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tv   The 11th Hour With Brian Williams  MSNBC  November 15, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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white house strategist and later maga megaphone steve bannon surrendered to the fbi today. days after being indicted on criminal contempt of congress charges for defying a subpoena from the january six committee. as one does, than livestreamed his arrival as he walked into the fbi field office, in washington. >> i don't want anybody to take off their ball, what we do every day, we're taking out the body regime, why want you guys to stay focused. signal not noise, this is all noise, that signal. >> this is bannon's first court appearance, in this case, he did not enter a plea for the two misdemeanor counts of contempt of congress. that's expected thursday. when hill appear before another federal judge. bannon was released without bail, but had to surrender his passport and must check in weekly with court officials. after today's hearing, he and his lawyer david schoen win, who represented trump you'll
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recall, in the second impeachment trial, went on the attack. this >> is gonna be the misdemeanor from hell, for merrick garland, nancy pelosi, and joe biden. joe biden ordered merrick garland to prosecute me from the white house. if the administrative state wants to take me on, bring it. we're here to fight this. you stand by you see how we're gonna go on outfits. >> it is outrageous -- it was instructed to by his attorney not to show up to congress. this -- has to follow's attorneys love vice, in my view at least. >> maggie haberman of the new york times posted tonight that trump had asked his form an impeachment lawyer to take bannon's case. there was a big lie in what bannon just said there, and indeed tonight, the white house denied that biden had destructed the justice department to prosecute him. >> the decision to bring these charges against mr. bannon was made exclusively by the justice department, the president had
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nothing to do with it. we are an independent justice department, that makes decisions about prosecutions and specific cases on their own. >> there is more, former trump white house chief of staff, mark meadows, likely watching all of this very closely, like bannon he is also defied a subpoena from the committee. putting him at risk for contempt urges. also, jonathan carl reports in his new book called betrayal that meadows was involved in the effort to undo biden's election victory. john carl, by the way, standing by to join us in just a moment. we're also hearing from someone now trying to position himself as something of a truth teller when it comes to trump's false claims of election fraud. even though he was an ardent trump or four years, former new jersey governor, chris christie, was on tv this morning urging members of his party to get past the previous election and start setting their sights on 2024. >> you may trump really mad last week. >> i did.
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>> you called on republicans to stop wasting time talking about the 2020 election, he's already punching back with insults about your time as new jersey governor. you've been his friend for years, although i don't really understand that. why turn on him now? >> i've always been about the truth, and he lost the election in 2020. >> the former governor is also standing by and will join us later in the hour. meantime, the current president has sealed one of his biggest win so far in this administration. late today, joe biden signed the 1.2 trillion dollar infrastructure bill, at a packed ceremony on the white house south lawn, that included republicans, one of whom rob portman, found a way to praise trump anyway. biden celebrated the bill signing as evidence that bipartisanship is still alive in washington. >> despite the senate, the democrats and republicans can come together and deliver results.
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we can do this. we can deliver real results for real people. >> 19 republican senators and 13 republican members of the house voted to pass the bill, at today signing ceremony, one of those republicans echoed biden sentiment while issuing a veiled warning about the danger of polarization. >> this bipartisan support for this bill comes because it makes sense. but the approach from the center out should be the norm, not the exception. increasing polarization of our country is keeping us from getting things done. >> senator portman leading the senate and not putting himself for reelection. the white house has put former new orleans mayor, mitch landrieu, in charge of actually making the infrastructure plan a reality. presidents other big priority is big spending bill is next on
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the democrats to do list. nbc news reporting this speaker told the house, democratic leadership tonight, that lawmakers will not leave for their thanksgiving break without passing the legislation. tonight, president biden was focusing on u.s. china relations, holding a virtual meeting with chinese leader xi jinping, the two spoke and amid rising tensions over china's expanding military presence in asia, and global economic competition. also tonight, we are following developments in the trial of kyle rittenhouse, the jury is to beginning deliberations first thing tomorrow morning. he is accused of fatally shooting two man, injuring another, during that 2020 protests over four police use of force, in kenosha. to which he brought an ar-15. with that, let's bring in our starting line, on a monday night. jonathan carl, chief white house correspondent for abc news, his upcoming book is
