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tv   Way Too Early With Jonathan Lemire  MSNBC  December 3, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PST

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all right. that is going to do it for us tonight. we'll see you again tomorrow. "way too early" is up next. ♪♪ president biden announces new action against covid as cases of the new variant begin to spread across the u.s. the question is whether the president's plan will keep america safe. plus, congress averts a government shutdown after a chaotic day on capitol hill. the question, what about the other must-pass items still on his agenda like the debt creeling. >> and alec baldwin in hit first sitdown interview since the deadly shooting on the set of "rust." the question remains, who is responsible for this tragedy? it's "way too early" for this. ♪♪
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good morning and welcome to "way too early," the show that wants to emphasize tgif. i'm jonathan lemire on this friday, december 3rd. we'll start with the news. as the white house urges more americans to get vaccinated, new omicron cases are emerging in the u.s. and around the world. the latest here domestically are now confirmed in colorado, minnesota, and new york. nbc news senior white house correspondent kelly o'donnell has the latest. >> reporter: expected, but still unnerving. more cases of the omicron variant detected inside the u.s. new york officials calling a news conference to announce omicron is there. add colorado to california and minnesota. officials identified omicron in a denver area woman who returned after a tour in southern africa. she was fully vaccinated, but had not received a booster. >> she is experiencing mild
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symptoms and is isolating at home. >> reporter: in minnesota, governor tim wolfe tried to assure everyone. a man was boosted and attended an anime convention last month held at the javits center, the very place that once served as a covid field hospital. conventiongoers urged to get tested. new york governor kathy hochul. >> we do expect more cases, but to the extent they're mild, wheel address them. it's not cause for an alarm. >> reporter: the president, a visit to the national institutes of health. >> we're going to attack this variant with science and speed, not chaos and confusion. >> reporter: one new benefit. the cost of in-home covid tests will be reimbursable through your private health insurance. expect it to begin in late
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january. plus 50 million free tests will be distributed to community sites and rural areas. a change in travel requirements. all passengers flying to the u.s. from foreign countries must have a negative covid test within 24 hours, down from three days, establishing new family vaccination clinics so children, adults, and seniors can get their shots together. the white house says nearly 2 president 2 million doses went into arms, including more than 1 million booster shots, the largest 24-hour total in more than six months. as science learns more about the risk of the omicron variant, doctors warn the winter season is already a dangerous time. >> i'm very worried. we're very much in the thick of. this we haven't gotten done with the delta surge. we're going to lose 10,000 americans week over week well into the early spring. >> with just one day to spare,
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congress has reached a deal on a short-term spending bill to avoid a government shutdown. that bill now heads to the president's desk for his signature. the legislation would keep the government open through mid-february. only one republican, congressman adam kinzinger of illinois plans to pass the bill in the house. the senate vote was bipartisan with 69 senators including i minority leader mitch mcconnell voting to pass the resolution. >> i'm gladder in the end cooler heads prevail. the government will stay open. and i thank the members of this chamber from walking us back from the brink of an avoibld, needless, and costly shutdown. >> but congress didn't reach the agreement without some obstacles. nbc news reports earlier in the day republicans if the house made an effort to delay passage of the spending bill over objections to president biden's pfizer vaccine mandate for
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workers. >> we all have a responsibility to make sure the government functions. i don't think that the republicans in the senate want to shut down government. i don't know that they would even have the votes to do so, but it is yet again a double, a double sense of irresponsibility. first they shut down government and then shut down science. >> meanwhile manchin is joining. every republican is expected to vote in favor and with manchin's support, it will likely pass the chamber, but if the measure passes in the house, which itself is unlikely, it would then be almost certainly vetoed by president biden. joining us now, white house reporter for "the washington post," tyler page. tyler, thank you as always for being here. lots of action on pennsylvania
