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tv   The Reid Out  MSNBC  November 23, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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donald trump faces open criminal probes. "the washington post" reports the rnc is covering his legal fees for criminal probes in new york. he's a personal legal fees. trump's political operation raised over $100 million. he would seem to have the money but just doesn't want to spend it and now is asking a party faithful to put aside money that would go towards electing republicans to just keep him and his team out of jail in new york. an update on that as promised. that does it for us. "the reidout" starts now. hi, joy. >> isn't that interesting? the billionaire isn't paying -- that is interesting. i'm sure you'll do more of that on the show. thank you. >> good to see you. >> have a wonderful evening. we begin "the reidout" with the news for the select committee on january 6th. for the second time in two days they issued new subpoenas that and the bach targets right wing
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militias on the insurrection including the proud boys and oath keepers and their respective leaders enrique and elmer stewart rose. a third organization called the first amendment was also subpoenaed. together the groups represent a toxic mix of bigotry and vigilantes. they detail how members of the proud boys called for blanking war over false claims of a stolen election referring to government officials has evil scum who should die a traitor's death. 34 have been indicted in connection with the siege. i should note the chairman of the proud boys also led the national grass roots organization called latinos for trump similarly for today's subpoena, the oath keepers plan to move together in coordination and with regular communication to storm the capitol, which is why 16 of them have been charged with conspiracy. the group leader stewart rods
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called for trump to invoke the insurrection act warning the oath keepers would mount a much more desperate and bloody war if he did not do so. the oath keepers and the first amendment are known to provide secuity for roger stone and michael flynn and the most loyal foot soldiers, it's clear why they would want to hear from them. i want to focus on a bigger picture story that may explain why the committee's investigation so so important. yesterday the international institute for democracy released the report rating the health of democracy in more than 160 countries around the world and the results for this country, well, they're not good. for the first time the united states has been classified as a backsliding democracy. that means that unless things change, we are on a path to authoritarian rule and we could be there within the decade.
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the report states that the united states, the global da democracy fell victim to the ten tendenies and came when donald trump questioned the 2020 election results. to see it in decline is worrying and disappointing and needs to be addressed but not surprising. i mean, does this look like democracy to you? the events of january 6th are glaring proof that donald trump never knew what made america great in the first place. i shouldn't have to say this but attempting a coup against your own government because you lost an election is to the constitutional republic. if trump continues to celebrate the brazen attack on our democracy, just today he attacked free and fair elections themselves claiming that november 3rd, election day was the real insurrection. but the worst is happening just
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beneath the surface where the big lie continues to chip away at the very foundation of this country as a democratic republic. trump and his republican allies are working over time to literally rig the ballot box giving themselves power to overrule the voters and change the outcome of future elections. the right of every american to vote is under attack. democrats are being jerry band gary bandered out of powe. one-third of all americans have been hoodwinked into believing joe biden was not legitimately elected as our president. thanks to trump, republican candidates today are less likely to concede defeat after a lost election once the vote is counted. we're increasingly hearing talk of a civil war and 30%, a third almost of republicans say they believe they may have to resort to violence in order to quote
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save the country. it is true democracy itself tends to be resilient but this is a stark warning sign. free and fair elections could be a thing of the past. joining me is eric swalwell of california an impeachment manager this year and professor of history and public policy at duke university and david joel ly, former republican of california and no longer affiliated with the party. let me quote more from the subpoenas that. enrique who is serving five months in prison for tearing off a black lives matter banner from d.c. and not in d.c. on the 6th because he was barred from being there, the fbi said don't come into town because he had charges of carrying a weapon he shouldn't have had in d.c. in discussing killing government officials, one proud boy said yeah, day of the rope referring to a day of mass lynching of race traitors in the white supremacist novel "the turner
