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tv   Kendis Gibson and Lindsey Reiser Report  MSNBC  November 14, 2021 4:00am-5:00am PST

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been told shot up and dribble, what impact they have on the weigh in on politics? thank you so much, i appreciate your time. >> thank you for having me. >> we begin a new hour of msnbc right now right no the queen canceling her first planned public appearance after her hospitalization. we're live in london and talking to royal experts. former trump adviser steve bannon setdv to surrender to authorities tomorrow after being indicted for contempt of congress, a potential turning point forl trump ally mark meadows who skipped his deposition with the january 6th committee. former nixon white house lawyer john dean says this could spring him into action. >> i think his lawyers will be back in touch with the committee, if not over the weekend, certainly on monday morning, given that different circumstances now apply. former president trump donald trump targeting republicans who supported joe
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biden's historic bipartisan infrastructure bill,e as president biden gets ready to sign that bill into law tomorrow. plus -- >> everyone's on edge what the results are either way. >> i'm justs worried, either w, that people are going to be upset no matter what. >> reporter: kenosha, wisconsin, on edge as the trial of kyle rittenhouse nears its conclusion. authorities gear up for potential unrest with the national guard, hundreds of them now onal standby. and the judge in that trial stirring more controversy. new insight from an attorney who has tried a number of cases in front of him. as we do say good morning, everybody, it is sunday, november 14th. it's a busy day around here. i'm lindsey reiser. >> we have a team of reporters and analysts following the very latest for you right now. but we are going to stay on top of that breaking news out of london. yet anotherut health scare for 95-year-old queen elizabeth.
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>> we learned of it just a few hours ago. she was pulled of a national remembrance ceremony. she had to cancel that appearance because of a back sprain, this is according to buckingham palace. >> the palace saying in a statement, quote, her majesty is disappointed that she will miss the service. nbc foreign correspondent matt bradley joining usre now from london with more. matt, bring us up to speed. >> reporter: good morning, lyndsey and kendis. we just missed the actual moment,ss the 11th hour, the 11 month, the 11th day. there was a treaty that ended world war i. that moment on that day is marked something like a veterans day or a memorial day here in britain. and it doesn't just honor those
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who fought and died in world war i, it honors those who are injured and fought and died in every war. the queen is a representative of the country, but also a representative of the greatest generation. she woreprgr a uniform and works uniformed soldier in world war ii. that's why this is such an important day for ther. and she rarely misses it. the only other times she's missed it's is when she was pregnant or traveling, but it still went trahead. we saw prince charles. he laid a wreath at the cenitaph. and this solemn ceremony involved ad two-minute moment silence for the entire country horse procession around here. this is a big deal. this was what we heard from some royal watchers, that this was sacrosanct for her to miss this, meant that she was giving up on, like i said, representing both her generation and her country.
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she spent one night in the hospital last month, and that's when a lot of those worries started coming up. we're looking at the queen's health through a peephole. we have to rely only on the information we'reon getting fro official communiques from the palace. will the palace try to misrepresent the queen's health? probably not. because this isn't just celebrity tattle or royal gossip, this is the monarch. the longest serving monarch in british history, and she has a constitutional role. the palace really has a legal obligation to explain exactly whether or not the queen is able to serveue in her constitutiona capacity. when they say that the queen is ill or that she's feeling better, we kind of do have to believe her. and there have been some sightings of the queen. we saw her last week, she was driving around windsor palace. we've seen her recently walking around, but she wasec walking wh a cane.
