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tv   Way Too Early With Jonathan Lemire  MSNBC  December 21, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PST

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that is going to do it for us tonight. we will see you again tomorrow when the days start getting longer and the nights start getting shorter, right? we're here. "way too early" is up next. new information this morning on just how talks broke down between the white house and senator joe manchin over the build back better plan, amid new reporting on manchin's prior counteroffer to the president, the question is that the president's best chance of striking a deal. plus, the omicron variant, now the most dominant in the nation. as the u.s. suffers its first death from the strain, the question is what's being done to make sure hospitals are ready. and nhl's season due to end
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early due to covid. the question is what's the league's plan going forward and will other sports have to do the same? it's "way too early" for this. ♪♪ good morning and welcome to "way too early," the show that maybe could use a holiday pause. i'm jonathan lemire on this tuesday, december 21st. senator from west virginia joe manchin is speaking out on why he rejected the president's build back better plan. he said in a radio program the democrats never came around to his decision. >> surely we could badger and beat one person, certainly we could get enough protesters to make him uncomfortable enough that they'll just say, okay,
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i'll vote for anything just quit. >> he told senators in private conversations he was concerned parents would use their child credit tax care payments to buy drugs two. sawyerss say manchin also raised concerns over paid time off telling colleagues he feared west virginians would use the time to go deer hunting. a spokesman for senator manchin said, quote, senator manchin has made clear he supports the child tax credit and believes the money should is be targeted to those who need it most. he has also expressed support for a paid leave program that has a dedicated funding system. he has a sense of frustration with white house aides. take a listen. >> basically i've always been like, you know me, i'm always willing to work and try. i've gotten to my wit's end.
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they know the real reason it happened. they won't tell you, and i won't. >> wait, wait, wait. you said, they know the real reason, they're not going to tell us, you're not going to tell us. what do you mean? >> the bottom line -- it's staff driven. i understand. it's not the president. it's the staff. they put things out that were absolutely inexcusable. they know what it is, and that's it. >> according to my reporting in politico, white house staff had given manchin a heads-up last thursday that the president was going to soon put out a statement accepting the delay in the build back better plan and was going to mention the west virginian senator by name. he asked that his name be left out because he's already been a target of abuse as well as his family. it went out anyway. he snapped at the white house aides and said he was done
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negotiating. they interpreted that as meaning the current talks were done but could pick up next year. he meant he was totally walking away, which he said publicly on fox news sunday. however, there does appear to be a path forward. three sources tell me in my exclusive reporting that the president and senator manchin spoke sunday night and the conversation was cordial and ended in the sense conversations would continue in the new year. he wants to go through the committee process and roll back the trump tax cuts. counteroffered the white house with a deal that would include universe at pre-k for ten years and obamacare expansion and hundreds of billions for climate change. in a statement in a magazine titled bielden should take
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manchin's deal right now, he wrote this. manchin's proposal gives biden something vastly superior to the failure of build back better. he would have the largest green-energy investment in history plus the creation of a permanent pre-kindergarten plan, plus making health care insurance universally available. joining us now is eugene scott. finger-pointing has engulfed the democratic party, and at least for now the president's agenda could have been derailed. we're less than a month till the midterms. what's the roadmap here? there were signs of reported conversations. how does a deal eventually get done? >> good morning, jonathan. the main focus right now for the democrats in the white house and the senate will have to be on where there is common ground, and we heard jen psaki highlight
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this yesterday. and in "the washington post" we reported where manchin stands on supporting pre-k, also climate change and the affordable care act. but what they'll have to focus on in the white house and manchin will seriously be the child tax credit. we know manchin has expressed frustration and lack of support for it. this is a program that's been incredibly popular with the american public and those in the state of west virginia. so if manchin isn't going to be able to find some way to keep this program going forward, i don't know how much the white house is going to be able to present something to the people that is consistent with what biden promised when he was running for office. >> eugene, this is a new and very fluid situation. in the early reporting in the last couple of days, what's your sense of it? what's more likely to happen if this legislation were to be revived? another big spending package or
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smaller individual pieces that contain certain components of the build back better act? >> so far with what we've seen, it seems like there's more support from manchin than he previously led on. he seems to be listening to not only democrats in the state, but also many republicans and independents who have benefitted from these programs that are popular with the american people and the democrats as a whole. and the presser that we've seen, it's really getting to manchin based on the reporting you've shared, and i think at the end of the day, he wants this to end and the white house. they're very tired of dhon very sags and want the legislation moving forward. eugene, one last question. manchin is opposed to the build back better plan. it seems like he doesn't want to register his vote on camera.
