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tv   Alex Witt Reports  MSNBC  November 21, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PST

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couple of weeks and then on top of that, the build back better act is now headed to the senate where it is sure to face an uphill battle as moderates and progressives remain split. today, democrats are seemingly confident they can come together to get that bill across the finish line while republicans rail against the price tag. >> i'm very confident, i'm the overwhelming member of provisions in the bill are supported by all of our caucus, and really, this is about putting people first. i do believe this will be mostly or overwhelmingly intact. >> look, more programs and all that sound good, but at the end of the day, they have to be paid for and they have to be sustainable because these aren't programs we're just going to do for a couple years. it now has to get built into a budget. washington doesn't seem to understand the concept of a budget, but somebody has to pay for this. >> meantime, new reaction from democrats and republicans to the deepening divisions forming
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after kyle rittenhouse's acquittal. >> i can't imagine the pain that the families have gone through that lost loved ones in this incident. but nonetheless, i think we need to respect what the jury has done here and respect the decision. >> he's probably being held as a hero by some. largely what he's being held is as an innocent person involved in this case. the symbolism that surrounded it, i think, is not reflective of the facts on the ground. >> plus, starting tomorrow, the tsa's vaccine mandate will kick into effect. it comes as air travel levels are expected to break pandemic records over the thanksgiving holiday. transportation secretary pete buttigieg saying he's not concerned about worker shortages. >> i have seen no indication that vaccine requirements are going to impact travel in any way, certainly in terms of our ability as a federal administration to provide the
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services that are needed. >> and it all comes as the supreme court could rule as soon as tomorrow on texas' controversial abortion law, the most restrictive in the nation. in just a moment,ial be speaking with the chair of the house finance committee, longtime congresswoman maxine waters. first, we bring in julie tsirkin on capitol hill, and mike memoli. first to capitol hill, that's where the magic still has to happen to get the build back better act through the senate, julie. are democrats hoping holiday cheer perhaps is inspire support from their dissenting senate colleagues? >> i hate to sound like a grinch here, but you played that clip at the top sounding really optimistic that this bill will remain intact. but i can't see a world in which the bill that president biden signs isn't dramatically different than the bill that the house just passed on friday and that's because you have 50
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senate democrats with very different priorities coming from very different parts of this country, and some of them who want this bill passed across the finish line soon think this is their last shot at the pie here. because they think or they fear they may lose control of washington come midterms, so this is really important for them. but look, you have some issues in this bill that don't just range from senator manchin and sinema. senator bernie sanders, the lead progressive in the senate who shepherded the original framework of this legislation has major problems with it, too. just not just in revenue but also in the policies. he has problems with medicaid expansion, for example. he wants to see more of that in the bill. right now, there's just money for hearing. he wants to see vision and dental. on the revenue side, i spoke to you earlier, but with the s.a.l.t. tax, the state and local tax in blue states that house moderates and some progressives wanted in the bill, it will lead to tax cuts for some millionaires.
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bernie sanders calling it absurd to me earlier this week when i asked him about it. let's take a listen to what senate democrat jon tester, a moderate, by the way, had to say to chuck todd on "meet the press" this morning. >> i think we can do it. i don't think there's any doubt about that. people need to be open to compromise. and i think if we compromise like we did in the bipartisan infrastructure package where we had five democrats and five republicans that argued and fought and came to a bill that would work, i think it's the same thing within the 50 democrats, too. we don't all see the world the same way. >> there's a running joke among reporters who cover capitol hill that senator jon tester, the montana democrat, is this forever optimist in the halls of the senate. back when he helped negotiate the bipartisan infrastructure plan, he would tell us every week, look, it's going to happen, it's going to happen. he has a track record, and i do believe they will come to some kind of compromise, but there's a long road ahead because even senator tester doesn't support the s.a.l.t. tax.