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she wasn't able to attend that cop-26 conference in glasgow scotland, which was very important to her, because climate change is one of the really only political issues that the royal family feel as though they can actually pitch inth and make partisan comments. if you've heard from the royals over the last couple of months. so she's missed really two crucial events that we can -- we believe she really wanted to be part of. but we don't know exactly what the situation is. the fact is, guys, when it comes to a 95-year-old woman, especially one who has been working as hard as the queen, any illness, any condition could be critical. guys? >> andou that's why the doctors put hert' on bedrest for the la two weeks and they expected her to be back for this event. matt, while you were talking, i should mention that we were seeing the pictures of, this event, and it p continues to go on. it startednt about an hour ago. as you mentioned, this is a remembrance service, taking place in the while hall area of this is the first time that it's returning to normal, because of
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last year, because of covid, it was veryr, limited in how many people were able to attend. this year, you have veterans and military officers, up to 10,000 veterans who are marching past the war memorial right there and an even larger crowd is standing by watching. >> matt, since we saw you in our last hour, have you seen any people there in buckingham palace what maybe show up and see what you can see or expressing any concern to you? have you seen maybe a growing number of people there at buckingham? >> there's always going to be tourists at buckingham palace and this is what you would see on a regular sunday.ul but much of the remembrance is happening just down the street around the horse guard's area, where a lot of the white hall is. white hall is kind of like downtown washington, d.c., if you will. it's where a lot of the government ministries are and where the cenitaph is, this very
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simple column, this war memorial that every year serves in this capacity to remember those who gave their lives for britain. guys? >> and matt, i couldn't quite tell from your shot, but is the queen at buckingham palace today? >> actually, i'm not exactly sure where the queen is. i'm sure she's probably at windsor castle at the moment, not buckingham palace. >> trying to get a look at the flag behind you. all right. >> reporter: that doesn't always say. i thought that too. that doesn't always mean that. >> ah. who haknew? all right, matt bradley joining us from london. thank you. >> thanks, matt. we're going to now pivot to some other news that we're following. to say tomorrow will be a busy day in washington could be a huge understatement. steve bannon is expected to surrender to authorities. president biden will sign his huge infrastructure bill into law. and president biden will meet for the first time virtually
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with chinese president xi jing pink. >> a new "washington post" and abc news poll shows that 63% of americans support that infrastructure bill and 58% support the build back better bill that democrats are still working on. the rest of that poll, though, is not great for the president, including a low approval rating for this poll. 41%. there's a lot to get to this morning, so here to start us off, nbc news reporter julie sirken on capitol hill. what do we know about tomorrow where steve bannon is expected to turn himself in? >> what we know right now is that steve habannon, the former campaign manager to president trump, is expected to self-surrender as early as tomorrow morningre and appear i court in the afternoon. this is a big legal victory for the house select committee investigating the january 6th insurrection, but it doesn't
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necessarily mean even if bannon is convicted, which could take months, if not years, by the way, it doesn't mean that the panel could ultimately get hisa testimony and hear from him. still, this is a big win for the committee, like i administration mentioned, because of who steve bannon is, an important figure from president trump's inner-most circle and he wass credited withir that stop the steal rally that took place moments before the january 6th insurrection. and onan his radio show in the months since has been peddling those false election claims. but like i said, doesn't mean the committee will get that testimony from cohim. but what it does mean and what the committee and democrats in congress are hoping it will do is coerce other witnesses subpoenaed, there are 20 of them from the former president's inner most circle to appear for their depositionsir and to turn over relevant documents. let's listen to one democrat in washington,de ro khanna, and wh he had to say and what message hopes this sends to others.
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>> it sends a message that no american is above the law. when congress asks for basic documents, when congressor asks for youcu to testify, you compl. he should do what any american should do, which is comply with congress' request. >> reporter: ro khanna is a top house progressive. he's familiar with the invasiveness of trump's inner orbit. he's hoping like democrats on the committee, like mark meadows, the president's final chief of staff who was with him in the office onie january 6th will end up cooperating. they're hoping that bannon's indictment will coerce him to cooperate. >> mike, let's talk about all of the headlines right now that the white house is dealing 'swith. we've got infrastructure, we've got these poll numbers. we've got inflation. what do you know right now abour where the white house is strategy wise and messaging wise? >> reporter:ss lyndsey, you'll e the white house really try to
4:11 am
turn the narrator around. you show the president's job approval rating ticking down to 41%. in this poll, seven in ten americans say the president hasn't accomplished much in his first year in heoffice. thet president tomorrow will b really checking off two major campaign pledging delivered on. one is ade bipartisan piece of legislation. remember how much he promised to tryh to bring the country together to work with republicans. there will be republicans and democrats on the south lawn tomorrow for the signing ceremony. the other is, finally, as he's putting it, infrastructure week. he promised a big economic agenda to try to pass in the congress. as president, he's getting one piece of that tomorrow and will be hitting the road as well to try to highlight some of the specific pieces. tuesday, he'll be going to new hampshire to talk about bridge work thatir will be done there a bridge that's been rated as substandard in new hampshire. wednesday, he'll be going to a gm vehicle plant in michigan, talking about the electric vehicle charging stations. so a real effort to really address the concerns americans are facing.
