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tv   Way Too Early With Jonathan Lemire  MSNBC  November 22, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PST

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yes, he did. that's all we have for today. it was a busy show. have a happy, safe and healthy thanksgiving. we'll be back next week. if it's sunday, even after the leftovers, it's "meet the press." ♪♪ this morning, at least five people are dead and dozens more injured after an suv drove down a holiday parade route in wisconsin. the question is why did this happen and what do we know about a person of interest being questioned overnight? plus, chaos inside atlanta's international airport this weekend after a gun accidentally discharged. the question is, how did that passenger manage to get away after his firearm went off? and, two missionaries who were kidnapped by a gang in haiti last month have been released. the question is what about the other 15 who were taken? it's "way too early" for this.
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good morning and welcome to "way too early." i'm jonathan lemire on this monday, november 22nd. we'll start with the breaking news. at least five people are dead and 40 injured after an suv drove through a christmas parade in waukesha, wisconsin. yesterday afternoon an suv ran through a barricade, hitting dozens of people in attendance. the moment was caught on camera. we want to warn you, this video may be disturbing. ♪♪ law officials tell nbc news the police are questioning a person of interest who may have a long personal history. the person of interest may have been fleeing from an earlier incident involving a knife when the vehicle reached the parade. police are still getting.
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>> the vehicle struck more than 20 individuals. some of the individuals were children and there were some fatalities as a result of this incident. we will not be releasing information on fatalities at this time while we are working on notifying the family members of the deceased. >> strategy which should have been a community situation. i'm so sad that so many went to a pa rained ended up with injury and heartache. waukesha schools are closed and the city is providing counseling services. the police will hold another press conference this afternoon at 1:00 local time. joining us now from a children's hospital in milwaukee where several of the victims have been transported, nbc correspondent meagan fitzgerald. thank you for being here. what can you tell us about how many of them there are and what their conditions are. do you have a number?
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>> reporter: jonathan, good morning, what we know is the hospital has confirmed at least 15 patients have been admitted here. we know 40 others have been injured. out of that collective 40, we know that at this hour five are in critical condition. of course, these numbers are going to be growing throughout the day. the fact that we're standing in front of a children's hospital really paint as picture of what we're talking about here, a parade packed with families, children, excited to celebrate the holidays. this parade is something people look forward to. it was canceled last year because of the pandemic, so people eager and excited to get out there yesterday even. we know that just before 5:00 this red suv came speeding down the parade route, colliding into these victims, and you can imagine, we're talking children and parents who were watching this tragedy unfold. so certainly the trauma of those
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not injured, lucky to not be injured. the archdiocese here has issued a statement saying among those injured is a catholic priest as well as several children who attend their catholic schools. just an incredible tragedy here. we know that the local authorities are investigating this. the fbi is assisting. but there's still a lot that we don't know. still a lot of information that we are expecting to have answers to later on this afternoon when we get the official press conference. >> meagan, at this point, none of the deceased have been identified yet, correct? and, secondly, what is the latest in terms of where police stand with the investigation? i know we'll get an update later, but what are some of the preliminary findings? >> reporter: right. what we know at this hour is they have not released names just yet, and, sadly, we know that it's very possible that this death toll could
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potentially climb. as far as this investigation is concerned, they're being very methodical about this. you know, there's a lot of moving parts here they're looking into, a lot that they're trying to understand. preliminary investigation suggests that this person of interest who's now in custody, they're not looking for anyone else at this hour, was fleeing a knife scene, some sort of an attack that had happened, fled the scene. we understand that this individual has a lengthy criminal history. why this individual decided to plow through this exact avenue is something that they're trying to figure out. so, again, still a lot that we don't know at this hour, but we do know that police are not looking for anyone else. >> nbc's meagan fitzgerald. we really appreciate you being out there early this morning and will be looking to you for updates as the day goes on. turning now to capitol hill, the build back better package
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has passed the house. >> on this vote, the ayes are 220, the nays are 213. the build back better bill is passed. >> in a largely party line vote the house moved forward on friday with the second half of president biden's agenda. the senate is hoping to vote on the bill before christmas. every democratic senator will need to support the package for it to pass. the bill will likely see major changes before that vote, but either way, the president says he will back the measure. >> the build back better plan, now that it's passed the house, when do you expect it to land on your desk? >> i don't know. it's going to take a while to get through the senate, i think. it will probably be after thanksgiving. [ indiscernible ] >> i will sign it, period. >> joining us now, nbc news
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capitol hill correspondent ali vitali. ali, we should note president biden who we saw there, he was briefed by the tragedy in wisconsin, so we may get updates from the white house as the day goes on as well. let's go back to the bill. obviously a real triumph for president biden, for democrats in the house. a lot of twists and turns that got us to this point. talk to us about how democrats feel about passing it, about what's in it, and about what was left out. >> yeah, jonathan. many months in the making here on capitol hill, especially a lot of shuttling back and forth between the senate side of the building and the house side of the building if you're a reporter like me, because for many weeks there, it felt like we were trying to understand where everyone stood. at least in the last few days what we've seen is the house to come together finally passing the build back better act after the moderates held back. they finally got that last week. they were able to move forward with their piece of it.
