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tv   Yasmin Vossoughian Reports  MSNBC  November 14, 2021 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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hi, everybody. i'm yasmin vossoughian. welcome and thanks for sticking around. republican party turning on its own. new audio of drmpl unleashing on the former vice president as disloyal, ungrateful and unlikely to be on the 2024 ticket. just when you thought he couldn't go lower wait until you hear what he says now. this as he sends supportive messages to steve bannon. >> and now that witnesses see that if they don't cooperate, if they don't fulfill the lawful duty when subpoenaed they too may be prosecuted it will have a strong focusing effect on their decision making.
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so it's very positive. i view this as an early test whether the democracy was recovering. >> meanwhile trump loyalists in congress targtding colleagues for the sin of voting to actually do something, a situation that left a republican congressman that voted for an infrastructure bill searching for words after getting death threats like this one. >> voted for dumb ass biden. you're stupider than he is. [ bleep ]. piece of crash. i hope you [ bleep ] die. i hope your [ bleep ] family dies. i hope everybody in your [ bleep ] staff dies. >> it is so unsettling. you know? this is not what our democracy is about. these physical threats not only to ourselves but to the family members as well as to our staff. it is a sad day in america when
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this type of stuff -- i got a better four-letter word for it but i'll save you, when it happens. >> president biden is going to sign that infrastructure bill into law tomorrow and the administration out in force today to assure americans they have a plan to fight inflation. >> we have to address housing and health care and child care. that's what the build back bet every bill that the house will consider this week will do. >> i'll talk to congressman raja krishnamoorthi about inflation and the build back better fight. also a columnist about what it takes to get paid leave in america. that's coming up. we begin with details of the pressure cam pa into get the vice president mike pence to overturn the election. newly released audio from the
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former president speaking with abc's jonathan carl for the upcoming book "betrayal" seems to all but confirm the phone call to pence the morning of january 6. >> there was a report and excuse my language you talked to him and that morning and said you can be a patriot or a [ bleep ]. did you say that? >> i wouldn't dispute it. >> really? >> i wouldn't dispute. >> this is after a previous clip from the interview when trump defends the hang mike pence chant. there's silence and deflection. listen to senator barroso when asked to respond to the comments. >> let me just say the republican party is incredibly united right now. i believed he was safe the whole time. i didn't hear the chants.
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i don't believe that he did. >> you won't criticize president trump for those views? >> i don't agree with president on everything. >> let's bring in jonathan allen, juanita tolliver and charlie sykes. charlie, give me the initial reaction to the audio interviewed by jonathan carl and recounting the conversation he had with the vmt on the morning of january 6. >> it is very clear that threats of violence and menace is part of the political culture and obvious that there's elements of the republican party that are willing to accept that.
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i did think that the refusal to comment is a mark of the way that republicans continue to move the window of acceptable behavior. how many times have we had the korgs, what's the red line? what point will republicans push back against this? now we talk about a mob chanting hang mike pence that wanted to injure or kill the sitting vice president of senator's party and can't bring himself to criticize that or donald trump's rationalization of that. for anyone who thinks that this is going to go away and the adults in the room will stand up and reason will prevail that is not happening and given the poll numbers it is unlikely to happen any time soon. >> i got to say, john allen, there is something that stood out to me in the piece that you wrote. comparing how republicans now see public service as secondary
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to trump service. i think we saw that front and center just now in the sound i played. when asked to respond to the comments from the former president and avoiding it. >> yeah. absolutely. senator john barosso said the republican party is unified but unified behind donald trump and while he says he may not agree with donald trump on every issue he's not going to identify the irses he disagrees and chose not to identify the hanging of mike pence as something that he disagrees with or that relate rick or the discussion of donald trump with mike pence saying will you be the patriot or the other things and i think people look at mike pence on that day and said he was a patriot doing what his job required him to do
