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tv   Dateline  MSNBC  November 21, 2021 11:00pm-1:00am PST

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edition of dateline. i'm craig melvin. thank you for watching. hello, i'm dara brown, we have an update on that breaking news out of walking, shots continental what in video may be disturbing. according to authorities, at least five people were killed in more than 40 were injured. after an suv drove through a holiday parade. officials say, the person of interest is in police custody for questioning. they believe the person that may have been, involved in the night, had fled the scene before crashing into the crowd. police are expecting to update later today. now, back to dateline. d i thought it was not for the faint of heart. >> you didn't wear of a sochi dress, if you didn't want to be seen. >> giuliani versace, was a true
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original, life always came with fireworks. >> i don't think there was a model that wasn't involved within. >> he was on top of a mountain. >> andrew lasted for a taste of that world, versace seemed to personify a lot that he wanted to. be >> the always one had a big want, louis oh i want, that i would like -- that >> what was he willing to do to get? it >> he looked at me and he said, you have no idea what i am capable of. >> there was a rock that was rolled up and there was a body inside. >> he kept the guy in his truck. >> and then he really became their prime, and only suspect. >> by that time, he was far away. >> it seems like we were always one step behind him. >> andrew, just walked up right behind, him and shot. him >> we just heard another gunshot. it's johnny versace. >> a lot of things were left
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unanswered. >> he was determined to be remembered. >> the only way to be remembered is to kill for fame. he was willing to came co for fame. >> once there was a true genius who conquered the capital of fashion, and earned worldwide fame. and once, there was a man who earned fame another way. this is the story, of how brilliance, awesome met bitter envy. and how, the great light that was gianni versace versace, was cuffed by a man named andrew cunanan. >> he was fixated by celebrities. he was determined to be remembered. >> and what andrew cunanan had
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killed, was indeed true magic. no one understood that magic was the power of fame, the pull of celebrity. quite like gianni versace. he was a major star. that's why the stars would want to go and be. they're >> all of, them dying to see versace's, latest surprise. he dispensed the tailored suits, shoulder pads, and baggy pants for the 80s. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> he set out to celebrate the body. suddenly, everything went 60. everything went sexy, it had colors, and it was loud. it was different. >> legendary model beverly johnson, watched from the runway. as versace, exploded on the. world >> even the name had that kind of appeal. for sochi, his big brother santo, and little sister donna tell, oh were born on the very toe, of the boot of italy. growing, up literally, among the rules of the ancient
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empire. his parents were modest hardworking people, versace learned that the knee of his dressmaker. mother learned that every stitch mattered, that quality was paramount, he was 25 when he set out to the capital of italian couture. milan. >> this was the versace house, it was here that we met, antonio d'amico, for such as partner. live and in business. >> -- he told us his story behind for such a slow go. the medusa, and how johnny spotted it right on the front door of his new. house >> it was already there. and that was the idea to keep the medusa as a logo. >> what did medusa say to you? >> medusa is a subduction us. you can't look at, her and you can't take your gaze off of her. that is why seduction is like
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that. that was the fashion of versace, seduction. >> whoever looks on the face of medusa, turns to stone. in reality, the fashion behind that logo were impossible not to look at. >> badly, movie directors, rock stars, came running. elton john became a friend. and remember miami vice, in its final season of the stars, war versace. >> some of these photographs of famous people, and those clothes are iconic. they are world famous, still. like princess diana, in that blue chief. >> she didn't want to wear an english old style. so she asked gianni versace to make dresses for. her >>'s fashion shows, made history. like the one in 1991, with cindy crawford, naomi campbell, linda eventually stuff, and
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kristie truman. all on the same runway. unforgettable said the noted fashion journalist, how look hal rubenstein. >> the men and women were breath taken. this was him. this is how you wanted you to see. live life always came with fireworks. >> gianni versace, was not for the faint of heart. because when you put that on from the time that you walk out of your door. all eyes are on you. >> well there were some famous ones, too right? >> oh yes. >> the safety pins. >> elizabeth, hurly at her boyfriend hugh grant movie premiere. she wasn't really a star back then, but she was after she wore the versace, safety pin dress. >> it was a celebration, of the woman's body, and really being proud of your sexuality. >> and versace, wasn't just a brilliant designer, an openly
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gay, man he became a champion for a community, badly in need of. one by embracing his sex urology, and showing others they could to. >> it was even more amazing to realize what he did when you realize why and when he did it. especially in america having come through the 80s. when aids was so devastating. we became terrified of sex. but not versace, his designs made a statement. be bold, be brave. >> i loved the audacity of what he did. i loved his fearlessness. >> he is not apologizing to anyone. it is a force to be reckoned. with >> he talked to katie kirk, about his fashion philosophy when he visited that today show in 1996. >> it is very important for people to look at themselves, express themselves. that is the only thing to do, to be yourself. and i think that we, designers, help people to be happy and
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alive. >> by 1997, he was ready to take his company to a new level. >> this is an auspicious time in versace's. life >> mooring north, covered the versace story, at the vanity fair. >> he wanted to be the very first italian decided to get on the new york stock exchange. and he was getting his business ready for an ipo. >> taking his company public. >> he was on top of a mountain, he he was, happy everything was going right. >> so, have you met the money man in new york? gianni versace retreated to his luxurious mansion in miami beach. blissfully unaware, that the name for sochi would soon again be splashed across headlines. but by a killer intend on stealing the theme of a genius. and who, even now, was alluding policed as he drove an extremely towards his destiny. >> coming up -- >> a very different path to fame. >> andrew cunanan spent time
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with wealthier men who could help keep him in a life that he inspired too. >> a life that would take on one strange turn after another. >> he looked at me and said, stacey, you have no idea what i am capable of. >> when dateline, continues. n dateline, continues. will is saving big holiday shopping at amazon. so now, he's free to become... wonderland will. deck the halls with printer paper! recycled of course.
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a lifestyle away from the versace empire, andrew connoted started small but also had designs of food doing big things. andrew was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth, but he was raised as if he was. >> he was the adored baby, fourth child, and he was treated like a little emperor. >> more rain -- a dateline consultant wrote a book on -- bulger, favors. >> he was the product of an extremely dysfunctional family,
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a very unhappy marriage, a filipino father who was a credibly materialistic unpretentious, and the sicilian mother who was sort of beating down by the father who had her own mental health issues. >> andrew adored his father, mostly ignored his mother, and focused on getting what he wanted for himself. according to his close friends, stacey lopez. >> he always had a big want list, i want that, i would like. this >> fancy car? >> yes, and i think going like to a school like bishops. some kids drove to school in a lamborghini. >> the exclusive bishops school in ritzy, ohio. andrew's father pinched pennies to send him here. that to get in and you wrote this admissions essay, tears -- despite the misspellings. and long look forward the -- envisioning classrooms and teachers miss chips and miss jean brody. i was not disappointed >> he
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even knew even then that flattery won't get you somewhere. >> was editor of update a san diego roy -- >> had brains, and he had looks, and he had charms. >> i remember when he came to school he just had such a big personality. >> even at that stage? a >> oh yes. i thought he was very brave because the back in the early 80s, generally people were not openly gay, and he was. >> out and proud, but never at home. >> due to religious reasons, he felt his family would not be as accepting. >> he hit his homosexuality from his family forever. >> but andrew and stacey accepted each other unconditionally, as his inscription in her yearbook ten tests. >> can you read that? >> sure. >> it's too bad i'm gay, horrid be madly in love with you. love always, andrew.