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when you look at some of the things in the house version of the bill, there are things on the senate side that may not make it into the final side because of parliamentary reasons or personal reasons with some of the senators we spent a lot of time talking about, specifically west virginia senator joe manchin. the thing i think about specifically is immigration and paid family leave, which you heard the president being asked about there. it doesn't look likely on the immigration side because they're still trying to work through what immigration measures can actually pass the parliamentary processes of that. there are some rules that have to be followed legislatively in order for democrats to approve this through the reconciliation process. the parliamentarian has signaled that some of the measures don't meet the requirements. that can't be in there. that's going to be a battle we're watching. on the personal politics of it, senator joe manchin has said to me and other reporters he doesn't think paid leave should be in the bill. he wants to do it in a
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bipartisan way. senator kirsten gillibrand also echoed that on "the sunday show." there are battles looming. the president is right. this is going to take some time. senator chuck schumer believes this can be done by christmas, but december is looking increasingly busy. we're sort of treating this week as sort of the calm before the storm. >> let's get to that in a second. certainly as my colleagues and i reported over the weekend, it's president biden and senator manchin that landed on this price tag. a lot of the stuff in there still to be figured out. you mentioned that december, busy, busy december. tell us some other things looming and what the sense could be how the timeline might slip, perhaps even into the new year. >> and it could slip into the new year. you listened to other senators talking over the weekend, echoing cautious optimism that
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this could get done by the end of the year. certainly that's the hope. the democrats would rather get it done sooner than later. once the calendar turns to 2022, it certainly changes dynamics here in washington. that's one of the things they're dealing with. that's not the only thing. december 3rd, there's a looming government shutdown deadline. they have to figure out a way to fund the government going forward. then in the middle of the month, there's that x date for when the u.s. will run out of its line of credit. we think that's on our around december 15th. we also know senate majority and minority leaders mcconnell and schumer were in conversation. they're also trying to pass as soon as they get back in town in a week the defense authorization spending act. that's something that has been looming in the senate and that they have been working toward.
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so a lot of different things happening in december, some of them not even political deadlines we know democrats want to see the second part of their infrastructure bill passed at some point in december, but that's a deadline that's malleable. the other one, the spending deadlines, those are the ones that have people concerned. >> well, my friend, it does sound like you should look at this week. and still ahead, the passenger whose gun went off accidentally, sparking scenes of chaos and fear. plus a jury found kyle rittenhouse not guilty on all accounts, but he could still face civil penalties. we'll answer those questions soon. those stories and a check on the weather when we come right back. .
