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tv   MSNBC Reports  MSNBC  November 26, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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as someone who resembles someone else, i appreciate that liberty mutual knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ we're coming up with breaking news from the biden administration. in just the last hour with new restriction on travel from eight ancken countries, all because of this new covid variant the world health organization is calling a variant of concern. it's popping up in asia and europe. so what does it mean for us here in the u.s.? we're talking about that first thing on the show. plus a rare move from a controversial republican.
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an apology, in just the last couple hours, why congresswoman laura boebetter is saying sorry, the uncovered takeover plot staged for next week. big changes for businesses, companies are trying to stock up in the supply chain crisis. almost two-thirds of americans have started shopping already. i'm hallie jackson in washington. it's good to be with you. it's a busy one, we got breaking news, those new travel restrictions that will go into effect in just a few days from now, just put in place by if white house. we have a new statement from president biden. we got our teams all over it. nbc news foreign correspondent is with us and dr. susannah hills and pediatric surge surgery at colombia university. tell us about the plans coming from folks overseas.
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>> reporter: hey, holly, the u.s. has become the latest company to have imposed travel restrictions on south africa and seven other african countries. why? because this new variant just named today omni chrome, the who ray signs a greek alphabet letter to each variant so they're not associated with the countries they were first discovered in, in this particular case. it was south africa. remember that name on the chrome, we will hear that over and over in the next few days but months, it's like a delta variant but worse, this is what the w.h.o. has been saying. it has a lot of mutations. it is highly infection and very viral and that is the reason why the u.s. is the latest country to have stopped people or restricted travel from all those countries where this particular variant was spreading and was spreading fast. italy announced those
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restrictions today. scores of other countries have done exactly the same in order to try at least to stop this variant from spreading in all these countries. >> claudio, thank you. i know that president biden has talked about this. he has talked about the concern, based off this variant. i want to pull up what president biden had to say. i think his statement came in, in the last 45 minutes or so. he is essentially calling on the rest of the world to up their donations to vaccinations around the world because of variants like this one, dr. susannah hill. give us the gut check, the reality check here. put this into context. this is not nearly close to being as widespread as the delta variant which we've talked about over many months here. how concerned should people in this country be about it? . >> yes. well, halle, there are a couple
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factors that make this particular mutant or strain concerning. number one is in a very short amount of time after identification, it has spread to a number of countries. it's been identified in five different countries. in addition, the number of mutations that it has been identified on the spike protein make it concerning as well. there is thought it may be more transmissible. we don't know that yet. there is thought it was conveyed immunity which would complicate the efficacy of the vaccines that we have currently available. so we're going to do some testing, clearly, we're going to see where this leads us and whether our vaccines, ffkt are effective against this strain or not and thank goodness south africa is doing sequences to identify this particular strain so that we can now study it and learn more and, hopefully, curb
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its spread internationally and globally. >> i want to come back to the idea of vaccines, dr. hill and where we stand there. right now, we know the dow saw the worst day of the year because the news. more trouble on monday? what do you say? >> well, two days we were talking about a very hot economy and inflation. now the markets worry have shifted 180 degrees to the pointed where if this variant is more transmissible, if it evades vaccines, if it calls a slowdown in the global economy, then all bets off environment in which europe is still dealing with delta and not dealing with it terribly well. the market got spooked. it's down 905,000. oil prices fell almost $10 per barrel, interest rates below 1.5%. this is a global economic slowdown that could affect u.s. growth prospects. so the market is not positioned
