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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  November 23, 2021 9:00am-10:01am PST

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>> did it put arbery in reasonable fear of receiving bodily harm? yes. so what is he doing now? he is running away from then for five minutes. if they had not put him in reasonable fear of receiving seriously bodily harm, would he be dead? the answer is no. >> president biden is taking a rare and surprising step of tapping the strategic petroleum reserves, billions of barrels of oil under ground. in an unusual coordinated effort with countries incluing china and the united kingdom to try to lower gas prices. the president will release his remarks this afternoon and then
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depart for nantucket for his thanksgiving holiday. the country is averaging more than 90,000 new covid cases per day. and here in washington, long time trump confident wronger stone and disgraced conspiracy theorist are investigating stone and jones in their alleged roles for organizing and funding rallies in the days and hours. but we begin with paul henderson. tell us what the judge told the jury. >> this was kind of a unique dynamic. you had the lead prosecutor in this case having an entire night to really prepare a rebuttal and she did use two ours or so to address all of these charges to a jury that was pressure today having had the entire night to
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allow what we said in course yesterday, she went through charge by charge. the most contentious issue regarding a citizen's arrest and if it was applicable in this case. and whether or not the language was being interpreted properly. there would have to be a crime and someone trying to escape in that moment. for them to be under the court of law allowed to pursue and detain ahmaud arbery. there was a couple exchanges that were played in court that was fascinating. one was a 911 call that came from gregory mcmichael, but not at the start of the ppursuit. the emergency was that there is a black man running through the neighborhood here.
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another exchange after the fact was do you know that he broke into the house, and he said no, i don't know, that's just it, we we see them get in a truck to pursue him. so the idea that there could be a suicide's arrest going on and whether or not that would be applicable under the law and self-defense as well. the prosecutor points out, two guns, three men, and you have ahmaud with no i.d., no weapon, no anything, and the rest has been documented. >> do you think she did what she had to do to convince the jury? >> yeah, i'm glad you raised that point. i think she did a really good
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job of focusing on the law and focusing on the elements, and dismantling the presentation that had been made here by the defense that had know been focused on the facts and the evidence. a lot of what they focused on was outside commentary about pastors in the courtroom, the noises outside, focuses on way that's were inappropriate, and the prosecution was laider focused on the elements and the charges. and what is interesting, and what people need to pay attention to, is i think that a lot of people were expecting to here more of a conversation about race. and make no mistake, this case is all about race but understanding her audience and this jury that had been all of the people of color being removed, focusing on race may have alienated this jury in
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particular. so what she those to do is use their own daytimes against them as she made a thorough, consistent, argument. i think approaching those issues in the case is really important within and i do think that she did a really good job. >> and by approaching, by not approaching the blatant under tones and overtones, and this defense comment reaching certainly to arbery's mother and other critics seem to dehumanize him. >> turning him into a victim after the choices he made does
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nots reflect the reality of what brought him to the stores. in his khaki shorts, with no socks to cover his long dirty toenails. >> it's the victims fault. standard standard stuff. remine the victim, it's the victim's fault. i know you're not going to buy into that. >> paul, you're a prosecutor, just how would you handle, what's your reaction to what the defense lawyer did in describing, trying to exaggerate or refer to characteristics of this man that was being shot. >> when that statement was made, there was an audible gasp in the courtroom. i reacted to it as well.
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i watched trials and listen to lawyers like most people watch sports. but let's focus on that and analyze it before i give you my opinion. not only was it offensive, but that statement was racist. let's just say it, and we have to be able to address issues like this directly, intentionally welcome and there is no ambiguity and debate about that. that is a racist comment and that has been the defense's approach in this case and to the degree that there is ambiguity about whether or not it is racist. let me share with you with what they continued. these were, this was people, in reference to ahmaud, that had no lawful reason to be there, and the people they are talking about are black people, and the
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person they talking about is ahmaud. they say he is lurking, as scary, as possibly likely armed because of his movement. as having a -- there was scathing things. and it is all having racial under tones. they are conflating self defense and vigilanteism. >> and the protests outside of the courtroom are continuing, and the prosecution is trying to down play that. are they coming in and out through the front door? >> right, so so far andrea the impact that we have had on the jury is who will be seated in that courtroom instead of the exterior part of the building, it will be in the interior
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portion. we are not concerned about the sound or the level of the protests. maybe a dozen or so people today. to paul's point about the comments made by the defense attorney, i can tell you she was reading from notes. those are preprepared comments. and ahmaud arbery's father said that does not even reflect our situation. we were not poor and we did not struggle to put socks and shoes on our child. it was, essentially, preprepared. >> it was extraordinary, very shocking. thank you so much, sam brock, sam henderson. and turning back to washington and the president's decision to tap the strategic petroleum reserves and that the coordinated response should face criticism for some economists and a lot of republicans. joining me now, former chairman of the counselor of economic
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advisors. amy stodtert. let's talk first about the impact of this. economists will tell you it will not have any immediate impact. it has to go through the whole system and the supply chain, as you will. so is this more of a political statement to show okay, the white house is doing something about inflation? as we approach the holidays? >> a lot of oil producers and conservatives and republicans will make that argument. when you tap the petroleum reserve you may get some impact on gas prices but a lot of that can be factored in very quickly. the markets all right expected it to be tapped.
