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tv   Kendis Gibson and Lindsey Reiser Report  MSNBC  November 20, 2021 4:00am-5:00am PST

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and first up on msnbc, one verdict could have huge implications for future racial justice protests in this country. new reaction to the acquittal of kyle rittenhouse and why legal experts say the prosecution wasn't able to get a conviction. a potentially premature celebration for house democrats, the lower chamber signing off on the build back better agenda. but now it's got to get through senators manchin and sinema. the first female vice president in our country's history dealing with new racist and sexist attacks, plus the big class ceiling she broke, less than 24 hours ago. >> we make history every time they're working together, every time she's out there speaking on behalf of the government as the vice president of the united states. but certainly today was another chapter in that history. i think that will be noted for
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many women, young girls across the country. >> the storms that could put a damper on this week's holiday travel and how airlines are trying to make sure they can get you to your destination on time. >> it's going to be a lot of people now and i think that's going to be a shocker. >> that's why we're leaving to go home now. so we don't have to deal with the thanksgiving traffic. >> as we do say good morning, everybody, it is november 20th. i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm lindsey reiser. a lot of people getting ready to fly out tomorrow, monday, tuesday. >> absolutely, we're doing the same as we're getting out of town but it's a beautiful start to this holiday weekend. a lot of people are preparing and millions more will be flying this year as opposed to last year, which is understandable. >> pre-moimd levels and we've also got weather we're watching on both coasts we'll get to in a little bit. we have a team of reporters and analysts following the latest for us. we're going to start this hour with that fallout over kyle rittenhouse's acquittal.
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a sure clearing him of all charges yesterday after 3 1/2 days of deliberation. >> there were some protests that erupted overnight, and brooklyn, kenosha, wisconsin, as well as portland, oregon rest of the nation, the trial judge continues to face harsh criticism, this full-time more his questionable comments made to the jury after the verdict. let's get started right now with nbc's liz mclaughlin, what's the latest on the situation there overnight? >> reporter: pretty calm here in kenosha, overnight but there were about 30 protesters here in front of the courthouse when the not guilty verdict was read. one woman was arrested for writing the judge must go. in chalk, not spray paint. the judge, 75 years old, is the longest active circuit judge here in wisconsin and has
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received criticism throughout the trial. here's what he had to say to the jury right after the not guilty verdict was read. let's listen. >> i couldn't have asked for a better jury to work with. and it has truly been my pleasure. i think without commenting on your verdict, the verdicts themselves, just in terms of your -- the attentiveness and the cooperation that you gave to us justifies the confidence that the founders of our country placed in you. >> reporter: and the wisconsin lieutenant governor reacted saying that this judge virtually demanded a not guilty verdict from that jury, outrage overnight. bedid see some protests, larger groups in new york city, about 300 protesters in brooklyn, and then in portland, about 200. it was declared a riot, a few windows were broken, officers said that some items were thrown
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at them and there was talk of burning down the justice center. but really outrage on social media as well. this case has been the center of debates around racial and just inequities in our justice system. gun rights, and self-defense, and what that self-defense means. we heard from the family as well of those victims, kyle rittenhouse shooting three people, wounding one and killing two. the girlfriend of anthony huber, one of those victims, had this to say. >> i miss anthony every single day. every day i wish that i could come home to him and unload some of this weight that's on my shoulders but i can't. because he's dead. and now this system is telling me that nobody needs to answer for that. and i have a problem with that. >> reporter: these loved ones heartbroken, something that this
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verdict means that the lives of those who are killed don't matter. and this debate will continue. many people say that this could mean that people demonstrating, human rights activists, may feel more in jeopardy, that vigilantes could feel emboldened to bring a gun to those protests. lindsey, kendis. >> we'll break that down with a legal panel in a little bit but for now. liz mclaughlin, thank you. in the meantime, turning to the other trial that's gripping the nation. after ten days, 20 witnesses, closing arguments are expected in the murder trial of ahmaud arbery for monday, capping off a dramatic week of testimony and cross-examination where accused gunman travis mcmichael testified arbery did not threaten him or have a firearm before mcmichael shot arbery and killed him. >> meanwhile, an attorney for co-defendant william bryan sought a plea deal on thursday.
