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tv   American Voices With Alicia Menendez  MSNBC  November 21, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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that does it for me. thank you for watching and have a happy thanksgiving. see you next weekend at 5:00 p.m. eastern. alicia menendez picks up our news coverage right now. thank you very much, reverend sharpton. i'm alicia menendez. we begin this hour in kenosha, wisconsin. for the third straight day people are coming together to speak out against the acquit cal of kyle rittenhouse. people are marching in the city where rittenhouse shot and killed two men with an ar last summer. they're calling out the inequalities of our justice
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system after a jury found rittenhouse not guilty on all accounts. advocates now calling for rittenhouse to face federal charges. we watched the aftermath unfold in ken yorba, and attention turns to brunswick, georgia. closing arguments are expected to beginning tomorrow in the trial of the men accused of killing ahmaud arbery. ahmaud was shot after being chased and killed by two white men who thought he might be behind recent break-ins in the neighborhood. we will see arbery's trial and the rise of americans thinking they can take the law into their own hands. and there's growing concern the rittenhouse verdict could embolden vigilanteism across the country. this morning on "meet the press" my colleague reverend al sharpton spoke about the message he fears the verdict sends to people who want to police their own communities. >> we just have a big rally and prayer vigil in georgia, brunswick, georgia, around the case of ahmaud arbery.
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now i will be concerned this week of having a prayer vigil with somebody coming there and saying i'm coming to defend something, and if they had been in an altercation with somebody on the side, verbal altercation, could take out a gun, ar-15 at that, and shoot somebody. so we are under real threat, so we have, in my opinion, we're mandated to try to make laws to protect people who are very clear. >> these cases come as we are also keeping an eye on the civil trial out of charlottesville, virginia, where white nationalists are conspireing to commit deadly rallies a year ago. all three exposing are america's long history of racism and how it ijt secretaries with american justice. joining us now, "boston globe" opinion column knit lanai graham, and the director of the aclu of indiana. i want to start with a piece you
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published to medium. you write, tragically, the kyle rittenhouse verdict re-establishes a dangerous precedent and sends a terrifying message and warning to the rest of us. it's the good old days ago. if you're an aggrieved white middle kla is person you can take the law into your own hands, stand your ground, be a violent vigilante and let everyone know, by force if necessary, who's the real boss. i mean, i want you to just zoom out for me and talk about what it is that's at stake here, waj. >> it's the state of america's future, if we're going to stop white supremacy or turn it into a death's march. whether we're going to let the good old boys be the good old boys again, by taking guns and claim self-defense, even though the ones in the body bags are black and brown bodies. where a 17-year-old feels embolden to take a gun in a community he doesn't live in, imply he's a medic with an ar-15 and shoot and kill two people and have the police later
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congratulate him and then gets acquitteds and have three congressmen say, hey, come be an intern. it's whether or not two men can chase a 25-year-old black man who's guilty of jogging in his neighborhood pretty much engage in a modern day lynching instead of calling the cops and claim on this end self-defense. it's whether or not we allow george zimmerman, even though he's told by the dispatch, stay in your car, to hunt down a black kid who's guilty of walking in a hoodie and then he claims self-defense and becomes a hero and martyr. so what is the country we want, a country where any aggrieved white man feels he can take a gun and shoot and kill with impunity, not just impunity but then be a hero, a person who's given internships in congress, a person who becomes a martyr and the rest of us, meanwhile, are terrified of taking a knee to protest police brutality at a football game unless get canceled by colin kaepernick. and this is the question people should be asking themselves. and the last thing i'll say is
