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tv   Way Too Early With Jonathan Lemire  MSNBC  November 16, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PST

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already put several hundred wisconsin national guard troops on standby. to respond to any potential community unrest that could result from the verdict. we do not know how long the jury is expected to deliberate. let alone what they are going to conclude. just be aware. we could have a verdict in the case as soon as tomorrow. all right. that's going to do it for us for now. we'll see you again tomorrow night. "way too early" is up next. ♪♪ my fellow americans, today i want you to know, we hear you and we see you. >> america let's moving again, and your life is going to change for the better. >> president biden signs the $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill into law. now the question is will we see the house pass biden's social spending plan before thanksgiving? plus, jurors in the kyle rittenhouse trial are set to begin deliberations today. in dramatic closing arguments, the defense and prosecution painted very different pictures of the 18-year-old. the question is will we see unrest in kenosha no matter what the verdict is?
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and russia facing international condemnation this morning after a missile test forces astronauts on the international space station to take cove? the question is how will the u.s. and other allies respond? it's "way too early" for this. ♪♪ good morning and welcome to "way too early," the show that always thought that space junk was a great name for a garage band. i'm jonathan lemire on this tuesday, november 16th. let's start with the news. the bipartisan infrastructure bill is now officially law. president biden signed the law in a grand ceremony on the white house lawn surrounded by nearly 800 guests. included governors, mayors, local leaders from both sides of the aisle. the president highlighted his accomplishments in his speech. >> i know you're tired of bickering in washington, frustrated by the negativity, and you just want us to use and focus on your needs, your
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concerns, and the conversations that are taking place at your kitchen table. the bill i'm about to sign into law is proof that despite the signage, democrats and republicans can come together and deliver results. we can do this. we can deliver real results for real people. let's remember we can come together. most of all, let's remember what we got done for the american people when we do come together. i truly believe that 50 years from now historians are going to look back on this moment and say, that's the moment america began to win the competition of the 21st century. so with confidence, with optimism, faith in each other, let's believe in possible builts, let's believe in one, and let's believe in america. rob port mann said
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otherwise. >> these long-term investments are going to help. inflation occurs when demand outstrips supply. ports and freight rate, roads and bridges around other assets will help on the supply side. that's why economists say this bill is counterinflationary, which is so important right now as american families are facing higher prices on everything from gas to groceries. >> the white house couldn't have scripted better words from a republican senator than that. house speaker nancy pelosi is preparing lawmakers for a long week ahead. it's aimed at passing the build back better act. the congressional budget office is preparing the final score for legislation on friday, setting up a vote soon after. speaker pelosi is warning they may need to postpone their break. house democrats will hold the
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weekly caucus meeting today where we expect to hear more about this week's timeline. joining us now, nbc news white house correspondent mike memoli. mike, always great to see you. this is undeniably a big day for democrats. walk us through it. we heard the president say how transformative this will be. when will the government, cities, states, and americans start to see tangible results of this legislation? >> well, one thing that's important to remember, jon, is that unlike the recovery act, which then vice president biden helped to oversee, this is not designed to be a stimulus bill it. ooh is a long-term spending bill. so while there will be some benefits that will be more immediately seen than others, especially as it relates to broadband access and replacing lead pipes. they may not be shovel-ready ones but shovel-worthy as the
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white house is using. what you saw yesterday was a president and a party that has spent an awful lot of its political capital well trying to begin to get that back, and i thought it was interesting to hear some of the historical sweep in the speeches from speaker pelosi and vice president harris, for instance, going back through history to prepare what the president signed into law yesterday to some of the most landmark infrastructure projects in history, the transcontinental railroad, the international highway system, and then you heard president biden who in his remarks was a little bit more nuts and bolts, and you saw him speak i directly to what the poll numbers, especially those over the weekend show, which is that americans still feel a lot of unease about the state of economy, that a lo of the americans are roughly split, in fact, blame the president for some of the inflationary pressures, and so the president really used this as an opportunity to say, i hear you, i see you, and also to try to
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get back to the basics of his campaign and say, this is what happens when government actually works the way it's supposed to and that it will continue to in the future. and now we're going to see -- at least in the near term, a pretty robust effort from the administration to hit the road to try to promote this and turn the mmentum around a little bit. you're going to see the president go to new hampshire. some of his closest advisers yesterday were actually expressing some, let's say, bad memories about new hampshire. i remember quite vividly when the president, then candidate biden, was getting heck out of new hampshire even before the polled were closed ahead of the primary there to try to regroup for south carolina. so it's sort of a similar atmosphere in that they're trying to turn some of that political momentum around, especially as they want to build momentum for the next phase of the president's agenda, which still has to get over the finish line.