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you see this venn diagram collision, and they have a couple weeks to see if they can get it done with all these other priorities that have nothing to do with built back bedder. >> and all within a couple weeks. good luck with that. thank you so much, julie. let's go to nbc's mike memoli, in wilmington, delaware. a wellm to you. what is the white house saying today as bbb is heading for quite a battle in the senate? >> well, alex, you have seen the white house over the last few weeks really trying to regain some political momentum in favor of this legislation. it's been a tough few months for the president. his approval rating dipping, but we have seen some indication of success as the president has really been hitting the road. so what's the worst thing when they feel like they're getting momentum, especially after that big vote in the house on friday, to pass the build back better act, it's the senate recess. the president, the white house probably wishes that senate was in session this week so they could try to get to a deal
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quickly. we know there are a number of stumbling blocks. julie laid out some of them. the higher deduction for the state and local taxes which some progressives have an issue with. you're talking about the parliamentarian who has a vote on some of the immigration provisions which the house included and you also have paid family leave. we know senator joe manchin has expressed concern about that as well as the price tag. that's why when you hear from the white house, one of the issues they're talking about the most is inflation, and their view that the reconciliation bill will address some of the inflation concerns, lower costs for americans. we heard that this morning. >> there's no question inflation is high and it's affecting american consumers. and it's affecting their outlook. but that's actually why we need to move on this build back better bill right now. this bill is going to be the biggest cost cutting bill for working class american families in decades in this country, and it's going to go at costs that are persistent problems for the
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american people. >> so it was significant, alex, when we saw that vote in the house on friday, there was only one democrat who voted against it. it was able to pass even with that one democrat voting against it. we know the senate is very different. you can't lose a single democrat on this piece of legislation, and that's why i thought it was so interesting what senator tina smith of minnesota told you, in fact, yesterday when you asked her about the opposition on some provisions from joe manchin or kyrsten sinema, she said, wem, it has to win my vote, too. so every potential change in the legislation at this point risks losing a vote on the other side of the spectrum in the democratic caucus. that's really what the white house has to try to manage over these next few weeks once the senate, of course, comes back after their thanksgiving recess. >> got to tell you, i was thinking the same thing. yeah, it's not just about those two. you're absolutely right. thanks for bringing up the parliamentarian thing relative to immigration. something where learned about. i'm going to ask representative ruiz about that in the next hour because he's very much into the issue.
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i found that just fascinating in my research. >> joining me right now is california congresswoman maxine waters, chair of the house financial services committee. congressman, always good to see you. thank you for joining me. i'm curious, what are you most proud of in the build back better legislation, and what do you think will benefit your constituents the most? >> well, i'm very, very proud of the overall bill, but as you know, as the chair of the financial services committee, i have hud and all of the housing issues. i have been able to put together a housing bill worth $150 billion. that bill will basically make sure that we fix up and renovate these public housing units that have fallen into disrepair. it will make sure that we have additional rental assistance money with the section eight vouchers that so many people love and they're waiting for. i have first-time home buyers that with about $10 billion in there so first generation home
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buyers will have an opportunity for home ownership, and i have money in there for the housing trust fund. the national housing trust fund that barney frank and i worked on, which would build more affordable units. and so this is an important bill. and my constituents appreciate so very much that we're working on homelessness. i put money in the c.a.r.e.s. act, the american relief plan, and now, again, in this bill. build back better is a wonderful bill for all of this country. my constituents will absolutely benefit very much from this bill. and the housing part of it that i worked on, that $150 billion is going to help change lives for so many people who are spending, you know, 50% of their income on rent, and so we can do better, and i know this is going to help us. i'm looking for some compromises that may take place on the senate side. but we're going to pass the bill. the senate is going to pass the
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bill. s.a.l.t. is a little bit of an issue. you know, parental leave, family leave is a little bit of an issue, but there's a lot of room there for compromise. and i think we're going to work it out. >> well, i love the energy and the clear pride that you take relative to the housing component of this bill. and you're right. i know your community. i'm from los angeles. and i think housing will be very much boosted and enhanced there. let's hope that all sticks in completely. is there anything, though, you're worried about being taken out and you think, that can't happen? >> well, this bill is about the family. it is about early childhood education. it is about child care. and we have so many women who are out of the workforce who have left the workforce because of the pandemic, and they need the child care to get back in. so i certainly don't want paid leave to be taken out. an expansion of the state and local tax reduction from $10,000
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to $80,000. i think that's very important to states like california and new jersey and new york. and so i think a compromise can be worked out on that. and of course, i think that we know that all of us have been forced to have to deal with immigration reform. this is an opportunity that we can take to do that. so i'm very optimistic about the passage of the legislation. i'm very optimistic that some things are going to have to be worked out, a little compromising here and there, but it's going to get done. it's in america's best interests for this to get done. >> okay. as you well know, a couple courtroom cases have grabbed national attention the last few weeks. let's start with the thoughts on the acquittal of kyle rittenhouse. what goes through your mind? >> well, you know, i was absolutely disappointed in the judge. he demonstrated from the very beginning that he was on the side of the defendant.