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for this in anyway shape or form and it was a holiday shortened session. we closed at 1:00 eastern time today. no one wanted to go home owning assets vulnerable over the weekend with any more news about this variant. >> i want to go to nantucket, josh, we talked about the new statement from president biden. tell us more about it. >> well, halle, the white house has been closely watching the amounting body of scientific evidence about this new variant as well as the w.h.o. deliberations. they wanted to see whether at that meeting today the w.h.o. was going to go ahead label this a variant of concern. now that that has occurred, the white house felt it was appropriate to go ahead and take this step. because they have been really reluctant to have knee-jerk reactions to people's very legitimate emotional concerns and responses to news of new variants and coronavirus concerns. they from the get-go have had this wanted to be driven by science and key data, a point
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they have been drawing as far back with the campaign with president trump. now president biden issuing a statement in the last few minutes saying, as a precautionary measure until we have more information, i am ordering additional air travel restrictions from south africa and seven other countries. president biden saying these new restrictions will take effect on november 29th. and moving forward, the u.s. will continue to be guided by the science and what my medical team advises. we do know that this decision today, came at the recommendation not only of the president chief medical adviser dr. anthony fauci but also of the cdc. the president has been getting regular updates from here in nantucket of those officials. we should point out, this will not affect american citizens who might be in one of those countries trying to get back home. they will still be able travel here. although, they will be subject to a covid-19 test which, of course, is now a restriction in place across the board for anyone trying to enter the
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united states, halle. >> dr. hymn, through a medical perspective, do you believe this is the right move at the right time here? >> i do think this is the right move at the right time, particularly if we find that our current vaccine conferred immunity is not going to effective against this variant, you don't know that information yet. now we are at another peak travel moment with the holidays here in the u.s. it's just a mixture for increased transmission. increased spread and increased risk to really not only americans but the global community. >> you hit on something really important. you said the words, i'm paraphrasing here. we don't fully know. right. we don't have the whole picture of what this variant is. it looks like and i echo i think what dr. fauci said this morning, scientific teams need more time to study this variant. how long do you think it might be before we get a fuller picture of what it's all about? >> well, earlier this morning
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dr. fauci was saying we will take a couple of weeks to get the information we need to know how transmissible this variant is and the impact that we can anticipate that it will have. and in the meantime, it really does make sense to measure the covid spread and one of those measures is restricting travel from countries right now that have evidence of cases. >> josh, i want to go back to you for one quick second. president biden also wants the idea of intellectual property protections for covid vaccines waived at this w.h.o. meeting next week. you can tell us more about that? >> yeah. that's right. the white house has been concerned about taking steps that would actually make it harder for private companies to quickly and effectively develop these types of vaccines in the future. they understand there are various legitimate intellectual property concerns and equities at stake there. so they have really been trying to strike the appropriate balance between trying to get vaccines into the hands of
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people, particularly in the developing world in parts of the world that don't having a says to the vaccine. you know, south african, for example, a very low vaccine nation rate. they have been trying to get access to the moderna vaccine to create their own version of it to distribute to their citizens to get a handle on this, running up against concerns from the companies who say look if we're not able to protect our intellectual property and market this we won't be age do the r&dr in the future. the white house trying to balance the equities as they work with the w.h.o. on the most effective way to get as many shots into arms as possible. >> do you expect to see the president at all today, josh? >> reporter: we do, based on something that the first lady jill biden said yesterday, we expect that the bidens are going to attend a christmas tree lighting here on the island of nantucket. i was just out a little bit ago if town. you could see the secret service
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already starting to get prepared for that setting up a mag ne to him magnetometers to screen people. we will see him with his family if everything goes according to plan on this day after thanksgiving. >> josh letterman, thank you, claudio, thank you. dr. susannah hill, we appreciate your expertise. ron insana, thank you very much. we will have more on president biden in nantucket. plus stricter voting laws over the finish line in michigan who ut the democratic governor's approval. black friday sales are up over 12% over last year. are shoppers able to find what's on their list? and next up, the new apology late this afternoon from congresswoman lauren boebetter. we're live with those specifics coming on up.
