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tv   The Reid Out  MSNBC  November 29, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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i'm out of time. "the reidout" with joy is up next. how are you doing? >> how are you doing. you have to promise to introduce me to dr. ruth one day. can you make that happen? >> she's the livest 93-year-old ever. i'll do it. >> when they get to 90, they don't care. that's what i love about a 90-year-old. my favorite age group. have a wonderful evening. >> peace. we begin "the reidout" with the new coronavirus variant omicron. it poses a high global risk but we don't know a lot about it. there might be an increased risk of infection or reinfection with the virus but we don't know how transmissible it is or causes more severe infections. there are increased cases and hospitalizations in south africa where the variant was discovered but too early to attribute those to the variant.
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they're also still studying the impact omicron could have in vaccines but they still maintain vaccines are effective in preventing death. after south africa discovered themicron variant, president biden has a travel ban against 18 countries including canada and health officials say it's probably here. governor kathy hochul declaring a state of emergency. today president biden made it clear that while we should be prepared, we shouldn't panic. >> this variant is a cause for concern, not a cause for panic. we have the best vaccine in the world, the best medicines, the best scientists and we're learning more every single day. sooner or later we'll see cases of this variant here in the united states. we'll have to face this new
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threat just how we faced those that have come before it. the best protection against this new variant or any of the variants out there, the ones we've been dealing with already is getting fully vaccinated and getting a booster shot. >> biden said that he'd be announcing a detailed strategy for how to fight covid this winter but made it clear that the u.s. will not be instituting any shutdowns or lockdowns no doubt because there is zero political appetite for that in this country. this comes as air travel set a pandemic record with many vaccinated and unfortunately, unvaccinated americans eager to get back to normal, whatever that is at this point. the delta variant is still here, too. and an average of 1,000 people have been dying from coronavirus every day in america. only 59% of americans are fully vaccinated with 21% of americans older than 18 receiving a booster shot the day the cdc director stressed the importance of the booster shots announcing everyone 18 or older should get
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a booster and noting that the recent emerging of the omicron variant emphasizes the importance of vaccination, boosters and prevention efforts. dr. fauci said while we don't know how much of an impact omicron will have, it's best to prepare for the worst. >> you don't want to frighten the american public but when something occurs you need to take seriously, you take it seriously and do whatever you can to mitigate against that. i mean, i'm saying this absolutely clearly that if ever there was a reason for unvaccinated people to get vaccinated and for those who have been vaccinated when your time comes up to go and get a booster shot. we want to make sure we're prepared for the worst and that's what we should be doing. >> i'm joined now by dr. anthony fauci, chief medical advisor to president biden. always great to talk to you, dr. fauci. i'm not a scientist, but the
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explanation for why we're still in the pandemic and why the virus is still mutaing and forming new variants like omicron is there are so many unvaccinated people around the world. 44% of the global population right now is fully vaccinated. 55.6% of the global population had at least one dose of the vaccine but still half the world, you can see the heat map there, half the world is unvaccinated. among the least vaccinated countries, the congo, .1%, haiti, yemen, ethiopia, most of these are poor countries that are unvaccinated, almost totally unvaccinated and the united arab emirates are doing better but there is still a lot of unvaccinated people. the united states is 58th, we rank 58th in vaccination status in the world. am i right that that is why
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we're still getting variants? >> no doubt about it. when you have a high degree of viral dynamics in the circulation of this country or any country in the world, it's a danger essentially to everyone because once the virus has the capability of freely mutating and freely transmitting from person to person, ultimately you're going to get mutations. not every mutation is relevant but every once in awhile you get a consolation of mutations that are worrisome and that's what we're dealing with this current variant, the omicron. that's the situation we're facing now. we don't know a lot about it as you said, but it has these mutations that are strongly suggestive that it has a transmissibility advantage namely it transmits very efficiently and also some suggestion that it might invade some of the protection from
