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tv   The Beat With Ari Melber  MSNBC  November 9, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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thank you so much for letting us into your homes during these truly extraordinary times. we're grateful. "the beat with ari melber" starts right now. >> welcome to "the beat" everyone. we have a big show tonight including news coming up on biden's historic and bipartisan win on that spending and infrastructure plan. we have more on that coming up. we begin with this nation on the edge of a breakthrough from the
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pandemic. that pro guess is making some people response with a wild new response from the far right including the pathetic attacks on big bird. we can report vaccines are getting to more people. in the week since the fda approved vaccines for kids over 300,000 kids have been vaccinated. it could change covid as we know it. pfizer now pushing this bill that is 89% effective at reducing the risks there of death or hospitalization. you take that together and you understand that we're seeing the way out of this pandemic. it doesn't mean you take things for granted, the experts say, but it does mean that the science and, frankly, some of the officials that have been pushing the scientific approach which is everything from safety measures like masking to vaccinations to, yes, treatment when warranted like this pill. all of that can end really the
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emergency phases of covid in america. the current president is the one who is leading this charge, sometimes with republican governors fighting against these very things i just told you about. that goes to our lead story tonight. because apparently this measurable progress, including treatments that might actually lift both the american public most importantly and the american economy out of this mode, that could be good news for the incumbent president. there's also news like this, judges upholding vaccine mandates with the president pushing a partial on. as for the president's mandate, they're looking at a january 4th deadline for all large companies. that may also be tested in courts. the headlines which we've been covering are that he's winning and mandates are winning. believe me, if mandates were losing in the courts, i would tell you about that. all of this piles up. it looks like good news for america, for other places that
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are using these kind of policies to beat covid. apparently it's driving the president's opponents into desperate measures. we'll get to those. first, let me show you what we're seeing, he unions this week as the united states reopens to many vaccinated international travelers. >> oh, my god. [ applause ] >> that's what's happening because vaccinations are working on an international level, mandates kicking in. this is becoming the new reality. that brings us to something that is so dumb and pathetic, it might not make the news, but being pushed by people in power so it actually has become part of the news. some of the right wing leaders of this anti-vax movement are clearly getting desperate. they see what i just showed you. they see they're on the losing side of this proposition, and they're not just debating
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mandates anymore. they're dealing up the heat on big bird. the be loved character did something pretty straightforward. as a sesame street character he shared he got vaccinated, and while his wing hurt, it would keep people safe. senator cruz called it government propaganda. he's out again today circulating a picture with hillary clinton he dubs oscar the grouch. >> the truth is, if that show was real big bird would be shamed for not having his vaccination yet. >> i feel okay. my wing hurts a little bit, but that's okay. i was scared, but it did go by really quickly. >> i don't know what to say about that. all right. sadly, cnn didn't show what
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happened to big bird later in the day. >> big bird is literally hocking a vaccine. he's urging children to take a vaccine scientifically they do not need. >> they are running with this, and the politics and the media and the social media all gets so intense that, even if you know it's crap, you might forget why. this is sesame street, they run the things within the context of what is approved and age appropriate and safe for children. this is no different than if they attacked a muppet or sesame street segment telling people to put on a seatbelt. it's not hocking anything. as has been pointed out many times, the kids who watch sesame street go to school.
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tonight the news is that big bird is hitting back, declaring a run for office against senator cruz himself. now, we do the facts around here and this is fact check parity. online it's going viral, someone launching a parity account, big birth for senate to run against cruz, gaining already 50,000 followers. we're running a campaign to take texas back from cruz. if you see our campaign bus driving around, come say hi to team big bird. as you can see it's photoshopped. it is not a real thing because big bird doesn't actually exist. but the comedy writes itself. here is jimmy kimmel. >> at the time cruz who desperately wants to be noticed lashed out, he wrote government propaganda for your 5-year-old. if the government says it it's propaganda. if congress does it, it's socialism. p the executive branch does it,
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it's fascism. if the president does it, he's a dictator. not only is ted cruz vaccinated. ted cruz was born with an immunity that protects him from contracting any friends. >> burn. this is silly. we know that, but it also goes to an increasingly desperate right wing attack trying to locate what's left of this debate outside of schools or in them. going after kids, going after big bird. it's bad faith arguments. we've seen it from tucker carlson. we've seen cruz get on board. if you're wondering -- again, who is the one changing and who is consistent? on this one sesame street has been pretty consistent. big bird has touted vaccines since the '70s. >> something is going on down at the store. i wonder -- it's kind of funny it's strange.