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. so we just talked about president biden in nantucket. we'll take a listen. >> i spent time with dr. fauci. >> you do have market control? >> expect it. we always do something with covid. >> are are you? >> not at all. >> mr. president, why -- [ inaudible question ] >> well, because, those recommends come from my -- >> reporter: what do you say about -- [ inaudible question ]. >> that's the future. you can't hide the variants. it's not like someone can hide the fact that there is a new vampbt. >> reporter: do you have to be more kiefl now going into the
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holiday season. >> look, i have. here's the deal, every american that has not been vaccinated should be responsibly vaccinated five years number one. number two, everyone eligible for the boothser shot should get the booster shot immediately upon being eligible. that is the minimum that everyone should be doing. you know, we always talked about freedom. i think it's a patriotic responsibility. >> reporter: mr. president, are you singularly focused on this mission, sir? especially with the new appointments? >> i have talked to the fed ab a whole range of mon etary policy and inflationened i have confidence that the decisions i've made and actually three more are going to reflect that concern. >> reporter: are you certained about the if you strain? >> i am concerned. we support you crepe for
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integrity. we support ukraine's ability to govern itself. and we object to any remotely approach -- >> reporter: [ inaudible question ]. >> in all proenlt. thank you. >> not at the moment. thank you. >> that, of course, was president biden live from nantucket where he has spent his thanksgiving holiday. i believe he is walking out of lunch, actually. he and some of his family went to dine at one of the establishments there on the i'll. i will bring back in nbc news' josh letterman traveling with the president. a bit of impromptu news potpourri, tough to hear. but folks had to crank the volume like we did here, talking about the travel restrictions going into effect monday and
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this variant of concern as the world health organization just named it today omni chron. he is pushing for people to get vacc'ed and boosterred. he hit on a couple other headlines on the economy and the fed as well as support for ukraine in a story we will talk about with our keir simmons later on in the show this report from the ukrainian president of this attempted coup they think was set to happen next week. let's break this down from president biden. he acknowledged he was briefed on omni control and that impromptu session with the pool of reporters moving with the president in nantucket. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. president biden had been having lunch with his family at a local tap room a few blocks from where i'm standing right now. he took that chance to speak to those reporters gathered to capture every movement, to make news. i think the president wanted to
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make sure americans heard from him about these new travel restrictions, given that it's understandable, people would say, hey, we're shutting off travel once again. does this mean we're going backwards like corona virus. the president acting on advice of top officials briefing him on this new variant. also this is something they're doing out of an abundance of caution. it's not necessarily something people need to get overly worked up about until we have yet more details about the dangers of this variant and how to tackle it. he was asked about the effects we are seeing on the stockmarket, commenting they go up and down. >> that's expected. >> reporter: and then, right, exactly, something that we are expected. then as you point out the president sending a message of support to ukraine in light of the comments from the ukrainian president zelensky who suggested to reporters there, he believes a coup attack might be imminent. that's something the russian said they have no involvement
12:18 pm
in. we have, of course, seen that buildup of the russian military on the border with the ukraine. so president biden wanting to make sure he communicated steadfast u.s. support for ukraine, given those tensions in the region. >> josh letterman live there in nantucket after we watched president biden live making news right here on msnbc. thank you very much for that. we will talk more about those headlines, we want to get news related to the capitol, something we haven't typically seen from house republicans during very controversies, an apology. it's coming from congresswoman lauren boebetter, implying omar was mistaken tore a terrorist during an elevator ride at the u.s. capitol. there is video of this. will you not see it here. it's effective. it's inflammatory with omar calling it an example of anti-muslim bigotry. here it is to anyone in the
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muslim community who may have been aurpded shepp is adding she has reached out to omar's office to speak directly about the policy difference they have to focus on. i want to bring from capitol hill correspondent garrett haig, congresswoman boebetter says for an unnecessary distraction. though she's the one recorded making the comments in the first place herself. how do you see this moving forward between these two congress people? >> reporter: yeah, apologizing for an unnecessary distraction that she, herself, create. it's not an apology that would fly in my household. i don't know how it will fly with congresswoman omar who was quite offended by this original store told and then we believe a few days ago, although her office hasn't clarified that she made an islamophobia comment and joked somehow omar might somehow be a terrorist.