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the business of not letting the jury decide on the gun issue, whether or not he was too young to have had a gun, he took that unto himself. it was unusual for him to allow this defendant to be able to select who the final jurors were going to be. he was absolutely outrageous in the way that he conducted himself. and everybody saw that. he was the talk of the country. the way that he conducted himself. and he was brazen, he was bold, he was on the side of the defendant, and i don't think justice has been served. >> okay. the next one, the ahmaud arbery murder trial. the closing arguments will begin tomorrow, the three men accused of killing him. any concerns you have about or expectations for the verdict? >> yes. i do have concerns in the way that, you know, these lawyers have decided to use self-defense as an excuse, even when the
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perpetrators of the crime were not in a position where they were defending themselves but rather they were the aggressors, like what happened with arbery, this man was simply, you know, jogging. he had gone through a house. i'm a looky loo, and i look at houses in developments and on the rent market and on the sales market, et cetera, et cetera. i'm constantly looking at the architecture, et cetera, et cetera. and he certainly didn't have a we weapon. he had not committed a crime. he was pursued, run down, and killed. there's only one black on this jury. and i would hope that they would not try this self-defense tactic again. we cannot continue to allow the justice system in this country to work that way. >> okay. let me get to voting rights. as you know, still very much on the minds of americans. hundreds of protesters were outside the white house this week, demanding the president make no more excuses for not
9:14 am
passing federal voting rights protections. the urgency is clearly there. will congress listen? what might push the senate to act, and when could it happen? >> well, you know, i think it's unfair to think that all of the work has to be done by the president. he certainly must do everything he can to encourage, to leverage, to get what needs to be done, to insure that voting rights are protected, but it's really for the most part, it's on the republicans. they have not only pursued every effort all over this country in these state legislatures to undo our voting rights, whether you're talking about doing away with early voting days, whether you're talking about the long lines and the reduction of polling places, whether you're talking about, you know, this exact match, if the i is not dotted, then that is thrown out as a registration.
9:15 am
and so this is unfair. this is, you know, taking us back to jim crow years. and so we're going to work very hard. but i wish the american public understanding the constitution and the work that has been done by the citizens of this country for so many years to correct the wrongs of the past, i hope that they will take that into consideration and they will not try to undo the voting rights and eliminate the ability for people of color in particular to have a rightful place in participating in voting. and so it's work. but again, i want people to take a look at who's causing this problem with voting rights. it is not the democrats. it is not the president. it's the republicans. led by trump. and so we have got to address this. we have got to face it, understand it for what it is, and people have got to step up all over the country and say this is not right. and we're not going to tolerate
9:16 am
it. we want this country to live up to the constitution, voting rights for everyone. >> amen to that. food for thought, certainly, over this thanksgiving holiday. congresswoman maxine waters, i wish you a very happy thanksgiving. thank you so much. so we first told you yesterday about the accidental gunfire at that atlanta airport and the ensuing chaos. in just a moment, you're going to see why the gun owner fled the scene and police want to catch him. >> for some of you folks getting a jump on the holiday travel today, it might be tough going. we'll give you a peek at what's going on out there. -had enough? -no... arthritis. here. new aspercreme arthritis. full prescription-strength? reduces inflammation? thank the gods. don't thank them too soon. kick pain in the aspercreme. ♪ limu emu... & doug ♪ ♪ superpowers from a spider bite? i could use some help showing the world how
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they have pajamas there. - i guess that would have been a little easier. we're just days away from a result in the second of two murder trials that has spotlighted race, self-defense, and guns in the u.s. justice system. it comes after the outcome of the first case sparked protests across the country this weekend.