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it's all kinds of people and they're all in a line and they don't look like they're buying candy. there's a sign that says "don't wait -- vaccinate." >> i guess what was more conventionally and widely accepted then has now become, because of these bad faith arguments, something they want to be controversial as they lose fights over vaccination, over constitutional mandates, over reopening america's borders to bring back the people that make america run, whether that's family members or tourists who put a lot of money into the country or other international business. big bird speaks from experience. you may think, ari, we've got far enough with the big bird stuff, and my answer to you tonight is not quite yet. i want you to know, big bird has gotten sick at times. we checked, and there was a time -- thankfully it all worked out okay. i don't want kids to get
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concerned. there was a time within the sesame street universe he contracted birdie pox. for ted cruz and his followers that are listening, keep in mind that with the proper care and going to the right medical experts because doctors have something to offer at times like this, faced with those birdie pox big bird did make a full recovery. >> i wish all my birdie pox would go away now. i wish the green dots weren't there anymore. oh, look, they're still here, snuff, look. i don't think i'm ever going to get better. >> big bird, of course you're going to get better. it's just a matter of time. look, i can't believe it, your birdie pox are starting to go away right now. >> wow, i'm all better. i knew i'd get all better. >> as you can see, with medical attention even birdie pox can be
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whisked right away. we want to find some of the joy in what is a desperate attack on science because maybe joy and science can win on this one. the serious part is dispiriting. faced with progress you have people in this country and in this era just like they did hundreds of years ago who would attack science to the detriment of their own followers, sometimes when they know better, like mr. cruz who is vaccinated because the politics help them. if people get hurt, so be it. so shout-out to big bird, whether he runs for senator not. we are happy that he is in this conversation. to get a little more serious i bring in dr. zeek emanuel who is provost of global issues at the university of pennsylvania, and not an expert in birdie pox but in other real ailments. and michael hirshorn who writes for "the atlantic."
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he is the creator of tv shows like "flavor of love." we wanted to get him in on the culture side because there's something going on here. dr. emanuel, i said my peace. shout-out to big bird. what's going on here as there is a push to get children vaccinated according to these safety measures that have been tested and approved by the experts? >> it's really important. i think ted cruz and his ilk say, well, kids don't really get covid. let me remind him, take a state like utah which is in the midst of an upswing in covid, 22.2% of all the cases have been among kids k-12. kids get covid, and they transmit co-vad. they can also transmit to adults who are at risk because they're immunocompromised or the vaccine
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isn't working for them. that's the big worry. so having a vaccine that's effective and safe, certainly safer than getting covid, is really, really important. and we need to push for children to get vaccinated. i know, i get called all the time by parents worried about the side effects, and mainly parents of boys who are worried about myocarditis, the inflammation around the heart. as one expert told me, either you're going to get the vaccine or you're going to end up getting covid in the next few years. the risk of myocarditis with covid is much higher than the risk with the vaccine. it's much wiser to get the vaccine and protect yourself, and i think parents are going to recognize that. >> very fair points. we start with the doctor. we turn to michael because you write a lot about this and you've created influential tv which we know affects people.
