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tv   The 11th Hour With Brian Williams  MSNBC  November 22, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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standing ovation. the 11th hour with brian williams starts now. williams sta rts now. well good evening once again, day 307 of the biden administration, the one six committee on the hill has started these new weights with five new subpoenas for trump allies. this round includes two big names. his longtime friend and advisor, roger stone. and the noted conspiracy theorists, alex jones. committee's letter to stone says that he promoted his attendance at rallies on january 5th and sixth supporting trump's false claims of election fraud. it also points out, he did speak at the january 5th rally and used members of the far-right oath keepers for security. the letter adds, quote, you have stated you were invited to lead a march to the capitol from the ellipse rally on january six, and did not end up doing. so last december trump pardons
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don't from the mueller investigation, but that won't help him. here tonight, stone issued a statement in response to the subpoenas agreed in part, quote, i have said time and time again that i had no advance knowledge of the events that took place at the capitol on that day. now, as for alex jones, the committee says that he helped organize the rally ahead of the. right the subpoena also said, quote, as you have stated the white house told you on or about january three, that after the ellipse rally on january six you were to lead a march to the capital where president trump would meet the group. you and others on infowars repeatedly promoted president trump's allegations of election fraud. and made statements implying you had knowledge about the plans of president trump's with respect to the rally. last, week alex jones was found liable for damages and defamation lawsuits that were brought by parents of the children killed in the sandy hook elementary strutting. his attorney responded to today
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subpoena with the statement, quote, the first amendment guarantees the right of assembly in the right of petition for redress of grievances. we will be in touch with committee staff to determine what our next steps will be. the other trump allies subpoena include trump's current spokesman, taylor broad mint. and trump supporter distance document. and jennifer lawrence, no relation. we >> tailor booted which reportedly solicited a five or one c3 organization to conduct the social media and radio advertisement campaign to get a tendons at the meeting. miss lawrence, and mr. stop women helped organize a series of rallies in november and afterwards we want to know more about what they were doing and who was paying for that. stockon and, lawrence were saying that they weren't surprised by the subpoenas and
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added this quote we are concerned that the time in during the week of thanksgiving while most normal businesses closed as further demonstrating that this committee is not acting in good faith. meanwhile, new video was just released today by the department of justice, it shows the rioters breaching a looking dog at the capitol during the siege. images show police trying to use that current gated still guaraldi or to keep the surge of protesters out. police however were overwhelmed and the rioters streamed in after some of them assaulted the police officers. tonight, the current president and first lady will travel to fourth graphic, in north carolina, for early thanksgiving celebration with service members. as biden also focuses on making his economic plans law inflation has threatened to overwhelm that domestic agenda. tomorrow he'll speak to our country about the economy. reports say the biden administration is expected to release oil from our strategic
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petroleum reserve in the coming days. in an effort to slow rising gas prices. today, but in reno marie did a federal reserve, we jerome powell, to serve a second term. it's a move a lot of people saw as an attempt to maintain stability in an economy that is still recovering from the pandemic. right, now there is increasing concern about the rise in new cases of mitt fears about a possible holiday surge. we will have much more on that later on in this hour. also tonight, the city of walk a shot wisconsin held a vigil to remember the five people killed when the driver of an suv run into a christmas parade on sunday and kept on driving. police say, the suspect daryl brooks is facing five counts of first degree intentional homicide. he is a repeat offender who was out on bail. his first court appearance is scheduled for tomorrow. with that, let's bring in our starting line on a monday night. but yamiche alcindor, white
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house correspondent for pbs news. our moderator of washington week also on pbs. we philip rucker, pulitzer prize-winning senior washington post correspondent, notably coauthor with carol lending of the new york times bestseller i alone can fix it + a very stable genius.. and former u.s. attorney joyce alene, who spent 25 years as a federal prosecutor, she host the podcast sisters in law along with our friends with kimberly acts guns, and barbara mcquade. good evening and welcome to you all. and counselor, indeed, i need to begin with you given the news at the top of our broadcast tonight. these two notable names are big names. they come out seemingly late in the game on the subpoena list. though we don't get to know how long the game is planned for. what is your read on this latest round of subpoenas it looks? like congress is doing what prosecutors typically do their