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white folks, you will not be spared. the victims of kyle rittenhouse were white, and this is a remake in america's history because white folks who try to help black and brown folks when it came to desegregation were seen as race traitors and also killed by white folks. look at the language people are openly espousing right now, that they had it coming, these leftists had it coming. this is what they get. when you have millions of republicans saying violence should be rationalized and violence might be necessary to reclaim this country, where do you think and how do you think this ends? >> renee, you made this exact point on twitter writing, perhaps more white people will now recognize that white supremacy is an ex-essential threat to their lives too. how were these forces a threat to everyone? >> you know, it's really obvious. what we're finding out, we saw again on friday, is how to get away with murder isn't just the name of a recent tv drama. it's the story of white supremacy in america. even though the verdict
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shouldn't have been a surprise, it didn't make it any less devastating or upsetting. and this is not a small injustice. this wasn't just about one verdict and one trial. disemboldened and enabled vigilanteism. that's what we saw in kenosha. that's what we saw in georgia with the murder of ahmaud arbery. this is the idea there are certain people, white people, who feel deputized by their skin to enact justice, to keep the peace as they see it, as they define it, by any means necessary. and that endangers everyone. it's exactly what waj said. s it cheapens black lives but it cheapens the lives of anyone who believes in equality and justice. and we have to understand, for those who missed the 400-year-old memo, not everyone gets to claim self-defense in
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america. >> we were explaining a lot of inequalities on display in this trial. bias takes every form, "the washington post" reporting concerns about racial discrimination in the justice system have shattered the arbery case from the beginning. they began with local authorities' thons e response to the february 2020 shooting in coastal georgia. a prosecutor quickly chocked it up to self-defense and found three white men, one who worked for the justice department, justified tasering a black man in their neighborhood in an pickup truck. what is the latest on the investigation into the ahmaud arbery case reveal about our justice system? >> it reveals we have a justice system that is a tale of two justice systems. it is completely different for african-american people and for white people. african-american people are largely overprosecuted, overcharged and oversentenced, while white people enjoy
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sweetheart deals, loopholes and exonerations and also judges that help to put their finger, if not their foot, on the scales of justice to -- in the defense, what we saw for kyle rittenhouse, a judge that absolutely used every ounce of his judicial power to essentially protect, i think, what americans saw as potentially someone who he thought of as his grandson, as well as the all-white jury. it is more likely that an all-white or home genius jury seeing a white, young man feels akin to that young man, feels a sense of respect for him or at least wants to give him the benefit of the doubt. that benefit of the doubt is never offered to african-american people. and i would further suggest that all we need to do is look at a situation like louisiana, where we have the highest incarceration rate in the world.
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33% of our population is african-american, almost 70% of the incarcerated population is african-american and we also have one of the highest wrongful incarceration rates in the world. new orleans is the highest wrongful incarceration ratz in the world, which means we get it wrong more often against black people than we do against white people. and the final point i'll raise is that this should scare us. honestly, this all-white jury or jury with all white folks and one african-american person, a study of homicides was conducted by the urban institute after trayvon martin and it was found that in cases where you have a white perpetrator and black defendant, those cases are 281% more likely to be found justified thang a white perpetrator and a white defendant or white victim. so even though kyle rittenhouse was acquitted, we're looking at a case where these defendants may also potentially be acquitted in brunswick, georgia, and that is scary.