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in the same abc news/"washington post" poll, half of americans saying that inflation is the fault of the iopresident. what the president had tohe say on friday, when he was talking about the ways in which his economic agenda will actually tryhi to alleviate som of these concerns. >> if we do it right, we know what it will mean. we know what it will mean. it will create millions of new jobs, grow the economy, and we'll win the world economic competition that we are engaged in in the second quarter of the 21st century with china and many other countries around the world. >> ind mentioned that bipartisa guest list for tomorrow's bill signing ceremony it, will mkd joe manchin and kyrsten sinema, democrats who pushed better bipartisan infrastructure plan, who are still out there on that larger reconciliation measure. it won't include joe manchin who called it a godsend for kentucky, but attracting fire from former president trump for giving the president a big legislative victory. >>
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we're back now with a very busy day coming up in washington, d.c., with the president set to sign the bipartisan infrastructure bill and steve bannon expected to turn himself in, after being indicted for contempt of congress charges. >> we're now joined by chellie pingree, a member of the democratic women's congress. congresswoman, good morning. thanks for being with us. >> sure. happy to join you. >> let's talk about that new poll. "the washington post"/abc news poll that shows almost two-thirds of americans support this bill. yet that same poll shows the
4:18 am
president's approval rating at a new low at 41%. what's the disconnect here? >> well, you know, i think it takes that's for people to understand what the work that the president is doing. and let's face it, the news had been dominated by when will this get done, what are they fighting about? and the fact is, we've moved forward on one of those bills, we're getting ready to finish the second bill, and pretty soon people are going to see the difference in their own lives. this won't be some abstract conversation, but for many people, they don't know what's in these bills. particularly in the second bill, i think some of those things will have a huge impact on people's lives. the child care support, the pre-k, and we're just coming off cop-26. there's a lot in both bills for climate change and i think people are very worried about that. but they need to know what's in it. >> congresswoman, back in 2016, you condemned steve bannon's appointment as chief strategist. what's your reaction to this
4:19 am
historic indictment? >> i'm pleased pip mean, i think we all know he's been -- whether he was in the white house or working from the sidelines, he was one of the architects of many of the things that the president did that we disagreed with, and certainly, it's assumed that he was a big part of what went on on january 6th. i think we're happy that the justice department is moving forward, the january 6th has been doing a great job, and, you know, it's a good thing he's going to turn himself in tomorrow, at least that's what we hear. >> so, minority leader mitch mcconnell won't be at the signing ceremony for the infrastructure bill, but trump is slamming him for encouraging some republicans to vote for it here. but then we also saw this week, in an exclusive interview that abc's john carl had with president trump, that he essentially made an excuse for why people were chanting "hang mike pence," saying, well, you had some people that were very angry. what's your take on both of those juxtapositions? >> you know, that was really unsettling to listen to that
4:20 am
interview with the president. to basically excuse the insurrectionists at the capitol and to say, it's okay to talk about hanging the vice president of the united states. honestly, it's -- the whole thing is so hard to put into context of our democracy and this great country. and for mcconnell to be a supporter of the bipartisan infrastructure bill, but then decide not to show up because, like so many other republicans, he's intimidated by the president or at least it appears that way, you know, this is just one more challenging thing our country is having to deal with. i feel the same way about the members of the house who voted for the bill and have been getting calls to their homes and offices. we used to think it was good to have bipartisanship. that it took two parties to put together a big piece of legislation. and to have this former president still on the sidelines, intimidating members of congress, you know, this is not healthy for our country. >> congressman, i've got to be
4:21 am
quick here, but give me a sense of how worried you are as to how many seats your party will lose in nextier's midterm? of course, president obama lost some 63 seats after his big spending plap. going back to the new deal, the party lost dozens of seats as well. the numbers are not looking good going into next year? >> well, as they say, a week is a long time in politics. i was there, lost most of my class in 2010. but i believe the things we're doing now are early enough in this administration, people will really feel them by next we're when election time comes, i think we'll see a lot of changes in our country between now and then. this is a wonderful agenda, exactly what the country needs right now. it will put people back to work, support american families, support women's concerns and needs at home. i think we're going to see some real changes. >> congressman, i've got to go. i really wanted to dig into your five books about knitting, because somebody here on the
4:22 am
desk is a key knitter, as well, if that's a term. >> next time. >> we'll talk offline. thank you. >> thank you. appreciate it. all right. a city on edge. with closing arguments teed up for tomorrow in the rittenhouse trial, the city of kenosha is bracing for potential backlash over the jury's decision. hoping to avoid the same violence that led to this trial in the first place. and we take a closer look at judge raising eyebrows. a criminal defense lawyer who has argued cases in his courtroom before gives us the lowdown on wisconsin's longest-everybodying judge. tami. at new chapter. its innovation organic ingredients and fermentation. fermentation? yes, formulated to help your body really truly absorb the natural goodness. new chapter. wellness well done. oh, there you are. you know cath, with chase freedom unlimited we can cashback on all our holiday shopping. earn 3% at drugstores! i'll be at checkout. you bring the card. wait - i'm paying again?! earn big time with chase freedom unlimited.
