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tv   The Reid Out  MSNBC  December 22, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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your final thoughts, seth? >> ultimately, the numbers of people held in i.c.e. detention go up and down depending on who the president is or what is happening around immigration policy but the fact is that i.c.e. detention, detaining immigrants seeking protection in the u.s. or fighting deportation remains a central part of the american immigration policy. it remains a central part of how we deal with immigration and that's a choice that the federal government makes. nearly nobody who is detained has to be detained as a matter of law. it's at the discretion of the federal government and that was true during the pandemic in the early days. it's true now for many tens of thousands of people who remain held in i.c.e. detention around the country. >> very grateful for your work and your reporting and for your time with us tonight. thank you so much. you can watch seth's film. it's called "the facility" part of the holiday marathon beginning sunday at 2:00 p.m. eastern. that does it for me. "the reidout" with joy reid is
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up next. hey, joy. >> how are you doing? thank you so much for covering that very, very important story. have a great evening. >> good evening, everyone. we begin "the reidout" with explosive news into the investigation of january 6th. in a bold and necessary move today, the house select committee requested testimony from a second house republican. congressman jim jordan of ohio. it's a sign that even sitting members of congress cannot evade scrutiny for their role in trump's attempted coup. and for jordan, that scrutiny is long over due. in a letter today the committee expressed interest in jordan's phone calls with donald trump on january 6th saying we would like to discuss each such communication with you in detail. of course, jordan has been almost comically evasive on the details. here is a look back at some of his explanations. >> did you talk to the former president that day? >> i've talked to the former president up teen times --
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thousands -- not thousands but countless times. i continue to talk to the president. >> i mean on january 6th congressman. >> yes. >> did you speak to him before, during or after the capitol was attacked? >> i spoke with him that day after. i think after. i don't know if i spoke with him in the morning or not. i just don't know. >> i talked to him that day. i -- my understanding is from my memory, i talked to him after the attack happened and chamber. i may have talked to him before. i don't remember. >> such a memorable day. in requesting his cooperation, the committee cite's jordans words he would testify saying i got nothing to hide. well, it's time for him to prove it. as we've seen in recent reporting, many who openly mock the select committee with the same people who were actively plotting with the trump white house to use joe biden's
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presidency and amplified the law and interfered and pressure state legislatures. and they can't seem to get their stories together, either. for instance, january 6th organizer aleander testified he did communicate with three house republicans before the siege. he said he had a few phone conversations with congressman paul gosar and he said he spoke to congressman andy bigs in person and in confirming those communications, alexander contradicted the denials of those republican lawmakers. that is why we need accountability and fast. after all, the united states has been flagged declining democracy and representatives sharing the blame. retired generals pointed out on friday not a single leader that inspired the insurrection has been held to account. our effected officials and those
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who enforce the law including the justice department, the house select committee and the whole of congress must show more urgency. joining me now is one of the officers of that op ed, general steven anderson. also, stewart stevens and glen kushner msnbc legal analyst. general anderson, thank you for being here. i was eager to speak with you. i read your op ed you wrote with two other retired generals in absolute terror to be honest with you. scared the hell out of me. the idea not only do we have to worry about the people who plotted the first coup launching another, which i firmly believe they will. i think most of the people on this panel, if not all firmly believe that we can't, that scares me. because it means that we have a breakdown internally in one of the most important and trusted
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institutions in the country so walk me through what we need to be afraid. there is a lot of people with military credentials. 1 in 10 were charged with crimes or accused with crimes on that day. military backgrounds. a lot of military people were there. what is your biggest fear when it comes to whether the military itself will hold the line when they try this again? >> thank you very much, joy, for having me. an honor to be part of this. first of all, i want to make it understood 31 years in the army, i've always been taught to be apolitical, to not be involved in politics. in fact, i always voted republican up until 2016. the party is absolutely lost its soul and forgot its ideology and jim jordan is an actual poster child for that happening. he in the leaders like him in the republican party are why we've wrote the op ed that we did. 43 years ago, i swore an oath to