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how's your sense of how that's going to play and could that further poison the well to get a deal done down the road? >> so far it hasn't been effective. he's expressed his frustration of being singled out and has caught staff working with biden and other democratic lawmakers unworkable and unfriendly to his ideas and concerns, so following that path moving forward, it's unlikely to get a response from an already frustrated senator. >> eugene scott. thank you. we'll talk with you soon. president biden is set to address the administration about the omicron variant. plus president trump revealed he got a booster shot. some of his supporters, they weren't so supportive. those stories and a check of the weather when we come right back. weather when we come right back
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the omicron variant of the virus has taken over delta. more than 73% of new cases in the country were caused by the new variant. in some places including parts of the tri-state area, midwest, and the south, omicron accounted for 90% of infections. in texas, the harris county health department is reporting the country's first death from the new strain. health officials there say the man was older than 50, unvaccinated, and had already contracted covid once before. new york state reported record-highs in new covid-19 cases yesterday for a fourth day in a row. nearly 24,000 infections were recorded on sunday including the state's health commissioner according to kathy hochul. they suffered through the first
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wave of the country's virus last year. despite the new surge, outgoing mayor bill de blasio insists the city that never sleeps will not go dormant again. >> we're going to double down now on vaccination to avoid shutdowns, to avoid restrictions. i do not see a scenario for any kind of shutdown because we are so vaccinated as a city and because we have the ability to get a lot more vaccinated. that's where our energy should go. another shutdown would have horrible, horrible impacts on the people of this city. president biden will deliver a speech later today on how his administration will slow the cases of covid cases. white house press secretary jen psaki previewed the president's remarks. >> this is not a speech about locking the country down. this is a speech outlining and being direct and clear with the american people about the
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benefits of being vaccinated, the steps we're going to take to increase access and to increase testing, and the risks posed to unvaccinated individuals. >> biden is also expected to address 1,000 members of the military to help shore up hospital staffing and building up fema to help with overflow of hospitals' capacity. the biden administration is prepared to start shipping 500 million free home covid tests to any american who wants one. former president trump was met with boos after revealing he received a covid booster shot. he also touted his administration's role in developing the vaccines and urged supporters to take credit instead of being against them. take a listen. >> both the president and i are vaxed. did you get the booster? >> yes. >> i got it too.
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>> don't, don't, don't. no, no, no. that's all right. it's a very tiny group. it was historic. we saved tens of millions of lives worldwide, we, together, all of us. not me, we. we got a vaccine done -- three vaccines done and tremendous therapeutics like regeneron and other things that have saved a lot of other lives. i think this would have been the spanish flu of 1919 when hundreds of millions died. take credit for it. what we've done is historic. don't let them take it away. you're playing right into their hands when you say, oh, the vaccine. if you don't want to take it, you shouldn't be forced to take it. no mandate. but take credit because we saved tens of millions of lives. take credit. don't let them take that away from you. >> that's an interesting slight
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shift in rhetoric there. obviously he's opposing mandates, but he seems almost encouraging about the vaccines? that's something to watch. we know in the past when he would talk about vaccines and got booed, he would immediately stop. we'll have to watch. meanwhile, coronavirus cases continue to explode in the united kingdom driven by the omicron variant. now prime minister boris johnson is talking about strict measures. >> we've got cases of omicron surging across the country now, and we've got hospitalizations rising quite steeply in london, and the obvious conclusion is that, of course, it was right to go fast for plan b in the way we did and also the right to double the speed of the booster rollout to make sure everybody got their boosters as fast as possible.