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warrants have been issued for a passenger whose gun was accidentally discharged. according to the tsaing an officer was checking a passenger's bag after anx-ray machine identified an item. after it opened the passenger lunged and the firearm discharged. the police are looking for kenny wells. he ran out of the airport with the gun. covid cases continue to surge. demonstrations took place in austria, belgium, switzerland, and the netherlands. the violent clashes erupted when tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets after the government announced nationwide lock jouns. the lockdown will last 10 to 20 days and vaccines will become
2:16 am
mandatory for everybody in the nation starting in february. people will be allowed to leave their homes only for specific reasons, including buying groceries, going to the doctor, or for exercise. two hostages held in haiti for more than a month, free according to the missionary group who organized the service trip. they confirmed the two individuals are safe, in good spirits, and being cared for. their names, reasons for their release, and where they currently are, still being kept secret for security purposes. the ohio-based organization pleading for prayers and writing, our hearts are with the 15 people who are still being held. 16 u.s. citizens and one canadian were abducted 36 days ago after visiting an orphan age
2:17 am
outside port-au-prince. six men, six women, and five children, the youngest of which is 8 months old, ought kidnapped at gunpoint by a notorious street gang. they declined to pay a $1 million ran some for each person following long-standing u.s. policy. in recent weeks the american and canadian embasies both asked their nationals to leave haiti due to a surge in violence and fuel shortage in the impoverished country, still recovering from years of natural disasters and political unrest. >> our thanks to monica alba for that report. still ahead, the pittsburgh steelers stage a wild comeback on "sunday night football" but still fall short against the chargers.
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with tremfya®... ask you doctor about tremfya® today. williams down the sideline. high-steps his way for a touchdown. >> los angeles quarterback justin herbert finding mike williams for a 53-yard touchdown to take a lead after the steelers erased a double-digit deficit in the fourth quarter. roethlisberger returned to the field for steelers. chargers hold off the steelers with the victory, 41-37. jonathan taylor scores five touchdowns for the colts against the bills. i hope you did not play against
2:22 am
him in your fantasy league, because if you did, you lost. ips upsets buffalo, 41-15. another big performance in minneapolis. jefferson with 169 yards and a pair of touchdowns that helped minnesota get into position for that final play, upsetting the packers in a terrific nfc north game. the biggest game was the texans take down the top team in the afc. they snapped an eight-game skand posted a 22-13 stunner in tennessee. turning now to the n bnba a an ugly incident in detroit involving lebron james. they sparked an ugly situation
2:23 am
with pistons' stewart. he hit stewart in the face that drew a lot of blood. you see the blood streaming down his face. he had to be held back several times as he tried to confront lebron. after the dust settles, both players are ejected from the game, marking the second time lebron james has been ejected in his very lengthy career. the lakers go on to rally and beat the pistons, 121-116. elsewhere, the chinese tennis star whose disappearance from the public eye after she made a sexual assault allegation raised concerns about her whereabouts had a video call. they released a statement after the 30-minute call saying feng shui appeared to be well but would like to have her privacy.
2:24 am
there were photos and videos of the player at a youth event. her whereabouts is under international scrutiny and some calls for athletes to boycott the games coming in february. meanwhile, two words and a three-second video is giving new hope for the return of, yep, tiger woods to the golf course. months after a devastating car crash put his life and career in jeopardy, kwoods posted this video yesterday with the caption, making proposition. you can see his right leg there is in some sort of bandage wrap or brace. the first time the golfer has been spotted swinging since the high-speed wreck that left him hospitalized and multiple surgeries to repair that shattered leg. meteorologist bill karins is here for the forecast. what have you got for us this thanksgiving week. >> i haven't given you the forecast yet. my legend status depeblds on
2:25 am
that. >> that's true. >> let's get into it. the big storm we were talking about last week, that's moving off the coast, but knights a big storm. it trended weaker over the last six, seven days. there's light rain on the eastern seaboard. behind it there's a cold blast of air, but that's it. this arctic blast, this will be the coldest of the season. it's a very cold morning. windchills from minneapolis to green bay to chicago, it's going feel like single digits when you head out the door. then that cold chilly air will be on the east coast, especially in the northeast as we go throughout tomorrow morning. notice new york, boston, d.c. it will be your winter gear tomorrow morning. again, you can travel if it's cold. that's not going to give you delays at the airport if you're on the road. middle of the country, looks great. travel-wise, we look good from coast to coast. the only issues as we go into wednesday would be a little bit of light snow in the rockies.
2:26 am
but, jonathan, i have to say, this is a fantastic travel day for thanksgiving. i don't expect any delays and no delays at any airports coast to coast. thumbs-up for anyone heading to their thanksgiving destination. >> bill karins, you earned your g.o.a.t. status. we'll check later in the week to see about winds. hopefully the balloons can fly. still ahead, we bring in danny cevallos about what's next for kyle rittenhouse. the jury has delivered its verdict, but the legal fallout is far from over. before we go to break, why are you awake? email us or tweet me. we'll read some of our favorite answers later in the show. our answers later in the show.
