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tv   Way Too Early With Jonathan Lemire  MSNBC  November 29, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PST

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champs, class a football. champs, class a football flogs, good job coach enjoy the rest of your thanksgiving day weekend. if it's sunday, it's "meet the press." day, it's "meet the press." new covid worries as the world worries more about a new strain. the question is what more is the biden administration doing to keep americans safe? we're also keeping a clone eyes on the money, with concerns over the new variants, holiday shopping, and the supply chain, plus a major fiscal deadline looming in congress? the question is, what's the financial outlook? and the united states versus
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ghislaine maxwell. she goes on trial today. the question is will in other big names come up in this case? it's "way too early" for this. good morning. welcome to "way too early," the show that is eating way too many leftovers. it's monday, nosh 29th. this morning countries around the world are scrambling to contain a new strain of covid-19. since being discovered in south africa, the omicron variant has spread to other neighboring countries and across the globe. canadian officials say cases have reached north america, with two cases appearing in north ontario. members of the white house covid response team briefed the president yesterday and warned it could take two weeks before
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there'sdefinitive characteristics of the new variant. >> it looks like you're having a low level of infection and all of a sudden there was this big spike, and when the south africans looked at it, they said, oh, my goodness, this is a different virus than we've been dealing with. it has the capability of transmitting rapidly. that's something that needs to cause us concern, but also to put the pressure on ourselves to do something about the preparation for this. >> when you have a virus that has already gone to multiple countries, inevitably it will be here, the question is will we be prepared for it. and the preparation that we have ongoing for what we're doing now with the delta vafbt just needs to be revved up, and that's the bottom line of that, is the reparation of getting more people vaccinated and more
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vaccinated boosted. starting today, the biden administration will restrict travel from south africa and seven other countries. travel restrictions are also being added in several other nations. morocco says it will suspend all incoming flights for two weeks. israel banned all foreign nationals from entering the country on sunday and japan will follow suit beginning tomorrow. while governments rush to close their borders, they don't know if it's more alarming than other versions. joining us now from london, msnbc news correspondent matt bradley and also our other guest. matt bradley, let's start with you. talk about where the situation there? britain is with the emergence of this new variant, what sort of cases are we seeing, and what
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sort of measures are the governments taking? >> yeah. we're only seeing a handful of cases in britain. nobody believes there's only that certain number of three cases. there has to be more. health officials believe that it's probably already insinuated itself in the population, and the actual finding of official cases is probably going to be a drastic underestimate. but we have to remember here there are going to be some new restrictions. it seems as though they're about to be introduced, changing to the vaccine regime. we're starting to see booster shots. the governing body decides on the vaccinations. they're probably going to be lowering the age for booster shots from 40 to anyone over 18 will be able to get the booster shot. they're also going to be reinstituting starting tomorrow a lot of restrictions that had been lifted all the way back in july, including masks. now it's going to be made mandatory to wear masks in
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grocery stores. if you walk around london, it's pretty free. only a few are wearing masks. those wearing masks on the tube is very low, even though it's recommended to do so. right now there's the president of the g7. they're going to be calling a health minister of the g-on what to do. this kind of hits on one of the major complaints we've been hearing ever since we heard about the new omicron variant. this is rich countries meaning what they sow. the meeting of the g-7, which is the richest liberal democratic countries in the world, this is just another example of how this whole pandemic has been managed from the richest down to the poorest, and now we're starting to see that this meeting is going to be shutting out a lot of poor -- a lot of countries are going to shut out poor countries who don't have the same level of vaccination, and
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that's inviting new variants like the one we're seeing. >> certainly there's been a lot of discussions about rich nations like the united states giving boosters while so much of the world has not had even a single shot and certainly not two. russia has been pummeled by covid in the recent weeks and months. what are you seeing not just in russia, but asia. we mentioned japan is imposed some travel restrictions in the coming day or so. how is that part of the world dealing with the new omicron variant? >> sure. thank you, jonathan. well, starting here in moscow, so far there are no confirmed cases of the omicron variant, but as matt mentioned, it's probably already here. it's probably global already. russia has introduced a limited travel ban on parts of south africa and asia as well. the most we've seen is from japan. they have moved to go for a full
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border closure going into effect at midnight tonight, but the asia-pacific region has seen long-lasting and most restricted lockdowns globally. so the most common response you're seeing at the moment is delaying plans for some of these gradual reopenings. australia is one of those, only recently eliminating its total lockdown closure. it's postponed letting students come in. that's delayed another two weeks. on saturday. modi ordered his officials to begin reviewing plans that were set to allow travelers from at-risk countries into india. a lot of concern. this is going to take a toll of international travel. >> nbc's matt bradley and matt
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bodner, thank you both. meanwhile congress will be back at work this morning with a long list of priorities to tackle before the end of the year. lawmakers' first dead looirn is just days away. a short-term measure to run out of funds for the government is coming up again. the other looming deadline comes a few weeks later. janet yellen said the debt ceiling must be raised by mid-december or the u.s. risks defaults. "the washington post" reports the two tasks that normally engulf the capitol in partisan warfare continues to debate over federal spending. this comes as the democrats try to finish the build back better act, president biden's social spending package. they hope to do so by christmas. it won't be easy. still ahead, opening arguments begin in the high-profile trial of ghislaine maxwell. we'll have a preview of what to expect in court.