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following the money. they are trying to figure out who funded the events on january six which will be very telling in helping them place accountability. but they're also doing something else that i think is a sign that they have actually gotten a fair bit of information as they have been interviewing cooperating parties. they appeared to be zeroing in conversations that were attempted or perhaps, have been with the white house. by people who were concerned that there was a risk of violent and connection with the january six. and so now congress is trying to figure out, did those conversations take place. if so, what was the reaction inside of the right house. and they're beginning to cross over for merely learning the truth into figuring out where accountability should be found. >> we yamiche alcindor, some members of the base especially those who appeared daily on social media are kind of trolling the committee over their perceived lack of aggression and their perceived
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lack of speed. having said that, the, i'm curious to get your reaction from your view at the white house of the committee activities this week. >> with the president and white house officials have been very clear that this committee's work is essential, the president has said over and over again that january six was a dark moment and that it really needs to be probed. people need to be held accountable. and what we see today is really a subpoena of people who would be really knowledgeable about what went in the january six planning of the rally. with the safety concerns were. you have some of the people that are subpoenaed now on the committee laying. out some of them who were really even worried about the sort of safety issues. they they were in touch with the leagues on, katrina. they were then supposed to tell former white house chief of staff, mark meadows, about the safety concerns of the people who are planning the rally. so these are trump supporters, saying hey, i might be worried. then you have roger stone who is a close ally of the
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president and you have alex jones who is someone who has spent a lot of misinformation, disinformation over the years. so this really, in some, ways is the committee barreling down and looking for more closely at some of the people who would know the knowledge. so the white house is being very clear that they want to stay very independent in the sort of justice issues. but obviously the white house is paying attention, and as we know they have waived executive privilege for at least the initial set of documents because they understand and think that this is the need to be probed. philip rucker, indeed two yamiche alcindor point, remind me of the short version of roger stone relationship with the now former president how it has changed. if at all and his relationship with groups like these would be the army men, the proud boys. >> brian, roger stone is a figure who has operated in the doctors of american politics for decades now. when donald trump was just a
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real estate mobile and reality television star, it was roger stone in trump's ear, teaching him about politics trying to get him involved with the hard right trying to shape his ideological agenda and of course when trump decided to run for president, ultimately in 2015, roger stone was front and center as a key adviser. he ended up not working through most of that 2016 campaign, he was more of an outside figure then but he has operated within the trump orbit ever since. and there have been moments where he was close to president chump, former president trump, and moments when he has been distance from former president trump. he has also has his own legal challenges, his own connection to the russian investigation over many years. he is a rather complicated figure with an editorial's past in politics. but he very much channels donald trump's id. he understands what trumps want. and he understood what roger
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stone understood in december and early january. that is what trump wanted to do, to overturn the election. and he went to work to try and galvanize supporters here in washington, and the run up to january six, and on social media, and in the country to do their part to apply pressure to the congress which to effectively reject the electoral results to keep trump in power despite having lost the election. joyce alene, i imagine as a law professor you teacher students that a good lawyer should come out of law school ready to argue both sides, with that in mind, if stone or jones hired you to be their lawyer and i would pay cash money to be who at that pitch meeting. but if that where the case could you make a case against cooperating with the subpoenas. >> we there is cooperation and then there's cooperation, and i think that the case that they can make is to limit the
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questions that they will answer in the documents that they will turn over. and there may perhaps be some legitimate scope. here but the reality is, when you are served with the congressional subpoena, absent a question of privilege or some other legitimate defense and these are clearly folks that are engaging on the campaign side of affairs, not the government side, there is no executive privilege in any place inside. you are obligated to comply with the subpoena, whether you like the investigation, whether it is law enforcement, or congress as american citizens, we have certain obligations, and one of those is to comply with a lawful subpoena. does that mean that this crowd will? i think likely. not they will throw all sorts of red herrings. my first amendment rights are being invaded as one that we have already heard in this regard. but, just because you have first amendment rights does not mean that you don't have to answer questions about your activities when a body would
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subpoena power makes a legitimate inquiry. so my advice would be, go ahead and cooperate. what do you have to hide here? what >> i misspoke, a staunch relationship was with the oath keepers and not the proud boys, so followers of groups of this ilk i am sure will hear me stand corrected. so, let's see here, but yamiche alcindor let's pivot if we can into the actual business of governing. is this one of the weeks when we learned whether the biden white house can walk and chew gum, meaning the work continues on this massive social spending bill, the work continues to try to control inflation. things like gas prices, by the way, the government is set up to run out of money shortly as is the u.s. military. >> in some ways when i talk to white house officials, they