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the prosecution quickly rejected it. the defendants all face up to life in prison. stephanie stanton joins us from brunswick, georgia with the latest. >> reporter: as the pretty quiet here outside the courthouse in georgia. the jury had the day off yesterday, yesterday was supposed to be a bit of a procedural day but there were some developments that happened. we saw the defense asking for yet another mistrial, this time on the grounds that there were several black ministers outside the courthouse that he claimed were an attempt to influence the jury. the judge denying that motion. but last week, we did see some very strong moments when travis mcmichael himself took the stand in his own defense, and he described those critical moments up to and right before, and when he pulled the trigger, shooting and killing ahmaud arbery. we heard from him in his own words. mcmichael first taking the stand on wednesday and he broke down at one point as he described
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back in february of 2020 he alongside his father gregory and another man, william bryant tried to detain arbery who they believed were burglarizing a home that was under construction in their neighborhood. travis mcmichael testifying that he and the other defendants continued to pursue arbery, claiming he shot arbery in self-defense when ahmad started coming toward him to grab his gun. during cross-examination the prosecutor uncovered inconsistencies in mcmichael's account of what happened. take a listen. >> so you're telling this jury that a man who has spent five minutes running away from you, you're now thinking is somehow going to want to continue to engage with you, someone with a shotgun, and your father, a man who's just said stop or i'll blow your [ bleep ] head off by trying to get in their truck? >> that's what it shows, yes,
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ma'am. >> reporter: and during cross-examination we also learned that travis mcmichael initially told investigators that he could not remember if ahmaud arbery tried to grab his gun. but then as we heard during that testimony he did then say that he believed arbery was trying to go after the gun. now the prosecutor also played video of the moments leading up to and the shooting itself. closing arguments, as you said, set to begin on monday, if convicted, all three defendants could face life behind bars. >> stephanie stanton, thank you for that reporting there on the ground. let's turn now to our legal panel charles coleman, civil rights attorney and former new york prosecutor, and i'll start with talking about that precedent that many worry the rittenhouse verdict could set. let's listen to what msnbc's reverend al sharpton said
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yesterday. >> now we're being told that someone can cross state lines with a semiautomatic rifle and kill people and say it's self-defense and they have this case to cite as saying that i'm like rittenhouse. let's remember, rittenhouse is now being offered internships by members of congress, like he's some hero. >> charles, do you think he's right, and could we see future examples of so called vigilante justice? >> good morning, lindsey, i do think that there is a concern about how this plays out with regard to future periods of racial unrest in the united states. i think we have to be honest about the fact that we are not done with the type of protests that led to kyle riten house being where he was that night in kenosha, wisconsin, on august 25th. and i think that we have to consider how we unpack the rittenhouse verdict has serious implications. reverend al is correct, this could set a precedent that
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enables, if not emboldens people, to begin to come to protests because they do not like protesters, or they do not like the reason that they are protesting, and decide that they're going to enact vigilante justice in their own way, and claim on the back end, oh, it was self-defense, i felt threatened, i felt like my life was in danger. i don't necessarily know that it will apply in every situation, of course, but i definitely think that there are those who are looking at this verdict and watching the conversation that ensues and seeing whether there may be an opening for them to get into their own mischief if they so desire because of what happened to kyle rittenhouse. >> cynthia, i want to play for you something that the judge said that is making headlines this morning. take a listen. >> i will tell you this. i'm going to think long and hard about live television in a trial again next time. i don't know. i've always been a firm believer in it because i think the people should be able to see what's
4:11 am
going on but when i see what's being done it's really quite frightening. >> talk to me about this, how would you say race, the presence of cameras inside the courtroom and this particular judge's antics may have played into the jury's final outcome? >> i mean, i don't think this judge was a very good judge. i haven't hidden that. but can i tell you what, there are judges like this all over the country. and i've certainly been in front of judges like this and they act like this with a camera or without a camera. i don't think the cameras made that big of a difference. it seemed to me the lawyers stayed pretty focused on the case in front of them. and my understanding is this is the way the judge behaves without cameras. i don't think the cameras were a factor. now, the judge was a factor, because the instructions were so terrible and confusing. and he had many other issues. but recognizing the case had problems, too. i mean, this is a case where the first victim got on the stand