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called betrayal, the final act of the trump show. it is out tomorrow, more on that in just a bit. and former u.s. attorney, joyce vance, who spent 25 years as a federal prosecutor. she importantly host the podcast sisters in law along with kimberly atkins store, jill wine-banks, and barbara mcquade. good evening and welcome to you both. a legal question to begin with, biden doesn't want to cooperate. he wants something close to televised martyrdom. the committees hopes and dreams is riding on this, how long could this drag out? steve bannon certainly has an agenda, of making this twist in the win for as long as possible. but he's cap and in the context of the criminal justice system, brian. for one thing is there's a 70-day speedy trial act which although not all districts can serve that strictly, that's the
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time that you have to go from indictment to trial. benin can file some motions that will run that clock out a little bit longer. this is not a complicated case with a lot of discovery. ultimately at least, getting to a trial and getting a jury to decide this case, is something that could easily happen early next year. >> john carl i said biden, i said ban, in two men who should not be confused certainly. what did you make of this scene, bannon's making, outside court today? >> he's enjoying every minute of this, this is his chance to play the martyr for trump. i think it's important to take a step back, bannon of course, on january 5th, talked about how all hell was going to break, loosen it was game day the next day. the question the committee needs to get out, is why see simply lobbying for a pardon? or was he actually part of the
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planning of what was going on. it may well be that it was lobbying for a pardon. brian, he was facing jail time, for committing fraud. for committing fraud by fleecing trump supporters, for profiting on trump supporters. in a fraudulent scheme regarding the wall. somehow, he managed to get a pardon on january 20th, trump's final hours in office, clearly, he was willing to do anything he could do, to please that man. because it was the difference between going to jail or not going to jail. >> john, in your reporting, do you pick up either hints or whispers or direct comment, that fears among democrats, that the democrats in the leadership, aren't up to this? they aren't up to the kind of menu before them. the consequences that
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especially their base wants to see? >> i think there's a lot of second guessing there, i have to tell, you my sense brian is that the january six committee, is very serious, very organized, very determined, and they'll be a lot of second guessing, because you are not going to hear a lot from them in the coming months. they are plotting and planning, and deeply researching, a case that they will present next summer. that's what matters, it doesn't matter what's going to happen between now and then. there will be you'll see witnesses going. it will be behind closed, doors these are depositions, getting ready for the big moment. what will happen in the summer, will be a series of primetime hearings. late summer, before we're into the fall, a campaign season. that will be the make-or-break for that committee. my sense is, they are doing serious work, they are doing a lot of work that none of us are fully aware of. and by design they are waiting
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to drop all of this when they have it ready, and literally for prime time. >> joyce you said this today on twitter, steve bannon it's always a mistake for a defendant under indictment, to publicly comment on his case. anything he says can be used against him in a court of law. videotape can be played. joyce, what's the real danger for him after what he did today. remembering that he stays on brand by seeming to fear no consequence? >> that's always been the brand right? it's very likely that part of the brand here will ultimately be portraying himself as a martyr, and using that to rip up trump's space. and presumably anybody on the political side of the equation is prepared for that. because that's not what prosecutors are going to worry about. prosecutors looked at that press conference, today and i feel quite certain that someone
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on the prosecution team said, wow we need to get a screen grab of that video. because bannon is out there confessing to obstruction congress. in the press conference, i'm sure there was a moment of happiness. where they realize they be able to play his own words to the jury. >> john carl, back to the white house. as backdrop. can they enjoy today's victory? knowing what's ahead of them. knowing there in a city that is in effect run these days by joe manchin? >> look, this was a legitimate serious accomplishment. this is first of all not just the substance of what actually happened, their biggest investment in infrastructure in this country since eisenhower. built the interstate highway system, a big deal, a big deal on substance, but also a big deal because you actually had something we have not seen in a whole long time.