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endless entertainment and education and content. for the best audio entertainmet and storytelling, text listen4 to 500500 to get thirty days free. the long-awaited trial of ghislaine maxwell begins today. nbc news correspondent emily aqueda has more on what to expect. >> reporter: opening statements set to begin in ghislaine maxwell's highly anticipated trial, steps from where jeffrey epstein died from an apparent suicide. >> do you think epstein's death makes it the only opportunity to hold him and gee lain maxwell accountable. >> reporter: she faces sex charges that could land her in prison for the rest of her life.
2:13 am
she's painted as a key figure in bringing a stream of girls as judge ads 14 to epstein's estate for sexual abuse. >> in my opinion, she might have been as equally as bad as she was. >> reporter: jennifer told nbc news she was 15 when epstein raped her, though, she won't be one of the four women to testify with allegations mostly from the 1990s. >> will we see her testify? >> i don't know. i think they'll make it a game-day decision based on how they believe the government's case has gone in. >> reporter: maxwell insists she's innocent, awaiting trial from behind bars. she describes it as a living hell, she says, i am weak, i am frail. >> she's treated as guilty. she banged up 500 days and they're hoping to put her away
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for 20, 30, 40, 50, 80 years. well, let justice decide how that's going to be. >> reporter: the trial is expected to span six weeks but will likely leave a lot of unanswered questions around her and epstein's relationship with big names like prince andrew, bill clinton, and donald trump. broadway legend stephen sondheim, known as the titan of american musicals has died at the age of 91. his attorney announced he died after celebrating thanksgiving with family and friends the day before. from the lyrics of "west side story" to the songs of "sweeney todd." he won several grammys, an oscar, pulitzer prize, and the 2015 presidential medal of freedom. there are several theaters across the country named after
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him. amound the attendees were manuel lynn miranda and others who joined the chorus to perform "sunday" from his award-winning musical "sunday in the park." still ahead, despite interceptions, the baltimore ravens managed to survive barely. plus one defensive tackle gets a tooth knocked out, but still seems to be all smiles. sports next. l seems to be all ss sports next. look! oh my god... i want my daughter riley to know about her ancestors and how important it is to know who you are and to know where you came from. ♪ we're discovering together... it's been an amazing gift. ♪ bye mom. my helpers abound, i'll need you today. our sleigh is now ready, let's get on our way. a mountain of toys to fulfill many wishes. must be carried across all roads and all bridges.
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a whole bunch of browns coming after him. jackson tries to keep it alive. puts it up for grabs. and it's tauchd. a touchdown. andrews, wow! >> a brilliant one-handed grab. a touchdown, finishing off the third quarter drive to extend the ravens' lead. that was the only bright spot for lamar jackson who tossed a career-high four interceptions. he returned to the field after last week's illness. the ravens went on to beat the browns, 16-10. they're not 8-3, currently in the top seed. to green bay, matthew stafford's pick six streak continued. the rams quarterback had an interception for a touchdown in a third straight game, all losses for l.a. meanwhile packers quarterback
2:20 am
aaron rodgers threw a pair of touchdown passes and ran for one in the 36-28 win over los angeles. aaron rodgers might be considered an mvp favorite except for, you know, the whole vaccine thing. we'll see how that plays out. minnesota fell to san francisco in the nfc central. to foxborough, rookie quarterback mac jones threw two touchdown passes. your patriots earned a sixth straight win, this one 36-13 over the shorthanded tennessee titans setting up a clash with the bills next week on "monday night football." and in indianapolis, there we go. all he wants for christmas, one of his two front teeth. the defensive tackle lost a tooth when his chin clanged off a helmet mid play.