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welcome back to "way too early." it's precisely 5:30 on the c, 2:30 on the west coast. i'm jonathan lemire. while the nation is divided over the verdict and rittenhouse gaining celebrity status among many on the righting president biden says he stands by the jury's decision. >> well, look. i stand by what the jury has concluded. the jury system works, and we have to abide by it. >> later in a white house statement bind went a little further. he said this --
2:31 am
we must acknowledge the jury has spoken. rittenhouse was on trial for killing two people and injuring a third during protests in kenosha, wisconsin, last year. elsewhere, closing arguments begin today in the trial of three white men accused of chasing down ahmaud arbery, an unarmed black man, and fatally shooting him in the town of brunswick, georgia. the attorney for william bryan sought a plea deal on the last day of the trial and was quickly turned down. the terms of the deal remain unclear. the defense rested thursday after calling seven witnesses. one of them was the shooter, travis mcmichael. mcmichael admitted under cross-examination arbery was unarmed, did not speak to the three men, and was running away from them. ahmaud arbery was just 25 years old. joining us here on set, nbc
2:32 am
legal analyst danny cevallos. let's start with that case, the arbery case. tensions have been really high. this is a trial that's been watched around the nation, especially coming on the heels of the rittenhouse case. what do you expect from developments today? >> closing arguments, the defense is the underdog in that they have to make the case somehow that even after they got in their cars, their trucks, they chased ahmaud arbery. they had plenty of chances to turn off their pursuit. they still have to make the argument somehow to convince this jury they were acting in self-defense. it's a tough sell for the defense. look for the prosecution to hammer this home. all the opportunities these defendants had to change their mind and do something else, anything else. >> remind the viewers of the specific charges the men face. >> they face homicide murder charges. these are the most serious kinds of charges. and they are asserting
2:33 am
self-defense, which is an affirmative defense where you say, in addition there are these facts that exonerate me. >> is there a suggestion that the jury may get the case today, or will it extend to tomorrow? >> it's likely. you never know. there are sometimes last-minute motions the judge needs to hear before it gets to jury instructions. jury instructions can take a long time. they're long, often boring, they're confusing, and they can take up a couple of hours sometimes, depending on objections the lawyers have, if there's a charging conference. so they should get the case today, but i wouldn't be that surprised if it got delayed till tomorrow. >> let's turn back to the rittenhouse case and the verdict found of not guilty late last week. the decision, you know, which is in the national spotlight, rittenhouse has become this sort of figure, hero worship by some of the right. >> across the left.
2:34 am
>> exactly right. it's ignited debates again about gun rights, self-defense. where do you see this? how can this verdict impact things going across the country? >> it's gotten people to talk about self-defense law. as it stands in all states, self-defense vaers wildly. in wisconsin once self-defense is raised, the other side has to disprove it. in other states the defense has the burden. it's got a lot of folks talking about what do we wants a a culture when it comes to self-defense? should it be more protected in your home or do we like the idea, "stand your ground," wherever you walk in the world, you have a right to self-defense, which is equal to in the home. >> one more brief. he's been acquitted of the criminal charges. what sort of civil laws could he face? >> wisconsin has an immunity in
2:35 am
a civil context, but in order to take advantage of that, you must be defending your home, your car, or your business. while they have that for a civil suit, it looks like rittenhouse on these facts wouldn't be able to assert it. >> thank you. we appreciate it. still ahead, we're going live to cnbc for an early look at what's driving wall street. "way too early" is coming right back. you have always loved vicks vapors. and now you'll really love new vicks' vapostick.