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would sort of underscore that the reason why president biden ran for the office is because they felt like his experience was one that would allow him to handle the responsibility of the presidency. it's because he can walk and chew gum. he walked in of course during the middle of a crisis with the pandemic. that it has just been intensified because of inflation. because of him trying to pass these big social policy plans. so the white house is trying, based on my reporting, to do all of these things, juggle all of these things. it's very very heart of. course because i think in some, ways you see this in the presidents poll numbers. americans are essentially anxious about their lives. they're anxious about the virus, they're anxious about arguing with their in laws over thanksgiving this week when it comes to the vaccine. about who's. coming it is also their focus about the price of gas, the price of meat, the price of groceries. all of those things people look to the white house. rightly or wrongly to deal with. add to that that the president is really trying to push through this transformation as
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he put to. the social policy plan. and if the house was able to pass, it which was a big, deal the senate is now going to possibly pull out important things including things that possibly include family leave. something that president manchin has included, and something that a lot of progressive women, and a lot of progressive period really want to see in the. bill so this is going to be i, think the, week where we are going to see them do that. but because we are not going to see any actual governing, it's a holiday, week and the president is going to be in nantucket for the rest of the, week working a bit i'm sure. but, mostly i think we're really going to see that in a couple of, weeks because there's all sorts of things to get. then which means that the budget between running out of, cash the debt limit, and of course passing the build back better act. >> philip rucker, like you i focused on yamiche alcindor singling out the thanksgiving dinners, and we're going to look about the under winnings of her reasoning. there but phil, while i have yet to another point that yamiche made, this uptake in cases. give me the level of concern in
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the biden camp about this pandemic that we cannot seem to stamp out. >> brian there is certainly concern in the white house, but also throughout the federal government with the various covid officials who now for nearly two years have been trying to protect americans and try to get rid of this virus that is simply not going away. here in washington, today, it was a big day. it was the first day that the mayor's order mandates wearing mask instead of businesses, instead of restaurants, that mandate has been lifted as of today. and of course coincides with what we are seeing in the rising cases around the country. and so there is actual concern here in washington that the lifting of the mask mandate may not last very long. if these cases continue to, like we may be back to wearing more mask and further shut down. it is just a problem that
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continues to persist in its political headache for this administration, the biden administration. which is really trying to grapple with. it and really deal also with the fact that so many millions of americans are still hesitant to get those vaccines, even as, now americans are being urged to get their booster shot, there are so many who still haven't even gotten their initial vaccination shot and that of course is one medical experts believe is contributing to the continuation of the virus here in the united states. >> and the pandemic of the unvaccinated. >> yamiche alcindor, philip rucker, and joyce alene, our first starting line of this holiday shortened week. coming up for us our friends robert gibbs, and timothy or are here to talk about what is at stake for the presidents as he faces this long to do list that we mention including passing his social spending bill, and later. remember this time last year? good? because those rising cases around the country are sparking
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concerns just ahead of thanksgiving as promised we are going to talk to one of our leading public health experts about the recent uptake in both, boosters and travel. ahead of the coming all of the weekend, all of it as the 11th hour is just getting underway on this first to the week monday night, the view, from the west wing. the west wing.
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-- chopped as mine in the ears of the 19's. where you could go back somewhere, and work these kind
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of issues out. we are not there anymore. and i don't know, for everybody on the panel who travels around the country, clear in the midwest, wherever we go, i have not met one regular voting anywhere. you know what, i think we need more bipartisanship in washington. no one ever says that. no one outside of d.c. says they want more bipartisanship. would people say is that they want things to get done. >> democrats have a lot to get done by the end of the year in fact. first there is the most massive spending bill since roosevelt. then there is the looming government shutdown deadline. the debt ceiling, and it must pass military defense funding. joining us now to talk about all of it, robert gibbs former obama campaign senior adviser, white house press secretary of course under president obama. he was also cohost of the hacks on tap podcasts. and tim miller, whose clothing toys may give away which of the 50 states he joins us from tonight. he is a contributor to the bulwark and the former communications director for bush, good evening to you.