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support and defend the constitution of the united states against the foreign and domestic and little did i know that 43 years later we'd have the kind of domestic threats that we have right now and again, jim jordan is why. but you look at other things out there. as you mentioned, over 100 military people participated in the actual insurrection. that's pretty scary. then you got guys like lieutenant general mike flynn, former nsa who is advocating using the military to conduct a coup. i mean, are you kidding me? that's disgraceful. you have 124 senior leaders that signed a letter supporting trump's big lie. evidently the authoritative source for election integrity is the pillow guy. you have a general officer out in oklahoma who is refusing federal mandates. you know, please remind him he works for the national guard and then you got all these soldiers that are refusing the covid
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vaccine. i mean, every soldier has to take 12 inoculations to get through basic training but we so politicized things like covid by the likes of jim jordan and of course, you got fox news adding fuel to the fire and the republican party spent 11 months since the 6th of january essentially regarding the insurrection as a tour that got out of hand. i'm deathly afraid for our troops and democracy. our troops will unfortunately when people like jim jordan, they will confuse allegiance to the constitution, which they swore an oath to uphold and defend, allegiance to the constitution versus alliance to a party, a person like a jim jordan or donald trump. we love democracy and that's why we're concerned. >> yeah, and i share your concerns but hearing it come from you honestly made me more
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afraid to be honest. this is part of what the op ed said. we're chilled to our bones with the thought of a coup succeeding. a total break down among partisan lines from the top of the chain to squad level is significant should another insurrection occur. and here is -- i'm going to stay with you for one more moment. there are people in the military now who quietly supported what happened on january 6th and wish it succeeded and i don't know who all of those people are. we do know that michael flynn who used to be a very decorated member of the united states military, very respected and then went wrong somewhere, something went haywire and he's more qanon than military. his brother still has a position of authority inside of the united states military. michael flynn the former general who requested a restraining order to stop the january 6th committee from getting his documents, the judge said no. there is no basis for that. but charles flynn is still in place. the army first falsely denied
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that charles flynn was involved in the response to the insurrection then flynn denied that he ever opposed sending the national guard to quail the view lens by flynn is accused of lying to congress in delaying the response that day. it scares me that people like he are still in place and he might be on the wrong place. does it scare you? >> absolutely. one of the things that we recommended is that we gather intelligence against people within our ranks, people like michael flynn's brother charles. i don't know the man. i served with his brother in iraq and he was fine over there. obviously, he's lost his mind since then. we got to know who within us is going to be a potential mutant and we need to find those people and get them out of the army. we need to remind them all that serving in the military is a privilege. it is not a right. okay? and so to be a part of an
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extremist group or any kind of a hate group or oath keepers or any of those proud boy organizations, stuff like that. you can't be a member of the group and still be a member of the army and we need to make sure we conduct the intelligence to find the people and root them out. >> stewart, let me go to you on this. we had a proud boy plead guilty today. his name is matthew green. pleaded guilty today. some of them are flipping. right? some of them are telling about the conspiracy but there are, you know, the group the oath keepers is made up of military and police. there are a lot of armed, heavily trained people who are falling into this cult, stewart, on the right and i don't really know what we do about that. do you have ideas? >> look, i think the greatest danger here is that the republican party has shown that it will not stand up to this. that it will actually go along with it. that's an extraordinary thing to
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me. not that there is a grown up of people who tried to crash the capitol, attack the capitol. you can say okay, maybe that's just a smallish group but the republican party, one of the two major parties in the united states of america, the world's only super power has made it clear that if this was successful, there is no reason to believe they would oppose it. and i don't know if you're in your office running for your life and you still won't hold those people accountable, you still won't vote to convict donald trump who they all say was behind it or most of them say. mitch mcconnell says but he won't do it. it's like a classic testing of the system and i don't believe the system succeeded because i think the republican party continues to fail. >> and, you know, glen, the one place where you could bring it to ahead the justice department has the ability to do that. you know, i feel like even now
