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tv   Ayman  MSNBC  December 4, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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welcome back, everyone. still so much to get to tonight: we're going to dig into how the supreme court became the most powerful branch of government despite representing a minority of the american public. and why are two nfl players who are both unvaccinated and not complying with protocols given two very different punishments? we're going to take a look beyond the headlines. plus, have you looked at your spotify rat and everyone else's yet? i sure have seen a ton of this over the past couple of days. my saturday night panel is ready to share their artists of the year. it is a big reveal, folks. you don't want to miss it, i'm
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ayman mohyeldin, let's get started. ♪♪ all right, so the constitution established three branches of government to ensure citizens' rights are protected, but the judicial branch specifically the supreme court has gone from a the supreme court appears ready to toss aside roe versus wade taking with it women's constitutional rights to an abortion, which has been set in stone for nearly a half a century. it's important to understand just how ware it is for the court to reverse its own precedents. since 1789 there were more than 25,000 supreme court judgments. in all of those rulings it has only overturned precedents 238 times. i'm not a mathematician. if you can do the math, that's impressive. that is well under 1% of all
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cases. that's how rare it is. but now the conservative leaning court is set to take that almost unprecedented action once again paving the way for more than half of the states in this country to ban abortion in some shape or form. these nine justices have become the nine most powerful people in the land, and actually, i should say the conservative majority of those nine have. of the six conservative justices that are now sitting on that bench, three of them, the three who may be the difference in this ruling, they were appointed by former president donald trump. one-third, one-third of the court selected to make life changing decisions for half of the people in this country chosen by a man who didn't even win the popular vote, a man who tried to overthrow the last election effectively derailing our democracy. now, the same three justices were confirmed by republican
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senators who themselves don't represent anywhere close to half of the population of this country. donald trump may no longer be president, the gop may not yet have a majority in the house or in the senate. they don't represent the majority of the people in this country, but they have installed a majority on a branch of government that is not poised to take away a constitutional right that women in this country have had for nearly 50 years. so the big question is, what can democrats do about it, if anything. congress can make changes to the court. biden's supreme court commission explored the idea of term limits, and democrats could also add justices to the bench, but that would require changing the filibuster rules, and that would be a dramatic departure from precedent, you know, what's also a dramatic departure from precedent when the gop voted not once, not twice, but three times
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to remove the filibuster to approve their own supreme court justices at the time nominees, justice gorsuch, kavanaugh and coney barrett, or how about when mitch mcconnell blocked merrick garland from even receiving a hearing, let alone a vote in the senate because they were eight months from a presidential election. fast forward four years later, mcconnell reversed his own precedent allowing amy coney barrett's confirmation to proceed, and when people were actually voting at the time. republicans have made three dramatic and nakedly partisan departures from precedent in the last four years alone: now it has empowered the supreme court to potentially overturn nearly 50 years of precedent, and if they do, maybe it's time for democrats to wake up and make one more departure from precedent, change the court.
