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tv   Kendis Gibson and Lindsey Reiser Report  MSNBC  November 21, 2021 3:00am-4:00am PST

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catherine. she enjoyed life a lot law >> that's all for this edition for "dateline", i'm craig melvin, thank you for watching. >> first up on msnbc, one day closer to a verdict in the trial of ahmaud arbery's accused killers. looking ahead to tomorrow's closing arguments. and why some domestic terror absolutes are sounding the alarm about the kyle parting house acquittal. [noise] >> gun shots sending people running at the country's busiest airport.
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and on the first weekend of the holiday travel season. the man responsible still on the run this morning, as passengers recover from the chaos. >> people just came flying through and just were like, run, run, run. and that people or just running. >> new developments this morning in the disappearance of pantry. a new video claiming to show the chinese tennis our ally and people around the world not buying. it >> and finding a christmas tree could add some extra stress your holiday season. multiple obstacles facing the industry. what you need to do to make sure you get the one you want. >> it doesn't mean that christmas is canceled. anyone who wants a treat will be able to find one. they might just have to look at little bit harder. >> i heard christmas isn't canceled and then i stopped. because that's all i need to. no >> it's all you need to know. mariah carey is going to be here. [laughs] >> good morning, it's someday
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november 21st. i'm lindsey reiser. >> i'm kendis gibson. life from msnbc headquarters in new york. we have a team of reporters in brunswick, georgia and kenosha, wisconsin. we're looking at all these life cameras because this is the start really of the holiday travel we can. >> it may not look at from some of the shots. okay, so upper left is inside laguardia. just a trickle of people right there. we're going clockwise here. washington d.c. and then new york, and then l.a.x.. but we know that today is going to be long lines, people kind of expecting delays. some of them weather related as. well >> it's going to be an issue for many people who are traveling all throughout the country. we're going to begin this morning with that dramatic start to the thanksgiving travel week. and atlanta's hartsfield-jackson international airport. one of the worlds -- in fact, the world's busiest airport. a gun accidentally discharged in a security screening area, leading to more than 50 flight delays. >> our police are on the hunt
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for the suspected owner of that gun. that person escaped in the airport just as the chaos got underway. nbc news correspondent kathy park is an atlanta with more. kathy >> kendis, lindsey, good morning to you both. it is one of the busiest travel weeks of the year and one of the busiest airports in the world. an accidental discharge of a firearm sent travelers scrambling for safety. >> thanksgiving travel off to a chaotic start at atlanta's hartsfield-jackson international airport. >> guys, i'm in the airport. and i don't know what's happening. but everybody's running. >> security was inspecting a passenger is by containing a loaded firearm. the passenger lunged for the weapon, accidentally discharging it before fleeing the airport. sending hundreds running, scrambling, and ducking down for cover. panic outside, to. with crowds waiting for updates. the faa issued a ground stop.
