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tv   Kendis Gibson and Lindsey Reiser Report  MSNBC  November 13, 2021 4:00am-5:00am PST

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the historic grand jury indictment and what it means for the january 6th investigation going forward. >> minority leader kevin mccarthy in the spotlight as the republican congressman takes heat for violent video involving democrats. >> this is a party now where it's not condemned by kevin mccarthy, but rather they prefer, and they're more comfortable with violence than they are with voting and we just can't let that stand. >> jake sherman from punch bowl news is here to talk about the soul of the republican party. as covid cases increase and more than a dozen states. misinformation hits a new level. the wild concoction some people are bathing in to try to remove or counteract the vaccine. >> and britney spears is finally free, new reaction from fans and the pop star. this morning, as the conservatorship that's controlled her life for more than a decade finally comes to an end. >> britney as of today is a free
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woman, and she's an independent woman, and the rest, with her support system, will be up to britney. >> some of the celebrations that took place yesterday in los angeles and far and wide as we say good morning, everybody, it is november 13th, i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm lindsey reiser, earlier in the day she wore a free britney shirt on instagram thanking her fans for the support saying, gosh, my fans are the best. >> can't believe it's been 13 years. we'll dig into that next. top story, former trump adviser steve bannon indicted by a federal grand jury, expected to surrender and appear in court monday. the indictment, warning to others considering similar defiance. >> hours before the announcement former white house chief of staff mark meadows was a no show for a deposition with committee investigators prompting questions on whether similar charges may be filed against
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him. nbc's julie tsirkin is on capitol hill following all of this for us this morning. what more do we know? >> the committee believes what you just said, that bannon's indictment will serve as a warning to folks like mark meadows who failed to appear yesterday before his scheduled deposition. the bipartisan chair and vice chair of that committee, benny thompson and liz cheney, issuing statements immediately after bannon's indictment, saying in part, quote, bannon's indictment should send a clear message to anyone who thinks they can ignore the select committee or try to stonewall or investigation. they said meadow's actions will force the select kpee to consider pursuing contempt in order to enforce that subpoena. meadow's lawyer is saying he's waiting to see how they settle the privilege claims and here's where the case is different from bannon. meadows was president trump's final chief of staff. he was around him in the days leading up to january 6th and of course on that day as well in the white house. and that's exactly where the committee is focusing their
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purview on this investigation and that's why they want to hear from mark meadows. let's listen to one member of that panel, zoe lofgren, she was on msnbc yesterday. let's hear what she has to say. >> it seems to me you've got to take action, you can't allow individuals who have information the committee needs to simply flout their obligation, thumb their nose at congress and the law. this just -- that can't happen in america. so we've got to take stern steps. i would hope, actually, that mark would see this and understand that he has an obligation to come in. >> reporter: so lofgren there, you heard her, she certainly believes that the committee has the right to hear from meadows and she believes that they could pursue charges of criminal contempt if he falls in the same path as bannon did. she's no stranger to the evasiveness of trump's orbit. she was an impeachment manager in both of the former president's impeachment trials, including that second one that
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took place after january 6th this year and she believes meadows could shed light on some key details of that day. >> julie tsirkin getting us started in the 7:00 hour. thank you. we are fortunate right now to have with us the democratic congressman dan kildee who represents -- your reaction to bannon's overnight indictment? >> first of all i'm glad to see that the committee followed through. this is a question that this raises though. are they so concerned about what they might have to reveal if they're willing to go through criminal prosecution? >> let me have us try to -- let me pause you for a second and we'll talk a little bit. have us try to work on your audio in the meantime. while we figure out what's going on there. i suspect it's some people with the detroit lions who are worried i'll ask a question about the 0-8 lions with you,
