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tv   Way Too Early With Jonathan Lemire  MSNBC  December 27, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PST

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increased testing over the holidays uncovers a record-breaking number of new covid infections. with the seemingly less severe but more contagious omicron variant spreading like wildfire, the question is it time to shift the way we track the virus? plus, covid calls and bad weather leads to thousands of canceled flights over the holidays. the question is will the return home be any less complicated? plus, nasa launches into space the most largest and powerful telescope to date. the question is what are
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scientists looking to learn? it's "way too early" for this. ♪♪ good morning and welcome to "way too early," the show that wishes it asked for that telescope for christmas. i'm jonathan lemire on this monday, december 27th, and we'll start with the news. >> the highly contagious omicron variant continues to fuel record-breaking surges in covid cases. increased testing over the holidays has uncovered about 200,000 new infections per day. in new york state alone, more than 400,000 people were tested on christmas eve, not including at-home rapid tests, and nearly one in eight of those came back positive. the state reported nearly 50,000 new cases sunday, breaking the record it had set the day before. florida reported nearly 33,000 new cases on christmas day, also breaking its record from the previous day. over the weekend public health expert dr. ashish jha said it
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may be time to change the way we track the pandemic. >> for two years the pandemic preceded hospitalizations. so you could look at infections and know what was coming. even through the delta wave that was true because it was largely unvaccinated people who were getting infected. omicron changes that. this is the shift we've been waiting for in many ways where we move to where fewer vaccinate and particularly those unboosted, you might get infected, a couple of days of not feeling so great, but you're going to bounce back. that's very different from what we've seen in the past. so i no longer think infections generally should be the major metric. obviously we can continue to track infections unvaccinated people, because those people will end up in the hospital at the same rate, but we really have to focus on hospitalizations and deaths now. >> there are also lingering issues with holiday travel. nearly 2,000 flights were
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canceled on christmas. 2,000. united and delta say they were forced to cancel flights due to shortages of staff due to covid. according to the website flightaware, there were more than 1,500 cancellations within into or out of the united states today. that number so far today, about 500. former president trump continues to defend coronavirus vaccines even when it leads to rebukes from his most ardent followers. in a volatile interview with candice owens, trump who has shifted on his tone, he pushed back among his supporters. >> more people have died under covid this year, by the way, under joe biden than under you, and more people took the vaccine this year, so people are questioning -- >> the vaccine works -- the ones that get very sick and go to the hospital are the ones that don't take the vaccine, but it's still
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their choice, and if you take the vaccine, you're protected. look, the results of the vaccine are very good, and if you do get it, it's a very minor form. >> the vaccine is one of the greatest achievements of mankind. >> hmm. conspiracy theorist alex jones railed against the former president for his new covid vaccine stance. in a christmas statement he called out trump. take a look. >> an emergency christmas day warning to president trump. you are either completely ignorant about the so-called vaccine gene therapy that you helped ram through with "operation warp speed" or you're one of the most evil men who has ever lived to push this toxic poison on the public and to attack your constituents when they simply try to save their lives and the lives of others. >> what you told candice owens just a few days ago is nothing but a raft of dirty lies.
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>> jonah goldberg slammed republicans who are antiabortion but refused to get the vaccine. he tweeted in part this. it's amazing how many who claim to be pro-life are so cavalier about other human freakin' beingings who die from this virus. it's shameful. joining us is josh. we heard the president push back, remarkably stay on message. he never stays on message, but he did with the vaccine to candice owens, and he's telling people you should get vaccinated. at least he seems to be. what do you think? the people he's talking to, why the change of tone? >> and bill o'reilly.
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donald trump coming in off the bench, coming in hot. he said all along one of the most effective things that could happen is for donald trump is to encourage people to get the vaccine. of course, it goes without saying that people dying and being hospitalized are overwhelmingly unvaccinated. the unvaccinated are overwhelmingly likely to support donald trump, tend to be from rural areas, republican. that all lines up. they want to hear from trump. they haven't been hearing from him. he also reportedly got the booster. that makes three shots he got. none of them on camera. public officials wish he called in the cameras for that. a rare photo op donald trump doesn't seem to want. overall, this will be a message folks don't get the news from other places like the candice owens show or bill o'reilly or that sort of thing. they don't get a lot of voices
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in the world saying the vaccine works and donald trump of all people is the one delivering it now. as to why, there are competing theorys. one is the vaccine. he was boasting that it was produced while he was in office and the democrats themselves were doubtful about the vaccine's efficacy. but others, perhaps he's staking ground heading into 2024 with most of the other republican top fields pretty staunchly not making same message. he wants to take credit for it and he suddenly decides he wants to talk about the vaccine. >> obviously we're not going to give him too much credit. it's certainly too little too late. it's a winning issue. he wants credit. it's interesting he's coming on a different slightly place.