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he was all smiles. tampa bay and brady went on to beat the colts, 38-31. the islanders did not play the rangers yesterday. the all new york showdown was the first of two islanders games postponed by the league yesterday after an eighth member of the team entered covid protocols. tomorrow's matchup against the flyers will also be rescheduled. before the islanders next expect to play, thursday when they host the sharks. and, finally, some of the moves on a very busy hot stove in the major leave hot stage ahead of -- hopefully not -- a possible lockout later this week. the texas rangers strike first, reportedly agreed to a seven-year, $750 million deal. it would help fill a void in toronto's rotation after they lost steven matz.
2:22 am
he agreed to a deal with the st. louis cardinals. the new york mets -- yes, the new york mets are closing in on a multi-year deal that would bring 37-year-old all-star pitcher max scherzer back to the n.l. east. he's a future hall of famer. there's talk of four years, perhaps north of $40 million. that's a lot, but the mets are looking to make a splarchlt scherzer is expected to decide in the coming days. >> time now for the weather. let's go to meteorologist bill karins. bill, i hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving. how is it looking out there across the country? >> yeah, i did. thank you. yeah, so many people around the country had no complaints about the weather. i mean it was pretty tranquil for everyone's travel. yesterday, they called it the super bowl of flying. the most crowded day at the airlines was yesterday. volume-wise you had delays. weather was not a problem. it's still chilly in the east,
2:23 am
but that's the only complaint. 20 degrees in vermont. they had a lot of snow on saturday morning, so the skiers loved it. there's plenty of snow in northern portions of new england and maine too. the florida situation has been chilling over the holiday weekend. that will warm up this week. speaking of warming up, it's going to be insanely warm as we go throughout the end of november. high temperatures in the western half of the country, 20 to 30 degree degrees warmer than they should be. record-highs are going to be threatened in numerous states, and this area of high pressure, what we call pacific air marx typically it comes down from canada and it's cold. it's dominating the country, and that's going to keep things very warm. we have the possibility of record-highs in numerous areas today. they have yet to record snow in a few places in colorado, which is crazy for this time of year. denver today, 71 degrees. i mean that's lunch outdoors. that's beautiful. but a little unusual. vegas, 73. even portland's going to be in
2:24 am
the upper 50s. rapid city at 64. dallas at 73. we could see some record highs today, including portland, reno. close in denver. sioux falls, close to record highs today too. there's not going to be any big storms this week. possibly next weekend, maybe the end of next weekend, but nothing in the cards. so if you don't have any snow on the ground now, likely you're not going to have any. we're ending the rain in the northwest. tuesday is quiet. wednesday, there's hardly any wet weather on the map at all. showers in the northwest. a little bit of snow in northern michigan. and then by the end of the week, we will see, again, just a little bit of light snow in the great lakes. jonathan, this has been a very quiet november for snow. you know, it's a little unusual at this point. >> yeah. a couple of snow flurries in new york city. but 71 in denver. i mean it's good to see all the holiday travel went off without a hitch, but, man, that feels weird. bill karins, thank you so very
2:25 am
much. still ahead, nearly two years into the covid pandemic, the world is bracing for a new strain. stocks plunged on friday. we'll go live to cnbc at a look at where the market is headed this morning. before we go to break, we want to know, why are you awake? email me or tweet me. we'll read some of our favorite answers in the show later. we'll be right back. s in the sh. we'll be right back. and it works fast. in as little as 7 days try fast acting biotic gummies from align. the #1 doctor recommended probiotic brand. to our 300,000 employees at cvs health: thank you for demonstrating the power of purpose. through your work, your caring, your dedication to being wherever you're needed, becoming part of families, bringing more confidence to the comeback, and delivering the essentials to people's doors,
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welcome back to "way too early." it's just before 5:30 on the east coast, 2:30 out west. i'm jonathan lemire. new travel restrictions are set to go into effect over concerns about the omicron covid-19 variant. starting today, the biden administration will ban travel from several south african countries. nbc news national correspondent gabe gutierrez has the latest. >> reporter: the u.s. is bracing for the new omicron variant. new cases just confirmed ontario, canada. president biden meeting with dr. fauci. >> clearly it's given the indication of transmitting rapidly. that's the thing that's causing us now to be concerned, but also to put the pressure on ourselves now do something about our preparation for this. >> reporter: new u.s. travel restrictions for foreign visitors from south africa and seven surrounding countries take effect. american citizens and lawful
2:30 am
permanent residents are exempt. public health officials trying not to just contain the variant but fear. u.s. officials spoke with their south african colleagues. this doctor was one of the first to sound the alarm. >> currently there's no reason for panicking as we don't see severely ill patients. so it started with the younger generation, and the most predominant clinical complaint is severe fatigue for one or two day, with the headache and body aches and pain. >> reporter: authorities say it's too early to know whether the u.s. will need to impose new lockdowns. air travel will continue to be safe if protocols are followed. with covid cases already rising in the u.s., demand for tests spiked last week ahead of thanksgiving. one of the nation's largest labs says it should be ready for the holidays. the pcr test does detect the new variant.