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congressman. >> you knew it was going to happen, congressman. >> let's give it another shot. do you think that this actually marks a turning point to those resisting the committee? >> well, i hope it is. i mean, clearly, they have to provide the testimony so that we have the full understanding of what took place. and it does concern me that they may be so willing to avoid testifying because they're afraid of what they might reveal. they're afraid of the information that they might provide and the fact that at least in the case of mr. bannon, if he's willing to face criminal prosecution rather than answer questions about what took place in the days leading up to and on january 6th, and what maybe the administration's role could have been in that, it says something about what they're trying to hide, i suppose and it begs that question. >> could it also speak to a strategy here, are you concerned that trump loyalists will essentially run out the clock here by dragging out their arguments, even to the point
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where, you know, we're in the midterms, we could see potentially power shift, and then this select committee really could go nowhere. >> i think that must be their strategy to try to run out the clock and see if they can gain control of congress again and i guess that ought to send a message about what it would mean if republicans took control of congress because it's not just mr. bannon or mr. meadows who seems to be willing to defy the rule of law. but republican members of congress that are saying things like stand with bannon. i mean, this is concerning because it's not just about these individuals, it's about an entire party that is now essentially fallen under the cult of trump, and will do everything to rally around him, very much like what we cena banner republic, in a third world country with no democratic institutions whatsoever and it's a pretty frightening thing to see, especially for those of us
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who went through january 6th, and feel that it's so critical that we get the facts, the willingness to defend this president and defy the opportunity that congress has to get the facts and have an accurate historical record of what took place is really concerning to many of us. >> congressman, you get a sense of bannon in many of these folks who are refusing to testify, are operating in different world. want to get your thoughts on this screen grab right there. this is steve bannon, hosting his show, talking about latino support for trump, but what was happening in the world at that same time? hard to -- oh, wait, actually, if you just look at the screen behind him you can tell what's going on. the breaking news on msnbc, bannon indicted for contempt of congress. do you get a sense he's going to take these charges seriously and should he? >> well, the good news here is, if he doesn't take them seriously, the court will.
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the grand jury already has. and so he can do and say whatever he would like but this is a moment, i think this is a critical turning point in the sense that trump world is about to come face to face with the rule of law. they can't tweet their way out of a courtroom. they can't, you know, issue a press release, or hold a rally to overcome a criminal prosecution in a federal courtroom, and if this has the effect that it should it should send a message up to the others that they should follow the law. they should answer the subpoena. i hope mr. meadows will. he may have been -- what's important. >> surely be able to glean a lot from his appearance and his arraignment on monday. representative dan kildee, thank you for being with us even though kendis is relentless with michigan schools. >> there's always tomorrow. >> never liked the -- lions --
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>> thanks, congressman. back with us right now is msnbc legal analyst danny cevallo. curious what defense bannon could have here. do prosecutors have to show that he acted with bad intent, or can he essentially just say, look, i was following advice from my lawyer? >> he can use that as a defense. you can you may see him use -- you'll surely see him use executive privilege as a defense, the fourth amendment, the fifth amendment, the bottom line is that this statute is so rarely prosecuted, and almost never for executive privilege in the face of executive privilege claims such that any -- if anyone's guess how this prosecution will go, probably including the u.s. attorney's office for the district of columbia, and i would just caution everyone that probably the reason this is so rarely prosecuted is that by definition, section 192 is a political prosecution. and by that i mean it is unique
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this that congress decides to prosecute, a committee decides to prosecute and then the u.s. attorney must bring the prosecution. so if we as a society are comfortable with going after someone like bannon we have to be prepared for when the other party gets in power. will they use this same criminal statute now that the flood gates are open? >> that's an interesting take. but the bannon case is a little bit different. he wasn't a part of the executive branch at the time that they want to question him about. >> he was a private citizen. >> he was a private citizen. is this a playbook really for all the others, like mark meadows and many of the others who are saying no thanks to this committee? >> yes, and that's why meadows and others are adopting a wait and see approach. they want to see what happens with bannon. of course they can also run out the clock like has already been discussed. but what you just mentioned about bannon not being a part of the white house at the time