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there's a lot to discuss this evening. to help work through all of it, i'm joined by camilla deshall lis, msnbc daily columnist, comedian and host on sirius xm and ida rodriguez, her comedy special fighting words is out now on hbo max. it's great to have all three of you with us. this is likely to be one of the most significant and dramatic weakenings of precedents we've seen in our lifetime. just how flawed is this system when you have three people who can make the difference as to the liberties of 125 million women in this country? >> well, i think the biggest concern here is the public perception of the supreme court. you heard justice barrett and also now justice sonia sotomayor talk about the concern that the public perception of the supreme court as being a partisan
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institution. and the problem with that is when the public views a supreme court as being extremely politicized and partisan is that it could undermine the legitimacy of the court and the rulings that it will bring down for months and then years to come. >> dean, the most problematic part of this is that this isn't something that the midterms of the 2024 election will be able to change or even the 2022 to be honest. these justices will be in power for decades, and therefore, regardless of, you know, the presidency or even the number of representatives that may come and go in any given year off term election, the gop have the most power. they have the power to turn almost anything into policy with this. what do you make on what that means for the majority of americans to have a say in the future of this country? i've tried to outline how i think and view the supreme court as not being undemocratic, and those that put it in power are
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not democratic, and you have this dynamic now where the majority and that's how a democracy should function, the majority of the will of the people are not -- is not rather being reflected in the supreme court:. >> absolutely not. first of all, thank you for having me on. i appreciate it. second of all, you know what is the most stunning part of all of this, and i think people are uncomfortable to talk about it. this is about the gop wanting to impose their extreme religious beliefs as the law of the land to oppress women. this is the taliban's move and i'm not saying the gop and the taliban are the same, but it is their playbook. it is turning their extreme religious beliefs into the law of the land. here's the irony, you and i are muslim. they used to accuse us of wanting to do that in america. we didn't want to. only 30% of americans want to overturn roe. they don't care because in their view, that's what their interpretation of their faith,
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and i quote gop sharia law. it's gop sharia law. they're not going to stop there, they're going to come for birth control, marriage equality. who knows what's next. maybe we have to ban bacon, ban pork, do something as muslims to push back on this. the reality is people should be -- you don't want to live in a theocracy. you should be very upset. it's not a legal dispute. this is taking extreme beliefs and turning it into the law of the land. what about the rest of our religious liberty? the right loves to talk religious liberty. the women's religious liberty to control their own body. they don't care. >> they don't want government interfering in their affairs either, except for when it suits them politically. ida and to dean's point quite honestly, this is not about abortion because the precedents that this would set is there is so much more on the gop's agenda that they want the supreme court, as they have done in other cases with voting rights, but this time it could go even beyond that. you can take this and take the
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principle of what they're doing with overturning some of these things to gay marriage rights, gun rights, contraception. how worrying is it that all the progress we have made as a country could be unravelled by this decision coing down in june if, in fact, roe versus wade is overturned? >> thank you for having me. in this company i feel a little intimidated, but i will speak my piece as a standup comedian. >> you should never be intimidated when dean o'bedella is on a panel. >> really, that's how we're going to start? >> whoa. >> but i will say this, you know, as a person, a woman of color that identifies with her blackness, i can't help but to point out how all of -- a lot of this stuff is rooted in good old american racism and the toxic capitalism that drives this country to keep people who are poor down. when you think about reproductive rights and you talk
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about women of color and the plagues that we have to deal with in our communities and those that come from communities where we come from low income communities, these are just another way to -- this is just another way to hold poor people down. and you talk about these people who care so much about the unborn but then show up not caring for them once they get here, and we are the hypocrisy that comes from this party and the people who think like this who don't care about these young black and brown kids who are being, you know, assassinated by law enforcement, wrongfully, the children that were kidnapped that were from the border. just talk about all of these people who are affected by this. they don't care about you. they don't want you to get food stamps. they don't want you to get health care, but they care about you when you're not here. so when we talk about these people, we talk about the good old white supremacy that reigns supreme, and this is just
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another one of the exercises that they use to keep poor people, black people, brown people and marginalized people down. >> yeah -- >> sorry. >> i'm so glad you brought up that george carlin quote because i've seen it around, and it's one of the most powerful ones from anyone. it's really simple and very straightforward. at the end of the day they care more about people before they're born. once you're born, you're on your own. let's talk about what the democrats can do here. they do have options. they could add justices. they could try to look at term limits for the supreme court. they could if they wanted to do away with the filibuster actually try to legislate some of these safeguards and liberties into law. based on your report, do you see any movement on that front to codify, or improve or reform the supreme court? >> yeah, i think what depending on the outcome of this ruling,