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what do you see here in the big bird of it all? >> i think the republicans are playing a very different game than the game that we think that they're playing. i think there's something about a person as smart as ted cruz tweeting #yourbodyyourchoice several weeks after texas took moves to outlaw abortion. i think the irony is not lost on people like ted cruz, josh hawley or tucker carlson. they're playing a very sophisticated game that progressives don't really understand. that is relentless trolling, relentless rielg of the base, relentless playing victimization politics, trying to stoke a broader sense no matter what the issue is. once covid is determined to be a potent political issue, they're going to move on to something else like the border or like
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abortion or anything where they can stoke a sense of victimhood and grievance among their base. that's devastatingly effective politics. i think for all the laughing at ted cruz, he's probably going to get reelected fairly easily as senator. >> let's build on that, michael. that is part of it. i sort of explain to viewers why there is a bit of a desperation here and there is some fun here and also, again, i think we can all agree we're glad that big bird beat the birdie pox. michael, the idea that somehow the cultural elite, the sesame street creators are all out to mess with kids, families, whatever, you're saying that taps into something that is a more durable type of grievance politics that they can graft on to just about any issue. >> precisely right. the broader grievance politics is our america is being taken
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away from us. liberals, people of color, women, radical socialists like aoc, quote, unquote, are robbing us of our cultural inheritance, and we're going to look to find any issue we can find, even if it's somewhat comic. their viewers and followers possibly get the joke a little bit. i think it's ironic even in states like texas, vast, vast majority of people over 65 are vaccinated, but they can be vaccinated and still buy into that kind of outrage porn that people like ted cruz are offering them in evermore potent doses. >> really interesting. so doctor, as a white house adviser, your job was, of course, to give the science. you knew the reality you were in. i'm curious what you think ofmid whether that makes it harder to get medical science out there
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without the filter of misinformation which in this instance can be deadly. >> well, it absolutely makes it harder. social media and the ability to sort of keep people in a bubble of misinformation makes it harder. we should remember historically this idea of harping on one false message over and over again is an old populous trick. it goes back to andrew jackson attacking john quincy adams for the corrupt bargain that got quincy adams the presidency. they repeated the same line for four years until jackson got elected president, and then populism exploded in america including taking down things like the bank and leading to bad recessions. we have to remember that this is not the way to actually govern and have prosperity in the country. and i do hope that we can
3:17 pm
through the mandates expand to 85% or so of the population vaccinated. we're now at 61%. if we can get all those children from 5-11 vaccinated and then more adults through the employer mandate and osha's employer mandate, we can get to 85. then the world really is going to change. we are going to get 2.0. out of the emergency. covid is going to become a respiratory illness. we'll have to do things and have to protect ourselves, but it won't be an emergency. it will be like the flu, which is problematic, does kill some people, but it's not a global emergency that causes 750,000 deaths in the country inside of 18 months. that is the key change. they have no plan. listen to republicans. what's their plan to get out of covid? they have no plan. whereas president biden, there is a plan.
3:18 pm
>> i'm running over, so real quick, michael. >> i think successful republican politics do not require a plan, and i think a plan is actually a hindrance to successful prosecution of republican politics. >> also put clearly with a dose of electoral an nihilism. that's why we have people with different lenses. i think you're using different lenses, but i think we're better informed because of it. we're going to go to break because we have this biden update. but doctor, is birdie pox contagious? most poxes are contagious, but we're not birds so we should be well protected last i looked. >> michael hirshorn, this may be the first time someone has said on live tv we're not birds, which is true. >> as you might say, that was a mic drop moment.