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dozens of flights were delayed. atlanta's airport routinely leads the nation in gun confiscation's. you record 450 firearms this year alone. all of this playing out with millions on the move ahead of a busy holiday travel week. >> it's going to feel like that old thanksgiving. you either stain traffic or your in line in the airport. >> the tlc, screening more than 2.2 million people friday. the biggest volume of passengers since the start of the pandemic. airports in california and florida look more than like 2019, with long lines and wait times. this year, aaa estimates roughly 53 billion thanksgiving travelers. at least 4 million planned to fly. >> trying to get out early, avoid the rush. >> tsa officials say they're prepared to handle the surge, even with mondays looming deadline requiring vaccines for employees. government sources tell nbc news they estimate the vaccination rate among screening officers to be around 90%. >> yes, to the point, we are
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going to be staffed enough to handle the surge. expect to have no impact whatsoever, with respect to the vaccine for our times going through tsa screening checkpoints. >> atlanta's airport was back to normal operations at around 3:27 saturday afternoon. all passengers who are at the airport at the time of the incident had to make the re-screen. we've also learned three people sustained non-life-threatening injuries. guys, back to you. >> all right, thanks to kathy part. there she mentioned that delta ending up we think that change fees for anybody who needed to change flights. which there were many. >> a lot of. people >> in our next hour, we'll have guests on all of this. darren nelson from the flight attendants association talking about how to travel stress-free. good luck with. that >> exactly. now to the trial of those three men accused of murdering ahmaud arbery. closing arguments get underway tomorrow in the case of the three white men on trial for arbery's death. arbery was killed while jogging. those men claimed they
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suspected him of burglary and we're trying to make a citizens arrest. but on this time, one of them admitted arbery did not pose a threat. >> we've also seen more we can protest across the country after kyle rittenhouse was acquitted a vulture. just take a look at the scenes on your screen here. people took their outreach to the streets in places like chicago, minneapolis and tampa, florida. let's get to the latest on both of these cases. nbc news correspondent stephanie stanton is in brunswick, georgia. elizabeth lothian is in kenosha, wisconsin. 70, let's start with. you what's the mood there like in georgia as this arbery case nears its end? s this arbery case nears >> morning to you, lindse. the mood surprisingly is very calm right now. it is quite different than what we saw in kenosha. even though this is a very racially charged case. last week, we heard from one of three defendants who are on trial here for murder. after that testimony, we did see one wanda cooper jones, the
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mother of ahmaud arbery. she came out here on the courthouse steps. she spoke to the crowd and she said that she feels confident there will be a conviction in this case. so, perhaps that is helping to quell some of the uncertainty that people may be feeling about how they think this case is going to play out. let's break down some of that dramatic testimony and some of those dramatic moments we saw last week when travis mcmichael -- he is one of three defendants of course, in this case. took the stand in his own defense. he told the court how he and his father, gregory, along with another man, william bryan, pursued ahmaud arbery because they believed he was responsible for at least one burglary in their neighborhood. he talked about how what happened in those moments leading up to that fatal shooting, which he claimed it was self-defense. but during some pretty intense cross examination, the prosecutor was able to poke holes in that assertion. take a listen. >> didn't threaten you in any way? >> no. >> didn't verbally threaten you?
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>> not verbally. >> didn't swear? you >> did it. where >> did it say? anything >> no. >> didn't pull out a gun? >> he did not pull out. again >> turned around and ran away? >> now we also saw testimony that showed that mcmichael along with his father greg and the other gentleman liam bryan did not tell ahmaud arbery that they were in fact making a citizens arrest. and that is the premise behind this. they were just good citizens in their neighborhood. they were trying to be -- make a citizens arrest of ahmaud arbery. so, this case is set to get underway again tomorrow. that is when we will see those closing arguments and depending on the timing of all of that, the jury could have this case in their hands by late afternoon tomorrow. >> this, let's go to you there in kenosha. there's new reaction on the rittenhouse acquittal from both activists and lawmakers? >> yes, kendis, more government
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officials are speaking out. some expressing outrage. some calling for federal review by the department of justice. representative jerry nadler tweeted, this heartbreaking verdict is a miscarriage of justice and sets a dangerous precedence. which justifies federal review by the doj. justice cannot tolerate armed persons crossing state lines looking for trouble while people engage in. first amendment protected protests. now it should be noted that rittenhouse didn't cross sea lions with his weapon. a friend had it here in kenosha and he drove himself from his home in and to york, illinois, about 50 miles from here. but he did cross the nines and arm himself to engage in this protest. something that is sparking some fear among researchers and activists, who say that this verdict can embolden more citizens to deputize themselves. take matters into their own hands. and bring a weapon to protests
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and counterprotest. see some fodder on extreme groups online and on their channels where they gather. proud boys wanting to call the january 6th insurrection self-defense. seeing more language celebrating this verdict. a call to arms, perhaps, for other protests. that's really worry extremist researchers. we do see activists speaking out, asking for reforms into law. protests yesterday nearby cities of mid will milwaukee and wisconsin -- more rally schedule today in charleston, new orleans and wilmington, north carolina. lindsey, kendis? >> liz mclaughlin and stephanie stanton, thank you both for starting us off. let's bring in our panel to talk about both of these cases. danny solace is an nbc legal analyst. and malcolm nance is in and miss nbc terrorist analyst. danny, clearly we have two very different cases here. the case of the man accused of
3:11 am
killing ahmaud arbery. the case involving call rittenhouse. different sets of facts. was the biggest difference to you when people start thinking about the rittenhouse verdict as we prepare for a verdict in the trial of ahmaud arbery's accused killers? accused ki>> no two criminal cae exactly like, just as you pointed out. in fact, these two cases are very different. in that case of arbery's killers, you have a situation where there's plenty of evidence that the defendants took themselves to the encounter and not only at the very last second they claim self-defense when arbery turns toward them. before that he's doing everything he can to run away and. that appears to be from the defendants own testimony. so, that's a very challenging case for these defendants to claim self-defense. but i think while the two cases show us is there is a lot of reach range between self-defense cases. no two are alike. they can be very complicated.