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avenue, both sides yesterday. let's start with the capitol. democrats are hoping for an omnibus bill. what kind of plan are they trying to push on the process? >> as we've seen over the past few months, congress waits until the last moments to pass some of these crucial spending bills, and the fight remains as you outline. this bill only funds the government through february, and it is likely we'll see another fight on capitol hill over funding the government. i think what we're seeing in these economic packages where they're necessary to keep the government funding or avert financial disaster like the case with the debt limit is the republicans are using these opportunities to push political messages, and so i think the future economic spending bill package is going to require
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democrats to move up to attack the president. we saw this yesterday as republicans attacked the president over the vaccine mandate, yet eeg never some cases with the case of rep active marjorie taylor greene to shut down the government over this vaccine mandate. they see this as an opportunity to contrast with the president and say they are against these mandates and take these tough votes for democrats in some cases like senator joe manchin who had to -- you know, who voted with the republicans to say he was opposed to the president's vaccine mandate. this puts pressure on some of these more moderate or conservative democrats who have to take tough votes in their district and could potentially imperil the president's agenda as they try to keep the government over and avert financial disaster. >> it was interesting yesterday to see the senate republicans act with the cooler heads and say, look, we need to make sure we fund the government. and certainly with so much on congress's plate this december,
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there could be more opportunities for political brinksmanship. great. tyler, we on the other end of pennsylvania avenue, the president, of course, is outlining his winter covid strategy, and as i and my political colleague reports, there's only so much we can do. he's leaned into what he can to the tools stopping short of the vaccine mandate, stopped short of the vaccine mandate for domestic travel, but he's leaned into as much as he can with the stubbornness of so many people out there refusing to get the shot, largely republicans in largely gop-led states. we had a surprise. the governor joined to end the mandate. that may be more of a gesture because that will be defeated in the house. but is congress worried he's helping right as they need him to get the build back better agenda passed? >> i think, again, it shows how much is on the president's plate as he tries to push his agenda
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forward and how tough it's going to be to push it through a congress that is evenly divided, and congress has this slim majority because of the vice president being able to break a tie. senator joe manchin once again emerges at the center of any sort of legislative effort on behalf of the president, and i think there is quite a bit of concern in democratic circles about how much work needs to get done and how much, you know, they need manchin to really push this build back better agenda over the finish line, but one thing that struck me yesterday on the president and his speech on the winter covid strategy is his appealing to americans to depot lit size covid as we're seeing house and senate republicans try to repeal the vaccine mandate in sort of a political messaging effort. the president is trying to saying look, it's sad -- in these words, it's sad, sad commentary that people have tried to politicize the virus response. that is -- as you said, he has
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limited tools to try to, you know, put in tougher restrictions to end the virus and to promote vaccinations, and so he's trying to appeal to people from a political perspective and say, let's come together, let's unite in this fight. it's a tall order considering how political it has been and how eager republicans are to politicize it even further to draw a contrast with the democrats. >> they like to say white house aides have told me and they told you too, they like to paint their republicans and say, hey, this is the parts slowing down our response to the pandemic and preventing americas from being vaccinate and, therefore, be kept safe. "the washington post's" tyler passenger. we appreciate you being here. have a good weekend, my friend. still ahead, the teenager who opened fire at a school is already facing charges and now his parents may also be held accountable. plus, what actor alec baldwin is saying about the
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deadly shooting on the film set of "rust" and the key question, who put the live round in the gun. those stories and a check on the weather when we come right back. weather when we come right back. [music: "i swear"] jaycee tried gain flings for the first time the other day... and forgot where she was. you can always spot a first time gain flings user. ♪ i've lost count of how many asthma attacks i've had.