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actually goes to my argument. if these -- this criminal statute can be applied to such a broad category of persons, what's to stop the republicans when they get in power to just go after whomever they want. after all congress's authority to investigate the courts have already said, is so broad. it can cover virtually anything. so they can start issuing subpoenas in a grand demonstration of what aboutism, or turn about is fair play and then we might be right back here with folks who were never part of a democratic white house who are subpoenaed. so, look, i hate to be alarmist, but it is a possibility now that the flood gates have been open on this statute that has pretty much only been prosecuted during the cold war era. >> danny, what do you think we can expect to see monday? we're supposed to see bannon's arraignment. what will you be watching for? >> they're non-events, charges, rights, bail, procedural things. what really happens next is the
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process towards trial and that is where you're really going to see, the trial is really going to be the moment in this case. after all, in discovery, there's not a lot of factual discovery to be had. we know the relevant facts. he was subpoenaed. a day he was supposed to show and he didn't. i doubt there's a lot of documents disputing the facts. this is a purely legal battle. by legal i mean to what degree was executive privilege cover bannon's claim for refusal to appear. the supreme court has given us some guidance on executive privilege. we know it exist bus the full contours have never fully been defined. >> danny, for many of those celebrating this new ruling, and these charges, should they take pause knowing that it's a trump nominated judge that has taken the case? >> yes, and no. the person who nominated the federal judge should not affect the adjudication of the case,
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but a lot of jaded viewers would say, well of course it does. it has to. and there's an argument that that has happened with several of trump's appointee but, you know, i stand by the faith that i have in the court system, that the appointed federal judge adjudicates the case without bias, depending on whomever appointed him or her. >> okay, we're going to leave it there. danny cevallos, hopeful this morning. >> thanks, danny. a brutal videos and revenge tweeting, republican house -- are -- what's their leader saying about it? not much. diving into why with punch bowl news founder jake sherman. a dangerous detox, why some are trying to undo their covid vaccine, a doctor debunks the tiktok trend. >> wait, what? voltaren is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory gel
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criticism of controversial behavior from some members of the gop this week is ramping up but one person we haven't heard from is house minority leader kevin mccarthy who's remained virtually silent this week as certain members of his caucus spread increasingly violent rhetoric from paul go sar, tweeting a cartoon video of him killing representative alexandria ocasio-cortez. to marjorie taylor greene revenge tweeting photos for who voted for infrastructure. is this a sense of what's to come if republicans win a house majority next year. let's break it down with jake sherman who apparently does not take any days off. jake, how do you explain house minority leader kevin mccarthy's silence here as members of his party are doing this? >> well, good morning, and mccarthy has one goal, it's to become speaker of the house. and anything that's a distraction in any way from that he's not going to engage in. and i have to imagine, and he's
4:19 am
been out of the capital all week because congress has been in recess, but i have to imagine that over the next, you know, five, six, seven days when congress comes back into session he's going to be forced to ant those questions. go sar has removed the tweet and i have to imagine that congress is going to vote to censure mr. gosar which would have him stand in the middle of the well of the house of representatives and get lectured essentially and i don't think many republicans will vote for that, certainly i don't think mccarthy will vote for and that will be the end of this episode. i think the most alarming thing here is that this behavior is becoming more and more prominent, which is really a shame, because it's disgusting behavior. >> let's take a listen to what one of gosar's siblings had to say earlier this week about him essentially not facing consequences, let's listen. >> he is not being held accountable in any way, shape or form. he's not been censured. he's not been expelled and he's not had his seat forfeited by any of the leadership.
