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tv   MSNBC Reports  MSNBC  November 25, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PST

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need to are flekt back and remind people there was a time before 1620 and there was a time before the may flower, and the consequences of that colonizing were really devastating. >> thank you for that. that wraps up the hour for me. i'm chris jansing. happy thanksgiving. jose diaz-balart picks up with more news right now. good morning. happy thanksgiving. it's 11:00 a.m. eastern. 8 p.m. pacific. i'm jose diaz-balart. we're covering a lot this thursday morning. we begin this morning in georgia with new questions swirling after three men were found guilty in the shooting death of ahmaud arbery. attorneys for travis mcmichael, his father, gregory, and their neighbor said they plan to appeal. at the same time, the judge did not immediately schedule a date for sentencing.
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that's when he'll decide whether the trio whether eventually have a chance at parole. outside the courtroom, the verdict sparking tears and cries of relief. the family of ahmaud arbery thanking the community for their prayers and support. joining us now, cal perry and danny danny have a loes. >> she's grateful. there were so many questions about this case. one of the questions was certainly not what happened that day. everybody knows what happened that day. three armed white men killed an unarmed black men. it was only a matter of whether or not the jury would buy the citizen's law argument. they clearly did not. we heard from the mother of ahmaud arbery. here's a little bit of what she said coming out of the courthouse. >> when i heard the judge read the charges, and immediately
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every charge he said the first guilty. i said to myself, we finally got justice for ahmaud. we finally got this. and i was very, very thankful. very excited. really no words to really explain all the emotions that i was going through at that time. >> that was wanda cooper jones from this morning. the day after the trial. and overhanging this, and i'll leave a lot of this to danny, is a deep distrust of the authorities inside this community. when you look at how the prosecution laid out their closing arguments, there was so much discussion about what happened that day. february 23rd, 2020, when the police arrived to a scene where they find, again, an unarmed african american, 25 years old dying on the scene. they have three white men with two pickup trucks well-armed. it was never a crime scene. they didn't impound the puchts. we found out there was all kinds
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of mismanagement from the prosecutors. two separate prosecutors dropping the case. one is now under indictment. greg mcmichael, the father of the gunman was a former investigator for the da office, a former police officer. you have that hanging over what will be a federal hate crimes crime. in addition to that the sentencing we expect in the next few weeks, the judge saying he wants to give both sides time to prepare before he decides whether the men will have any chance of parole. >> thank you, cal. danny, let's talk about that. when might sentencing take place? what do you expect to happen? >> ordinarily when you have sentencing that could be x-number of years, then you have to do a presentence investigation report. but that isn't as necessary here, because really the judge has two options. it's like with or without the possibility of parole. at least for gre mcmichael. for the most part, these murder charges should merge together for sentencing purposes. so you're likely to see a simple
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decision -- life with or without the possibility of parole. >> and there is no death penalty in this case? >> the prosecution elected not to go for the death penalty. otherwise, we would have a totally -- an additional procedure. there's a lot of extra procedure you have to go through for a death penalty case. the prosecution did not elect to go for it. >> and so, what grounds are they going to have to appeal? >> there are several different dwrounds for appeal. i'm not saying they'll be successful, but expect them to appeal the jury instructions on the citizen's arrest law for no other reason than it dates back to the 1860s, and it was such a problem that it was repealed. so that alone makes it a target for appeal for these defendants. in addition, you have evidence that the defense wanted to bring in about, for example, arbery's criminal history. that was denied. they wanted to use the use of
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force expert. there are several different avenues for appeal. if you're just playing the odds, the likelihood is slim once you get into the appellate court. >> so, i'm wondering, when you put all the different sentences together, as you're saying, what are these people looking at as far as time in jail? >> life with or life without the possibility of parole. the georgia sentencing scheme for murder including malice murder and felony murder is pretty straightforward. and that's the way it is in a lot of jurisdictions. murder is usually an automatic life sentence. there isn't a lot of complicated sentencing guidelines to go through as if there were just a robbery or simpling a gaited assault. in which case you have to figure out the high and the low of the sentencing guidelines. this many months or that many months. here it's automatic. life is murder with or without the possibility of parole. >> and cal, you've been
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reporting on this case so brilliantly as you always do. what's the mood to do out there versus how it was well, this time yesterday? >> it's quiet. i think that speaks to everybody needing a break here. we heard from arbery's mother who said yesterday there's going to be an empty chair at my thanksgiving table but my son can rest in peace today. it's quiet. people are grateful for the quiet. this is a community that feels like they've not really had a break since this happened. and this went down on february 23rd before the pandemic. so today it's quiet in brunswick, georgia. >> cal and danny, thank you very much for being with me this morning. just moments ago president biden and the first lady released this message to commemorate thanksgiving. >> as we gather together again, our table and our hearts are full of grace and gratitude for all those we love.
