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tv   MSNBC Reports  MSNBC  November 26, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PST

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we're following some concerning new developments in the fight against the coronavirus. covid spikes in more than 30 states and the nation inches closer to 10 0,000 new cases a day, health experts are monitoring a new covid variant. this one in south africa. fears over that new variant's potential spread has spent the markets tumbling. with the dow plummeting more than 900 points in early trading today. and consumers trying to take advantage of black friday deals as rising inflation leads and covid fears are not keeping millions of consumers across the country out of shopping malls to take advantage of black friday deals while millions more are looking ahead to better prices on some big ticket items on cyber monday.
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nbc news business and technology correspondent jo ling kent joins me. jo, it's great to see you. you have big new numbers for us in the billions in spending yesterday. right? >> reporter: jose, that's right. we just got fresh new numbers about thanksgiving day online spending. adobe reporting $5.1 billion were spent on thanksgiving. now, when you look at what was expected, it's actually on the lower range of what was expected. so this may be a cause of inflation. a cost of living going up, gas and food prices on the rise right now. but well within the range of expectations. we do expect to see a record amount of money spent across retailers on this thanksgiving weekend. but on an anecdotal note in virginia and across the country including mall of america and minnesota, we are seeing the traditional lines and door busting parades of people really come down significantly.
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and that may have been accelerated by the pandemic, of course. but we're seeing online spending really increase here. stores like best buy are very well-aware of this trend. they have been for years. and i was just interviewing an executive who told me exclusively that what they're doing is retooling the floor space at best buy. as we went to one in minnesota where they actually reduce the floor size of their best buy store by about 60%. they use that remaining space and renovated it into a fulfillment center that is closer to people's doorsteps to get the goods out the door faster. so as you can see, stores trying to figure out how to meet demand as quickly as possible. especially among supply chain delays across the country and, of course, out west at the ports of los angeles and long beach. soho say, it's a big weekend for shopping. we do expect to see record numbers. but the way people shop, how
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many items they're buying, how much their cart is, is going to be significantly different than in the past. the other thing you should also note is that the discounts that you may see online and in person will likely be less than usual, because you have these big retailers suffering from the high cost of labor because of the labor shortage, and, of course, the ongoing expenses of getting your stuff into the ports, on to the shelves and ultimately to your doorstep. jose? >> joeling kent, thank you. >> the biden administration is aware of the inflation concerns across the country. a new npr poll shows the president hitting his lowest rating, 42% since taking office. inflation is the top economic concern followed by wages, and housing with gas prices all the way down at 9%. joining me now, washington post white house reporter tyler pager
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and josh letterman covering the president in nantucket, and ron. thank you for being with me this morning. the white house knows the consumers are worried about the rising costs and the markets falling today. >> that's exactly right. and they are trying to thread the needle here. with a very delicate message. on the one hand, the white house does not want people to take things out of proportion. they want everybody to take a deep breath, given what the white house views as the overall strength of the economy. and so you see president biden, white house spokeswoman pointing to the fact that unemployment claims down to the lowest point in half a century. other economic measures, the unemployment rate, down significantly from when president biden took office. and also the fact that while there are these additional costs from inflation and other economic effects, saki pointing out the cost of a turkey, if you had a 20 -pound turkey for
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thanksgiving, it was up about a dollar. that's not great, but it's also not necessarily catastrophic. on the other hand, they don't want americans out there who are really feeling this punch in their wall lets to think that the white house is out of touch or that they don't get the fact that this is affecting people. it's affecting consumers' choices, obviously. and so they are really focussed on trying to find ways that they can show that president biden is actually taking action on this. that's not an easy task, because a lot of these longer-term economic trends, the supply chain issues, and so forth, are not the kind of things where you can turn a light switch and president biden can sign an executive order and suddenly everything gets better. on the other hand, they know people want to see the president taking concrete steps and that's why you've seen president biden really focusing on some of these specific things such as the release from the strategic petroleum reserve to try to bring the gas prices. such as the steps they're taking at the ports of long beach and los angeles to try to get the bottle new englands under
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control so they get goods and services to people more quickly during the holidays. but this is something that they are hearing increasingly from outside democrats who are very concerned when they're watching the poll numbers you referenced. they're concerned about how that's going to effect democrats up and down the ballot heading into the midterm next year, and so the white house over this thanksgiving holiday, has been trying to find additional ways heading into december that they can show that the white house is taking specific action to try to address the economic concerns that so many americans are experiencing. >> yeah. and ron, the market has been relatively strong in recent months, even with the consumer concerns. but it only takes one new covid story to send things spinning like we apparently are going to be witnessing today. >> and we should remember that this is also a holiday shortened session. the new york stock exchange, markets close at 1:00 p.m. eastern time. the thin trading conditions might exacerbate the volatility.