12:20 pm
it was wildly inappropriatech when it blew up on twitter, she called boebetter out on it, look, this didn't happen, first of all this incident described by the congresswoman and is tweeting saying she wants there to be consequences either from speaker pelosi or minority leader kevin mccarthy. look, i can save you some time here. mccarthy has not disciplined any of his members for the offensive things they've said. i wouldn't wait on that we'll see if this rises to the level of the speaker's attention when congress returns next week or that promised follow-up conversation ever actually happens. >> we don't know. we haven't heard from congresswoman omar's office. as we mentioned, she has discuss it on thanksgiving day. she hasn't apologized yet to this apology tweet? right? >> she has apologized. but this whole scandal played out in public on twitter. we're waiting to see what should happen. there you see the tweet from
12:21 pm
earlier prior to this apology from congresswoman omar. so a lot of social media back and forth and bluster here. an apology such as it is, again, let's wait and see whether the personal apology happens here or this becomes a matter for all of congress or a matter between these two members. >> what is your sense based on your reporting whether the speaker might take this up next week? >> the speaker has taken threats against her members very seriously and acted as was the case with paul go sar and marjorie taylor green i don't know if this rises to an offense, they were certainly islamophobic. whether they rise to that level, i'm not sure. wee seal next. >> garrett, good to see you, thank you. still ahead, you just heard president biden talk about it. right. the ukrainian's president's attempted coup. we are live overseas with more on that. plus this story, a group of u.s. lawmakers defying china
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you watched it live here on
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the air just a couple of minutes ago, president biden taking some questions from reporters while in nantucket talking a lot about that variant of concern as it relates to covid. talking about another concern that he has, the rising tension on the ukrainian border. ukrainian's president zelensky claims russians are promising a coup next week and that all options are on the table if russia keeps up its aggressiveness essentially towards ukraine. the kremlin is denying zelensky's allegations, no surprise there. think about the backdrop, right? russia has history of flexing muscle on the ukrainian border. for weeks they had them concerned about this military at the ukrainian border. i want to bring in a correspondent who knows this area well, keir simmons, good afternoon or good evening where you are. >> reporter: hey, good evening.
12:27 pm
look, ukraine is a mess, honestly. it's really hard to unravel at times the intrigue and the espionage. but what people need to really understand i think is that two countries can stumble into conflict. they can get dragged into war and dragged others in by escalating tensions and certainly these accusations ratchet up the tension. so what you have is the president of ukraine, president zelensky alleging there was this attempt, this plan, to launch a coup next week that he has intelligence and some kind of a recording with russians and ukrainian billionaire oligarch making this plot. now, the state department appears to be surprised by this. it doesn't appear to have known about this in advance, so the statement from the state department, i could assure you, we are aware of the statements that were made this morning, we are in touch with the ukrainian government to discuss this further. and we're working to obtain
12:28 pm
additional information. we are just engaging with our ukrainian partners on this, so no immediate sign from washington that washington has the kind of intelligence the ukrainian president was talking about. here's the point, president putin as you mentioned has all these troops on the ukrainian border. i actually think it's not really in his playbook to launch a full scale invasion. the idea he may be supportive of a coup. the president didn't say that, the idea would be that seems more likely, nbc news doesn't have any evidence of its own that this is the case, but again, things can escalate, trouble can start slowly and that i think is what really has people in washington worried. >> and give, listen, you covered this region for a long time, keir. you know sort of the inns and outs and the backdrop here. what itself the most important thing for people to know about that context? >> reporter: i think the most
12:29 pm
important thing for people to know honestly is that ukraine and russia are so closely connected, they go back, their history, such a long way. and now, their futures are so intertwined with that russian annexing of premier for example the problem is it's really hard to see how you unravel this. putin's future is connected to it. clearly, nato is more and more engaged. that is what people should be concerned about. how do you get a resolution to this without a conflict? >> keir simmons, live for us from london. thank you so much, i appreciate it. so you know today is a holiday friday. it is black friday. some shelves are empty, even on the biggest shopping day of the year. why? because that supply chain crisis we have been talking about, it seems to be coming ahead, right at the holiday season starts the national retail federation says
12:30 pm