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we could learn the outcome of the trial of kyle rittenhouse as soon as this week. closing arguments are set to begin tomorrow morning. but residents are bracing for potential unrest, no matter the verdict and authorities want to be prepared. >> which is why the governor of wisconsin has activated some 500 national guard troops to help local authorities, just in case.
4:27 am
nbc news' ellison barber is in kenosha, wisconsin, with more on all of this. good morning, ellison. and it does appear as if this is a city that's on edge right now. >> reporter: good morning to both of you. it's a city that is nervously watching this trial and paying attention to this case. almost everyone we're talking to have been watching this. they're talking about it within a community. this is a consult that like the rest of the country is pretty divided when it comes to this particular trial. but speaking to residents here, they've told us that they're worried about the potential for violence, regardless of the outcome. here's more of what we've heard. >> since all of this has happened, the city has been not itself. a lot more violence. everyone is so fragile. and it's scary to think about that.
4:28 am
>> reporter: and kyle rittenhouse is charged with six crimes related to the night in august when he shot three people, killing two. the most serious charge he faces is intentional homicide. the judge in this case, he said that he is inclined to allow the jury to consider some lesser charges, which is what the prosecution had asked for, but he still has nod made his final decision or at least not announced it publicly. legal analysts we've spoken to say prosecutors will often ask to add lesser charges in cases, but in this case, they tell us that it could be an indication that the prosecution is not entirely confident in the case they've presented so far. closing arguments are set to take place tomorrow. each side has two and a half hours to make their case. the jury could have this in their hands as soon as tomorrow night. kyle rittenhouse has pled not guilty to all charges. he says he acted in
4:29 am
self-defense. >> ellison barber, thanks so much. >> for more on all of this, let's in patrick hafrty, he's tried a number of cases in front of the judge who is presiding over that trial. patrick, good to see you. thank you for being here. we'll talk about that judge in a moment. but first, what are your expectations for tomorrow's closing arguments and for a potential verdict? >> good morning. i'm actually having a little bit of a hard time hearing, so if you ask me a question, i didn't hear it. >> let me try it one more time. as i mentioned, we are going to talk about the judge in a little bit, but what are your expectations for tomorrow and this closing argument and possibly when we might get a verdict? >> so i don't think there will be a quick verdict in a case like this. i think the jury will take their time deliberate. there's a lot to sort through because there are so many charges. as far as what's going to happen
4:30 am
tomorrow, the judge has limited the closing arguments for each side to two and a half hours, which is a long time. most cases don't have closing arguments that go on for that period of time. so i expect that the state is going to basically try to make the argument that kyle rittenhouse provoked this situation and therefore his claim that he had to defend himself by using deadly force has been invalidated by the fact that he provoked the attacks. the defense will be trying to make the case that this was pure self-defense, he had every right to do what he did and he should be acquitted of everything. >> and this judge has repeatedly made headlines throughout the trial, first for telling the prosecutors that they can't call the men that rittenhouse shot
4:31 am
"victims," but repeatedly called them rioters. and then there were moments like this. >> all right, anything else. let's hope for 1:00. let's hope the asian food isn't on one of those boats in long beach harbor. but let's aim for 1:00. >> if the court makes a finding that the actions that i had talked about -- were done in bad faith, then i think both elements for mistrial -- >> his ring tone there lee greenwood's "god bless the usa," "proud to be an american there." there were a number of things that were a little abnormal for court watchers who don't know this judge. when you saw that, what do you see? >> so i can't hear it all, but what i can tell you is that i
4:32 am
know that everyone interested in this judge in particular and some of the methods that he uses. the judge is an excellent judge. he's been on the bench for almost four years. >> is he a fair judge? not sure if you can hear me. do you feel as if he's a fair judge? >> there's no doubt he is a fair judge. he's a fair man. he was elected -- pardon me, he was initially appointed by a democrat in 1983. he's been re-elected by the people of kenosha five or six times over the last 35 or 40 years. he is someone who protects the rights of criminal defendants in terms of their trial rights. criminal defendants have the right to cross-examine witnesses, prevent a defense, have a fair trial, and he very zealously protects that. at the same time, he zealously protects jurors. he is grateful and respects the fact that jurors have showed up, that they're taking time out of their lives to tell these