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but european markets were down about 3% and asia as well in the new covid variant. and the big concern here, as i know you've been reporting all morning, is whether or not it's more transmisable, more lethal, and more prone to evade the benefit you get from vaccines, and so we're seeing travel restrictions being put in place around the world. travel-related hospitality stocks, stocks hurt if we went pack to a kind of shelter in place work from home environment are getting hammered. the market as well because it could slow economic growth. and then you're seeing the stay at home stocks like zoom and peloton and other defensive stocks do better today. oil prices, by the way, are falling more than $5 a barrel. they're back to 70 after being at 76 -- 86 two weeks ago. some people feel that if this were to get worse with respect to the pandemic, the federal reserve might have to hold the
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powder on doing anything to normalize interest rates. >> ron, let's go back to the market right now. that's a pretty substantial drop in one moment there, more than 900 points just to open the stock market. and i'm wondering it seems as though the economy, the world is such a massive economic structure, to something like the news out of a new variant, is that what ron is really driving these in -- this drop of almost 3%? >> yeah. the real concern here, and again, 900 points ain't what it used to be. it's a 2.5% decline. in market history, it doesn't set any records. it's a big point decline, but in percentage terms, again, relatively well-contained. still, yeah, if we have a variant that evades vaccines where other vaccine makers now like pfizer and moderna have to create a new vaccine which would
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take up to three months and have to go through fda processes, that means that the global economy could be shuddered ten temporarily. travel restrictions hurt economic activity, and so it's really entirely depending on whether this variant about which we know something, but not a lot, is number one, more transmisable, number two, more lethal, and number three, most important here, can evade the protection you get from vaccines which effectively would put us back for a short time at square one with respect to the coronavirus. that's what the market would fear the most. >> ron, thank you for clearing things up. i'm nebulous on the issue of the stock market. to hear you clearly tell us what's going on, i appreciate it. tyler, now the president wants to tout the positives like private sector job gains but americans are feeling the crunch. ron was talking about this. the inflation, the gas pump
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prices. food going up. how concerned is the white house about that narrative? >> yeah. i think that's the challenge the white house has in front of it is the story of the economy. there are a lot of things in the economy that they are excited about as josh referenced. the jobless claims this week hitting a 50 -year low, and that's the thing. the white house is excited about it. but day-to-day as americans try to buy goods at the supermarket, gas stations prepare for the holidays and buy gifts for their children, they are seeing a rise in prices. and that's hitting everyday-americans. and that's the concern in the white house but across the broader democratic party is if they are -- if americans are feeling the brunt of the economic situation on their everyday basis, that's going to hurt them politically. the white house has a problem of trying to explain that there are a lot of positive numbers in the economy, positive growth that they can point to, but at the
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same time, there are warning signs and struggles americans are facing, trying to balance both of those things. we've seen the president talk directly about this week giving a speech about the economic pain that many american families are feeling as they see prices go up. but at the same time, the white house is trying to message around the things they're doing to address it. but the larger problem is they can't fix it immediately. this is something that they hope and think will get better over time as the supply chain kinks work itself out. but new variants further complicate any sort of return to normalcy message the white house is trying to send. and so this is another wrinkle to this broader challenge the white house has about taking good news when they get it, but also trying to message around some of the setbacks as they face them. >> tyler, josh, and ron, thank you for being with me. appreciate it. alarm bells are, indeed, ringing around the world. countries are urgently warning