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and said he had a gun and he pointed it at rittenhouse. that's devastating. if you're trying a case. and this is also a case where the prosecutor had an opening statement of one theory of the case and a closing statement with a different theory of the case. that's devastating. and while the instructions were bad, and confusing, the case had a lot of problems, not to mention the fact they had to overcome beyond a reasonable doubt this self-defense instruction. i'm not sure this case is as instructive as people are taking it to be because it had so many problems. but i do agree that it's going to lead to vigilanteism, maybe not even on one side, maybe on both sides. >> charles, the criminal case is over, but could rittenhouse still face anything civilly, any civil penalties? >> he could. i don't know how likely it is, but it is very possible, i think that the outcome of this criminal case certainly gives the chance of a civil case some
4:13 am
degree of difficulty in terms of being able to get a liable -- liability verdict in civil court but it's important that viewers understand that the standard for a civil case is much lower in terms of the standard of proof than it is for a criminal case. a criminal case requires that it is beyond a reasonable doubt. whereas a civil case requires that it is beyond a -- or a preponderance of the evidence, which is basically 50.0001% of being able to prove or establish liability. with a lower bar perhaps it may be that plaintiffs decide that they want to try to sue for wrongful death, or some other sort of injury, and make kyle rittenhouse responsible. that remains to be seen at this point. >> cynthia, i've got to be quick here and talk about the ahmaud arbery trial that's taking place, closing arguments set for tomorrow. this is really -- has been a much different case, hasn't it?
4:14 am
>> right. right, and i feel like this case and the charlottesville case can give us some hope that there really is justice in america. i'm going to be shocked if we don't see better verdicts. look just for our viewers, look on monday to see whether or not the defendants start to point at each other. i'm guessing that that roddie bryan may be starting to point at the other two. my experience when the defendants start doing that, everybody goes down. they certainly deserve to. i'm hoping for a guilty, a quick guilty. >> cynthia oxney, charles coleman, thank you for your time today. the mother of ahmad arbery and the father of jacob blake will join reverend al sharpton live on politics nation at 5:00 p.m. eastern time. after months of negotiations, and a record breaking speech on the house floor president biden's build back better bill clears the house. >> how different will it actually look after it gets through the senate? and can they actually get it
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just for a moment the floor of the u.s. house of representatives seemed more like, what would you say, a football game? >> or a rave, yeah. >> let's watch. [ applause ] >> there we go, we're looking to that remix from zed, the squid game remix. not quite. house democrats were jumping and chanting celebrating the passage of the president's build back better bill but if this was a college football game for real, though, it would only be halftime. >> or maybe the second set of the first act of it? okay, i haven't been to a show in a long time. >> for a football game, clearly. >> this heads to the senate where it's expected to face an uphill fight. the president needs every single democrat to get on board before it's passed. we've seen hesitation from
4:20 am
sinema and manchin. the white house says their numbers show something else. >> nbc news reporter julie tsirkin is on capitol hill for us and white house correspondent mike memoli. he's traveling for the president on this birthday weekend. you le, we know the senate will likely send a bill that looks a lot different than this one. how confident are house democrats that they'll be able to agree with the senate's version and the final one? >> well, it depends on what it looks like, right, senate democrats are going to have to make significant changes to this bill, both in terms of adding provisions to the bill, and taking some away. and that's because there's currently disagreements amongst some key senators, of core senators joe manchin, senator sinema and a progressive leader in the senate bernie sanders who wants medicaid expansion in that bill. there's only money for hearing aids. he wants vision and dental back in and that, of course, will
4:21 am
tick up the price of the bill. the cbo, we're sticking to sports terms, the nonpartisan scorekeeper of this whole process, they said this bill already adds over $360 billion to the deficit. that's a big concern for senator joe manchin and other moderates in the senate and adding provisions like medicaid expansion will only tick up that price. you also have items ha manchin opposes in the bill like paid family leave. he doesn't want to see expanded social safety programs without being able to fund current ones. but let's listen to what speaker nancy pelosi said after the house passed this historic legislation yesterday. take a listen. >> this bill is monumental. it's historic, it's transformative. it's bigger than anything we've ever done. >> it's transformative now but will it look that way once the senate, if the senate passes this bill like majority leader
4:22 am
schumer hopes it will before christmas. by way, house moderates are sticking to that salt tax that's in the bill. house moderates are really unhappy if that's out of the bill but bernie sanderss doesn't like the cap right now because it gives millionaires tax cuts. it's this cobweb where one thing affects the others. >> is the president realist some of his priorities will be on the chopping block? >> yeah, he is and to use even more sports metaphors this is now a state of the legislation where ping-pongs back and forth between the house and the senate as things get added, things get taken away but when you heard from the president on monday at that bill signing celebration, really, not just the ceremony, you heard the president really be frank and candid in talking about the fact that, yes, this process has been messy but ultimately this is the way the democracy works.