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>> andrew started dating at bishops but not voice his own age. >> andrew spent time with wealthier man, who could help keep him in a life that he aspire to. >> he was a boy toy? >> sure. >> a boy toy who like to show off the gifts he received. >> he had come to the dance in this red leather jumpsuit, and i ended up going wow andrew. he said yes my boyfriend anthony bought it for me. >> stacy like to tease andrew about his stating choices. >> i said, oh who's your sugar daddy now? and he said, all wouldn't you like to know. >> i bishops, andrews cruised along academically. >> most of us had to study, but you never saw him in the library studying. >> coast to? through >> exactly. >> so, was it a prophecy went on graduation in 1987, he was voted most likely to be remembered. >> he just had a very dynamic
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personality and was very funny. everybody loved him. >> after bishops, andrew tried college. but the boy who coasted through high school found you see san diego all too demanding. and costly. so, he bailed. >> there were problems at home to, andrew's father a stockbroker, was accused in a civil lawsuit of embezzling $100,000. and, he fled the country, left his five family, never came back. >> without telling them, he sold their house out from under them. he took the money and he went to the philippines and completely abandon them. >> andrew was now on his own. and he turned to the older man could see new could support him. the cruise to hill crest, san diego's gay area. and fell in deeper into his world of sugar daddies who took care of his financial needs. >> i think andrew grew up thinking that maybe the world owed him a living.
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and he didn't really have to work for things. >> for the older men in his life and others, andrew invented a new identity for himself. andrew the silva, i made up stories about a gilded past, about accomplishments that never were. and impress those men by appearing well read and cultured. told them he loved art, an opera. one >> so, and your was more being in more elite circles now and traveling. he went to the san francisco offer opera house in 1990, a chance meeting afterwards would change his life. and change history. that meeting with was with johnny versace, who was in san francisco designing costumes as the sketch shows for the opera capricious. >> there was a party where versace was going to appear, and andrew's friend scored some tickets, and so during the party he claimed, and other
11:18 pm
people claimed, that andrew met versace. >> mind you, antonio, remember him of versace's partner, he was at the party and claim that meeting never happened. but andrew's excitement was off the charts, he couldn't contain himself with some of his friends. >> he jumped on the foot of their bed and said i met versace, i met for sochi? he was so thrilled that he had done it. >> he admired everything the superstar designer had achieved, fame, fortune, and freedom as a confident gay man. but there was one difference as big as a runway as long. andrew pinion wasn't willing to work for any of it. and that meant disappointment and trouble might lay ahead. >> remember he looked at me and said stacy, you have no idea when i'm capable of. >> coming up, as versace star rises, -- finds a spotlight of his own.
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♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ might have gotten a little thrill, meaning the fabulous gianni versace. but andrew cunanan, something more than that for him. >> versace seems to be someone that he studied a lot. because versace seemed to personify a lot that he wanted to be. >> but in 1991, when versace was launching his fall line at dazzling supermodel standing event, andrew had dropped out of college. he was working a menial job at a drugstore. he was also dealing party drugs to his pals in six years everyone would know is. name but in 1991, andrew was
11:23 pm
living in obscurity, and scratching around for his next meal ticket. >> andrew didn't like to work really hard. but he liked nice things. i fully expected him to be in a relationship with somebody older, that was catering to his needs. >> sure enough, in 1994, andrew cunanan scored. he was still posing as another, as you met a another older. man who he had seen at the, time to pay the. bills >> he stayed by this very rich guy, who was an infinity to drive. around >> now andrew was leaving at a beach front condo. this new relationship put andrew cunanan in verified company, the sort he liked. a lot. >> norman belong to a very secretive, affluent, gay community, called gamma moon. they would have these very lavish meals and branches.
11:24 pm
>> i want he wasn't bunching or dancing with the other guys, he liked hiking up with the beautiful young crowd in the hill crest neighborhood. san diego, as gay police, seem to be seen. >> this bar, right here -- >> marine, learned a lot about andrew. >> -- andrew would come here almost every, night he would put people together, he would hold courses here. >> he was the life of the party. and every night, was a party. >> he would just sort of sit, and watch and see if there were any new cute guys in town. and he would be the first guy to know who they were. and starred presenting them. around >> like a non working man in bob. town >> yeah. >> didn't seem any interest to having a job? >> no. i think he pretended to the whole world that he was this rich kid living off a trough fun. and he didn't need to. work >> and for some reason, people bought his story. jeff trail, for instance.
11:25 pm
an outstanding guy, who became andrew's friend. >> jeff trail was the all american boy. a graduate of the naval academy. politically conservative. he hated, drugs he didn't drink. >> one of jeff's closest friends, was john wayne. right >> people like jeff. he just had a lot going on for. him >> jeff, was very tentative about coming. out he never came out to his family. the friendship worked for a while, and while jeff shied away from drugs, andrew didn't. >> desperate to be, notice he do almost anything, legal or. not >> so he became the drug dealer. he became the procure. he became the guy who connected people together. and he was the one who always picked up the dinnertime. >> with norman's money of course. but in 1990, five as norman's kept, man andrew met a handsome young architects, name david, and fell in love. >> i think that david was a
11:26 pm
kind of do-gooder, lovely human being. everybody remembers him from his small town. >> david, according to maureen orth did have a weakness for material things. which andrew was only too happy to cater to. >> he gave him fancy car t watches, fancy suits. and david always excepted his gifts. >> and andrew? he was on top of the world, finally living the good, life he felt entitled to, this was the best it would ever get, would >> they call him the mayor of hill? chris >> that was one of the titles and he reveled in it because it was a center of attention. >> but, and this is no surprise, andrew conan's happiness was built on a fragile foundation, for months he juggled his benefactor, and his lover david madson, until in the fall of 1996. the man with the money, got wise. >> andrew, wanted a mercedes.
11:27 pm
and he tells norman, that unless he could have a mercedes, he is going to walk. out and norman says, okay, go ahead. and norman let him walk. which stunt him, so that took away a big piece of his income. >> and that matters to him? >> absolutely, because that was who we. was >> norman's rejection began a kind of implosion. john wayne soy. andrea started to let himself go. >> he was looking unkempt, which was so unlike andrew. >> and then, like a line of dominoes, his social world came tumbling down. the love of his life, david madson, broke up with him. his friend, jeff trail, moved on. he told friends that they had a falling out. and the mayor of hill chris, became a lot rapid to climb. >> when the allowance went away, there were a lot of reports that surfaced about him during this time, being more heavily involved in the drug trade. >> harder stuff now.
11:28 pm
like crystal meth. >> at some point, as he became more and more unhappy, i think it also became more dependent. and of course, crystal meth brings you up, but it also takes you down. >> anna's maureen orth discovered, andrew developed a taste for violent sex. >> the estimates part was very disturbing to me. because i spoke to fbi profiler's that told me that for certain people, if they don't have real relationships of any kind in their life and then they depend on this to excite them, then the fantasies have to escalate. and he was just living off a diet of porn magazines, estimate important videos, they were always around them. >> and they got more and more intense all the time. >> getting more and more intense. >> by early 1997, both of them, had moved away, both coincidentally to minneapolis. and a ruthless and unwanted andrew cunanan had gotten fat and puffy. >> he had told me that he was
11:29 pm
very depressed. and he was like, i'm fat, and i don't look good, and nobody is going to want me. >> and when he picked up a fashion magazine, he read about all the things he didn't have, would never have. he could read about elton john's glittering 50th birthday party in london, for instance. where was gianni versace a guess. that is, when in his own small world in san diego, andrew cunanan planned a part of his own. a last supper with his few remaining friends. told them, he was moving to san francisco. but the first -- >> he was going to minneapolis to settle some business, as he put. >> but it's clear, now full andrew cunanan was in planning any move to san francisco. what is friends couldn't have known, was that he had bought in one way ticket to minneapolis. whatever happened there, he had no intention of coming back. >> i spoke to the waiter from
11:30 pm
the restaurant. and at the end of the meal, he remembers andrew cunanan leaning back in his chair, and looking at his friends and saying, all of you think you know the real andrew, but none of you really know the truth. >> coming up -- >> a mystery, in minneapolis. >> there was a rug, that was rolled up, and you could see that there was a body inside. >> when dateline continues. when dateline continues ♪ breeze driftin' on by... ♪ if you've been playing down your copd,... ♪ it's a new dawn, it's a new day,... ♪'s time to make a stand. start a new day with trelegy. ♪...and i'm feelin' good. ♪ no once-daily copd medicine... has the power to treat copd in as many ways as trelegy. with three medicines in one inhaler, trelegy helps people breathe easier and improves lung function. it also helps prevent future flare-ups. trelegy won't replace a rescue inhaler
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we have an update on our breaking news out of walking show, wisconsin. a burning the video we are about to play may be disturbing. according to authorities, at least five people have died at almost 40 were injured after it suv drove through a holiday parade. officials say a person of interest it is in police custody for questioning. they believe the person may be involved in a knife fight, they fled the scene before crashing into the crowd. police are expected to update later today. now back to dateline. y. now back to dateline
11:34 pm
andrew cunanan shed his life and san diego with a man planning to die. >> he gave his clothes away, he gave his shoes away. he had it all marked out about who he wanted to have wide. by the time he left san diego, for the last time, and came to minneapolis. he was completely, basically, broke. >> and angry? >> very, very angry. >> reeling from the loss of his benefactor, qanon in landed in minneapolis and this is where it all began to go wrong. he first called on his old friend jeff -- met. jeff may have sensed his visit may not have gone well. -- to talk about it. >> i could just tell that there was apprehension in his voice, he definitely wasn't happened about it but at the same time he invited andrew to stay with him. >> why would he do that?