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>> certainly biden's advisers wouldn't mind a comeback story. as he you mentioned, he had an abysmal, abysmal time there. he also hits michigan tomorrow. mike, you also make a good point about the historical sweep of this. some aides have been critical of the president saying, hey, you've been aiming too big, focus on what the americans need and pivot toward that. let's talk about the build back better act. do you think it can happen in the house before thanksgiving, and then it's going to be up to senator joe manchin and a few others whether it goes up any time soon. >> this was the other interesting dynamic from yesterday's ceremony on the south lawn, a very cold, brisk afternoon, but there were some from the crowd like senator rob
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portman who gave a speech on inflation. he also made the point of saying he double agree with the president on every part of his agenda, which rankled a few of the democrats in the crowd, but you heard speaker pelosi as well as leader schumer emphasizing as well as vice president harris that this is just step one, and there was enthusiastic cheering from most of the democrats in the crowd, some of those watching joe manchin, noting that he was not applauding as theirly at the moment. so obviously the cbo score is the big thing ahead, and the white house does feel like they're on the right track. >> it does seem like we're days from the manchin camp. nbc's mike memoli. thank you, buddy. we'll see you again soon. meanwhile the fate of kyle rittenhouse is in the hands of the jurors. they're getting ready for deliberations after the case wrapped up yesterday. nbc news national correspondent
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gabe gutierrez has all the details. >> he's guilty of all counts. >> reporter: kyle rittenhouse's fate is about to be in the hands of the jury as closing gumts wraps up. >> he showed no remorse for the victims, never tried to heavy anybody that he hurt. >> reporter: the prosecutor playing the shooting frame by frame, arguing that rittenhouse shot and killed two men and wounding a third because he was a wanna be soldier. >> you cannot create self-defense with a danger you create. >> reporter: he focused on joseph rosenbaum, the first man he shot. >> he was causing trouble. he was a rioter, and my client had to deal with him that night alone. >> reporter: rittenhouse's attorney insisting rittenhouse was not an active shooter and
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there was a rush to judgment. >> kyle was a 17-year-old kid out there trying to help this community. >> reporter: the judge dismissed the sixth count against rittenhouse, illegal possession of a weapon by a minor, arguing the ar-15 was not a short-barrel, so the wisconsin law does not apply. henao faces five felony counts including intentional homicide. the shooting survivor, grosskreutz, says rittenhouse brought this on himself. >> he didn't do anything medically for anybody. >> when you hear your son referred to as a vigilante, what you do make of that? >> it angers me. >> reporter: wendy rittenhouse said she did not drive her son to kenosha that night, but she has no doubt he acted in self-defense. >> was your son looking for trouble? >> no. kyle never looks for trouble. he is a caring young man, and he
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likes to help people. >> as a mother, do you want him to go down there with an ar-15 rifle? >> i don't want him going anywhere near kenosha, whatsoever. >> the dismissal of that weapons charge certainly raised a lot of eyebrow. our thanks to gabe gutierrez. still ahead, what we learned from president biden's virtual summit with president xi jinping. plus congresswoman liz cheney receives blowback over president trump and we'll speak with representative debbie dingell who was present at the bill signing yesterday. we'll be back with that and so much more. so much more.