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they haven't finished their work but they have a conspiracy that starts with the former president and goes to the justice department through the pentagon and touches so many levels of government it stocks me that merrick garland who was, who prosecuted the people that blew up the mura federal building. he knows what domestic terrorism is. it shocks me he's been so inert, just inert, invisible. does that shock you? >> you know, it does. it saddens me. it troubles me. frankly, i think it fills us with anxiety because the attorney general heading up the nation's premiere law enforcement agency, you know, we call it the people's law firm. that's not technically accurate but that's how we view it. all he needs to do is step to the cameras and the microphone and say we understand what happened on january 6th at the capitol and what led up to it
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and what we're suffering in the aftermath. let me tell the american people we're on it. we're going to hold those responsible. we're going to follow the evidence, but we are on it. that's really what i just said did not give away a single detail. we need that reassurance. it's not just the department of justice. we need to fight on all fronts including the military front. just recently, the supreme court settled the question of whether we can restore to active duty a retired army officer and court marshall him and the supreme court refused to accept review of the case called united states versus so that proposition of law stands. general flynn is flaunting his title trying to duck and dodge the house select committee and he can't call himself general
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often enough in those filings. what does that do? it's sending message. this is a quazi official. they have civilian laws don't like conduct like that. the military needs to fight on behalf of the american people. >> yeah, i will get the secretary of defense credit they are working inside of the military. i'll end this with you. congressman jim jordan is a member of congress. they were the body attacked on january 6th physically. their lives were threatened. they were hiding and dodging and hiding under chairs and tables and trying to keep the brutal people out, the lynch mobs out. jim jordan, how can it be he can defy a subpoena from the body in which he serves? >> look, you can't look at jim jordan as an american congressman. he wants to change the government and over throw the
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american government. we need to start looking at these people. he's not a regular united states congressman who is trying to uphold on oath. he's trying to over throw the government of the united states and call it for what it is. i think they should be held accountable. i don't know. this isn't a conspiracy a conspiracy is not conviction is not predicated upon successful completion. i mean, when you plan to rob a bank, you don't have to get away with the money. i just -- it's baffling to me. we have to treat them as enemies. >> unfortunately, yes. and i want to thank all three of you, retired army general steven anderson. thank you for your service, which continues with you standing up for democracy as you are to publicly doing. thank you for doing that. stewart stevens who grew in many ways the modern republican party and understands when it was time to talk away and push it back and glen.
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and i think that that's exactly what we've done and that's for example, omicron is spreading rapidly but the deaths rates are much, much lower. this is not much of 2020. >> president biden moments ago pushed back on criticism he didn't see omicron coming one day after administration pledged 500 million free covid tests to counter the new variant. while that variant spoiled another christmas, we got promising news on the pandemic front. today the fda authorized the first covid-19 anti viral pill in the united states. the oral drug is from pfizer and will be prescribed for adults and children 12 and up with mild to moderate covid who are at risk for severe disease or hospitalization. the new drug comes as omicron spreads across the u.s. nbc news tally has confirmed that all 50 states and washington d.c. have reported at least one case of the omicron variant. the first reported case was in san francisco on december 1st.
4:22 pm
meaning it took only 21 days for omicron to spread nationwide. hospitals are inundated with unvaccinated covid patients and hospitals are depleted after two years on the covid front line in a desperate plea asking americans to please get vaccinated. six cleveland area health care facilities paid for a one-page ad that features one word on a blank page. help. the message below says we now have more covid patients in our hospitals than ever before. the overwhelming majority are unvaccinated. dr. gupta and a critical care pulmonologist joins us and dr. brooke watts, chief officer for community health in cleveland. thank you both for being here. i'll start with you, dr. watts. that ad said help and described the situation you're facing. describe for us what is going on in your hospitals.