2:31 am
>> i think at least on the diagnostic testing side, we should be well prepared to handle it. >> joining us now, founder and ceo of advancing health equity, dr. uché blackstock. she's an msnbc contributor. thank you for always being here. news of the new variant broke over the holiday weekend. it was met with a sense of here we go again and real fears with words of at least the early thought that this might be a very transmissible new strain and questions about how effective the vaccines will be against it. so it seems like we won't know that for at least a couple of weeks some of in the meantime for the average americans or people around the world wanting to show, what steps should be taken right now to prevent the spread of this new variant? >> good morning, jonathan. thanks, again, for having me back on. obviously we know the travel bans have been put into place. to be honest, travel bans are not that effective because by the time they're instituted, the
2:32 am
virus has spread. and as we've noted, it's already been detected in counties by now. i would encourage states to reconsider indoor mask policies. also we mentioned testing last week was up. we still need widespread robust testing infrastructure in this country. that is so important to ensuring that we identified cases and isolate and quarantine people as needed. i also think as the white house has been encouraging, people need to get vaccinated, whether it's first-time vaccinations or boosters for fully vaccinated people. and finally we really need to focus on infrastructure issues like ventilation and infiltration. that's an era that's been neglected. but as we head into cold weather, people are moving indoors, and that needs to be addressed. >> you mentioned the travel bans don't always seem to be that effective containing this virus,
2:33 am
and the world health organization has openly criticized governments that have taken the fast bans that may not work and also may discriminate against some countries afflicted by this. give us your take on that. secondly, the great question that a lot of americans have is how will my vaccination stand up against this new variant? what do we know, and when will we know more? >> right. to answer your first question, you know, south africa has a very robust surveillance program. that's why they were one of the first countries to pick up this new variant. we don't necessarily know whether or not it originated there, but they were being a global citizen and sharing this information in a transparent way with the rest of the world. so the concern is that the travel ban may end up penalizing countries for being transparent and generous with their genomics surveillance and information. the other issue is this has been deemed a variant of concern by
2:34 am
the w.h.o., and this is because it carries certain attributes, whether it's the mutations or clinical characteristics that show it may have increased transmissibility, may cause more severe disease, or be able to evade the immune system. right now there will more questions than answers. we should have more in next few days or weeks. we know most likely vaccines are still effective. this is why we're still encouraging people to get vaccinated, and if they're vaccinated, they should be. >> my kids are getting their second dose tonight. >> mine too. >> that's what people should be doing. dr. blackstock, one last question, give me a pi of where the nation stands. it seems like it i merges as a poor time. cases are on the rise across the country, colder weather. more people are going to be
2:35 am
indoors. we had thanksgiving travel. there's more coming. where do we stand right now at this moment in the pandemic? >> you know, jonathan, it feels like a bad dream. it feels like the beginning of our fifth delta surge. we're still having about 100,000 case as day, a thousand deaths a day. and then to have this other possible variant, we need to figure is this going to compete with the delta variants? regardless, we need to double down. we know we have a toolbox full of tools that are incredibly effective, and it doesn't have to be bad. it doesn't have to be bad. we can save lives, we just need to make sure we put policies and resources in place to protect americans and the rest of the world. >> dr. uché blackstock, we really appreciate those wise words. we'll talk to you again soon as we follow this new variant. still ahead, we'll go live to cnbc for an early look at
2:36 am
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o man, that's a whole lot of wrinkly at least my shoes look good! looking good start with bounce wrinkleguard, the megasheet designed to prevent wrinkles in the dryer. news of travel restrictions sent global markets plummeting, this as the world races to contain the new covid-19 variant and assess the threat. stocks and oil prices appear go be bouncing back this morning after plunging over the weekend amid new covid fears rattling stockmarkets across the globe. president biden encouraged shoppers to consider small business shopping over the weekend. he did some of his own in nantucket, and he also tried to quell concerns about stubbornly high gas prices, tweeting in part this. it will take time. before long you sthould see the price of gas drop where you fill up your tank. for more on the business news you need to start your day or week, let's bring in cnbc's