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of a concerning new covid variant that has emerged from south africa. ron was giving us a little bit of the impact that news is having around the world. look at this map. britain, france, singapore, hong kong and more have already banned flights from south africa and surrounding nations because of the new variant. the eu commission president tweeted this morning that the eu plans to propose following suit, all this comes as the u.s. just crossed another tragic milestone in the pandemic. over 780,000 american lives lost to this virus. 780,000. plus we're seeing a surge in new cases around the country. averaging over 97,000 new infections every day. joining us now, nbc's gabe gutierrez is in new york. nba's raf sanchez is on the ground in tel aviv. gabe, what do we know about this emerging variant? >> good morning. well, public health officials around the world saying we don't know a whole lot, and that is
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why, jose, during this meeting today, the w.h.o., of course, as you've been mentioning has convened this emergency meeting to discuss the variant. w.h.o. officials are urging countries around the world not to hastily impose travel restrictions, even though a growing number of countries are imposing those restrictions, but here in the u.s., dr. anthony fauci was asked in an interview this morning whether there are any plans to roll back any of the -- or to impose, i should say, restrictions on travel, and he says there are no plans as of yet. that essentially, scientists will have to take a closer look at this. but this is certainly causing a lot of concern around the world, jose. you mentioned hundreds of points, the dow plunging about 900 points so far today, and there are fears about what this could mean going forward. jose, i should say over the last couple months we've looked at
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other variants. you might remember the new variant discovered in colombia. that kid not take hold and others have not because of the strength of delta variants. it overpowered over variants, but there is issue the new strain found in south africa could be -- could spread and could also potentially be more resistance to vaccines. although, again, there is no conclusive proof of that. still, many countries around the world taking a very close look at this. >> yeah. raph, israel is one of those countries banning travel from south africa and surrounding nations. what are you hearing about this on the ground? >> yeah. israel moving more aggressively than any other government so far in response so this. they're banning travel from nearly every country in africa with a couple of exceptions in response to this new variant. this comes after there was one confirmed case of the new variant here in israel.
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it was a traveler who recently returned from malawe. there were two other suspected cases here in this country. all three of those people are in isolation right now. but the israeli prime minister has been preparing the public for further spread. he's been warning that israel is on the thresholds of an emergency situation right now. as gabe was saying, the uk has also been banning travel from south africa. five other african nations. i want you a take a listen to the uk health secretary, and he laid out his concerns about this new variant. take a listen. >> it shares many of the features of alpha, beta, and delta variants. early indications show this variant may be more trance misable than the delta variant, and current vaccines may be less effective against it.
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>> jose, as you were saying, european countries are also looking to impose restrictions. the european union is really struggling with a severe delta surge right now. austria is in a nationwide lockdown. france is imposing new restrictions today. and the absolute last thing they need in europe right now is an aggressive new variant showing up and complicating what is already a very difficult picture there. jose. >> raph in tel aviv, gabe in new york. thank you for being with me. let's turn to our doctors. the founder and ceo of advancing health equity, and an msnbc medical contributor. and also a professor at the director of the institute for auto immune and rheumatic diseases at st. joseph health. thank you for being with me. dr. blackstock, what is this new variant, what makes it so concerning? >> well, thank you so much for
8:17 am
having me on this morning. what they've seen actually is in johannesburg, a rapid increase in cases over a short period of time. and so there's concern that this increase transmissability, and with this variant, it has shown about 32 different mutations. some involving spiked protein. there's also concern that this variant may be able to evade the immune response. so it may render vaccines or antibody treatment less effective. however, there are more questions than answers right now. and the w.h.o. has said over the next two weeks more data will be collected so we can determine whether this variant will be considered a variant of interest or variant of concern. >> so doctor, what would make this variant or any variant more easily transmisable, possibly morelethal?