4:23 pm
>> i think help says it all. we have never seen in the course of this pandemic this many patients. the had the privilege today as i usually do this week of christmas to be in the hospital caring for patients. the bulk of the patients i saw today have covid. the bulk of the patients i saw today had covid and were unvaccinated. and that for all of us is heartbreaking. >> it's -- dr. gupta, you know, i'm sort of reaching my kind of peek fatigue mentally and i'm not even dealing with the doctor and what you guys are dealing with in real life. i know on the top of my head a half dozen people that got covid. they are vaccinated but got it in settings of mixed group with people that were not necessarily vaccinated. so the unvaccinated are spreading this thing and it's mutating, let's be frank, because of the unvaccinated. okay? i'm running out of ideas what to
4:24 pm
do if people are refusing to protect themselves and other people. there is stats out today that we're talking about. let me find this here. 140 new covid infections, 140 million new covid infections to the u.s. in the next two months according to the latest model. 140 million new cases. i mean, i'll let you comment. i don't know what we do at this point, honestly, dr. gupta. i don't know what else to do. >> good evening. great to be here with you and dr. watts. we have to move away from thinking about case loads day after day. we really have to think are there serious problems and we have to think the flu shot will
4:25 pm
mitigate severe illness. they won't prevent a positive test. critical to your point, what can we do moving forward? i'm really encouraged that the sixth circuit court of appeals removed the stay on the department of labor's orders to private employers to do a weekly test or mandate the vaccine. that will have traction here, number one. we'll see more movement in the private sector and i do think negative incentives whether a vaccine mandate in the workplace or this is where it controversial but we need to talk about the bio ethics of it broadly because this isn't the last respiratory pandemic we'll see. what about someone taking icu from a vaccinated person? we do it for organs, kidneys, livers, lungs. did you smoke or drink recently? if you did, you're lower on the list. we need to think of the model --
4:26 pm
>> go ahead. >> once people get covid, they don't believe it until they have evidence of it with their own eyes. we have people every time they say you know what? i didn't get around to it. i see it now. i'm talking to my family. this is something i hear i've day. it's sad to see it come too late but we know with truthfully with experience and seeing with their own eyes, people come to believe it. i've not given up hope. i believe we'll continue to see unvaccinated people despite the effort we put forward. >> let me play someone that is a doctor. here is dr. ben carson saying don't test people. here he is. >> i personally think we should seriously give thought to not testing people that are asymptomatic. i mean, like i said, we're going
4:27 pm
to end up with a real problem. we're going to have massive numbers of people who test positive. what are we going to do? shut everything down? it doesn't make sense. particularly when you deal with something that doesn't make people very sick. >> this is literally to stick your fingers in your ear strategy dr. gupta but the nfl is doing that. the nfl listened to this bananas idea unvaccinated players will still get daily testing but vaccinated players in the nfl won't be tested. if we just don't know maybe it will just go away. that is not smart. right? >> we don't have enough tests for people. i can't get a test. i have to test myself before i visit a loved one. because testing is constrained, we have settings like nursing
4:28 pm
homes and schools. we should limit who has access to the tests. if you're on a medicare plan if you're disadvantaged, we should have strategy around here as we ramp up access to testing. i think we need to be strategic right now because we don't have enough tests. >> dr. gupta -- >> good point. it should be free. yeah. >> give us your final message because we're heading into a holiday -- we're heading into a holiday. what should vaccinated people be doing, dr. watts? what would you like us to do differently? is there something we can be doing differently? >> first and foremost, we need our community leaders to step up. we know there are high ris settings. if you're a community leader holding events where you have unvaccinated folks getting together, you have kids, you have high risk, now is the time. you are the leader. you need to cancel your event and you know who you are.
4:29 pm
it's hard to do. this is why it's leadership. it's hard decisions to make. i'm counting on our community leaders to stand up and do this. the reason we need to -- the world that is vaccinated, we need to be able to spend time with our families safely in small gatherings, so yes, i think we can do small gathering safely. if you're sick, you stay home. if you have tests available and have vulnerable folks there, get tested and get vaccinated and get your booster if eligible. now, then, we all do this now because we're coming up. this is -- for some of us parents, it seems like a long holiday break but school will be back soon. if we want to keep these kids in school, we need to make smart choices right now. >> that is well said and i hope that people listen, i pray people will listen. i hope you-all get a chance to spend time with your families and not just deal with unvaxed
4:30 pm
people filling up the e.r.s. praying for both of you. still ahead, democrats, republicans and corporations woo joe manchin has schumer promises build back better despite manchin's opposition. al franken joins me next to discuss his old colleague, next. discuss his old colleague, next. cleans our old free detergent. tide hygienic clean free. hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin. nurse mariyam sabo knows a moment this pure... ...demands a lotion this pure. new gold bond pure moisture lotion. 24-hour hydration. no parabens, dyes, or fragrances. gold bond. champion your skin. look! oh my god... oh wow. ♪ i want my daughter riley to know about her ancestors and how important it is to know who you are and to know where you came from. doesn't that look like your papa?