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but for whatever impact it has. whatever happens at the pump is not long term, it will not have a long-term impact on gas prices. and look, the surprising thing that has been happening with this administration in inflation is they have been in some ways over promising. the fact is that there is not a lot that a president can do to lower prices at the pump day to day. there is not a lot a president can do about inflation. it's surprising they keep making these promises. >> and austin, i want to play something that someone you know very well from our treasury secretary said to me a few weeks ago. we talked about the possibility of tapping reserves as a response to inflation. >> i would be a little surprised if that was highly efficacious. i think that is more for emergencies associated with
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military conflicts or with terrible storms than for the workings of the market. >> so, austin, you know well the global markets and how this has been used in the past in the gulf war, and in extreme emergencies, is it the right thing to do now? >> look, i have no problem with something actions from the petroleum reserve. a few years ago i wrote a piece emphasizing now that we have large domestic production it doesn't make sense to have the reserve so stuffed that they cannot even add any more to it. you could probably trun a little smarter than that. i think the fact that this is six different countries joining together, all of the large economies of the world, emphasizes that soil a global commodity. the price is being set by supply
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and demand at the world level. a little shot across the bow to the opec countries. these have been restricting supply, you want to perhaps make life difficult for them the more than engage in the cartel, but i think it is absolutely true, it is not a permanent solution in any way, it's just about a transition that when the price changes a lot in a short period of time there can be costs to smooth over. >> well, the president can't really win right now in terms of the interparty fight on the democratic side. because panic centrists,
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strategists in the party are seaing look at what we face next year. why didn't you tap the strategic petroleum reserve months ago. they see this as designed to look like he is addressing inflation and high prices. taking action, fending off criticism and the negotiations over the build back better plan, it just stirs up tension, what will it look like, will it be signed into law b, and so that, right now, is something that we would rather not take on. i agree with the rest of the panel that it is not leekly to provide a long term boost, and a
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short term boost. enconsumers are upset and it was a forced action and he was addressing inflation and they have been promising it for too long and it was only transitory. >> austin what about the impact and the reaction to the nomination of jay powell and vase chair of the fed. >> it is certainly a vote for continuity with the plan that has been going the officials were there. i think that the administration clearly sending the signal there that they continue to believe that the inflation is being caused by a supply constraint and this supply constraint is a
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short-run phenomenon. that has been the position of the fed. it is still next spring and next summer nap is not a great political time table and that's why the white house is nervous. the supply constraint conservatives, they are getting up and publicly taking the administration for helping break the bottlenecks at the port of los angeles. and oil prices themselves before this action have been coming down for three weeks. and they're piling this on.