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and that can be very difficult for the jury to sort out who the initial aggressor really was. >> malcolm, as talk about the rittenhouse verdict. because on msnbc on friday you, said that you can confirm that white nationalist groups are now celebrating the rittenhouse verdict as a wind. do you see more of that since then? >> oh, yeah. i don't confirm it. everyone confirms it. it is all over the mainstream channels of the conservative media now. they are celebrating this as a victory in their culture war against what they call the rest of america. the other 65% of america. who they believe are this mad cabal of communists. that being said, they view kyle rittenhouse as this avatar. and they have ever since he was arrested. and avatar of a guy who went there to protect businesses, that didn't invite him by the way.
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with firearms by open carrying it, which was legal, and then defending himself by shooting these people. the victims that he killed. they view this as a template on how to go forward. and this is where things will get really, really dangerous. some of these groups, the proud boys and others, may have in future protests a person i would call a designated rittenhouse. this is a person who would get into a defensive situation, fire off his gun, and then the rest of them could use their weapons to protect him and call it a mass self-defense massacre. this is really going to get serious overtime, because now vigilantism to them has been legalized. >> that is frightening. >> i mean, danny, do you see anything else potentially happening in the rittenhouse case. any potential civil action? doj review as is being called for by jerry nadler?
3:14 am
>> it's very easy for representative not called for an investigation by the doj, because he's not in the doj. he's not in the executive branch. it's not his name that is put on the line if there is an investigation or prosecution. that feels like the state prosecution did. it's merrick garland. it's the local u.s. attorney. so, it's very easy for someone in the legislative branch to say there should be an investigation. but if you're playing the odds, there will likely be no doj investigation a violation of civil rights. the doj is a political animal. they don't like to lose. they don't lose. i can tell you as a criminal defense attorney, they went over 90% of their cases. so, they don't like to take on high risk cases that will give them any kind of embarrassment in the public eye. unlikely that the doj will -- they may investigate, not likely to be civil rights type charges. as for civil lot suits, there's
3:15 am
absolutely nothing to stop a civil lawsuit. i believe some have already been filed. maybe against kenosha itself. maybe against rittenhouse. but that doesn't mean that they're highly likely to prevail. it's going to be very difficult to win after an acquittal of kyle rittenhouse. although i would add, just as a historical footnote, o.j. simpson was found not guilty of murder, but eventually civilly liable for killing the two victims in that case. and most of that can be chalked up to the lower burden of proof in a civil case. so, a few barriers to initiating a civil case. more likely to see them. but that doesn't mean they're likely to succeed. >> yeah they're several severe cases at play right now targeting the city of kenosha itself. malcolm, i want to get your quick take on this street. scott mcfarland from our nbc station in d.c.. he said, a proud boys leader is already invoking rittenhouse argue that the january six charges against him should be
3:16 am
dropped. his attorney in the brief that not unlike what kyle rittenhouse did, his clay travel to washington to defend vulnerable demonstrators from antifa. is this what is going to be happening in this country over the next months and years ahead? >> i don't know whether he has legal counsel and i leave this to danny cevallos who is just barely at hard-core, hard reality legal analysis. you cannot use this as a precedent for attempting to violate the 14th amendment to the constitution. an act of sedition, right, entering and unlawfully entering a building, this are creating of u.s. federal government property. there are a whole mess of other laws which will be apply to this individual. but by saying you went self-defense against antifa. antifa is just a series of words. it is not an organization. it is not a terrorist group.