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something joe biden promised he would deliver, on and that is a bipartisan accomplishment. to see republicans, not a lot of them, but to see republicans joining with democrats at the white house, on a bill that will actually make a difference in peoples lives. yes, this may be the last of its kind, before the next presidential election. but this was a moment that was extremely important, for biden and for the democrats. >> joyce, let's talk about mark meadows. this is a former member of congress. this is obviously a former white house chief of staff. what do you make of the legal advice he apparently is getting? >> i'm sure his legal advice is very sound, but it's also the legal advice that he's asking for. it's clear that meadows does not want to testify, he wants to find a way to avoid
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testifying, and perhaps john's book provides the key to. that it may well be that mark meadows has testimony he would have to give if you are truthful, that he simply cannot afford to, give because it portrays him and just to negative. lay in a central figure in putting forward the insurrection. if not the insurrection, but the plot to try to avoid certifying the biden election. look, meadows has a choice to make here. he might decide that he's so well protected, by executive privilege, that he was inside of the white house, that he's willing to run the risk of noncompliance with the congressional subpoena. the problem that he has, is the executive privilege, even if it covers, him even if the conduct he's engaged in is viewed as being on the white house side, but not on the campaign side of events, which i think is a serious problem he faces. ultimately, executive privilege may not cloak him. because, trump is a former
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president, he's not the current president, and the current president has showed a decided lean toward releasing information, that will allow congress to better understand the events of january 6th. we've done i think in some ways, some of trump's work for him. being willie to advance this notion that executive privilege might legitimately cloak people from his administration. it's time to retreat a little bit from that, view recognizing that ultimately biden has the final say here, not trump, and that is the case, even if we can barely characterize these folks who are around trump in the final days, trying to prevent the certification. as doing anything other than engaging in campaign activities. it's just not a part of what executive privilege is meant to protect. >> we also want to put a question to our friend phil rucker tonight, the pulitzer prize-winning senior washington correspondent for the washington post. phil, i just want to get your, read your white house reporting, and how they're thinking,
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tonight obviously they are proud of this accomplishment. obviously, they can look forward as well. >> i think that's right, brian they're very proud of this accomplishment, you can see it in president biden. his grid throughout the signing ceremony today, and that a vice president harris. they know this is only part one. and there's a lot of unfinished business still, with the holidays approaching. you are going to see an effort by this white house, to marshal all of those democratic votes in the senate, in keep together the coalition in the house. to try to pass the second portion, of the president's domestic agenda. that larger bill, what we can call human infrastructure. that's critical of course to satisfying the presidents progressive base. and the clock is ticking. they realize come 2022 next year, this is going to be on the midterm election, so the window of opportunity here, seems to be closing. even though they're celebrating
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a victory tonight, there is more work to begin tomorrow morning. >> indeed, with folks paying what they're paying for gas, uncertainty over holiday gifts. and the lake, the life americans are living, does not matter what happens on the white house, lawn if they are uncomfortable. to our friend phil rucker, thanks for calling. into joyce vance, jonathan carl, our, thanks jonathan will stick around and talk about the reporting in his new book. behind the scenes on that fateful january day at the capitol, and later in this broadcast, as we mentioned, chris christie, he says he tried to call the president, four times to call off the madness that day, january 6th, we will talk about, that in what trump is still doing, running that party. all of, it as the 11th hour is just getting underway on a monday night, in view of the north lawn of the white house, as we start a new week. white house, as we start a new week tradition in a cadillac.
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fought harder, okay, you could have a republican president right now, and now they don't have anything. but >> more from jonathan carl's interview with the twice impeached former president shortly after january six. jonathan writes in his new book, called betrayal, quote, after his brutal loss, donald trump was aggrieved, and blaming everybody but himself for what had happened. and he was loving every minute of it. there was one republican whom he spoke fondly of during our conversation, wait for it, representative marjorie taylor
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greene, quote, as far as i'm concerned, she is terrific. he told me, adding, i don't think kevin mccarthy has treated her perth billy. jonathan carl remains with us to talk about his book, betrayal the final act of the trump show. so, jonathan, after mccarthy was such a supplicant flying -- down to more allowed go and if i'm not mistaken the background audio in your interview is the lobby of more along go, that sounded familiar at least to me. i could be wrong. why such bitterness towards mccarthy who outwardly has done everything in service to this one guy? >> well, first of all, you are exactly right. i was interviewing him in the middle of the lobby, right before dinner. he wanted to be sure that all of his guests saw that he was being interviewed as they came in for dinner. it was really quite a scene. but, as for mccarthy, i think