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last night on nbc news, alec baldwin described what led up to the deadly shooting on the filmset of "rust." baldwin teared up many times and said several times he didn't want to pour tray himself as a victim. a person was killed after a prop gun discharged. here's what he had to say about the shooting and the unanswered questions that remain. >> i'm holding the gun where she told me to hold it, which ended up being aimed right below her armpit is what i was told. i don't know. this was a completely incidental shot and may not have ended up
2:15 am
in the film at all. we kept on doing this. i said to her, in this scene i'm going to cop the gun. i said, do you want to see that. she said yes. so i take the gun. i'm going to cock the gun, but i'm not going to pull the trigger. i did that and i said, can you see that, can you see that, can you see that? i let go of the hammer and the gun goes off. that's the moment the gun went off. that was the moment the gun went off. >> it wasn't in the script for the trigger to be pulled. >> the trigger wasn't pulled. i never pulled the trigger. >> you never pugged the trigger. >> no, no, no, no, i never pulled the trigger. that was the training i had. you never pull the trigger. >> the particulars of what happened, the particulars most importantly of how a piece of live ammunition ended up on this property, it wasn't supposed to be on the property, it wasn't supposed to be on the truck. it wasn't supposed to be in the
2:16 am
kit. it wasn't supposed to bo in someone's fanny pack. a live round was not supposed to be on the set. >> how did it get on there? >> that's for a criminal investigator to look at. i have no idea. i mean i have an idea, but it's not for me to say. the investigation will find it out. someone put a live bullet in the gun, a bullet that wasn't supposed to be on the property. >> do you feel guilt? >> no. i feel that someone is responsebling for what happened, and i can't say who that s but i know it's not me. honest to god, if i felt i was responsible, i might have killed myself if i thought i was responsible, and i don't say that lightly. >> coming up on "morning joe," a firearms expert and stunt coordinator will weigh in on those comments about that shooting. and still ahead here on "way too early," three nfl players get suspended for
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i can turn my sleigh north because my job here is done. it's not magic that makes more holiday deliveries to homes in the us than anyone else, it's the hardworking people of the united states postal service. flag on the play. another interception. and this is watkins to the end zone, but a flag is down. >> the penalty was against the saints offense and was declined by the cowboys after dallas defensive tackle carlos watkins returned an interception 29 yards for a pick six. that gave the cowboys a 17-point lead with less than three minutes to play in the final quarter. that was the fourth time new orleans quarterback dayson hill was picked off in last night's game, one of three over the final six and a half minutes in the fourth quarter. the saints slumped to a loss.
2:21 am
dallas wins in a 27-17 win. tampa bay wide receiver antonio brown has been suspended three games for violating the league's covid-19 protocols and misrepresenting his covid vaccination status. also suspended is mike edwards and john franklin iii. it comes after the nfl said last month it was looking into a report that brown obtained a fake vaccination card to evade league protocols. they allege brown brought a fake vaccination card with him to training camp, but after he arrived someone told him having one would get him in trouble, so he made the decision to get vaccinated. awe three players are vaccinated now and admit to wrongdoing. all three players accepted the discipline and waived their right to appeal. brown will be eligible to return
2:22 am
for the december 6 game. i've got to say, if you had a pool on which player might have a fake vaccination card, antonio brown would be the one to have a fake card. i would also note they get three chances to evade vaccination status. tom brady got kaumd out, not that i'm still bitter. lebron james is cleared after two games of health and safety protocols over a positive coronavirus test. in a statement yesterday the league said initially james tested positive on monday which returned both a negative result and yet another positive. a new test on tuesday then returned a negative result and an inconclusive result. stay with us. eventually james tested negative 24 hours apart and the nba concluded his initial testing was a false positive. the superstar will likely be back in the lineup for tonight's game against the clippers. to the court in memphis where the grizzlies have
2:23 am
delivered what can only be called an epic beatdown of the thunder, defeating oklahoma city by an epic -- wait for it -- 73 points. final score, 152-79. great effort there. in phoenix, the suns streak to a franchise record 18th win in a row. good job, suns, with last night's 114-103 victory over the detroit pistons. that's the best team in basketball at the moment. meanwhile the international olympic committee yesterday said it held a second call with chinese tennis player feng shui. they deflect criticism months before the winter games in beijing. it's in february. the ioc's statement says in part, quote, we share the same concern as many other people and organizations about the well being and safety of peng shuai.