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monoclonal antibodies or convalescent plasma. we need to know if that spells out to a really high degree of transmissibility and whether or not when it does infect someone, whether it causes severe disease and those things we're going to know, joy, in about a couple of weeks, a week and a half, two weeks, at the most three weeks. we have a great deal of cooperation from the south african colleagues, scientists and public health officials that are very transparent with us and sharing information with us. >> you know, the south african president complained and south africans are getting pretty offended they're being kind of targeted when all they did was discover it. it's like the spanish flu being the spanish flu because they admitted it was there. south africa actually did a good thing by letting us know this variant is here and discovering it. i wonder if trying to bar travel from a country like south africa even works. i've been kind of -- my team is
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sick of me saying this, but i've been likening the pandemic, this virus to like the alien and aliens. it's whole goal is to jump into different people and mutate into different kinds of aliens and the anti-vaxxers are like the guy from the corporation like we can go ahead and allow it to come back to earth. at some point, isn't it true this thing is going to mutate to a kind of virus that we can't stop with any vaccine or any treatment? >> that would be really highly unlikely, joy. you're making a good point in one respect. you're absolutely correct. if ever there was a reason to get the people who are unvaccinated vaccinated and those who are fully vaccinated and whose time comes up to get a booster, it's now. because we know from experience already that when you get a high level of antibody, of neutralizing antibody even if
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it's again one particular variant, when you get a high level usually due to vaccination and booster, which gets the level way up, you get such a high level, it cross protects against the other variant so when you get a brand-new variant and you don't have any really understanding of it yet, the best thing to do is to get your level of neutralizing antibody as high as you possibly can and we happen to have the tools to allow us to do that. we have highly effective vaccines that we know that boosters get that level way up, much, much higher than after the usual two dose of an mrna of one dose of j&j and that's the reason why the president today emphasized that the white house press conference why it's so important to get a booster and why the cdc today announced that they're recommending boosters for everybody 18 years of age or older who are eligible. so we really need to push that very, very hard.
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>> well, i got my booster and my husband and i got our boosters. the problem is we're not in a whirl where we can isolate ourselves from people that won't get vaccinated. we know people in our lives that refuse to get it done and a lot of the argument they're making is they have natural immunity if they've had covid before. what do you say to people that say well, i had covid therefore i'm immune from covid? >> well, there is two different groups of people there, joy. there are people who haven't had covid and still don't want to get vaccinated. those are the people, up to 60 million of those can't have an excuse i've been infected so i don't need to get vaccinated. there are far, for more people 60 million or so that have not been vaccinated that don't want to get vaccinated even though they're eligible. the issue if you've been infected, how long your protection lasts, we don't have enough information of that to give a great deal of confidence although it is true to be fair that when you do get infected and you recover, you have a
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degree of protection that is substantial. the question is what is the durability of that and that's the reason why the cdc recommends that even if you have been infected and recovered, if you do get a vaccine, the level of your protection goes way, way up and that's the reason why they recommend it. >> yeah, i have a family member that had the twice. it can't be that protective. they got it again. is it safe for people to travel? is it safe to get on a plane and go see family in cleveland or in louisiana, especially if you're traveling to a state that has a low vaccination rate? >> well, you know, joy, the fundamental principles are you're much, much safer if you're vaccinated and boostered than not vaccinated. travel always increased the risk particularly if you go to a place where there is a high dynamic of infection.