3:17 am
no matter how much you wish. that so, as hard as he tries, there is other more compelling evidence that the fbi has collected on most of these individuals. the most important one's, their cellphone data showing their precise location within one foot of where they were on that day. >> all right, going to leave it. there danny cevallos and malcolm nance, thank you very much. >> that is, take a compliment and running. >> yeah, it was. going >> that is -- i'm so excited. i get we everyone up here. home >> is better than a length and endorsement. potential new sightings this morning of the tennis star peng shuai, why some are questioning its authenticity.
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and you can get unlimited data for just $30 per line per month when you get four lines or mix and match data options. available now for comcast business internet customers with no line-activation fees or term contract required. see if you can save by switching today. comcast business. >> new this, morning new video powering possibilities.
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reads of the tennis star, peng
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shuai who has been missing for nearly three weeks after of course accusing a former top chinese official of sexual misconduct. >> state media released these images we will show you, supposedly showing her at a youth tennis match in beijing on sunday. we are only showing you screen grabs because we have not been able to verify that video. >> mbs nbc's raft sanchez was following the story for us. how is the world reacting to these new images? >> kendis and lindsey, good morning. the world is reacting with skepticism, frankly, as we have not heard or seen peng shuai in three weeks, or social media presents disappears and then all of a sudden in the last 24 hours, chinese state media publishes a series of videos which allegedly show her well and at liberty. now, i have watched these videos with our mandarin speaking colleagues at nbc news. there are a couple of unusual things about them. for starters, we see peng shuai, but we do not hear from her. and she does not talk to the camera or other people in the
3:23 am
video. we certainly do not hear her say that she is okay, or that she is free. the other unusual thing, in the video released last night, which allegedly shows her in a restaurant in beijing, the people around her at dinner make repeated references to the day's date, in a way that is pretty unusual. and it feels like they are trying to establish that this video was, in fact, shot on saturday. now, these videos are not convincing the women's tennis association, which is taking a very strong stance on the disappearance of peng shuai. their ceo is saying, in a statement, while it is positive to see here it remains unclear if she is free and able to make decisions, and take actions on her own, without coercion or external interference. this video alone is insufficient. the statement goes on to say, our relationship with china is at a crossroads.
3:24 am
now, that is a reference to this threat by the wta, they are prepared to pull out of china altogether, the decision would cost them millions of dollars if they do not get reassurances about the safety of peng shuai. that is a much stronger position that is been taken by the nba, by other american sports leagues, by other american companies. this week, both the biden administration and the united nations are saying, they want answers about what has happened to peng shuai. so, guys, this case is not going away anytime soon. >> no, it is not. and, a bold move by the wta take such a stance with tennis being the third most popular sport there, in that country, in china. when a market there. raf sanchez, thank you. >> if the headbutting between democrats during negotiations turns voters off next year in the midterms, we could see a shift in power. >> and, with this week's constant turn of republican extremism is any indicator, we
3:25 am
may have a rocky path ahead. we will talk about this with our political panel. >> the next hour, he had a pellet gun and his hands were up, and police fired. now, his family is suing. family is suing >> he was looking for help. you do not call 9-1-1 and expect who would be shot. >> we will break down the video, with our legal panel. with our legal panel ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ with chase security features, guidance and convenience, banking feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. what can i du with less asthma? with dupixent, i can du more....beginners' yoga.