11:35 pm
>> i think he knew andrew was on a downward spiral as well, so just trying to be a friend, being supportive. >> jeff, left andrew in his apartment, while he and his boyfriend went away for the weekend. on sunday, andrew moved to his new ex lover david madison's fourth floor loft in the cities eclectic warehouse district. i'm persuaded jeff to drop five for a visit. >> sometime in the next hour or so, a neighbor reported hearing somebody yell, get the f out of here, and heard banging. >> the neighbor appeared into the hallway, saw nothing, and the building went quiet again. but next morning, neither jeff trail nor david medicine showed up at work. >> jeff's boyfriend called the police and the police said go give me a break. we don't pay attention and less people are missing for 72 hours. >> but tuesday, who worried friends persuaded the building manager to unlock ex lover david's apartment.
11:36 pm
david's dog darted out as the open door revealed something horrifying. >> in the main room, there was a rug that was rolled up, you could see that there was a body inside new. >> dale barrenness was chief of the homicide unit. >> bloods pattering on the wall, and on the floor -- we found out later a hammer. >> police assume david matheson was the victim, after all it was his apartment. but when crime texan rolled the rug, they found jeff trail. the attack was brutal and personal. 27 close to the head and face, chest. david and his red jeep cherokee were missing. friends of both madison and trail told police someone known andrew was visiting from san diego, but he to have vanished. so if madison wasn't a victim, thought the police, maybe he and this andrew killed this giraffe. evidence at the scene pointed
11:37 pm
police to a possible motive. >> duct tape, some handcuffs, you know, stuff that people involved insects would use. could've been a love triangle of sorts. >> witnesses even reported to the police they saw david and andrew together after the time of the murder. >> neighbor saw them walking the dog, means david was with andrew and did not appear to be trying to escape. >> police believe at this time, david and andrew that -- are together, are together willingly. and, are on the run. >> minneapolis newspaper reporter jim walsh and chris graves, started digging, and quickly herders different story from david friends. who didn't buy the love triangle. >> everybody who knows davis said that can't be true, it's not his dna, it's not who he is. >> the reporters talk to those who said they too saw david and you're with the dog. but it looked like david had
11:38 pm
been crying. >> david was described moody, ms. withdrawn men, and sort of grumpy is the word people used. it just didn't seem right. >> friends who knew david's dog -- insisted there was no way he was home at the time of chef's murder. >> madison walks the dogs and watches the news every night. >> right, and so the presumption is that jeff comes to the house, has to be buzzed in, walks up, the door gets open, there is a confrontation at the door because remember we know the neighbors here are, get out, get out. >> and sometime after the murder, when the theory, david in the dog return to the apartment. >> what we presumed happens, david not thinking anything, andrew had rolled up jeffrey trail in the rug and pulled him behind the couch. >> police searched david's bedroom and found andrews duffel bag, inside was an empty
11:39 pm
gun holster and 40 caliber bullets. but no gun. then that mean david and andrew were now armed? some investigators certainly suspected david and andrew killed jeff trail. yet they issued no bullets -- no be on the lookout for either one of those men. it was the beginning of what more rain or's the largest failed man hunt in u.s. history. >> it's just one hapless mistake after another. >> i'm four days after they found jeff trails bludgeoned body. >> we're going up to use russia lake, we take 30 to 40 minutes to drive from minneapolis. >> saturday, may 3rd, chris hendrickson, a shift saga county deputy at the time was called to work on this day off. fishing season was starting and two men scouting a prime spot found a dead man instead. >> he was well dressed, he
11:40 pm
wasn't dirty, he didn't appear to be in a fight, he had his defensive win in his hand, and then a gunshot wound to his head. >> the police confirmed the victim by the lake was david matheson. >> and i said, whoa, wait a minute, this just changes everything. >> a 40 caliber gun killed madison, shell casings matched the ammunition found in communion's duffel bag in david's apartment. by this time, police knew the missing gun and the holster belong to jeff trail, that andrew had stolen from trails apartment. an alert was now posted for matt since reggie and for the man they now feared was a double murderer. >> that's when i believe, and your command really became their prime and only suspect. and by that time, he's far away. new >> and, it was already too late. for victims number three. >> coming up, a killer who
11:41 pm
makes himself right at home. >> whoever was in the home have helped themselves to ham, some ice cream. they have gone upstairs and shaved. >> when dateline continues. shaved >> when dateline continues >> when dateline continues if you have high blood pressure, a cold is not just a cold. unlike other cold medicines, coricidin provides powerful cold relief without raising your blood pressure be there for life's best moments with coricidin. now in sugar free liquid. most bladder leak pads were similar. until always discreet invented a pad that protects differently. with two rapiddry layers. for strong protection, that's always discreet. question your protection. try always discreet. i've been telling everyone... the secret to great teeth is having healthy gums. crest advanced gum restore. detoxifies below the gumline... and restores by helping heal gums in as little as 7 days. chicago. crest. the #1 toothpaste brand in america.