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the white house says president biden underscored the importance of, quote, substantive and concrete conversations with chinese
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president xi jinping in a virtual summit between two leaders yesterday. the pair spoke for more than three hours, the white house noted. they discussed a wide range of issues including climate change, human rights, and competition between the two superpowers. xi was cordial with president biden saying, quote, i'm very happy to see my old friend. biden reflected on the longstanding relationship between the two leaders. >> we've always communicated with one another very honestly and very candidly, and it's -- we never walk away wondering what the other man is thinking. >> we believe -- you and i talked about this -- all countries have to play by the same rules of the road. that's why the united states is always going stand up for our interests and values and those of our allies and partners. >> our responsibility as leaders a of china and the united states
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is to ensure competition between the two countries does not appear in con flick, whether intended or unintended. >> although the chinese foreign ministry called the meeting productive, they did not see eye to eye. xi warned president biden that it was like playing with fire and those who play with fire will get burned. the white house will have an in-person meeting between the two leaders sometime next year. the republicans of oklahoma will no longer recognize liz cheney as a member of their party. it's the second time they've taken action against cheney over her criticism against former president trump. the latest move is largely symbolic and doesn't strip cheney of any tangible power. in a text message to the "associated press," a spokesperson for the congresswoman called it, quote,
2:17 am
laughable for anyone to suggest cheney isn't a conservative republican. the u.s. is condemning russia this morning for conducting an anti-missile test. it forced the astronauts to take cover. antony blinken described the missile strike as reckless. there are currently seven crew members on board the international space station, four americans, a german, and two russians. still ahead, a little "monday night football," plus phil mickelson helps eli manning work on his golf game. sports is next. on his golf gam. sports is next our a1c with once-weekly ozempic® can help you get back in it. oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! my zone... lowering my a1c, cv risk,
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it's intercepted. warren stays on his feet. end zone, touchdown. >> san francisco's jimmie ward returns his second quarter interception 27 yards for a touchdown, an early 14-point lead over the rams last night. not really matt stafford's fault at all. jimmy garoppolo scored. new rams additions, miller and odell beckham jr. did little for los angeles. san francisco won, 31-10. there are no dominant teams this year. stafford, not great. good enough for my fancy team to win. in the alternate football forecast, eli manning was joined by phil mickelson who offered up this one lesson. >> people are talking about this thing called the manning curse
2:22 am
where apparently if you come on this show if you're an active football player, the next week you lose the game, and i -- can you kind of do us a favor and tell people there's no such thing as a curse, that that's not a real thing? >> no, i believe that it is a thing, and that's why i'm not playing next week. i didn't know if it would carry over into golf or not. >> all right, phil. we've been analyzing football. your chance to analyze eli's swing. tell us about it. >> let's see. overall, one word to describe it, it's cute. it's a cute little swing. it's behind and back. his arms aren't in front of him. they get a little too flat. so he has to use all of his athleticism to square the face. it's a pretty good golf swing. like i say, it's cute, but it could be better. >> i don't think eli manning is
2:23 am
described as cute ever. second baseman jonathan india wins the rookie of the year award. this marks the first time that both rickys of the year were lead-off hitters. the nfl is the first major pro sports league to reschedule because of the covid pandemic. the nhl postponed three games. the senators canceled practice to contain the spread and training facilities will be closed at least through saturday. we go to los angeles where anthony davis was ejected for shouting at the referee after losing his shoe. davis ended up on the ground with a missing sneaker after trying to make a move to the rim. the play resumes before davis can put the shoe back on and get
2:24 am
resituated, prompting words to the official which are answered by an immediate ejection. the green bay packers are set to offer 300,000 so-called stock shares to fans this morning in what might be one of the greatest marketing schem nfl history. for 300,000 shares, they can become part of the team but they have no voting rights and they cannot appreciate in value. still previous offerings have proven popular among the green bay faithful with the last such sale helping to finance a $340 million renovation to the storied lambeau field. ya hoot sports reports one year after booking record profits, packers seeking $90 million in foe stock offerings to fan base.