4:23 am
you have to do things through consensus, everyone doesn't necessarily get everything they want. you've seen a message shift on two front seat by the white house this week, one is by necessity as you see inflation really taking a political toll on the president and really half of americans according to that new "washington post" poll last week blaming the president for inflation. you've seen the white house saying that if you're concerned about inflation you need to vote for the build back better legislation because it's all about bringing down costs for americans. that's all a message for joe manchin but you've also seen the white house really trying to get away from the process, get away from the sausage making and talk about what's in the bill. not just what's been taken out of the bill and you heard that from jen psaki at the podium in the white house yesterday. take a listen to that. >> this bill, no matter what, everybody supports, universal pre-k, cutting the cost of child care, a historic investment in addressing the climate crisis, making sure there's more housing units available, investing, making sure elder care is less expensive. there are disagreements. everybody knows that publicly
4:24 am
but he knows he's not going to get everything he wants in this package. if it's not in there he'll wont to fight for it. >> jen psaki right there. i want to focus on julie and get back to you on something that's a little bit interesting here. some republican lawmakers are praising kyle rittenhouse and offering him internships just days after congressman gosar was censured for his violent video about democrats. how is all of this affecting the mood up there on capitol hill? what's going on? >> reporter: well, the mood hasn't been the same since january 6th. i mean, there's just been palpable tension, especially in the house chamber, since that day between democrats and republicans. and that translated yesterday, because just two days before paul gosar, the arizona republican congressman who tweeted that violent animated video depicting him murdering congresswoman ocasio-cortez, he was censured by the house, a task they don't take lightly, and i was in the chamber for that vote and when the censure resolution was being read by
4:25 am
speaker pelosi, gosar was surrounded by his republican colleagues, like congressman for a matt gaetz. the two went back and forth at that but they were clapping, applauding gosar for this censure resolution as he walked off of the chamber, they were cheering, they were smiling. congresswoman marjorie taylor greene brought up eric swalwell, shows you what republicans will focus on doing if they take back the house and sort of just the mood and the continuous tension between both chambers. obviously the rittenhouse verdict and what happened to go sar two separate situations but making light as the families are reeling over this verdict, the families of who kyle rittenhouse killed on that day, making light of that fact, emblematic of the tensions between both parties now. >> julie tsirkin, mikememoli,
4:26 am
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back with big news out of capitol hill the president's build back better agenda now headed to the senate after passing through the house. joining me now to talk about that is congresswoman wasserman-schultz. thank you for being here. you wrote on twitter that democrats delivered on prescription costs, jobs, tax cuts, child care. assuming this bill passes could it make a difference in next year's midterms? >> absolutely.