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they're lifting some of the pandemic travel restrictions but not yet modifying rules about isolation periods, even though we are seeing other countries do that. what's the latest. >> what dr. jha is talking about there, in a lot of cases, people aren't going to be infectious for ten days. the question is can you have maybe two sets of rules? if you're fully vaccinated and booflted, you may not be contagious for ten days. maybe you can have a rapid test -- if you're not detectible in a rapid test, you're probably not contagious. that's what they're talking about. so far the cdc hasn't gone there, but what they did just before christmas is change the case for health care workers to shorten it to seven days. that's sort of dipping their toe in the water, changing it across
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the board for the ten-day standard. the reason they're doing that is we're facing a real crunch at a lot of hospitals who h are short on health care workers already and are fayes a potential wave of cases. the jury is out on how many cases there will be with omicron in the hospital. if you're sitting there without symptoms, illness, concontagion they're running out of health care workers. they're saying if you're vaccinated, your isolation period doesn't have to be as long. >> the president heads to delaware for the rest of the week through new year's, but he's going to join the covid-19 regular call with the governors today, and we'll be hearing from him. bloomberg's josh wingrove, thank you as always for being here today. we really appreciate it. now to another question amid the covid outbreak. what about students who will soon return from holiday break?
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nbc's guad venegas has more on that story. >> reporter: students return, bracing for omicron. >> dig it in, go one, two, three, four, five. >> reporter: california's governor announcing the statewide initiative ordering 6 million free tests to kids returning to school. >> it hurts a teensy bit. >> reporter: giving parents peace of mind. >> i think it's really nice they're providing this for people because holidays are a big concern. >> reporter: in california, 50,000 free tests have already gone out to students and staff. the school district installing hepa filters in classrooms taking all measures to avoid a shutdown. >> when i tell you that having kids in classrooms is critical, the data confirms that too. >> reporter: across the country, the school district of philadelphia with an estimated 200,000 students now keeping a close eye on the rise in covid
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cases and considering the vaccine mandate for all eligible students after the break. >> what's your message go the families? >> our message to families are, number one, we're going to do everything we can to keep schools open. >> reporter: as fear looms that students may have go back to remote learning, some schools already are. ucla, columbia, and northwestern are joining a growing list of colleges and universiies intending to go virtual the first few weeks of the new semester. stim ahead, from barack obama to queen elizabeth. the world pays attention to a commanding voice against the apartheid. an oregon dad tries to defend himself after lodging a right wing insult directly at the president during a christmas call for kids. what that man is saying now. plus, a check on the weather and so many more stories when we come right back as we take a look at predawn washington, d.c. .
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president biden on christmas eave said let's go brandon was joking around. he said he meant no disrespect when he said that, which is cold for not something nice about biden. he said this. at the end of the day, i have nothing against mr. biden, but i am frustrated because i think he could be doing a better job. meanwhile that phone call is sparking some negative including this from erick erickson. confession, i finding it in poor taste to tell the president of tu stagts let's go brandon when the man just wanted to wish you a merry christmas. good manners should still be in
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play. as we approach the one-year anniversary of the insurrection, tensions are rising between the democrats and republican party on capitol hill. fred upton spoke yesterday describing the tense atmosphere over the past year including receiving numerous threats. he's using the moment to call for unity and kindness. >> it's pretty toxic, there's no question about it. just before we adjourned probably before the christmas break, one of the members had their words taken down. usually they just apologize say, i was wrong, he sits down, and life goes on. nope. he couldn't speak the rest of the day. we have metal detectors going around on the floor. we get really nasty threats at home. the tone gets tougher and tougher. it's a pretty toxic place. i've never seen anything like this before. now to a security scare.