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it could really make the issue of abortion rights one of the most defining issues in this upcoming midterm election. you know, it's really interesting to note that republicans have usually always geared to embracing, using this issue of abortion rights during senate races and even presidential elections, but now you can see that democrats will try to pivot and use this issue to really galvanize and motivate their base to go out and have voters go out to the polls and really vote in this election because so much is at stake at hand. and so i think in these upcoming weeks and months ahead, it will be really interesting to hear democrats try to reignite the conversation about trying to restructure the supreme court and even trying to expand by adding on more justices. they talked about this a few months ago, but i think especially now that the roe v. wade case is now coming to the national forefront, democrats are going to be expected to answer that question about what they can do to try to restructure this court, that it
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can become a little bit more nonpartisan. >> did you besides becoming a part-time comedian have a sirius xm show. you spent a lot of time getting the pulse of the people. let's talk about the point that camilla was talking about there. the voter base. on one hand, republicans, they're going to be celebrating. trump kept his campaign promise. they managed to do what no one else did over 50 years, stacked the court, overturn roe versus wade. you know that's going to play well with their religious base, their extremist base. on the other hand you had democrats that are likely to be frustrated and defiant in the face of this. what impact do you think this decision could have on 2022 and 2024? does it favor one party over the other from your political analysis? >> look, when i talk to listeners to my show in the last few days since the supreme court decision, it's not just women who are upset. people from the lgbtq community are very concerned as well
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because they know they're coming for them. we all know this. we understand they've already gutted the voting rights act. who knows what else they're going to do along those lines. they're never going to stand up for voting rights. there's going to be more pressure to revise the supreme court, change it, add some seats. there will be pressure most importantly on the filibuster on passing the reproductive freedom act to codify roe versus wade along those lines. my concern is democrats are not delivering on these things, not because overwhelmingly democrats in congress want to, at least a couple don't want to reform the filibuster, and they've chose n the filibuster over a working democracy. this is something that is zapping the enthusiasm of the democratic base. it's really alarming to me. i'm very concerned if democrats don't reform the filibuster they can't deliver to their base, and this is part of it as well. freedom. >> i feel like every segment of the democratic party is coming under attack whether as you said
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lgbtq members, whether it's black voters, whether it is now women and they are not coming to this fight ready to duke it out. they're still trying to build consensus and try to, you know, find bipartisanship. i'm not sure it's going to work. >> camilla, thank you so much for joining us. aida, dean, stick around. big news on this saturday night, cnn has fired chris cuomo after more details surfaced about how he helped his brother, former new york governor andrew cuomo defend himself against sexual misconduct allegations. we're going to have the latest on that after the break. and later, what is your spotify rat really say about you? lots of hot takes ahead in tonight's cultural panel. first richard lui is here with the headlines. some of the stories we're watching this hour, utility pg&e will pay a $125 million penalty for its role in the 2019 kincaid wildfire. that blaze burned more than 77,000 acres in northern
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california leading to mass evacuations. state investigators determined a faulty pg&e transmission line that sparked the disaster. a volcano erupted saturday in indonesia. it cast down hot ash on villages. thousands are displaced. the government saying one person has died. and hawaii is bracing for a blizzard. the national weather service predicts the big island summits will see at least one foot of snow and wind gusts over 100 miles an hour this weekend. it will be the first blizzard to hit the state in three years. more ayman with ayman mohyeldin right after this. t after this it only takes a second for an everyday item to become dangerous. tide pods child-guard pack helps keep your laundry pacs in a safe place and your child safer. to close, twist until it clicks. tide pods child-guard packaging. ♪ ♪
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some breaking news tonight, cnn has fired star anchor chris cuomo after new details came out this week about his involvement in crisis management strategy for his brother new york governor andrew cuomo. the network says we retained a
9:21 pm
respected law firm to conduct the review and have terminated him effective immediately. while in the process of that review, additional information has come to light. now, cuomo released a statement tonight saying this is not how i want my time at cnn to end, but i have already told you why and how i helped my brother. joining me now is jim routenberg, a righter at large for the "new york times." dean o'bedell and aida rodriguez are back with us as well. let me get your reaction to cnn's firing of chris cuomo. i have to say it is somewhat shocking. he was a major star over there, and anchor of their highest rated show. and we were surprised by this. did you ever think that cnn president jeff zucker would make the decision to fire cuomo. do we have any idea based on reporting what that additional
9:22 pm
information that they have uncovered might be? >> as it's been reported by brian stelter, their chief media correspondent there at cnn, the cnn had brought in an outside law firm that went through text messages and emails that chris cuomo -- in which chris cuomo communicated with advisers to his brother. to your first question, i think even barring finding something new -- and they may reveal eventually they found more evidence of inappropriate involvement on behalf of chris cuomo in his brother's defense, they were already in an area where they had to fire him because chris cuomo had basically walked out of the role as a journalist to become a strategist for his brother. the network had tried for so long to apologize for that or say it's inappropriate but we think it's within certain bounds and we can live with it. it just became too much.