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some see as new concern today about the rising extremism in the republican party. congresswoman cori bush is now calling for expulsions her house members who offered internships to kyle rittenhouse. kevin coffee says when republicans take back the house, he would be restored committee assignments to disgraced members paul gosar as well as marjorie taylor. ron desantis, potential 2024 finish candidate is --
3:30 am
traveling to brandon, florida, to embrace the conservative slogan that includes swearing at the president. this is just a short list of what we're talking about. and board member of a republican women for progress. she's also a contributor to nbc thing. and ferdinand -- who's a democratic pollster and msnbc political analyst. ashley, i do want to start with rittenhouse. and cori bush specifically. i want to read these lines from a tweet she. she says, not only do these members feel violence, now they're actively recruiting someone who sole qualification is killing people standing up for black lives and getting away with it. what does this actually say about the state of today's republican party? >> well, to me this isn't a preview of how the republican party would lead, this is exactly how they have been leading and will continue to lead. donald trump's presidency was just that beginning. als for the dark extremist
3:31 am
underbelly of the party to come to life. all of these things that we're seeing, currents around vaccines, black lives matter's, this is all again a continuation of what we've seen for the last four years. but really has been existing within the republican party for a very long time. it just never really had a platform. this racist, sexist, violent rhetoric, it has a home within the gop for, now in this foreseeable future. they've proven that time and time again. with or without trump, this is the future of the republican party and everybody should be on notice right now. this really isn't surprising, because the gop machine capitalizes on division and they've always been labeled as the outrage machine. it's dangerous. it's wrong. and as you pointed out, it stands -- all of these political tension. it's always been labeled the outreach machine for this reason. >> ferdinand, i'm curious about this. if you see this whole cozying up kevin mccarthy is doing? is that an incentive for voters
3:32 am
going into 2022 midterms? >> sadly, kendis, i'm not sure voters are as engaged or watching this to the degree that folks certainly on this network are. i think as ashley said so eloquently, this has been a pattern of behavior for that for better or worse, the republican party feels they have this political impunity around. despite the fact that we saw the escalation of violent rhetoric during the trump presidency, culminated in that january 6th violent insurrection against the united states congress. where police officers lost their lives and the republican party -- i also see the extremism even touching aspects that were once unthinkable. the type of financial violence we are now, on december 15th, we face the possibility of a debt ceiling lifting again. the republicans have made clear there are not going to cooperate. they can't count on any type of
3:33 am
corporation to protect the nations financial integrity. that would just america and the financial markets into chaos. the republican bet is that that type of extremism will reflect poorly on the democrats in office and not. and so, it's a very disturbing development for a party that is increasingly untethered from the principles of democracy. and have embraced the culture that says violence is acceptable, and there is impunity when it comes to how we administer the oversight of that. violence >> yeah, ashley, you have run desantis. he's a potential 2024 candidate. he went to brandon, florida. was clearly trolling president biden. is this what's going to happen for the next couple of years? >> i think we can expect this to happen through 2022. 2024, 2026, and beyond. this is just, again, the future of the republican party here. you didn't think it could get much worse than donald trump,
3:34 am
well, here it is. january 6th was just the beginning. but the culmination of four years of outrage, leading to another four years of outreach. there's they're never going to be satisfied until they get what they want. that's why they fund-raise off of all of these controversies, because they believe they're in the right here. when in fact, history will prove that they're on the wrong side. fernand, of course your democratic pollster, but how much of the republican party with uc is actually fired up i this type of rhetoric and shenanigans when it comes to marjorie taylor greene and gosar? >> extraordinarily fired up and won only need to look at the electoral results we had less than a month ago in the state of virginia. where republican turnout was extraordinarily high. all public opinion studies i've seen suggests that there is enthusiasm and tremendous enthusiasm amongst the republican base towards now
3:35 am
participating in this 2022 election. so, when you combine that enthusiasm with this ominous embrace of extremism and even the sanctifying of violence in the names of political means, paints a dark and cream picture for the future of our american democracy. the list curly if you don't see a counter weight or countermeasure against the embrace of extremism. >> all right, we're going to leave it there. because ashley pratte oates and fernand amandi, thank you both. appreciate. it >> president biden's build back better bill is in the hands of the senate. what coaxing will have to get them to get all democrats on board. beautiful sunrise over capitol hill right. now