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. we're learning more about the victims and the man who police say was behind the deadly
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suv attack in wisconsin. he is expected in course this afternoon and is facing five counts of first degree intentional homicide. he asked the homeowner to call an uber and let him in before police arrived. >> please? i'm homeless. >> the suv plowed into participants at the annual christmas parade on sunday. some of the children are still in critical condition and terrifying countless others. megan, the suspect was arrested early this month, but there is an extraordinary service as to how he was set free. >> absolutely, a lot of questions being asked at this point. as you mentioned, he was arrested on battery and domestic
9:23 am
abuse charges. he allegedly ran over the mother of his child, leaving a tire mark on her leg. he was given a $1,000 bond, he posted and he was able to get out free. but fastforward to sunday, nearly 50 people injuries. of the injured, 18 children now at the children's hospital. ten of them at the icu. when they enter, the six that entered on sunday went immediately to the operating. yesterday two more children were taken to the operating room. many of these kids are fighting for their life. among the five people who were killed, we know their ages rain to 52 and there was some members of the dancing grannies. it's a group of older women that
9:24 am
bring a lot of smiles and cheers. tom llamas remembered some of the people that remembered her. >> it is fun for everyone to remember. it might take us a year to pull back and get more people enjoying. but i know we will continue. >> now later on this afternoon, he is expected to be court for the first time. of course we will be there and we will be reporting on the latest tonight on nightly news. >> thanks so much. that is at 5:00 eastern. and subpoena power seeking information from more trump associates. so what are they looking for? this is andrea mitchell reports on msnbc. l reports
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ooooh, that's really cool. check that out. bespoke post sends you awesome boxes every month for a great price and i love it. the variety's great, i love how easy and flexible it is. head to and get a free gift with your first box when you enter code free. more subpoenas have been released regarding the january 6th riots at the capitol. the five new subpoenas are adding to does bs more already issued.
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joining me home, the senior capitol hill correspondent, garrett haake, a former u.s. attorney, and jim mecina, a former deputy chief of staff. first, we know that mark meadows has not delivered the information they want, a couple others, he is perhaps the most high profile, what hope do they have of getting any others to comply? >> the hope that the committee has is that the indictment of steve bannon will serve as a prod to force some of the other folks that may will less inclined than bannon to come forward and testify. that has not happened yet. it seems unlikely to happen with stone and jones who are both effectively professional trolls at this point. in regards to the couple that
9:30 am
helped, but a lot of folks think they can just dig in, wait this out, and hope that republicans take control of congress next year and they never have to say a word. >> that's what the former president is hoping. roger stone was central to the russia probe. so understandably, and they probably have more information because they interviewed a couple hundred people outside already that have come in. lower ranking people from doj, so what are they hoping to accomplish by subpoenaing people that are not cooperating. >> yes, roger stone has historically lied to congress. he was alex jones denied the sandy hook attack happens or that 9/11 happened. and i think they go in knowing that about them. so this is an opportunity to lock them into a story. if they can get them to appear
9:31 am
and testify they can ask them questions. they locked them in to a story they can't change without facing further conviction for perjury. >>. >> it was suppose'd to scare them, but he is becoming a political martyr to the right. >> yeah, and i think that was probably a calculation, a factor, at least, that the justice department took into consideration when deciding whether or not to indict him, but they ultimately decided to do ta. i think whee is not expecting steve bannon will give them any inlightenning information, but i
9:32 am
think that his indictment is bearing fruit, as you said. more than 200 people are providing documents, a number that went up by at least 50 people since the last time that we talked, and we have those other witnesses that garrett was talking about. and these witnesses are reportedly, they reportedly raise their concern about a plan for people to march from the ellipse saying that they raised the alarm that this could be dangerous. so the pieces are being put together by this committee to see to what extent the white house and the trump campaign had some sort of preplan to march supporters to the capital that day, it's a key component in
9:33 am
getting to the bottom of what happened. >> what if he just plays this out the way he did, a tax fight the way that they did, the way that they did for a couple years, and then the midterms happen, and if the democrats close troll, lose subpoena power, they go away, and this whole thing could fizzle out. >> and no one is above the rule of law in this sound try. so the indictment is incredibly important because it shows you're not above the process including the president of the united states. he doesn't have executive privilege when he tries to overthrow the constitutionally elected government in this country and we have to figure out what happened to make sure it doesn't happy again. if we just go through the process, then it is okay to do these things, and it's not okay. we have an absolute responsibility and congress should move as fast as they can
9:34 am
do get this thing done and i think they are incredibly important for that reason. >> i want to switch gears for a minute to ask you about this crucial open senate seat that could determine everything. it is an open republican seat, and the trump backed candidate is suspending his campaign yesterday after losing custody rights of it his children. and obviously this is -- sorry, i was asking jim, but you can both chooim in. >> yeah, absolutely, it is an
9:35 am
incredible evolution here and it shows the power of druf, he endorsed this guy, we knee this was in his background, and yet trump still endorses him. this is the one senate race where we can look at who controls the united states senate, and the fact that he continues to endorse these candidates and their waning in the poles shows the problems he has already. >> and the problems that he is making for mitch mcconnell. >> no, i agree with erg that jim said, i thought you said kim instead of jim. >> there is no question that plenz be key and right now the republican legislature is trying to advantage all of the election rules. but the governor is saying that
9:36 am
he will veto that, but everything could be at stake, which i should say that joe biden won by 80,000 votes and donald trump is still saying there needs to be another vote. coming up next, more on the new book "betrayal." this is "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc. mitchell reports" on msnbc. - hey kaleb, what's up? how you doing? - hey, i'm good, guess what, i just had my 13th surgery. - really? i just had my 17th surgery. - well, you beat me. - well, i am a little bit older than you. - yeah it's true. how are you doing? - i'm doing good. i'm encouraged by seeing how people are coming together to help each other during times like these. - kind of like how shriners hospitals for children is there for us. imagine if i couldn't get my surgery. who knows what would have happened. - same for me. i know my shriners hospitals family will continue to take care kids like us
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new revelations about donald trump's chaotic last year in office and the enablers and the conspiracy theroists. congratulations, you have broken a lot of new ground.
