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tv   Ayman  MSNBC  November 20, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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we are in close contact with our israel colleagues. >> dr. fauci advised is it maybe time for all of us to get the booster shot. >> there is no safety signal that it looks clear from safety then i would be very much in favor of having boosters for everyone who's primarily vaccinated at any age >> now that we know boosters are safe and effective, how and where do you get them? the best way to start is to call your local pharmacy or go online to see where the shots are given. #. >> that was nbc news reporting. that does it for me, now i will hand it over to alena maxwell, you are in incredible hands. are you going to get a booster? >> i already got my booster, i
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am boosted. >> please stay safe. >> i am going on tuesday. >> i have an point on tuesday. maybe we can have a booster drink afterwards. >> you take it away from there. >> that sounds like a plan. stay safe. >> coming up, we did it joe. the build back better bill passed the house but now it's headed for an uncertain future, you guessed it. the senate. plus, hero or white vigilante, we are watching in the reaction of the kyle rittenhouse's trial. now, first it was t swift and now it's adele. go easy on us. i need a red scarf to participate.
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let's get started. after months, the center piece of president biden's build back better bill act narrowly passed the house in a 220-213 votes. i don't know if you guys saw this. it went on for a while. although the debate was only scheduled to last 20 minutes. the house minority leader launched to an eight-hour plus mccarthy marathon. the speech did nothing to prevent passage of the bill but it did the break the house's record for the longest continuous speech in modern
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american history. it seems like that record was at the top of mind for kevin mccarthy. he noted right before he hit that eight-hour mark, he just had to get to a certain time. somebody must have told him. that certain time mccarthy was referencing, a speech made by speaker pelosi back in 2018, during her time as minority leader, she spoke for eight hours, urging republicans to allow a vote on immigration legislation that would protect dreamers. undocumented immigrants. she spent the majority reading personal letters from dreamers themselves. contrast that with mccarthy who spent his eight hours and 32 minutes doing this. >> i want to go back to when china is not flying over taiwan
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everyday. >> this day, only one black american is elected to congress. james scott. two famiies that grow 50% of all the carrots in this country. have you eat one of these baby carrots. there is no big thing, they're big carrots and you chop them and you buy it. >> i am sorry, what was this vote about again? i thought it was about human infrastructure. >> this was not much of a speech as it was an eight hour long for a job interview with a guy who lost the election. this was mccarthy's chance to make his loyalty crystal-clear.
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i guess it seemed to work. trump voiced his approval in a statement telling mccarthy "he did a good job. if mitch mcconnell had fought, you would have a different republican right now which is a fantasy. it's clear mccarthy's stunt did not go all over the maga base. representative matt gaetz tweeted out the minority leader was bringing it on the floor but the next day the florida man changed his tune and he did so on steve bannon's podcast because bannon the indicted former white house staffer still has a podcast. that's the same steve bannon that's charged with contentive of congress as you know.
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so i guess you can't win them all. there is one thing kevin mccarthy did do. he gave the democrats their win in broad daylight in the middle of a friday when everybody was paying attention, congratulations, kevin, way to go. there is a lot to discuss tonight. let's bring in our panels. anita, i will start with you, i feel like there is a split here. there is a juxtoposition of democrats governing and getting massive consequential things going through and you have whatever mccarthy is doing. what do you see americans are seeing this and between speeches about carrots and human and
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infrastructure and child care? >> well, i think you are exactly right earlier when you were saying all kevin mccarthy really did and he knew this from the beginning was delaying the vote. you are right. it got a daytime vote that everybody got to see. he knew this would have no impact to it and he was playing not only to donald trump but others. he's talking about wanting to be speaker, he tried this before and he's going to try it again if republicans win the house and it's not as easy as people may think if they win, right? it's not a sure thing, he's been criticized by members of his caucus and he was criticized a day before by donald trump's former chief of staff, mark meadows. he was showing donald trump and others what he was made of and
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as you mentioned, democrats are going to move ahead with this bill. >> marie, did you think kevin mccarthy thought it was going to work. we live through donald trump being disloyaled to the people and that was the most including his vice president. it was not great. steve bannon said on his podcast. >> i have to be honest with you. the last person i like to think about or spend any time thinking about or what's going on in this person's head is donald trump. i think that's part of the whole issue and part of what happens is it's all about him and you know what - i am actually thinking about the democratic party, i am thinking about you know when you read the introduction, how slim it was
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that build back better bill was able to make it into the house and the kind of challenge that it was facing in the senate. i think about what the democratic party stands for or says it stands for and you know i know that people don't want me to be a debbie downer in a maria kind of way but the critique is where is that democratic party that people voted for that's going to stand up and make the fight. i think build back better bill is great. it's so important. there is a lot there and we should be talking about the specifics of it. as you know it was a wittel down build back better bill better plan. the question is, where is the fight. i worry about the largest growth in terms of people who are disapproving of joe biden are latinos and latinas.