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2:39 am
legislation that's most likely to pass and stand the test of time, and i would certainly encourage my colleagues -- the senate failed twice earlier this month to bring voting rights legislation to the floor for debate. new polling shows another drop in president biden's approval rating and negative marks for his handling of most issues. in the latest cbs news/yougov poll, 44% approve of president biden's job performance. 56% disapprove. on inflation 3rks 3% of the americans give the president a good grade. joining us now, shannon
2:40 am
pettypiece. good morning and thank you as always for being here. we'll come back to the president in a moment. let's start with senator sinema and her interview with "the washington post." she's been a little bit of a press june -- junkie today. have there any sense of people that you talked to she could be successful even voting rights carve-outs? >> it's been hard for everyone to assess where she's at. you mentioned she's giving at least a few interviews as opposed to her normal operating method of being very quiet and keeping her opinions and her stances pretty closely held. so, you know, this is not necessarily a new position for her, but an indication that she
2:41 am
is not changing where she stands on the filibuster issue, even voting rights and given where we're at where there's still no signs of republicans ready to engage or compromise or work with democrats on voting rights. so not changing that position, is that going to stop progressive groups, voting rights groups from continuing to push right through up until the end of the year to try to get some action on this voting legislation through some sort of changes to the filibuster? probably not. there has been so much pressure and momentum particularly from the progressive side of the party to take action on voting rights and an acknowledgement that you have to make some changes to the filibuster to get it through that i don't think they're going to let her or these comments stop them, but it certainly appears to reduce the chance of anything getting done. >> so, shannon, president biden is expected to leave tomorrow
2:42 am
for nantucket where he'll spend the thanksgiving holiday, but he's got a lot to do between now and then. obviously he's still touting the build back better package that passed on friday. he's heading down to north carolina to visit with service members, and tomorrow he's expected to speak on the economy, which a lot of us believe he'll resri who his next fed chair will be. this is a decision he's wrestled with for quite some time. he's received pressure from inside about who he should pick. walk us through that choice and why it's so important to name a position that most americans are not even sure really what it is. >> right. and one of the -- probably the last key position that remains, we were pressing him about the fda commissioner. that was a position that remained vacant for ten months. the fed rare is another one. there have been a number of named bandied about out there.
2:43 am
it was clear the president made a decision and was very close to revealing a decision. that didn't happen last week. maybe it has so much do with so much going on in the white house. there, again, is an indication that it could happen this week. our plans to predict timing on this has not been good so far. who knows. we'll see. to get to why it's so key obviously and right before the holidays, inflation such an issue on people's minds, and the federal reserve which controls monetary policy can do a lot to help out with inflation along with other areas of the administration like the treasury department. i think going into the holidays, inflationary pressure, if it's not already on everybody's mind is going to come top to the surface, people traveling, buying food for thanksgiving dinner, for big holiday gatherings, not to mention all the christmas presents people are will be buying and issues they may run into, not getting
2:44 am
products they want. it's certainly a moment where the economy is front and center, and so any indications the administration can give to show that they are actively working to address these issues, at least the white house officials hope will ease some of those concerns people have and help bump those numbers, which is white house is a very close watcher of poll numbers. those numbers you showed earlier today are not lost on people in the white house. >> certainly the decision about interest rates is so key to how the administration will try to battle this inflation crisis right now and how long it may last. and certainly the president is known for his, shall we say, methodical decision process as i outlined for politico last week and he's taking time for this one before he heads off for thanksgiving. we appreciate it. thank you. still ahead, what's driving markets ahead of the shortened holiday week on wall street? shd holiday week on wall street?