2:40 am
karen tso. thanks for being here this morning. global markets went into a tail spin on black friday following news of this new covid variant. tell us what drove the sharp selloff on kwal street and what we might expect this week. >> jonathan, good morning you do. it was a shortened trading session on friday, and there was a lot of selling that took place during that session. some of it was done by computers, because, don't forget, a lot of humans tried to enjoy thereaftering this year, seeing family and friends. it will be a very important session playing out today. already we're looking like we may call back losses when you talk about the loss of 900-plus points. you look at the dow and the other market, the nasdaq here, because you may have expected some of those pandemic winners, technology stocks to pick up some of the action on friday's trade. they did not. typically when you get a risk assessment like this, they sell off initially. we could be talking about old
2:41 am
interest rates and pre-pandemic plans. even here in europe we're seeing a pickup in the green. banking markets were concerned about the extraordinary efforts of the monetary conditions. the oil, what a narrative it has been around the oil, tapping strategic preserves. there are now concerns around the demand story if we're dealing with the variant. also watching today on wall street farm stocks are seeing action to the upside as moderna may be able to prepare a new vaccine by early next year. and to the other side of the coin, autos. we're still seeing some weakness in the awe destroy. perhaps a precurser for wall street later today. this is fears around the supply
2:42 am
chain bottleneck that that's going to be exacerbated around the situation variant, jonathan. >> the biden administration has ordered new travel restrictions from south africa and several other countries. other nations are putting in place their own restrictions. how are businesses, particularly the travel industry, reacting to this news? >> well, if you think about the thanksgiving weekend, we're setting up for pre-pandemic levels of val yums. there are hopes around long haul. you talk about the shutdown of southern african nations. others are taking that action, but we've got new measures in place more broadly for other travelers. think about the uk. this is a destination americans are coming back to. you've got pcr tests. that's another hurdle for travel. and people in switzerland. long-haul travel, there's
2:43 am
uncertainty. >> certainly black friday is considered one of the biggest shopping days of the year. tell us what the supply chain issues, what impact they may have had that day, but also how they loom going forward a little less than a month till christmas. >> we were setting up for a little bit of a frustrating time for some shoppers. that's indeed what's played out. people going into stores couldn't get the products they wanted in some cases. in other cases, they had to pay up for the bring ledge, just driving. some prices. retailers have been urged to keep inventory high. americans have not completed their shopping at this stage. i mentioned the bottleneck. there are concerns of fresh restrictions on the back of the new variant, people may revert to old behaviors, buying more stuff and that could exacerbate the shortages and drive up prices, jonathan. >> cnbc's karen tso live from london. thank you so much.
2:44 am
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the emergence of the new covid variant is sparking a fresh round of conspiracy theorys. ronny jackson tweeted, quote, here comes the mev, the midterm election variant. they need a reason to push
2:48 am
unsolicited mail-in ballots. democrats will do anything to cheat an election, but we're not going to let them. there was a response to that tweechlt these people are breathtakingly stupid. this theory holds that, one, scientists and literally every country on the planet are part of a midterm election plot, and, two, democrats believe they'd benefit from a surge of covid cases while biden is in the white house. joining us now, nbc news white house correspondent mike memoli. mike, i'm not sure we need to spend any more time on that. >> i agree. >> but president biden is going to address the nation today about this new variant. certainly it's merged over the holiday weekend, rattled markets. people are deeply concerned about what this meanser, and we won't have all the answers right away. so what is your sense, people you've talked to. what should we expect to hear from the president today?