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>> a la, i do want to ask you, will the defendants in the ahmaud arbery trial face criminal charges face the defense in the prosecution? what do you make of that strategy, if you call it a strategy? >> i don't think it's a good strategy. i think they're doing it because they have 11 people on the jury who are white and one person that's black. i think they're afraid white people are not going to be able to handle the topic of white supremacy and white privilege. it's always a concern. whenever we launch an advocacy campaign at the aclu of louisiana, we think about whether or not we can tackle the issue of race. i think we have to tackle it head on. i think we have to trust that white people can understand white supremacy, that they, too, can respect what we know is the history in this country and i think when you avoid race, you avoid the central question and we do ourselves all a terrible disservice. >> we can't talk about this without talking about race. we also can't talk about it without diving into america's gun culture. candidate for texas governor
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beto o'rourke doubled down on his stance to ban assault-style weapons. take a listen. >> this entire tragedy makes the case that we should not allow our fellow americans to own and use weapons that were originally designed for battlefield use. that ar-15, that ak-47 has one single solitary purpose, and that is killing people as effectively, as efficiently and as great a number and in as little time as possible. >> waj, how do democrats fight back against that? how do they speak on this issue? >> gun control, believe it or not, is wildly popular. has been for several years, about 70% of americans want some form of gun control, even republicans and independents, but like alana was saying, you have to dive into the culture work. you cannot dive into racism and white supremacy. you know why? barack obama was a black man who
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didn't let them get away with it. reasons are talking about, hey, republicans are talking about protecting our kids against crt, they're against mask mandates and gunman dates and perfectly fine with school massacres. by the way, do you want to live in america where just yesterday at an airport in atlanta a gun went off and people thought it was a terrorist attack? all of my friends across the world, just like you, i'm sure, alicia, they ask why is america so obsessed with guns. what happens in this country on a weekly basis is not normal, it's abnormal. it is literally a sin and nobody understands why this country allows its children to be killed, why this country allows men and women to carry ar-15s, weapons of mass destruction calmly and openly to a rally where cops look at you, but if you have the right complexion, you can carry it. can you imagine if black and brown folks with guns did the same thing as kyle rittenhouse? i have an active imagination but all i see are chalk lines where people have been killed. if you look at the polling, people went on this on gun control, vaccine mandates, mask
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mandates, pro-life issues we have the policies but if democrats are too afraid to confront white supremacy, if you're too afraid to talk about race, if you're too afraid to get into the swamp of the culture wars, guess what? the other team will win and bandy about crt or sharia or the white culture ban and bandy on the other side and win voters. i'm tired of this conversation. you all don't see racism and if you are not willing to talk about white supremacy, you're failing your base, black and brown folks, by the way, we don't have an economic society, we get bullet holes. >> i agree with you, we cannot have these conversations in isolation. waj, thank you both for sticking arrange. flext, biden's plans for 2024 begin to surface and there's still a whole lot up in the air on what will survive in the senate in the build back better plan. plus, the gop's violent
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president biden's sights are set on 2024. as members of his inner circle assure allies he plans to run for re-election, that is according to "the washington post." this comes on the tail of several presidential victories, including signing the bipartisan infrastructure bill into law earlier this month. and on friday the house finally passed the build back better social spending bill after weeks of negotiation. the bill now waits in the upper chamber, where senators plan to make some changes before voting on it after thanksgiving break. the congressional progressive caucus originally planned to hold out on voting for infrastructure until build back better was passed. congresswoman alexandria oscasio-cortez is the only
3:19 pm
reason they agreed to vote on the infrastructure bill, based on promises made by the president, house leadership and conservative democratic holdout. she warned, quote, if those promises don't follow through, it's going to be very, very difficult for them to get votes on anything moving forward, because the trust that was already so delicate will have been broken. senators have expressed optimism about fulfilling those promises. >> i think there's -- we have a great opportunity here to do some great things in childcare and affordable housing and climate and lowering prescription drug costs and health care costs overall. i think we can do it. i don't think there's anything out like that. i think people need to be open to compromise. >> all 50 democratic senators need to vote in favor of the bill for it to pass. senators joe manchin and krysten sinema have been the two holdouts. their pushback on the legislation played into the gop agenda, helping the senators attract significant campaign