4:33 am
disputes for the citizens of the county. and part of what he does is tries to make people feel comfortable in his courtroom so that they can do his job. some people have looked at some of his methods and wondered if they were unusual, i guess. maybe they are, maybe they aren't. but they're clearly designed to keep the process on track. he wants to keep control of his courtroom. if you think about some other high-profile cases like o.j. simpson case, for example, a lot of people think that that judge lost control of his courtroom and lost control of the trial. a judge like schrader is not going to let that kind of thing happen. he is a strong personality, he's a smart guy. he has tremendous confidence about his ability to conduct a jury trial like this. so whatever criticisms people may have of him, he is dedicated to doing his job correctly and that's what he's attempting to do in this case. >> that's interesting to get that take from a criminal
4:34 am
defense attorney who has tried -- who has been there for many cases in front of judge schrader. really appreciate your time. patrick halfer ty, thank you. bab from the bench. aaron rodgers will be back playing today. how will his fans react to his return after those controversial vaccine comments. we're taking you live to lambeau field. ccine comments we're taking you live to lambeau field. (calls dog) buttercup... (whines) ♪♪ ♪ ohh ohh ♪ as a dj, i know all about customization. that's why i love liberty mutual. ♪♪ they customize my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? you got it. ♪ liberty, liberty - liberty, liberty ♪ uh, i'll settle for something i can dance to. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ ♪ ♪
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another high-profile nfl quarterback will miss a game because of covid. the pittsburgh steelers announced that they placed ben roethlisberger on the team's covid list. he previously said he was vaccinated. the policy for vaccinated players to return to action, they must be asymptomatic for 24 hours and test negative twice 24 hours apart. because of that, roethlisberger will miss the steelers game today against the detroit lions. that means the lions have a shot at winning. >> that brings us to gheen bay, wisconsin, where reigning mvp aaron rodgers is set to play for the first time after he call out the so-called woke mob and thrust himself into the vaccination debate. he's since walked back some of those comments, but today we'll see how his hometown fans react. gary gromback is in green bay, wisconsin, where the snow is
4:39 am
heavier than it was last hour. >> reporter: aaron rodgers starting tonight is good news for the seattle seahawks, but it speaks to how he got here, and that speaks to the larger issue of the misinformation and disinformation coming from high-profile figures like aaron rodgers. he went on a sports talk show and said that he was being prescribed ivermectin, which is a horse dewormer and monoclonal antibodies. that ivermectin horse dewormer hasn't been approved by the fda or cdc or any legitimate medical organization. he also says he's taking his medical advice from podcaster joe rogen. and while he is a podcaster, he's not exactly a medical professional. that is the issue here. aaron rodgers is the quarterback of the green bay packers, somebody that people look up to. kids want to be like aaron rodgers. the backlash here, the damage has already been done, even though aaron rodgers is starting today. they lost last week's game without him to the kansas city chiefs and sponsors have already
4:40 am
started dropping their name from their ad. the backlash has been swift. everyone from jen psaki to kareem abdul-jabbar weighed in on this. i want you to listen to what jabbar had to say. >> i think what aaron has done really creates doubt in the minds of the public and the people who hire athletes as spokespersons, all of a sudden now, they're going to have to worry about somebody that might be lying about something as crucial as vaccination and it could destroy the market for athletes, maybe people who are supporting, you know, using an athlete can go to another type of celebrity or at least someone that they know is not lying. >> now, we're going to be hanging out here outside of lambeau field all day talking to
4:41 am
fans about their thoughts on their star quarterback's situation here. but i will say, anecdotally, lindsay, people here on the flight to green bay were just thrilled to have aaron rodgers back on the field. >> very interested to what they have to say later in the day. you and your crew stay warm, gary. thank you. the mandatory masking debate may now be winding down. what changes florida schools could see as soon as this week in classrooms, as cases dip to the to the lowest since june. s o e thto the lowest since june tums vs. mozzarella stick when heartburn hits, fight back fast with tums chewy bites. fast heartburn relief in every bite. crunchy outside, chewy inside. ♪ tums, tums, tums, tums ♪ tums chewy bites at fidelity, your dedicated advisor will help you create a comprehensive wealth plan for your full financial picture. with the right balance of risk and reward. so you can enjoy more of...this. this is the planning effect. see blood when you brush or floss so you can enjoy more of...this. can be a sign of early gum damage.