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however, you can't just say no travel at all. you need to understand during the christmas holidays and the upcoming holidays now, people will be traveling. so the thing you can tell them is follow some fundamental principles. if you're not vaccinated, get vaccinated now. if you're vaccinated and eligible for a boost, get boosted. when you do travel, be pruded. when you go to the airport to get ready to get on a plane, when you're on a plane, you have to wear a mask but in the airport in setting, wear a mask and if you travel and go to an indoor setting where you don't have any idea what the vaccine status of the people around you are, then wear a mask under those circumstances. when you're in the home with the family and know they are vaccinated, everyone is vaccinated they have a good reason but don't be unprudent saying i'm going to a place with an indoor setting and have no
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idea who is there but i'm not wearing a mask. that's putting yourself at an unnecessary risk. >> we're out of time. very quickly, i'll squeeze one more thing in. sorry, producers. do you want to respond -- i would never bring up dr. ronny jackson, he embarrasses me and scared me he got to touch president obama but when a -- he's a doctor and a lot of people will listen to him when he says things like you and president biden are just making this up because y'all think it's going to help democrats in the midterms. what do you say to a doctor telling people publicly that this is all made up, this is all an election strategy? >> that the virus is -- is that right? >> that's what he's saying. this variant, this talk of the omicron variant is an election strategy to help democrats. >> well, then, i would just say
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that he is at odds in his feelings and his believes with virtually everybody who knows anything about virology including all the w.h.o. and all the other health ministers throughout the country and throughout the world so other than that, i have no comment. >> that is firm but fair. dr. anthony fauci, people should listen to you and not people like him because he seems like a whack to me. thank you very much. up next on "the reidout," the new covid variant means new opportunities for deadly right wing disinformation and also, this could be one of the most devastating weeks ever for abortion rights as the conservative court takes up miss -- mississippimississippi's ch roe v wade and ghislaine maxwell making powerful men nervous and tonight's absolute worst is the leading voice for racism in congress, which is saying something because there is a lot
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a new variant. >> count on a variant about every october, every two years. >> oh, i think -- yeah. >> you are probably right, however, they could speed up, the rar yenlt variants could co quickly. >> i'm not a doctor but know they come in the winter. it's winter. it gets cold. yeah. there are things you don't know about the new coronavirus variant omicron. it is in fact real and something we need to keep a close eye on. as you saw, if you're a fox viewer, the conspiracy theory machine is already kicked into gear and if the message from the three stewings there wasn't clear enough, let ronny jackson spell it out. the top doctor tweeted over the
4:19 pm
weekend that the new variant is nothing more than a ploy by the democrats to get through the midterm election, the would be that's 11 months away. there was no cheating by the democrats last time no matter how many times the maga crowd shouted from the rooftops but others in the hat brigade want the american people to somehow believe not only did the democrats contrive this variant but also somehow convinced the world health organization and countries around the world to scramble and shut down flights and go into emergency pandemic mode to push in mail in ballots. if that sounds plausible to you, you probably also would trust dr. ronny jackson to operate on you which i would discourage if you want to be alive. joining me now, founder and ceo of advancing health equity and co-founder of the project. even i can figure out that anything that is flu-like a viral type of thing that causes
4:20 pm
symptoms that can be on fused probably comes around when it gets cold in october or november? >> you're absolutely right practicing tradition surging can politicize the variant. the variant is out there. there is still so much more we need to learn about it but the fact is that we are still in the middle of a pandemic. we're in crisis at the beginning of our fifth delta surge and we have this new variant that we're trying to figure out. so, you know, there is nothing made up about this. we are -- this is the real deal and we have to deal with it right now. >> what bothers me more than the people that get their news from face back so they don't know are the people that actually know better and doing this because it's just a game. it's to stay in their office because they must really love
4:21 pm