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and to certify the election and not cowing -- not bowing to president trump or the people rioting to try to stop the election at the capitol. >> i got to say, we talk about the subpoenas that have been issued to the people surrounding trump from steven miller to others to steve bannon, and i can't help but think with this audio that's subsequently leaked, are they weighing a subpoena to the former president? >> absolutely. >> yeah. >> this comes -- >> juanita. >> i'm sorry. >> negotiating whether or not to take a charge for trump, a criminal charge versus wrath from trump in the personal or professional lives so that's what the folks are negotiating but as these subpoenas and these
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charges for criminal contempt have teeth with the doj backing them that looks less attractive as an option to defer to trump whether or not they participate and follow through with the legal requirements. i also want to go back to senator barrosso saying that president trump brings a credible amount of energy to the party. >> energy. >> that is the marker. that is the marker that the gop has no intention of getting him go and fully ready to stay aligned behind him because they don't care at governing or the people but comes down to with the witnesses on the subpoena list for the select committee what are you willing to do to demonstrate loyalty to trump out of fear for what he could do to you? we know that fear lies in him mobilizing the base for him in 2022 because that's the big bet they make and mccarthy kissing
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trump's ring days after the january 6 attack on the capitol building and mccare think's silence and the response from senator barrosso and more from the gop as they continue to circle the wagons around trump in the name of the energy that he brings to the party that they don't want to let go. >> stripping the republicans that voted in favor out infrastructure bill in the house, stripping them of committee assignments. >> number one, that sort of blood lust, the vengeance, the idea to punish somebody for voting rather than following what president trump wants. we saw mitch mcconnell in the senate vote for that infrastructure bill and now house members are saying the 13 that are traitors to lose the ability to represent the districts on committees.
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the other thing is the rank and file members of congress don't understand how the committee system works and how they are appointed. you can't if you are in the minority party strip members off of committees. that's something that is required done by a vote on the house floor. nancy pelosi controls whether they lose the committee assignments and i'll try to use not profane language and heck not going to strip them for voting for an infrastructure bill so you heard matt gaetz from florida try another tact to stop them from being the top republicans on committees and something they could do and i don't see what great value it has for the republican party to say if you vote in favor of things that con stitt wents want you can't be a member of the party. >> talk bannon tomorrow as we
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watch what will take place over 24 hour. you wrote that bannon has a plan. bannon told the podcast listeners on january 5 all hell is going to break loose tomorrow. it is going to be moving and quick. all i can say is strap in. the latest indictment did not slow him down. this is from friday. we'll get to the bottom of 3/november and desert if i the elect terrors. okay? thanks to the right wing media ecosystem. what's the plan here, charlie? >> steve bannon is the tip of the spear. if he is not scared he will brazen this out. he'll make himself a martyr. he's probably thinking to get another pardon like for grifting about the wall.
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look. what steve bannon is focused on is pushing the big lie as far as it can go and on that podcast after being indicted he said we'll desert if i the election and talked about the need to use january 6 to kill the biden presidency in its crib. to completely discredit it. we have seeing a strategy of pure chaos. of real nihilism and embraced by the former president of the united states. it is important to keep an eye on steve bannon and represents not just one guy with evidence but the strategy to pull down the biden administration and to relitigate the entire election. also keep in mind that this indictment does not compel him to testify. it is merely punitive.