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the months-long debate in florida schools over mandatory masking call be coming to an end. >> this week, all school districts have lifted their mask mandates, as cases fall. we're going to show you by how much. the state reported nearly 11,000 cases from november 5th to the 11th, and that's the lowest weekly infection rate since early june. and this move comes after several of the state's largest school boards face fines for
4:46 am
actually defying the governor's ban on mask mandates. >> stephanie stanton joins us now. what cousin this latest change actually mean for florida students and how are parents actually reacting to it. >> good morning, kendis and lindsey. the mask mandate essentially over. all schoolchildren can opt to go to school without their masks. that thanks to the steep drop in covid cases but not everyone is ready to ditch their masks quite yet. the sunshine state has one of the lowest covid rates in the country with just seven cases per 100,000 people. and that is prompting these three remaining school districts to drop their mask mandates. i am here at windermere high school in the orlando area and students are allowed to not wear their masks to school with a note from their parents. teachers with also now go maskless. but you may recall, in august,
4:47 am
governor ron desantis ordered school districts not to mandate masks, and they did, he said they would face heavy fines, there were several school districts throughout the state that defied the governor's orders and som did, indeed, end up getting fined. but the remaining districts include orange county, olatchwa, and miami-dade. so at this point, students are again allowed to go to school without their masks if they choose. >> stephanie stanton, thank you so much for that reporting in florida. we appreciate it. still to come, the worst nuclear disaster must history, hidden from the public for decades. the person who's exposing it, a southern california mom. we dive into the new documentary with its producers. and a little bit later today on "velshi," at the top of the hour, two senior members of congress, jim clyburn hakeem jeffries will break down president biden's big bet on
4:48 am
infrastructure and the latest on the january 6th investigations. then we examine the shocking turns, the trial for the white men charged with killing ahmaud arbery has taken. velshi will take a look at that, coming up. velshi will take a look at that, coming up. what'd you find? lorraine banks, look, county of macomb, michigan? oh my goodness... this whole journey has been such a huge gift for our family.
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get started with a great offer and ask how you can add comcast business securityedge. plus for a limited time, ask how to get a $500 prepaid card when you upgrade. call today. well, after nearly two weeks of tough talks, the climate conference in glasgow has come to an end, and an agreement after missing the friday
4:52 am
deadline, delegates from nearly 200 countries agreed to more ambitious emissions reduction targets for 2030 and developed countries will increase the money they will give to nations most affected by global warming, but now some critics are saying that it doesn't do enough when it comes to coal and it all comes down to very specific language in the written agreement. in a last-minute tweak, india, whose current economy is deeply dependent on fossil fuels would only agree to phase down instead of a phase-out of coal. you got it? >> got it. an important story now about disaster, cover-up, and accountability. in 1959, a lab in southern california, just 30 miles from downtown l.a., experienced a partial nuclear meltdown, releasing radiation into the sky and the soil. it's been described as the most contaminated site in the united states and now decades later, residents living near the site are seeing an uptick in cancer
4:53 am
cases. one of those residents is melissa bumpstead, her daughter was diagnosed with aluminum and she wasn't the only one. >> i met a family who said, oh, we live on your street and my neighbor had the same exact brain cancer that my son had. and there were two of them, neighbors, plus my daughter, that's three on the same street. and for a long time, we couldn't find the connection. and it was about a year after that that someone mentioned, for the first time, the santa susanna. we all had to start wrestling with the fact that maybe our children's cancers could have been avoided. maybe that our children were in danger. maybe our government hadn't protected us the way that they should have. >> this tragedy is the subject of a new msnbc documentary, "in the dark of the valley," airing tonight. and with me now are the
4:54 am
producers of the documentary, brandon smith and derek smith. and good morning to both of you. thanks so much for being with us. congratulations on the documentary here. i was shocked how little i knew about this, something this egregious happening, not on another continent, but within our own borders, 30 miles from downtown l.a. when did you know you had the tell the story? >> well, good morning. thanks for having us. so we were approached for a job back in 2018 by and they introduced us sort of to this story. i guess it was february of 2018, and they wanted a two-four minute video, just as a petition video for melissa and the community. and two to four minutes, obviously, is pretty short for this subject matter. so i think pretty early on, we knew there was more to it. and we wanted to explore, i guess, beyond that. >> we talked them into letting
4:55 am
us do a seven-minute piece, and there was still so much information we wanted to get out to the public. and that's when we decided to do the full feature film. >> one part of the documentary that really struck me is when someone poses the question, who's going to be the one to force change. and the movie cuts to that mom at the center of the story that we just heard from. how powerful is her voice in this whole crusade? >> so powerful. so, the entire community is involved. there are more people than melissa. melissa is definitely the head of the movement. >> yeah. i would say, so early on, when she found out about grace's cancer, she -- being melissa, she wanted to investigate the situation. and when she started to be able to sort of piece things together, i think she felt sort of a responsibility.