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both mister gibbs, i presume you heard what jason johnson said this afternoon we just ran there, would you agree or disagree? >> i agree with the passion of it. of course, many in the democratic party, many in the democratic base feel that acutely. i remember in 2009, the first year of the obama administration hearing the same arguments. the problem with what jason said is the reality of the world we live in. we have 50 democratic senators. so to get anything done almost assuredly requires the tie breaking vote of the vice president. at that is before we even dealt into the idea that in reality, you need 60 votes. so while i appreciate the passion behind it, we i don't think the statement lives were we honestly live in our government and in governing our country. i understand the frustration and i think that if you look at
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something like build back better, i think the process of this has far overwhelmed the substance of the. i can imagine if we had started it at two trillion, and we are wiggling this down to 1.75, or 1.75 children. people will think that this is a huge victory then starting at three trillion, two and a half trillion. and i think it's just a hard message when you are governing the country to have a little patience. but i do think that we are on the compass, you mentioned passing something as big as tillis joe biden among the people like -- roosevelt. >> so tim, to part of robert's point, is there any chance that all of us have overstated the importance of build back better to the biden presidency considering the top always devolves to dollars and americans walking around today really can't name anything in
11:24 pm
the bill? >> i think for sure brian. and mahal of for that introduction. i don't want to file on jason when he's not here. so jason, we can debate this next week, or two weeks from. bring him. on but you cannot get anything done with just one party. this is fantasy politics. these idea that joe biden should be able to wave a magic, wand and solve everybody's problem. maybe biden will lead a little bit more into bipartisanship, on the left foot of, life but he passed this massive infrastructure bill that you know, should provide very real results for people. and a lot of the parts of the country, the democrats have been done very. what i am happy to hear that they are doing their campaign on. it there a lot of events throughout december. and we are all broadband. there is a lot of elements on the infrastructure bill that they can, and should. so i think that looking ahead the next, year we are just going to talk about the real politics of this, rather than the attacks on people.
11:25 pm
the economic recovery, he reported two jerome powell, today. also, covid dealing with you next. segment i think those things are important and getting all the items to build back better and making sure that the democrats do as well as they can in the midterms. now, there policy reasons to want to advance what passes in the house. there are some elements of the bill that i personally don't agree with, but i think that that's a political matter. that isn't as important as i think some on the left are trying to make it up to be just looking ahead to the midterms. >> mister gibbs, people are falling all over themselves to say, well of course, joe biden's gonna run for a second term. and as a press guy you understand the underpinnings for that. you cannot have a destruction one year into a presidency. you kind of questions around. but here is what our friend a.b. stoddard writes. there is nothing reassuring
11:26 pm
about the oldest president ever be elected promising three years out that he can handle a second presidential campaign, let alone a second term when the odds are that he cannot. democrats me hope biden will stand for reelection, but shows pulling remain abysmal they are lucky lead to change his mind. robert, the question is, can you new vision? canyon vision an effort to replace him at the top of the ticket? why >> not if you wants to run for reelection, no. i think that's what's sitting presidents get to make that decision. i don't think that you are going to find an effort to move an out. i don't think that that will make, quite frankly, a ton of sense. i think that it's a little crazy that we're talking about with three full years left in a turn, who is gonna run for president on either side. and i think we have to acknowledge that, in 2020, joe
11:27 pm
biden and donald trump run as the two oldest presidential candidates. the likelihood is that donald trump is going to run again against joe biden is that they'll be the two oldest presidential presidents, plus four years on the record that they set before. but i don't think that there is going to be any real desire to replace joe biden should he want to seek reelection. >> i don't know what else we could talk about in the media if not who is going to run through years from now. robert, and tim are sticking around, thank goodness. and coming up after this break will continue our conversation. even if they fall and insiders's latest prediction about 2024 is right. his twice impeached former boss is still making people within the party he controls nervous, we will talk about that. we will talk about that. don't just put on a light show—be the light show. make your nights anything but silent. and ride in a sleigh that really slays.