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what has to change in a variant that would make it super variant? >> right. so there are mutations, for example, on the spiked protein, on different receptors that attach to the cells that may make the variant more likely to infect cells, for example. and so we are seeing that this variant may, in fact, may look at the g gnome of the variant. it has some similarities to other variants that are highly transmisable. so may be able to infect cells more readily. obviously, that is the concern right now that we're seeing. and so to be a variant of concern, we need to see does this have increased transmisability? does it have the ability to evade the immune response? and also, finally, does it cause more severe disease? is it virulent? >> all the answers to the questions are necessary to consider whether it's an interest and concern. >> dr. fauci spoke about this
8:19 am
new variant earlier today. let's listen to what he said. >> certainly there is a new variant that is now in south africa, that has some mutations that are raising some concerns, particularly with regard to possibly transmisability increase and possibly evasion of immune response. we don't know that for sure right now. this is really something that's in motion, and we just arranged right now a discussion between our scientists and the south african scientists a little bit later in the morning. >> what do you think of that, what dr. fauci had to say? are you concerned this variant could be the next delta or delta plus? >> well, jose, i do think we should be concerned about this, but i'm not going to go off the deep end and say that everybody should be worried and start wringing their hands. we still need to do the obvious
8:20 am
things. the concern right now, you know, jose, we're in the middle of the thanksgiving holiday. people are gathering or were gathering yesterday at homes, et cetera. and those who are vaccinated have less concern than those who are not vaccinated. and as the other doctor said, you know, the stereo chemistry or the structure of the spike protein always changes when these variants come about. some stronger and some less strong. hopefully this is one which will have less in effect. but the big concern is immune evasion as dr. block blackstock said. >> and gabe talked about there have been other strains in the past, one that we -- you heard a lot about and all the sudden it kind of didn't follow through. what is it that makes some variants stop and others continue? >> well, with this virus, they
8:21 am
can up mutate and they can down mutate. this is clearly an up mutation causing more severe disease in south africa. the variants which were -- we were concerned about them, because we saw them in the united states in a couple of areas, but they never amounted to much. they down mutated and were not strong enough to take hold. this new variant in south africa poses some concern, but we should not start becoming hysterical about it right now. i think europe has the right idea to ban flights as well as israel from various areas around south africa. but we have to be very careful. we're going to see this variant in the united states. it always happens despite banning flights, et cetera. >> doctor is it possible that variant is already in the united states. >> i was going to say i have a
8:22 am
different perspective about travel bans. we've seen they're not very effective at all. and we've already seen cases in hong kong and israel. likely the variant has already spread, and we are still not sure the variant originated in south africa. so there are still more questions than answers. enunfortunately what travel bans do is stigmatizes the countries that were good enough to report the strain. it's a benefit to the rest of the world, and by instituting these travel bans, we risk stigmatiing the countries, and they may in the country be more -- >> your perspectives are always welcome and i appreciate your time. thank you for being with me. >> thank you. coming up, new fallout and
8:23 am
reflection nationwide after the jury decided the fate of the three men charged with killing ahmaud arbery. we're live in georgia next. and law enforcement across the country are on edge amid a new surge in smash and grab robberies. what you need to know as millions of black friday shoppers hit the mall today. you're watching "jose diaz-balart reports." os diaz-balart reports. ♪ ♪ ♪ downy's been taking you back, since way back. with freshness and softness you never forget. feel the difference with downy. cough cough sneeze sneeze... [ sneezing ] needs, plop plop fizz fizz. alka seltzer plus cold relief.