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diaries." the leader of the oath keepers encouraged his members to stock up on ammo and prepare for a full on war in the streets. as someone that was an impeachment manager and prosecutor, what do you make of the subpoenas that today? >> joy, we are seeing that no one is off limits and like any good white collar prosecution from the bottom up or outside in, they are starting to get closer and closer to the commander of this insurrection donald trump and it's important that they do so. we should also note the proud boys and oath keepers have no right to invoke executive privilege and so any defiance of the subpoenas that hopefully will mean they will be held in contempt, put in jail until they're willing to testify but why this is so concerning, joy, is because we came so close that day it was actually only seconds or minutes in some instances where members of congress, staff, and others could have been killed and the government
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could have been over thrown. we have a republican party that no longer believes in voting. they believe in violence. they don't condone democracy anymore. they don't condone democracy and they refuse to condemn the violence. what that means in your everyday life, imagine if you have an anti majority way about your every day life at your bunco club of pta meetings or your fantasy football league, that would mean that someone could use the threat of force to enact their will and the majority would no longer matter and that's the threat if we don't get this right and this commission has to continue the work. >> nancy, you have written so much about the potential fall of the american democratic experiment and the failure of it both with the judicial rulings that try to put so much power in the hands of the super rich but now also with what really feels like and really definitionally is brute force politics that the right embraced that the
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republican party and their media embraced. it is legitimate in their mind and the minds of really sizable plurality of the republican base if they don't get their way through the ballot box, they're willing to get it through the bullet and mass violence. that's terrifying. we have a commission report saying we are in threat of not being a democracy in a decade. what do you think? >> i was very pleased to see that report. i feel like yelling hallelujah others are paying attention to the state of our democracy. if we had a democracy clock like the old nuclear clock, we would be two minutes to midnight right now in military terms, deaf con two will determine the future so any americans not paying attention now and aren't part of the solution i think are going to find if they don't act and if we don't get that awakening there may not be another chance to fix this. as your introduction said, joy, this is happening on many
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levels. donald trump and the attempted coup that we now realize was happening on january 6th is certainly the most dramatic element of this but this is also his presidency is the culmination of a deep radicalization of arch right donors over decades now but particularly the last decade and as you point out so importantly in your introduction tonight, this is going on at the state level, too, where the worst rule rigging is going on and outside of the sight of much of the media and most of the american people but they are now, the republican party radicalized republican party is changing how elections will be run, where they control state legislatures and how the votes will be counted on top of the worst gerrymandering we've seen in modern american history. this is on top of the voter suppression. this is on top of attacks on the independent judiciary on the states and powers of democratic governors and on top of what
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senator shielden white house called court capture where this backed by radicalized and increasingly violent place you mentioned has achieved a supreme court majority of 6-3. so they are going to be determined to have secretive organizations are going to be determining whether what happens in 2022 or 2024 or these issues in between is legitimate. i would say deaf con two citizens wake up because there isn't a lot of time to sort this out and right the ship if we fail in the next year. >> david jolly, what you need is an authoritarian leader demigod for people to worship and flunk s willing to fall in line
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whether in their core know it's wrong or not like kevin mccarthy to sell they are souls and you need people willing to be the ground troops for what is essentially an invasion of democracy. the oath keepers are by definition current or former military place. these are people with guns and training that put themselves in the service of the project and you have the proud boys because both of us, you're in florida. i know who enrique is. he's afrocuban, technically a person of color perhaps not in his mind. here is what he did. he led a mob style attack on the speaker of the house, speaker pelosi back in 2018. this attack was actually organized. it was a protest that was organized by the miami-dade republican party. it was an attack on congresswoman donna and speaker pelosi in public.
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the miami-dade gop chair had to apologize. he sat behind donald trump himself a year later at a speech. he was positioned directly behind trump. he is somebody who was the head of latinos for trump. he went to the white house. he set -- well, his group let's start with celebrated when donald trump said stand back and stand by, the proud boys actually changed their logo to add stand back and stand by to it when donald trump called them out and the last piece here of course he was in the white house but he reportedly didn't meet with donald trump but got an invite to the white house so that is the shock troops we're dealing with. your thoughts, david jolly? >> a few things of import when it comes to the oath keepers and groups like that. dhs and domestic intelligence agencies say white nationalism is one of the greatest threats to homeland security now and we saw that on january 6th.