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and as commander in chief, i'm especially grateful to our service members and their families for the sacrifices to our nation. as we give thanks for what we have, we keep in our hearts those we lost and those who lost so much, and those who have an empty seat at the kitchen or dining room table this year because of this virus or another cruel twist of fate of accident. we pray for them. >> josh letterman is in nantucket, massachusetts following the president today. josh, good morning. good to see you. tell us about how president biden is marking the first thanksgiving of his presidency. >> well, it's been a mostly quiet morning so far for the president and his family who are vacationing here in nantucket. we don't yet have any official word of whether they plan to go out and about and enjoy the festiviies on the island. there's a pool of reporters waiting alongside the president in case he decides to go out and see the island a bit. we heard from president biden in that video message talking about
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how last thanksgiving was such a different thanksgiving with so many americans unable to be with friends and family and how much more meaningful it is this year for folks once again to be able to spend precious time with their friends and family on this holiday. and then we also got a surprise from the president when he phoned in to nbc's own al roker during the macy's thanksgiving day parade. you were showing a photo of that just a second ago. take a listen to what president biden and jill biden, the first lady, had to say to al. >> what's your message to the american folks on this thanksgiving day? >> my message is after two years, you're back. america is back. there's nothing we're unable to overcome, al, and you're one of the reasons for that. you're always up and always moving. >> just in the last few minutes, we also heard from vice president kamala harris as well as the second gentleman on twitter with their own message
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to americans saying that after being apart last year, we have a new appreciation for little moments, saying that last year because of the pandemic they had to adjust their thanksgiving traditions, but this year they have more people vaccinated, more grandparents being united and more families like theirs able to be back around the thanksgiving table. the second gentleman and the vice president going onto say there is so much to be thankful for this year. >> and josh, while i have you, we're getting an update on the president's colonoscopy. >> that's right. during the colonoscopy last week, they did find about a 3 millimeter polyp. they sent that off to be tested in the lab. now we have a new letter from president biden's physician explaining that what they found there was what's called a
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tubular adenoma, a benign slow-growing lesion, but potentially precancerous. it's been removed. at this point in time the physician says there's no further action that needs to be taken. it's all safe. but the president is advised to have another colonoscopy in about seven to ten years. >> josh letterman, thank you so much. appreciate your time. staying safe and avoiding another wave of infections this holiday season. it's top of mind for so many families this thanksgiving. how boosters rapid tests, and vaccinating kids could be key. plus snoopy, sponge bob, and of course, santa claus. the balloons and crowds are back after last year's thanksgiving parade was scaled back because of the pandemic. we'll go live to the parade for a look at its comeback, next on msnbc. itchy? squirmy?