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>> british lawmakers warn action is needed. they've corded more than a half million cases in the last 50 days. at least for now in new york city mayor de blasio says the party will go on, but they're going to re-evaluate in the coming days. >> still ahead, an update on how coronavirus is impacting professional sports, including one league that's pausing its season. we'll get into that next. season we'll get into that next bloa gas or abdominal discomfort? taking align every day can help. align contains a quality probiotic developed by gastroenterologists. it adds more good bacteria to your gut to naturally help soothe your occasional bloating, gas and abdominal discomfort. support your digestive health with align, the #1 doctor recommended probiotic. try align today. and try new align fast acting biotic gummies. helps soothe occasional digestive upsets in as little as 7 days.
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to 49. 44 postponements over the last two weeks. two leagues scheduled for tonight are to play, let's hope. kansas city chiefs tight end travis kelce was placed on the covid list yesterday. other notables added to the list are charlie bosa, lions quarterbacker jared goff. the league's updated protocols have made it easier for players to return from the covid list if they're vaccinated. meanwhile in a game pushed back, the covid-depleted browns were missing several starters including quarterback baker mayfield and the head coach. cleveland still put up a good fight, leading by a point into
2:22 am
the final seconds before las vegas closed door with a game-winning field goal as time expired. there it is, up and good. 16-14. raiders win. that keeps their playoff hopes alive. while the browns, had they won, they would have been in first. because they lost, they're in last. now we go to chicago. the bears were also playing shorthanded last night in their regularly scheduled monday night matchup against the vikings. with chicago missing their entire secondary, minnesota's kirk cousins took advantage. he threw a pier of touchdowns on the way to an uninspiring ugly victory. and in college hoops, the university of kentucky has found the perfect replacement for tonight night. the number 20 wildcats will hold western kentucky in a game two schools will use to raise money for tornado relief for the region after it was hit with a
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series of devastating storms this month. that's a good idea. we're glad to see it. time now for the weather. let's go to meteorologist janessa webb for that forecast. janessa, how is it looking out there today? >> jonathan, we officially welcome in winter at 10:56 this morning. we're transitioning out of fall. the cooler temperatures are already here across the northeast. i'm watching severe weather for the florida panhandle right now. we have a tornado watch currently in place making its way into the tampa area. today will be severe weather day from west palm beach to miami and the naples area. the primary damage will be wind gusts for 8 million people. tornados possible as the heat and humidity is still in place across the coast. we'll watch the weather make its way into the carolinas as well and skirt into d.c., the
2:24 am
richmond area, as we go into wednesday. it collides with warmer air. we'll watch the lake enhancement for the ohio valley as we go to our wednesday. our friends across the pacific northwest, they continue to go through. minor flooding possible. look at some of these snowfall totals. we're talking at least 12 to 18 inches into the rockies some of that winter wonderland in full effect across the west coast. now, jonathan, this is what everybody has been waiting for. i have your christmas eve forecast. showers across the great lakes. it's going to be a great travel day from the deep south to the southeast. then we'll watch another storm for the west coast. that's going to continue for your christmas day. it will not be a white christmas for the northeast and east coast. 60s and sunshine. jonathan? >> it's good to know about the
2:25 am
easy travel, but, man, i will be ma not to see a white christmas. 60s? come on. still ahead, democratics are slamming manchin for put about the president's build back better plan in jeopardy. we'll talk with jake sherman about where the party goes from here. plus, trump launches a new legal fight with noncht. before you go, why are you awake? i'm your reasons to waytooearly@msnbc.commed on tweet me at #jonlemire. we'll read some of our favorite answers later. e of our favorite answers later. dry to smell fresh for weeks, make sure you have downy unstopables in-wash scent boosters.
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welcome back to "way too early." it's coming up on 5:30 a.m. on the east coast, 2:30 out west. i'm jonathan lemire. we're now weeks away from the first anniversary of the january 6th capitol attack, and house speaker nancy pelosi is announcing plans for a day of come member rah active events. in a new dear colleague letter, the speaker writes this. preparations are under way for a full program of events including a discussion among historians about the narrative of that day, an opportunity for members to share their experiences and reflex from that day, and a prayerful vigil in the evening. it's causing some lawmakers to express security concerns. they plan to mark the anniversary of the insurrection but has not yet released specifics.