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when you look at these organizations, a couple things come to mind. it clear the 1/6 commission says there was a conspiracy of organizers in this that would embed themselves this this crowd some acting in good faith, some in bad faith and commit acts of violence. the undoing of the election. that's one thought on this group. the second, though, is they only have a seat at the table because republican leaders today have given them permission and pulled up a chair and invited them to have a seat at the table and third, all the power of this joy, is reflected throughout today's republican party and there is an important change in the republican narrative. it used to be high dollar donors and this organization was about cutting taxes and regulation, letting the chips fall where they may. there would be winners and losers in politics. republicans fought for winners. now the narrative is something is being stolen from you, right? the big lie, the foundation of the big lie is your vote was
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being taken from you. the arguments over crt are that your culture, your privilege is being taken from you. the notion if we give parody and equity and civil justice to the lgbt community somehow your way of life, your religious convictions are being taken from you and the reason that matters is if donald trump and republicans say something is being taken from you, any reaction to protect that right is now on the table including violence and including toppling the republic. that is the danger of where today's republican party is leading. >> very well stated. thank you very much for putting it that way. people should listen to that. i want to take -- go back to congressman swalwell. we saw video evidence. i want to put this back in people's minds what this looked like, physically looked like for the capitol to be invaded and this was something you as a member of congress dealt with directly. so that kind of violence was
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prestaged by previous violence. this wasn't an attack to defend a monument of the confederacy. it was an open klan like march saying you will not replace us and jews will not replace us. there was a verdict against the unite the right rally in charlottesville. more than $25 million was awarded. but what i found interesting, congressman, is that the jury deadlocked on two counts that related to the ku klux klan act. they convicted based on violations of virginia law but could not find for the plaintiffs on the ku klux klan act portion of the case. that's relevant to you because both yourself, right, and congressman bennie thompson of mississippi have lawsuits based on the ku klux klan act.
4:16 pm
are you concerned in a country where people don't want to know what it is and get uncomfortable and quite bluntly white juries are not going to be willing to find for you as a plaintiff or bennie thompson as based on the kkk act? >> well, joy, my case will be in the district court of washington d.c. now i believe that if it goes that far the jurors there will be able to follow the law. i have all the faith in the world that will believe the case. i also think it's pretty clear cut that donald trump over about a month period incited a mob, invited them to washington, warned the country it would be wild and spent 30 million dollar over a month promoing this stop the steal rally and at the rally told people if you don't fight like hell you won't have a country anymore after other people said it's time to take names and kick some other expletives. so he knew what he was doing and told them he'd go to the capitol
4:17 pm
with them. i think he clearly incited, assembled and aimed that mob at the capitol. i feel good about the case we have. one other point, joy, i'm so glad that nancy and david talked about this slipping toward athor -- we saw donald trump promise to make america great again and after four years of corruption and insurrection, we find ourseves trying to make america a democracy again. that clock is a two-minute warning. >> it's clear, nancy, when donald trump said make america great again, he literally meant turn it back. it's clear based on everything that happened since he was elected, he meant turn the clock back to the 1950s, '40s, '30s when it was great for one group of people, white christian men and used the fear of that group
4:18 pm
losing power to radicalize what would have been ordinary republicans. do you agree? >> absolutely agree, joy. but i would also widen the lens and say donald trump was never in this alone, that he was pushed forward by organizations like the heritage foundation, the federalists, all these groups worked with him. they outsourced the choice of choosing supreme court nominees to an organization supported by one of the wealthiest and most right wing and determined anti democratic donors in our country and in the world to choose those judges, donald mcgahn was doing that, mike pence, you know, mark short. all of these people are deeply out of that network of organizations that has done so much to undermine democracy and they work hand and glove with fox news, which is a 24/ 7 not only disinformation machine
4:19 pm