4:31 am
i was so proud to vote for this historic legislation yesterday. now i'm home, i'm going to be talking with thousands of parents who every single day worry about how their going to pay for child care and be able to make sure they can go to work and not have to figure out how they're going to pay their grocery bills and their rent. that's what it's going to do for them. my senior, i live in a state with the largest percentage of seniors in the country and i stand online behind seniors, kendis, at the drugstore who have to leave prescriptions behind because they can't afford to take them all home buffet co-pays. lowering prescription drug costs that's going to make a huge difference in the lives of people i represent. it's critical that we talk about the impact of this legislation and we'll be doing that from now until the election and beyond. >> just in case you didn't stay up to watch all 8 1/2 hours of the minority leader mccarthy's marathon speech we wanted to show some of the highlights. here's a look. >> i want to go back to when we
4:32 am
were respected around the world. i want to go back to when we didn't have north korea testing nuclear weapons. i want to go back to when china waunt flying over taiwan every day. you know, this day, there's only one black american elected to congress, and to the senate. tim scott. madam speaker, i know your body knows how to impeach. you've done it twice. in my district, there's two families that grow 50% of all the carrots in the country. have you ever eaten one of those baby carrots. little secret, no such thing. they're just big carrots, you chop them. they charge you more, and you buy them. >> what do you make of his speech? >> well, i saw some of it. i didn't waste my time after we knew we weren't going to be voting overnight so watch the rest. but all i can say is that when nancy pelosi took the floor for 8 plus hours, it was to fight to make sure that we pressed the
4:33 am
republicans to allow dreamers, our young kids who have only been in this country and want to continue to remain contributors to improving the quality of life in america, to fight for them to be able to stay. and what did kevin mccarthy do? he fought to stop people from getting affordable child care, stop seniors from having lower prescription drug costs. you know what, i like that comparison all day long. he made a fool of himself. >> so much i need to get to with you, including, what would you do if you were walking the halls of capitol hill in the capitol and bumped into kyle rittenhouse? >> you know what, kyle rittenhouse needs, is some counseling. and his mother certainly needs some parenting lessons. unfortunately republicans in congress hire interns that have similar views to kyle
4:34 am
rittenhouse and his ilk. and it certainly doesn't contribute to improving the quality of public service on their side. you can see this downward spiral of the quality of public servants on the republican side of the aisle and where their priorities lie. >> well, congresswoman, really quickly, as i mentioned at the top it's not often we see this sort of rave that takes place on the floor of the congress there. give me a sense of the emotions that were taking place at that moment. >> well, it was quite similar to when we had a chance to pass historic health care reform that gave health care to 20 million people and now we have an opportunity, once the senate takes up the legislation and sends it back to us to transform the people's lives, make sure that they really can be able to look forward and maximize the opportunities that they have. and help our small businesses and create good-paying green union jobs and improve climate
4:35 am
change. that was certainly something to celebrate. i was psyched. >> i'll tell you, that conversation is a lot different than the other raves i've gone to. but it looks just as fun. >> i've not gone to one, i'll take your word for it. >> thank you, congresswoman, good to see you. >> thanks. coming up after federal signoffs, all adults are now eligible for covid vaccine booster shots. >> the move raising questions about what fully vaccinated now means. our doctor breaks it all down. i've got big news!
4:36 am
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all adults in the u.s. can now get a covid booster shot before they head home for the holidays and after a marathon of approvals starting with the fda and also hours later from the cdc, it could be a big game changer in the pandemic. joining us right now is dr. patel, a former white house policy director and msnbc medical contributor. doctor, do you think this is going to shake up both where we are in the pandemic, and how we define fully vaccinated? >> yeah, good morning, lindsey and kendis. apologies. >> happens all the time. >> i do think that it is going to actually change the trajectory of the pandemic but not in the short term. it will definitely change the pandemic for 2022. what we're seeing now is breakthrough infections increasing, increase, not getting to this point where majority of the hospitalizations and deaths are driven by vaccinated individuals.