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27 past the hour. the family and friends of ahmaud arbery got justice and accountability from the white men involved in the crime. but the pending prison sentences only closed the book on one criminal case while communities across the country fear the possibility of similar actions. joining me now cal perry and
8:28 am
david henderson. cal, how is that georgia community processing what happened there one day before the thanksgiving break? >> i think first and foremost, they're enjoying a quiet thanksgiving. you know what it's like when the national and international media descends on these small towns. that's what happened. i think folks are appreciating the quiet. for the family, they took a walk on thanksgiving day yesterday to a mural of ahmaud arbery. they were enjoying a quiet day. wanda cooper jones called into msnbc, said she was thankful for the verdict, but, of course, missed her son very much. i witnessed yesterday on thanksgiving day a father and son who came from south carolina to take a picture in front of this courthouse. it was emotional. it was a moving moment. of course, this is a justice system and we're having this conversation across the country. this is a justice system that is designed to protect folks who look like the mcmichaels and not like ahmaud arbery, and you have this community taking pride in a verdict of which three white men were convicted of killing an
8:29 am
unarmed black man. a video leaked two years later, a trial that almost didn't happen. people are grateful and relieved about what happened the day before thanksgiving. >> yeah. david, i want to get your thoughts on that specific thing. i mean, the fact that this video was leaked and had it not leaked -- i mean, certainly these men weren't even arrested initially. it shows, i think, david, how sometimes justice very obviously is not just for all. >> jose, i think that's right. i mean, this conviction is cause for celebration, but it may be even more cause for concern. this case definitely is not complete. we were on pins and needles reading this verdict, and we shouldn't have been with a case with this evidence where it was overwhelming as it was here. to your point, the initial prosecutor refused to take any action at all. and is still awaiting
8:30 am
prosecution herself. the second prosecutor to handle the case not only did he refuse to take action, but he put a letter in the file saying no future prosecutor should either, and normally that's the death nail for a case. we don't see any litigation past that point. what's concerning here is it took prosecutors coming from outside the community to make sure the prosecution was handled correctly. it also took a judge who came from outside the community to make sure justice was handled correctly. it draws a parallel with derek chauvin's trial. they weren't able to get the job don outsiders had to make sure justice was achieved. that indicates we have a long way to go to achieve justice in our system in general. >> david in georgia there was a law that permitted this, essentially. it was changed after this murder. is there something that prosecutors should be learning from what happened in georgia?
8:31 am
prosecutors throughout our country? >> well, jose, i think that's would be a happy ending to this story. if prosecutors learned they need to handle justice equitably which is hopefully what results from the first prosecutor assigned from the case should be facing and also questions for the second prosecutor who tried to get the same thing. but there's a larger issue that you're pointing out. that is there was a law that allowed for the citizen's arrest. when you focus on one individual law, you overlook the fact that we have systemic problems in our justice system. i think that even had that law not been in the books, we could have been in a similar situation with the stand your ground laws. you pointed out the video released earlier. it was released by one of the defendants. had they not released the video and clung to the stand your ground laws, they could have said whatever you wanted and we might have had a negative result in this case. >> david henderson and cal,
8:32 am
thank you for being with me. i appreciate your time. up next, the challenges for haiti as the new government gets established and the nation continues to grapple with a rise in gang violence, fuel shortages and so much more. you're watching "jose diaz-balart reports" on msnbc. ♪♪♪ ♪♪it's a most unusual day♪♪ ♪♪feel like throwing my worries away♪♪ ♪♪as an old native-born californian would say♪♪ ♪♪it's a most unusual day♪♪ ♪♪it's a most unusual sky♪♪ ♪♪not a sign of a cloud passing by♪♪ ♪♪if my heart won't behave in the usual way♪♪
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35 past the hour. we're looking beyond our borders to haiti. the prime minister announced a new cabinet this month. more than four months after he assumed office. following the assassination of the president there. the nation is struggling with fuel shortages and a rise in violence and gang related abductions including the kidnapping of 17 members of an american and canadian missionary group. two of those people have been released. 15 are still being held by these gangs. with us now is gary pier, founder and publisher of the "haitian times". thank you for being with me. let's talk a little bit about these new challenges facing this new government in
8:37 am