2:30 am
there's a bit of a debate in the west wing how they want to go. do they want to lvad elevate trump's lies. meanwhile they continue to express anger toward joe manchin for rejecting president biden's build back better plan. here's what senator bernie sanders and congresswoman pramila jail paul said last night here on msnbc. >> what you have are two senators who are not prepared to fight. it's either my way or the highway. if you don't do what i want, members of the caucus, i'm walking away. that's an arrogance that's unacceptable. what bothers me is we have people like mr. manchin turning their backs on the working families of this country, allowing the big money interests once again to prevail, and
2:31 am
basically saying if i don't get everything i want, i'm not going forward. that is not acceptable to me. >> i do believe that senator manchin has said many things. and, look, he's a nice man. i have had good conversations with him. but i had to be clear your word is clear. if you're not going to keep your word to the president of the united states. >> the white house made a point of taking down the temperature on the debate with manchin yesterday, but the progress issues, no, they're still mad. joinings us now, jake sherman of "punchbowl news." jake, great to see you. we were talking about what led to the falling out between manchin and the white house staff at the end of last week. but the president and senator did speak sunday night.
2:32 am
you're a longtime manchin watcher. where do you anticipate he is now? what could the next steps be? >> we have new this morning in "punchbowl news" and we cite your reporting, jon, from sunday night. here's the reality. there will be a new bubbling up of talks, we have no doubt about that, when congress returns. manchin is looking forward to the next two weeks at home in west virginia with his family for christmas and new year's, but i have to imagine when they get back, there will be some talk about a scaled back build back better package. but if you listened or read the coverage of manchin with a big figure in west virginia politics, a big radio show host, manchin reiterated concerns he has about the child tax credit and things of that nature.
2:33 am
it seems to me like we're almost back to a square one. is there a paired back package? there might be. i'm not sure what it would look like. woit it be more covid relief? the child tax credit, he's kind of fencing it off so it doesn't help the wealthy. it's going to be very -- it's going to be difficult. this is a difficult maze. why do we know it's difficult? because they've been working on it for 5 1/2 months. these dynamics are going to play out throughout the first quarter of 2022. >> these negotiations in some form will resume, but how, possibly, jake, do democrats start trusting each other again? we've heard a lot. they say they don't think they can take joe manchin at his word anymore. how do they possibly repair
2:34 am
that? >> that's a good question. i don't know that they can. they took such a leap of faith with promises that they would pass this build back better bill and biden would be able to get him on board. i think it's going to be difficult for a large group of progressives, larger than before, to trust manchin and for biden to bring him along. i think it's only going to be exacerbated as we go into the new year here. >> jake, we were talking about how speaker pelosi plans to commemorate the january 6th anniversary. i know you were there that day. it was a difficult day for a lot of people. what's your sense of what the politics of that are going to be like, what the white house might say and what reaction do you anticipate from republicans? >> there's a big clutch of the republican party, jon, that they consider unfair and bad treatment of the january 6th alleged criminals who are sitting in d.c. jail.
2:35 am
marjorie taylor greene and some of the far right less relevant members of the house republican conference have focused their energy on what they consider to be unfair jail treatment. that's not where the majority of the republican party is, i would say, but the house is not going to be in, as you noted in your intro, they're not going to be in this intro. so pelosi is trying to figure out how many will be there and what they want to see. i know the house historian is talking to a whole lot, hundreds of people, to talk about this narrative, a very sad day in american history. the house is going to commemorate it. but you're right. does the white house want to bring it back in the forefront? it was disgusting and it was horrible. i don't think that they -- i don't think that there's many
2:36 am
persuadables out there, jon, on this issue. >> you couldn't be more right about your depiction of what happened on january 6th. and we heard your tease. we'll be looking for the new issue of "punchbowl news." thanks. >> thanks, jon. still ahead, some of the business news as you start your day as omicron keeps wall street in the red. "way too early" is coming right back. "way too early" is coming back ever notice how stiff clothes
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futures are pointing lower across the board during this shortened holiday week as all three major indices saw red during the trading session yesterday. the dow jones industrial average fell more than 400 points with oil also sliding this morning, this as investors continue to face uncertainty, thanks to a surge in omicron cases, reigniting fears over slowing economic growth and inflation.