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so you know that's what i am thinking about. i am not thinking about that other guy. i understand it completely. the whole republican party is obsessed of what he's thinking. maria makes a good point about approval of joe biden among communities of color. what would a message sound like in this moment now that you have build back better bill in the house. what would it sound like to those communities of color who are frustrated at this particular moment so they understand how this particular legislation benefits them. >> well, a couple of things. first of all, let's talk about kevin. i don't understand why any person would want to apply a job from a guy that got fired from
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another job. whatever. that's confusing as hell to me. you start talking about the statements that um the p said and i start thinking yonni of the staples that trump makes because he's banned from all social media. it's so weird to try to get the attention from someone like that. second of all, i think there is a couple of things. we. ed to remember that joe biden has been in office for less than a year, he has not been in office for a year. what we do is we acknowledge the build back better bill, that's something we need to focus on when we talk about politics especially voting blocks of the latino community. we need to remember that we have been doing some movement. there is been movement done. what we do is remind people that we have been doing that, kevin mccarthy did an eight-hour speech mentioning carrots, no one is going to be oh, i hate child care now because of that carrot speech he gave. we know what we faltered on.
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i expect voters to call him out and put pressure on it to make sure they make immense. you have to have hopes. we still have midterms. i am still pretty positive about it. i will be honest though, i was a surrogate for biden and there is moments i was like man, this was not the moment i am a surrogate for. that's because we live in the country where we can have these debates and arguments and that's why i hold him accountable because i supported him. >> anita, today is the president's birthday. he's 79 years old. makes him the oldest president in america's history. that's something to keep in mind as we talk about perhaps resistance to bold action. you know he's in his later years and a lot of what he believes is
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established. >> one of the things was he went under anesthesia and made kamala harris president. >> donald trump did not do that. i remember donald trump apparently have learned, he had a colonoscopy. he left the white house and no one knew what he did. he did not put mike pence in charge while he was doing that -- it's really a huge
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difference of what he saw. he went for a few hours for the physical and he came back and talked to the media. it's a real difference in how these two men approach this. i cover donald trump for four years and you guys though this as well as anyone. he does not talk about his care. he talks about his health and being physically fit, he wants to portray that message and there is no part of him that wants to show any walk weakness. he thought that would show weakness if he went under that procedure. it's a huge contrast. both men put out a summary but how they approached it was very different. #. >> i enjoyed the 85 minutes where i can say the president is
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a woman for 85 minutes. anita kumar, thank you for joining with us. you are sticking around, stay where you are. we'll stay to the trial of kyle rittenhouse. he got a not guilty verdict. it was not just him on trial. we'll dig into what this outcome says about white vigilantism. some of us are leading on songs about heartbreaks. as i said "sad girl autumn" is all the rage today. first, richard liu is here with the headlines. >> we are learning more of a discharge that sent travelers into a panic saturday. a gun went off inside atlanta's jackson airport.
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three non-life threatening injuries reported. officials agreed to $15 with the family of elijah mcclain on friday. he was killed in a violent confrontation with aurora police in 2019. that agreement marks the largest police settlement in u.s. history. the future of air travel, they claimed to develop the world's fastest all electric aircraft. spirit of innovation reached the top speed of 385 miles per hour. more after the break. 385 miles. more after the break not again. oh no. for the gifts you won't forget.