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it's a real lesson that no matter what you do for donald trump, no matter how much you betray your own principles, and your own beliefs, your own credibility, he will turn on you. he's done this over, and over, and over again. and with mccarthy, he was still seething at the fact that mccarthy had that moment. that moment on january 8th. when the house came together to have -- to talk impeachment. and, he said that donald trump or responsibility for what happened on january six. he's held that against him. and i thought it was especially notable that he put mccarthy in the same campaign as mcconnell, and you know how much yeats mcconnell. so, if i were kevin mccarthy right now, looking to become the next speaker of the house, things are looking very good for republicans in the midterms, i would be very worried about
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what donald trump would do after republican victory in the midterms. >> i was amazed at the depiction of exactly how much of a keystone cops operation was going on inside the white house, page after page, and you as an author probably had to check yourself not to pointed out every time. there's a very benign seen, where rudy giuliani's at the northwest gate on pennsylvania avenue, trying to get out of the white house. he wasn't cleared, he wasn't allowed in to do debate prep because on that day trump was angry at him. he made his way in later. talk about johnny mac, johnny mcentee, who for heretofore enjoyed brief frame on youtube doing football tricks when he played college ball at the university of connecticut. tell us how this guy rose to the top of power in the white house, into an including the dismissal of the secretary of
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defense? >> he became truly one of the most powerful people in the white house, he is somebody who started out working as carrying the presidents bag. he was just a few years out of college when trump got elected and he was the so-called body guy. but he got fired, early on, by john kelly. issues that came up in his background check. but he was back in the beginning of 2020 and he was put at 29 years old, brian, he was put in charge of presidential personnel. the office that does all the hiring and firing for all of the employees, the political appointees in the executive branch, even though he had never hired or fired anybody in his life. he was put on top of the top hr office, and he i think is really somebody who may january six possible, because over the course of 2020 he with a group of friends that he brought into that presidential personnel office, all kids in their 20s, some of them didn't even
11:25 pm
graduate college yet. went out and systematically interviewed people throughout the executive branch about their loyalty to donald trump, and those that were not deemed sufficiently loyal were either fired, denied promotions, jettisoned the, into silence. so by the time trump made that dark turn in transition there was nobody around him, that was willing to push back, to question him. you know, to stand in the way. they had all been intimidated, or else been fired. and the pentagon, he orchestrated the decapitation of the entire civilian leadership at the pentagon. mark esper, the defense secretary, the undersecretary for intelligence and security, the chief of staff at the pentagon, the secretary for policy, all fired on mcentee's design and replaced by people that were considered pure, trump loyalist. >> a terrific reporter, a prodigious author it turns out, this is jonathan carles later
11:26 pm
work, it is called betrayal, the final act of the trump show. it is out starting tomorrow. jonathan carl, we're so happy to have you as our guest tonight, as this book has certainly controlled the news coverage coming out of the former presidents white house. great pleasure, thank you so much. another break for our coverage tonight. and coming up, a former leading trump or who says he's just not into him anymore. no into him anymore
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we can no longer talk about the past. in the past elections. no matter, no matter where you stand on that issue, no matter where you stand, it is over. people want us to be direct with them, they want someone to fight for them. but they want them to fight in a way, that does not hurt their ears. >> those comments by the former governor of new jersey, prompted a predictably angry response from the former president, to that end chris christie has a message for his republican party, he writes this in his new book, and we quote. we need to face the realities of the 2020 election, and learn not hide from them. we need to renounce the conspiracy theorists, and truth deniers, the ones you know better, are the ones who are just plain nuts, we need to quit wasting our time, our
11:31 pm
energy and our credibility on claims that will ever convince anyone or bring fresh converts aboard. joining us now is the f4 mentioned chris christie, former republican governor of new jersey, one time presidential candidate himself. his new book is out tomorrow, it's, called republican rescue. saving the party from truth deniers, conspiracy theorists and the dangerous policies of joe biden. governor, it will not surprise you to learn that twitter has thrown its loving arms around you. don winslow. he writes, donald trump, chris christie the active participation of key media, that's, us and trying to whitewash chris christie's five-year warship in active support of donald trump, is disturbing. olivia nuzzi writes, chris christie has spent the last five years proving that he is a coward and any member of the press who continues to promote the myth of his jersey guy straight tutor tough chalk or brett's design it or an idiot
11:32 pm
or both. not to be outdone, the onions on the board tonight with. energized chris christie, ready for the next chapter of humiliation. here's the question. as you are viewed, as it leaves partially responsible for trump and trumpism. a guy who was -- wrote the victory speech election night. you prepped him for debate with biden and on and on. how do you ever get away from that? >> i don't try to get away from that brian. that's what people like don wenzel, whoever he is. and olivia news, e unfortunately i know who she is. that's what they don't understand. elections are about choices. and you make choices in those elections, i don't shy away from the choices that i made. but on election night, when donald trump stood up and said, that the election was stolen, we have no evidence to prove that, and subsequently it's been proven. that the election was not stolen.