2:40 am
some senates say a selloff had been inevitable after a rally fueled by speculation. also yesterday former president donald trump filed suit against attorney general leticia james to stop her investigation into his business practice and her participation in manhattan's criminal investigation of his country. the 30-page complaint filed in federal court up in albany accuses james of political engagement and seattle value for tax and loan purposes. trump filed a similar and unsuccessful suit against new york's cyrus vance of those same facts. it cites comments the amt g. made while running for office in order to argue that subpoenas from her office, one of which is for a january 7th deposition with trump, have violated his
2:41 am
constitutional rights. james issued a statement calling the lawsuit a delay tactic, indicating, quote, neither mr. trump or the trump organization get to dictate if and where they will issue further actions. still ahead, a check in on the leading health expert on whether omicron takes over delta. take a look at this date in history. "it's a wonderful life" starring james stewart and donna read had its official word premiere and began screening on a continous basis. a continuous basis. out it's mostly water. so, we switched back to tide. one wash, stains are gone. [daughter] slurping
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as the omicron variant
2:45 am
overtakes delta as the dominant variant across the country, cases are doubling every two to three days. hospitalizations are also rising in many states. public health officials say if you're vaccinated and boosted, symptoms are generally mild. nbc's gabe gutierrez has the latest. >> reporter: covid surge coast to coast, omicron now the dominant variant, cases and new restrictions mounting. >> it's time for boston to follow the science. >> reporter: announcing they're going to start proof of vaccination. at least six states have called in the national guard to ease the strain on hospitals, among them, maine and new hampshire. downtown has canceled its events. times square said they'll make a decision before christmas.
2:46 am
>> thank god based on everything we see so far, the cases are more mild than what we've seen. >> reporter: broadway canceling more performances, sports canceling games and "snl" going without a live audience and most of its cast. omicron cases doubling. >> it's been frustrating to say the least. >> this is the third clinic i've gone to in the last hour. >> this is not march of 2020. it's not even december of 2020. >> reporter: according to the latest cdc data, here's the difference between those who are vaccinated and those who are not. among the vaccinated, 451 covid cases among 50,000. among those vaccinated, 400,000. boosted, 48 cases. here's the crucial part.
2:47 am
among the unvaccinated, six deaths for every. boosted, 0.1. >> we're seeing breakthrough infections even in elderly people. if they're boosted, it's turning out to be really mild. >> reporter: moderna is out with its own data that has not been peer reviewed. >> the bottom line, can this booster stop omicron? >> the hope is it can. >> reporter: dr. stephen hoag is moderna's president who said they're looking to developing another booster specific to omicron. >> the reason is this virus continues to surprise us as it's involves. joining us now, dr. amish adalja. los angeles has canceled their new year's event.
2:48 am
london as well. new york city is thinking about it. what should families do right now to prepare, to gather for the holidays? what can people do to protect themselves and others? >> the best thing that people can do is to be vaccinated and to associate with other vaccinated individuals. that's where we know that people are going to be protected against serious disease, hospitalization, and death. that's what the focus needs to be on. it can get around some of the unanimity and prior infections. virtually everything is going to get i. if you're going to get it, it's going to be mild like the common cold. to be safer, be sax nated. use the rapid test if you can find them to make sure nobody is positive so you don't have it disrupting your life, but realize if you're a vaccinated person, it's going to be a fact of life and it's going to be mild and that's a victory for the vaccines and a victory for those vaccinated. >> i want to talk about more when you say miechltd we know
2:49 am
how transmissible this variant is, but in terms of the severity of illness, give us a sense of someone -- if someone is, let's say, boosted, what would that be like conversely for someone who's not. >>? what kind of experience may he or she have? >> if someone is fully vaccinated or boosted, most people are going to have minimal symptoms. they may not even notice they're sick. they may have a scratchy throat, runny nose, some sneezing, maybe a small muscles aches and pains, something that the common cold causes. that's kind of what vaccination does to covid-19. if you're not boosted, i think it's mostly going to be the same if you're a healthy person. but if you're above 65, has a high-risk condition, those people do have a higher chance of a breakthrough infection, and that's why we recommend they get boosted. they should have gotten boosted weeks ago for delta, but they should still get boosted if they