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windsor castle. a 19-year-old man was arrested for trespassing on the grounds where queen elizabeth was spending christmas. investigators say he was in possession of a, quote, offensive weapon. according to a statement from the metropolitan london police, a crossbow was discovered following the search. while no injuries were reported, the intrusion sparks questions about the castle's security. we have a new way of seeing the university after nasa successfully launched the james web space telescope. the james web space telescope launched near the equator. it's named for the nasa administrator who led the space agency through the early years of the apollo program. the telescope is designed to see farther into space and further back into time than the hubble space telescope ever could.
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its mission, to find the earliest stars and galaxies, the ones that burned before "the big bang theory." still ahead, highlights from "sunday night football." . plus, the committee investigating the january 6th attack asks the court to expedite a key decision. details when we come right back. . details when we come right back. i started cosentyx®. cosentyx can help you move, look, and feel better... by treating the multiple symptoms of psoriatic arthritis. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting...get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections some serious... and the lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms... or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. tell your doctor if your crohn's disease symptoms... develop or worsen. serious allergic reactions may occur. watch me. ask your rheumatologist about cosentyx. what happens when you block heartburn with one prilosec otc in the morning? watch me. heartburn doesn't stand a chance -
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just like the men and women who wear it on their uniforms and the country it represents. they're all only meant to move one direction which is why we fly it this way on the flanks of the all-new grand wagoneer. moving boldly and unstoppably forward. backfield four-man rush, and that is intercepted. it's demarcus lawrence down the sidelines he goes. look at that, into the end zone. >> with the division crown in hand before even taking the field, that pick six gives the cowboys a 21-0 first quarter lead over the washington football team. guys, this one was bad. dallas quarterback dak prescott sell braited four touchdown passes and they celebrated their
2:22 am
title with a 56-14 win on "sunday night football." how bad was this for washington? when two of their players got into a fight on their own sideline during the game. not good, folks. another division clinching victory in charlotte where the tampa bay buccaneers locked down their first nfc title since 2007, 32-6 win over the panthers. remember last year tom brady and company won the super bowl as a wild-card. in kansas city coupled with the los angeles charger, surprise loss to the houston texans. the chiefs sealed the afc west with a 36-10 blowout of the pittsburgh steelers. kansas city is now playing for a first round bye. the playoffs, they're sitting one game ahead of the tennessee titans. they look like once again the team to beat in that conference. to minneapolis, the rams clinched their fourth playoff berth in five years under head
2:23 am
coach sean mcvay after an ugly 30-23 win over the vikings. when owe combine that with the arizona loss to the indianapolis colts on saturday, they have a chance to clinch the win next week. now we go to fox brother, massachusetts. the buffalo bills are in line to win the afc east, matching new england's 9-6 record after beating the patriots yesterday, upsetting me and my boys. buffalo holds the edge in the tiebreaker ahead of a pair of home gains against the falcons and jets. a couple of notes on this. this is the first time ever a bill belichick defense did not force a punt. josh allen was great. the patriots couldn't make a stop when they needed. mac jones as good as he's been looked a little bit like a rookie. their second straight.
2:24 am
they'll probably still get in as a wild-card, but the playoffs just got a lot harder. and live to assassinate. bengals' quarterback joe burrow through for 525 yards, also four touchdowns as they tore up the depleted baltimore ravens. assassinate takes over -- cincinnati takes over the tot spot in the northeast. long suv erring bengals enjoyed that one but fearing the worst in the final weeks of the season. time to go to the weather. michelle grossman is with us. michelle, how are things out there? >> we're still seeing snow in the west, hi, there, jonathan. we're still measuring feet of snow. we're looking at snow in other spots. let's take a look at the warnings and alerts. you see it from the northwest into the southwest and into the
2:25 am
rockies and parts of northeast. we'll be measuring feet and snow in the west. 26 million people impacted as it continues storm after storm after storm, and these alerts will stay in place through tuesday. here's the setup for you. we have that area of low pressure into the rockies but bringing heavy snow into the sierras. we saw ten feet of snow in some parts of the seesierras. as we head toward the northern plains, we're rooking at 6 inches. as far as the snow/rain combo in the northeast, we're looking at a coating in some spots we want to talk about the extreme temperatures in the southern plains, 70s and 80s. to the north 14rks degrees in some spots. jonathan? >> a lot of people traveling
2:26 am
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early." it's 5:30 on the east coast, 2:30 out west. i'm jonathan lemire. the january 6th committee has asked the supreme court to respond. the panel made the request on thursday hours after trump filed his appeal of the d.c. appellate court ruling to release the records. lawyers from the committee say moving quickly s quote, warranted because of the indisputable importance and urgency of the select committee's investigation, adding that any delay in their decision would inflict a serious injury on the select committee and the public. committee chairman bennie thompson, he tells "the washington post" the panel is focused on trump's hours of silence after the attack and the several videos he recorded to ask supporters go home before one was finally released. we know from reporting there were several takes that never saw the light of day.