9:23 pm
i don't see how they could have stuck by him at this point. >> what about the cuomo situation made it impossible for the network to keep him around? you know, different people have different thoughts about this. it was, you know, people expect you to talk to your brother. that's one thing. it's another thing when you're communicing to the staff of your brother and crossing the line there and working on so-called big picture strategy. some are have pointed to him digging, you know, for information on one of the alleged users. what is it from your reporting, your reading that crossed the line for cnn? >> the latter point you made is what certainly crossed the line. all of it is straying out of normal journalistic efforts. the minute chris cuomo starts -- or at least we learned through texts that are now out in the public realm that he was act
9:24 pm
ively consulting with his brother's team about other journalistic organizations, about the stories women were telling in making accusations about his brother. he's now not acting as a journalist, and that's our job to find out the truth, and we've gone through the whole #metoo movement. we know that our job is to vet these stories, our job is not to poke holes in them. once he's crossing the line and working as an operative to look for holes in allegations against a sitting governor, that's untenable for cnn, and personal ly i knew that the minute those were out and the chatter internally the minute those emails were out, this becomes a whole new ball of wax. >> dean, i know you've been a frequent against over at cnn, you're obviously one here at msnbc. your take on cuomo's firing. he was a huge star over there, no doubt about it. did you think they would go through with it based on how this came out? >> first of all, ayman, while i've been on cnn a lot, i've never been on against your show,
9:25 pm
and i won't be unless they ask me to come on. if they do -- >> you're not allowed to do that, by the way, just so you know. >> i'm going to have jim break a story on something that you're doing that will get you fired. >> like in the "new york times," if i get a story in the "new york times" about me, it just moves me up. i have no problem. ayman, look -- look, let me just say this, i'm not only half palestinian, i'm half sicilian. in the godfather, there's a famous line, this is the business we have chosen. if you do something your network doesn't like, it's going to make your network look in a bad light and it's going to hurt journalism, you're going to get fired. i don't know what they've uncovered, what we know from the reporting it was something so jarring tonight that they let him go immediately, and he was the top rated right up there in terms of anchors. so we'll see what it was. it says a lot about cnn. they got rid of him.
9:26 pm
look to compare this to fox news. you have tucker carlson on who i call tucker klansman who is literally spewing white nationalism, who is applauded by david duke and other white nationalists, a man whofrs defending the january 6th terrorist attack by his undermining what really happened and others on fox news spewing misinformation about covid that could have misled people to their peril and no one's fired. it's about a business choice. cnn's made their choice, and fox news has made a vile choice in what they've been doing. >> so listen, you said you're muslim, you're a palestinian, you're a sicilian. is there an identity card you do not play when you're trying to make a point on this show? >> i'm trying to connect with people. that's what i try to do. >> you're going to play every card you've got. you could play i've got the dark hair, the leather chair card. >> don't do that, definitely don't do that. >> 100% arab.