2:25 am
main they can use it for a vaccination campaign for quarterback aaron rodgers. time for a check on the weather with bill karins. been brisk out there. i don't mind it at all. what's going ons out there today? >> a little bit of evidencing. cold air in the northeast, record-highs elsewhere. all the attention and concerns are in the pacific northwest with heavy rain yesterday that's causing significant flooding problems tfl worst of it, north of seattle near the bellingham area. they've had communities cut off. they've had record flooding on the rivers. when you see a downtown shot like that with buildings, that's not good. that's not a good scene. that's in whatcom county. we have i-5 closed near bellingham because of a mudslide and now the storm is going to bring really high winds to the
2:26 am
northern plains. we have high winds that cover almost all of montana, north of wyoming, south of the dakotas. the high winds will roll right into the dakotas late tonight into tomorrow. obviously that's of grave concern. thursday, warm temperatures. look at dallas, 84. san antonio, near 80. brifing and cool in the northeasting but at least the sun will return. and then tomorrow we begin that big warmup for the eastern half of the country. jonathan, it looks like thursday is the day to play hooky out there. it could be 70 in washington, d.c. >> i have noted to dan and alex not to expect me on thursday. bill, i'm blaming you. bill, we appreciate the forecast very much. still ahead, a look at steve bannon's day in court following criminal contempt charges and what we can expect when he's due
2:27 am
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and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities.
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i . welcome back to "way too early." it's 5:30 on the east coast, 2:30 out west. i'm jonathan lemire. they plan to come up with the build back better act by the end of the day on friday.
2:31 am
the white house has begun bracing lawmakers for a disappointing effort from the budget office, which is likely to find the cost of the overall package will not likely be paid for with the new package. they're urging lawmakers to disregard the budget office assessment saying it is being overly conservative in its calculations. joining us to talk about that and so many other things, congresswoman debbie dingell. thanks for being here. i know you and your colleagues very hard to achieve this infrastructure bill. tell us what provisions of the bill are you most excited about for your constituents. >> good morning, jonathan, good to see you. we both are up "way too early." >> that's for sure. >> it was an exciting day yesterday. outside was cold yesterday, by the way, bitter cold, but that
2:32 am
bill means a lot to every american across the country. the fact of the matter is the republican and democratic presidents have talked for more than 25 years about the need to get an infrastructure bill. our roads and our bridges are unequal to any other country. it's embarrassing. impacting our economy. we needed to get this done. i have to say i was hope for the last ten days after the last dramatic week, and i actually -- people were nice. people were happy. they were excited. they want to know what it means for them. it's not going to happen overnight. you know, you don't go out and fix the road next week, but you're going to start to plan, see a difference, and it's going to make a difference in every single state across this country, but there are a lot of other things in the bill. fixes roads and bridges, i'm a car girl. that's big. it's contributed to some of our
2:33 am
inflation. real. but i worked really hard. i was one of them looking to get the lead out of every pipe in america. children have some lead in their blood. that's scary. we've got to get it out of every pipe in america. that matters. and the pandemic and unevenless and broadband internet and how it impacts different communities and how we have to get that -- then we can talk an whole lot of other things. i had this provision that means a lot. that family of mine, i knew them a few years ago. [ indiscernible ] will be there to try to keep another drunk driver from killing another family. so there are a lot of good
2:34 am
things in there. the american people are going to see the results of this and be happy about it as they see the result. >> president biden is on his way to sell this bill across the country, including a stop in your home state, michigan, tomorrow. of course, this bipartisan bill is part one, and there's also the large build back better act. let me get your take on the cbo and the reports that it's going to be disappointing for lawmakers and may not be fully paid for and the timeline. do you think you guys can get this passed by week's end or the weekend? >> i do believe that we will not leave the house of representatives this week until the build back better act passes in the house. the moderates said we would pass this the week of the 15th. now we're in the week of the 15th. we were debating this yesterday. in my catholic church, sunday is
2:35 am
a day of rest and the seventh day of the week. i know my colleagues want to go home. for me, we will not leave until this bill gets done. we're going to try to make the opportunity for everybody. [ indiscernible ] get the lead out of every water part-time. we're going to build out the -- [ indiscernible ] to detroit tomorrow to see -- there are a lot of important things in there. child care, vaccinations, gets people back in the worse force. >> congresswoman debbie dingell, good luck this week. we'll see you again soon. still ahead, we'll go live