9:21 am
kyle rittenhouse was acquitted of shooting three men, killing two of them last summer. the 18-year-old claimed self-defense and was found not guilty on all counts. now, there country is bracing for the verdict in the trial of three men who shot and killed 25-year-old ahmaud arbery while he was jogging through a georgia neighborhood. the men also claimed self-defense. nbc's catie beck is in brunswick, georgia. closing arguments begin on monday. what can we expect? >> alex, on monday, a brunswick, georgia, jury will hear two vastly different sides of a story. for many, the ahmaud arbery verdict will be another litmus test on racial justice. the final moments of 25-year-old ahmaud arbery's life have been seen by the jury and by the world. but the two narratives about what happened that day in february of 2020 couldn't be further apart.
9:22 am
>> vigilanteism, self's defense, that's at the core, and that's what's going to be front and center from the arguments from both sides. >> prosecutors will likely tell the story they have told in court. arbery was jogging unarmed in a residential neighborhood when greg mcmichael and his son travis began an armed pursuit. cornering arbery with the help of neighbor william bryan, who filmed the moment mcmichael shot and killed arbery after he made an attempt to get away. >> thee times he tried to get away from you. he hasn't pulled out a gun? >> correct. >> no knives. >> no knives. >> but the defense claims self-defense, that the three defendants were being vigilant neighbors, had spotter arbery walking through a house under construction and followed him to investigate. they claim arbery tussled with mcmike frl his gun and fatal shots were fired. >> i shot him. >> why? >> he had my gun.
9:23 am
it was a life or death situation. i'm going to have to stop him from doing this. so i shot. >> did he stop when you shot? >> he did not. >> kyle h. rittenhouse, not guilty. >> arbery deliberations begin on the heels of the acquittal of kyle rittenhouse, the teenage who killed two people and shot a third in unrest in kenosha, wisconsin. but it also stood on center stage. >> do you think the rittenhouse verdict factors in to this case at all? >> i think it does. i believe both of the cases are testing the boundaries of some significant legal issues and some significant social justice issues. >> at several points in the trial, defense counsel made motion to try to restrict black pastors from actually observing the trial inside, theying they could be influencing the jury, a jury that had just one black member. the judge dismissed all of those motions, court will resume tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. alex.