3:36 am
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3:39 am
how house speaker nancy pelosi worked at their phones and their back channels to senators manchin and sinema, to arrive at a build back better deal. now >> the wall street journal reports senator sanders is unhappy with the agreement. nbc news julie tsirkin joining us now from capitol hill. julie, good morning to. you just when they thought they had it all squared away, had all those senators in line, here comes sanders. >>,,,. -- speaker pelosi knows how to wield the gavel and although this bill has a long road ahead in the senate, it took a lot of negotiating behind the scenes to even get to this point where the house passed that 1.6 trillion dollar human infrastructure plan on friday. you'll remember back in
3:40 am
september, there was that that viral clip speaker pelosi at the congressional baseball game. firstly wagging her finger. you see it there on the screen. she's clearly animated. she's on the phone with somebody. now the new york times is reporting overnight that person on the other line was actually senator joe manchin. she was trying to convince him to support a bigger bill. look, let's take a look at the issues in this house passed bill, now that it hits the senate. you have paid family leave. a provision in the bill, four weeks of that. a huge party for democrats. including of course, president biden. until senator manchin will not get to a yes on the. you also have senator bernie sanders, he doesn't support the salt deduction. which is basically what blue states, high local state taxes. coming from blue states, i should say. that's that cap that will lead to tax cuts for a lot of millionaires. bernie sanders told me this week, that's something he fights completely absurd. so, that will have to get
3:41 am
reworked. we know senator bernie sanders is working on that. now it is also medicaid expansion. now there's only money in the bill for hearing aids. bernie sanders won dental and vision taking care of, to. but still senators are optimistic they can get to yes. let's listen to senator tina smith yesterday. >> having been in conversation with senator manchin and senator -- my strongly is that everybody is trying to find a path forward. you can always tell when people are trying to get to yes or whether they're trying to find an excuse to say no. i have a strong feeling that democrats in the senate want to get to. yes get to >> senator manchin said more than once he will vote for a bill that is it felipe for. we know now from the congressional budget office that non partisan scorekeeper of this parse, this bill actually add 360 billion dollars to the debt. we know he's concerned about inflation. we'll see, they have a couple weeks. we'll see if they can get it done by the end of the. >> here we thought it was just
3:42 am
-- julie tsirkin, thank. you >> for many of us, utterly brian thanksgiving is a must watch during the holidays. and the voice behind the peanuts first black character joins us live next to share how he came to be. and also discuss the ongoing controversy behind this scene at the dinner table. ♪ limu emu... & doug ♪ ♪
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>> a, guess who just walked over here? >> it's franklin. i told him about that big turkey party you're having. he'll shull he sure his folks will let him come. hey, chuck. this is going to be the biggest bash of the year. >> so, for a lot of families, utterly burn thanksgiving is a beloved holiday staple. but what you may not know is that a comic strip virus back in 1968 when i introduce
3:47 am
franklin as the first black member of the peanuts gang. but you know, thanksgiving special five years later, this picture still brings up a lot of feelings of thoughts for people. joining right now right now as robin reid, the voice of franklin in that thanks giving special. and also see oh of that black chamber of arizona. robin, good to see you. we saw your names come up in the credit. thanks for joining us. so, how did franklin come to be a what sort of cultural impacted he have? >> so, frankly actually came to be -- actually his full name is franklin armstrong. but frankly team to be through an act of a light ship in 1968, -- a couple of weeks after the assassination of martin luther king, a white school teacher wrote a letter to charles schulz and said i think you need to have african american representation in your comic strip. and charles schulz brought her
3:48 am
back and said, i would love to do that, but i want to make sure that the black community does not think that i'm condescending to them. so, he was very aware of a potential impact. she spoke to several of her friends who were black and they said, they thought it would be a great thing. wrote him back, told him that, and shortly thereafter, franklin was in the comic strip. actually, july that same year, from april to july. >> so, before we talk about the legacy of franklin. there is controversy around this iconic scene. here franklin sitting by himself in a different share as everybody else. what do you make of the scene and water your thoughts about this? your thoughts >> i think we hav, lindsey. we're looking at something that happened in 1973. we're looking at it through 2021 lens. so, yes, is so very easy to get offended or upset about something. but we have to remember that at that time, that actually represented progress.