nearly 40% of americans started holiday shopping earlier this year to make sure the gifts come in time, with more and more people shopping online, maybe you are doing the same. the brick and mortar retail industry is seeing how they get in time for the holidays. both posted at various locations in this country. alson, let me start with you with a little of the news you can use piece. right. what shoppers can do to make sure they get those gifts if time for the holidays? >> reporter: well, joe knows those details than i ever will. so i won't step on all the best advice on how you should plan your shopping. but i can tell you what i am hearing from people here. they tell us their strategy has been to kind of bring patience and shop early and in person. a lot of people we have spoken to have opted this year to shop in person instead of online. they say they are worried about shipping delays. they feel like this is a better way coming in for a sense of potentially avoid running into those hiccups or if they run
12:31 pm
into those hiccups, having an immediate alternate option to consider. again, a lot of people are telling us, patience is key. they also say what they're seeing is less deals than they expect this weekend in previous years past and they're saying that other customers should watch out for, too, listen. >> like today we went out with people this morning and they were like, those items we're looking for, they're not in stock. they have to look for them online and online, they're out of stock. >> and in-person pricing this year, it's not going to be as much due to the fact that everything's increased and are you not saving as much, which is quite sad. but you got to do what you got to do. >> the national retail federation says they expect some 158 million people to shop this weekend. speaking with the general manager at this mall. she said she thinks the supply chain issues will actually help
12:32 pm
to benefit brick and mortar stores. because it will make more people think it might be easier to shop in person. just for the record, i did, ham little, speak to santa not long ago. i asked him if he had any concerns about supply chain issues, shipping delays, very important update. he says none whatsoever. the elves have started very early. he says they have been planning early since february. so santa is not worried about it. but the key from everybody here seems to be plan early. >> a huge scoop, truly. incredible reporting. i will make sure to break a news alert to those folks watching. thank you, i know you got to run. appreciate it. joe, talk to me. you are our biz tech guru on our team covering all of. this so talk about what people need to know. what you are seeing. what you are hearing and what major companies are doing to help out. >> reporter: yeah, so major retailers across the board are doing everything they can to get you your orders on time, whether
12:33 pm
it's air freighting in the case of gas. they're closed. instead of allowing them to be clogged up in the shipping prices and the ports of l.a. or long beach. others are saying shop online as early as you can. but what's really interesting is that for the american made stuff, like lincoln logs, for example. the holdup is not the factories here in the u.s. these toys, for example, have little tiny plastic pieces that come from china. they're clogged up. we spoke to the ceo, who is the owner of lincoln logs. this is how he explained what's happening. >> when we're waiting for parts from all different parts of the country in the world, that's where the supply chain issues really start to foul up. >> reporter: now, the delays are between 24 and eight weeks. i asked him, what we're expecting a month away from christmas, is there time left to get what you need? he said, no, the stuff that's still on containerships still ground for the railways, those items will not make it.
12:34 pm
so in terms of advice, the shopping experts tell us, you should shop early and have a plan b, c and d. if you are going to be buying something that is a hot item, be prepared to be disappointed in the case of gaming consoles and things like that but overall, we do see that online shopping, though it is a big trend and accelerating because of the pandemic, so far the spending has flatlined. it's $5.1 billion spent online on thanksgiving according to adobe. that's exactly the same as last year. still you may see starting to see the real pain point here. when it comes to record inflation over the last 30 years and also high retail sales that already have been registered, leading into this holiday season, halle. >> interesting point. jo ling kept kent, great to see you. still ahead, china not happy with american lawmakers after some met with the head of taiwan. we will talk about that new tension next. f taiwan
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so we're learning today about a new point of thing in the already tense relationship between the u.s. and china. that's because this morning five american lawmakers met with the head of taiwan, despite some keir warnings from beijing to try to call off the trip. china as you know considers taiwan to be a part of its territory. because of that, the u.s. doesn't officially recognize taiwan. a group of legislators traveled days after the biden administration invited them to a global democracy. behind this piece is john allen. john, it's great to see you. thanks for being with us. talk to us who is on this trip, why they went to taiwan. why now? >> so there were five u.s. lawmakers on the trip, a democrat from california, a democrat from michigan, a democrat from texas. sarah james a democrat from california and a republican
12:40 pm
nancy mace making it from south carolina making it a bipartisan delegation. but what all these members are saying in effect is they want to show support for taiwan in a time when the tension between china and taiwan is very escalated, in fact, there was a response from china of conducting military exercises near taiwan. so things are very fraught right now. the united states has gone kind of back and forth a little on the degree to which taiwan and china, president biden said recently on another network the u.s. is committed to protecting taiwan. the white house walked that back a bit. replicated its policy of strategic ambiguity. there is no strategic ambiguity, but really what that means is that the united states doesn't want to tell china exactly how far it would or would not go to protect taiwan. >> one of the members traveling