3:19 pm
>> it was. he gets the mic drop. dr. emanuel, always be dropping mics. i want to thank both of you for something that has goofiness and seriousness to it. we try to do both. i thank you both. coming up, mitch mcconnell now admitting that biden spending is a win for the nation. what's up with that? chairman of the dnc jamie harrison. new subpoenas coming out, targeting stephen miller. the hits continue. absolute outrage over something very serious. a new violent video from a top republican. stay with us. intuit quickbooks live bookkeeping. as a dj, i know all about customization. that's why i love liberty mutual. they customize my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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this legislation is going to change the lives of every american, and for four years long, for four years long, the last president told us we're going to get the infrastructure done, but he couldn't get it done. so it was left to us, and we got the job done. >> that's president biden late today basically saying what many have forgotten with all the washington push and pull. donald trump failed. he talked a lot about infrastructure. he claimed to support it. he had control of the congress and didn't do anything about it. the president pushing this victory lap right now after a victory that really reshapes the first year of the biden administration, this
3:24 pm
infrastructure bill. tomorrow biden goes to the port of baltimore. he'll be outlining what the bill does and how it can affect americans, their jobs and the opportunities they have. now, this is something that again people say, does anything ever change, is the news always the same? the last four or five years have had all kinds of things obviously. but even in politics, even in washington, d.c. with some of these folks seem to repeat themselves forever, now, did you hear about this? some of joe biden's fiercist obstructionist opponents have all but conceded that, if they weren't wrong, they were on the wrong path. now they say this transformative bill is an achievement. >> we have a lot of infrastructure needs both in rural areas and the big bridges. >> senator mcconnell said he's proud of that infrastructure bill. >> it's a godsend for kentucky. >> a godsend for kentucky from someone who said they would oppose 100% of the biden agenda.
3:25 pm
i'm joined by jaime harrison, former senate candidate who also leads and is chairman of the democratic national committee. i know it's a busy time for you. thanks for being here. >> of course, ari. good to see you. >> good to see you. what does it mean when mitch mcconnell says in public on the record this bill, this biden bill that you've been fighting for and the party achieved is a, quote, godsend? >> mitch mcconnell sees what so many americans see, that when republicans are in charge, they talk a lot. they just don't do much, at least not for working people. when democrats are in charge we actually deliver for the american people. the last time i remember, republicans and democrats ride our roads, get on rail, need our ports and are desperate for broadband. it's going to be very, very interesting as the resources flow into the state, to see all these republicans who actually voted no, try to go to these
3:26 pm
groundbreakings and ribbon cutting. we're going to have democrats at every one of those things calling them out because, if you voted no, you aren't going to take the damn credit for it. >> you've been around politics. i think our viewers recognize you for more than one thing. i'm curious what you think real talk. i know you run party. sometimes the so-called narrative seems to overwhelm the facts. so there was this narrative for a few weeks of, boy, biden is negotiating. democrats in, quote, disarray, and there were certainly starts and stops in the congress. we covered that. and yet the facts, which we also tried to keep an eye on, seemed to be a massive new spending bill passed on a bipartisan basis which is what joe biden campaigned on. is that now, if your view, more important than all this sort of media time and social media discussion of what it took to
3:27 pm
pass it over the past months? >> it's the most important thing, ari. the process -- the american people don't care about the process. they don't care who is doing what, who is arguing what. at the end of the day, they just want their roads paved. they want to make sure they have broadband. they want to make sure all the things important for them to do their jobs and live their lives, that they actually have. that's why the message for democrats has to be going into 2022, that we deliver. that's what the d stands for on my lapel. that we deliver for the american people. it makes me pull out my hair to think about all the hand-wringing i heard in the media and the press, oh, woe is me, are the democrats going to do this? are they in disarray? look what's going on in the republican party right now. they're talking about kicking people out of chairs for committees because they voted
3:28 pm
for roads and bridges and everything that their constituents need. it's absolutely mind-blowing, and it's sad. >> i'm going to put a little video on the screen, chairman. i know the dnc generally avoids taking sides in democratic primaries, but my job as a journalist is to push you on the issues of the day. i think we have a video of something we mentioned at the top of the show, someone who is reportedly running potentially against cruz. do you know who i'm talking about? >> i do know who you're talking about. >> do you support big bird running against ted cruz, although as a journalist i have to mention it was a parody account. would you support a big bird candidacy? >> i support anybody over senator cancun. this is a guy who ran out on constituents when they were in desperate need.