11:33 pm
that to me was just too much. and so i spoke out. let's face it, brian you know this cause you watch me talk on television for a long time. i have a number of disagreements with donald trump over the years during his presidency. i not only express this to him privately, but i expect stick to him publicly. quite frankly i don't care to be morally judge, by dunn winds, low or a living in a z. in the sewer that is twitter. it doesn't bother me one bit, they can continue to say whatever they want to say. >> i am presuming that one knows that write a book called republican rescue, if one is not at least toying with the idea of running in 2024. i'm further assuming that anyone thinking of running in 24, probably has pulling out, and i want to ask you, what do you see as your path forward, in a party that top to bottom,
11:34 pm
has sold out to donald trump, and there's every indication that come primary season, it's going to go to who can be the trumpiest? >> brian, i'm not making any judgments now about a path to the presidency. what i'm trying to do now is get the house of representatives back. and the senate back in 2022. and electors is many republican governors as we, can that's what's spent most of my time, on from a political perspective, co-chair of the victory fun for the rid of governors -- i will tell you this, i disagree with the premise of your question in this respect. there's a new poll out just today, from the des moines registry. of iowa republicans. i can tell you from having been there for a significant period of time, there are some of the most conservative republicans in america. they were asked a question by the des moines register. who do you feel more loyalty to? the republican party or donald trump. 62% of iowa republicans said
11:35 pm
the republican party. 26% said donald trump, my point, is everybody wants instant gratification in our society these. days donald trump dominated our political lives for five years. he's been gone from the presidency only a few months. and yet we think all of that's going to disappear overnight, there is significant movement in places like iowa, where they say not that they're rejecting donald trump, but if they had to make a choice as to where their loyalty was, it's with the republican party. that's the party that i write the book about, that i am attempting to get support on. -- doesn't look in the rearview mirror. it looks forward to provide an effective, truthful counter to the policies that joe biden and kamala harris are putting forward to the country. >> i want to rewind briefly to your choice to use donald trump dominated the party. what evidence have you beyond the anecdotal polling
11:36 pm
information in iowa, that leadership of the republican party, through mcconnell, through mccarthy and on down, are all trumpers. you would be in a party, were you to be successful, alongside confirmed proud insurrectionists. you've seen the portrait of the party that we've laid out just tonight, steve bannon live streaming his appointment with the fbi, that is the brand that you're trying to break or bend? >> that's simply not the brand brian, i understand that's the way you put together that package tonight. that is your prerogative. in the prerogative of your producers that do that, but glenn youngkin was elected governor of virginia. that's not anecdotal. that's real. he was elected governor of virginia, on a platform of reforming education, cutting the grocery, tax and eliminating in virginia, and by affirmatively saying that he didn't want donald trump to
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come into the state as a campaign. form in our home state of new jersey. ciattarelli came between two and a half points of beating phil murphy, more importantly for republicans, for the first time in years, we took back seats in both houses, of the state legislature. despite governor murphy being reelected at the top. the republican party is much broader than what's you display, with all due respect tonight at the top of your show. with stephen, and steve bannon is in my view, one little small slice of what this party, is in the same way, on the democratic side, many of the people on the while left progressive, side are just a small slice of their party. as joe manchin proves, every day in the united states senate. this party is much bigger and broader than that. and has very different opinions, than just the ones that you are presenting tonight. and certainly a much different image. as for mitch mcconnell, to call mitch mcconnell a trump, or is
11:38 pm
unfair to the senate minority leader. he has spoken out numerous times since the election, about those things. and has been attacked by donald trump because of its. >> would you call him an independent republican minority leader? . i would call him the republican leader in the senate, and he leads a very diverse caucus of 49 other people, along with lots of different opinions about how things are supposed to work. he has murkowski, and susan counts -- that support him. and he's got lindsey graham and barrasso, who support him, so, mitch mcconnell is the republican leader of the united states, senate he has been for a long, time under lots of different circumstances, i think to try to narrowly define him as beholden to any one person, is not a fair and accurate portrait of him, more importantly brian. it's about the party as a whole,
11:39 pm