9:27 pm
>> wait, aida dean brought up an interesting point and a valid one. chris cuomo has been a frequent target by former president trump, fox news hosts over the years. it's interesting because to his point, you got tucker carlson on fox news who issued their own -- who had their own issues, excuse me, with journalistic norms. fox lawyers argued in court that no reasonable viewer take carlson seriously. should they avoid dunking on cnn and cuomo over this because of how it highlights their own lack of standards? and the irony of all ironies is that both came out and defended chris cuomo. aida, i think you're on mute because we're not hearing you. >> it's that good old thing your mother tells, you, if your friends jump off the bridge, you don't have to jump off the bridge too. this is a matter of journalistic integrity at a time when everybody feels so -- we are all
9:28 pm
uninspired. we feel discouraged listening to modern day media as we watch grown adults behave like children. we are listening to television personalities who pose as journalists. give us information, wrong information. fox news is a circus. we all know that it's a circus. it is that good old gop ride or die where even as wrong as they can be, they stick together and they completely always just push forward whatever it is that they're trying to get through. so i think that, you know, as unfortunate as some people may see this because they feel a connection with chris, what he did was he made a choice, but that choice compromised his integrity, and that, you know, translates to the american people as being not trustworthy, and in this moment where we just, you know, rid of an administration that have us -- we all have ptsd because of
9:29 pm
donald trump. let's just be honest. we cannot afford to have people delivering us information when we can't trust who they are as people. >> no, jim rutenberg thank you so much for joining us tonight on short notice. i greatly appreciate it. dean and aida, we've got a lot more to talk about. one thing is clear, aaron rodgers, antonio brown, both violated nfl covid protocol s, but why did rodgers just get fined and brown get suspended? i'm going to break it down after the break. stomization. that's why i love liberty mutual. they customize my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ o man, that's a whole lot of wrinkly at least my shoes look good! looking good start with bounce wrinkleguard,
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during an emergency. so you may have seen this week that the tampa bay buccaneers wide receiver antonio brown was suspended three games for violating the nfl's covid policy because he misrepresented his vaccination status. the nfl had been investigating claims that brown had faked his vaccine card.
9:34 pm
a lawyer for antonio brown denied those accusations and insists that brown is vaccinated but that he accepted the suspension anyway to deal with lingering injuries. now, if you have been following the news about the nfl and vaccinated players, you might want to be wondering about this and rightfully so, why was antonio brown suspended for three games but green bay packers quarterback aaron rodgers was not suspended at all? after all, let's be clear about this, rodgers also lied about his vaccination status. here's the difference, the difference that the nfl is saying. rodgers lied to the world but not to his team or the nfl. apparently they knew that rodgers was not vaccinated. so, if you want to kind of boil this down, i guess it means that the nfl is fine if players lie to the world, just don't lie to the nfl or your team about your
9:35 pm
vaccination status. let's get a quick reaction from our panel on this. dean and ida, what is your reaction to this? i'll start with you, aida. what is your reaction in the disparity in punishment? the way i see it is very simple. the players knew they had to be vaccinated. they know what the protocols are, both of them. i don't care if you're telling me are you did some cocktail drink that made you think you're vaccinated or faked a vaccine card, you both did not follow the protocols of being vaccinated. >> yeah, you know, so i'm thinking about this in terms of economics, right? because aaron rodgers is losing, what, $13,000 and antonio is losing over $300,000. and when we think about racism and oppression, the economic violence that is employed against people of color in this country, whether they're in the nfl or they work at a grocery store, is one of the ways that you keep people down.
9:36 pm
so, you look at this white man that was, everybody loved and everybody adored and then he lied and people were appalled, but he's only losing $13,000. but this black man who we have not confirmed if he has lied or not, is losing more than a quarter of a million dollars and that is an issue for me, because we all know that the nfl, the good old boy network, has been racist and is modern day slavery and when you talk about the 1,696 players that make up that league, the majority of them are black and they are the ones who are, you know, are the ones who are not making as much money. so, why do you think that antonio is getting a greater penalty? he's a black man in america and we see how america treats black men, because it's not a secret, we've been seeing it since black
9:37 pm
people were kidnapped and brought to this country. >> dean, the interesting thing about all of this, the players who put their bodies and health on the line every week, running risks of concussions, broken bones, life threatening injuries, but they're afraid of being vaccinated that is actually based in science. it seems strange for the risk assessment to be so widely off here. what's your take? >> aaron rogers did even worse than just lie. he said publicly, i called joe rogan, a comedian, for health advice. ida's a great comedian. check her out but i'm never going to ask her for health offense. you shouldn't ask me, go to your doctor. aaron rodgers said, the mob is coming for me. no, you lied. antonio brown has now gotten vaccinated. is it about race?