2:24 am
this is why another ioc team held another video call with her. we've offered her wide-ranging support, will stay in regular touch with her, and have already agreed on an in-person meeting in january. as to an earlier meeting with pen shay, they did not release video or transcript of the call, nor did they say how wednesday's call was arranged or specified who else may have taken part. meanwhile team usa is now an instant favorite for an olympic bobsled medal in those beijing games. a five h time world champion bobsledder who won medals for canada and then left the canada program to escape an alleged abusive coach has officially become a u.s. citizen. she received an exemption to u.s. immigration law that requires three years of marital union. her citizenship now makes her eligible to compete for team usa at the olympics early next year.
2:25 am
time now for the weather, and let's go to meteorologist bill karins. bill, what's it looking like out there for today and the weekend? >> yeah. the weekend forecast doesn't look too much different to how it's been lately, but the warmth is just incredible. yesterday it was 72 in denver once again, and we're going to continue with more record-highs. it's just pretty ridiculous it's the third day of december, and temperatures look more like october across the map. 70s as far north as raleigh. d.c. will be near 60. kansas city and st. louis, a mild day. these temperatures are 20 to 30 degrees warmer than they should be in the middle of the country. saturday things begin to cool off a little bit. temperatures in the 70s and 60s. how does the weekend shape up as far as wet weather goes? here's the forecast for today. not a lot of travel programs coast to coast. new england, it's cooler. you may have heard winds
2:26 am
gusting. boston, a little chilly. minneapolis, a slight chance of showers. the weekend forecast, the southern half is pretty quiet. we'll see a snowstorm across the canadian border. through montana, the dakotas, and by sunday some of the snow and wind will be in minnesota, wisconsin, and northern portions of michigan. we'll see wind and rain rolling through chicago, indianapolis, memphis, and little rock on sunday. eastern seaboard, dry on the weekend. chilly at night, but the days will be mild. no problems on sunday. as far as the snow forecast goes, it's mostly confined to areas from montana through north dakota, northern half of minnesota and also wisconsin. you'll do some shoveling especially sunday. fargo, also duluth and north of green bay. notice we don't have any snow whatsoever in areas like colorado. in denver, jonathan, we're still wait fwrg the first measurable snow. it's now been 226 days.
2:27 am
it's close to the record, but i don't think we're going to get there. the next chance of snow is on tuesday. so that snow drought continues in colorado. i know skiers are not happy at all. most of the results are running at lefts that 25% of their opening for trails. >> now i'm sure skiers are desperately unhappy. i know denver is unpredictable. it's an area that can change dramatically. no snow yet, and we're in the first week of december. thank you, pal. have a great weekend ahead. the omicron variant has now been detected in at least five states. i'll be joined by two health experts on the president's plan and health challenges posed by the pandemic. but before we go to break, we want to know why are you awake. really, why. i'm your reasons to or tweet me @jonlemire. be sure to use the #waytooearly. we'll read some of our favorite answers later in the show. ur fa answers later in the show. restorative herbal sleep
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welcome back to "way too early." it's just after 5:30 on the east coast, 2:30 out west. i'm jonathan lemire. at least nine cases of the omicron variant were identified in four more states across the u.s. yesterday. health officials in new york, minnesota, colorado, and hawaii reported new cases one day after california confirmed the first case in the country. new york governor kathy hochul announced the state had five confirmed cases, but, she say, quote, this is not a cause for
2:32 am
alarm. she encouraged people to get vaccinated and get boosted and wear a mask. the cdc says it's working closely with authorities in new york and investigating the variant. officials say all the cases are mild and the individuals are recovering. as those new cases emerge, president biden is pushing stricter covid virus testing requirements for all travelers entering the united states. international travelers will now be required to have a covid test within 24 hours of travel instead of 72 hours. this is all regardless of their vaccination status. the rule starts monday and applies to both u.s. citizens and foreign nationals. the mask mandate inside airports and on public transportation has also been extended to march. joining us now we're pleased to have a panel of experts to talk about all of this. dr. kavita patel. she's a former obama white house
2:33 am
policy director and medical contributor and also dr. benjamin miller. thank you so much both of you for being here. dr. patel, aisle start with you. what did you make of president biden's winter covid-19 action plan. do you think enough is being done to handle both the delta strain, which, of course, is still the dominant one here in the u.s. and is claiming a thousand or more lives a day as well as the new variant? >> yeah. good morning, jonathan. so i think you alluded to this earlier in the show, that there's always probably more you can do, and, of course, we're waiting for some details. but short of trying to get those mandates through that i think are going to get tangled up in courts for some time, it's pretty broad, pushing on existing levers and adding new ones. paying for pediatricians to get vaccine counseling don't get enough light of day.