4:20 am
does he need to act on his sociopathic fantasy for representative ocasio-cortez. i am very concerned for he and other members and this is absolutely unacceptable. i do not understand it. >> i mean, his siblings have been very vocal about disputing what he stands for, even, you know, being in an ad when gosar was running in arizona. but do you get a sense, i mean, you know mccarthy better than we do here, do you think he's said anything behind closed doors privately to gosar? >> yes, yeah, i think he forced him to take the tweet down, and forced him to release a statement. i know that he has done both of those things. but listen, here's what mccarthy thinks. mccarthy sees the democratic party trying to muscle through legislation having these inter-party struggles, these inter-party wars and he doesn't want to step on that message with his own party being kind of an open conflict of so that's
4:21 am
what's driving him here but yes, behind the scenes he did tell gosar to take down the tweet and he did force him to release a statement that says he's not for violence but, i mean, again, i would have to say here gosar's bizarre fantasy of killing another member of congress and the fact that he not only -- whether he had it commissioned or not, he posted it, left it up for a period of time and had to be told to take it down speaks to the fact that this person and this -- the politics has don completely nuts. and gosar has obviously has some strange things on his mind. >> you know, punchbowl news put it this way, if you like the flavor and the vibe of the republican majority, you know, take this into consideration and you listed what we did as well. but the republicans seem to be in a good place politically right now. what do you attribute that to? >> i attribute it to history, and just the fact that by and large the party that's not in the white house wins back the house majority after -- in the first midterm of a president's
4:22 am
term and i think obviously passing large pieces of legislation that might be -- that might poll well in the moment but might not poll well a couple months from now probably adds to that. so i think, listen, despite all of these controversies in sks to eight months republicans will find themselves in a place where they're likely to win back the house of representatives. it makes me think. i remember in 2010 when republicans took the majority there were questions about whether they were ready for primetime and i think the same questions have to be asked now when you have members of congress doing this, and then you have mccarthy not saying anything about it publicly. i think you could ask the same questions once again. >> jake sherman, hopefully today's alarm clock wasn't a one off. we hope to have you back anytime. thanksgiving is going to cost you a lot more this year, how americans are trying to digest this 31-year high inflation, ahead of the holidays. and what the white house plans to do about it.
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it has been a months long marathon for democrats to pass the president's ambitious agenda, but come monday a giant leap forward. >> that is when president biden is set to sign the infrastructure bill but a lot of focus right now is on that new report that puts inflation at its highest in three decades. >> it's especially tough for families ahead of the winter with prices for natural gas, home heating oil and gasoline all up more than 50%. so how does the administration actually battle this pocketbook problem? with a major spending win on infrastructure? >> nbc news white house correspondent mike memoly joins us to explain. >> reporter: when you think back to when the senate passed the infrastructure plan in august his approval rating was above 50%. by the time you get to the house passing it late last friday his approval rating dipped upper 40s, low 30s.
4:28 am
it senses the inflationary fears in this country as well as the supply chain concerns have been a drag on the president's approval rating and you see that reflected now as they begin to try to sell the infrastructure plan as he's prepare today sign it on monday. rather than talking about the bridges and road projects he traveled to baltimore on wednesday to talk about the ways the investment in ports will deal with the supply chain issues. when he held his cabinet meeting, focused on the implementation of the infrastructure plan, following fears that already inflation fears. here's the president talking about this yesterday. >> and we're going to we'll see lower inflationary pressures on our economy and we'll be carrying this out, what i call the blue collar blueprint for america, one that builds the economy from the bottom up, and middle out. and one not from the top down. >> reporter: ultimately the white house says that until the
4:29 am
pandemic is over and the supply is really back to where it was pre-pandemic you are going to have these inflation issues but they're also making the argument that passing the next step of the president's agenda, that reconciliation measure will also go a long way towards dealing with this and you're seeing the white house ramp up the public sales pitch in general. the president's going to be hitting the road again this week. on tuesday he's heading to new hampshire to talk about sort of the traditional roads and bridges aspect of the infrastructure plan and then on wednesday he's going to be traveling to michigan to talk about some of the ways this is going to boost the american auto industry. all an effort from the white house to try to get back on offense and less on defense. >> mike, there is another thing that they're sort of like on defense. >> yeah. >> at least right now. another roadblock, you might say, for the white house's vaccine or test mandate on businesses. what's the latest there? >> yeah, so the white house has known all along that really whatever the president tries to do, whatever levers he tries to pull, to try to deal with this pandemic, which is still dogging him, as he ends -- heads into
4:30 am
the end of his first year, is going to be challenged in the courts and so they knew that the president's new rule instituting workplace requirements on vaccines and masking would certainly face a legal challenge but they've always insisted it was on strong legal ground. but there was some real warning signs for the white house yesterday when we saw an appeals court uphold an effort to block that new osha mandate from going into effect. arguing that it's not dealing with the constitutional question now but there's also concerns the court said that this could decimate federal employers, it could really pose some real debilitating costs on them. the white house still insists this mandate doesn't go into effect until january and they are on strong legal footing when this eventually goes all the way up the courts. >> mike, thank you for your reporting. bulked up security, beef between prosecutors and the judge, the wild ride of the rittenhouse trial nears its end this week. we're going to take a look at the latest move for lesser charges, and whether it signals