9:41 am
let's start with your reporting. on your attempt to overturn the election that started long before january 6th? >> the book begins right after donald trump is acquitted this the first impeachment trial in early february right as the pandemic is starting to spread outside of the united states. . and he essentially starts with anyone that defied him. one, a campaign to win votes, and the other was to erode any trust in the system so if he lost he could say it was stolen from him. >> and you had a rare interview with attorney general william
9:42 am
barr that did the most, and he played both good and bad cop along the way. >> he really did. during the campaign itself, he, too, was raising questions about the integrity of mail in voting as loudly as just about anybody, but barr played a very critical role of the election. for whatever happened before, when he went and investigated donald trump's crazy claims and unsubstantiated claims about election fraud, he said there was nothing to them. he said there was nothing here at all of any significance. and he came out in a very dramatic faction and said there was no fraud.
9:43 am
trump was furious because donald trump wanted barr who he thought was his roy cohen, his own basically personal lawyer to go out and use the power of the justice department to overturn the election results and barr flatly said no. and i thought it was very important when i interviewed barr and it took me a long time to get him to agree with me to do the interview to urge him to put it all on the record. i knew it was one thing that it was important for him to say he believed this or not, but having him directly attached to the statement he gave, but he said it was total bs in is something that, you know, as you can imagine has infuriated trump.
9:44 am
but barr, he is one of the most popular if not the postpopular member of of the trump cabinet. so it seems to me that this is very significant. >> indeed, take us in the oval office on january 6th when aides are all trying to get the president to make the statement to stop the rioters. >> i spoke to as many people as i could get to talk to me that were in the west wing on january 6th as well as those calling in, and the messages that he was getting from all sides were that you have to get out, you have to get on national television and urge these people, that are your supporters, to stop. and for hours he did nothing. kevin mccarthy actually said he begged him.
9:45 am
he begged him to come out and say something. finally he agreed to do a video statement to tell people to go home, but what i learned from someone that was there when they brought the cameras in from the rose garden, is that when he first spoke to the cameras, when he first spoke to the cameras, he just praised the rioters and he didn't tell them to go home. they said you have to scrap that and tell them to go home. he did it again, he praises them. he says he understands, and he doesn't tell them to go home. finally after several takes he says go home, but as you know in that version, he also says we love you. we love you to the rioters. >> talk to me about johnny macatee. a body man holding a suitcase
9:46 am
and papers, and all of a sudden he becomes an enforcer. >> he is, i think, the most powerful and significant person in the white house in terms of what lead up to january 6th that most people have not heard of. he had been fired by john kelly for issued that showed up way back in 2017, but he came back in early 2020 and right after that acquittal, he is named the head of presidential personnel. this is basically the human resources office for the executive branch. all 4,000 plus political appointees to the intelligence heads, the cabinet secretaries, they have to go through presidential personnel, and you have to look, in the photo text of my book i have a photo of
9:47 am
johnny macatee, most of them in their 20s, that went out to purge the administration of anyone that would challenge trump. >> this is an amazing book. congratulations to you. you have to come back and talk tat sydney powell, mike pence, and so many other characters, please come back vane a wonderful holiday. >> the holiday travel week is getting back into full swing. uh, i-i'm actually just going to get an iced coffee. well, she may have a destination this one time, but usually -- no, i-i usually have a destination. yeah, but most of the time, her destination is freedom. nope, just the coffee shop. announcer: no matter why you ride, progressive has you covered with protection starting at $79 a year. voiceover: 'cause she's a biker...