3:20 pm
contributions from republican donors. joining me now, nbc news national political reporter saw hill kippur, executive director of the national domestic workers alliance, asian cap yu. thank you for being here. explain the formative nature that made it into the build back better bill before the house vote and what provisions are at risk of being stripped out by the senate? >> it's an enormously significant piece of legislation. it's about $1.5 trillion spending all totaling over a decade and would remake the safety net from cradle to crave. grant two years of universal pre-k for the first time. the country doesn't have that now. it has an enormous investment in childcare with the extent of child tax credit and capping it as income for older americans, adds a benefit for hearing for medicare, which does not exist at this point, and for everybody in between expands aca subsidies
3:21 pm
and initial coverage to give people insurance who don't have it, get democrats closer to the goal of universal health care insurance coverage. in terms of the provisions that are at risk in the senate, there are several to keep an eye on. the house-passed bill includes four weeks of paid leave, which is unique in a developed world not offering any paid leave. >> unique is a nice word -- unique is a generous word. >> right. alone in the developed world, the senate bill is likely to strip that out unless senator joe manchin backs off his opposition. he's the 50th vote here and there's no vote without him. that is likely to be stripped out. immigration, the house-passed bill includes provisional legal status through the parole process for 6.5 million people who are undocumented in the country. that could run afoul of senate rules. the par la men tarean is likely to have final word there if that remains. and state and local tax
3:22 pm
deduction currently at $10,000 was raised to $80,000 in response to lawmakers from new york and new jersey. that is unlikely to survive in the current form in the senate because a number of members, including jon tester who you played and bernie sanders, progressive, doesn't want to raise it quite that high. those are the three things to look out for when it comes to the senate. >> i imagine you listening to the pieces that are still on the table and it reminds me of that saying, you didn't come this far to only come this far. massive changes, changes you have often helped our audience understand, not just as individual family members who benefit from this, but an entire economy of care that is going to be fundamentally remade. it strikes me though that two big pieces of that are paid family leave and are immigration when you talk about the workers that largely do this work. why are those completing the
3:23 pm
fuller picture? >> they're absolutely essential because the fact we don't have the ability in this country to take time off from work to take care of our own health or that of loved ones without having to permanently leave our jobs or losing that income, that is so essential to making ends meet, is actually a huge inhibitor to our economic growth, to the sustainability of our workforce, and the policies are widely popular, across partisan lines. people support us in this country establishing a paid family medical leave program. immigrants are actually fundamental to our ability. the entire care economy rests on the share of a majority women of color workforce who are underpaid and undervalued, including many immigrants. we have a huge and growing asian population in this country. 10,000 baby boomers turn 65
3:24 pm
every day and we're living longer than ever. there's no way we will be able to support a dignified quality of life for the older population in this country without a strong workforce, including an immigrant workforce in this country and i think there's wide consensus on the part of democrats in the house and in the senate that immigrants need to be a part of our workforce, they are essential to our economy. we are completely interdependent as a country and they should be included and build back better. >> you reported house leader kevin mccarthy stalled the build back better bill with a record-breaking speech that lasted over 8 1/2 hours. i want to be clear the reasons we're talking about democrats is because only democrats are playing ball at this point. what did mccarthy and republicans gain from that speech? >> well, kevin mccarthy was really speaking to an audience of one, and that was donald trump. and he reached that audience of
3:25 pm
one. trump put out a statement praising mccarthy the day after the speech. he elevated his profile. he also got plaudits from the right wing members of the republican caucus whose support he believes he needs to become speaker of the house 14 months from now. that is his overriding goal at this point and he's not naturally trusted by the trump wing given he's a deputy -- a former deputy of paul ryan and john boehner, people see as the establishment wing of the republican party. so he's working hard to try to win support from the trump wing. the speech was a long kind of rambling speech. he quoted all kinds of topics, even things like afghanistan policy and he had a section about elon musk that had nothing to do with the bill. but, again, this was about getting attention and raising his profile and winning support from trump and people close to trump, and he did achieve that. >> all right, thank you both so much. next, the maga gop becoming more and more radicalized.