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>> why? >> first of all he has acquitted really fragile ego. he lost by 9 million votes. next time he will lose by more than 9 million, and his fragile ego cannot stand to be the two time loser. >> there was a notable prediction there by trump's former fixer and lawyer, now fresh off the house arrest, his single can breathe free. whether trump runs or not remains to be seen. either way, his influence is causing some thanks to within the party as we have chronicled
11:32 pm
here. the new york times puts it this way still with us we have robert gibbs and tim miller. i know that chuck -- trump's preferred senate pulled out after a domestic legal case. here is the question and the same rules as fight club. the only thing you cannot say in your answer is glenn youngkin. is there any proof that any republican, again, not named youngkin, can succeed after pushing trump away? >> well i have good news for republicans in --
11:33 pm
doris is right on parnell's heels now that darnell's out of the race. there's been buzz for hours to enter the race in pennsylvania. i don't think so. i will break you right club rule -- i will say this about youngkin, here it is. you have to get this -- there is a reason why it works. youngkin had a convention, it was a shorter year, and he was running against this absolutely insane pro insurrection candidate in -- chase. there is not a lot of evidence that that could be replicated in the current senate races we are looking at. we have herschel walker running in georgia. we have eric right in the pro insurrection -- everyone showing up in ohio in porto and pennsylvania. in these lonely to hear things, you don't have the option to stay above the fray the way the
11:34 pm
men who shall not be named it in pennsylvania. i will be hard to replicate for republicans. i think it's the biggest challenge looking ahead of midterms. we are one year in with biden, as you head into 2024 in the cohen comments there, reagan's number were horrible in 81 and sober clintons in 93. i do think these people have the desired that what is happening right now needs to be relevant to project down to what's happening three years from now. if you look at covid and what's happening with the economy, things could be very different from next year in november than they are now. i want to reinforce that with cautioned for people getting chummy like my phony be there in three years ahead. >> huge contributors probably the tiny number of twitter
11:35 pm
users who account for 97% of twitter traffic -- >> me. >> that becomes the kind of conventional wisdom on the left. so, robert, the other thing tim left out about the future, among the question marks is, law enforcement that continues to grind at its own pace. what do you make of today's round of subpoenas, for example? >> i think whether it is subpoenas from the january 6th insurrection committee, in washington whether it is illegal proceedings in the southern district in new york, i think the idea that trump is going to emerge unscathed, it's certainly unlikely. i think we will bring serve vital train cars into his presidential can pain.
11:36 pm
-- no stone which i'm better than i do. he worked for him for a long time he was his fixer and lawyer. i have a hard time believing that donald trump is going to exit stage right and go play golf peacefully for the rest of his life, despite what many people say. i think the pole will be far too strong for him to want to avenge his loss. i think he will do everything he can to drive himself to the nomination and drive others away from it. the challenge is probably going to be whether it is what we talked about earlier about him picking clumsily primary candidates that might not farewell in general elections in the saw fewer campaigns. i think there are a number of challenges as well. republicans do not want and don't think you will win campaigns in 2022, or 2024, if your message is centered in
11:37 pm
2020. >> gentlemen, thank you very much for coming on and taking our questions tonight. i learned a lot in this discussion robert gibbs and tim miller, as far out west as you can get with still being in the united states. greatly appreciated. another break. covid cases surging in the timing cannot be worse. >> as a major news provider put it, this will not be the post pandemic things giving so many of us had hoped for. s had hoped for. don't settle for silver. #1 for diabetic dry skin #1 for psoriasis symptom relief and #1 for eczema symptom relief. gold bond. champion your skin. unvaccinated people, are at 14
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times greater risk of dying from covid-19 than people who are vaccinated. looking at hospitalization rates, unvaccinated adults had nine times higher rate hospitalization as vaccinated adults. infections among the unvaccinated continue to drive this pandemic, hospitalization
11:41 pm
