artists for many years so i was excited they asked me to stop by amidst the news, we touched on music and before we go i'll show you lyrics that may have popped up. >> were you always, you know, looking to be on television? >> did drake not say treat me like i'm blind, you got to hand it to me. >> jesus, ari. >> you live and die in l.a. >> they don't think someone watching, watching in the vip. >> did far side not say if i
3:56 pm
were president, i would make sure all the money spent on good things. >> on good things. >> did method man not say f a rap critic, talk about it when i live it. >> i'll ring the cow bell. >> that made my neck hurt. >> you got to protect your neck. >> true. >> future is not always relevant to the news but he did say f up some commas. biden is not on some three comma mess. this is four commas, trillions. a lot of babies in the game. >> i like how you brought that back. >> drake doesn't believe in naps. i don't take naps. me and the money are way too attached to go and do that. >> amen. let me tell you also, i really don't take naps. >> you can do this all day. [ laughter ] >> like rick ross said, when the lights come on, that's when you see who the real guys are. >> damn. i'm going to tell you you stumped me with that one. >> respect. >> he stumped me. i had everything else.
3:57 pm
now i want to come with one back on him. >> hit me. >> nah, nah, i'm old. >> i'll tell ya, big boy doesn't really get stumped when it comes to music. he's been in the culture for decades. you might say back when it was polos and backpacks back when ethan was pushing a subaru hatch back, man, i'm talking way before hashtags. shoutout to big boy. if you want to see more of the interview, type melber and big boy into youtube or go to my social media @arimelber. the link is posted, tweeted, ig and tiktok. you can always find me at sign up for my free newsletter. we can keep in touch that way. i showed you big boy stuff and
3:58 pm
during the year when the news is so fast, we don't always get to get into it. sometimes we share more here and that's where digital stuff comes in because if you noticed including tiktok where i'm playing around more, we try to do extra take off the suit jacket when we have fun online. in fact, here are highlights of what we're doing with our guests and beat viewers online. >> oh my god. what time is it? >> time to do the interview, ari, put your phone down. >> it's a moment. it a mood. it's a vibe. >> it's part of the trump m.o. >> he's a desperate man. >> michael and ari, like roger and me. >> you ready? >> what do you got? >> i'm at the emmies waiting to hear. >> what we need most is not ideology, it's evidence. >> this is fish. and that's chips. >> when are you going to call me? >> this week. >> okay. >> okay. . >> okay. >> okay. there it is.
3:59 pm
you can consider it the beat after hours so come visit me on facebook, instagram, twitter or tiktok, which is the last thing i want to tell you tonight. i don't know about you but i started hearing about tiktok more and more and more from friends and family and we were to be honest a little late but we're on there now. we added the logo here. let me see, that way. there we go. we added the logo to the tease page here for digital. so go to @arimelber. i just posted a new one from the holidays featuring both my parents digging in the crates looking at their vinyl collection. if that's not a reason to go in there, i don't know what is. i'm new so i don't have a lot of followers. i hope your holidays and new year are okay with everything going on in the world. that does it for me. "the reidout" is up next featuring our friend tiffany. >> hey, ari.
4:00 pm
i have a question for you. i have no idea how to use tiktok so i need a tutorial. i don't have any followers. i don't know how to use it. >> tell us your handle. >> i think @tiffany d. cross because that's my handle everywhere and the only tiktok video i posted is me saying i don't know how to use it. >> number one, shout outto to tiffany. because it's short, twitter is short, it's short video so you really don't have time for the other introduction, explanation, whatever it is you got to say or do, do it. do yourself. so for some people that's dancing. i don't dance on there. you're welcome. whatever it is, you just say it. [ laughter ] >> we'll have to do a tiktok together. good interview with big boy. that was a great conversation. i like the point you made. your mechanic wouldn't do your heart surgery so don't talk to him about medical is


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