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>> what's the democrats' defense with the possible plan from steve bannon? >> the plan for democrats should be focusing on getting as much of the executive materials that they can from the archive. making sure that moves forward because this does not compel bannon to testify so there are other ways to potentially get access to information and that might be a way for them to do it. the other thing is to continue to put on pressure and threat of charges to other witnesses that might flip and stop deferring to trump and offer up information to the select committee because again these threats of criminal con tempt charges have teeth. and that absolutely sends a signal to other folks that may not have the funds to fight and
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appeal after appeal in the courts in terms of criminal charges and a matter of time before we see that happen. thank you all. appreciate you joining on this sunday afternoon. joining me now is democratic congressman raja krishnamoorthi of illinois. congressman, thank you for joining us on this. we appreciate it. i just first want you to weigh in on just the toxicity in washington. the folks whose lives are threatened. you have spoken about the threats to congressman fred upton and saying nobody should be threatened for doing their job. how do you change things? how do you quell this toxicity? >> i don't have an easy answer. i think the one thing that i would notice is that if something like this were to happen on our side and somebody
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were to threaten violence there's severe political consequences to pay and not to see that on the other side is deeply disturbing. for our part i think we have to continue to work with everybody who's willing to make a good faith effort to do their job, fred upton or others and we want to work in a bipartisan fashion with any patriot in congress. >> i want to pivot here to infrastructure. tomorrow is a very big day for the biden administration, for the democratic party as a whole and for cities and towns that really need these roadways, the highways and the bridges fixed right about now. talk me through what you see as kind of a shining light coming out of the infrastructure bill as you stand beside the president and signing it. >> a lot of pens will be handed
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out tomorrow. a lot of people are supportive on both sides and eager to see that show of bipartisan hip. i think that this bill is not going to help repair the roads and bridges and airports but build resilience to the kind of greenhouse gas emission induced catastrophe awaiting us if we don't act in the form of building these electric vehicle charging stations, building the grid, rebuilding into that green energy to flow through it and doing everything else we need to prepare for the future. >> let's also talk about build back better and soft infrastructure. we saw the tough inflation numbers this week. senator joe manchin expressed concern considering the price. but we have had a lot of
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economists saying the two are not related. there's a "the new york times" op-ed reading this. what mr. manchin fails to understand is we have been enduring enormous costs and will continue if we don't meet the moment. the pain is borne by individual americans who struggle to flour ib and stay healthy. every single one of us suffers from an enfeebled economy and a poorly functioning society. how do you get through the hurdle with senator manchin and the trying to tie the inflation rates to the passage of soft infrastructure? >> inflation is a concern. inflation is caused by covid. when covid led to the idling of factories and keeping workers home it's a shortage of many goods and services and increase in the prices and so to kill
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inflation we have to kill covid and that means we have to double down on the measures taken. i don't question senator manchin's motive but the logic because economists say build back bet every will not fuel inflation because it is paid for and it doesn't add to the national debt and then it enhances worker productivity and very importantly it brings women back into the workforce. 2.5 million women dropped out of the workforce and we have an all-time low in the last 30 years in terms of the women's participation rate with a lack of child care, lack of pre-k and elder care and take care of unfortunately the children and seniors during this pandemic. so investing in those particular
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priorities helps bring women back to the workforce. makes them more productive. makes the workforce more productive as a whole and drives down inflation with the goods and the services to produce. that's how i would respond to him. >> congressman krishnamoorthi, thank you. still ahead, nuclear fallout. >> when it rains the surface water carries the radio activity down. you containment everything. >> a sneak peek revealing how a california nuclear accident led to life threatening conditions. are men the secret to getting the family paid leave? my next guest thinks so. est thi.
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welcome back. the fight for paid family leave which was slashed from biden's build back better package and put back in by house democrats is not a new battle. continuing through world war ii it persists today. around the world it is not a controversial ask. the u.s. is the only wealthy nation in the world that leaves new parts to fend for themselves and unless things change it will stay that way. now a last ditch provision my next guest said all men and not just fathers need to start shouting. joining me now is jessica gross for "the new york times." jessica, i added in four weeks not enough because as a mom of two kids even the four weeks, it is definitely not enough.
1:25 pm
that's when you barely get yourself out of bed. that aside let's get into the point you try to make and read from the piece. matthews believes to increase paid leave for men and more conservative voters with new narratives. people turn out the new mom stories and why i'm so full of rage right now and if we want to be savvy to get attention, we should start with rural men. talk to me about the stories she heard. >> absolutely. thank you so much for having me. part of the problem is that paid leave is associated not just with women but liberal women and politicized in a way it should not be. everyone will eventually need to care for a family member. regardless of gender, affiliation. people get sick. people have babies.
1:26 pm
it is life. i think because telling all these stories, the new moms telling the stories and what happens every time this is an issue and a national conversation we hear from new moms as we should and the people that need to be convinced right now are not being convinced by that and so i talked to christine matthews who speaks to a lot of independent and republican voters. she said that a lot of the men she spoke to want this. this is not just something that liberal voters and women want. we need to elevate the stories and see if it sticks. >> what does that mean? how does that support, advocacy look coming to men? does that mean them taking it inside the policies? reaching out to legislators to get them on board? how are the voices heard?