being elected officials. this is representative nancy mace of south carolina. here she is one part of the day when she was on fox and the other part of the day when she was on cnn talking about vaccines. >> one of the things the cdc has not done and no policy maker at the federal level has done so far is taken into account what natural immunity does. in some studies that i've read, natural immunity gives you 27 times more production against future covid infection than a vaccination and so we need to take all of the science into account and not selectively choosing what science to follow when we are making policy decisions. i've been a proponent of vaccinations and wearing masks when we need to. i've run ads encouraging my district to go and get vaccinated and when we have these variants and spikes to take every precaution from washing hands to wearing the n 95 or kn 95 masks. >> shouldn't she be smart enough to know people can watch both
4:22 pm
channels and find out what you said on the other one -- >> has she never heard of the twitter machine or google? it's obvious she's trying to play to two different audiences here and that doesn't fly anymore. nancy mace is one of those people that is caught in the wedge between her medically sealed bs world with trump but a guy like ronny jackson, dr. happy pills there knows full well he's not telling the truth about -- this isn't manufactured in a lab somewhere, not a conspiracy. it's either a global conspiracy by the deep state elites or a naturally emerging variant of a virus that we could have stepped on harder if we had more vaccinations. i don't know, call me crazy but seems like the science explanation might be the actual explanation in the case. >> but the hypocrisy kind of runs all the way through. republicans in several southern states in particular were
4:23 pm
cutting off the additional unemployment aid but now all of a sudden, magic. they want to give unemployment benefits to people that quit or get fired because they don't get their shot so they're for getting the free money that makes you lazy as long as it makes you lazy but possibly puts you in the hospital. your thoughts, rick? >> well, look, this is exactly the kind of thing that's led to florida having the third highest covid death rate in the country. this is exactly what has led to other states where republican governors played these stupid games, win stupid prizes and this idea they're now going to throw what is essentially, you know, a government subsidy at people because they didn't take the responsible adult human step to get vaccinated so friends and family and mothers and grandmothers and relatives wouldn't get sick and die of covid, i missed that part when i was a young man reading all the conservative greats. i missed the about about being a dumb one when it comes to trying
4:24 pm
to save people's lives. >> dr. blackstock you talked about we weren't ready for the pandemic because there is an attitude e problem. don't tell me what to do. i don't want to wear a mask. i don't want to get vaccinated. i don't care if lots of people die or my family. i don't care. we're 58th in the world in terms of the percentage of our population has vaccines. we're a first world country and we're 58th. there is why omicron is spreading. your thoughts? >> right, if all high income countries we're dead last in terms of our vaccination rate. right? and that's a problem and that has to do with the politicalization of the pandemic in the beginning. it was masks and vaccines and a variant and then we also have the vaccine global inequity issue that is huge and that is we still have wide spread transmission leading to emerging variants and we're not taking care of each other so we have
4:25 pm
individual personal responsibility problem here in the u.s. but we also are not taking care of lower and middle income countries to ensure that they have that only supply but that they had manufacturing capability and that we are encouraging pharma to waive patents on the vaccines. we have to do our part globally, as well. >> we would have almost been better off rather than banning travel to send them all of the vaccines that the people here won't take. >> right. >> and then the rest of the world could get over covid and could be better off. it's like if we had a global where people are living in there, killing their own constituents, getting their own constituents sick willing to let people die and trump can't control it now. he gets booed when he says get vaccinated. is there any way to crack that
4:26 pm
and let some people out or are they just going to stay in there, get sick and maybe die? >> well, you know, look, you got states like florida now and mississippi and alabama and louisiana that's darwin's waiting room and these people are going to decide to get vaccinated or going to continue to watch their friends and neighbors and family members die off. this is not -- you know, the people who believe that covid is something that's the common cold and the basic flu, they are mistaken. we have many hundreds of thousands of dead americans right now in part because people on the republican side of the equation discourage vaccination. fox news was an out right propaganda for months and months and months and it has caused an enormous amount of damage in this country and unfortunately, pain is the only teacher in politics. >> fair, unfortunately. >> in states where people die off. >> unfortunately. it's their own voters but they figure there will be enough left to watch the polls and intimidate black voters and make sure they can't vote.