2:31 am
the president's delayed response to the capitol attack could be a factor in the decision whether to make a referral to the justice department to charge him with a crime. in other committee news, trump spokesman taylor buddh which who the committee says was involved in the stop the steal rally on january 6th blocked the s&p for his financial records arguing he's already complied with the november s&p by providing 700 pages of documents and testifying for four hours. that's according to n fw y news. after filing, he tweeted a complaint about the committee, writing this, democracy is under attack, however, not by the people who illegally entered the capitol on january 6th, 2021, but instead by a committee whose members walk freely in the walled every day. okay.
2:32 am
budjwich also sued others. the lawsuit came the same day as the deadline to produce them. joining me now, my colleague daniel lippman. thank you for being here. taylor budjwich joins the growing list. how do you see this one playing out? >> well, we'll have to see what the courts do, but what i think is interesting is how taylor budjwich seems to be having it both ways where he brags that he's providing, you know, hundreds of documents and sitting for four hours and then he sues the committee and says, well, i don't actually want to provide these types of documents, which are actually the ones they most likely want. and he slams the commission in the first place. so is it a fake commission?
2:33 am
why is he cooperating in the first place? >> daniel, you've got new reporting coming out today about efforts to seek one of president biden's ambassador picks. give us the details on that. >> sure. a guy named steven bondy is a career state diplomat. he was just confirmed about a week and a half ago to be ambassador of bahrain. former trump officials and other folks have charged him with saying disparaging and racist and insults remarks about arab's when he was the charge defair in the uae several years ago, and so it became this, you know, kind of bloody campaign between both sides, and i think they raise, you know, serious questions in their minding about why are we sending a person to bahrain as our ambassador if he's been accused of these types of charges, which he completely denies. >> we'll be sure to look for
2:34 am
that. daniel, before we let you go, obviously congress is away this week. this traditionally is a quiet week in washington, although, the political rules of that all seem to be out the window for the last few yearses, but what will you be looking for when everyone comes back to town early next week? what's the order of business? what's the priority? >> i think the first order of business is whether biden and manchin have a meeting to try to hash out their own concerns about, you know, build back better or whether biden can get manchin back on track, or is this legislation kind of dead and biden should focus on something else? and so democrats view this piece of legislation as critical to having any chance of winning in the midterms, and so manchin surprise move took biden by surprise as you reported, and, you know, they need to really
2:35 am
rebuild that relationship. >> and do we have a sense here briefly, daniel, whether this build back better act could be revamped but still a large piece of legislation, or is it going to be cut up into smaller components? >> i don't think it will be cut up in smaller pieces. i think they'll probably just tell manchin, hey, you rewrite this legislation. let's go with whatever you feel comfortable with. >> certainly joe manchin's influence remains sig kants. politico's daniel lippman, we appreciate you being here today. merry christmas. still ahead, we'll remember the life and legacy of desmond tutu when "way too early" comes right back. tutu when "way too early" comes right back
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2:39 am
yesterday, calling him a, quote, patriot without equal. the nobel peace price recipient rose to prominence in the early 1980s when he used the pulpit to call for an end to apartheid. after the brutal practice finally ended, tutu led the truth and reconciliation plan under nelson mandela. he was also issued the presidential meddedal of freedom by the president of the united states, barack obama. that happened in 2009. acclaimed author joan didion died last week at 87. didion connected to readers through her candid writing. she was also known for her commentation in 1979 the white album and the year of magical
2:40 am
thinking in 2005. earlier this year there was a reflection on joan didion. >> i was in the ninth grade and joan didion had gone to berkeley. she had been asked back -- she was 32, i think. my father was the chairman of the english department and she was asked back. what really struck me about her was my father coming home and saying during that quarter, there's something weird going on with women and joan didion. he said, her office hours in wheeler hall, the women are thronged through the hallways. these are not berkeley students. these are not necessarily young women that they have felt just from that one slight collection of essays that this woman in some powerful way speaks to them. >> joan didion, extraordinary legacy. still ahead, i'll speak with a leading health expert about where the nation stands in the
2:41 am