1:27 pm
>> all of the above. taking whatever leave is available and even if you think it will damage your career in some way. of course not everyone has the privilege to do that but offered paid leave you are in a privileged class of folks. it is shouting it on social media. most stories on social media is from women and creating a political movement of your own. >> only industrial nation not to have a family paid leave act. go ahead. >> it is certainly not because we don't know what it looks like. we know. everybody knows. there's a deeply individual strain in this country and there is a deep resistance to government support of many things so one of the things i
1:28 pm
found most interesting is even those supporting the idea of paid leave many think corporations should pay for it but to be widely available to everyone especially the working class you need it to have government support because it is expensive. if we wait for corporations to do it for everyone we wait for a long time and putting a lot of families at risk and sick people at risk in ways they don't need to be and it comes to the individualist fervor that americans have. >> i think it's a perception in some circles having a baby and getting back to work shows you are a strong individual but choosing to talk care of your family first is perceived as strength and disconnect in
1:29 pm
circles in an equation. i don't know. we'll wait and see. >> right. >> this is one step in the right direction. thank you so much. appreciate you joining us on this up next, new reporting of mark meadows. may soon face the same fate of steve bannon set to turn himself in tomorrow. will me face any jail time? after the break. wondering what actually goes into your multi-vitamin. at new chapter. its innovation organic ingredients and fermentation. fermentation? yes, formulated to help your body really truly absorb the natural goodness. new chapter. wellness well done. before discovering nexium 24hr to treat her frequent heartburn... claire could only imagine enjoying chocolate cake. now, she can have her cake and eat it too. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection.
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welcome back. former white house chief of staff meadows may be the next trump ally to face criminal charges. in an interview with nbc's chuck todd representative schiff said that the house select committee will move quickly to refer meadows for criminal contempt.
1:34 pm
with the january 6 committee on friday choosing instead to follow in bannon's footsteps and defy multiple congressional subpoenas. bannon is set to turn himself over to authorities tomorrow but not everybody is confident that the surrender will go smoothly. here's what stephanie grisham had to say. >> my prediction is that the former president is going to tell everybody to continue to stall. they're going to fund raise off of this. bannon i think is going to wear it as a badge of honor and martyr himself. >> joining me is former deputy assistant attorney general harry lipman. great to see you. i mentioned bannon's indictment is historic. first of its kind in 40 years. let's take a listen a bit more to what representative schiff had to say. >> we have been moving very quickly to make the decisions
1:35 pm
and confident to move quickly with respect to mr. meadows. ultimately when witnesses decide as meadows has that they're not going to bofter to showing up with contempt for the law it forces the hand and we'll move quickly. >> i wonder, harry, do you think there is a way kind of a group strategy happening when it comes to the people that have been subpoenaed so far and working to defy these subpoenas in spite of what is happening to steve bannon and having to turn himself over to authorities tomorrow? >> yes, in a word. i think there's an inner irk l with a strategy. the game is up ended now because it's a game changer. a dramatic one that bannon has before referred. it took weeks and now the calculation's changed.
1:36 pm
that's the main reason for bannon referral. he is now in a different spot. he is road kill as i said before. he is in the criminal justice system and not looking for his testimony and will be there for a while but what they look to do is put fear in the spines of the other folks starting with meadows but meadows there are some possible complications there. but sure. i think dating back several years they were thinking not only not going to give specific evidence, we are not going to show up and thumb our nose at the whole process. that's what they have done. the courts let them to date. doesn't look like they are anymore and that's a big, big difference. >> what are the complications for meadows? >> a few things. first, i'm sure the committee is thinking about this. the communications are executive privilege. unlike bannon who had been out for years.