4:27 pm
rick wilson, dr. blackstock, we can't make this up. the absolute worst is still ahead. the supreme court will hear the most serious challenge of abortion rights in a generation and happens this week. we'll be right back. and happens this week. we'll be right back. their famous mac and cheese with their iconic grilled cheese? by saying yes. yes to new inventions! yes to clean and fresh ingredients! and yes to living life to the flavor-fullest. panera. live your yes. now $1 delivery. it's a thirteen-hour flight, that's not a weekend trip. fifteen minutes until we board. oh yeah, we gotta take off. you downloaded the td ameritrade mobile app so you can quickly check the markets? yeah, actually i'm taking one last look at my dashboard before we board. excellent. and you have thinkorswim mobile- -so i can finish analyzing the risk on this position. you two are all set. have a great flight. thanks. we'll see ya. ah, they're getting so smart. choose the app that fits your investing style. ♪♪ [music: sung by craig robinson] ♪ i'm a ganiac, ganiac, check my drawers ♪
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for nearly 50 years abortion is a constitutional right afforded to every woman in america. on wednesday the supreme court will hear arguments in a miss mississippi case. there is an entear generation of women that never knew a world without it and in many states, women being transported back to the period when they were made to endure to back out of abortions in unsafe conditions sometimes resulting in sickness and death. sensing this was a very real possibility, congresswoman barbara lee of california joined by two democratic colleagues recently shared her own deeply private and personal reproductive journey.
4:32 pm
>> i'm compelled speak out because of the real risks of the clock being turned back to those days before roe versus wade to the days when i was a teenager and had a back ally abortion in mexico. i was one of the lucky ones, madam chair. a lot of girls and women didn't make it. they die from unsafe abortions. >> a court inching to turn the clock back. we'll hear about that mississippi law that prohibits all abortions after the sixth week of pregnancy. it would gut it constitutional law to abortion while preserving it in name only because some folks lack the courage of convictions and i'm joined by barbara lee, co-chair of the pro-choice caucus. thank you for being here. you so bravely talked about the fact you were one of the lucky ones that survived having to endure a back ally abortion. we are getting very close to the stage where that is going to be
4:33 pm
reality again in states like mississippi. i fully believe this right wing court will overturn roe v wade. what happens then? if in fact they even gut it to the point what they do to it, what they've done to the voting rights act and leave it basically limp and dying, what happens to american women? >> this is an important decision as it relates to the reproductive freedom. let me say what we have done in the house led by congresswoman, the women's health production, excuse me, women's health protection act we've passed over into the senate and hopefully the senate will pass it and what that will do is make into law roe versus wade. right now states as you see are doing anything they want to do to deny access to the full range of reproductive health services including abortion care and that's why we've got to pass this bill and pass it quickly. >> are you surprised that there
4:34 pm
has been relative silence on this issue even as you have a hand mads tail law that passed in texas? this is cloaked in christianity on the other side. where are the churches that will minister to the women some of whom will die in the process of trying to get into pregnancy? >> you know, this is about, joy, about one's own health care decisions. whether you believe or not believe in abortion, that's not the issue. the issue is a person having the right to make their own decisions about their own lives and when you look at the equity issues, of course, it's black and brown women who have historically been denied access because of the economic issues and because of racism and because of all of the issues we know so well. and so everyone needs to step up regardless and just say women, people of color, low income people, everyone has the right
4:35 pm
to make their own health care decisions. that should not go in the face of anyone's personal, personal opinions. >> we need to take the build back better bill. joe mansion made it clear he doesn't care and krysten sinema doesn't care about that or voting rights progressives and the house cares about. what confidence do you have these people in the democratic side will do anything about abortion rights? >> joy, i have to have hope. i have to be optimistic and this is about organizing. it's about political action and i have to solute our young women, our women of color. we've organized around the country with activists. we'll be out in front of the supreme court with thousands of people on wednesday and so we know it's an uphill battle but we have to fight, fight, fight. when we fight, we win. regardless of the senate's composition, we got to make sure that all of those who are on the