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the fate of kyle rittenhouse has been decided. >> we the jury find rittenhouse not guilty. as rittenhouse cement his status in an upcoming documentary, the great threat and real possibility is that there are other kyle rittenhouses out there. young men who watched this verdict and saw how the right
6:21 pm
embraced and celebrated murderers and now want to follow his lead. the first thing for america would be the worst thing for america would be that this case becomes exemplar and precursor. the first of many. our panel is back with us and joining us jamal jeffery. let me start with you, rittenhouse claims he shot three people and killing two in self-defense. a lot of this hinged on what that law means in w wisconsin. it's clear they could not convince the jury. unpact that for us. >> well, we have a pretty liberal set of laws of self-defense connected to some of the issues around racial
6:22 pm
injustice. the prosecution had to prove beyond a shadow of a reasonable doubt. it's a very high burden and odd odd -- white defendants in this circumstance gets even more the benefit of the doubt. there was testimonies suggested that he was being chased and a person may be threatening his life. when you combine that with a high standard that the prosecution had and privileges white defendants in these circumstances, i was not surprised by the verdict i saw yesterday. i was disappointed as i was. >> maria, with all of that in mind, what's your reaction to this idea that white vigilantes may be emboldened. there is all the police killings
6:23 pm
that we can recall from the past year during this racial reckoning. what do you think this verdict says to those folks who may feel compel to act out their rage? >> i mean certainly this is what this country has been dealing with since the beginning, right? since 1619 and before against indigenous people. it has been this constant battle around white supremacy and using power and whatever method possible maintain and exude that power. the word is impunity. it's such a tough word because it means exactly what we are all feeling. there is a young man like kyle rittenhouse who could get away
6:24 pm
with murder of people who are practicing democracy on foot. the right to protest and gather in mass is part of democracy. i think about how this is being covered because you know i was just traveling in columbia and mexico, thinking about how this is being covered there and how the united states, a place of so-called freedom, innocent protesters are being murdered and the person who did it is getting away with it, literally. -- >> one of the things people have brought up is if kyle rittenhouse was not white, this would have turned out differently. do you share that assessment? do you think race was just as much apart of this case as so many others we have seen in the past? >> absolutely. because when we talk about race, we don't talk about preconceived notions that are attached to it.
6:25 pm
there is a lot of notion that comes with certain race and what people are thought, even though they may not be aware of it and sometimes they are. sometimes it's sub conscientious ly of how they are raised. with regards to the rittenhouse's verdict, it we minds me in 2016 after the election, it was the first time in my life where i found myself not being able to cry. i could not stop crying. i didn't know i was crying. i felt so much. i was talking the the latina activist icon. oh, this is the first time you feel your country has broken your heart. it won't be the last time. when she says that, it hits me. i have been disappointed in my life but there are moments where
6:26 pm
you actually feel that things are so wrong and so blatantly obvious. you put so much faith and give so much credit to people that you can't help but think wow, how could i have been wrong about people in this country. >> we talk about this beauty and this ideal in this country. you realize where did it stop and that's how it feels. you realize and the older that i gotten, every year that i grow up and i am in my 40s, right? i realized wow, every year you find out different ways of how we are treated. it's just heartbreaking. it's always in the level of heartbreak.
6:27 pm
>> now, you are so right about it breaks your heart. it's sort of like an ache all the time. i am just like everybody is. we are human. >> we have to keep going. >> we have no choice. >> we need to understand, this is the long hall and so we have to remember, right? those who ever you feel rooted for me is frederick douglas all the time. find the person and realize look at the struggle. that means we may get tired or be crying because we stay up late to talk about the tears. this is the long hall. and the last minute here, one of the things that came up early today that's related to this,
6:28 pm
that's a side issue but connected is guns. just the access folks have with guns. we had an incident at the atlanta airport earlier. talk about the fact that we have the self-defense laws. we have racism in the history of white supremacy but also easy access to guns and all kinds of places that create this type of chaos and the kyle rittenhouse situation which we have been seeing. not just guns but assault weapons create a combustible mix, we should expect more of this situation. it's important to understand it's a historical context, what we just saw with rittenhouse is not different at all. the fugitive slaf law empires white private citizens to go
6:29 pm
find black people seeking freedom and bring them back to slavery. we saw the murder of emit till and the murder of alabama, white vigilantes bringing people back. i think we can understand the challenges by looking back and find some potential solution. all good will can come together and move this country forward. >> thank you so much for being here. maria garcia, please stick around. coming up, you know people who love to talk but don't have a whole lotto say. i was trying to get it out.