9:38 pm
it hurts ratings, it's all about revenue. state farm should take their slogan from like a good neighbor, state farm is there, to like a good neighbor, we're going to lie to you about our cvid stance. this is a great point. racism plays a component in this. >> all right, guys, stay with me. still ahead, it was -- i've never felt this way for no one ♪ >> dean's favorite song, olivia rodrigo and her song "driver's license." dean is still waiting to get his. we'll talk about spotify wrapped and if we should keep talking about it after this. g about it after this. gordan ramsey this is a cold call! nfl teams are turning to cold with tide. will you? that will never work! if it works on nfl jerseys it'll work for you.
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♪♪ all right, it's that time of year again. 2021 spotify wrapped is here, ready to be unwrapped. every december since 2016, it's given users a fun and sometimes unexpected look back at the music that defined their year. bad bunny topped the streaming services charts as the number one global artist for the second year in a row. rounding out the rest of the top five, taylor swift, no surprise there. bts, no surprise there. brake -- i got to say, no
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surprise there and justin bieber, maybe a little bit of a surprise there. and if you share an account with your kids like me, maybe your album of the year was the moana soundtrack. and i'm happy to admit that. it was definitely on my spotify wrapped for the year. let's find out which artists dominated our panel's playlists in 2021. joining us now, calen rosenblatt. dean and aida with us, as well. i see olivia rodrigo made her way into your top three. were there any surprises on your list? >> yeah, i was actually really surprised that greta van fleet made it onto my list. i think, as you know, olivia rodrigo had a major year. i'm a huge lady gaga fan. no surprises there. but greta van fleet was kind of a joke earlier this year. kind of like, they were the heart of a meme. clearly, i started enjoying their music, because they were
9:44 pm
my number two band. so, i was really surprised to see them there, but -- go ahead. >> can i admit this to you and the world? i have no idea who that is. what does that say about me? give it to me straight. >> it's not bad because before four months ago nobody no who they were either. there were groups who knew them so i don't want to slam them. truly, they have the harry styles treatment now, all thanks to tiktok. >> i actually thought i was cool, but obviously not cool enough. certainly not as cool as you. dean, i know you are nowhere near as cool as me, so let's look at your list. you've got the weeknd, fleet wood mac and coldplay. not bad. i see you like to mix up genres here. >> i do. and you are usually busy on sunday nights going to bts concerts. good we're here tonight on saturday night. but ayman's favorite music, by
9:45 pm
the way, is actually belly dancing music. he was the biggest belly dancer from 2004 to 2007. you could come out like ellen. she dances. >> i need to have a button on this show that can cut you off. >> this is why i'm here. those are my favorite -- look, i love music, i listen to it at the gym. i have -- >> you don't even work out! >> i work -- i work out all the time. >> that's some fake news right there. >> i listen to sirius-xm. i like olivia rodriguez. >> you can't say her name right! i said rodriguez. >> i like the music, what can i say? i don't even say your name right, so what does it matter? >> aida, you had bad bunny in your top three. no surprise, he had 9 billion streams this year. killing it. what do you think it is about his music that is resonating with so many people? >> well, first of all, bad
9:46 pm
bunny, benito -- i'm puerto rican, so, we love our bad bunny. but bad bunny is an inspirational artist. he was working at a grocery store and went for his dreams and people love him, his music is relatable, the melodies are great. he has an amazing personality. he comes from good stock, as you see the way he behaves and treats people. and people buy into you first and then they buy into what you're selling. and i got to say, i wrote for the amas this year and olivia rodrigo is an amazing artist. i got to see her perform live three times and she is worthy of all the accolades she is receiving. she's an amazing artist. >> someone on twitter said, you can hide your emotional state from your friends, therapist but you cannot hide it from spotify. i'm thinking about all the
9:47 pm
people listening to adele. i'm thinking that adele is going to be up there next year. do these end of the year lists reveal things about people they may not even want to admit themselves? >> i think so. one of those things may just be how many minutes you spent listening to music and myself, maybe an artist you didn't expect. but we're seeing a lot of people who have, like, taylor swift as their number one artist -- >> a few of those on the show here. >> exactly. i think this time next year, adele is going to be at the top of that list also. i think a lot of people had a hard 2021, it's sad girl season, we're putting on taylor, putting on olivia and putting on adele. >> so, the associated press had this list. we should, some of the things we should leave in 2021, it included what they call dystopia palooza, hard seltzers and nft. i don't know what an nft is, dean definitely doesn't.