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build back better isn't necessarily dead or that's what majority leader check schumer wants to project. schumer told the caucus i know we're all frustrated at the outcome however we're not giving up on build back better period. we won't stop working on it until we pass a bill. senator joe manchin didn't speak much reiterating concerns of the mill, how it will mess up the
4:35 pm
druggies and make them lazy. it's not clear what manchin would say yes to. and write one to the koch brothers. sorry, did i say that in my outside voice? they are courting him to join the party with mitch mcconnell saying he thinks manchin will be more responsible as a republican which to be honest is true. mcconnell said today he discussed the possibility of manchin keeping his chairmanship and natural resources committee if he switched teams but manchin might beless interested on what politicians think as we appears to be much more tuned into what big donors care about. the corporate donations to manchin surged over the past few months as manchin pushed back on the agenda. i'm joined by al franken of minnesota host of the al franken podcast and west virginia native founder and ceo of revitalization strategies and vice president of the national
4:36 pm
wildlife federation. thank you for being here. as he was fighting against president biden's agenda was sucking in money from verizon, union pacific, wells fargo, pacts tied to the coal industries and mining and koch brothers were lobbying him. billionaires cheering him on. he has a long history of fighting climate measures. why is anyone surprised he's killing build back better? >> i was on the call last night. joe biden said when asked about how this would get done, he said joe and i will get it done. that's what it will have to be. joe and joe will have to do this. and he's not against the climate
4:37 pm
piece in build back better now. it has transitioned, money for transitioning people who work in coal to other kinds of jobs, they like that. i think the united mine workers urged him to sign on. look, this has been a sloppy and long, long, negotiation and been hard to pin joe down many times but there are very good things in this. universal prek is huge. we're not going to get all the stuff we wanted but i -- you know, we have to achieve something, i mean joe and joe. it's up to them. >> but the question is, yes, you're absolutely right. the coal miners union and united mine workers of america urged him to revisit to build back better toting taxing and
4:38 pm
facilities and coal fields, et cetera, et cetera, but here is the problem, joe manchin doesn't have to do any of that. he can get by just fine. he has a coal mining business that his family has and would love to make lots of money. he has a nice car. if there was one republican who could negotiate joe manchin, that would be different but because none of them will go along with this, we're sort of stuck. you said they have sacrificed and colluded to make coal and fossil fuels profitable. so joe manchin has isn't shown concern about them. your thoughts? >> the politicians have not and
4:39 pm
joe manchin is part of that and plants are being placed and polluting facilities are there. there is a way to fix that. the build back better has dollars to clean up the types of communities dumped on and put in the mitigation so folks don't get impacted. we're looking at individuals supporting senator manchin and 50 plus senators who haven't moved forward on supporting bba. when you ask folks about jobs in west virginia, 113,000 businesses have worker there is asking for help. their seeing i need help with child care and make sure the folks working for me have paid leave and a number of things so people trying to hold onto the workers they have so they are asking senator manchin and others to help us. you have a responsibility in
4:40 pm
this space. >> you know, senator franken, i guess i don't understand. joe manchin has outside influence and outside power but his state is incredibly poor. i've not seen evidence that he's used his power to help those struggling coal miners dying of black lung who have a work life span that's much shorter because of the jobs they're doing to make money and feed their kids. i haven't seen him go out and advocate that. i seen him insult the people, if you give them money they will use drugs and go hunting. if i said that it would be insulting. he's saying that. i wonder where chuck schumer will give in because he doesn't seem interested in those people but claims he's the only person that understands them. >> he said that about the child tax credit but he's talked -- you know the joe biden desperately wants child tax
4:41 pm
credit. so if they come up with a deal that will happen and joe is forthat in the first iteration. they will have that. what people in west virginia want is lower price insulin and that is in this bill, finally. >> that's his daughter's industry. his daughter was involved in making the enpe epi pens more expensive. >> yeah, that was because a lot of people in west virginia have diabetes and they want this. and he wants that for them. >> last point to you -- >> they want -- >> you as somebody that has
4:42 pm
roots in west virginia, do you trust joe manchin? >> i believe in joe manchin can do the right thing. the question is will he do the right thing? my father says don't tell me you love me, show me you love me. i know what folks in west virginia are asking for. they are asking for jobs, health care child care, housing and taxes. all of those the build back better actually makes happen and here is the problem, joy. we don't have everyday conversations with everyday folks. they hear these things that are going on in washington and folks are not sitting down and saying these are the pieces that are in there. will it help your life to be better? and folks every time i have conversations with hundreds of folks, they say yes. that's what we need to do to make sure that senator manchin and the other senators do the right thing. >> indeed. i'll have you back on al franken. i want you back on to talk about reforming the senate. got to have you back to talk more west virginia stuff. we'll have a whole conversation and do an hour. thank you both for being here.