1:37 pm
of course the right rationale is biden decides. if that's a difference for them the committee might think twice about pressing the luck. second civil contempt back in play and bennie thompson mentioned it and would refer it -- civilly they didn't do that in the past because it took so much but the trump subpoena went through very quickly and it's a beautiful thing meaning the person goes into jail. stays there until they talk and if they can make that happen in short order then that would change things and the third is the thing i said. bannon they're pretty much putting aside. meadows' testimony is important. the reports is that he was integral. if they serve up to the criminal justice system it will be harder
1:38 pm
to use his testimony. he is now on a different track. those are the things to be keeping in mind. >> you are in a camp with bannon we won't get testimony from him because it's going to be more holding bannon in criminal contempt with turning himself over. what's the likelihood he'll behind bars? >> really interesting. it is a misdemeanor and two and the kind of charge to call for a little bit of jail time and i see him -- anybody's guess but i think he likes this and sort of feeds the outlaw image and he will play it out i think. in that sense it's possible. but before then he'll be making the far ranging motions and a very, very uber conservative judge to make them to so he'll try to get the charges dismissed but if it goes all the way i bet
1:39 pm
he does them. >> thank you. >> thank you. is it time to unmask in schools? i talk with experts about what is best for kids. that's next. to target the appearance of dark spots, wrinkles and boost radiance. and formulated to be gentler to skin. wrinkles and boost radiance. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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when heartburn hits, fight back fast with tums chewy bites. fast heartburn relief in every bite. crunchy outside, chewy inside. ♪ tums, tums, tums, tums ♪ tums chewy bites welcome back. plenty of parents all across this country breathed a sigh of relief when the young children were able to get vaccinated. i did. but is the vaccination enough? i talked to a group of providers about whether it is time to lose the masks. >> reporter: another state ending mandatory masks in schools. tennessee governor signing a law and in florida two of the biggest school districts ended the mandates last week. more parents ask as vaccinations for kids roll out when should mask mandates for children end? we gathered pediatricians and
1:43 pm
experts to weigh in. what does the off ramp look like to you when it comes to masking guidelines? >> the off ramp should be set on the metrics. it is really inconsistent that the cdc sent masking off ramps for adults based on community spread metrics but not a similar metric for kids. it doesn't make sense. >> reporter: some say it's time to start planning to move on from mandates. >> we have been sleepwalking into masking policy and on the verge of kids being in masks up to two years while adults do whatever the heck they want to do. >> reporter: this doctor studies public health at harvard saying masks do have a downside. >> i'm a dad. i have three kids. i see the impact. >> reporter: covid is not as big of a risk for kids as adults. >> kids are low risk for severe
1:44 pm
outcomes from the virus. where i am in new england the risk of a hospitalization for a children is on the order of 1 in a million. >> reporter: some pediatricians are more cautious. >> werpd not be thinking about this until after the holiday just at least january of 2022. >> reporter: they say we need more time for more kids to be vaccinated. >> i would like to see that schools don't rush into that until we see the rates pick up. >> reporter: the concern rising rates in parts of the country as winter is nearing. >> seeing covid rates starting to go up again and over 20 states. there's factors in play here. >> reporter: some pediatricians are not so quick to dismiss concerns about kids and covid. >> with the delta surge we saw the kids who were hospitalized in the icu and died and 30% of
1:45 pm
the kids hospitalized actually had no underlying health issues. >> reporter: all experts agree a phased approach is necessary. >> depends on vaccination rates in the area, covid rates in the area. >> my dream is to get the masks off but can't rush it. >> reporter: they may not agree on the timeline. coming up, in the run. my message to those feeling the bruntd of the inflation spike and a california nuclear accident's affects on the surrounding xhuptds is the focus of a new this is income documentary. a neighbor joins us next on what she is doing to push for a full cleanup of the site next. he sitt '. everything. but then ray went from no to know. with freestyle libre 2, now he knows his glucose levels when he needs to.
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injection site pain, headache, eyebrow, eyelid drooping, and eyelid swelling. tell your doctor about your medical history, muscle or nerve conditions, and medications including botulinum toxins as these may increase the risk of serious side effects see for yourself at hi, everybody. take a deep breath. the inflation numbers were not good this week. higher than expected. that was the hard evidence that backed up what we knew. things are costing a lot. for some it is easier to handle than others. that is if you have more money you can ride the wave and probably be fine why for others it is changing the way of life. meanwhile eyes on washington to get infrastructure signed and hold those responsible for january 6 accountable. plus, a soft infrastructure bill being negotiated that could change a way of life for low income americans and been in a crippling pandemic almost two
1:50 pm
years having lost almost a million people in this country to it and a nationwide fight. it's a lot. so i'm not surprised when -- if we hear something we don't want to things seem unstable or not black and white it's frustrating or feeling like we are taking one step forward to take two steps back. i feel you. i'm with you. just breathe. we'll be okay. we always are. i think. or maybe i'm just saying this out loud to wish it into existence. we have to ride it out. advocate for what we know is right. and hope it lands. i'll be right back. challenge is helping people love what they love again. just one pill a day. 24 hours. zero heartburn. because life starts when heartburn stops. take the challenge at prilosecotc dot com. see blood when you brush or floss can be a sign of early gum damage.