2:34 am
i'll tell you, watching, pediatricians have no time. anyone with children, including myself as a clinician, they need that. free at-home tests, those are big game-changers and can make a big difference. at the end of the day if only 60% of meshes are vaccinated, we can only do so much. >> dr. miller, there's a lot of fear and an zit surrounding the covid-19. what are some ways people can cope. >> uncertainty has been a thing for the past two years. anxiety, depression, it can make us feel really bachld i think there's three things we can do. first of all, we have to recognize what's within our control and what's not. there's a lot that's going to happen with this virus that we can't do anything about, but as drchl patel alluded to, there's a lot of things we can. we can get vaccinated, wear masks, protect those around us.
2:35 am
we can make sure those things are under our control and don't try to force ourselves with a solution and cope with it. wee find some solution in our life that allows us to manage that stress and anxiety a little better. that means having hope, talking it out with our friends and colleagues. that means not keeping it inside. we know when we do, that it makes our overall well being worse. finally, when you reach a place where you feel like you can't handle it, find a clinician, dr. patel, a mental health counsel letter, find someone to help. this is not the time to try to be strong by yourself. reach out if you need it. >> so many people have suffered real covid fatigue. it's nearly two years of, there and it now comes as we enter the holiday season, which is a particularly challenging moment for so many americans. what are some -- what's some advice you could give to people who are suffering from seasonal blues or fatigue, you know, real depression and fatigue because
2:36 am
of the virus? >> well, there's a couple of things that i think immediately we could do. first of all, i think you have to understand that one of the best ways to address our depression or anxiety or even those seasonal blues that you described is to find someone you can talk to. i said it earlier. i'll say it again. we sometimes like to pretend we don't 'do not have any issues. we sometimes freenld and hide away the fact that we're really struggling. if you do not bring it up at the dinner table with your family and friends, it can only make things worse. second, we need to set boundaries. when you're surrounded by your friends and family, you might need some space. boundaries are good for our mantality health, for our well being. you need to set that boundary. it will be good for you. it will be good for the family. >> dr. patel, before we run out of time, i want to ask you two unrelated questions. first there's a report
2:37 am
anecdotally that the first case of only onis relatively mild. i wanted to get your conclusions. secondly on a different matter, the supreme court upholds the law of banning abortions up to 15 weeks of pregnancy. putting that aside, are there health concerns with that decision? >> very quickly, with cases of omicron appears mild, very positive for those people vaccinated and too early to read on anything systemic. on the case of roe v. wade, especially 15 weeks, number one, a lot of women don't even realize the time of their pregnancy, and getting in and having an established care provider, being able to miss that and the time is so arbitrary. there's so many complications to the individual, the family, and considerations, forcing any woman to have to do that that is
2:38 am
very much artificial from a medical standpoint, jonathan, was capricious and a gut punch to listen to one of the justices the other day. >> dr. kavita patel and dr. benjamin miller, thank you both. we really appreciate it. have a great weekend. still ahead, how omicron and the new restrictions with it are impacting the economy. "way too early" is coming right back. economy. "way too early" is coming right back
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2:42 am
this, and can you explain the up-and-down fluctuations of this market? >> jonathan, there's so much uncertainty about the investment community as to where markets go from here. we've seen huge swings in share price over the last week, all kicking off on friday when the dow jones logged its worst day in 2020. that was before the u.s. presidential election and before the arrival of our vaccines. because of the swings, the dow jones is a little changed on the week overall. it's a similar story here in europe with the benchmark change coming in to today. this morning stocks are in a little bit of a holding pattern as investors turn their attention to this afternoon's non-pharma payroll report from nosh. but i have to cash yacht this. investors are going to put a little less weight on the report considering how there's so little on the covid variant moving forward.