4:31 am
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ask your healthcare provider about rybelsus® today. could this be kyle rittenhouse's last weekend of freedom? closing arguments in his case begin monday marking the end to a dramatic two-week trial. the city of kenosha is bracing for the vekt but some 500 national guard troops at the ready. >> today we could learn whether
4:35 am
the judge will allow the jury to consider lesser charges against rittenhouse, this follows a fierce debate in court with the defense and prosecutors getting into the debate. nbc's ellison barber is in kenosha, wisconsin for us this morning. good morning. >> good morning to both of you. it's a busy day here. court is in recess but as you said there are some 500 members of the national guard on stand by should local authorities in kenosha ask for assistance once the jury finishes deliberations. now we expect the jury will consider some lesser charges. the judge saying he will make that final decision sometime today. rittenhouse faces five felony charges, three of those related to homicide, plus a misdemeanor weapons charge. he has pled not guilty to all of those. if allowed, the jury could end up considering on some of those charges in some of those instances reckless instead of intentional homicide, for example, but there are a bunch of different possibilities that they discussed in court
4:36 am
yesterday and, again, the judge says ultimately he will make that final decision sometime today. here's more. >> by having a lesser included offense included, you're raising the risk of conviction, although you're avoiding the possibility that the jury will end up compromising on the more serious crime. >> reporter: closing arguments are set to begin on monday. each side has 2 1/2 hours to make their case. so we expect the jury to have this case and begin deliberations early in the week. there have been over 30 witnesses testifying throughout this trial but at times it's actually the judge who many people have paid attention to. a number of his comments have raised eyebrows to say the least. on thursday he asked the courtroom to applaud a veteran who was also a witness. he later made a comment on lunch that many people felt was an anti-asian comment.
4:37 am
the president of asians americans advancing justice called the comment inappropriate, telling nbc news this, quote, during a trial that has clear racial implications it is inappropriate for a judge to bring a joke that involves ethnicity into the courtroom. the judge has also repeatedly clashed with the prosecution. and yesterday as they were going over the possibility of considering or having the jury consider, rather, lesser charges, they clashed and argued again. back to you guys. >> all right, ellison barber, our thanks to you in kenosha, wisconsin. >> yeah, we're going to play some of those moments but let's go ahead and bring in maya wiley, an msnbc legal analyst. maya, what impact does potentially lessening the charges here have not only for rittenhouse, but maybe kind of tell us a little bit of a strategy here from prosecutors. just the fact they could request this, does this send a message to the jury? >> it absolutely sends a message. how much the jury understands
4:38 am
the message is a different issue because they're not attorneys. but the message here really is we as prosecutors are worried that we didn't make our case and we want to make sure that we have a chance to have getting a conviction on serious charges and so let's give the jury some options so that if the jury says, for example, the most serious charge against kyle rittenhouse is really what we would call murder, right, against mr. huber, who was the second person he shot, the man with the skateboard, who was running after him after he shot and killed mr. rosenbalm. now, that's the most serious charge. if they give the jury the opportunity to opportunity to say, well, we don't think he -- we don't think it was murder, but we do think he was wrong. so if you give a lesser charge then we can say we think he was reckless, and he endangered this man's life in a reckless way, and that could still have, for
4:39 am
example, 25 years in prison attached to it. it's not that it's not a serious charge. >> i want to play the dramatic moment from this week in court when rittenhouse appeared to sob on the witness stand. here it is. >> there were -- there were people right there. >> take a deep breath. >> there's been mixed reaction to that. what's your reaction to it, and does it have an impact on a jury? >> it absolutely has an impact on the jury. you know, i think the reactions obviously that those who have been watching the trial who were very upset that a young man crossed state lines with an ar-15 semiautomatic rifle, broke a curfew, and that two people are dead and another shot, that
4:40 am
it's hard for folks to look at that, knowing that, and feel sympathy. on the other hand, if you're sitting in the jury box, and this is what lawyers are thinking, right, so i'm talking dispassionately. you're seeing a young man, he's only 18. you're seeing video footage of what you had witnesses describe as riots, witnesses who, by the way, although they are clearly folks who had ideological positions on what was happening in kenosha but were able to get on the stand and describe them as riots and then you see this, for what some jurors may see as a child, right, as a young man who's really not fully grown in a situation that he says he was completely scared in. you know, that's what lawyers go for, the defense did its job when it puts him on the stand and has him show emotion and that that emotion is what they
4:41 am
want the jury to feel so that the jury is feeling what they can imagine he may have felt. every trial, when you have a jury, is about trying to get the jury to put themselves in the shoes, whether it's the victims in the prosecution or the defendant if you're the defense. that's what we're seeing in that scene. >> you know, maya, ellison told us about some of the more controversial moments but let's go ahead and watch some of them. >> the rubber hits the road here at the trial. so now you have to prove everything that the statute requires. any veterans in the room on the jury or anywhere else? well, that's unusual not to have at least somebody in here, well, dr. black is -- what branch? >> army, sir. >> okay, and i think we give a round after applause to the people who have served our country. all right, anything else?