4:43 pm
have a happy holiday. coming up next, bob the drag queen from "we're here" joins me to talk about the show and hate crimes across america. states enact new laws against lgbtq citizens. don't go anywhere. bob the drag queen is next. any. bob the drag queen is next lift and push and push! there... it's up there. hey joshie... wrinkles send the wrong message. help prevent them with downy wrinkleguard. feel the difference with downy. ♪ ♪ 'tis the season to break tradition in a cadillac. don't just put on a light show—be the light show. make your nights anything but silent.
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it doesn't take much to realize that this country is deeply divided and frankly, it feels like we spend much more time fighting each other than loving each other. hate crimes have hit the highest level in over a decade. at least 50 transgender and gender non-conforming people have been murdered this year. many if not most of the people that make up these marginalized communities were left to suffer in silence until recently. now let me introduce you to
4:48 pm
eureka o'hara, shangela wadly. in the show these ambassadors of love travel deep into rural and conservative parts of the country bringing a message of love and compassion through the art of drag from south carolina to alabama, the trio put on a show with various lgbtq plus members and allies who have gone through their own drag makeovers. it's a brief moment of empowerment and alliship in places that often refuse to acknowledge they exist. and even worse persecute them for being different. >> we put you up on the stage, i want to make sure from experience what do you want to say? >> i just want to say that yes, i'm trans but that doesn't make me less of a person. so i'm going to contribute for the ones coming after me because
4:49 pm
i don't want them to have a life like i had to have. >> i'm joined by bob the drag queen, star and consulting producer of hbo's emmy nominated series "we're here." i'm getting nervous because i'm fanning out. bob the drag queen thanks for being here. i have to tell you that -- so when my producers -- i didn't know about the show. i love ru paul's drag race. i made the mistake of watching season one with my makeup on and cried it off. i was full of tears. this is one of the best shows i've ever seen. you will laugh and cry and dance. makeup will be off. okay? talk to me about where this incredible idea came from. >> well, i want to first of all give a big shoutout to aquila blue and she's absolutely lovely. i'm so grateful that we have ran
4:50 pm
into each other and we're here just able to meet so many amazing remarkable truly astounding people on this journey of acceptance and love and, you know, queer,queer -- amplifying queer voices. shout out to aquila. i suggest wiping off your makeup beforehand or if you don't like to ugly cry don't watch it with anyone. >> let's talk about akila. because akila is one of the ones who, really, again, should not have makeup on. what a wonderful person. and very alone. and i've been to selma, and i totally -- as you guys walk into the town, it is sort of -- it's sad because it has not really benefited from the notoriety. the negative notoriety. it has not brought prosperity to selma. you add on top of the economic conditions somebody like akila who feels clearly very alone and
4:51 pm
is sort of hiding. and she -- >> i want to offer a different idea because i don't think she necessarily feels alone but there's an amazing group there called the knights and orchids. it's run by an amazing trans man and trans and queer people run this organization right in selma. on the main drag. you can drive over the edmund pettus bridge. and the first thing you see is an inclusive queer flag. and we got to see something on tv which is rarely shown which is a black trans woman being loved amorously. amorously loved. especially by a black man. a lot of the people who hurt black trans women are usually they're lovers because they're afraid to love. so we got a chance to see her being loved by her boyfriend derek on the show which was honestly -- it shouldn't be so revolutionary.