and deaths. the uptick of new covid infections are worsening the cdc directive their doctor rochelle said today that the seven-day average of new cases increased by 18% from just last week. from the new york times, we quote, federal medical teams have been dispatched to minnesota to help at overwhelmed hospitals. michigan is enduring its worst case surge yet, with the daily case loads doubling since the start of november. epidemiologists, michael roster went on to tell the new york times, quote, this thing is no longer just throwing curveballs at us it is throwing 210 mile an hour curveballs at us, it's a good night to have back with us once again doctor kavita patel m.d.. while she has not played a single inning of major league baseball she is a clinical physician and former senior
11:42 pm
policy aide during the obama administration. she is one of our public health experts, nonresident fellow at brookings. so doctor, that is a depressing portrait. we are averaging a death toll of 1000 souls a day. can you tell us just what it is we are headed for this thanksgiving? >> yes brian. this is going to be an interesting intergenerational mis-c of people who are traveling at record numbers. and because cases are rising, particularly as you noted in the midwest and northeast. we are probably going to have many scenarios, i'm already hearing about, them you might as well. people are saying that i was exposed to someone, i'm supposed to quarantine, but i really want to see my family. and they would likely be some breakthrough cases that get generated from the. but as you point, out and as she commented, this is still really continues to be a pandemic of the unvaccinated. however, we are going into a colder season. we are also seeing a lot of flu
11:43 pm
activity. much higher than last year of course. and i think to your point, what we are hoping for, is the decoupling of deaths and hospitalization. so we see cases increasing, but we are really watching the hospitalization and death rates because we hope that those hold stables or decreased which really indicates that vaccines are working and preventing death and hospitalization. and what we are seeing are milder cases. this is going to be sort of a nail-biting 4 to 6-week to see how the holidays affect caseload and health systems around the country. >> and doctor patel, i want to play for you a bit of comments today from doctor fauci. this is a warning about immunity from vaccines. >> the effectiveness overall against infection, the clients from 87.9% to 48.1% as well as the vaccine against the vaccine efficacy against death. in people less than 65 and
11:44 pm
greater than 65. so we know that we need boosters. >> so doctor i was thrilled to hear you on one of our broadcast say that the benefits of the booster come as early as 48 hours after the shot. is that another way of saying, everyone if they are able should move in the next 48 hours if they have thanksgiving plans with family and friends? >> yes, absolutely. i think we all kind of about two weeks, brian, fixed nor head. and that is true for the first series. those of wanted to take effect. think of the booster to take a boost of what has already been established in your immune system. so we do see antibiotics levels rising. in 48 hours, pfizer presented to the fda and cdc that reinforce the rejection in infections in less than seven days. so bottom line, if you are over, 18 and it's been six months since those two, or two months
11:45 pm
since one dose of j&j, you need a booster. and you can get it tomorrow, and it can actually make a difference on those intergenerational or gatherings this. week >> no pressure, but a nation turns its lonely eyes to you, they would love to hear some form of good news. so i will ask it this way. not knowing how you are going to answer. our gatherings, this year, thanksgiving, christmas, new year's as worrisome to you as they were last year? we >> know they are not. and i think it's because we are seeing social networks, brian, we're most people are vaccinated are fully vaccinated or children are eligible partly vaccinated and that creates a safe environment for celebrating. a year ago, we didn't have these vaccines. so think about the effects that we can create just by having our household gatherings vaccinated. masks off, i've got family coming in. i am hopeful about this holiday season. but i am also being cautious
11:46 pm
since seven 80 to your father. i'm going to take those precautions that are necessary. and that includes, making sure we have vaccinated. that also might include four households having access to a hot home test, that you can do. they are not foolproof, but they can be helpful. and finally, ventilation if you need to and you are worried. pointing on either and for a few days. to just make sure that you are not gonna be high-risk activity if you are worried about anybody in your household. but brian, there should be a much better winter. but again, it is up to us. we still have 30% of the population we need to be vaccinated. and 70% who needs of some fort of boosting at some point in time. >> thank you for that answer, we hope people at home or paying attention. our guest tonight, once again has been doctor kavita patel, our thanks. another break for, us and coming up, a look behind the scenes on what will be an industry under great stress over these next six days.