9:24 am
>> okay, catie beck, thank you for that. msnbc reports will bring you extensive coverage of tomorrow's closing arguments with our correspondents and team of legal analysts. so stay tuned for that. now to atlanta, where police are searching for the suspected owner of a gun that discharged at one of the world's busiest airports. that firearm accidentally went off in a screening security area at hartsfield-jackson atlanta international airport. creating a mass panic that injured at least three people. >> people just came flying through and just were like run, run, run. and then people were just running. and we all just ran outside this door right here. and made our way across to the side of the airport. and just, it was organized chaos. >> well, in the midst of all that chaos, the alleged gun owner, kenny wells, grabbed the firearm and ran away. after an hour, the airport was given an all clear, but the incident did create dozens of flight delays. passengers flying this busy
9:25 am
thanksgiving travel week are facing several challenges. first, we're going to show you how many planes are in the air right now. look at this image, it's from flight aware. it gives you a clear sense of the volume of air traffic today, and then of course, looking like that later this week. tomorrow, a vaccine mandate takes effect for tsa workers. 10% are unvaccinated. so that could lead to even longer security lines. their union tried to postpone the deadline until after the holidays but no word on that from the white house. >> the union is suggesting that they move the date back to match federal contractors to january 18th. that will give people time to get vaccinated over the holidays, talk with their families about that, too. and we think that that is probably a good move. we think that's still possible. but at 90% vaccination, that is a fairly manageable number. and so we just encourage the government to look at this very closely and to make sure that we're not inadvertently creating additional problems. >> nbc's scott cohn is joining
9:26 am
me from san francisco international airport. welcome to you. busy week ahead. that is something of an understatement. >> yeah, and actually, the rush, alex, is already under way. you can see it behind me, but they also, back on friday, they were reporting post-pandemic traffic reports here at sfo and throughout the bay area and elsewhere across the country. the forecast, according to aaa, is a lot of travel over the coming days. 53 million americans, more than 53 million americans, expected to travel during the holiday period. that's a 13% rise from last year overall, but an 80% jump in air travel over last year. of course, last year, there was no vaccine. there were still travel restrictions. now, people are coming back in force. and it's going to be a lot of people that maybe haven't traveled in the last year or so. and even if you have traveled in the last several months, there are things to be aware of, like the fact that they're still trying to do social distancing
9:27 am
in the airports here at sfo, they have something like 15,000 new social distancing stickers reminding people about that six-feet difference, which can be tough in a crowded airport. also, bear in mind the parking garages are filling up because officials say a lot of people are deciding to drive themselves to the airport instead of taking public transportation, for example. so allow some extra time to find a, paing space if that's what you're doing. the bottom line, according to officials, like any time, but especially over thanksgiving, plan ahead. >> give yourself extra time. give yourself plenty of time to get through the process. also, make sure you understand what terminal you're going to. this can really save you headaches at the beginning of your air travel experience. know what airline you're going to and what terminal they operate in. so if you're getting dropped off, you're in it right place. that can save you up to 20 minutes just by going to the right terminal where your airline is.
9:28 am
>> and the other thing, don't forget your mask. it is federal law inside the terminal, on the plane, all the way through to your destination. do all that, and hopefully you'll have a safe and smooth trip this week. alex. >> that's as long as the weather cooperates. we're going to get to that paint of the equation next. thank you, scott, from sfo. >> those travelers keeping an eye on the weather. we're looking at parts of the midwest and southeast that could see snow and coldest weather of the season. we have the forecast for us. we're paying close attention so take it away. >> yeah, alex. i have been watching this storm system all week long, and it was pretty big about two days ago. the forecast has dramatically changed, but we're still going to be dealing with a series of fronts. right now, you can see the storm system is making its way quickly into the east coast, but it's really northeast ohio that is dealing with the brunt of the moisture currently. heavy rainfall and that will continue for the rest of the day. this will quickly make its way
9:29 am
from d.c. to new york city, boston area, as we go into your evening hours. right now, it's about a quarter of an inch to a half inch of rain. but that's really not the problem. this front continues to make its way off shore, even impacting areas of louisiana into the deep south. so if you're traveling along i-95 corridor, that will be a problem for tonight, but behind the front, that's where the dramatic weather really starts to happen. it's that colder air that will continue to shift, and then the wind gusts up to about 35 to 40 miles per hour. but we're also going to be watching lake huron, all the way to lake erie where we're going to deal with lake enhanced moisture. the snowfall will be limited to interior areas of new york and in northeast ohio as well. so that's just front number one. look at some of these airport delays, i do think they have gotten better in the last 24 hours. if you're in the greater cleveland area, expect some cancellation to delays, dealing with that snow and wind. also going to be watching
9:30 am
boston, but traveling out of new york city, d.c., cincinnati, we'll watch some minor delays which shouldn't be a problem. that's just front number one. then we'll watch another front make its way through as we go into your wednesday, even thanksgiving day. look at some of these totals for buffalo to syracuse, talking about at least 2 to 4 inches. and then 8 inches in some isolated spots. but the heavy coat, yes, it is definitely necessary, as woe go into your thanksgiving week. and thanksgiving day. in minneapolis, 17 degrees. then when you factor in the winds, the feel-like temperature, alex, we're talking about the single digits in some areas. pittsburgh, 25 degrees. 31 for d.c., as we go into your tuesday. so the colder air is going to be seeping in. i think after this first front starts to make its way in, alex, thanksgiving day, prime time looking forecast. it's just getting out of some of these locations early. >> that's nice.