port-au-prince. >> thank you for having me. always a pleasure. well, this is a baby step. it is much-needed. i think they face a challenge of leadership, and so he's trying to prove to the world and to the country that the government is functioning. the problem is that he has a formidable at the hands of the gang leaders. because, jose, what we haven't reported is that this swearing ceremony was supposed to take place on a boulevard, bicentennial boulevard outdoors, but the area is controlled by someone who didn't want the government to have the ceremony held there, so the event was moved to the prime minister's office. it was far away from the bicentennial boulevard. and so the challenge remains
8:38 am
immense, and where do we go from there? i don't think the government has a clue. it is trying its best to deal with a situation. but things are out of control right now. >> so gary, i want kind of this to sink in for a second. so the president, the leader, has to figure out where to hold public events depending on what the gang control is in the capitol. i mean, let's let that sink in for a second. we're talking about a crisis, garry, that is of such violence, and you have this extraordinary people in haiti. right? that just want to have the opportunity to have a better life, and they contribute so much. garry, how can we see a future for haiti? what do you see in the future
8:39 am
for haiti with all of these challenges? >> well, i think i'm optimistic. obviously we have to remain optimistic, but the challenge is many. and i think civil society has to come together and say listen, this cannot go on. and really have a challenge, the government and the gangs. because if people take to the street, right? i don't think the gangs can just massacre everyone. no. i think at some point it has to be a public display of resistance that we are not going to take this anymore. and shoot if you want. because the people have to reclaim the country. because right now the government is unable to provide leadership. the gangs are running rampant. dictating laws to the -- i understand your frustration --
8:40 am
inability to put this in proper context, because it's not normal. but i believe that the haitian people themselves should take the leadership in this, and just say no. no more of this. because, as you pointed out properly -- >> it's so difficult for -- yeah, but garry, it's so difficult to ask people to go forward and say kill me if that's what has to happen. i mean, there's no one more strong and courageous than the haitian people, but this is a situation that has been going on for some time, and i'm thinking, garry, as i think about this, we're going to see more and more people, possibly trying to make that dangerous journey off the island into the sea, looking for a new and better life. i mean, the u.s. coast guard says they've intercepted 1500 haitians at sea in the last 12 months. that's a possibility that is
8:41 am
putting so many people's lives in danger, but it almost seems as though that's the only option a lot of people will be looking at to look for a better future. >> well, yeah. and that is fraught with problems as well. people have lost their lives in the high seas. it's very dangerous. so to me, instead of taking that journey, which is perilous, we'll take that journey internally and tell people, okay, kill me. because when we take to the seas, that's the same thing. we are taking our lives into our own hands, but -- and that's the problem. that's one of the problems that haiti has been facing the last two years. a constant migration. and so what's left of -- it's not enough to govern, to have a better country, because every five or ten years you're starting from scratch with new people who are not experienced and in the private sector and
8:42 am
government, and the media, you name the institution, it suffers from the same problem. and that's why we are seeing this playing out the way it is. because people are leaving. i mean, my parents left in the 1960 z. and that's been going on ever since then. and at some point we need to stop this exit out of haiti, because when we all leave, this is what happens. this is what happens. we have gangs -- >> look, i mean, people sometimes -- garry, people sometimes say i would rather leave and go into an uncertain future than stay here because of the lack of future and opportunity. look what's been going on in cuba for 62 years. people are willing to take to the seas in an intertube rather than stay in a regime in a country that doesn't give them any hope for their future. garry pierre-pierre, thank you. >> it means a lot to me. thank you. >> it means a lot to all of us
8:43 am
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8:48 am
somewhere far away. >> i had the vegan burrito with the impossible burger. it was excellent. >> it has rice and beans. the whole nine yards. it's delicious. >> delicious food with a greater purpose. this isn't just a restaurant. it's a community training program started in 2016 with a mission to empower, educate, and support immigrant and refugee women who want to work in the industry or even start their own business. the program manager and executive chef. >> the they get paid while they're doing this? >> exactly. because they know how to cook already. we're taking what they know and teaching them how to start and operate a commercial restaurant. >> it's been a life-line for women like this who fled political turmoil and violence in venezuela.