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of this week, airline bookings are expecting to have increased a full 100% over this time last year. that is a whole lot of people traveling, all a lot of volume that is about to descend on a travel industry that is not yet, shall we say, in fighting shape, and still trying to shake off a pandemic. nbc news correspondent tom costello has our report tonight on what to expect. >> two years after the last big thanksgiving homecoming, americans are again on the move. ran delaying delays for -- patched roadways to full -- atlanta's airport is the nation's busiest than it is now back to normal after mass panic on saturday, when the tsa says a passenger grab the gun he left in a carry on bag at a tsv
11:51 pm
checkpoint causing it to discharge. thousands of passengers ran, causing operations to stall on the ground. the suspect got away with his gun. >> i think we are all a little stir crazy at this point and willing to buckle the crowds in order to get away. >> meanwhile today is also the day for tsa officers to comply with the vaccine mandate. the agency says 93% of its officers are vaccinated or, have requested exemptions. screened over -- a record 2.2 million people on friday, nearly as many on sunday. >> good afternoon and welcome to united way. >> united airlines is in the thick of it. to see their operations first hit, are getting access to some things most people never get to see in person >> -- all the way out it will be a lot. >> we were male -- the cordon every plane in the round of the united's concourses at o'hare. >> it's a logistical ballet,
11:52 pm
500 flights moving on the ground every day. >> 50 4:15, bravo -- >> this is united's biggest talk while other airlines have struggled with staffing in recent months, canceling thousands of flights, united says it is staffed upward 99% of employees vaccinated. >> we have our staff on the property. one of the key things that we did throughout the pandemic, we did not follow any pilots. >> that has allowed united to bands but quickly from the pandemic as things rebounded. across the, wednesday the busiest days to fly this week will be tuesday, wednesday, and sunday. >> 31 to 45. >> tonight, the push is on. so, if you are flying over the next couple of days, the airlines say download their app, use that, and has good information. check in on the app, get into the airport two hours early and check your bags if you have any. if you do get bumped, the airline may try to reschedule you and you can also reschedule yourself using the app.
11:53 pm
>> the problem is, we can't fly using the app. our thanks however to tom costello for that report. coming up after our final break, what's this day used to mean in a once solemn place that has sadly been turned into a circus, because of our politics today. of our politics today. ♪ ♪ 'tis the season to break tradition in a cadillac. don't just put on a light show—be the light show. make your nights anything but silent.
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and ride in a sleigh that really slays. because in a cadillac, tradition is yours to define. so visit a cadillac showroom, and start celebrating today. ♪ ♪ last thing we bought --
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before we go tonight, on this
11:57 pm
very day 50 years ago, americans feared our country was coming apart. life stopped in the middle of the afternoon. americans win home from work and school by the millions. lyndon johnson who started that day as vice president, and ended the day as president said years later, the biggest question he had all day long was, one with the missiles becoming? john f. kennedy had been assassinated in dallas texas. the u.s. military was on hair trigger alert all over the world, and the kennedy family was planning a funeral with the help of the federal government. this day, every year, it always attracts people to daily plaza and they guess where an ex on the payment marks where the first shot head jfk. they gather on the grassy knoll, it was the epicenter for american conspiracy theories. this year was different.
11:58 pm
for the past couple days it's been taken over by qanon in its related cold groves. they are waiting for the return of john f. kennedy and his son john junior. they believe this man is what jfk junior looks like today. they say the plan is for jfk junior to be trump's running mate in 2024, and they have banners and flags to prove it. it is said, it's tragic, to a -- twisted, obscene. imagine a grievance filled life so devoid of purpose and disconnected with reality, and the country that cares for you, as to make someone leave home, as some of them have, and empty the savings, as some of them have, to go and be part of something where they claim their sense of insanity. behaviourist tell us we are not supposed to pity colt leaders.
11:59 pm
let's focus on the kennedy family instead. -- his brother, two assassination. hand the scent of the president of the united states, to a plane crash. let us also remember the beset family. they lost two daughters when that plane crashed in 1994. you don't get over that. you learn to wake up the day after and continue living a semblance of a life. the kennedys were deserve our -- they do not deserve the circus of lost souls that is now soiling the sacred place in american presidential history. that is our broadcast for this monday night with our thanks for being here with us, on behalf of all our colleagues at the network at nbc news, goodnight. goodnight.
12:00 am
tonight on all in, hopefully will have this today right? >> we saw sea. >> we shall see. >> new subpoenas from the january six committee for trump confidant robert stone. conspiracy theories, alex, joan and three other people including trump's current spokesperson. then -- >> what a brutal thing a? not guilty on all counts. >> the dangerous celebration of a kid who killed two people. plus the internal pushback of fox news as the channel goals for monica. and paul, on what could be the single most consequential decision that the biden presidency. >> some will know that question why renominating jerome powell, when he was a choice of republican president has. her -- >> when all in


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