9:31 am
it will be particular nice for the parade, too, so good for you for hooking that up. we'll see you again. thank you. a disturbing new report from nbc news details an increasing number of threats against public officials. it is shocking, yes, but surprising, my sunday panel talks about it next. t. (naj) at fisher investments, our clients know we have their backs. (other money manager) how do your clients know that? (naj) because as a fiduciary, it's our responsibility to always put clients first. (other money manager) so you do it because you have to? (naj) no, we do it because it's the right thing to do. we help clients enjoy a comfortable retirement. (other money manager) sounds like a big responsibility. (naj) one that we don't take lightly. it's why our fees are structured so we do better when our clients do better. fisher investments is clearly different. ray loves vacations. but his diabetes never seemed to take one. everything felt like a 'no'. everything.
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time now for another round of just the headline, where we break down the top headlines of the day. new reporting from nbc news shows trump inspired grievances are fueling an escalating number of threats against public officials. that includes congressman joe neguse. last february, the day after they incited trump for the january 6th riot, a suspicious letter mailed to the
9:36 am
congressman's home was opened to find a clipping of neguse, an unknown substance suspected to be feces marked an x over the photo. that nent is one of the 9,000 threats reported to capitol police this year. joining me now, rachelle richie, plitcon analyst and democratic consulant. susan del percio, and david jolly. hey, guys. i'm awfully glad to have you all three here. david, i'm going to ask you about that first, because i have been made aware that in 2018, you had a situation that required, i guess, going in and discussing some kind of security or help of some sort as a member of congress. talk about that, and your thoughts on what your fellow congressman, joe neguse, had to deal with this year. >> yeah, look, the story from joe neguse is very serious, and alex, it's consistent with the warnings of our domestic intelligence operations,
9:37 am
homeland skurpt, that in fact there is this rise in white nationalist inspired violence. we're seeing the escalation of threats against elected officials consistent with that. i was the subject of a matter of someone who suggested that david jolly should be killed and did so on social media. and ultimately, a referral to law enforcement resulted in prosecution of that individual. but interestingly, the interest perspective that members of congress and other elected officials have to go through, alex, is sometimes you have to move swiftly for a civil action, an injunction, a restraining order against the individual, because the criminal prosecution can take months or even years. so members of congress are not afforded special privileges, special protections. you have to enter the civil and criminal process just like any other citizen would. and i suppose that's the correct course. >> okay, just quickly, does that citizen remain monitored to this day? do you know? >> i think there is a few more years on his ankle bracelet
9:38 am
remaining, yes. >> good. well done. rachelle, how about this? a defense attorney for the accused or rather an accused january 6th rioter said the proud boys went to d.c. to, quote, defend demonstrators, not unlike what kyle rittenhouse did. okay, putting those two things together, what's your reaction to that? >> well, i think what kyle rittenhouse did, and obviously, what the folks on january 6th did, are really the same thing. they went there with a murderous sort of mentality, a violent mentality, and that was their only focus. it was not necessarily about justice or protecting the constitution. or protecting businesses, as kyle rittenhouse lied about. but here's the deal. i think when we talk about these cases, we have to really start focusing on the issue here. because i have heard a lot of people talk about the judge, for instance, in this case. and yes, the judge was very, very biased, very problematic in this situation.