4:56 am
and, you know, when it got to that point and she met lauren, who is also featured, she just knew that it was a responsibility to put this on her shoulders and sort of carry the community in way. she has a lot of support, a ton of support. so it's not just melissa, but she is the face and the driving force, for sure. >> there's also that moment in the film that says, this isn't what i wanted my life to be, but that is what it's become and she is going to go after it. >> she didn't choose this. real quick, guys. was there ever a point when you saw that kids were the direct impact of this that you were really overcome by emotion about what it was that you guys were covering? >> oh, gosh, yeah, every day. even still, it's just been constant. it's what kept us on this project when we first started and it's what's going to keep us on the project, but the movement
4:57 am
after this thing screens. >> and let's talk about what's next. are viewers going to walk away feeling like, okay, a wrong has been righted, or is there still more work to do, not only there, but in other communities, too? >> oh, gosh, yeah. just endless communities across the country. this isn't an isolated incident. i think simi valley and the community have the privilege of having an amazing platform now, like msnbc, to tell their story, but there's so many communities across the country that are struggling with something similar that don't have that platform. so at the end of the day, the best thing about this project and this platform is they can speak to everything going on across the country. and not just here >> so if we can get enough people to sign the petition and get talking about this cleanup and hopefully they'll continue to talk about other cleanups that need to happen across the country. >> brandon smith and derek smith, we'll have to leave it
4:58 am
there. thank you both so much for your time. be sure to watch "in the dark of the valley," airing tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern right here on msnbc. >> it sounds interesting. >> the first few minutes how they start that movie, it hooks you. >> absolutely, it does. busy day, but before we go, want to show you live pictures outside the headquarters right here. >> there she is, in all her glory. >> she is up. this is the pride and joy of maryland, the first time we've had a tree from the dmv, and there is it is. they just hoisted her yesterday and now they're putting on some 50,000 l.e.d. lights. and it will be lit december 1st. >> and you can watch that right here on -- well, on nbc. and thank you for watching "msnbc reports." i'm lindsey reiser. >> and i'm kendis gibson. we'll be back next weekend at 6:00 a.m. eastern. "velshi" starts right now. s rig.
4:59 am
. today on "velshi," a big week ahead in washington with steve bannon expected to turn himself in in criminal contempt charges and president biden signing into law the most significant investment in american infrastructure in generations. and that's just tomorrow. we'll be checking with in majority whip jim clyburn and hakeem jeffries. plus, i'll be joined by the lawyer for the only man survived being shot by kyle rittenhouse. and think of it as an anecdote to the right-wing hysteria about teaching kids about race. and the story of a nuclear accident, a cover-up, mysterious illnesses, and one mother who went on a crusade to uncover the truth. "velshi" starts now. good morning.
5:00 am
it's sunday november 14th. i'm maria teresa kumar in for ali velshi. tomorrow, president biden is set to make history. he'll be signing into law the largest federal investment into infrastructure in more than a decade, according to the white house. the $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill contains billions of funds that will go towards things like roads and bridges, public transportation and expanding broadband internet access. although one would think that democrats and republicans would want to take victory lap for this transformative bill, some gop lawmakers are actually try to distance themselves from it. senate minority leader mitch mcconnell is set to be a no-show, even though she was among the 19 republicans who supported the bill. he said, i have other things to do. what is clear is if mcconnell is hoping to get back in the good graces of the failed former president by snubbing biden's ceremony, his effort may have backfired. in one of those statements


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