2:49 am
>> yeah, jon. i mean this rattled millions of americans when they were still gathered with their family is over the weekend. it's another shock to the system that the white house can't afford heading into the midterm year. you heard about the discussion of inflation ahead of the thanksgiving holiday, and you saw the president as he went to nantucket for thanksgiving really making an argument, look at this year's thanksgiving versus the year before. we're with our families. we're gathered in a way we haven't been before, a testament to how much progress we've made. another setback that the white house is trying to show that they're on top of. jon, we're going to see something we don't see very often at the white house, sch is a pair, two sets of remarks from the president. first he's going to address the american people about what he has learned so far about the omicron variant based on the briefing he had with his covid response team as soon as he landed at the white house
2:50 am
yesterday. the bottom line seems to be we don't have as much information as we need to know how serious this is, but the white house trying to project they are on the on of the situation, most importantly in a statement last night released by the white house that it appears at this point that the vaccines are going to be remaining vaccines . the white house trying to show they'll be able to walk and chew gum at the same time at a destructive moment again. >> a busy moment. my colleagues and politico i wrote about democrats really want to see the president going on the offensive here whether he's spend a lot of time trying to see whether he can work with the gop, now is time to call them out and say they're not helping with the issue of the economy and the supply chain. walk us through, are the gop are
2:51 am
they signaling at all that they'll help with all the major deadlines in front of congress today? >> we'll get a really important test of this. heading into the month of december here because first on friday we have another fiscal deadline. but, we are also going to see later this month a return to the debt ceiling crisis that we reverted a few months ago. remember the standoff there, republican leaders signaling that republicans are not going to give folks a rare blink when ultimately they barely provided enough folks for short term lifting of the ceiling increase. there is been conversations behind the scenes between leader schumer and mcconnell about how to do it again. i think this is another example of how the white house tried to raise republicans of not doing
2:52 am
responsible things and lift the debt ceiling and it's unclear how serious this is going to be again. it's a real test for republicans and we saw the white house willing to up their message against republicans. will they do it again or sort of the effort here to sort of let this move forward quietly to give republicans the space. >> i will not ask you to comment how nauseous of the mets. thank you for being here today. earlier in the show, we asked all of you this question, why are you awake? >> choosing sun glasses to wear for my living room. dan, what do you got back there? >> one from george in minneapolis. >> dan, i see that's a morning joe mug.
2:53 am
where is the way too early of jonathan lemire mug and merchandise. do we give that out, please? >> stop with the commerce tree and into the store buy your way too early. mckenzie tweeted this. why am i up? my one month old likes to catch the show. congratulations the baby is adorable. a look at the axios of one big thing and the latest of omicron and we'll hear from corresponding man adam kinzinger as the committee task investigating the january 6th attack on mark meadows, president trump's former chief of staff. "morning joe" is moments away. "morning joe" is moments away. ♪ ♪
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2:57 am
had a nice thanksgiving. what's our one big thing? >> joe manchin in the middle. you and i had this conversation before, sort of explaining how manchin sees the world. if you want to understand joe manchin in the context of the build back better bill plan, don't think of him as a senator, think of him as a governor. as a governor survives in a deeply conservative state. is this bipartisan or paid for or any proposal is going to solve the needs of his constituents. he'll take that framework onto the build back better bill program. and joe manchin is comfortable in doing this in 2022. he's comfortable waiting to see how inflation plays out and more incline to wait for this whole package not to be done in december with everything else. next year.
2:58 am
>> still interesting to watch how the response of the new variant made him play in the timing of this legislation going into december. those people who let go because they did not comply with vaccine mandates. they can receive unemployment benefits. there is a clear shot, and these sorts of company wise statesman date, they want to undermine it. they want to build rapport and have support among these voters who are supposed the vaccine. there are already several states
2:59 am
challenging president biden's federal vaccine mandate. this is more subtle and it gears of government and how you think signal infinity with potential republican voters. >> it's almost been happening too quickly. you hear the rhetoric from the white house, they want the booster domestically which really plays out on the world's stage. you need to have a global plan. the biden administration pledged
3:00 am
1.2 million doses. they're about 270 million is where they are right now. there will be a bigger push on this sort of among the pharmaceutical but above national governments and covax trying to get us out. >> hans nichols, thank you so much. as long as there were unvaccinated people, a new variant would emerge. we'll be staying with this story today, all day on msnbc. thank you for getting up way too early with us on this monday morning. get your shots and boosters. "morning joe" starts right now. >> senator cruz told the attorney general that you should be prosecuted? >> yeah. >> i have to be prosecuted. i have to laugh at that. what happens on january 6th, senator? >> new information on january 6th and this emerging omicron.


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