4:36 pm
fence or who don't want women's reproductive freedom and don't need access to the full range of health care services, we've got to make sure they change their minds. this will be about political action. we have to win this one, you're right, it's a matter of life and death for so many people. >> indeed. i want to acknowledge that we had a very important and very sad event happen over the last couple of days. former florida congresswoman kerry meek died at 95 the grandchild of a slave and sharecropper's daughter born in 1926. one of the black floridians elected to congress and a fierce advocate for affirmative action and equal economic opportunities for the poor. ms. meek was elected in 1992 and rep cemented the miami-dade area for a decade. she was succeeded by her son kendrick meek. our condolences to the family. congresswoman, i want to give you an opportunity to reflect on this incredible woman who was a
4:37 pm
charter member of the congressional black caucus or not a charter member but an active member of the congressional black caucus and somebody miami people really loved. >> sure, joy. my condolences to her son ken -- kendrick meek and her family. just saying her picture brought smiles to my face. when i came to congress, she mentioned me and called me bobby. she called me appropriations committee. she taught me the ropes how to bring home tax dollars, resources for community based efforts. she was a fighter for education. she loved children and she was always happy. she was -- but she was fighting as she was happy. she was very optimistic. she was a fighter for voting rights, for civil rights, for women's rights and i miss her. look at her. i mean, she was a beautiful
4:38 pm
woman and in fact, she loved clothes, she loved to travel. and she was there. she was present for each and every issue and she delivered the resources to her district and she -- >> she sure did. i lived there for a long time down there and she had a soft voice but a strong spirit and she got things done, done. so our condolences, thank you congresswoman barbara lee because you get it done, too. appreciate you. up next, the sex trafficking trial of maxwell in new york. she exploited young girls and served them up to the proversions of jeffrey epstein. her attorneys claim she's a scapegoat. we'll bring you that next. a scapegoat. we'll bring you that next. ♪ ♪ jerry, you've got to see this. seen it. trust me, after 15 walks gets a little old. ugh. i really should be retired by now.
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calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today. opening arguments began today in the trial of ghislaine
4:43 pm
maxwell facing up to 70 years in prison as facilitated helping him recruit, groom and abuse victims as young as 14 years old. that's why she's been charged with half a dozen criminal counts including sex trafficking and enticing minors to travel to engage in a illegal sex acts. she's pleaded not guilty. that was two years after epstein was found dead in his jail cell and maxwell is accused of running a sex ring and procuring underaged girls to men, this case is focused on four victims abused between 1994 and 2004. prosecutors in court today describe maxwell and epstein as partners in crime who devised a pyramid scheme of abuse in which they encouraged girls to recruit other young girls. in turn, maxwell's lawyer is describing her as a scapegoat for epstein's actions. they called one of epstein's
4:44 pm
long-time jet pilots. for more i'm joined by criminal defense attorney and msnbc legal analyst. danny, thank you for being here. calling the pilot says to me they're trying to establish obviously that she was trafficking girls and moving them but it also raises the question because we do know from the epstein stories they were also flying his -- the johns around in these flights. should we expect to hear who all was on these flights? >> yes, that has to be why the government is calling the pilot. after all, if you have a limo driver, that's somebody that you'd see every day and say something about your comings and goings. if you're jeffrey epstein, your limo driver is a jet driver. they seen maxwell coming and going and who they were with and where they go. he may not go into the mansion when they arrive but he can talk about a lot of stuff that he saw in the course of his employment. >> and i think the obvious answer, i mean, jeffrey epstein had a lot of information,
4:45 pm