9:39 am
but the question is, what are we going to do about it? because in wisconsin, he is an elected judge. and there are ways to get him off of the bench. and so we have to start having conversations about poor judges that are biased and how do we remove them? because a lot of people think judges are there for a lifetime and they're appointed. of course, in some states that's true, but in wisconsin, there are opportunities there to get rid of him. and we also have to look at when we have people prosecutors, prosecuting these cases, we need to make sure they are leaving nothing to the defense's power. because the only reason that that gun charge got thrown out, the minor with a gun charge, was because there was a loophole in the law that allowed kyle rittenhouse to carry that weapon because it wasn't a short barreled rifle or shotgun. and the prosecution should have known that. and unfortunately, that was probably at least maybe one of the charges that he could have been found guilty on, but unfortunately, not really
9:40 am
investigating the laws thoroughly is what got him off. >> interesting perspective there for sure. susan, this one to you. the gop is energized, but trump cancel culture poses a threat. the former president tightening his grip on the party as a haphazard king maker, threatens republican incumbents and endorses questionable candidates. so do you, susan, think the former president is going to end up hurting his own party in next year's election? >> it's quite possible, depending how involved he gets. everyone keeps pointing to what happened in virginia and that we should follow the youngkin example. except youngkin didn't have a primary. he was nominated via convention. it's the primaies that become the knockout, drag-out, and if you get more trumplike extremists and endorsed by the president for extremists that will in fact probably lead to their defeat, which would be
9:41 am
good in my opinion, but it does mean donald trump is a problem. he's a problem in recruiting. he's a problem for mitch mcconnell right now, and he's even a problem for republican governors. he endorsed stacey abrams, for crying out loud. >> i mean, that's a head scratcher for sure. okay, david. speaking of cancel culture, the wyoming gop says it's no longer going to recognize liz cheney as a republican after she criticized trump. what is your reaction to that, and how is that going to play with longtime cheney family loyal republicans in wyoming? >> i would suggest that liz cheney's legacy is richer today because of it. liz cheney has her eye on the constitution, and while there are strong disagreements between progressives and liz cheney, i think she's proven herself to be an ally in defense of democracy. it's hard to say that of today's republican party writ large. there's not a big surprise here, liz cheney will have a primary. her primary opponent endorsed by
9:42 am
the wyoming party by donald trump. liz cheney is the cheney name in wyoming goes very deep, perhaps she could pull off a win, but to susan's point, in the primaries, this is still donald trump's party. whether liz cheney returns to congress or not, her legacy will be richer because of what she's done the past couple years. >> time wise, i'm going to pose this question to both of you, rachelle and susan. let's look at the states when are redrawing every congressional district in the u.s., and so far in states with finalized maps, there will be 28 strong biden 2026, that's up three since 2020. 19 competitive districts, that is down 12 from 2020, but here's the big one. 68 strong trump districts, that's up 14 since 2020. both of you react. rachelle, you first. >> yeah, this is a huge concern. obviously. and i think that the democrats have got to get on point with their messaging. unfortunately, right now, with the democrats, it's a party of
9:43 am
three. you have democrats, moderates, progressives. so the messaging is not clear on what they really stand for. and so they have a messaging issue, and they need to start informing their constituents of these redistricting because a lot of people don't even know what that means or what that is. they head to the ballot, they head to the ballot and or they look at their ballot and they don't see their favorite candidates on there and they're wondering why and they toss the ballot and don't vote at all. i think the democrats have to really start informing people about the fact that this is actually happening. >> yeah. susan, last word to you. >> elect more ledge -- state legislators and state governors and judges. that's where the democrats need to really focus their energy, is getting the right judges in. that's how you get voter rights put back on the agenda for our country. and you don't see that kind of redistricting passing legal muster. >> okay. hey, listen, i'm thankful for all three of you and our interesting insights you bring, and sometimes we even have a lot of fun doing this. so anyway, happy thanksgiving.