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the average number of covid cases in the last week is just shy of 100,000 a day. that's the highest since january, a year ago. it's complicating travel plans. airlines are canceling thousands of flights with more expected as their crews and staff call out sick. nbc news correspondent sam brock reports. >> reporter: an omicron surge in
2:45 am
the midst of a travel rush partly to blame for another spike in flight cancellations. >> they say the reason the flights were canceled were crew available due to covid. >> reporter: more than 2,000 domestic flights saturday and sunday wiped away on one of the busiest travel stretches of the year. >> jetblue, for example, has canceled 10% of their flights. that's a huge amount of inconvenienced people. that's what i would call a meltdown. >> reporter: it doesn't soften the blow for many. >> it's kind of difficult. there's been delays in the lines as well as in the flights. pretty much just regular christmas flying. >> how worried are you about traveling with covid spreading like wildfire right now? >> it is a concern. >> reporter: as airports were packed, so were testing lines, the demand in overdrive with people wanting to see loved ones. >> things will get better.
2:46 am
they'll greatly improve in january, but that doesn't help us today or tomorrow. >> reporter: military games going dark after they had 40 players unavailable due to covid, injuries, and opt-outs. the seven-day average fueled by omicron is set at 200,000 case as day. 200 counties are in red alert as there's not enough staffing or beds. >> it couldn't come at a worse time. they're doing things together, traveling and doing more high at-risk things than they normally do. joining us now. dr. amish aja. thank you for being here. let's talk about this new omicron surge and what you're seeing. >> what we know is that many people, especially those who are fully vaccinated are starting to
2:47 am
get barack through infections. we know many will not need medical attention or medical care. what will be a key risk is when high-risk people not vaccinated get infected with omicron at high degrees. that's what we worry about, the severe cases that will impinge on hospital capacity, hospitals that have a lot of patients they're dealing with. that's what we have to continue to watch. that will bear its out over the next week or so if this holiday travel had any impact on severe disease or capacity. >> it seems as if some of the symptoms are typically covid symptoms, particularly for those vaccinate and boostered. not all but most having mild
2:48 am
cases. walk us through what those symptoms look like thr if variant. >> so covid-19 is still a respiratory virus. all will have some overlap. early on we heard a lot about loss of taste and smell being a very specific indicator. that doesn't seem to be the case with the omicron variant. you seem to see more cold-like symptoms, runny nose, congestion, sore throat, things that might very much overlap with many other common cold viruses, so that's sort of why you have to test yourself if you get these symptoms and you have to have a low threshold because it's kind of moving toward that common cold spectrum of illness away from some of the more severe symptoms we're seeing with other variants. >> at least here in the northeast, it seems like the common cold is pretty prevalent right now. you combine that with a real shortage of testing. i know some people who are sick and think they have a cold but they're not sure whether they have a cold or covid. and they test but test negative
2:49 am
and think maybe they have covid and it's not a cold. with that in mean, school's out pretty much across the country this week, but students will go back to school in a week in most cases. what sort of protocol should schools be taking to make sure students are there in person, keep schools open, but do it safely? >> schools have to have the resources. meaning if there's a exposure, not everyone has to go home, only the infected people. we have to make sure that becomes the norm. the key thing is they have to have enough tests in place. many schools may ask students to test when they come back since they've been out for some time and mixing and doing more high-risk activities. the key is to keep it from turns into chance of transmission. we did it before. even when there were no vaccines and there was poor knowledge of covid, we were able to keep schools open in certain parts of the country even though the pandemic was raging outside the doors.
2:50 am
we have the technology to do this. this seasonal the early days of the pandemic. it has to be the norm. it can't be the reflux to shut schools because we really damage children when we do that. there's no reason do it. we have to make sure schools have the have those resources including those tests. a lot of things we shift as to how we think of covid many the coming weeks. dr. amish, thank you for being on today. we'll have you back on very soon. earlier in the owe we ask this question, why are you awake. a viewer tweeted this video, up early to make leg warmers for my daughter and thankfully the camera can't capture what i am wearing on my legs this morning. dan, what do you got out there? >> well, we are all thankful for that. >> i am starting my new year's resolution one week early. >> we'll certainly endorse that.