12:41 pm
on this delegation, got an interesting letter from the embassy on this. >> yeah. nbc news got a piece of that letter from our office and basically what the chinese said to her through their embassy was, don't go. they said it would damage the relationship between the united states and china, which you were saying before was freight fraught right now for a variety of reasons. so they said, don't go, will you damage the relationship and these five lawmakers threw a middle finger to china and went ahead, anyway. >> now this trip is happening, do you expect more of a response? presumably, maybe? >> there are some reports that chinese foreign ministry about this kind of a trip and i wouldn't be surprising to see more military exercises to see china revving up. of course, china laid claim to taiwan and interesting frustrated that some countries in the world are elevating it like the united states is
12:42 pm
nothing new. but with each injury, everything is sanguine. >> thank you for that. great reporting, i appreciate you being with us on this holg day friday. overseas, at least 27 people have died trying to reach british land in the english channel. it is being described as one of the worst migrant disasters to ever happen in the channel between france and the uk. now officials there are trying to figure out who was killed. our sky reporter alice crawford has more. >> reporter: they are families, many men, but also children, all from afghanistan, all trying to get to safety in britain. and the conditions are miserable, cold and wet. with tents supplied by charities. and they're all wait, waiting despite knowing of the dangers and the deaths to board to
12:43 pm
england. among them this 14-year-old boy seen here in the middle, who tells us he fled the taliban days after they took power. he is now all alone. but this is very dangerous. >> it is dangerous, yes. >> reporter: but you are still going to do it? >> if not, we will die here in the field. but we should go. we don't have other ways. >> reporter: he is undeterred by earlier failures. >> throughout the night, i will go, we want to go to -- but british or france. with a knife we cut our wood. >> reporter: we found one 22 afghan who has just arrived in dun kirk desperately looking for a way to pass to britain. >> we say to the government, you help my family, a place for my father so he cannot go out of sight and the taliban will see him and so -- >> reporter: he's talking to his
12:44 pm
brother still in kabul. he tells us the whole family's future rests on him reaching britain safely. safely >> . >> reporter: it's difficult to show you just how long this line of tents goes on. it's freezing cold. that i have no water, nothing. a row of tents filled with people, goes all the way along there. all those we spoke to told us of traveling and living rough for weeks. he showed us where he, his wife and four young children have been sheltered. the family fled persecution in iraq and he spent thousands on a smuggling network openly operating on facebook. again, he sells us, he has no
12:45 pm
alternative. >> of course, i'm scared of going by boat to britain, he sells e tells us, but i have no other option. it's the route of death. but i have to take it. like so many, the dangers of making that terrible journey are eclipsed by the dangers they're all running from. alice crawford, sky news in northern france. >> our thanks to alice for that story. still ahead on the show, what sources are saying why more veterans are running for congress. y more veratens are running for congress u emu... & doug ♪ ♪ superpowers from a spider bite? i could use some help showing the world how liberty mutual customizes their car insurance so they only pay for what they need. (gasps) ♪ did it work? only pay for what you need ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ spider-man no way home in theaters december 17th
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. michigan republicans trying to force tougher votes lawing through, by using a very interesting loophole in the law, which means they can skip over a pretty important part, getting the governor's signature. you mate remember, of course, michigan is the state biden won by roughly 450,000 votes. it has a republican-led legislature and that struck up a new strategy to skip the governor's desk all taeth by getting signatures from 4% of the state's voters. >> reporter: michigan republicans may be ability to muscle through tighter election
12:50 pm
laws without the support of most michigan voters. they're doing it with a petition drive. one that requires signatures from fewer than 4% of all registered voters in the state. jamie roe is a spokesman our pe designed to make changes to our michigan election law that restores faith in both sides in the outcome of the election. >> reporter: because of a quirk in the law, the gop-led legislature circumstance up vent the governor to enact stricter voter id requirement, ban the use of private donations and to tribute the state from mailing ballots. some say it would have a chilling effect on voter participation. >> i think a lot of people will not choose to exercise their right to vote absentee. that concerns me.
12:51 pm
>> reporter: why is this happening? because trump claims there was fraud in the 2020 election. >> republicans lost the election, and we know there is no -- in michigan and they want to suppress the vote. >> reporter: democrats are organizing a decline to sign campaign. >> understand that it's really making voting more difficult, so we are asking people to decline the sign. okay. >> reporter: democrats claim it will tee press minority and absentee voters is, quote, ridiculous, says roe. >> you have to show your id to buy a 12-pack of beer. there is nothing wrong with having to show your id to vote. >> reporter: what is happening in michigan is but a slice of actions being led by gop legislatures across the since the 2020 election.