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this is where america's romance with the skyscrapers beginning more than a century ago. a romance that is called
11:45 pm
dreamers ever since. >> when i saw that tower building, i said that looks pretty good. i think i could do. that >> paul biker, made it happen when he joined forces with developer, meghan, more than four years ago. >> we were giants, and we didn't realize. it we were moving at a lightning speed, and changing the skyline, literally overnight. >> you too were tied at the hip. >> yes, he was my best friend. >> as their company prosper, meghan organized a thank you, for the singles for the employees. a special gold coin. >> and he, said you know, people can hold that gold in their hands, and they can say, this job got me this gold. >> at the same, time megan's, wife maryland, was beginning to build her own empire. >> a cosmetic line popular on the shopping network. >> he and she were the perfect team, they worked together very very well. >> and then one sunday morning, when marilyn flew home from an appearance on the shopping
11:46 pm
network. lee wasn't at the airport, as. planned >> at their town house in chicago's fashionable posed, her worry turned to alarm. no sign of lee. and, then down the alley behind his, house a neighbor found lee mingling, dead in his garage. >> marilyn called biker. >> i was frozen. i couldn't believe what i was hearing. it didn't dawn on me to, ask what, have been door how it was murdered. or when. i had just lost the most important person in my family in my life. >> by, clear rushed to the michelin, home and headlong into chaos. it was like a three ring circus. in the front yard where all the news in media, with all the lights. blurring >> investigators could see that this was not a typical robbery, homicide. these lexus was gone. as we're close, and more than $2,000. the killer had left evidence,
11:47 pm
looked like he spent the night. >> whomever was in the home, had help themselves to some food in the refrigerators, some ham, some ice cream, that they had gone upstairs and shaved. apparently the bristled from his beard were on the floor. >> but, the most disturbing evidence, which -- >> there were aspects of the homicide that indicate that there was some torture that occurred. >> more than some. much more. whoopi >> practically slid his whole throat with the bow saw, he put him in a kind of an snl mask, with just two holes for the nostrils, after he had been repeatedly stabbed, he'd been battered. there was so much hatred, and so much anger in that murder. >> suddenly she made a public plea for information leading to the killer. >> what do you say about a man you love, for 38 years? have a man who exemplified
11:48 pm
courage and other dignity. what >> thousands packed holy name cathedral to pay respect to the widely admired man of the chicago establishment. the days were going, bye in the investigation was going. nowhere until, police stumbled on a red jeep parked literally around the corner from the tunnels. >> you have a red jeep cherokee the has three tickets on, it nobody bothers to check the license plate on, it until after four five. days >> when the number came back to match david madison's, jeep it went to the police chiefs, who beacon reporting on the chicago >> case the question right away, was what's the connection between andrew cunanan and david madson who, was extremely wealthy over there. man >> he tried to stop the media speculation. >> would really like to make this known. the family does not know who
11:49 pm
andrew cunanan and there is no connection with the family whatsoever. >> then he discovered, a fuse chicago police, were leaking tips to the media. >> what did they say? >> they drew an inference that lee was known to be involved in the gay community in chicago. >> white, lure a major contributor, to return daily's, campaign called the police superintendent, touch shut that down. to >> so this is a character assassination that is going on right, now if you have evidence, that you can bring forward that shows that what you're detectives are offering to the media is true, then let's see. it it didn't take much on the part of the various people within the police to top meant to realize that there was no upside to this investigation. what that if they got out in front of this thing, to, far and they made a mistake this could be a career changer. >> it appeared, the
11:50 pm
investigation withered that morning. >> you know, the chicago police were so intent on not finding that will happen. >> they were so intent on not finding? out >> they were intent on not finding out, whether lee mcclain was quote, a very happily married upstanding member of the community, all the most important influential people were calling, it a random crime. therefore, the police aren't too stupid. they realized, it was supposed to be a random crime. >> in a statement, to dateline, chicago police department said, impart we stand behind the work of department investigators who base their conclusion on verifiable facts and evidence. >> yet, in 1997, minneapolis reporter, jim walsh, flew to san diego. and he thought he found the connection between lee mcclain and andrew woo. >> i interviewed a bookstore owner, that said that andrew cunanan was friends with duke
11:51 pm
me glynn,. duke was a small time actor, and he said, andrew cunanan always talked about, him talked about him all the time. knew him well. they played tennis together -- >> but, listen 24 hours later, the bookstore owner denied he'd ever heard about duke midland directly from one andrew cunanan. back in chicago, duke address the rumors, with his father. staff >> and he was very, forthright and he said, look i will tell you the truth, the truth is no, i don't know andrew cunanan i haven't been engaged with andrew cunanan her. but, by then andrew cunanan had escaped. another dead man in his wake. flushed with lee mcclain's cash, at the wheel of his lexus. which was his first miscalculation. that fancy lexus was equipped with the cellphone, that could be trees. who >> coming -- up >> authorities had confirmed, the chicago media that the fbi
11:52 pm
was tracking andrew in his car. that immediately went out all over media ways. >> and was andrew cunanan listening. >> he realized he had to get out of that car. >> when dateline continues. n dateline continues two loads of snot covered laundry. only one will be sanitized. wait, what? adding lysol laundry sanitizer kills 99.9% of bacteria detergent alone, can't. ordinary tissues burn when theo blows. so dad bought puffs plus lotion,
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11:55 pm
designed fashions for sexy, elegant supermodels. he made clothes that everyone could wear. in may 1997, he was unveiling his ready to wear collection on a runaway, it is tumble. and what was andrew command in doing that night, he was running away. he had a big jump on the chicago police, who had taken three days to figure out he had killed -- and those two men in minnesota. police now realized an extremely dangerous killer was careening across the country. and they put the word out.
11:56 pm
>> police say the missing lexus is black jade curl -- >> he was driving east in the fancy alexis he had stolen from -- but had no idea that the cars built and fallen was pinging off cell towers. -- he picked up a tale. the fbi was. cellphone surveillance was primitive back then and lacked pinpoint targeting, but agents were closing in. >> that was when something really bad happened, the chicago authorities had confirmed to the chicago media that the fbi was tracking andrew in lead leg lynn's car. that immediately went out all over the airways. >> in philadelphia, self-care -- stolen lexus from taken from murder victim lead leg and. >> -- he couldn't miss it at that point? >> -- tipping off conan, quote, probably the most serious blunder of the attire --
11:57 pm
>> he then try to destroy the antenna of the car. he tried to rip out the phone. but the phone box was in the trunk of the car which he didn't know. in any case, he realized he had to get out of that car and had to find a place where he could get a vehicle. >> a place where he could fly under the radar. weight off the beaten path. where no one would know he was coming. with a gun. he drove through miles of marshland before finding this unlikely spot. this civil war burial ground, finn's point national cemetery, and pence ville, new jersey. >> if i gave you directions are told you to put it in your gps, you probably wouldn't be able to find it. >> at the time, allen cummings was a 32-year-old patrolmen. i've >> never heard of andrew command and before that date. >> neither had this man, william reese, 45 years old, the caretaker at the cemetery. he was a kind and gentle man, said his wife rebeca.
11:58 pm
she spoke with us in 1997. >> he was the kind of husband who would keep alyse in tire ear of things you said you wanted, so christmas time he had them. >> when my mom and i had off from school, we would always go see my dad and his workplace and supply him with picnics. >> troy reese, was adopted by william and rebecca when he was six. they raced him with love and special nurturing, you've been born with fetal alcohol syndrome. that friday, 12 year old troy was waiting for his father to pick him up from school. but he didn't show up. >> and then my mom said, let's go look for your dad. >> at the cemetery, rebecca noticed his red chevy pick up truck was gone. and its place a, black lexus with illinois plates. parked in front of the garage. >> i could see a look at her eyes that, a kid never wants to see, because she knew something was wrong. >> she was right, something was
11:59 pm
very wrong. coming up, what happened to william reese? >> from what my mom told me, that was the weak -- carting away from the baseman. >> when dateline continues. >> when dateline continues >> when dateline continues ♪♪ for skin that never holds you back. don't settle for silver. #1 for diabetic dry skin #1 for psoriasis symptom relief and #1 for eczema symptom relief. gold bond. champion your skin.