3:29 pm
when people were digging out of the snow to put it in their toilet so they could flush their toilet. ted cruz was on a plane so he could have margaritas in cancun. this guy is not worthy of being in the united states senate. if it was snuflufgus, oscar the grouch, i would support. >> oscar the grouch, that's a reach. the keen listener will realize that took it to one of senator cruz's biggest government failures, skipping down when his stints needed him most. you do what you need to do. thanks for being here. >> thanks, ari. we have a lot more in the program including new heat on a republican congressman and a question about the limits of speech. after our shortest break, in just 60 seconds, the new
3:30 pm
subpoena list with maya wiley. stay with us. when they can enjoy the best? eggland's best. the only eggs with more fresh and delicious taste. plus, superior nutrition. which is now more important than ever. because the way we care... is anything but ordinary. only eggland's best. ♪♪
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new developments in the invection probe. the commission is issuing subpoenas to ten, including the controversial stephen miller, one of the closest aides to donald trump and supported almost everything donald trump wanted when even others resisted. also, the former white house press secretary kaley mcenany. trump is losing in court today where a judge denied an emergency motion to try to hide records the committee wants. that was deemed premature. you have georgia secretary of state brad raffensperger, he was at the start -- what has become criminal evidence, this phone call. >> look, all i want to do is this. i just want to find 11,780 votes
3:32 pm
which is one more than we. the people of the country are angry. and there's nothing wrong with saying that, you know that you've recalculated. >> find the votes, a demand that could haunt citizen trump. "the times" reporting an anonymous source with direct knowledge of the matter now con firping the local da in georgia will convene a special grand jury. i want to be clear that would be an escalation. we're following it. nbc news has not confirmed that. "the times" quoting that source. they're looking at secretary of state raffensperger's new book for details of what went down. we turn to formal mayoral candidate maya wiley. welcome back. >> thanks, ari. great to be with you. >> what do you see, maya, in the path and the theory of the case here based on who the committee is talking to?
3:33 pm
>> the committee is zooming in to the inner circle around creating the great lie that was called the big steal. what we're seeing is the witnesses who were either -- particularly today, either making public statements like stephen miller, even december 17 of 2020, stephen miller was talking about vote fraud. by the way, that was two weeks after bill barr said we don't have evidence, bill barr who donald trump appointed to office and demonstrated he was willing to use his powers to protect the president as we saw with the mueller probe and how he categorized and described that before the report came out. what we're really seeing here is they're looking at the folks who, for example, planned the trips for mark meadows to go to georgia, who were involved in the meeting at the willard hotel which steve bannon himself
3:34 pm
called the command center the day before january 6th. so they're just zooming in closer and closer and closer to the folks who were directly engaged with the president or were his aides that were talking and speaking directly to him. i would suggest that what that tells us is they learned a lot from the 150 witnesses they've already talked to and that the election interference aspect of this, the ininsurrection aspect is increasingly what we're seeing the subpoenas around. >> how important is the distinction between the people who lied and talked up that stuff, as you mentioned, and people who may have moved towards taking actions which overlaps with the georgia investigation where the actions sought appeared to be an attempted election crime, meaning they didn't pull it off. we know that, but the attempt, the request was not go do interviews and make up things, but rather go to the secretary
3:35 pm
of state's office and change vote outcomes? >> i think it's very relevant. we heard there's information sharing between the january 6th committee and the district attorney in georgia. what that means is the information the committee gets may well be what the fulton county district attorney has available to her as evidence as well to use in that grand jury. the grand jury we think will be issuing subpoenas themselves. that really means that when we're talking about election interference, the taking of action, mark meadows physically going down to georgia. what was the conversation around that? what did he say when he was there? what did he do and with whom? it's also this question about what was the conversation with donald trump? remember mark meadows was on that call with the attorney general that you're quoting.