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right now millions of families are preparing to father around the table to celebrate thanksgiving. according to a new poll, two-thirds of americans say gatherings will be like prepandemic levels. meanwhile some european countries are starting to reimpose national lockdowns as covid cases there are on the rise. joining me now, our foreign correspondent in rome and also associate dean and professor of emergency medicine at brown university school of public health. thank you for being with me. austria is now in the fourth national lockdown. what's going on? >> that's right. jose, austria is one of the countries, especially in western europe, most affected by the
8:16 am
fourth wave of the pandemic. the cases there were skyrocketing the past few weeks. possibly because austria has one of the lowest vaccination rates in western europe. just to give you a term of comparison, the vaccination rate for adult pop yuttles is 66%. in italy, it's 84%. the difference is enormous in terms of cases skyrocketing there, and they're under control here. to stem the control in europe, austria put only the unvaccinated in full lockdown originally. that didn't work quickly enough to stem the contagion, so they put the whole nation in lockdown. that's not enough. austria is the first country in europe that said that vaccination is going to be mandatory for the whole nation starting from february next year. >> let's talk about that. 66% of austria's vaccinated?
8:17 am
it seems low. we're talking about italy. you're saying it's far more than that. spain, portugal, and are we seeing an increase in the numbers of contagion in covid in other countries that are far more vaccinated? not just italy but i'm wondering how are things in places like germany and in places like spain and portugal? >> well, actually, cases are skyrocketing everywhere in europe. now if you think about that, czech republic, hungary reported the highest jump in new covid-19 cases since the part of the pandemic. the fourth string is hitting not only austria, but several other countries where vaccination rates are fairly low. what are countries doing about it? just to give an example, here in italy, where the situation is not as bad but it is one of the countries that's been the
8:18 am
harshest in terms of anti-covid-19 measures. they announced starting from december 6th and at least until january 15th, so throughout the christmas and new year's holiday, places of entertainment, public places of entertainment like restaurants, bars, theaters, cinemas, you name them, will only be accessible by people who can prove they've been vaccinated or recently recovered from covid. those who are not vaccinated by choice, of course, they will not be allowed into those places from december 6th to january 15th even if they have a negative test. which they could have done until now. so this is what countries like italy are doing in perspective of the christmas holidays where crowding is more frequent. yeah. i mean, italy was so hard hit early on in the pandemic. thank you very much from rome. doctor, according to the same
8:19 am
poll we mentioned, 64% of americans will not ask guests if they have been vaccinated today. 37 -- 27 % say they will require guests to be fully vaccinated. what should you do if you're headed to a household with mixed vaccination stat us? >> the very best thing to do is to do the rapid antigen tests. the things you can buy at the pharmacy over the counter. they take about 15 minutes. in an ideal world, everyone going to a gathering does that test before they show up. it helps to assure others they are not infectious and helps protect us as we share a long-awaited meal on this thanksgiving holiday. however, i know that some of the folks that aren't vaccinated are also going to be hesitant to do those rapid antigen tests. the next best thing is to try to improve ventilation. open windows. maybe even consider taking the celebration outdoors to reduce the chance of catching covid should someone there be
8:20 am
infectious. >> of course, in places where it's freezing today, you know, it's going to be tough to be outdoors. and i'm wondering, when you're going to be meeting with family, friends, and there are kids there, maybe elderly folks, how do you discern and what should we tell them? >> you know, i'll tell you what i'm doing myself. i'm having a multigenerational thanksgiving get together. my younger is not vaccinated and in school full-time. he's in the 5 to 11 age group and hasn't received his second shot yet. we're all doing rapid antigen tests the day of. in terms of coldness, there are other things too, but fancy filtration systems or ventilation, it's late today to do that. i'd say turn up the heat, try to open the windows. if you're going to a very high risk gathering, you may think about staying home if you're someone who is quite at risk. >> and you know, just in the last 24 hours over 118,000 new
8:21 am
cases were reported. here in the u.s., do you think we're going to see a dramatic increase in cases in the next four weeks? >> unfortunately, i do. i and other public health and medical experts have been say as the weather turns cold, as all of us start spending more time indoors, the cases were bound to go up. that's what we're seeing. the surges right now are likely only the tip of the wave that we're going to see over the next few weeks with thanksgiving, of course, accelerating that surge. and i'll be honest. the trouble is our hospitals across the country are already totally overwhelmed. not just with covid be all the other illnesses. all the folks that put off care for the last 20 months. there's no room at the inn. even a small covid surge is going to put hospitals over the edge and hurt our ability to provide really high quality care. and doctor, it's important that we also get the flu shot. this is -- is this the peak of the flu season?