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welcome back. for decades, the valley area of california outside l.a., held a dark and toxic secret. a place called area 4. of the field laboratory. the federal government secretly teamed up with private companies to test the limits of nuclear power. what resulted was one of the worst nuclear accidents in u.s. history followed by a shocking cover up. that put thousands of lives in danger. tonight, a new documentary that follows southern california mothers. as they discover the secret. and the devastating impact it may have had on the health of their families.
1:55 pm
>> have fought. and continue to fight. >> this is not what they want to talk about over dinner. they don't want to read documents. they want to have a good time. and watch their kids play in the yard. and, i want that too. sorry. i want that too and i want it for my family, but i can read. i'm not going to pretend i didn't read it. >> joined now by the woman who you saw in the clip. she and her family live in the valley and a member of parent against the field. i know when watching that, you got a little bit emotional. kind of sparked something in you. what was that? >> i have seen it four times and
1:56 pm
i do get emotional. because i have no choice but to advocate for the clean up. we're missing out on some things at home while we do this. it's important. this is bigger than us. we have to push back. against the responsible parties. toen sure that the clean up happens. >> how did you learn about what happened? >> i moved to simi valley and introduced to the advocacy to the clean up. introducing the topic of water ground water from wells beneath us. being mixed with our residential drinking water. that was the topic that brought -- >> that was -- i'm sorry that was the topic that what? >> brought me in. >> how is this affected your family? >> it's very stressful.
1:57 pm
because the responsible parties typically do things around this time of the year. around for the holidays. they don't sleep. and when ever the department of energy or boeing pulls something out. releases another document that we have to respond to. it's also go. >> have there been any health consequences to what happened? >> not for my family in particular. in the sour rounding communities, yes. when her daughter was hospitalized and meeting other families in the children hospital, they started mapping in google maps the pediatric cancer cases in the area. when we did the soil and dust samples for the fire, there were a lot of people who discussed thyroid cancer and things of that nature.
1:58 pm
it appears that yes there's a heavy health impact from living close to the lab. >> there was a demolition at the site. a couple weeks ago. you are fearing the nuclear dust could have been blown all over los angeles? >> yes. they were supposed to use dust e baitment measures and water cannons. shooting before, during and after to keep the dust down. as you can see in the video they did no such thing. my personal opinion they did that to put fear in the community of the clean up. and as we speak, boeing at the same time is in close door negotiations with the governor of california. to weaken the clean up standards. we're in a tough spot. >> i want to play a little bit more of the documentary. >> i met family a said we live on your street. granted we live on a long boulevard. three miles. they lived on our street. and said my neighbor had the same exact brain cancer.
1:59 pm
that my son had. there were two of them. neighbors. plus my daughter. three on the same street. for a long time, we wouldn't find the connection. it was about a year after that, someone mentioned the field lab. i never heard of it. we all had to start wrestling with the fact our children's cancers could have been avoided. maybe other children were in danger. maybe our government hadn't protected us the way they should have. >> what do you want people to take away from the documentary and watching it tonight? >> i want them to understand that all a lot of sites around the country are experiencing similar shotty practices. and in our case, because the deo is has broken their clean up agreement to the community, and we are in this situation right now boeing could completely gut the clean up. if our governor allows them to
2:00 pm
drastically reduce the clean up standards. i'm asking to reach out. please contact governor newsom. please sign our petition. give us power when we meet with the electives and find out how close you are to a site. >> thank you. for sharing your story. we appreciate it. the documentary in the dark of the valley is a must see. watch it tonight. 10:00 p.m. eastern right here. that wraps up the hour for me. i'll be back next sad and sunday. 3:00 p.m. eastern. i'll turn it over to reverend al sharpton and "politicsnation." good evening. welcome to "politicsnation." tonight's lead the future. right now, i admit to some relief. maybe even excitement.


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