2:50 am
haven't been. that's the goal of the vaccine, to tame the virus. it can't be eradicated or eliminated. we're trying to shift it toward a milder aspect of the illness. we've done that before. there are too many people with high-risk conditions in parts of the some parts of the country. >> for someone who's boosted, would you advocate for a less than a 10-day quarantine? >> i think there is data that people who are break through infections tend to be contagious for a short period of time. we have technology to tell whether or not if somebody is contagious or not which is rapid test. even though breakthrough infections are mild, they are disrupt disruptive. if you can shorten that one day or four or five days, that's going to be a really great thing for a person who gets a
2:51 am
breakthrough infection because it can feel just like a common cold. >> the president will give a speech today on his administration's plan on omicron. what do you hope to hear from him? >> i hope he'll make rapid test more available and they're going to be easy and free of charge to out of pocket cost to the general public much like what they have in europe so people can use it often. we needed these tests for a long time. i want to hear plans for showing up capacity. that's what i have been concerned about with covid-19. are hospitals able to operate. we know many parts o the country, they are getting unvaccinated people that are occupying icu beds. i want him to talk about break through infections are expected,
2:52 am
because they are mild and they're not a cause of worry, we have to make the vaccinated people feel confident. we have a path forward out of this pandemic through vaccination and antivirals and rapid tests and all of those tools make this very different than just a year ago when we were facing a similar surge. >> doctor, we appreciate all your thoughts today. thank you. earlier in the show we ask this question, why are you awake? james writes i am up getting ready for my day of work before the holiday break. bring on the coffee. james, i still got a few more days ago. >> aaron tweeted this. i am up too early hearing about my viking's win. another viewer shares this photo of their dogs, koda, raven and
2:53 am
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allen, good morning, what's axios' one big thing today? >> good morning, the new swing voters. this is from a new poll, the latino poll, we talk to more than a thousand hispanic americans very diverse, first generation, multi-generations, here is the fascinating findings. crimes and gun violence is a top concern of this group. it's behind covid but it's ahead of immigration and social justice. why does this matter? this is a real warning sign for democrats ahead of the midterms of course hispanics increasingly courted by both parties. soon to be a democratic friendly, listen to this. cliff young, the pollster who did this poll in conjunction with telemundo told margaret talib that you can look at
2:58 am
hispanics as independent who leans democratic. that's a big change. the more the economy and crime are issues in midterms, the better it's going to be for republicans, the harder for the white house. >> no question, that's a polling group to watch heading into 2022 and certainly 2020. mike, we have been talking all morning about this new phase of the pandemic and covid testing is a high demand for the holiday gatherings. you can't find a rapid test at a local drugstore. >> one of the things you can do is find a way to get your hands on tests. this is something that hits home to people. you go online and empty drugstore shelves. and people are hoarding rapid tests. why this matters is we want test
2:59 am
more than ever. people have covid fatigue, they don't want to lockdown, to do that they want tests. gather with people you know. people who have tested or if you know they have been exposed and if you have been exposed. we have a quote from an expert, don't be the super spreader, if you get a positive result, you need to set yourself aside and test again. there are inaccurate results of course. knowing who you are with and pay attention and taking care of yourself and the people you are with. all that helps and when we get more tests more easily will be better. >> testing is the key component. we'll hear from the president later on, that's a big part of this. mike allen, we appreciate you being here today.
3:00 am
have a good day. >> merry christmas. >> thank you all of you for waking up way too early with us. we'll hear from the president about the white house's new strategy on the variant, more fall-out from the break down of talks of senator manchin and the slipper of hopes in the new year. "morning joe" starts right now. >> i believe that senator manchin has said many things and look, he's a nice man, i have had good conversations with him but i had to be clear that your word is everything around here. you can't enter into negotiations if you are not going to be an honest negotiator. if you are not going to keep you were word to the president of the united states -- >> progressive democrats still livid as senator joe manchin sinking the party's major


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