instead of news, not only disinformation but going back to previous comments type of media that incites a white triable and white evangelical response, makes people feel afraid and like they're being attacked to activate the reptile brain to make them feel like they have to fight like they can't even think because frankly, joe biden's policies are very popular with great majorities of the american people. when they stopped to pay attention but if you get people into an embattled state where they cannot think straight because they're so frightened and so agitated and so on edge, they will act against their own interest and that is exactly what these networks want and it's -- to get a sense of how serious they are, they are willing to kill off their own voters, right? look at covid. that libertarian ideology is the reason why governors were under attack for instituting normal public health measures to save
4:20 pm
lives, why, you know the story. you tell it all the time. >> absolutely. absolutely. >> i think we have to really start connecting the dots and realize this is much bigger than that awful man who occupied the white house and we've got to get to the rest of the problem. >> indeed. it is not sunday but you can get an amen. connect the dots. connect the dots. thank you-all very much. up next on "the reidout," the latest from georgia as the fate of the three men accused of murdering ahmaud arbery rests in the hands of the jury. ominous warning signs about covid as a deadly new rise in cases appears to be underway just in time for the holiday season. plus, tonight's absolute worst, as republicans take a sledgehammer to voting rights, the issue is now on the back burner in congress. radio hosts joe madison is on a hunger strike over the issue of voting rights for more than two weeks. he joins me tonight and my thoughts on the passing of
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*laughs* learn more about home security or get our self-monitored solution starting at just $10 per month. the judge in the trial for ahmaud arbery's killings sent the jury home in the last hour. there is no verdict tonight. the jury will resume deliberations tomorrow morning. gregory mcmichael and his son travis mcmichael and william rodney brian junior are charged with malice and felony murder. the mcmichaels said they were conducting a civil arrest. linda, the lead prosecutor however pointed out that the major flaw in that defense is that arbery's attackers were the ones that started the confrontation. >> they don't have any authority to use verbal commands. this is a fellow citizen. this is another human being. they started it. they do not get to claim
4:26 pm
self-defense and of course, provocation. you can't force someone to defend themselves against you. this isn't the wild west. no. >> with me now katy fang, msnbc legal contributor and paul butler. katy, i have to play you one of the most despicable things i've ever seen in watching a lot of trials. this is the defense lawyer. doing what seems to me to be clearly trying to make this almost all white jury despise the dead ahmaud arbery, take a look and also the reaction of arbery's mom. >> turning ahmaud arbery into a victim after the choices he made does not reflect the reality. in his khaki shorts with no socks to cover his long dirty toenails. >> that was just a beyond rude
4:27 pm
regardless of what kind of toenails he had, what size legs he had, that was still my son. and my son actually was running for his life. >> what could possibly be the benefit of that argument for any defendant? >> well, i think it was a critical misstep by the defense attorney but if you're the defense attorney, you know what you're doing, you're dehumanizing the victim, right? you're making it so that the person who was the ultimate victim in this case ahmaud arbery didn't really have a lot of value so you're kind of suggesting to the jury, look, not only did he provoke this but at the end of the day, it's okay, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, if you want to acquit my client because it really wasn't anything of value. it is beyond insulting to devalue and dehumanize mr.
4:28 pm
arbery but i'm not surprised because there is an idea in this case it was okay to chase down a man for five minutes who was black because he was running down the street fleeing for his life. but i want to point out something i think that is really important and why i still have faith in an ultimate conviction in this case, joy, and it's because there was no judge drama in this case unlike the kyle rittenhouse trial and the prosecution had the opportunity during closings and throughout the entirety of this case to call mr. arbery the victim because that is exactly what he was. versus the kyle rittenhouse trial where they were referred to as looters and other type of names and rioters so it's important that the break down of the county where this trial is taking place is important. it's 70% white, 26% black. jury selection took two and a half weeks. 1,000 perspective jurors and you only have one black juror on
4:29 pm
that 12-person jury. that has to give you cause for pause. no matter how strong the evidence is, it has to make you pump the brakes a bit and say something is going on here and the judge himself said i think there is intentional racial discrimination on but i'll let it go forward. it ain't perfect but i'm hopeful in justice. >> see, that is what i've noticed a lot about this as far as race in the case, paul. number one, race hasn't been brought up but it's obvious these three white men recreated a 1950s scenes of chasing a black man and shot him with a shot gone. the prosecutor has not brought up race and this judge may be getting credit for not being cuckoo but didn't allow the prosecution to argue after these men shot arbery they stood over him and used the "n" word. i find that weird. what do you make of the prosecutor really not going to race in her argument? she's done a great job and the fact that this judge would not allow that to be argued?