8:49 am
>> translator: is this a blessing? >> translator: yes, she says. for me and for all of my companions, it's truly a blessing. she wants to be a productive part of the community. >> the team here building their skills while recreating their favorite family recipes. it's a model for success that just earned them an award of one of america's top 50 restaurants. tell me what some of the participants in the program have ended up doing? >> we have participants who have opened up middle eastern catering. we have another participant who operates two cafes with another nonprofit in boulder and denver. another participant from ethiopia started a retail coffee business. >> and it has also been a life changing new chapter. formerly in tech and finance, his passion for food and helping others led him here. >> here we are producing good citizens, good entrepreneurs.
8:50 am
we're producing life-changes, and sustainability. >> delicious food with a greater purpose. and olivia who we met, hopes to open her own restaurant one day. i'm sure she will, and it will be great. coming a surge in smash-and-grab robberies means bad news for retailers. and in-store shoppers, we're in los angeles with more after this. you're watching "jose diaz-balart reports." -balart re. align. fast acting biotic gummies helps soothes occasional abdominal discomfort, gas, and bloating and it works fast. in as little as 7 days try fast acting biotic gummies from align. the #1 doctor recommended probiotic brand.
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right now millions of americans are out making the most of the black friday deals, but some shoppers can expect to see certain high-value items behind locked shelves and a larger security presence in stores. it's because of a recent rash of smash-and-grab robberies. we have more from los angeles. erin, good morning. talk to me about these robberies. is this a pattern, something we're seeing more and more? >> reporter: good morning, jose. this is a problem that law enforcement officials say is only getting worse. we're seeing so-called smash-and-grab robberies happening all over, in large department stores, smaller stores. according to law enforcement, on wednesday outside los angeles, nordstrom's was hacked by a group who sprayed a security guard with some sort of chemical, stormed the store, and ran away with thousands of
8:55 am
dollars of luxury purses. we're seeing similar types of theft in cities such as san francisco and san jose. one expert has this advice for shoppers who are out for those black friday sales -- you're a holiday shopper in california. how concerned should you be about this? >> i think people need to keep their wits about them. don't flash cash, keep your purse in two hands or close to your body under your coat. >> reporter: law enforcement officials say california is home to three of the top ten cities for retail theft. and we don't know why it's happening here. and now some are pointing to legislation that downgrades the penalty for this kind of crime. others are pointing to copy cat attacks and the internet. many of these goods, it should be noted, go on line and end up being for sale on fringe websites. >> erin mclaughlin in los angeles, thank you so very much.
8:56 am
i'll be here with more as the new covid variant shakes the markets on this black friday. plus, how the global supply chain mess can make your shopping experience less than ideal this year. our coverage continues after a short break. you're watching "jose diaz-balart reports." as a dj, i know all about customization. that's why i love liberty mutual. they customize my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? you got it. ♪ liberty, liberty - liberty, liberty ♪
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9:00 am
rough black friday on wall street. the breaking news throughout the day has been the markets. the dow plunging more than 1,000 points, session lows after the discovery of a new coronavirus variant in south africa that's potentially spreading, and that could impact business around the world. here at home, covid cases continue to rise. the u.s. averaging 94,000 new cases a day. nearly a dozen states seeing a new spike in covid-related deaths. the president continues his vacation in nantucket as his administration tries to alleviate inflation fears ahead of some big fiscal showdowns on capitol hill. and we start with the latest on the pandemic and this new variant of concern out of south africa. this variant already has countries all aroundhe


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