3:36 pm
we hear that the district attorney may be talking about a rico case, a racketeering case. remember when michael cohen testified, you know the way trump talks, he talks like a mob boss, the wink-wink, nod-nod. this phone conversation with the attorney general where he's like, people are going to hate you, you might not win re-election, you need to find those votes. at one point he says, you need to have people on your team who want to find the right answers, or the answers. very racketeering mob boss-type language. that's why the acts matter and linking it to what was already in the public record which was big barr himself on december 1st of 2020 saying we can't find any evidence. >> maya, appreciate your breakdown of that. it also speaks to the stakes in the future. this is all out there. if nobody in power punishes this
3:37 pm
through the facts, through the evidence, then that's the new floor for anyone with donald trump's ethics or morals. some officials don't try to steal elections. we interview them. i've met people in both parties that don't try to do it. for those who do and don't have morals, this is a new floor. of course you can call the secretary of state and try to shake them down because they got away from it. a high stakes time. maya, good to see you as always. a program note, georgia secretary of state brad raffensperger is our special guest on law, justice and the road ahead for election integrity on "the beat" tomorrow. looking forward to that. i hope you tune in to catch it. a republican congressman pushing a video that depicts direct violence at the president and fellow members of congress. party members are silent. speaker pelosi demanding action. that accountability check is next.
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many rebuking this as a disgusting video and a moment to really see what's happened to republican leadership. here is the story, an arizona congressman, paul gosar, a republican, sent out online a photoshopped animated video. the video depicts him clearly killing democratic congresswoman
3:42 pm
alexandria ocasio-cortez and attacking the president. we are not airing the video on this broadcast. we're going to show you a screen grab selected from it so you can see the nature of the video without further amplifying the imagined violence. aoc is on the left. that is after she is struck down by what is clearly the gosar character. he's in the middle as some sort of fighter. and then on the right there is the attack on the president there with two swords. we're talking about a sitting member of congress and the president of the united states. frequent viewers of "the beat" will know we do a lot of coverage about free speech which includes all kinds of rhetoric, but there is also a crime to encourage assassination or violence against the president. the courts, not the news, will figure out exactly where these lines are, but this is something really in the context of all the
3:43 pm
rising mounting, white supremacist violence in the united states. this is a congress ma who praised the january 6th insurrectionists. aoc noting he'll face no consequences because that person, leader mccarthy cheers him on. then she said back to work because institutions need to do the work. mccar thifr is silent on this video. you can only imagine if the political tables were turned. not denouncing it. all's all over the place. the speaker of the house is calling for a formal investigation saying, quote, threats of violence against members of congress and the president must not be tolerated. the response is not from gosar now but a member of his staff
3:44 pm
claiming, quote, everyone needs to relax. gosar says this is a, quote, symbolic portrayal, but there is more important than any individual member like him, the silence from the leaders of congress who within this same year -- we haven't hit the anniversary yet, saw how rhetoric, some of which might be technically legal can lead to action that is not, criminal action, violence, breaching the capitol, calling to assassinate the vice president, this party has gone silent. 13 republicans, meanwhile, who backed the trillion dollar bipartisan infrastructure bill, what is happening to them? not silence from the leadership. talk of stripping them of their government and committee assignments because of their decision to fund american infrastructure. we are truly in upside down land. a democratic senator putting it into perspective saying, quote, in today's republican party, you
3:45 pm
get canceled for crossing party lines and applauded for publicly fanaticizing about the murder of democrats. wtf. wtf indeed. tonight senator murphy gets the last word there, some words we can't say on television. as for the story and the fomenting of violence in america, we will continue to cover it rigorously. i'm going to fit in a break. when we come back, we welcome a very special friend of "the beat," you know him. professor michael eric dyson. we go to school right after this. because if you've had chicken pox, you're already carrying the virus that causes shingles. in fact, about 1 in 3 people will develop shingles, and the risk only increases as you age. so what can protect you against shingles? shingrix protects. now you can protect yourself from shingles
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republicans are often accused these days of discarding dog whistles and going right to race-baiting megaphones. meanwhile, in the overreaction to last week's selective elections, there's talk about wokism going too far. that was partly the concern in
3:50 pm
virginia where remember it was a centrist, not exactly awoke candidate, who lost for the democrats. then there were these contradictory headlines. the debate matters because it may shape premises for both parties and how they campaign in the years ahead. with very a special guest dyson. i want to bring him in now. take a listen, professor, to the competing opinions. >> what mcauliffe did tonight was show up and try to turn youngkin into trump. >> critical race theory is the big lie of 2021. it's the modern day southern strategy to appeal to white voters. >> how could it be? this is a virginia state that voted for barack obama twice? >> this crt stuff, i keep
3:51 pm
beating the drum, it lands badly with me. some of it is dog whistle. >> some of it was dog whistle racism. >> stupid wokeness. some of these people need to go to awoke detox center or something. >> so which is it? you see him, a distinguished professor at vanderbilt university. you should know, viewers, his new book is "entertaining race," a michael eric dyson book. always a reason to talk to you. you heard the sound there. which is it, sir? >> the call to be awake is an offense to them.