2:43 am
we've been covering the biden administration's new travel rules ahmed the new concerns over the omicron variant. how are the revisions going to affect travel and tourism. >> they're just now getting back on their feet and now the arrival of the new variant certainly threatens that proeg. we heard from the united ceo warning the new variant will have at least a short-term impact on bookings. bookings will be lower than they otherwise would have been. we're also seeing the number of traveler drop, checking in. americas are now exhibiting more caution when it comes to booking international trips. >> so google, obviously a major player here, is pushing back its date over the concerns of the variant. we see home stocks have seen
2:44 am
major gains. should we expect that to continue? what are we seeing from companies in the u.s. or across the globe? are they all slowing down plans? a lot of places were hoping to get workers back to the office by the new year. is this new variant changing that? >> this is another big question. so far we've seen players across the world take a more cautious stachblts we've seen grofts approve work from home places where infection rates are high. they've pushed back their return-to-office dates back several times already. they were looking at january 10th. but according to a new internal memo, that date has yet again been delayed. the company is still encouraging ploys to come in. they want to get that muscle memory working as they put it. they want people to remember
2:45 am
what it's like to come in and connect with other people. the bottom line is we just don't know, and we're hearing from many from around the world. >> i'll just note, i've been coming into the office. still ahead, potential charges for the parents of the teenager accused in this week's deadly shooting at a michigan high school. and as we go to break, a look at this date in history. six years ago, then defense secretary ash carter ordered the armed services to open all military jobs to women, removing the final barriers that had kept them from serving in combat. >> to succeed in our mission of national defense, we cannot afford to cut ourselves off from half the country's talents and skills. women will now be able to contribute to our mission in ways they could not before. r see eosinophilic asthma. nucala reduces eosinophils, a key cause of severe asthma. nucala is not for sudden breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur. get help right away for swelling of face, mouth,
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days after a deadly shooting at a michigan high school, the prosecutor in the case says she is weighing charges against the
2:49 am
parents of the teenaged suspect. >> if you own a weapon and possess a weapon and knowingly allow someone to have free access to it who you have reason to believe might use it to injure somebody, that is willful and gross negligence, and there are lots of criminal consequences for that. >> the 15-year-old suspect is accused of killing four of his classmates at oxford high school on tuesday and injuring seven others including a teacher. local officials say the teen used a semi-automatic handgun, which his father had just bought on black friday. in addition to the four counts of murder and a slew of other charges, he he faces other charges including terrorism. meanwhile the oakland county sheriff where the shooting took place says copy cats have closed
2:50 am
other schools to close in michigan. >> i don't know why after a real tragedy it makes sense to make threats. if you're making threats, we're going to find you. it is ridiculous you're inflaming the fears and passion parents, teachers and community in the midst of a real tragedy. none of them have been deemed credible. in the sex trafficking traditional of ghislaine maxwell's former employee testified. among them were two women accused epstein of sexually abusing them as teenagers. maxwell was the lady that slept in epstein's bedroom. they went to great lents to ensure the staffers like him could not see what was going on
2:51 am
in the mansion. there was a wall that obstructed the view between staff quarters and the rest of the house. the former employee says he sometimes picked up epstein's accusers from their home on instruction of maxwell and bring the visitors to maxwell's desk. prosecutors are trying her in place of epstein who died by suicide in jail in 2019. up next, the first funds of infrastructure bill is being put to action. senator tim kaine is joining us after democrats avoid a government shutdown at least for now. we'll hear from jen psaki of the impact of omicron. "morning joe" is a few moments away. " is a few moments away downy will soften your clothes without dyes or perfumes. the towel washed with downy is softer,