12:00 am
frequent heartburn? not anymore. the prilosec otc two-week challenge gold bond. is helping people love what they love again. just one pill a day. 24 hours. zero heartburn. because life starts when heartburn stops. take the challenge at prilosecotc dot com. hello, i'm dara, brown we have
12:01 am
12:02 am
an update on our breaking, news out of walking shows, continental warning that the video we are got to play, maybe disturbing. according to authorities to maybe five people of, that in more than 40 were injured after a suv drove through a holiday parade. officials say a person of, interest is in police custody, for questioning. they believe the person may have been involved in a knife fight, and fled the scene before crashing into the crowd. police are expected to update, later today. now, back to dateline. later today. when william reese was a no-show, to pick up the suntory from school. the boy and his mom started to
12:03 am
worry. they went looking for william at the cemetery, where he worked. and it wasn't with the phone that concern them. it was what they didn't find. his red pick up truck, for starters. then, they walked a williams office, the door was wide open. >> we'd been upstairs, searched for him, and then we went to the middle, floor searched for -- him >> the only place they did not, look was the basement. >> from what my mom told, me there was a holy spirit guarding her away from the basement. >> she contacted the local, police and we sent an officer down there to look for him. >> and there he was. william ray's, shot once in the back of the head. >> when my mom was crying, i knew something bad happened to my dad. she told, me your dad is never coming home, but he is a better place, in heaven. >> troy, as to watch his mother's interview, from back
12:04 am
in 97. he had never seen. it >> and at that point, i think my entire world, and my son's world, begin to crumble. >> this would not be troy's only loss. his mother died at pancreatic cancer in 2005. forcing him to fend for himself, at age 19. >> i just wish we could have a happy family like we once had. when i was a kid. >> the different police agency like an coordination had been slow to understand how dangerous, and apparently desperate andrew canadian was. but they realized now. >> the fbi has now joined the local law enforcement agencies in san diego, minneapolis, chicago, and new jersey in the search for andrew cunanan. >> they could piece it altogether because andrew cunanan left so much evidence at the cemetery. >> in the basement, this shell casing from the same caliber, gun that killed david matheson.
12:05 am
outside lee miglin, were his credit cards, and a bloody screwdriver, evidently used in his brutal stabbing. >> the pd was now part of the man hunt. but officer, -- wondered what they're william reese murder could've been prevented. >> we have to find out whether the police was aware of him being in the area, but our police was not advised us him being in our vicinity. whether the information was put out to our community, whether we could've prevented this horrible tragedy. >> one of the things about this investigation, was that there were so many different police entities, and for a long, time they didn't cooperate sufficiently. >> and because of, that by friday night andrew cunanan had escaped another murder scene, and sped away in william reese pick up truck, with jersey plates. >> which could be fairly easy to identify. >> yes, but he stopped in carolina, he stole somebody's
12:06 am
license plate, to switch out reese's license plate. >> clever? no, mostly lucky. the stolen carolina plate was never reported missing. and, now the red pick up truck was in the clear. and andrew, was in the wind. >> he was hurdling down the east coast, wanted now in four murders. some of them quite gristly. and police, so to realize we, was had no idea where he was. so now they sounded the alarm. and after william reese was shot to death, just for his car. the national media jumped over the story. time and newsweek both focused on the unlikely killer. i gave gigolo from san diego. and network television, notice. too >> -- police say there's a serial killer, tonight law enforcement's are racing against time -- >> with murders against three
12:07 am
states, the fbi was now overseeing the qanon in case. and no one seemed saved after the random murder of victim number four. >> new york city two hours from plentiful new jersey was on high alert. particularly in the gay community. >> we cunanan could be in new york, on the way to new york. he seems to be targeting game. and >> that he was nowhere near manhattan. in fact, he was 1300 miles away. heading towards another popular island. on the night of may 11th, cunanan slipped into miami beach, in that stolen pick up truck, with the switched up plates. >> we andrew cunanan came here, to the south beach, the crowd, the noise, the music. the lucky loser, staring at each. other strange place to come for to know he was a subject of a massive manhunt. andrew cunanan, decided to hide in plain sight. >> under an assumed name, he
12:08 am
shelled out 29 99 plus tax. the daily rate, the stay at the plaza hotel. five miles north of the versace mansion. it may as well had been 5 million miles as far as luxuriously living. >> the plaza. >> what was the reputation of the place? >> it was a dump. >> correspondent, cover the scene for nbc news. >> he drive-by, and lock the, door and rolled the windows. up it was a nasty place. >> which is why, without a, business and it was boarded out. back then, it was a good place to hide out, especially for an unconventional tourist choosing to avoid the sun, live in the shadows. >> he was lying low during the day. he was out at. night he was an easy guy to blend. then he was have filipino, half italian. he could've passed for any number of ethnicities. >> once he lived large in a rich man's, allowance in an oceanside condo, and picked up
12:09 am
tabs for pricey dinners. >> now? >> he's living golf of maybe one submarine sandwich a day. >> and once again, he was doing drugs, turning tricks. >> getting some old, guys that probably have some money, and he was robbing, doing petty robbing, he did one guy in and he was wearing a cardio braces, and when he left, he was no longer wearing. it >> by mid june, cunanan had been in miami beach for a month. and it settled in to his routine. he wasn't moving, but for some, reason he decided his truck needed to. >> he drove that red pick up truck, to this garage. just two blocks, from the versace mansion. versace was in home, he was preparing with this super models to show his fall winter collection in paris. cunanan in his own way, was also making a big name for himself. the fbi had just put him on his ten most wanted list. publicizing it on some relatively new computer
12:10 am
technology. >> he was one of the very first people that they put up on the internet as a fugitive. >> the fbi had received a few tips that could man in might be in florida. but they did not communicate that to the miami beach police. >> well, the fbi is notorious for sharing information one-way. that is from you to them. >> richard was of miami beach police chief at the. time >> they could've done a better job of frank sharing some information. >> though it had nothing to do with the fbi. america's most wanted did a story on cunanan, and the countermand at the sub shop where cunanan hotel side. >> i looked up, and i saw's face, and i automatically recognized him from america's most wanted. >> he dialed 9-1-1. >> he's inside the store now. >> and they told us to trying to lee's order. >> miami police, responded instantly, but it was too late. >> if it was him, he had already taken himself to minnesota, and left.
12:11 am
there was no, doubt however, that it was cunanan walked into the cash on the beach pawnshop. >> running low on money, he decided to pawn a gold coin. the shopowner, who didn't recognize, and paid him $190. cunanan actually signed his own name. and the owner, submitted the paperwork to the miami pd,'s requirement by law. then andrew cunanan returned to the normandy plaza. but the closest he got to his past life, and cultural wannabe, was in fantasy. >> he was surrounded by vogue, vanity fair, of skill magazines. and he had our, books and books of history, and architecture. so obviously, during the day, or the times and he couldn't go, out he just lost himself in that world of antiques and antiquity, art, architecture. the lives of the rich and famous. all of the things he'll aspire
12:12 am
to. and pretended in his own fantasy world that he was part of. >> no way of knowing what was in that mind of his. but we do know, that the latest vanity fair, that had just come out, it had a splash-y story, that featured the richest and gaudy's house of all of south beach. owned? by a man who cunanan begged about meeting in better days. gianni versace. the superstar designer, was coming home. >> coming up -- >> he was astounded by what he saw. >> what did he see? >> beauty everywhere. >> johnny versace's love affair with miami beach, it was neutral. >> gianni versace faith was always begin open, his eyes were always wide, and he was looking at everybody, so he was always making eye contact. how are you not gonna say alone? >> but someone had a different greeting in mine. when dateline, continues. dateline, continues
12:13 am
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12:15 am
the fugitive and you can man and was living in the shadows, turning tricks, dealing drugs, scratching around for a little sandwich money in miami beach. all the while, his one-time idol was on top of the world. and enjoying a very different kind of life. may found gianna versace in
12:16 am
milan, attending a press conference about his new men's collection. a stop in venice for the city's famous art expo. then, paris, for the premiere of his new haute couture line. a new collection was a smash. >> i eventually showed in comparison, it was amazing. >> after paris, -- stopped in new york to take his company public. on july 10th, they joined their friend al reuben's team for dinner in manhattan. >> -- he said he would go eat anything, but frankly he would only add a places that had some version of pasta. so he would be china's food because they had low main. and then, it was time to relax. >> he was coming down to south beach, where he often love to just kick back after having an intense time. he was a fixture in south beach, he was the biggest celebrity they had in the gay world down there.