3:52 pm
on the other hand, those with critical race theory deployed as a kind of cud joel to beat down on the heads of those who are enlightened. i think woke is a term of derision and pejorative term. bless james carville's heart, he says these people need to go to awoke detox. my friend, far more ancient is a history of white supremacy, social injustice, even in progressive circles or liberal circles for the indictment that captures all of us. it's not just a right-left thing, a black-white thing, it's a right-wrong thing. are there extremes on either side? to be certain. but the result should not be that we end up making a full equivalence between the so-called woke politics which are misnamed, and on the other
3:53 pm
hand, those who are anti black in the name of anti critical race theory. >> yeah. respect. it's a difficult thing to tease out. you and i have these conversations. we have them in the spirit of facts and good faith which is different than the way it's online and volleyed about. for one thing, some of the political reaction is dumb because the incumbent party always loses virginia. that's happened five elections running. to eefr react to that means you haven't checked your history. if terry mcauliffe campaigned in a da chic i can with james baldwin readings, i missed it. last time i checked, he campaigned as a centrist. having said that, woke may be a term that's hijacked, with the concern that some of the punitive support for civil
3:54 pm
rights, justice is good. plays or is heard as accusing people of. is there something there about how that's playing out? does that concern you or does that sound to you like worrying too much about the reaction? >> well, it is an obsession with the reaction. however, having said that, look, the left needs to learn to play the game, too. you've got to have strategy, too. you've got to understand, look, if nothing else, understand from the right wing, the use of critical race theory which you know as a distinguished jurist majoring
3:55 pm
country. now to turn that into the hero to date, a stalking horse of the right wing is genius. it's evil genius. there i go. it's problematic but it's pretty smart to be able to seize upon three letters, three simple phrases critical race theory to make them the source of all that's wrong. we've got to do the same thing on the left. now, the left can't do that because the left is not productive. it's always critical. it's always having a firing squad and semi circle but we got to figure out a way, jesse jackson said up with hope and down with dope. you can't get it out your mind. i am somebody, right? so the thing to keep hope alive, there it is. we can all fulfill it because he understood the genius of a formulation to get at a broader truth and the left must be open
3:56 pm
to that critique even as we call bull feathers on this notion somehow kids in the fourth grade are studying critical race theory. it just ain't so. >> bull feathers brings me back to where i started, which was with big bird. shoutout to derrick bell shape of the river and that important work as you say a knot echo. shoutout to jesse jackson and shoutout to you dropping quick bars. appreciate that professor dyson. >> great to be here and thank you for holding up the bloodstained banner of truth. >> respect. the book "entertaining race" is out now. we'll be right back. "entertain out now. we'll be right back. see blood when you brush or floss can be a sign of early gum damage. parodontax active gum repair kills plaque bacteria at the gum line
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