2:45 am
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time now for the business news you need to start your week. narr let's bring in cnbc's karen tso live from london. markets look to extend their run. what do we expect from wall street on this brief thanksgiving holiday week? >> jonathan, good morning to you. it's all about the turkey and the cost of the bird and this time at what is a shortened holiday week. the markets are closed on thursday and half day of trading on friday. the markets have been stressing about inflation, the cost of goods and services. so a take on the labels of promotions and discounts on black friday will be quite crucial to the markets. you mentioned earlier the fed pick and how the central bank will deal with the price hikes,
2:49 am
which will be quite important in the next couple of years some of the pick for the next fed chair will be crucial to the markets whether it's biden or the more dovish pick in brainard. one issue has been covid with europe in lockdownsdown. that's a condition. airlines are hoping all of us will not be just frequent flyers as the holidays approach but also frequent spenders on our airlines cards. what does that mean? what flyer rules are changing for everyone? >> it's quite a bit. people have looked at it and said, who's been traveling over the last 12 months with most people grounded. it is true. they've changed things because no one is clock up miles. credit card spend willing do a lot of lifting. they're redefining what loyalty means. if you're swiping that card and
2:50 am
small business owners put a lot of purchases on the credit cards, they will be well positioned for the status and airline miles, not to mention business miles. some will take cheap tickets around the world. but it's days. >> the global tickets sound pretty good to me, karen. apple sent its date to launch its electric vehicle perhaps lacking a steering wheel. how is that going to work? >> if you are not driving, you don't need a steering wheel. engineers working on the car chip that can process artificial intelligence. what do they look like is the big question. there is no steering wheel and no pedals to all traditional
2:51 am
services and devices like the iphone should be integrated with the apple car in the future. you got new entrance flooding into challenging the traditional giants and of course like tesla as we talk about apple entering the fray. >> karen, live from london. i am just trying to get my itunes to work with the car. earlier in the show, we asked all of you this question. neil says i am up early because i got the booster and the headache is real. i got my booster yesterday, perhaps slighter arm. it's worth it, everyone get it. dan, what do you got in there? >> paula is up with her nine kids. >> i get it.
2:52 am
we appreciate that animal pun here on way too early. leila says that turkey is not going to brine itself. it does take three days for me to prepare my favorite holiday of the year. >> eddie is on "morning joe" later. waiting is skyrocketing. we can see eddie coming up next. before "morning joe," we'll have a look at axios' one big thing. the latest of the police investigation after an suv plowing through a holiday parade and killing many people and injuring others. and we'll hear from these senators. "morning joe" is moments away. a senators "morning joe" is moments away. ) well, you'd get a discount for insuring your jet skis...
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2:56 am
to see you this morning, what is axios' one big thing? >> good morning jonathan, happy monday, we are looking at rashida tlaib and told colleagues these fearful of the fate of the build back better bill. the house passed on friday. now it faces an uncertain future in the senate. chuck schumer says he hopes they'll pass that bill by the end of the year. rashida was telling my colleague that she's still very worried about the moderate senators and where they are being guided from outside interests. she called them corporate democrats and she's worried they'll be led by corporate interests and not the interests of democrats in american
2:57 am
overall. we'll see some of these messaging from progressive members in the coming weeks and as some thing in the package that stands now in the house may not last when it comes down to the senate. i think this is going to be a massive issue the next few weeks, of course among the senate and other entities. >> let's switch gears here, the u.s. documenting in a real middle of a supply crisis as we head into the holiday season a couple of days away. how may the shortage of everything end? >> well, it's not going to end before christmas unfortunately,
2:58 am
i think. this has been a massive issue heading into the holiday. it also helps or hurt the supply we are seeing. if things are not enough boats by now, they're not going to be in supply for the holidays. it does look like past december and into early next year, we should see some of the supply chain crisis be alleviated a bit. that's because of the demand for a lot of these goods. the lunar new year and seeing some closures there are supposed to help slow down some of the productions and closures will help the supply chain crisis. those are some things that a lot of experts are looking at in the hopes that you know it slows next year, it's the same thing with what we are hearing about inflation and inflation has been hitting a fever pitch in the
2:59 am
last several months. that's looking like it's supposed to slow in early 2022, particularly the economy continues to get better after the coronavirus pandemic. >> alayna treene have a good week and happy thanksgiving. the nation is still dealing with the fallout of kyle rittenhouse's case on friday and the arbery's trial in georgia that'll start today. jury can get that case as soon as tomorrow and we are watching the tragedy in wisconsin. investigators have a person in interest. we don't know anything about that. no people are in critical condition beyond those already killed and there are fears that number can only increase. we'll stay with the story all day today on msnbc.
3:00 am
thanks all of you for getting up way too early with us on this monday morning, "morning joe" starts now. this morning, at least five people dead and dozens more injured after a suv plowed through a holiday route in wisconsin. tom winter has the latest on what police think is the motive here. we are following this weekend, chaos inside atlanta international airport after a gun accidentally discharged and the passengers managed to get away after his firearm went off. >> i am not sure how that happen. >> more sentences handed down for people took part in the january 6th insurrection, the attack of the capitol, one judge is still placing the blame right at the feet of donald trump. that's one former trump adviser has a


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