clearly. he took a lot to the grave including a lot of high profile alleged clients' names. here is one of them. here is donald trump. this is what he said after maxwell's arrest back in 2020. >> maxwell is in prison so a lot of people want to know if she'll turn in powerful people. >> i wish her well, frankly. i've met her numerous times since i lived in palm beach and they lived in palm beach. i wish her well, whatever it is. >> they were friends. there are lots of pictures of them being friendly and friends, et cetera. i take it from just what i'm reading we shouldn't expect to hear high profile names like that one come up in this case, no? >> probably not. presidents have a long history of opening their mouths and inserting themselves in criminal cases. president nixon said charles manson was guilty. the difference here, the erie difference is the speculation
4:46 pm
that well, if trump actually met and knew maxwell, why exactly is he wishing her well? and what effect could that have on the trial? you're right in that the prosecution and the court has limited this, limited it even to just four victims, not the many more victims of epstein that has been guessed at. >> and is that a tactic? we were talking about this with the producers earlier today. does that get this person on the easiest things to convict her on. if they convict her, she'd spend the rest of her life in prison and it would be implied she's paying the price for anything else she did. >> you're throwing a softball to me, i'm a bias criminal defense attorney. the government wins 90 plus % of its cases result in a conviction of some kind. they don't like to lose. for that reason, they only take to trial the cases that are sure thing, slam dunks, layups, whatever you want to call it. so i have news for you, if there
4:47 pm
were other victims out there that would have liked to have seen them added themselves added to the list, it's possible the government interviewed them and decided i don't -- i see them as like 80%, 70% helpful to us. we're only going to bring the ones that we think are absolute sure things because we're the government, we don't like to lose. >> and okay, bias defense attorney, what could possibly be her defense? >> we got a preview of it. it's two magic words, empty chair. in other words, the real bad guy they're going to argue was jeffrey epstein and the government couldn't hold on to him. he died in prison. they don't have him to prosecution anymore but they will make sure somebody suffers for what jeffrey epstein did and all they'll tell you about is this woman as it says in the indictment took these ladies to movies, took them shopping, that's not enough to hold her accountable for what jeffrey epstein did.
4:48 pm
that's the defense's argument. >> thank you, really appreciate you. don't go anywhere, a special extended edition of the at absolute worst is next as a republican member of congress goes all in on bigotry and islam phobia. we'll be right back. islam phobia we'll be right back. member of c on bigotry and islam phobia. we'll be right back. goes all in on bigotry and islam phobia. we'll be right back.
4:49 pm
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lauren boebert, congresswoman from colorado, loves freedom for a certain type of american, namely herself. the freedom deposed with rifles in the background and to ignore covid. the freedom to release an attack ad against speaker pelosi featuring gunshot sounds, so many guns and so much freedom. it's just others who apparently don't deserve freedom to take paternity leave for your newly adopted twins if you're transportation secretary pete buttigieg, for instance. for that you get insulting attacks because you're a man and you can't breastfeed.
4:53 pm
but the colorado congresswoman's favorite targets are her black, brown, and muslim colleagues like congresswoman ilhan omar, the first somali woman and one of the two to serve in congress. >> i look to my left and there she is, ilhan omar. and i said, well, she doesn't have a backpack, we should be fine. [ laughter ] fire station [ applause ] if>> somebody must've told lauren that she should issue an apology. and she did. and she said that she was sorry not for what she did but that people were sorry that they heard it wrong or whatever. because, let's face it, she's not super bright. she went and stirred the pot all over again during a call arranged by house leadership today with representative omar. the minnesota congresswoman
4:54 pm
said, boebert refused to publicly acknowledge her hurtful and dangerous comments. i decided to end the unproductive call. this is not about one hateful statement or one politician. it's about a party that is mainstream bigotry and hatred. the wide open islamaphobia from the republican party is allowed to fester and thrive in 2021. and no one, not its members nor its leaders is going to do a damn thing about it because they clearly believe that bigotry and hatred are the speed balls that their voters crave. joining me is an msnbc columnist and host. i'm just going to let you talk. your thoughts on the apology and on the comments themselves from boebert. >> first of all, joy, do you hear it? do you hear the deafening silence of the gop leadership who is not condemning congresswoman boebert? why? oh, they were afraid of trump. trump's not here, folks.