4:30 pm
>> yeah, it's actually the defense that's brought up race a lot more. i'm surprised the attorney didn't say those long dirty black toenails because you know that's what she meant. the prosecutors had smoking gun evidence of the defendant's racism including that after travis mcmichael pumped three bullets into mr. arbery, he called him the "n" word. the prosecutor said that she wasn't going to present the evidence to the jury unless the defense opened the door by claiming that they aren't racists. so i think this tragedy to leave out race was about what katy was talking about this virtually all white jury, the defense didn't want to look like the prosecution didn't want to look like they were injecting race in the case. joy, i would have thought to get this evidence in front of the jury for two reasons, first, the case is about racism andment -- sometimes it's important to name
4:31 pm
the evil and second, the jury needs to understand the motive. these defendants weren't these bumbling want to be cops. these defendants are straight up old school white supremacist and injected race in the case when they hunted down and killed a black man. >> and i feel like that's so obvious but i kind of can see why a prosecutor would think an all white jury isn't going to buy that because i said this in the previous segment. you have white americans that don't want to teach what the ku klux klan act is and get offended if you bring up the fact the founders owned slaves. in that country she might have been right the jury might have gotten offended if she brought up race. very quickly, let's talk about the citizens arrest law. you've talked about this, paul. it is literally the guy who cobb county is named after helped write this law back to 1863. georgia is only second to mississippi in the number of lynchings after the civil war. georgia has a history. what do you make of the fact
4:32 pm
this is the law these defendants are relying on to try to get off on this murder? >> joy, when he took the stand, the shooter travis mcmichael could not contain his outrage that when he told ahmaud arbery to stop, mr. arbery did not stop. travis mcmichael never told pl -- mr. arbury what he wanted or why he was aiming at weapon as him. in this world when a white man tells a black man to stop, they have to stop or else. that's what citizens arrest means to them. it is not just anarchy, it's anarchy plus white sup -- supremacy. >> it's old south africa. if they get off on this, that's your future every white man with a gun will feel they have the right to tell any black person you get up, stand up, sit down, go over there, do what i say and if you don't listen, that i can
4:33 pm
shoot you. that's the precedent we're fighting now. katy feng, paul butler, thank you. up next, are you planning on traveling for thanksgiving? everything you need to know about the current state of the on going pandemic. it might be getting worse again. stay with us. it might be getting worse again. stay with us now, nurtec odt can not only stop a migraine it can prevent a migraine as well. nurtec is the first and only option proven to treat and prevent migraines with one medication. onederful. one quick dissolve tablet can start fast and last. don't take if allergic to nurtec. the most common side effects were nausea, stomach pain, and indigestion. with nurtec, i treat migraine my way. what's your way? ask your doctor about nurtec to find out! [music: "i swear"] jaycee tried gain flings for the first time the other day... and forgot where she was. you can always spot a first time gain flings user.
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prepandemic levels as america celebrates the season with a covid vaccine. the situation isn't as bad as a delta surge cases are on the rise again. officials had told americans it was safe to gather but some public health officials are warning that the country is headed for a holiday surge that could leave thousands dead. in some parts of the country it's as bad now as november. in 15 states patients with confirmed or suspected covid are taking up more icu beds than a year earlier and a growing number of people with breakthrough cases end up in the hospital. the rising cases in studies that show waning immunity from vaccinations led officials to urge americans to get their booster shots as soon as possible. europe is dealing with a drastic surge in covid cases raising concern that the u.s. could be next. since we have a pattern of following europe's trajectory a few weeks later.