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the white house voting yesterday with president biden's build back better bill agenda, attention shifts to the so-called democrat, kyrsten sinema. the bill passed in the house was quote, "not the agreement the president put out in his framework several weeks ago." that got me thinking now one-half of the manchinama is holding onto the agenda. sinema lovers the attention and
6:35 pm
relishes the power she has over in washington right now. her comment had our detector going a little bit crazy. wait for this. wait until you hear this. you are either honest or not. so just tell the truth and be honest and deliver that which you can deliver. there is this growing trend people of both political parties who promise things that can't be delivered in order to get the short term political gain. i believe that damage, the long-term health of our democracy. which i find pretty rich. one of the two democratic senators actually responsible for blocking the passage of biden's agenda -- we could not be reminded by the hot dog guy. here it's in case you have been living under a rock.
6:36 pm
>> is everyone okay? >> what happened? >> did anyone see? >> somebody drove a hot dog shaped car into the window. >> the driver is gone. >> somebody call the cop. >> they could have killed someone. >> who's car is this? >> yeah, whoever did this just confess, we promise we we don't want be mad. >> we'll close our eyes. take your car and get out of here. >> sir, that's clearly your car. >> wrong. >> someone call the police. >> oh my god, what happened here? >> yeah, we are trying to find the guy who did this. #. >> senator sinema, you are the hot dog guy in this scenario. you crashed our hot dog's car in to biden's agenda and how standing around complaining. you want to know what's damaging to the long-term health of our
6:37 pm
democracy? i don't know, steadfast supporting the jim crow fill fill . >> we'll be right back after this. >> we'll be right back aftr this ♪ limu emu... & doug ♪
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♪♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪ i was still a child ♪ ♪ i didn't get the chance ♪ ♪ to feel the world around me ♪ there is a little bit of a chill in the air. "sad girl autumn" is upon us. was 2021 hard enough after the delta variant robbed us after the long awaited hot vaxed girl summer. adele is back with the new album which should come with a warning label to listen with your therapist. her four studio album shattered
6:42 pm
the record and dominated the charts. >> if everyone is making music for tiktok, who's making music for my generation and peers? >> that's me. i am a self-confessed adele stance. there is no denying this fact. after the exhaustion of living through this pandemic, for the sake of my own sanity, could we all agree on a bittersweet middle of the girl autumn instead of the sad therapy-driven autumn maybe. i got some friends here. ladies, can you be honest were
6:43 pm
either of you coddle up with a glass of red wine and next to a fireplace or maybe your therapist is standing by listening to adele. i will start with you. >> no. so, i am about to blow your mind because you are going to be like what is she about to throw at me. look, when i was listening to the album of this song, my little love and adele is telling about how she feels. girl, i feel you. go at it that you are being so honest in terms of your mental he would. the other side i was in camp and sleeping nothing with a plastic tarp over my head. as i was sleeping there surrounded with migrants and refugees who have no idea of what tomorrow will bring.
6:44 pm
there was music and it was raggae. these are people that don't know and there are happiness right here and they are dancing. i am like going old school salsa, i am dancing and i am like you, i am done crying. i am like living and giving thanks everyday for this. this love. >> i feel you on that maria. >> gloria esteban did say there is going to be dance. i am into k-pop right now. are you a sad girl autumn kind or putting on the dance song
6:45 pm
distopia. >> i made a mistake listening to adele's album in driving. oh my god, my heart is in traffic. i need help. she makes me so many things, look. we went through a pandemic and that was a different version of sad. adele, first of all, i was not expecting these vocal clips where she's talking to herself damn, adele, like you just giver it to us like that? i don't want to brag, i am single. this album makes me want to meet someone, just to have my heartbroken. i want to have a child right now so that years from now, mommy is just confused just like adele.