12:17 am
he loved it. it was his playground. and he and untold neo-, his companion, party tardy down there. they had fun. >> versace's love affair with south beach, the vibrant gay mecca on the island of miami beach began five years earlier when the town was enjoying a dazzling -- that's when you got to know but hal rubenstein >> giuliani was on his way to cuba, and his plane was delayed ten hours, so he told his driver to take him somewhere -- so they took him to the news café. we sat there for about five or ten minutes and was astounded by what he saw. >> what did he see? >> beauty everywhere, beauty everywhere. >> there was the music, the rollerblading, it was the bodies. it was the beauty. >> antonio was with him. >> oh -- oh my gosh, this place is
12:18 am
genius. >> -- basically, in about five minutes canceled his trip to cuba. >> to cuba? >> to cuba. and he said i want someone to show me around, show me around, show me around. >> but new york times reporter -- a friend asked him to give versace a tour. >> so what did he say when he came here? >> he was deliriously happy. he got to see people, he got to see people interacting, he loved to watch people flirting and coming on to each other. there's a certain kind of exhibitionism, i think, that is exhibited in miami. the fact that everybody is heeding outside, that everybody is watching everybody else. >> you have. >> for sochi decided to make it permanent, he set his sights on a multitude mediterranean villa, on ocean drive, it would need a gut renovation of course. >> it was beautiful, but inside we have to change this -- ad the pool, add the second part of the house, and the garden.
12:19 am
>> they made it spectacular in a versace kind of way. he chose every fabric, every bit of furniture, every stone and tile. insisted on getting it perfect, his way. perfectly over the top. and from here, he reigned as the crown prince of the new south beach. the today show came to call, in 1994. >> i think it's like a global village here, everyone is from cuba, new york, italy, germany. and that's modern to me, the mixture of people. you don't care if you are black or white, you can just open your heart and your mind, it's cool, i like it. >> and the town loved him right back. >> people recognize him, and say, hi mr. versace how are you. >> good good, thank you have. >> -- carried himself a certain way, johnny's face was always big an open, his eyes were always ride, he was staring at everybody so
12:20 am
he was making eye contact. how are you not gonna say hello? >> of course. >> did you worry about him? he was a big star. >> i never worried about him. but his brother worried, santo talk to johnny about talking hiring some protection. so that conversation happen? >> yeah. >> his brother wanted security? guards >> >> but he didn't want it. >> so there they were, in july 1997, fresh from a worldwide trip in manhattan -- and then home to south beach, a rare chance to relax with dinner and a movie. >> we went to see a movie on coconut grove, and then we start to watch -- it was falling asleep on the couch. because after 9:00 it was always like -- >> but then he'd been pushing himself for weeks, a good night sleep was certainly in order. you never know what tomorrow
12:21 am
will bring. >> coming up, two shots heard round the world. >> it's johnny versace, he was entering his house, we just heard gunshots. we ran outside his house. he's on the steps of the house. >> i heard the shot, my heart just stopped beating. something said to me but something happened. when >> dateline continues. > dateline continues unanswered questions... how do i sign up? where do i enroll? when is the deadline? one call to healthmarkets and they do it all. there are thousands of medicare plans which leads to even more questions like: do you know if your plan is still the right fit? call or visit to get your free fitscore today. in minutes you can find out if your current plan is the right fit, or if there's another plan that can get you better coverage or save you money. don't miss out on coverage that you deserve. and that's why i love healthmarkets... your insurance marketplace. with healthmarkets' fitscore, you answer a few questions and they search hundreds
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12:24 am
an update on our news, up in waukesha, and warning the video that we are about to play is disturbing. according to authorities, at least five people were killed, and more than 40 were, injured after an suv drove through a holiday parade. officials, say the person of interest is in police custody for questioning, they believe the person may have been involved in a knife fight, and fled the scene before crashing into the crowd. police are expecting to update later today. now, back to dateline. july 15th, 1997, a tuesday, johnny versace rolls. early on before the heat and humidity became oppressive, he left the mansion on ocean drive, and strolled down the streets to the news coffee. a morning ritual. >> he'd love to buy magazines, newspapers, and get his coffee. >> he was, on commonly and loan. and reading up on the latest
12:25 am
fashion news. his own runway show was over. but not the competitions. >> so he went there early, because we wanted to see what was going on in paris, in fashion. week >> yes, usually we go together. >> he has to go by, himself he couldn't. wait >> that's a morning, andrew cunanan most likely woke in the pickup truck that you stolen from his most recent victims. the truck keep parked in a parking lot two blocks from the mansion. >> but now is the son heeded the road on ocean drive, he stood across from the mansion, watching, waiting. >> andrew was wearing a pair of khaki, shorts and a baseball cap, and t-shirt. >> just before, 8:45, am johnny walked home. three blocks, he climbed his quarrel steps, towards his medusa local front gate, fidgeted with this keys. had no idea -- >> andrew just very boldly, cross the street, walked up right behind, him and shot him in the head.
12:26 am
>> two bullets, execution style. and andrew turned, and walked away. >> i heard the shot. my heart stopped. something said to me -- anyway iran out and i saw gianni versace laid down on the stairs, in blood. >> 9-1-1 emergency. >> emergency, yes one one one six, ocean. drive >> from, inside the chef called 9-1-1. >> it's gianni versace, he was entering its, how she just heard gunshots, we run, outside and -- >> there was a woman that just walked her daughter to school, she saw it, and she nonchalantly walked fast down the street. >> subject last seen northbound. was running with the. gun >> what were you doing? >> i was in charge of the bike squad, here on the scene.
12:27 am
>> howard, was a sergeant. >> what was the situation when you got? here >> the rescue had already arrived. i saw that they were working on a gentleman on the steps, i didn't know at the time. >> right here? >> right. here >> this was a famous mansion, everybody stop while, the time it took pictures. >> at 9:20, one johnny versace, was pronounced dead, at the local trauma center. he was 50, murdered in broad daylight. >> the miami beach department was just blocks from the mansion. it was the hour of shift over left, the night officers, still. around >> chief richard burrito. >> we had a whole lot more placement on the street that we would have an hour later. >> and i asked people as they were walking, by did you see anybody running from here? did you see anybody moving in the area? >> one witness, saw man ducked into the 13th street garage, two blocks away. >> we need a mark to unit on the garage. >> another officer, rushed. over >> what did you find here
12:28 am
on the third level? >> trucked park, they're out of state police. >> but would look suspicious, was outside the. truck >> from my recollection, it was closing on the ground. he thought maybe he changed his, close to avoid being identified. >> how would have gotten out from? here >> you could go down the elevator, go down the stairs, people walking out, you just blend in with them. >> you can catch, but at least you lock on the island. >> lock down the island as quick as we could. >> homicide, chief george navarro, was called. and he was taking charge of what would be the biggest case of his career. >> i went straight to the scene. it was now just past noon. blood, was still in the. steps but so was a dead bird. and that caused rumors to fly. i >> was at a signature of a mafia hit, or something? >> it was, back in the day. it turns out we ought the vision, and it was just a fragment of the rounds that hit mr. versace. it ricocheted, and hit mr. versace. there was the first time, we
12:29 am
autopsy the. bird >> it was that kind of the story. >> i quickly realized that this wasn't just a homicide because of the amount of media. >> they got there before you did? >> yes, they got there before we did. >> so what did you see when you arrived? >> media from all over. they just kept coming. we have to shut down ocean. drive >> the satellites had to be pulled? out >> from all over the place, all over the world, it was crazy. >> the media from around the world is covering the story of murder, mystery, and high fashion. >> versace's murder was of course part of a much bigger case, but nevada, like the rest of his department, knew nothing about it. until, -- >> an fbi agent approaches me and says to me, can we talk about this case. >> i said sure, what do you got? >> he said i think we may know someone who may have done this. >> the fbi man, could not of
12:30 am
eyeballed the casing at the scene. he told navarro, that they might match qanon and other murders, >> what was it like to hear that story from the other asian? >> i got goose bumps because now this is bigger than just gianni versace getting murder. and then he mentioned the last homicide, of mr. william reese, and the red pick, up and it. clicked george navarro knew his guys were all over and pick up truck from south carolina pleats that looks suspicious. >> so i called my detective that was running that scene at the garage on the radio. and i asked him to read the vein, number on the vehicle. >> for george navarro it was like winning a lottery. and we made a match, and we knew that that was william reese racist car. that night, he held a press conference, to tell the global media, that andrew was the killer. and that gianni versace victim number five. cunanan, it is known to be a
12:31 am
male prostitute. -- he is well educated, well dressed, very articulate. >> so at the end of day, one chief investigative george navarro knew he had his handful, with a slippery killer. who had gotten, away four times before. >> and you're trying to think lucky things. the county mouse game. our job is to catch, him and his job is to allude us. >> cunanan was still at large. armed, desperate, and more dangerous than ever. >> coming up -- >> versace's family obviously was devastated, how could they not? be however, they wanted to get him out of there. >> the family quickly leaves town. >> he was cremated immediately and they left with his ashes. and that was. it >> did cunanan also make a quick getaway? >> the director felt that cunanan was on miami beach, and
12:32 am
that he had slipped through. >> when dateline continues. n dateline continues
12:33 am
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off-season in miami beach. temperatures that mirror the humidity, drive all that hard courts on worshippers inside. and the days after giuliani versace died on his mansion coral steps, detective george to borrow was most definitely feeling the heat. >> how much pressure was on you? >> oh, incredible. never had that much pressure on me ever. literally working around the clock, sleeping two hours, three hours. >> how do you keep going? >> i was young back then. >> so much they didn't know. would he kill again? was this a vendetta against people who upset him? was he targeting gayman? was versace the most prominent gay man in town one of the list?