9:44 am
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instantly clear everyday congestion. and try vicks sinex children's saline. safe and gentle relief for children's noses. the rush for boosters is on, with the shots now available to all u.s. adults. dr. fauci spoke this morning about the likelihood of having to get a dose every year. >> that shirt shot with the mrna not only boosts you way up but
9:48 am
increases the durability so you will not necessarily need it every six months or a year. we're hoping it pushes it out more. if it doesn't, and the data show we do need it more often, then we'll do it. >> joining me now is dr. patel, msnbc medical contributor, physician, and fellow at the brookings institution, and former obama white house health policy director. welcome to you, and let me say in anticipation of knowing we're going to talk about this, i booked my booster shot appointment this morning. before coming into the studio, so i'm really excited about that, frankly, but let's talk about the reasons for getting a third dose. is there any reason not to? and what's the issue with waiting too long after the second dose and eventually not getting one at all? >> yeah, great questions, alex. i'm glad you got your appointment. overall, pretty much down to a person, the data is compelling. not just from the united states but from around the world that we really do need boosters, especially six months or beyond that second dose. to your question, more
9:49 am
specifically, who should not get a booster, i think it's important to ask that question to a physician if you had some very strong reactions, and i mean inflammation of the heart muscle, myocarditis, they call that, or any severe clots or reactions to johnson & johnson, moderna, or pfizer. that, of course, would be something i would recommend talking, and there are solutions for people so we can mix and match and do some other things to make sure that we still get individuals boosted. but i think to your kind of the bigger question is, you know, how long can you wait? six smung what we recommend, but a lot of people are more than six months away. do not fear. the data pfizer collected and presented to the cdc and fda show an average of ten months from the second dose, getting that booster can still kind of bring you up to that post-dose two protection. meaning you get that booster, and even within a period of less than a week, we start seeing protection against symptomatic infection. that is critical for people going into the holidays.
9:50 am
it's not too late to get your booster today, tomorrow, monday, tuesday, and still see some benefit by thanksgiving day. >> wow. that's good to know. yeah, get on that for sure. let me ask you about the booster shot and the flu shot given where we are in the season right now. can you get them at the same time? >> you get them at the same time? >> you can. generally what we're doing is giving people the booster and the flu shot in different arms. i warn people, because you might have some soreness in both your arms, plan for that. but you can absolutely get them at the same time. and in fact we encourage you, so you don't forget on one or the other, to get them at the same time. it's a great question. also a reminder, all children above the age of 6 months should also be getting their flu shot. we're seeing a lot more flu activity compared to last year because people are out and not wearing masks. >> makes sense. so booster shots available for all adults, check. vaccines approved for most children, check. what's next in trying to fight this pandemic and how prepared are we to do so heading into the
9:51 am
winter? >> everybody is asking when we'll see vaccines for under 5. i think it will be a while, maybe march of 2022, because the trials aren't totally done. we follow a process, they check for safety, the fda has to approve it. i think we'll see fda either authorization or approval for oral drugs that you would take if you had a positive pcr or covid test. that is important. people still need to get vaccinated. but if you have a breakthrough or let's say you're someone not eligible to be vaccinated, this can be an important option. alex, we're seeing double digit increases across the country and seeing a slight uptick in hospitalizations. our next battle is going to be reducing that with vaccines and possibly oral treatments that we can take in the convenience of our own home for about five days. >> dr. kavita patel, happy thanksgiving to you. so appreciate your consistent messaging on all of this, for myself and our viewers and all.
9:52 am
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in that same area of last month's big oil spill off the coast of southern california, divers spotted yesterday what they thought was a new oil slick. they estimated the sheen to be about 35 to 70 feet. after authorities mobilized to investigate, they were unable to locate the sheen and figured it had dissipated, somewhat good news. in southern oregon, state police busted a massive illegal marijuana factory, seizing 500,000 pounds of pot. it took authorities two days to go through all five warehouses
9:57 am
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