12:52 pm
and for voters like davis, the issue is personal. >> it really makes me angry. i was important in the '40s. i have seen people go -- come from the south to michigan. they enjoyed voting. they were so happy to be able to vote because they weren't able to do it back home in the south. >> heidi pryzbyla reporting there. this year's withdrawal of troops from afghanistan turning out to be a rallying cry for at least one republican congressional candidate. the washington examiner reporting on fred mills who said he was inspired to run after that withdrawal. i want to bring in david drucker, the author of a new wok "in trump's shadow, the battle for 2024 in the gop. thanks for being on the show. >> happy thanksgiving. >> you too. happy day after, i guess. you spoke with mr. mills, who talked about the withdrawal being really the biggest
12:53 pm
motivator in his run for congress, right? >> correct. he's not the only one. marjory eastman is run forth senate in north carolina despite the fact that trump has endorsed someone on the republican side is also running. when i talked to her about her candidacy, she was explaining to me and mr. mills explained the images we all saw, the troublesome spot it left us in from a geopolitical perspective in trying to beat back terrorism and a resurgence of al qaeda have motivated these republicans and others we will see to run. it is similar to what we saw in the aftermath of the iraq war. in fact while the war was still going on we saw a number of democrats who were military veterans getting into politics, run for congress, were elevated to congress. and so this is part of what happens when the u.s. has been involved in military conflicts. there is a whole generation of americans devoted to service that transitioned to politics.
12:54 pm
we are now seeing that in part based on number one the with drual from afghanistan, the way it looked and also concerns about where it leaves the u.s. in terms of its national security. >> i'm told i accidentally said doug mills. i was thinking of our photographer. but cory mills is running for senate from florida. >> yes. all the republican primaries are under way. what i think is interesting about this hallie, is when i talk to republicans concerned about the aftermath of our withdrawal because of the way it went down, the fact there are still americans and allies that helped us in the war that are stuck essentially behind enemy lines and can't get out, and there is a lot of private efforts to get them out that are still ongoing -- what really truck me about this is that many of them, while they said they
12:55 pm
agreed in concept with both trump and president biden in terms of the concept of withdrawal and they would not have opposed the full-scale withdrawal, most of these republicans i am talking to believe we should have left a counter-insurgentsy, a counter-terrorism force behind, a small footprint to retain a portion of bagram air force base. that's what cory mills told me. and the former president just like the current president didn't want to leave a footprint behind. a lot of republicans are convinced the former president would have left a footprint behind. the point is, you have a class of candidates for house and senate who are concerned about how this went down that are more hawkish than not just the sitting president but the former president who negotiated this withdrawal in the first place. i talked with a number of
12:56 pm
republicans who did not agree necessarily with the negotiations with the taliban, didn't feel they could ever be trusted. you have a lot of people feeling china is going to fill the vacuum left behind by the united states. >> thank you so much, mr. drucker, david, appreciate you being on. thanks to all of you for watching this hour of hallie jackson reports. i will see you at 5:00 on our streaming channel, nbc news now. we have more ms right after the break. wealth plan across your full financial picture. a plan with tax-smart investing strategies designed to help you keep more of what you earn. this is the planning effect. cough cough sneeze sneeze... designed to help you keep more of what you earn. [ sneezing ] needs, plop plop fizz fizz. alka seltzer plus cold relief. dissolves quickly. instantly ready to start working.
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and finish this year strong. visit your local t-mobile store today. hi there, everyone. a blockbuster reporting igniting a new round of questions around the insurrection on january 6th. a massive investigation by more than 25 reporters at the "washington post" who interviewed more than 230 sources and combed thousands of pages of documents and law enforcement reports to produce what would become the definitive report of the january 6th insurrection. the events, as they played out, before, during, and after the worst attack on our nation's capitol in centuries. their work is now in many way as road map for the investigation by the january 6th select committee, one that has now ensnared more than a dozen top


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