2:36 am
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(vo) ask your doctor if it's right for you. learn how we could help you save on imbruvica. time now for business. for that let's bring in cnbc's julianna tatelbaum who's in london. what should consumers look out for as we head into the all-important holiday shopping season? >> well, it has been a muted start to the week in terms of trade in the u.s., and at the moment u.s. futures indicate another slow start, but u.s. indices are hovering around record levels. as you point out, attention to turning to the u.s. retail sales report that's due out this afternoon. we'll have a fresh look at how
2:40 am
sales have resolved over the month of october. and it's earnings season. a number of reports. kicking off with walmart later today. and two main things that investors are going to be watching from these results, number one, how these companies are managing supply chain issues, and, number two, how they're managing pressure. a lot of things to come our way in terms of consumer space in the next 24 hours and in the coming days. >> so demand for air travel appears to be on the rise ahead of the holidays. a lot of people stayed home. this week, seemingly vaccinated, wanting to get out and see friends and family. but demands are up, and so are the costed. how much should americans be expecting to pay for ticket prices for travel this winter? >> well, jonathan, what a difference a year makesst last year it seems like we would never speak about returning to the airways, and now airlines are scrambling to hire enough staff to with able to meet this
2:41 am
rise in demand. so airlines are facing cost pressure as they try to lee hire workers across various roles, and on the other hand, they're facing jets fuel prices at their most expensive since 2014. so putting it all together, a personals should be bracing for potentially higher fares in the weeks and months ahead. and one of the things people should debate, whether to drive or fly, it's not easy. the price at the pump is expensive as well. either way, it's going to be a costly season as we heds into the holidays. >> it's hard to see as you drive down the street in the u.s. one more. amazon reached a settlement with the attorney general from california over covid cases from warehouse workers. what's the template and what could it establish? >> california's attorney general said throughout the pan delic amazon inadequately notified
2:42 am
warehouse workers and local health agencies over case numbers. as part of this settlement amazon made with california, amazon will have to step up safety measures, including notifying workers within one day of covid cases. it sets the pace for more transparency and speedier revelation/acknowledgement of covid cases as they'll merge. >> cnbc's julianna tatelbaum live from london. we appreciate it, and we'll talk to you soon. still ahead, steve bannon's tough talk for candidates. and a look at this day in history. democrats embraced nancy pelosi as the first female house speaker in history. >> we learned today officially that nancy pelosi will indeed be the choice as speaker of the house. >> we've had our disagreements in that room and now that is over.
2:43 am
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tell you right now, this is going to be a misdemeanor. i'm never going to back down. they took on the wrong guy this time. they took on the wrong guys. >> that guy with steve bannon, vowing to go on the defense against democratic leaders and the attorney general after he surrendering to authorities yesterday on two charges of contempt of congress. the charges were for failure to appear at a deposition and failure to produce documents. bannon did not enter a plea before the judge and was released without bail. he was also ordered to surrender his passport. bannon is due back on thursday when he's expected to plead not
2:47 am
guilty. you heard him mention merrick garland. it's one of the many ways high courts are being shaped by partisan politics. joining us now, linda greenhouse. she covered the supreme court for "the new york times" and now write as biweekly column on law. she teaches at yale law school and has a new book out, "justice on the brink." linda, so great to have you here today. thank you so much left. 's start with the very busy docket the supreme court has in front of it in the weeks ahead, particularly big cases on abortion and guns. walk us through what's coming and what you've seen so far from the arguments we've heard. >> to sort of anchor this to my book, so these two cases, the mississippi abortion case -- we'll set texas aside for a
2:48 am
minute -- and the new york gun case, these are cases that the new trump-infused court with the three trump justices, and that's the term of the court, the term for the chronicle in the book, that's the term they decided to use, the mississippi abortion case which would ban abortion at 14 weeks of pregnancy was controversial inside the court. the court spent weeks, months actually whether to graduate this case. the court had not taken a case like this. it's a flatout challenge to the structure. that is to say before the fetus is viable, for fetal viability, a woman has the absolute right to terminate a pregnancy. that's what mississippi challenges by banning abortion. at 15 weeks, that will be argued
2:49 am