4:38 pm
the u.s. is less vaccinated than western europe taking lockdown measures or implementing restricts. the u.s. will not implement any lockdowns. dr. libby roy, always great to see you. i put this chart on my instagram because it scared me. this is the difference of being vaccinated or not vaccinated and whether you'll end up in the hospital. the fact we're less vaccinated than western europe on lockdown again is terrifying to me. what do you make of it as a doctor who is in the middle of this fight? >> yeah, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that difference, right? let me just say, joy, i was your vibrant red yesterday had me break out my red. speaking of red, i'm concerned about the rise in covid cases. while the cdc does recommend delaying travel unless you're fully vaccinated, we know tens
4:39 pm
of millions of americans are scheduled to travel to have indoor celebrations, which is going to further fuel the surge. i'm also concerned that coronavirus cases are rising again for the first time in u.s. in weeks surpassing over 100,000 new cases per day. and 56 million americans are still remaining unvaccinated but here is the good news, joy. compared to last year or last thanksgiving. there is two new measures that we have, which is the fact that boosters are now approved for all adults and children 5 to 11 can now get vaccinated so i'm really reassured by that but we just got to get the people unvaccinated to get the vaccine. it infuriates me people with zero medical health training are ditaing medical policy. i don't tell my plumber how to
4:40 pm
fix my sink. let's respect scientists and public health officials or we'll never get out of this pandemic, joy. >> let's talk about boosters. i got my booster. very excited about it. i feel superhuman. i'm not magnatized yet. there are states like new york and pennsylvania where fewer than one-third of seniors received a booster according to the coc and only vermont has a quarter of the entire population boosted. is it true that if you're not boosted, you're not really fully vaccinated particularly with delta out there? how urgent is it to get our parents and grandparents and seniors vaccinated? boosters. >> i'm really glad you're asking about the boosters, joy. there is confusion. some people are getting mixed messaging from certain words like the cdc saying should or could, must, you know, let's be really clear. everybody that's 18 and above needs to get the booster. if you got pfizer and moderna
4:41 pm
and it's been six months, get the booster. j&j and it's been two months, get the booster. with delta circulating and so many people unvaccinated around and with waning immunity, we need to get that booster. studies are clearly showing joy that a month out from getting the booster infections, hospitalizations and deaths have decreased several fold so get your booster, joy. >> all right. rapid fire. is it -- okay, my god mother got her moderna and she's saying she only wants to be boostered with moderna. do you have to be matched with the first time? >> the exciting data is the cdc and studies show you can mix and match. mixing and matching different mechanisms of vaccines work really well at boosting the immune system. she can get anything she wants. >> okay. what about is it safe to have our senior relatives come having
4:42 pm
thanksgiving with us? >> as long as they are fully vaccinated and boosted, it's safe to be around other people. if you're unsure or uncertain, people can get tested. if you're indoors, wear a mask. you know i'm always carrying around my masks, my n 95 masks. practice every possible mitigation measure but if people are vaccinated and boosted, you can be around other fully vaccinated and boosted people. >> i hung out with you in harlem so i know you always have your mask. beautiful in red. thank you. radio personality joe madison is on day 16 of his hunger strike protesting congressional inaction on voting rights. he will join us to tell us why he thinks republican opposition to voting rights legislation is the absolute worst. we'll be right back. is the absolute worst we'll be right back.
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members of congress headed home for thanksgiving. the crumbling democracy can wait longer. who cares if governors in roughly 19 states approved congressional district that will submit the future control of congress despite it being voters of color that favor democrats that feel the population growth. i guess they don't care that 150 scholars from duke to stanford issued a letter warning that if state democrats, senate democrats don't get their priorities straight, american democracy will be at critical risk to minimize the condition of democracy, free and fair elections but would in turn likely result in an extended period of minority rule. i guess they also don't care about this new warning from a u.n. human rights official who just wrapped up two weeks in the u.s. and found that it is almost a tyranny of the majority with the minority right to vote is denied in many areas. that could be the only explanation why some democrats do not want to nuke the
4:48 pm
filibuster. arizona senator kyrsten sinema told "the washington post" that legislation that is californiaed together in a bipartisan way is the legislation that's most likely to pass and stand the test of time and i would certainly encourage my colleagues to use that effort to move forward. that's right. she and west virginia senator joe mansion still think that the republican party, the party that lied about the 2020 elections, gary bandered districts that they must be asked for their permission for democrats to take action to protect our democracy, as if they will give it. the lack of urgency by all politicians, democrat and republican is the absolute worst. joining me now is someone who is actually putting his life on the line for voting rights. joe madison, host of "joe madison the black eagle." he's in the third week of a hunger strike demanding that congress put voting rights front and center. and black eagle, i'm worried
4:49 pm