3:26 pm
what does that mean for the future of the republican party? depends who you ask. this could be the week the supreme court decides whether delegating enforcement of texas' restrictive abortion law to the public is legal. joe wine-banks will join me to talk through the precedent this ruling will set. with fidelity income planning, we'll look at what you've saved, what you'll need, and help you build a flexible plan for cash flow designed to last. so you can go from saving... to living. ♪♪ (calls dog) buttercup... (whines) ♪♪ ♪ ohh ohh ♪ when you hear the word healthy it always feels a little out of reach. but it's all about the baby steps. maybe it's a jump or eating something green. or taking mom to get that vaccine. ♪ healthier means bringing stuff to the folks ♪ ♪ that really need it. ♪ ♪ like help at 2 am or care that's right at home. ♪
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republican lawmakers were quick to lionize kyle rittenhouse, with republicans even hanging a political internship. in a court where you won't be admonished depicting a cartoon for killing another member, a party where the only thing you can do wrong, criticize the former president or actually, you know, try to get something done for the american people. radja writes in "the daily beast" -- what does this mean for the future of the gop. it has a green light for congress to abuse and use the
3:31 pm
ar-15, openly attacking people and spreading disinformation and hate. all that matters is fueling the culture war and obtaining power and minority rules by any mean necessary. waj is back with me. i want you to take a listen to what republicans said after the censure earlier this week. >> if i must join alexander hamilton, the first person to be censured by this house, so be it. it is done. >> censuring a member for a cartoon. you got to be kidding me? >> when there was violence against us, there was no condemnation. >> we're kra taking joe's anime. next week we might indict wile e coyote. >> the next week she paid her husband and not her brother husband, the other one, over a million dollars in campaign funds. let me say that again, a member of congress who refused classified briefings was
3:32 pm
sleeping with the enemy. this is unacceptable. this is a dumb waste of the house's time! >> waj, i get it, they're an unserious bunch of provocateurs for whom stripping committee assignments is not actually a real punishment but i think we all watched january 6th and we all thought this has to be the floor. it can't get any worse than this. this is the moment they're going to wake up and pay attention. instead they're leaning in to the violent extremism. >> the bottom will get bottomer like we predicted. it is now a radicalized, weaponized death that i will explain in a second and i would like to say if there is a jihad squad, i'm very offended i did not get an invitation yet. look at paul gosar, for example. next time we talk about the video in which he posted he violently hurts aoc and then president biden. this man is also the person who openly promotes white nationalist tweets, befriends rick fuentes, anti-semite,
3:33 pm
speaks at a nationalist rally, befriends the oath keeper group, and one of the organizers of the january 6th insurrection, he was one of three republicans who helped them. three years ago to show you how nutty and fringe the gop has become, steve king, no the the author but former congressman, was actually stripped of his committee memberships from the gop leadership for pro white nationalist comments. two years later you can say it and they won't say a thing. you have lauren boebert, who by the way, chef's tips, has been arrested more than any other congress person, seems to love guns more than people of color. you have matt gaetz, who by the way is being investigated right now for potentially having sex with an yujd age girl and taking her across state lines. his wingman, by the way, has already pled guilty. and you also have a marjorie taylor greene who believes in jewish lasers and promotes replacement theory. these are the mainstream figure heads of the republican party and a person like madison cawthorn who fights trees and
3:34 pm
loses did a video in the aftermath of the kyle rittenhouse case where he told supporters be armed and be dangerous. can you imagine, alicia, if you, me or renee actually said this on your show right now, hey, people of color, be armed and be dangerous? can you imagine if the squad said that? how many in this country, even liberals, would react? this is the mainstream and future of the gop because they do not condemn or censure paul gosar, it means they condone it, tolerate it and agree with it. >> and here's the thing, renee, it's disturbing and upsetting as the video is, that's not the totality of it. there's new reporting today, henry gomez of nbc news reporting on previously undisclosed threats of violence against members of congress, including one to colorado congressman joe that bhuj following january 6th for, quote, a suspicious letter mailed to the congressman's home was opened to reveal a picture of neguse clipped from "the new york times," an unknown substance suspected to be feces,
3:35 pm