8:22 am
>> no. the peak of the flu season is yet to come. so yes, flu shot is great. you can get your flu shot at the same time you get your covid booster, or if you haven't gotten it yet, your initial covid vaccine series. you can combine them safely. now is the time to get them. we're seeing outbreaks in colleges and universities. i am quite nervous about what we're going to see in the months to come with flu. especially if it's overlaid on top of this covid surge. >> thank you both for being with me this morning. i appreciate your time. wrangling the final passage of a massive spending bill and making sure the u.s. doesn't default on the debt. those are just two of the challenges senate democrats will case after the recess. we'll get a preview next.
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zblancht lot of law clerks are probably thankful for a chance to press pause on the politics of d.c. this weekend. but when the senate returns on monday, lawmakers on capitol hill will face a deadline-filled december. lawmakers need to fund the government past december 3rd, a
8:27 am
week from tomorrow. they also need to race the debt ceiling before december 15th to avoid economic catastrophe. there's a defense policy bill. both sides of the aisle are urging to take up in the senate. and let's not forget the president's nearly 2 trillion build back better bill. i want to bring in kara, a co-author of politico play book. ladies, thank you for being with me. chuck schumer says he wants the senate to pass the build back better act by christmas. this is exactly a month from today. is that deadline realistic? >> it does seem a bit unrealistic considering all the a items on the agenda. i think whether they actually pass it in december or not, the importance is to keep the momentum up. everyone knows that the senate is a grave ward for bills and for senator schumer to make sure that this moves in a timely place, he has to sort of set
8:28 am
these unrealistic deadlines to make sure the senate actually gets to it. here's the other thing. for the house, it's important, and for some members in the senate who are -- senators up for reelection, it's important to kind of pass these more controversial bills, build back better bill isn't universally popular within the democratic party. not in an i election year. that's 2022. they have a short timeline politically, and they need to make sure they keep the bill moving and it doesn't die while the left of the party bernie sanders fights with the right of the party, joe manchin and sinema. and also, i think the progressives learned a lesson with the first iteration of build back better going through the house that the longer you wait, the more likely and the more you fight for what you want, sometimes it can backfire and you get a smaller bill. >> yeah. i mean, but these deadlines that are looming are coming up so
8:29 am
quickly. and it seems as though how do you continue this momentum as you're saying that the longer things kind of wait and are diluted, the tougher it is to get these things done. so is there -- are there conversations right now about getting all of this on the front burner? >> absolutely there are. but at the same time, like, this is a huge bill to be negotiating. you have sinema already saying she's not happy with what's in the house bill and she wants to work more closely with the white house. you have bernie sanders saying he wants to shore up medicare and other social spending programs. so essentially, there's -- they're not exactly all in alignment right now. it takes time. there's only a few weeks before the senate goes out of session. but you have to create these artificial deadlines to make sure that people are moving and if they don't stagnate and that public opinion changes while they're negotiating.