on december 1st. the new york gun case, which the judge also granted as i described it is a challenge to the second amendment as it's been understand ever since the heller decision, which, itself, was a brands new understanding of the second amendment back in 2008 that there's an individual right to keep a gun at home for self-defense. the new york case involves conceal carry and what limitations the state put on the right to walk around with a concealed gun. so these are two -- that case was argued earlier this month. it looks like strict new york law is not going to survive. >> yeah. certainly, linda, you've charted in your book how politics have really shaped the particularly in the wake of justice ginsburg's death last year, is a call for the
2:50 am
democrats to add justices to the supreme court. do you think there's any scenario where that could happen, and what do you see as someone who's studied the court for so long, the pros and cons of packing the court. >> well, it's, you know, kind of an abstract conversation at thi happen. i don't see a political path of that to happen. i don't see a consensus one. it's an interesting conversation. give us as many justices congress feels we should have. it changes so many times the last several years or so. i understand impulse, the stolen seat that the vacancy created by justice scalia's death. i guess i can also see the
2:51 am
scenario of a tic for tac how democrats managed to expand for assignments, losing majority -- tough issue. >> all ice will be on justice briar as we head into next year whether or not he'll retire while democrats will be in control. the book is "justice on the brink." linda greenhouse, best of luck for you, thank you so much for coming on. we asked you all this question. why are you awake? >> christopher writes this, i have to take the garbage out by 6:00 a.m. before pick up. can't leave it over night because the coyotes will get it. no coyotes here but i did see a
2:52 am
couple of big rats. dan, what you got. >> my neighbor responded to a text that i sent at 7:00 p.m. yesterday. >> you can't have audible text alerts. you never know when they're going to come in. you need to have them on vibrate or silent. when people need to reach you in an emergency, they'll pick up the phone. texts keep them silent. i say this as someone who's up early and sends texts at 4:00 in the morning. >> gregg writes, i am up duty early, i wake up this i guess it's early for me now. >> thank you for your service. up next, a look at axios' one big thing. we'll hear from labor secretary marty walsh. plus, former governor chris christie will join the
2:53 am
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one big thing is the metaverse market. it's the next hot thing that's conflunce that's meeting hollywood and wall street. it's attracting investors and employers and developers as the next new thing. since it kicked off last month when facebook changed their name to meta, earnings report this year and the number of companies talking about metaverse and their report have gone up by a factor. the latest big name was disney.
2:57 am
there is going to be a metaverse component to their streaming component. they are joined by microsoft and all of them talking about metaverse as the next thing. my caveat is what is the metaverse? it's a real combination of augmented reality or virtual reality? facebook has some of these types of things. the promise of the metaverse is still very much in the future. a lot of developers like to joke every two years is two more years in the future. the two years is finally getting closer. metaverse market. >> facebook is targeted a lot of jokes about their name change but maybe they're onto something. nick, you also had been reporting on covid-19 booster shots. we heard yesterday that many
2:58 am
adults can have one now. it's open up to anybody. if you qualify and you are due for a third shot. when can we expect boosters to authorize for all adults and everywhere. >> the biden administration will move on as early as this week. this booster roll out has not gone as well as they need. this is the risky group and the data that's shocking. only about a third have acted on that. a lot of officials telling us there are a lot of mix-messages about who should get it and when and is it six months or eight months or what are your higher risk factors if you have morbidity. none of that is clear. a lot of states and local agencies and governments have taken on themselves. a lot of cities in other states say we'll make broader calls for the booster.
2:59 am
the biden administration says that's not the best way to do it. it's not great for a vaccine pick up. they're hoping to roll out a unified message as early as this week. >> axios has been covering a new record at the border, give us a sense, what's driving these numbers? >> axios is reporting this morning and last night a new problem at the board, refugees arriving who can't be sent back to their home country. this is a country that's going under economic crisis. you can see people are coming from venezuela. the problem here is there is no mechanism for sending those folks home. that's adding to to burden that the border control is facing now. keeping additional refugees, folks more from haiti and unaccompanied minor had been a problem for much of the biden administration and trump
3:00 am
administration as well. we are seeing it piling up at the border as more folks are reaching to the united states to escape poverty and impoverishment. >> regular viewer will note you have a chalk board over our shoulders that usually contains today's menu. is this a supply issue because of no chalk? >> we'll try to get it updated. >> it really impacted our day-to-day life. nicholas johnson, thank you for being here. please today i think we know we see a lot of criticism for not selling his bill and democrats are alike.


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