12:36 am
the versace family wanted no part of finding out. >> versace's family obviously was devastated, how could they not be? however, they wanted to get him out of there. they got all kinds of privilege treatment, all kind of protocol were broken. and he was cremated immediately, and they left with his ashes. and that was it. >> the family's kept the miami beach memorial service, which investigated attended in perhaps buchanan would show up to rubble his kill. >> the police -- is intense in south florida. the >> 230 investigators now assigned to the case chase more than 1000 leads in the 18 square miles of miami beach. knowing, given the intense coverage, that qanon and had to be watching their every move. >> that's why we had to use runners and cellphones and land lines to serve our radios.
12:37 am
>> in other words, you're trying to keep the media from finding out because the media be telling him directly? >> right, but when you do that it's kind of a double edged sword, you don't give the media what they're looking for, they kind of try to find it on their own. >> that's exactly what minneapolis reporter chris graves did. she followed the qanon and trail first to chicago than to miami. and discovered a missed clue. >> so, i'm in south beach, and there was a strip mall in the near vicinity. and i just start going door to door, to door, to door, to ask people if they knew and york yunnan. >> at cash on the beach plunge pots, graves hit the jackpot. >> this woman came up and said, yeah, we know him. i said, what? >> it was the shop where qanon and had fawn that cold coin, signed his real name on the plan slip. gave the norm of the plaza
12:38 am
address, and provided his fingerprint. >> he the guy doesn't look like a serial killer. >> and remember, as required by law, the pawnshop sent police the transaction. they got it five days before the murder. >> lo and behold, south beach police had a copy of that pawn slip days before giuliani versace was dead. >> so, could they have prevented the murder? up in chicago, paul viper read grave story, what >> do you remember finding out about this coin being found? >> i couldn't believe it, i knew would immediately with those gold coins were. in fact, they were probably the coins that i had to leave make limbs. >> so, that coin for tied rick yunnan into lee midlands murder and where he was hiding in miami beach. that is, if police have been looking. but before the murder, they weren't. even though qanon was on the fbi's most wanted list. >> he took a beating over the
12:39 am
pawnshop, rightfully so. >> because the one officer whose job was to check upon slips, didn't get to it. he was assigned elsewhere that week. >> so, it was sitting on his desk for almost a week. >> what did that detective feel like when he realized would happen? >> felt terrible, but serve murphy's law again -- adequate assistant we had back then. >> but the pawnshop discovery did point to detect her to the normandy plaza. >> let's talk to everybody, let's interview all the employees. we'll show pictures of andrew, no one's ever seen this guy. >> and then the next day, a memory suddenly improved. we >> when the manager of the hotel, all of a sudden remembered, and yunnan in. >> okay. >> and remember that he's under this name, kirk to mars from paris, france. >> by then, can animus long gone, skipped out on his ranch,
12:40 am
another miss and a growing list of misses across four states. >> what was that like? knowing that you can see him, he's seen not around, he's gone now? >> very frustrating, it seemed like we were always one step behind him. >> then, it got worse. >> the fbi pulled all their special agents except for four. >> why? >>. the director felt that qanon wasn't -- at the time i was pissed. because we had lead still coming in >> then, eight days into the search, just when it seemed police would never catch a break. we're >> so, we get a call on the radio from dispatch. >> blue houseboat -- >> shots fired at this house vote. and i thought to myself would a perfect place to hide. >> coming up, >> matt perimeter set around the house vote, we called marine patrol to cover
12:41 am
the water perimeter, and then we call the swat team in. >> closing in on a killer. >> he was like a trump's wrath. >> when dateline continues. n dateline continues n dateline continues namaste... ...surprise parties. aww, you guys. dupixent helps prevent asthma attacks... ...for 3!... i can du more of the things i love. dupixent is not for sudden breathing problems. it's an add-on-treatment for specific types of moderate-to-severe asthma that can improve lung function for better breathing in as little as two weeks. and can reduce, or even eliminate, oral steroids. and here's something important. dupixent can cause serious allergic reactions, including anaphylaxis. get help right away if you have rash, shortness of breath, chest pain, tingling or numbness in your limbs. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection, and don't change or stop your asthma treatments,
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12:44 am
>> okay, you're dealing with 9-1-1, the of an emergency? >> yes. >> the call came from miami beach, a caretaker had been checking on the powdered blue house bone. the owner was. away but it looked like someone was inside. and something was wrong. >> you saw light inside? >> yes, all the lights were. on >> he approached, and then a gunshot. >> i heard a shot. >> in an instant, hundreds of miami beach police, out of town investigators, an army of reporters, or converging on the pier. >> it's gone, now the house vote was knocked down years ago. only a few rotting post and a score of concrete, mark the spot. but that day, that moment, -- >> what color is it? >> it's the blue one. >> so when we first got, here uniform patrol had a perimeter set around the houseboat. we called marine patrol to cover the water permit, or for
12:45 am
whoever was in, there wouldn't get away. then we called the swat team in. >> where the cameras of the world? >> we took over that parking, lot right over the fire station. so that's where we set up the media staging area. so all the filming, was being done from across the street. it was too dangerous to be here. >> sure. there was a few over, they're on the side of the water. >> there were some on the other side of the water. it's not. jim >> snuck in, what do you mean stuck in? >> we actually knew what he meant. some of us from msnbc, including, the fun of porch, where we got a direct view of the house vote. and, then police cornered off the scene of the house, and nbc correspondent, carrie sanders, found another way to get closer. >> there's a roadblock, police warn letting anybody, in and i looked over to my left, and i saw construction workers, who was on this bicycle, and he was riding home on the sidewalk. and i ran over to him, and i go, can you give me a ride on your handlebars. and i hopped on his handlebars, given $20, and he rode me down on the bicycle, about four or
12:46 am
five blocks to get to where this was all going on. >> a sieged atmosphere, settled in. >> how did you tried to reach him? >> we had a hostage negotiators on scene, from the fbi, am from the local sheriff's office. they attempted to make contact to the landline telephone. but he didn't answer. >> okay. >> so we tried the bullet horn. and no response. >> everybody waited. the world, watching. at one point some officers moved in quietly. busted a window, and tossed a listening device, into the house vote. >> we were getting absolutely nothing from the side of the house. so we were pretty confident, that he was either gone, or he was dead. >> gone? how would he be gone? >> he slipped away from us before. more than once. >> they gave it 30 minutes. and then, it seemed clear that if someone was inside that boat, they were not going to come out. [inaudible] who >> there was a swat team
12:47 am
standing by, armed with tear gas. >> when they went in, what was it like? >> they cleared the house vote. and when they went to the second floor, bedroom they discovered a white male, with the cellphone -- self inflicted gunshot wound. >> was it him? maybe, maybe not. >> detective george navarro had dispersed tear gas. and then he in the fbi man, went in with the camera. the space looked more like an apartment, than in both. >> we went upstairs without touching anything, and we had booties, on and gloves. we went on, and looked at him. >> and they knew, after staring up pictures of that face for so many days, it was certainly andrew cunanan. >> we were very excited that it was over. we actually high fived each other. we were happy that nobody else was going to die. >> the police camera captured cunanan's his exit seen.