4:40 am
but boosters will be a part of the story in how we avoid any of that in the next year. and i think to your point, fully immunized. i think we're going to have to get used to being more accurate around, quote, up to date with coronavirus immunizations. it isn't determined yet how many or if we will need more shots after this one. but i think being boosted is going to be considered at some point, quote, up to date for being immunized. >> i want to ask you where we really are in this pandemic. there was an incredible piece this week in the "new york times," saying essentially how does this end? and the author writes the coronavirus will keep circulating with cases rising sometimes and falling other times. we have the tools, vaccines along with an emerging group of treatments to turn it into a manageable virus similar to the seasonal flu. it's tough when we've got all this information coming out about cases that are upticking but still the fact that people
4:41 am
who are vaccinated should be able to live their lives. >> we are at an inflection point. not only do we have the tools, namely a vaccine, but we've got oral pills on the horizon that should be authorized or approved in the near future, that we can use in case people do vaccinated fully, still have a threat of hospitalization. so you're absolutely correct, that we can suppress this, not just a seasonal flu, but to something that, you know, might only impose a risk for certain countries, we call that endemic. really it's a term that means it's limited to activity in certain countries. think ebola virus. we see this with measles. we have hot spots and breakouts of measles when we have years where measles' vaccination rates dip lower. i do feel this transition year, 2022, is going to be critical because right now i'm sure you do, i do, if any of us see a positive we kind of halt and we get a little scared. that will shift. but that's probably going to take more time to shift mentally
4:42 am
than it is physically. we've got tools now, but it's going to be a little bit more about our comfort level and how we deal with the fact that it seems like a third of our population will never get vaccinated but at some point will get infected and that will also determine the trajectory in certain parts of the country. two-thirds of our country right now have cases doubling week over week, day over day, and it's driven by unvaccinated individuals and like i said some of those breakthrough cases. so we have to -- i do think that this is the time, in the next several weeks, to decide where we are for the near future. but charting a path longer term, vaccines, oral medications, education about having a positive infection if you're vaccinated is actually okay and it can become something of a normal activity, will be critical. >> dr. patel, we appreciate you, thank you, happy thanksgiving. >> thank you. a historic transfer of power, vice president considers
4:43 am
kansas taking on presidential duties for 85 minutes. >> and it comes amid an an -- onslaught of hate and criticism. that's driving that. we're asking adrienne elrod. a former aide. ♪♪ hi mr. charles. we made you dinner. aww, thank you. ♪♪ when you really need to sleep
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madam president, kamala harris, adding another mark to the history books for 85 minutes friday power was officially transferred over to harris while president biden was under anaesthesia during his routine physical. >> during that time harris became the first woman and first woman of color to be acting president. but all this comes as the vice president faces new criticism over her relationship with president biden and her historic position. joining us right now is adrienne elrod, a democratic strategist and a former senior aide on the campaign. v. harris has made a lot of historic firsts, this now
4:48 am
included, even if it was just for 85 minutes. >> listen, lindsey and kendis, first of all, great to be with both of you nrng. i'm glad you're focusing on this, it was such a historic day and there was so much news going on yesterday. this sort of got lost in the shuffle but it was huge, the first we've had a female serving as acting president of the united states of america, not just a female, but a woman of color. you know, an indian american, so many firsts as white house press secretary jen psaki noted. i hope this is the first of many days that we have a female serving either temporarily or permanently in the oval office. >> harris has will be at the center of hateful comments from tucker carlson, among them, claiming she's not american, commenting on her dating status. jen psaki has mentioned these
4:49 am
comments are a product of racism and sexism, do you agree? >> yes, of course, absolutely. there's a playbook that the tucker carlson's and the fox news and the far right have, they -- it's a playbook that frankly has worked to an extent for them and it's a playbook they used for years and years against hillary clinton. they're trying to use the same playbook again against kamala harris. one thing that's really important is we are all paying more attention. we've all learned a lot from how, you know, this far right group of people have treated women, holding higher office. they try to tear them down. they try to, you know, constantly, whether it's overtly, saying that ir not qualified, or, you know, subliminally saying they're not qualified. there's a whole playbook. we're in a better situation than 1991 and 1992 where they used this playbook against hillary clinton. the hours of testimony she gave
4:50 am
in the -- hearing which was a sexist attack on her but we're more cognizant of it now. i think there is still a lot of sexism in the media. i think sometimes reporters don't quite realize that they're writing things that are sort of sexist. so we have to make sure we're calling them out and it's also really importantout. it is important that we play up the vice president's credentials when we do this. again, she's a person as we just talked about, a former d.a., former attorney general from a border state, and she's a former united states senator. she brings a lot of qualifications and experience to the office. it is always important that whenever we are pushing back and have to push back against inherent sexism, that we also talk about her strengths and credentials she brings to office. >> there have been rumblings of distance and tension between biden and harris, is there any truth to that? >> i think jen psaki made it clear she's a valued partner to
4:51 am
the president, that is someone he trusts to handle some of the issues, of course, handling the situation at the northern triangle, handling voting rights, something this administration is going to put front and center after build back better agenda is passed. there's no truth to that. you'll always have speculation, reporters sniffing around. i worked on hillary clinton's campaign in 2008 and 2016, there's always people sniffing for dissension or any kind of friction between two principals, and it is just in this case not the situation. she's a valued partner. i think this white house made that very clear. >> but look at the numbers. her approval rating are historic low for a modern day vice president, 28%. if you're a betting person, is she on the ticket as the presidential nominee or vice president come 2024?