3:49 am
so, we need to make sure that we allow for it to exist in the environment that it was created. which was progress. i know that charles schulz at the time had challenges getting a blood character on television in his iconic comic strip. and that represented a compromise. but he was very, very -- he was a very strong advocate for equality. there was a point when franklin was introduced into the comic strip that someone in the south wanted places where his trip was indicated, said he didn't want to in there. and said that's fine, if you're not going to do it that i will pull my comic strip and you will have in your market. and obviously he won that particular argument. but yes, that represents a time nearly 50 years ago and we've got to acknowledge that at that time it was progress.
3:50 am
it was not intended to offend anyone. >> why do you think franklin's legacy is and are you proud to be associated with him? >> oh, i'm incredibly proud. let's look at the time line. in april, someone said hey,
3:51 am
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3:57 am
they're auctioning off 50,000 trees before the pandemic, they auctioned off 98,000. this auction is the middle man between farmers and the trees you buy at big tent sales and big box stores. >> there's a lot of new people here to buy and they're buying because their suppliers no longer have trees. >> if you're thinking of getting an artificial tree, many are stuck on cargo ships and in ports. >> that's going to making shopping a little bit more difficult. but it doesn't mean that christmas is canceled. anyone who wants a tree will be able to find one. they might just have to look a little bit harder. >> he went to the chimney and stuffed the tree up. >> to prevent the grinch from stealing your holiday, experts say shop early. some lots may sell out. among those on the early hunt for a tree, cindy cordova
3:58 am
thankful this will not be a socially distanced holiday. >> we'll be welcoming our family and friends over. >> a lot of people buying their trees early this year. >> focus on the positive, together. >> of course. >> less material things. so "saturday night live" brought some much-needed levity to the week with the actor similu making his hosting debut. >> and this week's cold open took aim at fox news, specifically how they handled one of the week's biggest stories. >> please welcome legal analyst for nasty npr, sandy cummings and samuel fields. welcome to the show. >> we were told you invited us in the interest of fairness. >> and you fell for it! that's on you, dumb-dumb. sandra, were you surprised by yesterday's verdict? >> surprised?
3:59 am
that he was exonerated on all charges. that's putting it mildly. i was shocked. >> you were? because i wasn't. >> i've never seen anything like it before. >> i have. many, many times. >> i mean, this is not who we are. >> i feel like it kind of is. >> and all this does is send the message that any american can just prowl the streets with an ak-47. >> any american? i think you're missing a key word there. white. >> all we can hope for is that at this point, that this will be a call to finally change the system. >> and that call will go right to voice mail and the mailbox is full. >> wow. very interesting. well, your segment's over and my mug is empty. so you've got to go. >> i think -- >> i think that they have been less comedy.
4:00 am
>> and truth. all right. we're going to begin a new hour of msnbc right now. and first up on msnbc, panic at the busiest airport in the u.s., as the holiday travel season begins. the suspect accused of causing all of this chaos and the accidental discharge of a weapon, still on the run, while passengers recover from these moments of panic. >> we all just ran outside this door right here and made our way across to the side of the airport. and just -- it was organized chaos. >> we could be just days away from another verdict in a race-fueled trial. looking ahead in the case of ahmaud arbery's accused killers, as the nation is still coming to grips with kyle rittenhouse's acquittal. a young man with a pellet gun and his hands in the air shot and killed by pennsylvania law enforcement.


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