8:30 am
>> yeah. now that the senate has that build back better bill, what are you hearing from sources on the hill about top issues that remain a sticking point? >> well, there's still -- a lot of members in the house and in the senate expect paid family leave. it was an issue that was actually tucked in by sneaker nancy pelosi at last minute. that is likely to be removed. simply because senator joe manchin won't budge on that issue. it's something that he says shouldn't be in a spending bill like this. and besides that, the other issue everyone is waiting on is immigration. you have covered this extensively, and one of the things that they are really trying, that a lot of members say it's the last final effort to try and put immigration in there, and tara mentioned how you really won't have a lot of political capitol going into next year to tackle big and controversial issues which immigration has become, so
8:31 am
democrats seeing this as the last opportunity to put that in there. the senate parliamentarian saying already that a number of the proposals just don't match up to the budgetary requirements to be able to pass this bill through that narrow 50 majority that democrats have. there are still some concerns about spending. where is that money that 110 billion potentially going toward immigration? could that go toward other issues of importance like prescription drugs and also medicare expansion? not to mention the fact that you have the two senators who are worried about the overall price tag hoping in some days maybe they could bring it down in the senate. >> and, i'm glad you touched on this. on these issues, and reporting that you do so well always, but let's touch on the immigration issue, because it seems as though if the senate parliamentarian has not once but twice said this issue the way you're presenting it on
8:32 am
immigration, cannot be a part of this bill. so it's like if there's been two already no's, either you are believing that by asking it over and over again she would change her mind, or you simply say we don't want to respect or accept what she is saying. so i'm just wondering, i mean, is this not an issue that should be dealt with up front in a bipartisan manner to deal with something that it seems is being played with for so many years by both political parties? >> yeah. the reason why it's not being talked about in a bipartisan way, simply is because even earlier this year, there was a genuine effort in the senate, a bipartisan one, by senator dick durbin as the democrat as well as the senator cornyn, a republican, to really try and
8:33 am
find compromise on immigration. something that would give a pathway to citizenship to many of the dreamers. undocumented children who came here and have grown up in the u.s. some tps workers, people who have contributed to the economy and strike a deal to hopefully also fund the border which is a big republican and also for some democrats, who want to just make sure that there is security measures down at the border. but even that, there were genuine efforts for months to try and find compromise, and they just couldn't get there. immigration has become such a partisan issue for both sides that you couldn't even get it through a 50/50 senate. so that's why -- especially on the house side, many democrats really, really seeing this as the only time to put immigration in some form into this bill, and, of course, they have tried that pathway to citizenship, these two times they've gone to the senate parliamentarian when she's said that's not conducive to this budgetary process.
8:34 am
now they're really asking not for pathways to citizenship but at least work permits for many of the undocumented immigrants who are contributing to the economy and it would prevent them -- >> and there are essential workers. a lot of the food we may have today as we celebrate thanksgiving with our family and loved ones was brought to us because of people that are working in the fields right now, and that are invisible for so many. it's time to at least shine a light on that. and not forget that. thank you both so much for being with me this thanksgiving. happy thanksgiving to both. >> thanks. >> thank you. i want to turn to democratic congresswoman debbie dingell of michigan. co-chair of the house democratic policy and communications committee. congresswoman, it's great to see you. thank you for being with me on this thanksgiving. happy thanksgiving to you.
8:35 am
i want to talk a little bit about what we are seeing in the future. majority leader schumer wants the build back better act passed by christmas in the senate. if that happens, do you expect it to pass the house before tend of the year? >> i think we're focussed to get all that you've been talking about this morning by tend of the year. on this holiday, i'm wondering if i will be home for christmas. i have been a student of washington for decades, and it is not unfathomable that we could be here between christmas and new year's. i think all of us know it's important that we have to get a budget done. we have to raise the debt ceiling, and we've got to get build back better done. >> and all of these have very -- at least the first two, the budget and the debt have really strict and really short time frames coming up. >> well, the budget expires
8:36 am