2:51 am
i bet we'll get a bunch of new year's eve tweets. everyone should get early and put on msnbc. susan sent this one, encouraging the times of being an early bird. morning people may live longer than night owls is the thesis. >> let's hope so. those who are up early don't get enough sleep gets dementia and things like that. this is a nice step in the right direction. let's cling to that good news. up next, how the rest of the world is fairing against the omicron variant, we'll talk about it all morning. we'll get a live report in tel aviv. and coming up a check in with dr. fauci and mayor bill de blasio's exit interview. he makes his final appearance on "morning joe" in a minute, you won't want to miss it. we'll be right back. t want to m. we'll be right back.
2:52 am
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overseas. two dam for a worst flooding where thousands had been forced to flee their home. the dam gave over and caused flooding and killed at least 18 people. at least 50 city impacted in around 400,000 people affected so far. at least 16 people died including infant after a boat carrying migrants offside off the coast of greece. the deadly incident was the third maritime disaster within a week. around 80 people around the vessel which headed to italy from turkey. as omicron cases surged, countries around the world are implementing another reasoned of the pandemic restrictions.
2:56 am
in europe, 300,000 infections reported on saturday alone. germany is limiting gatherings to 10 people or further. portugal ordering people working from home and limiting indoor and outdoor gatherings. it's not just in europe, many country are limiting gatherings again. ralph sanchez from israel is joining us with more from tel aviv. what's the latest on neftali bennett, what's the latest on his condition, how is he doing and is he back at work? >> reporter: this was pretty traumatic. the prime minister got the news that his 14-year-old daughter tested positive for covid. he rushed out of the that and he since tested negative and he's going to stay insulation as a
2:57 am
precaution under israeli guidelines. he's working remotely. starting today some 30,000 israeli school children are going back to remote learning. every parent's nightmare, it's happening on a neighborhood bases and some neighborhoods here in tel aviv and jerusalem. it depends on the covid rate in your area and it depends how vaccinated your school is. if your school is more vaccinated, you may be able to send your kids back to the classroom. you may remember last week, israeli medical panel announced some fanfare they were recommending israel move ahead with the fourth dose of the vaccine for people over 60s and people over compromised immune system. that recommendation still have not given the green lights by health officials. israel may be waiting for more data before it moves ahead.
2:58 am
there is going to be a trial on 150 medical staff at a major israeli hospital. they're going to be given the fourth dose and researchers are going to track closely to see what impacted. israeli government is going to watch the trial closely and the whole world. >> israel has been the most aggressive country in the world in terms of vaccination. now considering the fourth. give us an update on that whether it's an omicron specific dose or a generic booster if you will and then also give us the state of plan, we talked about schools but are restaurants open or clubs locking down or gyms what's the overall sense of this stage of the pandemic? >> yes, that fourth dose is just a generic fourth dose, it's the pfizer vaccine that's favored in this country.
2:59 am
the feeling among israeli officials omicron is nowhere near at the heights it's in the u.s. and western europe. it's growing here. the israeli government is looking to throw things in front of this growing wave trying to slow it down. the number is pretty manageable here right now. the numbers of people of any form of coronavirus is in the double digits right now. compare that to the situation in the u.s., things are fairly normal here, restaurants are open and bars are open, you need to show a green pass which proves you have been vaccinated to get into most restaurants and public spaces. but, the numbers are going to grow here. it's inevitable. the israeli government is telling the public to get ready for ever higher case numbers. there will be a real kind of moment of experiments to see what happens when a large wave of omicron meets the country that is as highly vaccinated as
3:00 am
israel more than half the population here has had their third dose already. we'll learn something i think, the whole world will learn something of how effective the third dose on masks is that's slowing down or stopping omicron. >> israel has been a fascinating task case. raf sanchez, we appreciate you joining us. thank you all of you for waking up early on this monday morning. "morning joe" starts right now. ♪ good morning and welcome to "morning joe," it's monday, december 27th. >> what a beautiful shot. a beautiful shot of the nation's capitol. the sun's coming up. >> how was your christmas? >> my christmas was absolutely wonderful. and a lot of it w


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