marked an x over the photo according to records kept by the police department in lafayette, colorado. the article also quotes, i'm shifting, he receives so many death threats, he thinks twice before sitting next to an open window. renee, that is disturbing on its face. we know all of this is meant to have a chilling effect. that is the intent. not only on these numbers but on the very functioning of our democracy, and that is where people need to be paying attention. >> and i think very much something that representative cori bush said last week when all of these republican congressmen were saying they wanted to hire kyle rittenhouse as their intern. what she said was every day, it's more dangerous coming to work. not only do these members fuel violence, now they're actively recruiting somebody whose sole qualification is killing people who stood up for black lives and got away with it. this is where we are. and things to always understand
3:36 pm
about this, this is not the fringe of the gop, this is the gop. this is what the party stands for. every single day you turn on the tv and you see the gop's children of the corn terrorizing anyone with a conscience who doesn't abide by every less morsel of their frightening ideology. that's what they are, terrorists. they want cows and silent owe bead aechbs. they threatened violence against fellow members. they enkurjsed violence in general and democracy at this point to them is simply something to be dismantled and destroyed because it's the surest bad to autocratic republican power. and the problem overriding all of this is we know kevin mccarthy will do nothing to stop what's happening because he's too busy being donald trump's chew toy. >> right. and that point about not having the will to actually shut this down, so critical. taj and renee, thank you both. next -- how the supreme
3:37 pm
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and try metamucil fiber thins. a great tasting and easy way to start your day. the supreme court to weigh in monday on the fight for abortion rights. the justices are expected to rule on the constitutionality of a texas law that bans abortion after fetal heartbeat can be detected. that law also allows private
3:41 pm
citizens to enforce the bill through lawsuits. the court's ruling could set a precedent for more states to create similar bills, and some states have already started to do so. this case does not have the ability to reverse roe versus wade, which is protected abortion access in the united states for decades. there's one case that can, and that case centered around a mississippi law that bans abortions on most viable fetuses. the supreme court is expected to start hearing oral arguments for that starting december 1. joining me now, sisters in law, podcast -- i missed the hashtag in there, i apologize, jill. the supreme court first heard argument for the texas abortion case about three weeks ago. does it usually take this long to make a ruling? >> it usually takes actually longer butz i think there's reasons why this needs to be handled on an expedited basis.
3:42 pm
they left the law in place, which means abortions are effectively banned in texas right now based on a law that i believe is clearly in violation of existing law. the existing law is roe versus wade, which says viability is the earliest time you can bar an abortion, and there's no question that six weeks not viability. neither is daubs 15-week viability. so both of them seem to be in clear violation of roe versus wade, existing law, and the law should notz be in effect. so i hope they act quickly to take it out of effect. >> the six-week marker is one of the reasons there's so much attention and the other piece is the bounty aspect, assumed violators of the law, what complication has that part raised in the judges'
3:43 pm
deliberation in this case? >> that's been the biggest problem for reviewing this particular law. to me, we're calling it bounty hunters but it's really vij lanties. it's as much vigilanteism as the rittenhouse case or arbery murderer case. it is absolutely a vigilante act because it empowers and gives a standing to citizens anywhere in the united states to sue anyone who has anything to do with assisting in the obtaining of an abortion. so the problem is that normally a court order runs against the enforcer, which is normally the government, so you can say the government will not enforce an unconstitutional law. here there's no government involved. they have carefully crafted this to allow and give standing for people who have no injury from the potential abortion but they
3:44 pm
have the power to sue, and although there have been very few lawsuits filed under this law, in fact, there have been very few abortions because it has basically frozen people from being willing to take the risk that they will get a penalty for performing an abortion. so there have been no abortions after six weeks in texas. people have been trying to raise money to go to other states where it is still legal. >> jill wine-banks, as always, thank you. breaking news now to bring you from wisconsin. nbc news learning of reports that a car has crashed into a parade crowd about 25 minutes west of milwaukee. msnbc's richard louis is tracking the latest for us. >> yes, alicia, this coming in to msnbc news. waukesha is outside wyoming and although we're still learning reports of what is happening in waukesha, outside of milwaukee,
3:45 pm
is that the moment we're receiving eyewitness reports of a car at a fast speed riding past police barriers at a parade and then into the crowd. at this hour there are reports of shots being fired at the scene. but, again, nbc news still working to confirm those reports. also watching some of the local reporting coming out of the area. according to "milwaukee journal sent sentinel" we're also hearing they're identifying something of a red suv and i will read straight from what they're reporting. they're saying they looked over video that has been posted that shows a red suv breaking through barriers and speeding into the roadway where the parade was taking place. there was also an alderman, a local official who was running for wisconsin state treasurer in