6:46 pm
it's nice to feel something that makes you feel normalcy. i am in my 40s and i go to therapy. there is something really nice about understanding it's okay to be sad. sometimes feeling sad can make you feel good because it makes you appreciate when you are happy. it's that thing when you start thinking about things. she took me to -- man, i felt like i was married to adele's ex. i went through some stuff, you know what i mean? at the same time, man, it makes me appreciate when i am listening to raggeton. it's that thing where we can feel so much. that's the beautiful thing about music in general. >> it does not matter where you are. in the words of gloria esteban, "the rhythm is going to get
6:47 pm
you." >> it's so true, music is universal and i am listening to k-pop and i don't understand it, the music. can you speak to the idea that after a week like we had, it has been a rough week, we are still in the pandemic. if you have not been boosted, get your booster because we are about to head into the cold winter months of covid again. talk about how culture and things we use to escape like music are so critically important to us and surviving this pandemic and coming out the other side scene. sane. >> i don't know if you know this. there are k-pop camps that exist in mexico, okay? they are training young mexicans to perform k-pop and there is a
6:48 pm
korean-mexican interchange that's happening that's really fascinating. just so you know in case of your next k-pop fascination. >> the night of 2016 when the former president won and how sad she was and i spoke to people oler than me. and they said things like you know what some of the most amazing art was created during the time of the depression, during the time of the vietnam and civil rights era. this is the time of extraordinary creativity. that for me, the gratitude and creativity, doing things if we can. we are very privileged, the three of us right here.
6:49 pm
we are incredibly privileged that we can be talking about this and saying oh my god, gratitude, gratitude. at the same time as a covid survival, that changed everything for me. everyday unlike i am here, my husband is here and my kids are here, my dog, my cats. people who i care for. yo, i am good. i am good. let's go out and do something crazy and do amazing journalism and meet crazy people and laugh with you and take up space. yeah. it's all about it. by the way, i love adele, too. i am sorry for you, you were crying alone in your car. i am sorry. >> sometimes we feel what we feel, maria. we can't stop it. that's human nature. >> i think it's good to cry. i think if you are holding it in in this pandemic, let it out.
6:50 pm
climate change is there like the white walkers are coming and we are paying attention to all these things. cry and dance. completely. >> those are the rules. maria and crystal, it's been tonight, both of you. thank you so much for being here and playing with us all night. please stay safe. >> bye! up next, to infinity and beyond. some impressive women making history around the world and even maybe in space. that's next. do you take aspirin? plain aspirin could be hurting your stomach. new vazalore is the first liquid-filled aspirin capsule clinically shown to cause fewer ulcers than plain aspirin. vazalore is designed to help protect... releasing aspirin after it leaves your stomach... where it is absorbed to give you the benefits of life saving aspirin... to help prevent another heart attack or stroke. heart protection with your stomach in mind.
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ask your doctor about once-daily trelegy, and save at man, what a great time to feel like a woman. vice president kamala harris broke a major barrier friday when she became not only the nation's first female president, but the first black and south asian one as well, even if it was for only 85 minutes. and that was while joe biden was under anesthesia, of course. take that international men's day. i almost said international women's day, which is the actual day we all know about. before we go, i want to highlight some of the incredible
6:55 pm
accomplishments by women you might have overlooked this week, which was a long week, i know. nasa announced that jessica watkins is set to be the first black woman to join the international space station crew. she will work on the orbits outpost. she is set to fly out in april 2022. plus, if you thought getting into harvard was hard, try being raquel, the new president of the harvard crimson. she is the first ever latino president of the school newspaper, and she promises to prioritize diversity and inclusion while continuing a tradition upholding the powerful to account. but the buck does not stop here in the states for these incredible women. new zealand's first all women team of scientists is embarking on a mission to antarctica. they will collect data on climate change models. please save us all.
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please save us. kudos to all of these incredible women paving the way. come on, ladies. let's get in formation. go get your wine and get your adele on. thanks to all of you for making time on this saturday night. we're off tomorrow night, but ayman will be back next weekend hosting special hours on msnbc. and you can watch my show every weekday 6:00 p.m. eastern. it replays at 8:00 p.m. eastern if you miss it. until we meet again, good night. i'm zerlena max well. well. well bipolar depression. it made me feel like i was trapped in a fog. this is art inspired by real stories of people living with bipolar depression. i just couldn't find my way out of it.
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>> hello, everyone. this hour, the verdict and the aftermath. what the kyle rittenhouse case reveals about the rule of law and accountability in america. plus, where we go from here, michael tubs, one of the youngest mayors of any major american city weighs in and tells us about his new book detailing his life story with the intersection of politics, race, and proof of what is possible. also ahead, the disconnect between the help democrats are


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