actually at the end of next week. i am guessing that we may end up short-term extension. i'm not sure what that end date will be. i've heard some in the senate say february. that would be a gift. but i suspect unlikely to be able to happen. but these are important things to do. american people elected us to get this done. and there's so many things that people in our district need that are in these bills from a child care, prescription drugs to addressing climate change. i mean, i've had -- these bills matter. we've got to find that common ground. that's what congress is. it's coming together. finding a common ground. i believe that people are committed to finding that common ground, including senator manchin and senator sinema. they know how important this is. >> this -- the house bill includes paid leave, immigration reform, higher taxes on the
8:37 am
wealthy. some of the provisions might not be in the final bill. we were just talking about that this morning. when it comes back to the house from the senate. what are your redlines, congresswoman? >> you know, i am going to find a place we come together and get this bill done. there are some things that i think that may not be in there. you just mentioned one of them. but if we don't get paid leave in there, then we'll start on it the next day, and there is a bipartisan group of senators that are going to make sure that happens. the fact is that i am -- i have neighbors that are in the hospital who are scared to death whether they can afford their medicine. covid is raging in michigan. there are things in this bill that are going to help everyday americans that need it to happen. and i think my colleagues said yeah, i'm somebody who thinks every american has a right to health care, period. i'm more aware of it, even my late husband who i miss very
8:38 am
much on this thanksgiving day, worked his entire life. we don't stop working. i'm going to start the next day continuing the fight. people forget this. medicare was first introduced in 1940. that was the first version in 1965. we've continued to build on it. that's what you do. you know what we need to get for people? you don't stop fighting. make progress. by the end of the year on build back better and start the next day to get what the american people need, the workers need, to make sure they've got a good life, a safe life. >> congresswoman debbie kingl of michigan -- debbie dingell, thank you for being with us. happy thag. >> happy thanksgiving. >> this morning the crowds, the floats and the giant balloons of the thanksgiving day parade were back in new york city. we're going to get a live update from the parade. and pricey plane tickets,
8:39 am
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right now the macy's thanksgiving day parade is wrapping up. santa claus is getting ready to make a stop. it's the 95th year they're taking to the streets of new york city. last year the event was nearly all virtual has the crowd was reduced to 75%. this year the crowds are back and the best gig this day is christen dalgren in new york city along the parade route. christen, it is amazing. how is it there? >> jose, i may still have some confetti in my hair. what a day. extra special having not had the
8:44 am
parade for spectators last year. people were really excited. you can see santa has now moved past us here on 6th avenue. still making his way down to harold square. dozens deep. so excited to be out here along this 2 1/2 mile parade route. just shouting, screaming j smiling, laughing. it was really special to see. >> we're in good shape. when you look at the outdoor venue that it is today, i think we should be good. obviously common sense keep distance from people wherever possible. but listen, it's going to be a phenomenal day. >> okay. that was the commissioner talking about covid. obviously it's still on a lot of people's minds. look, everybody in the parade had to be vaccinated. that did mean this year that there couldn't be any kids under 12 on any of the floats, because they haven't had a chance to be fully vaccinated.
8:45 am
also all the performers except for maybe some of the singers who are wearing masks along the parade route. and a lot of people in the crowd were wearing masks because it was tight quarters. as the commissioner said, activity outdoors. they didn't expect it to be a big problem. christen, thank you so much for being with me. happy thanksgiving to you. >> you bet. happy thanksgiving. get ready to pack patience if you're one of the more than 53 million americans traveling over the thanksgiving holiday. it's a 13% jump from last year. 20 million of those travelers are taking to the skies. 20 million. and making for some pretty crowded tsa lines at airports across the country. for more on what you need to know, i'm joined by the points guy. brian kelly. good morning. good to see you. what's the best way to navigate the crowded airports today? >> i think my number one tip is get tsa precheck. it's $85 for five years. it's $17 a year. it will save you a ton of time
8:46 am
having to wait in the pesky security lines and if you travel a lot, looking to getting clear which will get you to the front of the tsa precheck line. so preparing in advance, getting to the airport early and not being stress second down key to travel this year. >> so the clear issue which i'm really interested in as someone who has to fly quite a bit. it's not available in all airports every place. but tsa pretty much is. how do you go about getting cleared by tsa? in other words, what's the process? >> yeah. you can apply online. you can even apply at the airport. if you see a really long line, some airports have tsa enrollment centers. you can do it almost instantly. same for clear. and yes, clear is not in every airport, but it works in a lot of stadiums and they're rolling out a lot of other benefits of clear like using it for covid health passes. so it's something to look into if you travel quite a bit. >> clear is really helpful.