4:55 pm
they agree with this garbage. they understand the power of bigotry. gop bigotry towards muslims has been a sport since 2012. it began with newt gingrich and others say we hate sharia laws. the result of this was real world. we saw hate crimes against our community. so lauren boebert spewing anti-muslim bigotry for months saying that congresswoman omar is a terrorist sympathizer, smearing congresswoman tlaib, the other muslim congresswoman. it's a competition who's most vile. they're all tied. paul gosar. the party is about bigotry and the embrace of violence. let's remind everyone congresswoman boebert on january 6th that morning tweeted, today is 1776. no, it wasn't, but that was right-wing.
4:56 pm
today is the day we have a violent revolution to prevent donald trump from being removed and keep donald trump in power. she hung around with the 3%ers. some of them were arrested for being arrested on january 6th. the idea of bigotry, no surprise. violence, no surprise. what the january 6th committee should be doing is subpoenaing lauren boebert to explain what is 1776, why did she tweet that out before the attack. why is she now defending the terrorists who are now in jail. and why did she hang out with the 3%ers and the white nationalists. she's the gop, that's who they are. >> and the thing about it is, this goes back to after 9/11, you know, one of the reasons donald trump caught on with a lot of republicans is that he put money into this effort to try to stop muslims in new york from building a cultural center to try to bring people together. he smeared people that he didn't even know, claiming muslims
4:57 pm
cheered for 9/11. he did an actual muslim ban the supreme court upheld. what i worry about is that because ilhan omar is so visible. rashida tlaib and her are vulnerable. but she also wears the hijab so she is very visible. and i worry that the thing that boebert said, basically calling her a suicide bomber, it puts her at risk. it's crazy that there's no sanction for putting a fellow member at risk, at physical risk. >> republicans only -- remind again just two weeks ago two out of 200 plus voted to condemn paul gosar for his fantasy snuff video where he's literally killing aoc in it. the idea of going against omar, she's black, she's an immigrant, she's muslim, and a woman, all the things that gop men hate and some of the women like boebert want to put down. that story she told was
4:58 pm
fabricated because she knew her base would love her telling jokes at the expense of a black female muslim immigrant. she's not an outlier, she is mainstream gop. and kevin mccarthy will do nothing, the guy's spineless. they put a microphone over the bucket so he can speak because he's a spineless creature. so he'll sell his soul to hopefully be speaker of the house. i hope democrats make this in 2022 do you want white nationalism bigotry, cruelty, and violence controlling the house of representatives? i hope americans say no to that. >> when michael steele was head of the rnc, the whole campaign was about nancy pelosi and they said they don't want her to be speaker. i wonder -- the other issue here, and we were texting earlier. ilhan omar came here as a refugee as a kid, rose all the way to the united states congress. she is the american dream. the one who's got a criminal
4:59 pm
record is lauren boebert for a series of, like, petty crimes. the one with a mugshot is lauren boebert. how ironic that the woman with the mugshot is trying to imply that the one without a mugshot is the criminal? >> that's 2017. she failed to appear for court numerous times. then in 2015 when she was arrested then for interfering with the police arresting underaged drinkers, she told the kids run away. she interrupted so much she got arrested for interfering with the arrest. she should've been charged with resisting but somehow the charges all went away, which is white privilege. because if she was a black or brown woman, she wouldn't get away with that, she might not even be alive. i hope people look at her mugshot. it's on twitter. someone's got various arrests, demonizing people who are pursuing the american dream. it's exceeding it and making
5:00 pm
vile jokes. >> yeah, and they're not jokes because they could really put her at risk. thank you very much, always appreciate you being here. and before we go, just a quick note to say that when i referred to jeffrey epstein's alleged clients earlier, i was referring to the numerous high-profile names related to epstein. and it was clear that donald trump was a friend of both maxwell and epstein. tonight on "all in,". >> we made multiple times clear that we would be able to have -- in fact, we have already two vaccines. >> scientists join the biden administration in sharing the truth about omicron. >> this variant is a cause for concern, not a cause for panic. >> as the pro-covid right gins up conspiracies. >> there's always a new variant. >> and you can always count on a variant about every october. [ laug


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