4:52 am
>> oh, absolutely. i certainly can't speak for what her future presidential ambitions are, but president biden made it clearest running at this point. >> as a strategist do you want her on the ticket with numbers that low? >> i think numbers will improve. this is ebb and flow. first year of the administration. it is not her. i hope if not her we'll see another woman on the ticket at some point. >> good to see you. holiday travel trouble. millions of americans on the move for thanksgiving and we're likely going to see numbers not seen since before the pandemic. two winter storms threaten to make it all worse. with downy infusions, let the scent set the mood. feel the difference with downy.
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two turkeys are counting lucky feathers this morning. president biden pardoned peanut butter and jelly on the white house lawn, sparing them ending up on the dinner plate. >> power invested in me as president of the united states, i pardon you. i pardon you this thanksgiving. there you go. >> they seem thrilled. >> they really did. biden pardoned them both. they stayed at the willard hotel there. peanut butter and jelly will live out their lives at purdue
4:57 am
university where they'll serve as an educational tool for stoods. so students don't hungry. meteorologists wonder holiday travel could be a mess. count on the rain, snow, wind to hit the eastern third of the country this weekend. >> chicago, detroit, cleveland, nashville, new orleans could all experience delays. with millions set to hit the road for thanksgiving, numbers not seen since 2019, it could be the start of tumultuous travel week. tom costello has more. >> reporter: it starts now. the great 2021 holiday get away is under way, and yes, the airlines are under tremendous pressure to perform with the pandemic's heaviest levels yet. >> that's why we are leaving to go home now, so we don't have to deal with thanksgiving traffic. >> reporter: tsa expecting to screen 2 million passengers over each of the next ten days.
4:58 am
>> going to be a lot of people now. i think it is going to be a shocker. >> reporter: after suffering operational melt downs, cancelling thousands of flights, spirit, american, southwest say they're ready. southwest and american offering incentives for employees to work the holidays, though response has been skeptical. >> this is the new normal. air traffic is more than double from a year ago today. at the same time, airlines were asking staff to retire. it is not easy as pulling them back from retirement. there are systemic issues going on. >> reporter: throw in the coming storm on the east coast, airline delays could quickly mount. but the vast majority of americans will be driving to thanksgiving gatherings, paying $3.41 a gallon for gas, the most since thanksgiving 2013. 200 mile road trip will cost $27, compared to $17 last year.
4:59 am
on the jersey turnpike, early birds were getting ahead of traffic. >> with flexibility of working remote and other stuff, makes sense to leave early if you can. >> reporter: roads most congested wednesday between noonan 8:00 p.m. sunday, between 1:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. check in online, get there early. if you're cancelled, rebook with the app. >> that was a feel good piece. good luck getting here, here's everything that will be up against you. did spare us locusts. >> be nice to flight attendants if traveling this weekend. that does it for this saturday morning. >> velshi is next. see you tomorrow. good morning. today on velshi, not guilty on all charges.
5:00 am
a headline that stung but was not unexpected. what the kyle rittenhouse verdict means for a country already awash with armed white men that see fit to dep u advertise themselves as amateur police. and pitching herself as donald trump in heels, says she's using glen youngkin's winning play book to oust a moderate democrat from congress. what to expect from the next wave of republicans. and president biden signature plan is close to the finish line at a time he could use a win. and deniers of history, the groundbreaking 1619 project is a best selling book. the pulitzer prize winning author and genius that created it joins me to talk about resevering american history, becoming a human flashpoint in the process. velshi starts now. good morning. it is saturday, november 20th. i'm ali velshi.


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