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millionsing of americans perhaps many of you, are traveling for thanksgiving. numbers not seen since before the pandemic. this as covid cases are on the rise in at least 30 states over the last two weeks. and there's a troubling rise in positive cases among childre joining us, dr. jah, thank you for being with us. what is the best strategy for families to follow during this busy travel week? >> yeah, andrea. thanks for having me back on this important week. good news is this is a very different winter than last year. people can gather safely if they're fully vaccinated. high-risk people and really all people also should be getting boosted. if you have members who are not, add testing as a level of safety. really the best way is to be vaccinated. >> are you concerned that there
9:52 am
could be a shortage of the home tests or the tests that are available, easily available, at pharmacies? >> yeah. that certainly was a real concern even as of six or eight weeks ago. that's starting to get better. fda authorized a few more. seeing more in walmart and cvs. those places stocking up. more expensive than they should be. we have to find a way to drive prices lower but thy they're becoming more available. >> the government asked the justice department, asking the federal appeals court, to immediately lift the court-ordered stay from the fifth circuit on the workplace covid-19 vaccine rule for businesses. that osha, which was going to oversee the stay, only has oversight over the workplace and the government appeal, lawyers far as i know you're not, i know i'm not. osha has regulatory authority over all safety, and that the pandemic is clearly something that effects the whole country,
9:53 am
but this could be a really important factor. these are over businesses. more than 80%, i think, of employees in the country. businesses that employ more than 100 employees? >> yeah. so obviously oot no legal scholar. seems to me a very important rule for the government creating sage work places and having vaccinated and unvaccinated people mixing indoors spaces is dangerous. strikes me as very important from a public health view. every public company should be doing this voluntarily. unclear why you'd run a business and not protecting your employees at the moment. i would like to see more voluntary action from businesses as well. >> final advice, get your boosters. shots are available. be safe. and have a safe and healthy thanksgiving for you and your family. dr. jah, thank you. >> thank you. and let's talk turkey for those who still don't have their bird for thanksgiving. how much cash will you have to dish out? find out next.
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9:58 am
>> reporter: hey, andrea. so big picture, if you have not bought your thanksgiving turkey just yet and plan to, there is no turkey shortage. if you're headed to the grocery store, should be plenty of turkeys on the shelves, but they might cost you a little bit more per pound, and they might be a little bigger than usual. because of labor shores amps turkeys like these, guys, ended up staying on the farms longer than usual and kept growing. people are seeing bigger turkeys than normal when they go to buy one. wholesale prices? about $1.23 per pound for a frozen turkey. that's 15% more than it was this time last year. what's behind the uptick? you said it at the beginning. supply chain issues. industry experts say from the cost of turkey feed to drivers and buses and transportation, all of it's adding up and pushing the price of turkey a little higher this year. listen.
9:59 am
>> entire supply chain at different times under stress and certainly cost increases from everything from cardboard to wooden pallets to industrial gases. we've really seen disruption and cost increases across the board. ides say now we're looking at probably we have found our new normal as a company, i think the industry really has found how to navigate some of these challenges, and be creative to find ways to move forward. especially in time for the holiday. >> reporter: this year everything on your thanksgiving plate will cost you a little bit more. the american farm bureau federation, they say that the meal, the price of a thanksgiving plate for ten people, about $5 a person. that's highest price they have seen since they started doing that survey. it's been 36 years. on average, a thanksgiving meal is going to cost most people about 14% more than this time last year. andrea? >> thank you for the sound effects. that was really remarkable. you get the prize for best, best
10:00 am
report of the day, if not the week or year, and it's not a turkey. thanks. happy holidays to you! >> reporter: thank you, you, too. >> thank you. and that does it for us for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." have a great holiday. i'll take a break a couple of days. follow the show online, on facebook and twitter and "mtp daily" is up next. >> holiday travel revs back to pre-pandemic flubs despite new cove is concerns. testing and treatment. a hot-spot doctor and member of the advisory committee brings their expertise. plus, how the white house plans to tackle surging inflationary pressures caused by the pandemic, as american voters are already feeling the burden in their wallets. president biden is set to announce his latest action within the hour. and later, an update from the courtroom as jury deliberations are under way in


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