4:42 am
>> what time do you want us back? >> let's hope for 1:00. i don't know, hope the asian food isn't coming -- isn't on one of those boats in long beach harbor. but let's aim for 1:00. >> if the court makes a finding that the actions that i had talked about -- were done in bad faith then i think both elements for mistrial -- >> so maya obviously we've been watching your reactions, is behavior like this unusual from a judge? >> oh, yes. now, let's separate out a couple things. first of all, the judge's job is to be neutral. not to have or communicate to the jury in any way who they should believe. and we must and should, by the way, thank our veterans on veterans day. but there's so many ways to do
4:43 am
that that wouldn't communicate to the jury that a defense witness should be seen as credible. in other words, you could just say for anyone who is here today who served, we thank you. right, that's not singling out anyone, you can still recognize the day but because the only person in the room was a defense witness, what he essentially did, unwittingly or intentionally, was essentially signal to the jury, believe this guy because he's a veteran. let's applaud him. that's the concern i would have, if i'm sitting in the prosecutor's seat. if i'm sitting in the defense seat, i'm thinking great, you just signalled to the jury to believe my witness and the other thing, signal to the public, the -- you know, it's certainly, and i don't know how the jury heard it, but certainly signalled, this is not a neutral judge. this is not someone sitting here saying i may have my own views of the case, but i'm going to
4:44 am
make sure i don't communicate them in any way or i may have views that i'm going to make sure i keep to myself and that did not happen in this case. >> thanks to maya wiley. maya, great to see you. really appreciate it. >> good to see you, thank you. >> by the way, start of the segment, a quick apology. you may have seen when we had a graphic up a little bit earlier referencing john c. yang, the executive director of the -- we put up a photo of andrew yang instead. we apologize for that mistake to andrew yang and to john yang. thank you. i've never woken up like this before. crafted with clinically studied plant-based ingredients that work naturally with your body. for restorative sleep like never before. i don't just play someone brainy on tv - i'm an actual neuroscientist. and i love the science behind neuriva plus. unlike ordinary memory supplements, neuriva plus fuels six key indicators of brain performance.