9:48 pm
what do you make of those picks? >> you know, it's funny. the nft -- my son came home the other day and told me, he was like, don't trust anybody that tries to get you into this nft business. i think, you know, i agree. i think we -- you know, we had such a tough year and trauma porn was everywhere and people just resorted to music. i think this list is great and there are a couple of things we should add on it. donald trump being one of them. we shouldn't even talk about that stuff anymore. but i think the list is very telling about how we just, our attention spans are so short and how much we fixate on trends and fads and at the end of the day, good old music is what heals us, because it's the international language that keeps us connected and i agree with that list. >> dean, what else should we leave behind in 2021? >> i think -- i hope covid.
9:49 pm
i hope this variant, i hope we can all move on with our lives in a way and enjoy our lives once again. because if not, the next variant's going to have corporate sponsorship. going to be like, this variant brought to you by ford. the only thing tougher than covid is the f-150. they're going to monetize. i'm not even kidding. so, i'm hoping we can leave that behind and we can enjoy being in person again. not you and i, ayman, but other people in person again would be great. >> before we go, though, dean, something has been gnawing at me. you have a plant in front of your tv behind you. did you just put that for your show. are you trying to jack up your room rater rating? that's not going to help up. who puts a plant in front of their tv? >> i watch tv with a plant in front of it. of course i put it in front of the tv for this shot. what do you think? >> i don't think that's -- that is not going to help you get anymore points with room rater, all right? do me a favor, do not watch tv with a plant in front of that. i can tell you that for free. thank you guys so much for
9:50 pm
joining us tonight. greatly appreciate, sharing your intimate music play lists with us. next, in case you missed it, part of my conversation with overspoken boston celtics center enes kanter freedom. you don't want to miss that. r f. you don't want to miss that. y '♪ ♪didn't even notice,♪ ♪no punches left to roll with♪ ♪you got to keep me focused♪ ♪ ♪ ♪no punches left to roll with♪ when the chapstick goes on. it's on. get yours on at
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all right, so, turkish nba player enes kanter freedom, one of the most outspoken athletes in the world when it comes to china's human rights abuses. he has criticized nike for producing many of their shoes in china, even criticizing lebron james for his ties to the company. and in case you missed it, last night on the peacock edition of this show, i spoke to freedom about his stance on china and why he's encouraging a boycott of the upcoming winter olympic games, which are being held in china. take a look. what changes for you now? you've always been a very vocal,
9:55 pm
about human rights violations in china and elsewhere. you called for the boycott of the winter olympics in china. on wednesday, the women's tennis association suspended all tournaments in china because of the ongoing situation with peng shuai. do you want to see the nba carry, or take a similar position the way that the wta has towards china? >> first of all, i applaud women tennis association, i think what they're doing is so courageous and inapplaud them for it. every major organization should definitely take notes about what the wta is doing. and, you know, i'm trying to tell all these people, i was like, look what they're doing to their own tennis player. are we really going to trust chinese government with our own players? and while we are speaking right now, there's a genocide happening. so, shame on the international olympics committee to, you know,
9:56 pm
organize these games in a country like china, where there is a dictatorship happening, so, i'm calling on all these athletes, but not just athletes, all these governments, all these countries to, yes, boycott the olympics, because this is definitely unacceptable. >> and a congratulations to enes kanter freedom who became an american citizen recently. remember, you can catch "ayman" every friday night at 7:00 p.m. on peacock. thank you for joining us on this saturday evening. be sure to come back tomorrow night at 9:00 eastern on msnbc for much more conversation and insight. but until we meet again, i'm ayman moy he dean. good night. dean. good nigh's ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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it's hard to even imagine that someone could be so evil. at last his dream had come true. new wife, new stepdaughter, a full new start. >> almost an instant family for him. >> just seemed perfect. >> suddenly he was dead on the floor. >> any


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