12:48 am
>> what did you have in? their >> books and magazines. he was out of food. he was out of magazines. >> actually the house will give me the sense that he lived like a trapped right. >> in the living room, a spread of glossy magazines, with their high fashion ads, and reminders of the life that he could never have. >> there was some pecans, and stuff that were empty. the whole bullet was eaten like there was no food in the house. >> there was a tv on the boat. police believe that he had been watching, and so news had to have it. that he was a famous. men and so at that stage of desperation, when he knew he couldn't go anywhere, couldn't get food -- >> i think that's why he killed himself. i think would happen, in cunanan's mind, when you hear the caretaker walk in, and say something, he thought that was
12:49 am
the police. >> i think he kills himself then. >> and when he did, he took a secrets with him. he took no no, no explanation for why he killed jeff trail, and david madson, and lee miglin, and william reese, and of course gianni versace. but now, we've learned more about andrew cunanan, and the consequences, the aftershocks of his terrible acts. >> coming up -- >> looking france or's, saying goodbye. >> he took somebody away, at the height of a career. at the height of his happiness. he had family, close family. >> -- decides to heal, you but it doesn't go easy. >> when dateline continues. n dateline continues detoxifies below the gumline... and restores by helping heal gums in as little as 7 days. crest. the #1 toothpaste brand in america.
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i'm deleting it. so break free from the big three. xfinity internet customers take the savings challenge at or visit an xfinity store to learn how our switch squad while the world's attention was makes it easy to switch and save hundreds. focused on a fugitive killer, it shifted momentarily to this
12:53 am
exquisite old cathedral in milan. giuliani versace brought celebrities to the runway, celebrities pay their respects in kind. >> the world is coming, we >> state funeral? >> it is a state funeral. >> for sochi's memorial mass and a lawn. >> you took somebody at the height of their career, at the height of their happiness, devastated a family, a close family. >> we watched on television a donna tele-made their entrance. fashion stars, like georgia armani -- naomi campbell. and the greatest star of the mall, princess diana. most famous of her time. sitting with a tearful elton john. even then, people couldn't help but wonder, what would happen to the house of versace? >> didn't know that that another versace was willing to carry the torch, like so many others, model beverley johnson had their doubts. >> we thought that was it, we
12:54 am
thought it was over. when donna tele-was going to take over, we were like, oh, wow. >> good luck with that. >> and then we realized how hoover talented she was. it was a testament of the genius that that family had. and just when you thought it couldn't get any better, gianna versace always lost, she just picked up the baton, and that's rare that a brand can continue. i think that's a real testament to johnny for sochi. >> in miami, moscow, new york, tokyo, or countless cities. reminders of the boys from sudden it early, who built a fashion empire. when we last spoke, antonio to me call was carrying on with his own designs, working honest new sportswear line. his first collection focus on gulps where -- living a quiet life outside
12:55 am
milan. but -- >> you find yourself thinking about that? what you saw in the steps that they, does it come back to us often? >> it was a nightmare for years. >> yeah? >> but, you know, it's a question of timing. >> yeah. >> time is they say heels you. but it doesn't go away. we >> the other man who lost their lives are equally -- the people who love jeff trail and david matheson understand that these two men simply befriended the wrong man. and lee may glints, friendly and family will not fully recover ever. and even now, his death remains a mystery. was it a random killing? or was there some connection that made me call in the target? it's an unfinished chapter for paul piper. >> the only two people who can solve that riddle aren't on the earth anymore.
12:56 am
>> are you done? have you found a string, would you pull it? when >> i pull it. i haven't given up. and if there's somebody out there that can solve this problem in this riddle, and has more information, love to hear it. >> now you live with it? >> yeah. >> what does he mean to you and memory? >> only good. only good. he was a giant of a human being. >> george navarro, who will now runs his own security consultancy business, it's also frustrated that yunnan and took the easy way out. >> so, was it an upsetting thing to hear? >> upsetting because i had a lot of questions for, him you know? a lot of things that were left unanswered. that i'd like to know the answers to. why he did it? what that connection was with the victims, that sort of thing. >> the ordeal, five murders,
12:57 am
three months, inexplicable violence, didn't teach law enforcement a tough lesson. >> one of the strong underlying themes of this whole story is just really the lack of participation, the lack of collaboration and cooperation among law enforcement authorities on so many different areas of the country. you've got miami, you've got chicago, you've got minnesota, san diego, and once the fbi comes in after reese, you've got all these different people working. and who is in charge? >> communication is so much better now, things to change. but one thing hasn't. the world's fixation with the famous. and the puzzle, what you're all of a guy like andrew coon and in, what made him a killer? i'm stacey lopez doesn't have any answers. to this day she thinks about her friend andrew and feels only confusion and pain.
12:58 am
>> and it's not something that i talk about often, i mean, who do you talk to you about something like this? yes, i loved a serial killer. it sounds so awful that he was a big part of my adolescents, and he was my friend. >> did you find yourself mourning his passing? >> i found myself mourning the friend that i knew. and i had a very hard time accepting what he had done. >> have you spent any time thinking about what he was about? >> tell, i don't really care. i'll be honest, i'm gonna cut you short on that. i don't care. and to put it this way, he's a footnote in history. just one more person with a gun. so, we -- screw you. you get nothing. >> paul reuben seen would rather talk about his friend johnny, but what that man taught him about life. >> if you're going to still be
12:59 am
here, don't sit there with one foot in the back door waiting to stop, no, no, you grab life as long as you get the chance. and you grab it yourself and you make the most out of it. breaking news out of walker shaw, was concerned. a warning that the video were about to play maybe disturbing. according to authorities at least five people were killed and more than 40 were injured after an suv drove through a holiday parade. officials say a person of interest is in police custody for questioning, they believe the person may have been involved in a night fight and fled the scene before crashing into the crowd. police are expected to update later today. now, back to dateline. w, back to dateline. . this suntds sunday a divided country. in kenosha, wisconsin.
1:00 am
>> the jury find the defendant not guilty. >> sparks outrage. >> now they have legalized vigilanteism, sports killing. >> and applause. >> i feel like they made the right choice, you know it was simple self-defense. >> split political lines. ti plus, more division in washington, where only two l republicans vote to censure congressman paul gosar after his violent video targeting democrat alexandria ocasio-cortez. >> what is so hard about saying this is wrong? >> if i must join alexander hamilton, the first person to be censured by this house, so be it. >> i'll talk to democratic senator jon tester and republican senator kevin cramer. plus democrats finally passe n president biden's social safety net bill over unanimous republican opposition. >> didn't get a mandate to transform america. >> now can it get through the senate? my


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