in the book is laying out, a prescription and path forward, that does not engage in a republican on republican prime, it does not engage, in making loyalty to just one person. but there is loyalty to a set of principles and believes that can be contrast, against what joe biden and kamala harris are proposing for the country as we speak. >> i was happy to read how many new jersey mentions were in the, book it was shocking to read, from you, just how serious your illness was from covid. more than the world knew in realtime. of course, medical privacy being what it is, the story is contained, here chris christie is the author of this new, book republican rescue, he has been our guest tonight, governor, thank you very much. >> brian thanks so much for having me, good to see you. >> coming up for, us our
11:40 pm
political experts are here to talk about today's big announcement in the world of texas politics, and the growing list of challenges, facing the guy on the left-hand side of that picture. he left-hand side of that picture vicks' vapostick. it goes on clear and dries quickly. no mess. just the soothing vicks' vapor for the whole family. introducing new vicks vapostick. >> my fellow americans, today i
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want you to know, we hear you, and we see you. america's moving again. and your life is going to change for the better. >> while the president celebrates his bipartisan infrastructure package, and it is historic, the hissed the washington post is out with bad news. pointing out that biden's own party wants him and the people around him to dial in to what life is actually like in this country right now. quote, a growing number of democrats worry that the white house has repeatedly underestimated the scale of the challenges facing the country. exacerbating the parties
11:44 pm
political problems and making its already perilous path to holding congress in 2022 even more difficult. it's a lot to talk about and with us to do that, victoria defrancesco soto, presses professor and assistant dean at the lbj school of public -- university of texas, austin. and stuart stevens a veteran of the mitt romney and george w. bush presidential campaigns, these days with the lincoln project, his latest work is an important book called it was all a lie. how the republican party became donald trump. good evening, and welcome to you both. and stuart, i don't have to tell you, no one has to tell you, that this label out of touch destroyed george bush 41. and, it made him vulnerable to attack from the young and vigorous bill clinton. is this white house allowed a day to feel good knowing what's coming down the pipe, and
11:45 pm
looking across this country from washington to the port of los angeles, at the problems that lay ahead. >> yeah, look, i think it's a day that they should feel good, they just passed historic bill that is going to fly across the country dropping monies on a lot of projects that people really like. you know, we spent 6.5 trillion in afghanistan and iraq, and now we're gonna spend a lot more money here at home. i mean arguably we spend more money on infrastructure in iran and iraq in over the last 20 years and we have in the united states. so i think it's historic, it's something that republican said they were gonna do, but if you had been a child born in the first week of republican infrastructure week, you'd be headed to the first great now. so the democrats finally got it done. all the stuff that's in this bill is really popular, roads, bridges, internet. so, i think they gotta get above the business of selling this stuff and making a clear. i tell you one thing to watch,
11:46 pm
brian, watch these republicans who voted against this package bragging about how much money is going to put in their states. it's gonna be sort of ironic and it's gonna be funny, but it's gonna be very telling. >> that's the surest that sun coming up tomorrow morning, it happened during the rescue act showing the pandemic. hey professor, big news in your state today, better -- is running for governor. a cynic would ask you what about the texas that we've seen during covid, the texas we've seen restrict the rights to voting and abortions. what about that texas is going to elect this guy? >> yes, so, here we have -- who is taking this extremism that we've seen in texas, abortion, guns, voting restrictions, and he saying, you know what, we have reached a tipping point. because the truth of the matter is, ryan, a majority of texans don't want permit-less carry. a majority of texas don't want
11:47 pm
restrictions to abortions like the ones we've seen. so he's harnessing that in saying let's put aside these extreme conservative views that divide us, and let's figure out what unites us. it's very much a biden-esque message that we're seeing -- and the other hook is that, we saw a massive failure in february of this year when our electrical grid went down. and beto is also going -- let's come together and unite. but at the same time saying, i am the candidate who can keep your lights on while governor abbott did not. so, i think that's gonna be the fine line that -- in terms of saying either practical person who can solve the problem in the state of texas and also unify. but it is a tall order in 2018, he was riding a blue wave -- but right now he's going to be swimming against the red tide. >> everyone watching at home,
11:48 pm
especially those hopeful democrats stay tuned. both of our guests have agreed to stay with us while i fit in a break here, and when we come back, why good messaging, or at this point any messaging at all, will be critical for these democrats in the coming months. democrats in the coming months love again. just one pill a day. 24 hours. zero heartburn. because life starts when heartburn stops. take the challenge at prilosecotc dot com. we're back, we continue our
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11:51 pm