8:47 am
with this surge in air travel, there's always a potential for problems. what options to people have if their flight is delayed or prolonged? >> yes. so if your flight is really delayed or cancelled, you are owed a cash refund. you know, airlines will try to give you vouchers. don't take it. take the cash in my opinion. it's a lot more valuable than having it stuck in the form you may not be able to use. and also, don't wait in the long lines to get reaccommodated on the next flight. go online. most airlines have apps and websites that allow you to rebook yourself. even while you're waiting in line, try to rebook yourself. there are so few seats these days. flights are sold out on a lot of days in major markets. be your own advocate and don't assume that the airline is going to take care of you. they don't owe you a hotel. you can always ask for it. but if your flight is cancelled and you're stranded, it's on you. also check your credit card. a lot of credit card have travel
8:48 am
protection. if you get cancelled, you have the extra costs of hotel rooms. contact your credit card company. it never hurts to ask. and brian, what about -- is there a difference between if your flight is cancelled because of weather versus some mechanic problem? is there some -- is there a difference? >> it doesn't matter. if your flight is cancelled by the airline, you are owed a cash refund. that is an faa department of transportation rule. that is just standard. and if your flight is delayed significantly more than four hours, they should also reaccommodate you. but unfortunately in the u.s. we don't have a traveler's bill of rights. if you're traveling within europe, there are set rules for compensation. we don't have that here. and most airline contracts are stacked in favor of the airline. so don't think that you're going to be taken care of by the airline. be your own advocate. i encourage people to book using krktds with the travel interruption or cancellation
8:49 am
coverage. a lot of credit cards have it. it can save you if you're in a pinch. >> brian kelly, the points guy. a lot to learn from you. thank you being with me today. history at one of the most prestigious university newspapers in the country. the harvard crimson has named its first latina president. what she says about the work ahead. extraordinary person. prosper during their most important time of year. when you switch to t-mobile and bring your own device, we'll pay off your phone up to $1000. you can keep your phone. keep your number. and get your employees connected on the largest and fastest 5g network. plus, we give you $200 in facebook ads on us! so you can reach more customers, create more opportunities, and finish this year strong. visit your local t-mobile store today. ray loves vacations. but his diabetes never seemed to take one.
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this morning a young latina journalist is making history. she has been named the president of one of the nation's oldest college newspapers. she follows in the footsteps of american presidents like franklin roosevelt, j.f.k. who also served on the paper's masthead. don llamas spoke on the subject. >> people that lead that paper lead bigger news rooms. she becomes a trail blazer, as we're about to see, and her
8:54 am
biggest story is her own. >> more than a century of journalism and so many bylines from young journalists that would go on to make history. >> the writer of ''jurassic park." but it's in it's near 150 years of publishing, there has never been anyone like roquel. >> i was so shocked. i didn't even know to scream, i was just shell shocked. >> people who today in my shoes. some of the best leaders and some of the biggest journalists in the country. >> a former tfgts reporter and
8:55 am
her father recently ran univision news. but this family's story starts back in columbia where her had to flee because his reporting lead to death threats. >> the threats, they centered around him but aalso centers around him and me. >> it is worth risking your life? >> absolutely, and that's ultimately what it means to me. it is as important in columbia as it is in the united states like harvard. >> but living through that scary time is only part of her story. she was diagnosed with leukemia at 16. >> she never complained. all of the time she was very positive and she had the best
8:56 am
attitude toward the treatment. >> she battled the disease and came out on top welcome excelling in school, getting into harr hard, soon she was breaking news. her byline becoming a statement reporting on cap pus scandals and police accountability. >> i hope that this is leading a change, or helping to lead a change with many other people and making that representation equal. >> she says she hopes her own storely represent for student and national news rooms. the big question, where where does she want to work? still unclear. she may go to law school. hoping for a position in tv news. >> coming up, next hour, we'll have more on the reaction across
8:57 am
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good day, and happy television. we're with you for another jam packed hour, and n


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