about you. it's been three weeks since you've been on this hunger strike. i have to start by asking how are you doing and feeling? >> you know, there are some physical challenges but nothing that i haven't anticipated. the real issue that concerns, you know, people asked about me. it's not about me. it's about what you just stated. there's another warning i got from retired lieutenant general clapper said that if the filibuster or the john lewis bill or right to vote bill isn't passed, it will be aiding and abetting our enemies, that russia and china our adversaries are hoping that these voting right bill protections aren't
4:50 pm
passed but, you know, for me, this is not just a political protest but it's immoral and so i just think that while we're looking at thanksgiving and people are enjoying their their families, i hope that the united states senate will reflect, joy, on what we will lose if they do not come back after the thanksgiving recess and put these bills on the front burner. and to president biden i would say it was our vote that actually put that pen in your hand that made it possible to get the infrastructure bill through and will probably make it possible to get the build back better bill through. but we cannot be on the back burner, and the calendar quite honestly is our enemy at this
4:51 pm
point in time. >> just to show again as we've put up many times, these are the 19 states that have passed 33 different restrictive voting laws. it's all over the country. the whole former confederacy almost has done it. there have been protests. martin luther king iii has been arrested, black women's roundtable, black women organizations have been fighting back in protests but it's been covered by black media. it hasn't become a huge mainstream constant story. but it should be because voting rights as you said are the underpinning of all of our democracy, not just black people's. can you invited on your show kyrsten sinema or joe manchin, and have they been willing to come and talk to you? >> no, i have not invited them. i certainly have challenged them. and they have to understand that, look, you're right, this isn't just about black people. i've heard from disabled veterans who say they're passing laws that if a disabled veteran
4:52 pm
wants to drive up to a polling place and have a poll worker come out and hand them a ballot to fill out and then take it back and cast a vote, that they can't do that. i've had -- i've had seniors in wisconsin, that story that broke just the other day in wisconsin where they're talking about arresting of even republican election officials if they somehow go in and help seniors vote. and what i don't understand, let's go back to 2006 when george w. bush signed the voting rights act extension for 25 years. and 98 senators voted for it. not -- so where did those republicans go? and why don't these republicans on the senate side, at least ten of them, have the courage to understand that these voter suppression laws aren't just
4:53 pm
going to impact democratic voters because they're going to impact all voters. so i'm just joining in solidarity with all the others, the melanie campbells, and national action network and all the others. everybody can do something and i just decided that somebody has to say to the president and to the senate that we care. we care deeply. lord knows after the end of the first reconstruction, joy, the first thing they went after was the vote. >> was our voting rights. >> and all hell broke loose. the klan was formed. >> yeah, indeed. >> look where we are now. >> indeed. >> so i'm going -- i pledge that i wouldn't eat any solid food until -- until one of these
4:54 pm
bills is passed. and that's what i'm going to do. >> i hope that the president -- you hear from the president and i hope that they do something in the united states senate, because we need you joe madison, please be safe. >> we need democracy. we need democracy. >> yes, sir. we do. thank you so much and please be safe. upnext, another tragedy for the family of malcolm x is one of his youngest daughters is found dead in her brooklyn apartment. stay with us. r brooklyn apartment. stay with us ♪ baby got back by sir mix-a-lot ♪ unlimited cashback match... only from discover.
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betty shabazz, the wife of malcolm x, was pregnant with twins who she would name malika and malock when malcolm x was assassinated in harlem in 1965. as the reverend dr. martin luther king jr.'s daughter pointed out in a tribute to malika shabazz who passed away on monday. she was found unresponsive in her brooklyn apartment by her daughter and pronounced dead when authorities arrived. the nypd said her death was not deemed suspicious. this is the latest in a sear series of tragedies to devastate malcolm x's family. we now know that the fbi and nypd withheld crucial evidence in his accused killers resulting in exoneration of two of the men
4:59 pm
falsely convicted of his murder. earlier this year the family received a letter from a former police officer accusing the nypd in the assassination itself. the family suffered through the death of betty shabazz from injuries caused by a fire set by her grandson who was just 12 years old. malcolm shabazz would later die tragically himself at age 28. and families are complicated, right? and so this family is complicated, though they have been forced to share their joys and sorrows and family disagreements in public. not because they chose to become celebrities but because their parents put their bodies on the line that demand that america be what it claims it is. and so they are too often treated by the mainstream as curiosities with a famous surname.
5:00 pm
but for black americans and black people all over the world, the king family are like royalty. and now death has cast its long shadow over this beloved family once again. she was just 56 years old. the entire shabazz family is in the hearts and the prayers of our family tonight. that's tonight's "reidout." "all in with chris hayes" starts now. tonight on "all in" -- >> proud boys. >> proud boys, stand back and stand by. >> new subpoenas handed down to the proud boys and other militia groups involved in january 6th. tonight what they mean to the investigation and the through line from the fringe to the mainstream republican movement. plus, a big victory in virginia. the people behind the deadly charlottesville rally found liable for millions of dollars in damages.
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