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2:55 am
dan, what you got back there? >> i am awake writing an article, have not pulled an all-nighter since college. ayman 's news "american radical," he reports how a woman in his hometown becomes a foot soldier. you can catch that on sunday. i get one more here, bill gum tweets at me, i am up way too early because my 41-year-old wife had to get up at 4:00 a.m. to fly to mexico for a rave this weekend. >> okay. >> moving on. the biden administration announced yesterday the environmental protection agency is sending more than $7 billion throughout the country to replace water, infrastructure
2:56 am
and led pipes. nbc news reports the funding is a broader $50 billion investment in water infrastructure. the epa administrator says "it's the largest water infrastructure in the history of the federal government." joining us now cofounder of punch bowl news who spent most of his weekend on a rave. things seem to be not going quite as well on the social infrastructure package. what are you hearing? what's the latest on where senator manchin and cinema stand on voting this year. we know leader schumer hopes to get it done before christmas? >> schumer has been repeating and including yesterday talked about it. we are reporting at punch bowl
2:57 am
news that senaor sinema has been telling her colleague that she does not see the bill getting done this year. that's not her, she's not saying it should be done this year but the reality of the situation, not to get done before the christmas deadline schumer said and also manchin again of something yesterday to one of your other tv network here that says he's not sure where he's going vote on this bill. covering joe manchin that's his way on a lot of legislation. as he walks into the doors of the chambers. these two senators are critical and they are you know, one, they're telling her colleague that she does not think ability is done and he's not sure how he's going vote. there is big problems for schumer on getting these two votes lineup.
2:58 am
so our democrats in the hill, we heard from the white house where they want to go more on the offense against republicans, hey, the gop is sort of in our way in terms of dealing with the pandemic itself but the economic recovery, there is been congressional buy in on that and how much of a concern is it that this installing of the agenda could derail on it? >> oh yeah, there is a lot of books in the democratic side wall, i want to talk about what they have been pushing all year and what they see as this republican party that just wants to block everything that's really shifted into election year mode and want to take over congress in 2022 and they're not interested in passing many legislation the american people need. the messaging has been tough. we spent a large part of the
2:59 am
center talking about how much money it's going to cost. they kind of put themselves in a box. you see the message shift from the white house, the president has been ton road and kamala harris has been on the road. you know pete buttigieg have been trying to play up on the infrastructure bill which talked about. this is a trillion dollars piece of legislation. democrats pass this and they need to talk about other stuff they're doing. we are full election year mode. we are deep into 2022 already. as far as elections go, maybe not the calendar but the election calendar is a little different. lawmakers are focused on getting reelected and you know really got to do a lot of work on their messaging. democrats are getting hit in the polls, they got to turn things around for themselves. >> viewers looking at their calendar thinking they miss
3:00 am
christmas. >> john, thank you, have a good weekend. the government stayed open. that's a win. but, there are far fiercer fight ahead later this month on capitol hill, we'll be covering it each and everyday for you. thank you for getting up way too early with us, have a wonderful weekend everybody, "morning joe" starts right now. >> it's the 99th annual national tree lighting at the white house. the world's biggest performances by the pennsylvania state widow choir. and l.l. cool j. the 99th annual cis


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