4:52 pm
but it is. >> yeah. were you able to go back to a lot of the people -- because i know the pandemic made it difficult to film, there was a lot of time in between. have you been able to go back to see how folks are doing who've been a part of this show? because you guys make these incredible transformations. they have these incredible moments. have you been able to go back to see if that love was lasting for these folks in these little small towns? >> well, i haven't traveled back to any other towns because we have been -- we actually finished filming maybe -- oh, my goodness. like a few -- maybe two weeks before the first episode aired. so we finished the last episode like two weeks before the first episode aired. so it hasn't quite -- we haven't had a chance -- but i do talk to them -- i talk to hila from hawaii on the phone. i talk to my lovely drag queen akila blue on the phone. i text message back and forth
4:53 pm
with -- even some of the people from season 1 still. >> that's fabulous. well, you guys have done so much great work and made people feel so good. if you want to watch a show over the holiday weekend, everyone, who's going to uplift you, make you feel good about life, this is the show. bob the drag queen. thank you so much for being here. it's really cool meeting you. i feel like i'm cooler now that i've met you. so thank you. i'm a fan. so thank you very much. appreciate you. and don't go anywhere, everybody. tonight's absolute worst is next. if you care even a little bit about american democracy, you will not want to mess it. we'll be right back. it we'll be right back. ♪ limu emu... & doug ♪ ♪ superpowers from a spider bite? i could use some help showing the world how liberty mutual customizes their car insurance so they only pay for what they need. (gasps) ♪ did it work? only pay for what you need ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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couple more surprises.
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miss crawly, it's me mr. moon. i haven't heard from you in a while, i'm starting to worry here. ♪ grab a brush and put on a little make-up ♪ make-up. ♪ hide the scars to fade away the shake-up ♪ you whoo. [ navigation ] your destination is on the right. ok. [ screaming ] as senate democrats regroup on president biden's build back better agenda majority leader chuck schumer is bringing focus to another crucial democratic priority. passing voting rights legislation. during a caucus meeting last night schumer reiterated his plan to try to amend the filibuster next month to allow a
4:58 pm
vote that would expand access to the ballot box and safeguard against election subversion. according to a democratic source, schumer said, "how can we in good conscience allow for a situation in which the republican party can debate and pass voter suppression laws at the state level with only a simple majority vote but not allow the united states senate to do the same?" that is in fact exactly what has been happening. 19 states passed 34 laws this year restricting access to voting, according to the brennan center for justice. and out of all the restrictive voting laws passed in the last decade, more than 1/3 were enacted in just the past year alone. what may be scariest of all is a growing trend the brennan center is seeing of legislators introducing bill allowing partisan actors to interfere with election processes and giving them the power to reject election results entirely. that is at the heart of what orange julius caesar tried to orchestrate in multiple states last year. now those attempts could actually work if he tries again.
4:59 pm
we are already seeing what that looks like in battleground states like georgia. in lincoln county there are attempts to close all but one polling location for next year's elections. for the rural county that is nearly 1/3 black it could force voters to travel more than 20 miles to vote. and yet republicans in the county say this will somehow make voting easier and more accessible. well, tell that to the voter who doesn't have a car or can't take off enough time from work to wait in what will surely be massive, long lines. this comes only after the republican-controlled state legislature passed new restrictive voting laws earlier this year allowing it to disband lincoln county's board of elections and appoint a new board of its choosing who, surprise surprise, have agreed to move forward with the plan. the truth is congress is running out of time to do everything in their power to protect our democracy while it it still exists. the only person i've seen putting it it all on the line is
5:00 pm
72-year-old joe madison, who's now in the 45th day of his hunger strike for congress to pass voting rights -- to put voting rights front and center. meanwhile, our country's leaders, who continue to show their inability to do anything to stop this takeover, are tonight's absolute worst. and that's tonight's "reid out." "all in" with chris hayes starts now. tonight on "all in" -- the january 6th committee wants to know what jim jordan knows. >> i just don't know. i'd have to go back -- i mean, i don't -- i don't know -- that -- when those conversations happened. >> tonight the formal request to speak to jim jordan and why their inquiry goes beyond conversations with trump on january 6th. plus new reporting on why the pentagon held back the national guard during the insurrection. then, good news whether you take the pandemic seriously or not. >> where are the therapeutics, the mo


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