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♪ so this morning a new nbc news tally confirms more than 47 million total cases in covid-19 in the united states since the start of the pandemic and troubling new data about rising infections has some medical experts fearing a fifth wave could be weeks away, if not days
4:49 am
away. this as yet another bit of vaccine misinformation goes viral, this time a so-called doctor hawking a bizarre concoction of baking soda and epsom salt that she falsely claims will undo the effects of the vaccine. well, joining us right now is a real doctor, msnbc medical contributor dr. blackstock to help us make sense of all of this, this morning. good morning, doctor, appreciate it. so as vaccine -- >> good morning. >> -- mandates spread the holdouts are starting to cave but now apparently there is an ability to undo it with this concoction of baking soda and epsom salt. what in the -- i mean, are you able to detoxify the vaccine, doctor? >> this is not even possible. people should understand, the danger in people who say that
4:50 am
their physicians putting this misinformation out there is people are actually going to believe it but people should understand there is no physiological way that you could detox yourself from a vaccine. when someone is vaccinated the immune vaccinated, the immune response beginnings. it starts generating antibodies to that vaccine. these detox do not work at all. i'm concerned that people are going to use some of these very dangerous methods and actually harm themselves by doing so. >> yeah, no doubt. as absurd as it sounds, we know the misguided idea of the vaccination is not something new. what is the driving reality behind all this? >> i think that, you know, as you mentioned, the anti-vaccine
4:51 am
organization and efforts have been out there. i think as the mandates have come out, they are even just stronger out there. i think that people really need to understand that there are organizations and people who are out there that have organized efforts to put out misinformation to discourage people. even people who have been vaccinated. to put the negative spin on vaccinations. what's critical for people to understand is that our only way out of the pandemic is to get vaccinated and they should be speaking to trusted health care professionals to get information on vaccines and to ask questions about these types of videos. it is just false information, but people will believe it and easily influenced by it, unfortunately. >> doctor, i have 30 seconds here. covid cases are rising all over
4:52 am
europe. are you worried about those cases and what it could mean for us? >> i'm concerned because what happens there happens here weeks later. we need to learn what they are going through. only seven states have mask mandates right now. people don't have access to rapid testing. we still need more americans to be vaccinated. there is so much work to be done as we head into the holidays. cold weather and people will be socializing. we will have another surge. it depends whether we work together and have the policies out there to keep americans safe. >> dr. blackstock. good to see you. thank you. >> thank you. she called it quote the best day ever. britney spears and her fans celebrate her freedom after her 13-year conservatorship officially ends. why the spears family feud is still far from over. still far from over.
4:53 am
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today, britney spears will wake up as a truly free woman for the first time in more than a decade. >> a court ruling ended her conservatorship which led to celebrations outside the los angeles courthouse. we have nbc news correspondent live in los angeles for more on all of this. quite a day for britney spears.
4:57 am
she says let the celebrations begin. amen. >> reporter: you can imagine the momentous day of change for britney spears. prompting fans to ask will the pop star return to the stage. her lawyer says that is up to britney. this morning, britney spears waking up in control of her life for the first time in nearly 14 years. a moment a long time in the making. the pop star did not speak in court friday, but on instagram, called it the best day ever. fans erupting outside of the courthouse when the judge ordered an immediate end to the conservatorship of her person and estate. >> i'm at a loss for words. we have wanted this for so long. >> reporter: the 39-year-old star can move on as she pleases. >> she can make financial decisions and professional decisions and perhaps, most
4:58 am
importantly, she can make her own personal decisions. ♪♪ >> reporter: the singer igniting a nationwide conversation around conservatorship in the united states from california to capitol hill. representative barry moore saying too many have been predators of conservatorships. >> this is momentous for britney, but shed a light on conservatorships from coast to coast. >> reporter: jamie spears pushed for immediate termination of the conservatorship. jamie suspended from his role in september on the heels of the documentaies accusing him of mishandling her money and every move. >> she could not have someone in the privacy of her house without those three people knowing. >> reporter: jamie's legal team
4:59 am
previously denied wrongdoing and encouraing a full and transparent investigation. >> britney as of today is a free woman and independent woman. >> reporter: and we're told the accountant who served temporarily stay on. kendis. >> she is free to post whatever she wants on instagram which is interesting. emilie, appreciate it. she posted several photos of the same outfit staring at the camera. she is free. congrats. thank you for watching. i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm lindsey reiser. lindsey . today on velshi, he told the
5:00 am
world on january 5th, all hell was about to break loose on january 6th. it did. now steve bannon is indicted for not telling what he knows. we will talk what is in store for the one-time top aide and what it means for other reluctant witnesses. the story of the secret tapes that the nra said it would be bad for the brand. and we will hear from some of the nearly 1 million children who have been ability to get vaccinated against covid. "velshi" starts right now. good morning. it is start, november 13th. i'm in for ali velshi. we may soon find out if there is a


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