3:46 pm
deletio, and he says, quote, as we were walking back in between the buildings, we saw an suv crossover just put the pedal to the metal and just zooming full speed along the parade route. again, this all happening in waukesha, right outside of milwaukee on a sunday evening around 5:00 local time. tanorio goes on to say, and then we saw people running away or stopping crying and there there are people on the ground who look like they've been hit by the vehicle. again, from what we are hearing from "the milwaukee journal sentinel," it is a red suv that seemed to increase speed suddenly and into the crowd, into the parade just behind a school marching band. at the moment heavy police presence is downtown. alicia, that's all we have right now. waukesha pd, by the way, telling people on facebook a short time ago, stay away, understandably, from this downtown area around the parade. as we get more information here
3:47 pm
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3:51 pm
happening. police saying stay away from the area. we have recorded video on the left-hand side. live pictures on the right and cordoned press into a certain area and reunification center according to the police facebook. and then on the left-hand side you can see repeat of the video right after the event happened epa the police department and vehicles arriving and you can see what looks to be the fire department vehicles on the video and various ambulances. not a lot of information available but a holiday parade in wisconsin. according to the milwaukee journal sentinel this suv, a red suv drove straight in sudden acceleration into the area of the parade with a marching band and appears that the live pictures that you are seeing in
3:52 pm
waukesha, wisconsin. a major city in wisconsin. an hour from kenosha. we are watching what is happening right now? we don't have any reports from authorities regarding injuries or regarding any fatale sys at the moment. only that something catastrophic happened. a suv accelerating into the crowd there. again, i'll read to you what we understand. one eyewitness saw as this video on the upper right-hand corner during that time. that's a repeat of the video. we are still getting more into msnbc and nbc news. this is a quaint downtown of
3:53 pm
75,000 people. this parade for the holiday as we move into thanksgiving and more celebrations must have been a festive moment. good weather as you can probably tell for wisconsin. doesn't appear to be quite inclimate. we have been monitoring the social media and the statements. we do expect that something may be said. we don't know when. again this christmas parade that was happening on a sunday evening right around 5:00 p.m. local time is when this red suv they believe or what some eyewitness accounts say accelerated breaking through the barriers, some of which may have been placed by police and by parade organizers. then speeding into the roadway, the main thoroughfare.
3:54 pm
and hitting individuals, people, items right around where there was a marching band. not that there's a good place in any parade but as we understand marching bands are large collections of individuals. opposed to a float to make that comparison. i want to share with you what was one eyewitness' account from the milwaukee journal sentinel. the person running for officer, state treasurer, happened in the area and had just finished marching in the parade with his family and friends and walking back toward main street. as we replay it for you. we look at the video. it looks like -- if you count the vehicles, ten, 12 from the
3:55 pm
eyewitness that took the video for us. probably as we move forward we have a better understanding of what was. let's listen in. >> trying to get the media out and told me to leave shortly. the whole area is taped off. there's debris on the ground. you may not be able to see that right now but a lot of people obviously left quite quickly. you can see chairs still along the side of the road. strollers, debris, handbags. people left as they fled this hectic scene. tom, we'll update you shortly what happened along the route but back to you for now. >> all right. so we are taking this live from the nbc affiliate there.
3:56 pm
that moment where individuals were running away as this suv, the vehicle as we understand according to the reports drove into the you and at that moment you see the debris. it stays behind and that tmj reporter there in waukesha telling us what he could see. he would have more details and as we watch this we don't know exactly who the suspect is. we don't have details but we can see the aftermath. just to finish what i was saying about a man who said he saw people running away. stopping and crying and saw people on the ground. so we'll continue to follow this breaking story coming out of wisconsin. again, just about 25 miles west of milwaukee. a vehicle driving into a crowd.
3:57 pm
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welcome back to "american voices" where this hour we are following breaking news from wisconsin where a car plowed into a crowd during a holiday parade. richard lui is tracking the latest for us. what can you tell us? >> a lot happening. we have the video from


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