conversation with professor victoria defrancesco soto and stewart stevens. professor, this ones for you, what happens if the democrats don't find a way to talk to the american people? you could argue that's how they've lost a huge swath of the population to begin with. you can't express to the american people that they should just assume, that you have their best interest in mind. in this era, you've gotta say it and say it a couple dozen times. >> many times, and the risk here of further losing that
11:52 pm
base, getting this in disenchanted with the president. and i think here's a two-step process that i think is gonna be so critical. first of all, to recognize that people are currently facing, very clinton-esque. i feel your pain. but at the same time centering the optimism that the cavalry is on its way. so it's gonna be twofold, because if you don't to the first part of recognizing the pain, people are going to feel that you are distant and dismissive. it has to be the strategic and the discipline to step messaging process, brian. >> and stuart stevens, what do you make of the fact that most affective ads on behalf of the democrats, you'll forgive the phrase, are being made by all of you lapsed republicans, they're all coming from the lincoln project unaffiliated groups who seems -- you see more free with language then the democrats could ever be. >> well, look, the democrats
11:53 pm
did okay in the last election they won it by 8 million or so. i think that we have -- those of us who work in republican parties have an understanding of how to speak to people more emotionally perhaps. then republicans did. then democrats do. and they were to talk about issues that resonate. and look, we have a sort of credibility to go out and talk about biden because if not a choice to false de facto to us, it's an active choice. we think it's about saving the country. >> to all those viewers who think that any discussion of messaging is inherently superficial, these days sadly, messaging tends to be ball game when all is said and done. our thanks to our friends victoria defrancesco soto, stewart stevens will do this again, will appreciate you both coming on tonight. another break for our coverage, what's coming up, what's actually happened today and the man who had absolutely nothing to do with it. d absolutely nothing to do with it. to do with it.
11:54 pm
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thing before tonight, is we go tonight's infrastructure infrastructure. terrible word, it's dictionary meaning is quote the basic and physical and organizational structures and facilities needed for the operation of a society or enterprise. fdr would have called it jobs, he would've called it a new deal for america, what the president signed today is about jobs. and yes, roads, and bridges, and broadband, and all kinds of things for all 50 states. an estimated 75% of the jobs created with the stroke of a pen today are blue-collar jobs, not require a college degree. as we mentioned, ohio republican senator rob portman, actually showed up and spoke at the white house today. he's leaving office he's not running for reelection, and even still because all republicans are afraid he
11:58 pm
scared of donald trump saying mean things about them. portman couldn't resist praising trump for furthering the discussion and on infrastructure. but he was only kidding, he is the actual truth as compiled by the daily show. >> today kicks off infrastructure week at the white house. >> it's infrastructure week for the white house but that may have gotten lost in the shuffle with president trump rekindling controversy on the violence in virginia yesterday. >> this is at least the first time they try to roll that infrastructure week. >> he's there and ohio to give it speech about infrastructure, it is infrastructure week. >> you may not have known this but this is infrastructure week in america. >> it is infrastructure week in america, yet again. >> he's gonna meet with nancy pelosi apparently, to talk about infrastructure, which may be talking me back. >> so this is mostly the friday of infrastructure week. >> he's also not visiting the cdc in -- he's trying to make >> well
11:59 pm
it's happening, and it's going to happen and, we're going a lot of infrastructure. >> so that's how that winds, and now the jobs are coming, lots of them. the democrats now have to learn how to say that, out loud, how to point out to each of the 50 states. what's coming their way and win, and keep saying it, while acknowledging at the same time would life is like and actual america. prices up for everything, insane prices for gasoline, christmas gifts sitting on contained or ice shipping offshore, some grocery stores putting names on waitlist for thanksgiving turkey's. as we say here, quite often, it would be a good time to start paying attention. that is our broadcast for this monday night as we start off a new week with our thanks for being with us. on behalf of all our colleagues at the network of nbc news, goodnight. of nbc news goodnight.
12:00 am
tonight on all in. >> how are you feeling today mr. bannon? >> three shirts, two counts of contempt, and one appearance in court today. steve bannon surrenders the law enforcement, as we get still more disturbing reporting on donald trump's obsessive plot to overturn the election. then, alex jones must pay the families, of sandy hook victims. tonight the attorney who won today's massive defamation suit joins me live. plus, >> you lose the right to self-defense when you're the one who brought the gun. >> what we learned today as the murder trial of kyle rittenhouse nears conclusion. and joe biden throws a party at the white house, as infrastructure week finally arrives. >> today we're finally getting this done. >> went all in, starts right now. good evening from new york, i'm chris hayes. we have a ton of new developments today, the story of the attempted coup.


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